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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 16, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30, crisis in afghanistan. the country taken over by the taliban just weeks after u.s. troops pull out. the latest developments from overnight. plus, back to school, thousands of kids across the bay area are headed back to the classroom in person for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. what is happening to keep students safe amid a surge in new child cases. this is "today in the bay." and a very good morning to you. i'm kris sanchez. we're going to get a quick look at mike and kari, but two
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districts going back to school. >> san francisco. that's pretty exciting. so also west contra costa county. we're going to have that forecast coming up. we have concerns of air quality this morning this is a live look outside in dublin. the air quality advisory continues through as we've seen some of the numbers that have been pretty unhealthy. if you are sensitive to that you might want to limit your time outside as we take a looks at our high temperatures today it will be turning breezy, reaching into the mid 90s. a lot of hot temperatures for the inland east bay, but as you head across much of the inner bay and coastline, still nice and comfortable. we'll be watching the air quality and the fire danger coming up in a few minutes. you have a road closure. >> a similar one that we've had over the last week as well, highway 37, this morning it's east bay, complete closure until 6:00 a.m. from 121 to mare island. that will be an issue for folks
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traveling counter commute. you will take 29 down again. an issue north of rio vista and talk about that coming up. a smooth drive for the rest of the bay. crash 101 at 87, looks like everything is out of the roadway but we'll double check on that as well. back to you. let's go to that escalating situation in afghanistan where thousands of americans are frantically trying to escape as the taliban seizes control of the country. the u.s. embassy in kabul is all but empty as teams flew the remaining people out overnight by helicopter. taliban forces have taken over the center of government and the presidential palace after former president ashraf ghani fled the country. so far no reports of any conflicts between u.s. soldiers and the taliban, but here at home, president biden's administration fighting a deadline set by the trump white house to get troops out of the region is blaming afghan security forces for all of that chaos. meanwhile, the white house is also ordering at least 6,000 american troops back to kabul.
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and for the families of the fallen watching that taliban sweep through kabul has been especially difficult and for an east bay congresswoman it is the end of something she tried to stop from happening in the first place, she says. here's "today in the bay" sergio quintana. >> reporter: images of the taliban walking through the afghanistan presidential palace got to roxanne langevin. >> because of all of the efforts, the support, the training that they provided the afghan army, it just seemed like it was just taken away. >> reporter: her son corporal sean langevin was killed in an ambush in afghan in november 2007. he was 23 years old. she has mixed feelings about the decision to pull out of the country now. >> it just makes me sad. it makes me angry, you know, we can't change a culture that goes back centuries and centuries and
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centuries. >> condolences and sympathy and respect for those who lost their lives in afghanistan. our troops did everything they could do. >> reporter: september 11th changed the world. >> reporter: east bay cups woman barbara lee was the sole voice in congress in 2001 who said we should not enter into an open-ended war the afghanistan. she says biden's decision to pull troops out now is courageous and she's surprised how quickly the taliban was able to sweep across the country into the capital city. >> this is something that unfortunately demonstrates that there's no military solution to the problem in afghanistan, but right now, i'm really focused on how we can support the efforts to make sure that everyone is evacuated to safety. >> reporter: as the u.s. continues to evacuate allies from there, gold star roxane langevin says her thoughts are with the thousands of troops being sent back in to help with that evacuation. and she hopes that we do not
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forget the thousands of american service members like her son sean who sacrificed so much there. in san francisco, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. 4:34. now back here at home we're looking live in san francisco where today students are heading back to the classroom. all campuses in san francisco unified will be open for in person learning. employees must all be fully vaccinated starting september 7th or face weekly testing. the district is also considering a vaccine mandate for students 12 years and up. students will be screened for covid symptoms each and every day and have to wear masks at all times. still, there are more confirmed cases of students with covid at school in contra costa county as the district enters its second week of in-person learning. we checked overnight and the number of cases doubled at san ramon unified as they enter week two of in-person learning. 14 students tested positive, half of them are elementary students who cannot be
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vaccinated. the east contra costa county schools at last check had a number of cases at brentwood union. that district had 19. still 48 cases in the liberty union high school district. happening today, groups will protest the recent move to increase chp traffic enforcement in oakland. governor newsom approved mayor libby schaaf's request in response to chinatown leaders asking for resources. groups opposing the plan include the family of a man shot and killed by the chp in oakland. officers killed delgado who she said was driving a car that was stolen during the george floyd riot. investigators say delgado tried to ram them with his car. the family believes that chp has not been held accountable. today marks one year since the northern california intense lightning storms sparked a trio of bay area fires.
