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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 17, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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hospitals for patients. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning. thanks for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. that breaking news right now, a new wildfire ravaging another neighborhood with evacuations and rescue efforts under way in el dorado between sacramento and tahoe. >> this is with cal fire resources stretched so thin by the dixie fire and other out-of-control wildfires. kris sanchez is here with the latest video coming into our newsroom and we're hoping everyone is okay and this new one to erupt. >> we always ask what is the human toll, at least one person was burned by the fire which started on saturday but which exploded overnight. our crews spotted an ambulance headed into the danger zone to reach that person and we know that several structures have already burned, though cal fire is still fighting the fire, not stopping to take stock of that.
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the fire at least 2200 acres and there are mandatory evacuation orders in effect. here's where the fire is burning in el dorado county. if you are familiar with this area, grizzly flat and happy valley are now under evacuation orders. it is a tough fire fight because of the rugged terrain and because the fire is far, the sparks are setting new fires up ahead. here's how an nbc sacramento reporter is seeing it right now. >> starting to hear the roar, you can hear what sounds like a rocket engine. it's a sound you're familiar with in the forest fires when you get the fire in the canopy when things flare up. it's an indescribable sound. very scary indeed. >> in the incident report for the caldor fire, it's stretched thin because of other fires.
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no wonder why. the map of fires burning right now up and down california is very active. so far this year more than a million acres are burning or burned in more than 5600 incidents including the dixie wildfire. there are new evacuation orders for the area near susanville, where thousands of homes are under threat. that fire still only 31% contained, though. it's been burning for weeks. now the wind certainly seems to be a factor for the dixie fire and caldor fire which took off overnight. we have new video coming to you in the next half hour. >> so devastating to see another fire breaking out. thank you for following it for us. strong winds are expected in northern california meaning pg&e is shutting off power to some people. three bay area counties are among 18 total that could be affected by the utility's public safety power shutoffs. now those counties are napa,
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solano, and sonoma. >> pg&e says roughly 40,000 could lose power with most of them in butte and shasta counties. but a small number of customers in parts of napa, solano and sonoma could be impacted. we want to bring in meteorologist kari hall who has been tracking these dangerous conditions and how is it looking. >> we just had this -- all of this area shaded in red upgraded to a red flag warning that includes parts of the marin county and napa and sonoma counties and the east bay hills. this goes into effect later on tonight and will be a short lived one. about 12 hours of this red flag warning where our hills and our mountains will see the gusts possibly over 55 mile per hour and some of the valleys wind gusts 10 to 25 miles per hour. new fire starts will spread rapidly under these conditions. our wind forecast the winds start to pick up by early tomorrow morning. take a look at the sensor there
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we're going to see those winds gusting in these areas that are shaded in red and we're going to be watching this tonight once again those areas potentially under that pfps includes our north bay counties that should be getting the alerts soon. more on the weather conditions in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. developing now, the taliban is now in full control of afghanistan. except it seems a section of the airport in kabul where u.s. troops continue to provide security for americans and allies rushing to get out. satellite images taken here show how people were seen converging around the airport tarmac, terminals and runways hoping to escape. president biden says he's surprised by the speed of the collapse but republicans are pointing the finger at the administration for what they call an epic failure. "today in the bay's" jay gray live on capitol hill with a closer look at this situation. good morning, jay.
