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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 17, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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school isn't doing enough to keep kids safe from covid. more than 100 kids have tested positive across the district. sharon katsuda has the story from brentwood. >> the high school is what i have anxiety about every single day i send my child to school. >> reporter: stephanie has younger children, too, one with asthma. so she doesn't want her son in high school to bring home covid >> they're not wiping desks down. >> reporter: the liberty union superintendent says the desks are wiped down at the end of the day, following protocol by the california department of public health and contact tracing has revealed a lot since the reopening. >> i would be concerned if i thought our classrooms were not safe, but our classrooms, based upon our tracing have become safe places. we're not seeing student-to-student transmission
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or student-to-teacher transmission. >> reporter: students were tested for covid without parents' consent, which she calls unacceptable. >> we are definitely trying to get consent from parents in order to get tested. we are working on some communications today that are going to go out. parents can have that information. if a student does not consent to testing they have the option of going under regular quarantine home. >> reporter: the superintendent says that the reopening of the schools the focus was on emotional support for the students but quickly realized the need for more staff for testing and tracing. >> i do 100%, i do believe they need to be back in school, but they're not doing everything they k. >> reporter: and the superintendent says the more than 100-plus cases, most of
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them have been contracted through indoor gatherings off campus. so he says people should really think about that and how campuses are safe. reporting live in brentwood, sharon katsuda. pg&e in the process of shutting off power to some northern california residents, as a precaution to try to avoid sparking a wildfire. among the areas that could be impacted by pg&e's power shutoff, customers in parts of napa, solano, sonoma, and now contra costa county. as we've told you, strong winds could knock trees into a power line and start a fire. we have seen this before. some people in 18 northern california counties, total likely to lose power. the utility predicts roughly 40,000 customers will be affected. if you want to see if your neighborhood is under this psps
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outage, head to our website, we have an interactive map on our trending bar. let's bring in jeff ranieri. i know you're tracking those strong winds heading to the bay area. what is the timeline? >> i think right around 11:00, 11:30 tonight we'll see things ramp up. remember the strongest winds will be in the mountains, 1,000 feet and above, where we'll get those higher gusts. the eastern side of the south bay, 20-50 miles per hour in the mountains, down into lower elevations, 10-25 the okay at sea level, but the humidity is dropping down to 10%. we're focussing in on where i think the wind's going to be the gustiest. it begins to pop right there to the north, off to the east of napa. as we advance this into tomorrow morning you're going to start to see the wind really kind of drive down, especially right around the napa mountains and toward the east. that's where i do expect some of
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the strongest gusts in that 40-50 miles per hour range as you can see right there. at the same time tomorrow morning not as strong at the lower elevations. 10-25, as we talked about. it's one of those situations where they might cut off your power, but although wind is up in the higher elevations. we'll leave that up to pg&e, but as far as know right now, it's contained to the higher elevations. watch how the smoke starts to return as we roll through tomorrow. coming up we'll take a look at the top 20 largest california wildfires and the changes in our weather pattern. as jeff just mentioned, the skies are about to change. the switch in the wind direction is about to bring a lot of smokey air back into the bay area. already smokey in some areas, and the bay area air quality management says more is coming our way starting tomorrow. and while bay area hardware
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stores have lots of air filters and purifiers on their shelves, the district says you may want to pick one up soon and plan to stay indoors if you can. >> it could be a mail, a library, government building, and there are centers that are actually set up for cooling centers that you can maybe talk to your local health agency about if that's an option for you. >> also a note about masks. air quality experts say the cloth masks many of us are wearing are not enough to protect us from the smoke. if you want to go outside, you'll want a well-fitted n-95 mask. a fast-moving fire in eldorado county. the caldor fire has been burning, and evacuation orders are in place in some areas. plasterville police say expect congestion on west bound 50 as people leave their homes.
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roughly 2,000 structures are endangered, and there is no containment. as the wildfires ravage the state, governor newsom went to santa cruz county to mark the adversary of another fire. they say collaboration between the state and federal government is helping to tackle the climate crisis. of course in addition to wildfires, california is facing a very severe drought. the governor says more water restrictions could be copping, coming, too. ? >> you asked about mandatory or voluntary. our season starts october 1st. we will likely have more to say by the end of september. >> the kree zu complex fire
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destroyed nearly 1500 structures. the entire $186 million that park officials estimate that they will need to rebuild big basin's campgrounds. she is staying put, that's what lori smith announced today after san jose's mayor called on her to resign yesterday. this follows multiple reports by our investigative unit raising serious questions about how the sheriff's office is running the jail and granting concealed weapons permits. stephen stock joins us now. >> the defiant sheriff smith told a packed news conference that she and her staff have improved things at the jail while also admitting there is more to be done. but she shifted much of the blame to others, including county supervisors, attacking her critic and making clear she was not going to step down. this surveillance video from inside the elmwood jail showing
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an informant being nearly beaten to death. >> we have made meaningful change. >> reporter: surrounded by some of her top staff, sheriff smith fired back at her critics in a wide-ranging news conference that lasted almost an hour. >> we're hiring good people, holding people accountable. the change is not as quick as i would like it. >> reporter: where does the buck stop? don't you bear some responsibility here? >> i bear full responsibility. >> reporter: a few hours later, the santa clara county board of supervisors unanimously called for state and federal investigations into her office. they called for hours of video that left a mentally ill inmate
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with permanent brain damage. >> it's unfortunate and unacceptable that these issues are still not resolved. >> reporter: supervisor otto lee was on the blue ribbon commission that called for change after michael tyree was beaten. he says many of the reforms still have not been fully implemented. >> my concern really is trying to bring transparency and openness and make this something that improve our county into the future. >> i think there should be an additional investigation by the fbi because of allegations of a federal nature. and, as always, we'll cooperate fully with any kind of vegs, and i hope they're done quickly. >> sheriff smith must leave. >> reporter: the mayor said he'd lost all confidence in sheriff smith not just because of her mismanagement of the jails but
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because of grand jury indictments against two of her deputies in a pay-to-play scheme, soliciting bribes in the form of contributions to smith's reelection campaign in exchange for coveted concealed carry permits. >> it seems to be a train that keeps wrecking. and we've seen how this sheriff decided how she would put herself at risk of self-incrimination if she were to cooperate with a grand jury investigation of her own department relating to bribery, relating to her own reelection. that is disqualifying by itself. >> reporter: when asked why she refused to testify before that grand jury, sheriff smith said she had no regrets. >> you know, i think that's a right everyone has during the investigation, the d.a.'s office never asked me any questions. i didn't know what the investigation was about. that is my right, and i'm glad that i did it. >> reporter: asked directly if she directed her staff to trade
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concealed carry weapons permits in exchange for contributions, sheriff smith said, quote, i don't think that has been proven. and from pressed further, she said "i'm not going to answer that." up next, issuing a very big challenge. two leaders in contra costa county are calling on every city to do to fight off the coronavirus. and here's a look in dublin. you can see that smoke is starting to move our way. we'll take a look at the smoke forecast and the wind coming up in about seven minutes.
