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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 13, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30, recall election countdown. days way from the start of voting, governor newsom and his opponents are making their pleas to the bay area. the big endorsement governor newsom just scored. shot down, the first legal fight against vaccine mandates in the supreme court comes to a halt. what that means for bay area colleges. this is "today in the bay." this is also friday morning. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike, keeping an eye on the roads, we'll get to that in just a bit. but we are in for some more
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smoke and haze as the wildfires burn north of us. meteorologist kari hall tracking that for us. >> the air quality alert continuing today and temperatures quite warm in some spots. check out brentwood in the upper 60s and it's 62 in san jose, upper 50s in oakland and in san francisco. but as we go into this afternoon, very much like yesterday, with some high clouds moving by, the tropical clouds and also we'll be watching out for a chance of showers as our highs inland reach into the low 90s. we'll see still the 60s for highs near the coast. we'll talk more about the weekend coming up. mike you're starting with a highway closure. >> i am. it's not unexpected or shouldn't be. we talked about this, eastbound 37. part of that continuing improvement project. right now possibly until 6:00 a.m. you'll have to uses the reroute. we have outlined toward highway 29, slowing shows up, there may be something going on 121 as well.
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so far no problems for your longer drive out of antioch for highway 4, 24 out of walnut creek, to the bay bridge. there may be asphalt stihais a bigger issue for the freeway i'll let you know. everything else in green. back to you. now to the looming gubernatorial recall race. today, governor newsom kicks off a four-day campaign tour starting in san francisco. >> he's not alone. both sides are making sure their message is getting out. garvin thomas has more. >> please welcome larry elder. >> reporter: for republican frontrunner larry elder meant heading to cavalry chap until san jose where the conservative talk show host found a receptive audience. this is a congregation that ended up with a legal battle in the city after it defied public health order after public health
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order in the pandemic. he said that will not be a problem if he becomes governor. >> when i get elected, assuming that there are still face mask mandates and vaccine mandates they will be repealed right r w also heading to the bay area ready to kick his fight to stay in office into high gear, calling it a weekend of action the governor plans to spend four days traveling up and down the state hoping to convince californians to vote no on the recall. newsom begins the caravan in san francisco where he will meet with campaign volunteers before heading to southern california on saturday. >> thank you. i know that category will swing things and this is the message we're going to see a lot in the fall. that's the folks that we're trying to convince. >> reporter: strategizing how to keep the governor in office was the purpose of this meeting, representatives from over 30 organizations discussed ways to get more democrats engaged in
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the something bay area political analyst larry ger ston says is looking like a tall order. >> it's clear so many people are unhappy with the governor. the fact that they're unhappy makes elder an others look better. republicans are favoring recall, 8 to 1. democrats are against it 3 to 1. you have a problem here with the math figures. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. yesterday president biden tweeted in support of the governor writing, quote, governor gavin newsom is leading california through unprecedented crisis and his key partner in fighting the pandemic in helping build our economy back better. keep him on the job, registered voters should no on the recall election. you can get your ballot any day. every registered voter will receive a ballot. counties are supposed to mail them out 29 days before election day september 14th. the fda has approved a third
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dose of the covid vaccine for people with weakened immune systems. the cdc group meets today and is expected to issue recommendations for distribution of the booster shots. once that happens, the shots can begin immediately. that means booster shots of both pfizer and moderna could be given out as soon as this weekend. according to the cdc people with weakened immune systems make up less than 3% of the adult population in the u.s. but account for 40% of hospital breakthrough cases. the supreme court is rejecting a request to block a university mandate for students. a group was seeking to block the school for a requirement for the upcoming semester. the school is requiring students to be vaccinated unless exepts for religious or medical reasons. the first time the high court has weighed in on the vaccine mandate. the ruling comes as colleges across california are requiring students to get vaccinated. this includes the university of california system, stanford
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university, university of san francisco, and santa clara university and several other community colleges. stanford is requiring weekly testing for students and staff regardless of their vaccination status. to a follow-up, when classes start in san jose unified schools, police officers will not be on campus anymore during regular hours. that decision the board made this summer. last night, a board meeting, during the meeting, side that schools will need officers for special events. some parents were not happy about that. >> because when you have a school district that you have more cops on campus than you got counselors, what's the real message you're sending to the students. >> if you remove san jose pd from our campus i will feel extremely uncomfortable and unsafe. >> school resource officers will no longer have regular shifts at campuses, but they voted unanimously to have san jose police for special events after school at least through december 31st. happening today, the suspect in the bizarre road rage
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incident in the oakland hills is expected to be arraigned. daniel wan is charged with attempted murder and assault. he was arrested on wednesday. police say he hit a pedestrian and attempted to strike three others. we have video of the encounter, it was filmed by a neighbor. you can see the silver chevy bolt speeding toward the group of pedestrians there, they managed to jump out of the way. then the driver turns around and speeds back down the hill where he hit joseph lax. he ended up with a broken tailbone. police are looking to reduce crime in its city with the drone program. the department has five pilots all trained and certified by the faa, but now they want to expand. the drones are equipped with an on board computer and video camera. the departments want to increase transparency due out reach with the community to help understand drone technology and public safety benefits. san francisco is expecting its leak alert program in an effort to conserve water during
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the dire drought conditions. san francisco public commission utility says it will notify more people. it alerts single and small multi property when they have three days of nonstop water use which could signify a leak. the system will send it to commercial, industrial and multifamily buildings and screen for increases in water use of 50% and over within the last 90 days and spikes in nightly water use. listen to this, scientists are looking for ways to reverse climate change and one sea creature could have paved wait. researchers are looking into how they could pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. california researchers also found feeding dairy cows small portions of seawood drastically reduced how much methane they produced. ocean farmers are looking for kelp that is resistant to rising sea temperatures. this is to help combat greenhouse gases.