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>> good morning. that situation still tense and dangerous at times. it's one that also brings with it painful memories and questions for so many who served on the frontlines in afghanistan over the last 20 years. >> reporter: this morning, u.s. officials and embassy staff continue to rush out of afghanistan. american troops providing security in the chaos at the kabul airport. tens of thousands of afghans flooding the tarmac desperate to escape with the taliban now in full control of the capital and the country. >> the truth is, this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated. >> reporter: president biden speaking publicly for the first time since the takeover, vigorously defends his decision to pull u.s. troops from the region, blaming afghan security forces for the collapse. >> it is wrong to order american troops to step up when
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afghanistan's own armed forces would not. >> reporter: republicans arguing the administration had no plan in place fort americans still on the ground. >> he has to take responsibility and accountability for his own actions, which have led to this unmitigated disaster i call it of epic proportions. it is a disaster. >> reporter: the political finger pointing doesn't really matter to retired navy s.e.a.l. sniper steve brown. >> i'm struggling, to be honest. >> reporter: haunted by memories of his time on the frontlines as he watches the taliban reclaim control. >> all my brothers that, you know, paid the ultimate sacrifice there, it was -- it was just really hard to see everything undone so fast. >> reporter: after two decades of sacrifice and overwhelming loss. >> the president saying a u.s. supreme court force at least 6,000 troops will remain in
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place for as long as necessary to finish out the evacuations there. >> it's really tough to see some of these images that are coming from that region. thank you very much for the latest, jay. many bay area families are fearing for their loved ones overseas. some have been reunited at home while others are still hoping their families can make it out. coming up at 5:30, we'll hear from them as they anxiously await the news. santa clara county sheriff laurie smith is scheduled to hold a news fence this morning to respond to calls for her resignation. san jose mayor sam liccardo says that smith should step down. this is in the wake of a series of missteps including multiple use of force incidents at the county jail, taxpayer dollars paid to people involved in lawsuits over civil rights violations and an ongoing criminal investigation into bribery charges which resulted in three criminal indictments against two of smith's top aides in a campaign fundraiser. >> decision to decline to
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cooperate with the grand jury investigation of her own staff over bribery charges relating to her own re-election and declined to do so for fear of self-incrimination should disqualify anyone from serving in any capacity, let alone as the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the county. >> liccardo is the first elected official to call on smith to resign. smith has been santa clara sheriff for more than 20 years. and covid outbreaks have forced two classrooms in oakland to home quarantine. there are 58 cases among students in oakland unified, ten more among staff members. there are 24 confirm cases at brentwood union and liberty added 69 cases bringing the totals up to 117. oakley union elementary school district has 44 cases, san ramon valley unified up to 30 cases, 16 were added just yesterday.
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the california department of public health says it will require hospitals across the state to accept transfer patients from facilities with limited icu capacity. the order comes during an increase in covid hospitalizations and icu patients due to the delta variant. as of today more than 7100 are hospitalized due to covid. last year's summer surge peaked at 7200 hospitalizations. that's still nowhere near the 22,000 people hospitalized for covid back in january. take a live look outside in san francisco this morning where it's a little hazy out there or foggy. can't tell. the conditions that we're dealing with, meteorologist kari hall has been tracking all of that for us. how is it affecting us air quality wise? >> it's been moderate this morning. that's a little bit of both. you have the fog and smoke mixing in and so that makes it even more unhealthy. we did get a break yesterday afternoon if you went out during the afternoon to evening hours when the wind picked up. we had a clear blue sky and
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we're starting out with moderate air quality. i do think it still looks really good today so get out and enjoy it. let me show you what's ahead. we are going to see a shift in the wind tomorrow and the smoke comes back and it's going to be very heavy. this is tomorrow afternoon. once again we have one more day of some good air quality before we really start to see some unhealthy air quality near the surface as we get three very large fires burning across northern california. we're going to talk more about our temperatures coming up. mike, what's the update for contra costa county? >> [ inaudible ] we have an update for folks out of contra costa county. >> mike, we're having trouble hearing you. we're going to check in with you in a little bit with an update of what's going on. also coming up on "today in the bay" -- >> if you sit here long enough you'll see them. they're running around. >> i don't want to do this story. >> rats everywhere. running all over the east bay
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neighborhood. why? where are they coming from? >> how do i follow up on that. bulls on the stock market and also a new way to get a table a little faster around the bay area in restaurants. >> as long as there's no rats. >> the kids are heading back to school struggles, many parents are taking the financial hit. how bad it is getting and what is making it worse. california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave