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the fires blended together to become massive complex fires. the czu fire burned about 86,000 acres in vuz and san mateo counties, the smallest fire of the three. now, the rebuilding is under way and over the weekend a new community tool shed opened to assist czu fire victims in santa cruz county. works like a tool library. it is in boulder creek at the bear creek rec center. perhaps a bit of a silver lining to california's worsening drought. maybe a green lining is more accurate. this happening in napa county. the napa valley register reports that recycled levels are reaching record highs in the drought. coming from the napa sanitation waste water treatment plant which produces about 4,000 acre feet of recycled water each year. places like the vineyards and the golf courses, the cities are doing the same thing, including
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american canyon, calistoga and yountville. a look at our forecast because we are putting the kids in the uniforms, maybe their brand new shoes. >> yeah. >> not my kids yet, but your kids. >> we got our kids going already. my kids shoes are already dirty. >> right. >> day one. >> jumped in the mud first day. you know. that's how it goes. >> right. >> and so, yeah, it's with one of those days where you have a lot to do and so as we're starting out this morning in santa rosa, we're in the mid 50s right now. nice, cool start to the day and it's going to be a little bit more breezy as we go into the afternoon and the temperatures warming up. for san francisco the first school day it's going to be in the upper 50s and making it into the low 70s. you'll see the hazy sky and at least starting out with a few areas of clouds and fog. for the most part really nice. we'll see our temperatures toda
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and 84 today in napa. mike, you have a look at the south bay. >> that's right. we're going to talk about a couple crashes. the first one we talk about 101 and 87. it is, indeed, sounds like everything is out of the lanes but visible at the c went off the roadway there. also 680 at mckee in this area, the off ramp, an earlier crash took down a light pole. my concern the light pole might be an issue for folks exiting and may need to close one lane for work. we're going to follow that and give you any alerts that chp passes along to me, again mckee off north 680. over here 680 moves smoothly north and south and west 580 a little bit of slowing off the merge with 205 altamont pass. the closure for highway 37 really is one issue but also getting across rio vista as you travel north up, we have a closure that will continue another few minutes. you can get through the area. this crash is counter commute
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eastbound through pittsburgh. >> thank you. coming up on "today in the bay" a deadly gas line explosion in arizona. video of the frightening incident we got in overnight. plus what we're learning about the victim. and, t-mobile investigating another hack. we'll tell you how many customers it could affect. maybe it's you. and what information is at risk. and we leave you with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza looking a little sleepy as we are this morning. it is monday, and we're happy to have you. it's 4:40. we'll be right back.
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coming up on 4:43 and as we track what's happening in the tropics after the devastating earthquake in haiti we have a tropical depression moving very close by. we'll be watching this and there's another tropical storm headed towards florid more on that coming up. a lot of activity by this road crew. looks like they're getting on their way and we're going to check in with dom. good morning. i am dominic chu from cnbc global headquarters. wall street is set to open lower this morning following a mostly positive week filled with key economic data on inflation, consumer sentiment and unemployment. the dow and s&p 500 closing at record highs on friday. the dow and s&p by the way posting modest gains for the week but the nasdaq did end down
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fractionally in that span. in focus this week for traders and investors we have reports on retail sales, manufacturing, housing and the minutes from last month's federal reserve interest rate meeting and earnings results from several retailers including home depot, lowe's, walmart and others. a hacker is trying to sell their personal data on more than 100 million customers. the mother board which first reported the incident says a hacker claimed to be selling the information including names, social security numbers, phone and driver's license numbers of the t-mobile customers. if confirmed, the breach could affect nearly every t-mobile customer in the united states. the company has reported several serious breaches in the last few years, the most recent of which was back in december. and ryan reynolds gives the box office a boost, free guy, an action comedy that stars reynolds as a background character in a video game opens much better than expected, with
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an estimated $28.4 million box office take. that's according to com score. following under whelming debuts amid the surge in the delta variant free guy did manage to succeed with an old school formula, original story with good word of mouth only playing in theaters. the last two number one movies suicide squad and [ inaudible ] were launched in theaters and on streaming and analysts estimate new releases are selling about half the tickets they normally would. kris, i have not gone to the theater yet to see a movie. >> no. >> but would like to and would do it with a blockbuster type situation like that. i would be anxious to see what a movie is like. >> the only way i would be going is if i didn't have a choice except to go in person. otherwise i'm going to watch at home still. i have younger kids. they're vaccinated but that's just a lot of people breathing into their popcorn. >> so many variables for sure.
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no doubt. >> enjoy your movie. we'll see you soon. coming up next on "today in the bay," kari is keeping an eye on our forecast as the kids head back to class. >> yeah. we went to the theater to see "f rting out packing the lunchacacks and our temperatures starting out in the low 60s in san jose. it's going to be another warm one. we're watching all of this in the forecast and i will have more in a few minutes. look at this awesome screenplay. the san mateo bridge, playing out very calmly right now. no problems, but look at the amount of traffic. it's a steady flow here. we'll show you what's going on farther north and south coming up. plus, let the voting begin. votes cast in matter of hours, but will people turn out for governor newsom. we will break down data on who is expected to show up and who might end up staying home.