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one marine biologist says that the hard part is getting people on board. >> it's going to definitely take some effort and real good instinct on how to integrate something successfully into the economics of it all because in the end, if people can't make money off of it, we won't do it. >> now it's not just kelp that could help with the climate change. researchers are also looking at how shellfish filter ocean water and you can watch that full story on nbc lx, comcast 185 or 11-5 over the air. >> a few people. it's friday morning. we made it. just to make it through. >> to make it through friday the 13th. >> oh. kari. >> let's get a look at what we've been dealing with. our air quality across the bay area with a live look outside in dublin as you get ready to head out the door. we are still under the air quality advisory due to the smoke and the most unhealthy
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will be in parts of the north bay. when we look at these numbers that is a measure of the particulate matter from the smoke seeing it above the 50, that number 50 is basically moderate air quality under that is good. so we are going to see unhealthy air quality at times for people who are sensitive to the smoke. at the same time we've seen showers just off the coast with some rain that's staying away from us nor now but as we go into today we will watch out for some chances that we could see some rain in the north bay later on tonight. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking right now for the early morning commute. >> we're going to call it good fortune friday. put it out there and see what happens. good drive right now. no major problems. we have a crash 580, just reported around fruitvale. it doesn't sound like a major issue, no jers reported but we'll track that. almost totally green out of the altamont pass. your drive time for 580 still just 18 minutes from grant line
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road to the dublin interchange. 18 is the minimum you'll likely see for that stretch any point of the day. great stuff. vasco and highway 4 your longer drives out of contra costa county looking fine. back to you. >> thanks so much. 4:40 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," the delta variant continues to rapidly spread, but what does it mean forak a look are trying to keep you safe. plus vacation vaccines, why you probably won't have trouble finding a place to stay this fall. bay bridge toll plaza on this friday morning, traffic well, mike is keeping an eye on that. i think it's picking up a little bit. we're going to leave that to him. 4:41 right now.
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or two streaking across the sky early this morning. today the peak of it, but it will continue throughout the weekend. we'll talk about our visibility and what's ahead in our forecast coming up. >> laura showed you the bay bridge toll plaza. she's right, very light over there. no problems across the span. there's asphalt for the seventh street on ramp doesn't appear to be a problem. the tolls taken by a computerized system but we'll check our business. >> good morning. i'm contessa brewer from cnbc. looking at the dow, implied opening up 52 points or so after stocks eeked out a small gain
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yesterday. the dow and s&p 500 closed again at record highs. in fact, it's the 47th record close of the year for the s&p. investors digesting a mix of economic data as jobless claims or the number of people filing for unemployment fell for a third straight week. producer or factory prices rose more than expected last month. today we're focusing on reports on import prices and consumer sentiment. ford says production of its bronco suv will be delayed because the plastic roofs could fade in hot and humid conditions. ford says the problem will not affect safety. it will replace plastic roofs that have already shipped and the supplier will build a new factory to increase production of the removable hard top to help ford catch up with demand. ford says customers waiting for their broncos will get some gifts. they'll get broncos gear and access to some events and also switch to a soft top model. airbnb is warning bookings
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this fall could be hit by the delta variant and a slowing pace of vaccinations. the company expects night and experiences to slow from the spring and early summer remain below prepandemic levels. airbnb has largely done well during the pandemic because it shifted focus quickly to local and long-term rentals and that attracted people who were looking for accommodations to rent for remote work or did not require getting on a plane. guys? >> just trying to get away in your neighborhood. >> exactly. >> thanks. new this morning, microsoft co-founder bill gates is announcing his climate investment fund would pledge $1.5 billion for climate change projects if congress passes an infrastructure plan that includes clean energy technology. the money would be spent over three years on projects aimed at lowering carbon emissions. gates said in part if the $1.2 billion infrastructure bill becomes a law with
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collaboration, it would actually send the country on a more durable path to net zero emissions. coming up next on "today in the bay," back to school and back to hazy skies. meteorologist kari hall tracking it all. >> we are going to stay hazy today and as you're stepping out the door in martinez, it's 64 degrees. cool start, but it's going to heat up again this afternoon. with the humidity. we'll talk about that coming up. >> we're looking at oakland. 880 both directions northbound with the taillights. we have a crash we're tracking on 580. told you about it earlier but a couple more details and try to sort them out before the next report. >> from underdog to mvp, the new project from steph curry, next.