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a look at our high temperatures and where we're headed as our temperatures come down a few degrees and going to be nice and comfortable for our microclimates reaching into the mid 80s for the north bay, upper 80s for the inland east bay and some 60s still near the coast. we're going to talk more about where we may need more air conditioning coming up in a few minutes. >> contra costa county the drive overall is okay. schedule closures for 242 here, vaz vasco road. the numbers keep changing. it's slow. one-way traffic control at times just on the bottom portion near the county line. that will be for both directions. right now it's coming down out of contra costa county. this will be a delay for folks leaving brentwood, byron towards 580. good morning. very happy tuesday to you. i was remarking the other day about how often i say the dow and the s&p 500 hit new records and we can add today to that. the dow and the s&p 500 will open at new records. we do get important retail sales
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data today. look, perhaps, for maybe a reduction in the number of people buying cars because of high prices. jeff bezos' space company blue origin wants to be part of nasa's efforts to return people to the moon and it's suing to do it. nasa has awarded the contract to spacex. some engineers at blue origin say they're embarrassed by how aggressive bezos is being with his lawsuit. it criticizes spacex's efforts. rocket scientists are pretty friendly with each other, small community, trying to accomplish the same thing so while the engineers are trying to get along the billionaires are fighting. bezos wants nasa to accept the blue moon competitor elon musk tweeted out this picture of blue moon lander mockup you saw behind bezos before it was ready. blue moon sent information to the press during the launch of richard branson and his virgin galactic flight pointing out
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bezos would fly higher. rocket scientists say going to space is hard enough by itself. they don't enjoy the sniping. a study by turn style shows slightly fewer people went to the office in san francisco in the first week of august. in other words, back to the office may have peaked before declining again. probably coronavirus. could be last-minute summer vacation. and the restaurant reservation app open table is going to add a feature for restaurants so they know if their customer is vaccinated before they show up. the restaurant will have to verify the vaccination card once but then can mark the customer as vaccinated for future visits. the restaurants cannot share this information with each other and there's no private information, just a note that basically says yes, at one point the maitre d' said she's vaccinated and if you're going to show up over and over they can know that ahead of time. you're in the club. >> more important than ever to have tracking of your vaccination as well then. >> i keep mine in my wallet.
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>> i don't. i'm worried i'm going to lose it. >> i'm the same way. i took pictures. i had to use one -- >> you have that california the scan the qr code do it that way as well. i look going to places where they're like we're all safe in here, are you safe? >> i just like going out to dinner. one in three parents of school aged children expect to go into debt when shopping for back to school. according to a new survey from lending tree, nearly a third, 29% of parents, say they're unable to afford their child's school supplies this year. parents are struggling to afford school supplies as expenses increase and hybrid learning costs. parents more than in-person learning for virtual only learning school. you have to just buy the supplies. >> there's a lot of stuff going on with that. >> yeah. >> okay. we all know about lassie the dog saving the day, right? you know it's not often that we hear about a cat leading
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rescuers to a missing person. but that is what happened in cornwall, england, on saturday. officers were searching for a missing 83-year-old woman. neighbors spotted her cat mee owing near a home. when officers got near the cat it led them down a 70 foot embankment. the woman rescued and the fire department credited the cat for saving the down. >> breaking news, a cat cares about a person more than themselves. they didn't walk off and leave. >> i want to eat. hey, let's check that morning commute. we got cut off earlier. no worries. my fault. >> not on the roadways. >> my fault. equipment misuse. looking over here towards the map these, the green sensors show you the light volume of traffic. i want to point this out in case you missed the cut-in report over here, vasco road slowing showing and from time to time
5:19 am
i'm told by someone who drove it this morning the backup in either direction could be affected. doing one-way traffic control. out of brentwood the delay 20 to 30 minutes back in the traffic. good thing a gentleman got to work left for work early. the roadways are moving smoothly towards the bay bridge, the clear view from emeryville to the city and the interstate 80 moves well across the water. >> looks nice. all right. let's get you out the door ready for work in the east bay, we're checking out a live view of fremont and our temperatures in the low 60s to start. we're going to hold those temperatures steady for a few hours and then slowly warm up today. you're going to notice it's going to be cooler today compared to yesterday. especially in the inland east bay as we're looking at highs in concord reaching 87 degrees. 80 in san jose. and 75 in palo alto. napa today reaching 83 degrees and santa rosa up to 85. san francisco not too much of a change, some upper 60s today.