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just about ten to 5:00 this morning. live outside in san francisco, haze or a little fog? let's ask the experts. >> let's call it smog. >> that's a good one. >> you know, those low clouds, drizzling and smoke mixing in too, so we have all these concerns today that we're watching as the fires burn. let's get a look at our near
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surface smoke model that does show we're going to see some of the worst air quality where we see the yellows and reds in parts of the north bay but also in the tri-valley inland east bay. look how it clears out this evening and for once we may finally get a clear blue day, last long because as we go into the next several days, we'll start to see some of that smoke returning, settling into the central valley and creeping into the bay area too. take a look at these temperatures. our highs this afternoon reaching 87 in santa rosa, 74 at hayward, and 94 in livermore. san jose reaching 82 degrees. still nice and comfortable there, a little bit of a breeze once again. hot temperatures to start out the week but we're going to see the winds picking up, heading toward the end of the week and as well as the weekend. with this we could see an offshore wind and unfortunately this time of year when the winds blow off the coast we don't have the higher humidity and we have a high fire danger. as we go into the next couple
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days between tuesday and wednesday, the power company, pg&e, may issue a public safety power shutoff for these areas shaded in yellow. so that includes solano, napa, as well as sonoma, lake and mendocino counties, on farther to the north. we'll be watching this because there could be a high fire danger as well. as we look in the pacific there is hurricane linda. this is continuing to strengthen and stay out over the open water. not have an impact. looking at florida the panhandle of florida for the impacts of tropical storm fred going into the next few days. that's going to be making headlines and, of course, we'll be following it as we look at our temperatures still hot for the inland areas today. upper 80s tomorrow and then between tuesday night and early on wednesday we will have to watch out for that high fire danger. temperatures for some of our hottest spots reaching into the 90s, but mostly 80s the rest of the week. for san francisco, breezy, foggy and at times smoke with highs in
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the mid to upper 60s. mike, you have two incidents in the north bay. >> they popped up since the last report. they're not the same incident but in a similar area. petaluma boulevard and also at san antonio, we have a disabled vehicle. in fact, the slowdown may be a result of one of the traffic breaks that may happen as they move both vehicles involved out of the roadway. that's south bay from petaluma boulevard down towards san antonio. everything else for the north bay is moving smoothly but highway 37 eastbound is not letting you move. closed from 121 to mare island. we've seens the same last week and you go up and over that's your alternate until possibly 6:00 a.m., counter commute. westbound out of vallejo has not started slowing yet. mild slowing out of the altamont, that's about it. a deadly gas line explosion in arizona near coolidge yesterday, outside of phoenix. at least two people were killed. one other person was injured. the video taken from the scene
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shows that large flame and a lot of smoke. a farmhouse nears the explosion caught firep and that's where the two bodies were discovered. the exact cause of the explosion is unknown. mail-in ballots are on their way to your mailbox and if you haven't received yours it is on the way for the recall special election. today is the deadline for the counties to mail the ballots. a poll finds 52% of likely voters oppose removing governor newsom from office, four percentage points higher than supporters. some believe that the gap may narrow if recall supporters are more energized to vote. republicans are said to be more likely than democrats to cast their ballots. i have not received mine, although one of our viewers in san mateo received his. happening today, san jose mayor sam liccardo is supposed to be on hand to welcome the south bay's newest sports team. the former oakland panthers are
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moving to san jose and going to play at sap center in the indoor football league at the shark tank. getting a little purple. the panthers held tryouts in late 2019 for the 2020 season and then as we know the pandemic hit. the season got wiped out. the first games will likely happen next april. the best team in baseball welcomes the new york mets to oracle tonight and it is the first time that they have seen them all season. the giants got back on the winning track yesterday beating colorado 5-2 for their seventh win in their last eight games. when the mets take the field tonight, they might be a little weary. they hosted the l.a. dodgers in sunday night's game and they had to turn around and travel to the west coast. some of the players were grumbling about it on twitter before last night's game. hey, it's your job. coming up on "today in the bay," living his best life. a world war ii vet jumps into his 100th birthday celebration and shares with us what his
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secret is for a long and happy life. and happening now, it is move-in day for hundreds at sonoma state university. that process started for some yesterday and continues for five more days or until five today. the college conducting move-ins over two days because of covid restrictions. students were assigned time slots to make sure there was proper social distancing. a student was allowed two family members to help. classes begin on wednesday. students at cal state east bay allowed to move in last week, san jose state moved in over the weekend. we hope you are all settling in. we'll be back.
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a world war ii veteran from
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southern california is flying high on his 100th birthday. tom rice celebrated his big day with a sky dive. rice was greeted by a cheering crowd as he landed softly on coronado beach. in 1944 he was among the thousands of paratroopers who parachuted on normandy beach. when asked about his secret to a long life, keep moving. we'll take that advice. coming up on "today in the bay," wildfires up north causing some concerns here in the bay area. we'll show you when possible power outages could happen here.
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waking up to a whole new world, life as they knew it in afghanistan, forever changed. families trying to flee, a nation in the middle of turmoil as terrorists take over the capital city and even the presidential palace. and on the pandemic front preparing for booster shots. what we're finding out this morning about when more people might be eligible to get another dose of that life-saving vaccine. and smoky skies, incoming high winds and now possible planned power shutoffs. the area is being zeroed in by pg&e and what you can do this morning to make sure that you are ready. this is "today in the bay." good monday morning to you. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia today.


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