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hey, let's take a live look outside. sfo. anyone getting away this weekend or maybe just staying put right here in the bay area. beautiful thing to do. usually beautiful weather although it's been hazy lately. >> we've been dealing with the haze. is it going anywhere? >> probably not. the fires are burning and so we're not going to see it basically changing until these fires are out and that may take a while. as we head out today, we're going to see those temperatures starting out nice and cool, but heating up, let's start in the south bay with a look at our highs this afternoon reaching up to 93 degrees in morgan hill, 92 in east san jose and 85 in
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downtown san jose. for the east bay also quite warm reaching 94 in antioch and 90 in danville, oakland today reaching a high of 75 degrees. near the coast we're keeping it cool here with some mid 60s for half moon bay, san francisco in the mid to upper 60s and our north bay highs up to 101 in clearlake. you can still see the wide range in temperatures that we've had for quite a while that continues today. this is nothing compared to what they're going to experience once again across the pacific northwest. take a look at portland today. heading up to 102 degrees. seattle reaching 96. a lot across this region do not have air conditioning and it's going to be another brutal hot weekend for the pacific northwest. we're watching a couple tropical systems. kevin continues to weaken, but some of the moisture surging closer to us and linda is still a tropical storm. so once the remnants of kevin gets closer we could see a chance of rain especially in parts of the north bay later on
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tonight. take a look at the time frame, that's 11:00. it does show there could be spotty showers moving by. we'll have to watch that closely because there may be a few embedded thunderstorms and some lightening strikes could really be bad news for us. our temperatures are going to be hot this weekend and that combined with the humidity that we're going to feel today and early tomorrow. humidity drops on sunday, but it's going to be hot and not much cooling until about tuesday with san francisco looking at temperatures in the 70s for the weekend. mike, you still have crews working in the north bay. >> i think they just picked up seconds ago and i hit refresh on the caltrans grid and they have green over here as far as the report goes for east bay 37 that should be open. you're at home it will be open by the time you get there. going up here the reroute. slowing i'm watching on 121. no problems reported and no other major projects. antioch into concord, pittsburgh, bay point, smooth drive out of the altamont pass, still mostly at speed through
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the altamont. san mateo bridge westbound your commute is light right had now. back to you. >> thanks. turning back now to the pandemic and if you want a party in coachella in april you will need to be vaccinated first. aeg concerts will require proof of vaccination at all of its venues that includes coachella, the firely music festival webster hall in new york and the roxie in los angeles. the company's biggest competitor live nation will allow artists to set their own rules and you might recall napa's bottlerock festival is requiring proof of vaccination next month and the hard rock music festival will require fans and artists to provide proof as well. the rise of steph curry will be turned into a documentary. curry started as a shooting guard and became the nba superstar he is today. he didn't stand out while playing in college until he led
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his team to the ncaa tourmts elite 8 in 2008. the year he was drafted seventh overall by the warriors. he went on to win two most valuable player trophies and led the warriors to three nba championships. the documentary called "underrated" will be produced by ryan kug gler. >> life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get. how about getting the trailer from "forest gump" itself. inside tom hankss air stream. big night for the san francisco giants taking on the colorado rockies, watch the game right here on nbc bay area. novato health leaders are reportedly seeing big dvdss from their covid vaccination push. vaccinations are up 25% over the past two months. in june there were about 11,000 residents unvaccinated. that number is down to 7700.
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a two-year grant is helping fund novato's efforts. we'll be right back.
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trending this morning, you could take home the ultimate movie memorabilia by concord native tom hank. >> he's selling his custom trailer. the auction says hank used the 33 foot air stream while on set for some of his most popular films including "forest gump" and "the green mile." it comes with a desk, cup board, tuton and sofa. hank is parting with the airstream because let's upgrading to a modern trailer. the price about $150,000.
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>> you can go camping. >> down payment on a house. >> not in the bay area. >> all right. coming up here on "today in the bay," cracking down on the unvaccinated. the new restrictions coming to san francisco.
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california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. . right now at 5:00, more sick schools. one of the bay area's biggest
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school districts reporting covid-19 cases days after school starts. we're live with the new numbers from overnight. have your identification cards and vaccination cards ready. >> san francisco cracking down, the new restrictions if you're unvaccinated and when they t ha anywhere just yet. we're going to show you what it means for the air quality in your neighborhood. this is "today in the bay." it's friday morning. we're not going to mention that it's the 13th. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> as we mentioned it. >> no more, that's it. >> we want to get to meteorologist kari hall because one look at the weekend friday is here, kari, and how is it looking for us? >> we've had a lot of clouds across the bay area and air quality has been an issue especially if you're sensitive to the wildfire smoke.


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