5:20 am
seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen as we talk about what we're concerned about right now. the fire danger that starts later tonight into early tomorrow morning. we're going to see those winds picking up, these areas shaded in red are some of our hills that will be under the red flag warning. once again starting tonight. we do have a storm system passing to the north of us and it's going to shift our wind direction, instead of getting that strong ocean breeze that's cooling us off, we get more of a northerly wind. as the wind kind of funnels through the hills and valleys, we are going to see still some of those temperatures and high wind gusts increasing our fire danger. temperature wise we're going to see some mid to upper 80s. little bit cooler for the weekend. it's looking pretty nice for saturday and sunday. for san francisco breezy today and tomorrow and highs will continue to reach into the upper 60s. now as we turn to our climate in crisis where a lot of people living in the inland areas you had to crank up the air
5:21 am
conditioning quite a bit. we've seen steady warming over the past 20 years in the bay area due to climate change and our need for air conditioning is increasing. this shows the measure of the cooling degree days that shows how many degrees above 65 it is each day and so when you see those temperatures going up, emand for air conditioning to keep it comfortable. in san jose, theres has been a steady increase in what we call the cooling degree days. now more homes are built with air conditioning as a result. take a look at this map. it shows how many homes were built with air conditioning from the 1970s all the way up through 2020. of course, in the west and northwest when you think about it back in the 70s only about 40% of the homes in the west have central air conditioning, but now that is 90% and that higher demand of air conditioning use puts more of the harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere making the problem of warming even worse. that's why we need some clean energy like solar or wind energy
5:22 am
and it's very important right now as we try to reduce our carbon footprint. you can see more of these stories on click on the climate in crisis tab for more. >> sounds good. thank you. 5:21. coming up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> a power outage doesn't have to surprise you. you can get an advanced warning. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll show you how next. but first our team always on social media. hey, help me today wishing this beautiful woman a happy birthday. our own cierra johnson. >> happy birthday, cierra. >> happy birthday. >> we're going to eat some cake. >> yes. cake. all right. be sure to follow her on facebook, twitter, instagram and wish her a happy birthday yourself. love to hear from you. we'll be right back. happy birthday, cierra. .
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welcome back. pg&e says windy, dry conditions could lead to public safety power shutoffs for north bay residents. >> a good reminder everyone can get alerts tailored to your address. chris chmura shows us how. >> losing power at home or work doesn't always have to be a surprise. let me show you how to get advanced warning so you can prepare your fridge or unplug sensitive electronics.
5:26 am
pg&e plots outages on a map on its website. book mark it. here's how to use it. by default, you see current outages, but look in the upper left. if you click future psps outages, the map switches to what's ahead. you can also search right down to your address. look for the purple triangles. even better, pg&e says it will send you an alert. >> we're able to text you give you a phone call, a warning that the probability of us shutting off power to your home or business is likely. >> pg&e says it uses contact info it has on file, like phone numbers and e-mail addresses to send out alerts. so make sure your account is up to date and do that online or by calling 866-743-6589. when we called midweek one day it took two and a half minutes for an agent to pick up. okay. want to show you this incredible video for families in an east
5:27 am
bay neighborhood who tells nbc bay area that a neighbor's property is infested with rats. neighbors say hoarding at the albany home led to complaints to the c nd they tell us the problem might be getting worse. >> feeding the rats. put out pans of food for the rats. in fact the, the gentleman from vector control said it looked like they cooked food for the rats. >> neighbors told us vector control has been visiting the home to remove trapped rats daily. we reached out to ask about the property but have still not gotten a response. coming up next, top stories we're following including breaking news, a fire to our east exploding in size overnight. >> we're watching new video coming in to our newsroom now and we'll bring you more live. the federal government expected to recommend a third
5:28 am
booster shot for the covid vaccine. the timeline for when you should be rolling up your sleeve. you're watching "today in the bay."
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>> people are clinging to the plane and tells you they're scared, they want to get the heck out of there. >> getting out. the u.s. military racing to evacuate tens of thousands of americans in afghanistan as the taliban moves further into kabul. all this as many bay area families are fearing for loved ones overseas. a vaccine booster shot is on the way. who is first in line and the potential timeline for your next shot. this is "today in the bay." a good tuesday morning to you. 5:31. we're broadcasting traditionally to your television, but we also stream online at thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. that breaking news between sacramento and tahoe. a wildfire exploding only and the evacuation and rescue efforts under way. >> adding to the recipe for disaster the incoming gusty winds. kris sanchez has been pouring
5:32 am
through some of the video in the half hour. >> it started on saturday but really took off overnight as you mentioned because of the winds and cal fire says the agency is stretched thin even as they are working with the u.s. forest service in the fight. this is video from the fire fight from the last hour or so and see firefighters trying to defend structures there against the caldor fire even as the flames are whipping around them. our crew also spotd an ambulance headed into the danger zone to reach at least one person that we know was burned in the fire. we know other structures are burned. cal fire still fighting that fire, which is now at least 2200 acres and there are mandatory evacuation orders in effect. here's where the caldor fire is burning in el dorado county. if you are familiar, grizzly flats and happy valley are under evacuation orders. it is a tough fire fight because of the rugged terrain there and because of spot fires that are being set out ahead of the
5:33 am
flames. here's what an nbc sacramento reporter is seeing right now. >> right here this is the perimeter of the fire where it's slowly advancing and burning through the forest where in other areas it's burning up slope and fueled by the wind and that's where there's a greater -- burning at a greater rate, much faster. >> in the incident report for this new caldor fire, cal fire says it is stretched thin because of other fire fights and no wonder the map on your screen the fires burning up and down california right now. so far this year, more than a million acres are burning or burned and more than 6500 incidents and that includes the dixie wildfire which was also fueled by wind gusts overnight. new evacuation orders near sunville where thousands of homes are now under threat. the fire still only 31% contained. now the wind continues to be a factor not only fixor and the caldor fires, but the
5:34 am
winds forecast for the next three days could allow aggressive fire runs of three miles or more. marcus? >> all right. thank you, kris. want to bring in meteorologist kari hall because we know how weather can be a factor with the fires there and how is it looking. >> that's scary, three miles a day and a huge amount of land that could burn and we haven't made it to the peak of the winds that are on the way. wind speed forecast we are going to see winds picking up later tonight into early tomorrow and even for the north bay, parts of the bay area, for the east bay, we're going to see these areas shaded in red that's going to be where we could sees the winds starting to pick up and a lot of valleys we're not going to feel it as much. a fire danger also increasing for the bay area as we are seeing some of our hills that could experience some of the wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. we could see some of these areas in parts of the north bay under a public safety power shutoff and you may be getting those
5:35 am
alerts now if you haven't done so already. check on that. we're going to talk about the weather coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. thanks. now to the developing situation in afghanistan, u.s. military flights resum at kabul's airport as the u.s. scrambles to extract some 22,000 afghans who helped the american military. u.s. troops are providing security with the taliban in full control of afghanistan. president biden yesterday defended his decision to pull u.s. troops from the region and blames afghan security forces for the collapse. 6,000 soldiers will stay there to complete the evacuations. here in the bay area, there are people with loved ones still overseas in the midst of the conflict. >> "today in the bay" cierra johnson live at sfo where some locals were able to greet their families on the last commercial flight coming in from kabul. that had to be so emotional. >> good morning, marcus and
5:36 am
laura. that's right. folks are emotional about this situation as you can imagine. there are folks here locally that were able to welcome family back from afghanistan. there's other individuals here waiting to establish communication with their relatives overseas. as the taliban begins retaking power there over in afghanistan, we're seeing more video with afghans frantically trying to escape the country for fear the group could carry out revenge attacks on those who worked with americans or the government. and we're also seeing reunions at the local level. nbc bay area was here at sfo with one of the final commercial flights from kabul before the taliban shut down the streets and the airport. take a listen to a man had to say. >> me and my family feel lucky she got out. out on the last civilian flight. lot of supporters for the taliban and propaganda, and they seem like nice guys at first. hopefully bring peace to the country. we're glad my mom made it out.
5:37 am
a lot of people that didn't make it out safe and my heart goes out to them. >> reporter: we also spoke with folks here at sfo and in fremont's little kabul who did not want their face shown on the other side of that spectrum waiting to hear from their loved ones overseas. many expressed concerns about their safety and the taliban repeating violence like you've seen in the past. another concern that a lot of folks have expressed is the safety for the women and children still overseas. there's the ceo of a nonprofit that works to get agriculture going in some of the war torn countries and expressed that there were hundreds of afghans in need of support, specifically the women and children, right now that could be subject to abuse, both sexual and physical abuse, so she said her heart goes out to them and everyone who is still waiting to get some sense of peace there overseas. we're live at sfo, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> tough to watch the images and
5:38 am
the families are going through right now. there is so much going on if afghanistan right now. such a complex situation. what comes next even for the united states and the militaryp we have answers to your questions. visit our website click on the tab the afghan crisis. what we know, it's in our trending bar. now to the pandemic, and the kunlt verl question for many, will you get a third covid-19 booster shot. the fez say they're close to recommending all americans receive a booster. >> bob redell joins us live to talk about what the timeline is looking like. >> good morning to you, laura and marcus. eight months after your second shot sources tell nbc news that federal government is expected to recommend that third booster shot for people who have already received two doses of the pfizer or moderna vaccine. the doses will go out once the fda formally approves the vaccines. right now they are authorized for emergency use only.
5:39 am
formal approval for pfizer expected next month. moderna some time after that. the recommendation is expected as the delta variant surges across the country and also it's expected over concerns the vaccines might wane in their effectiveness over time. >> people need to understand that even with the two doses, they are protected. even if they get infected and have mild illness, you look across the hospitals today at these huge numbers, this gigantic surge in hospitalizations and icu admissions and sadly in deaths, and it's almost all unvaccinated people. >> reporter: health care workers, nursing home residents and older americans could be among the first to receive the third booster dose. those with weakened immune systems have already begun to receive theirs. the government is still
5:40 am
collecting information to figure out when to recommend a booster for the j&j, the johnson & johnson vaccine. with regards to the pfizer and moderna boosters, the white house says that the united states does have enough supply to offer up those shots. reporting live here in san ramon, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> interesting to think about. makes everybody do the math of when theirs would be. >> thanks. 5:40 right now. developing in haiti, the search for survivors is intensifying following saturday's earthquake. the number of dead stands at 1400. at least 6,000 people are injured. that quake damaged or destroyed some 37,000 homes. the u.s. coast guard is working to help those in need but now tropical storm grace is complicating the efforts. new video we have from overnight that storm dumping rain on the island causing flooding and making it harder to provide safe shelter for many of the families displaced. 5:40 right now. hard images to comprehend right
5:41 am
now. here in the bay area kari is keeping tabs on our weather and we're going to see a lot of smoke tomorrow. >> actually cooling down for many of our microclimates, but also talking about all of the weather conditions that we've been seeing around the country as well as over toward haiti, dominican republic, tropical storm grace towards jamaica ka and we'll be watching this as it moves towards the yucatan peninsula as it strengthens to near hurricane status. mainly clear sky in san jose and we're going to see sunshine throughout the day. get out and enjoy the good air quality, the cooler temperatures are heading up to 80 degrees in san jose. some mid to upper 80s for some of our warmest spots in the inland east bay and some 60s near the coast. we'll talk about the air quality in a few minutes. mike, san jose drivers, looks like they're on schedule. >> looks like it. what that means we see the slowing and clustering here by our camera north 101 just
5:42 am
heading up tow road. one short section. heard abo ramps. silicon valley, peninsula easy drive. same for the trivalley. a little build at the incline and richmond bridge toll plaza. that's early for that to happen. also 242 northbound still closed. possibly until 7:00. use 680 to highway 4 if you're going that way. back to you. >> thanks, mike. for homeowners trying to make it in the bay they're doing better than ever when it comes to home equity, according to gather data by a real estate firm and they reported by the bay area news group. the numbers show since the start of the pandemic all bay area counties except san francisco saw gains in equity rich households. that means more than 50% of equity in their properties. soaring real estate prices have a lot to do with it. across the nine counties the
5:43 am
percentage of equity rich homeowners rose from 57% in march of 2020 to 64% in june. that's a bay area record nearly double the national average of 34%. coming up, the delta variant surges, even the raiders are making changes. what you'll need heading to vegas this season to see the new stadium. a lot of finger pointing in washington over afghanistan. justifiably. only one person, of course, is in charge. we'll tell you. celebrating 40, not talking about the birthday but madonna's diskgraphy. how long she's been performing and dropping tunes. the new project that will span her entire career.
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5:46 am
good tuesday morning. let's check out pleasant hill. you will need a jacket for the start of the day. temperatures in the low 60s, a few clouds, but it's going to be a really nice and comfortable day. a lot of changes ahead in the forecast. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> the bay bridge, we have slowing on the incline. you see it right here, not enough to have a backup or metering lights on just yet getting into the city in the city there may be a crash, though, just off the skyway and may be having a crash to check out in vasco. we'll bring you the latest coming up. >> thanks so much. it is 5:46 right now. president biden says he stands by his decision to pull
5:47 am
troops from afghanistan. >> and scott mcgrew, it's something both parties have supported. >> and americans supported and continue to support not that long ago, republicans and democrats were fighting over who should get the credit for leaving afghanistan. it was trump who set it up, biden did it. the real problem isn't that we're leaving it's how, seemingly unprepared and unaware of how quickly the situation would devolve and how much the dangers afghans who supported us are in. yesterday morning president biden returned from camp david to defend his actions. >> if anything, the developments of the past week reinforce that any u.s. military involvement in afghanistan now was the right decision. the american troops cannot and should not be fighting in a war and dying in a war that afghan forces are not willing to fight for themselves. >> there is no question, though, that america was not ready for how quickly things would fall
5:48 am
apart. it was just a few weeks ago the white house assured us it would look nothing like saigon. now one of the catch phrases is saigon on steroids. >> we were clear eyed about the risk. we planned for every contingency, but i always promised the american people that i would be straight with you. the truth is, this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated. >> former president bush urging calm saying the skill and bravery of americans in kabul will save the day. laura and i are confident evacuation efforts will be effective. they're being carried out by the remarkable men and women of the united states armed forces, diplomatic corps and intelligence community. biden said the blame for this should be on the u.s. supported afghan army which folded without a fight but certainly u.s. intelligence failures played a role. "the washington post" published an article that said that despite what the intelligence community was saying in public the afghan army couldn't
5:49 am
maintain its hold and the insiders thought it might fall in 90, others as quickly as a month, 90, 30, this article was published seven days ago. remember, also as we hear criticism that some of the same people that say correctly america failed to protect afghans, are some of the same people who voted against the allies act to speed up visa applications. some of those same people saying we should get more people out, are the same who do not want the refugees here. president biden startled even many of his supporters when after his speech, he returned to camp david and will continue his vacation. as we have said about president trump's trips no president is really on vacation. his office travels with him, particularly to camp david. the optics are terrible. recall liberals pounced when ted cruz took his family to cancun during power outages to texas. cruz can't fix lines. cancun is a nice place. the optics speak for themselves.
5:50 am
be a little late to work because retired general h.r. mcmaster is on the "today" show talking about what we should do next. remember him as national security adviser, but he is the foremost expert on what america did wrong in vietnam. if anybody understand the current situation it's mcmaster. he'll come on at 7:00. find me at twitter scott mcgrew. the las vegas raiders are requiring fans to show proof of vaccination. the move made after the nevada governor announced events with more than 250 attendees can operate at more than 50% capacity with state approval. they're teaming up with clear and the health pass feature of their free app to verify vaccination status. the vaccinated fans will not be required to wear a mask. exciting news from the material girl herself. madonna will relaunch her entire
5:51 am
catalog over the coming years to celebrate 40 years since her debut single. ♪ can't quench my desire don't you know that i'm burning up for your love ♪ >> yep. madonna made that announcement yesterday on her 63rd birthday. that projects will be under a deal with warner music group, the studio that launched her nearly four decades ago and she has become the best selling female pop superstar of all time. that catalog will be released in exyear. >> '80s classics there. burning up in the weather department today? >> i hope not. we're going to have cooler temperatures. it was nice yesterday. started out with smoke but as the day went on it cleared out and the sky was blue and it was a nice fresh air for a little while and that's what we'll see today. notice where we have the light shades of blue in our near surface smoke model, moderate
5:52 am
smoke, look what happens as we go into today it clears out for the most part, except for areas farther to the north. just north of fairfield. we're going to see some improved air quality this afternoon and then here we go tomorrow. so by tomorrow afternoon, the smoke is back and it's possibly going to be very unhealthy. as we've seen nows the new caldor fire that has exploded in size and the dixie fire continues. we have the monument fire and we have some very large fires burning at this point across northern california and just one shift in the wind direction can bring all of that smoke back in. at least temperatures are going to be cooler today and some of those spots that were in the 90s yesterday we're talking about some mid to upper 80s today. concord reaching 87 while san jose will see a high of 80 degrees. 75 in palo alto. and 67 in san francisco. napa today reaching 83 degrees. we're seeing the shift in the wind direction expected because of a storm system now moving
5:53 am
into the pacific northwest and with its counterclockwise wind flow our wind shifts from the north. that's going to bring in some dry as well as warm conditions especially in those fire zones. so that's going to increase the smoke as well. temperature wise, we are going to reach into the upper 80s. fire danger through tomorrow morning and then a little bit cooler for the weekend while san francisco sees no changes here. a little bit of fog and highs in the upper 60s. mike, are you seeing a bigger delay out of contra costa county? >> suddenly a much bigger delay. vasco road look at the number, we've gone over 50 minutes, i think it's going to be about a 40-minute delay and building out of brentwood and byron heading towards 580. in the backup because of that one-way traffic control we talked about overnight project there. there's been a crash. right around there causing more problems around county line or heading to county line. the rest of your bay good. san jose slowing and some by the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, san francisco
5:54 am
and san jose's vaccine mandates have the attention of lamont thorp and kevin wilk will prepare to hold a news conference today calling for mayors across the bay area to issue similar vaccine mandates for city workers. still much more ahead this morning on "today in the bay" including requiring proof, the growing list of cities asking you to show your vaccination card to dine indoors. the debate over your privacy. what one tech expert says you need to know about digital covid cards. a lot more news ahead. 5:54. you're watching "today in the bay."
5:55 am
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welcome back to "today in the bay." 5:57. sacramento's mayor is considering a mandate requiring people to show proof of a vaccine to enter bars, restaurants, concert venues and gyms. it comes as new covid cases there skyrocket. according to the sacramento bee there are about 28 new daily cases per 100,000 people. a few more details. l.a. also considering a similar mandate like the ones in new york city and new orleans. san francisco is set to require proof of vaccination starting this friday. multiple apps exist to store
5:58 am
your vaccination records. >> but that's leading to privacy concerns. one tech reporter explains the more you show your card the more information you could be revealing. >> showing it to a particular bar at 8:00 and then could be, you know, a few hours later could be showing it at a different bar and a few hours later at a music club, conceivably, it's possible that there could be sort of a digital trail if you will going from, you know, point a to point b to point c that could establish both where you're going but also potentially who you're with. if you and i are traveling together and there's a digital record we were at the same bar at the same time perhaps we were there together, maybe that's not a big deal. maybe you're with somebody you don't want there to be a digital record of. >> he discusses the issues surrounding people using bogus vaccination cards. you can watch that full story on nbc lx, comcast 185 or 11-5 over the air. climate in crisis a first ever water shortage being
5:59 am
fter water levels at lake meade, the largest reservoir, fell to record lows. lake meade supplies water to millions in california, arizona, nevada and new mexico and be the hardest hit state losing 18% of its share from the river starting next year, about 8% of its total water use. a new twist in the murder trial for real estate heir robert durst on the witness stand yesterday, he testified that he lied for years about sending police a note directing them to the dead body of his friend susan. he says he did so because he feared that he would be considered a suspect in her death. the note said cadaver and listed her address. prosecutors say that durst killed berman because he feared she would tell authorities that he murdered his first wife. right now at 6:00, breaking news this morning, a fast-moving wildfire explodes overnight closing in on northern california towns. the new video just coming into
6:00 am
our newsroom and meteorologist kari hall tracking those conditions firefighters are working against. plus -- >> the truth is, this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated. a emergency flights resuming in afghanistan as thousands try to flee with the taliban moving in. all this while president biden is coming under new fire from critics. our washington insider is live to explain how biden is defending his decisions. >> covid cases surging, the steps california is taking to ensure there is enough space at hospitals for incoming patients. this is "today in the bay." thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall in just a bit. >> but we want to go to that fast-breaking story before we get to kari because the wildfire is burning tour


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