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two east bay mayors are challenging their bay area counter parts to issue vaccine mandates to city workers. they issued that challenge outside antioch city hall. >> we've seen an uptick of 5%
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vaccinations within city employees. >> i'm calling on all bay area city mayors. >> both mayors stressed the need to identify and correct misinformation about the vaccine on social media. the delta variant is changing what we knew about covid, particularly about covid in kids. more questions are mounting. we sat down with a pair of doctors who specialize in children for a look at the evolving data. >> reporter: as kids go back to school, it seems questions are mounting. is delta more dangerous for kids? how easily does the virus move from kids to adults? and how can you tell the difference between a child's cold and covid. let's start with the bad news. it's still virtually impossible to know if your child's sniffle and cough is covid right away. this doctor is in the e.r. every
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day and one thing to note is kids often show a symptom many may not, stomach issues. >> children will have more of a g.i. complaint. >> reporter: they will also have upper respiratory symptoms, a dry cough, runny nose and sometimes a fever. the best thing to do when a child is showing any these symptoms, get them checked out. >> we want to see them, we want to make sure they're not a potential spread in the family. >> reporter: that's what a lot of parents have been doing, according to dr. tracy mcmann. >> it's mostly colds. we're back to the situation where every runny nose needs a day care clearance. >> reporter: covid may now be transmitting more frequently between kids and adults. a recent study from ontario
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found it is especially true for our youngest children. from birth to about 3 years old. >> children really do serve as a potential reservoir and infection source for families. >> reporter: so how best to protect kids who can't get vaccinated yet? mask up. make masking fun so kids can take ownership of it now that they're headed back to school. urge everyone who can, to get vaccinated. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, ginger. electric buses are coming to a school near you if the house of representatives passes the infrastructure bill that is. over 90% of the nation's half million school buses run on diesel fuel. over the next few years the infrastructure bill would help finance the phasing in of electric buses like the ones you're looking at. two cities have pilot projects with zoom and plan to be all
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electric by 2025. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us. hearing about the smoke in the forecast hit me hard. it's one of the more depressing forecasts i've heard in a while, knowing smoke's coming back and going to affect our lives. >> we all have family somewhere in california and a lot of them might be near the fire lines. that on top of the smoke. covid on top of it. as i said earlier, it feels like a pile-on, but we want to make sure you have all the information here as we head into wind tonight, also into tomorrow. i do want to start off and take a look and continue our climate coverage at the top 20 largest california wildfires. and, as we all know, the dixie fire is large. but where does it rank? right now it ranks a the second-largest fire. now number one is the 2020 august fire complex. that was several different wildfires grouped together, but those stats all, you know, go into one.
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again, ranking number two. here's the other thing. all of these fires, except for three of them, happened in the 2000s. the only ones that didn't was this one in 1932, also one in 1977 and 1970. so that means 85% of our largest fires have all happened since the year 2000. so something's going on in the past 21 years. and i really wanted to take a look at that wildfire pattern. we talked about it a lot. la nina can enhance this pattern, but it's really about these stronger areas of high pressure in the pacific pushing the storm track off to the north, keeping the rain pay way. way. these storms tend to be drier. we could be heading back into la nina as we head back into next
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winter. we'll have more on that as we get closer to those months. but we're all on the defense ever, right? i thought i'd take a look at some fire-resistant plants. you're looking for something to do while working on the fire safety of your house, these are good ones, manse nita, star jasmine, rockrose, ice plant, all drought resistant and fire retardant. let's move into the fire warning and just in case you missed it, north bay, east bay, south bay hills, we're looking at in the mountains specifically, 20-50 miles per hour. smoke comes back. then it moves across the bay area as we roll through tomorrow. looks like the smoke would linger into thursday, and we likely could see it get out of here by this weekend. in san francisco, we have 60s for daytime highs. and across those inland valleys,
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at least we're not in a heat wave. we have a consistent trend of 80s coming our way the next several days. we'll have more updates coming up in our 7:00 show. >> thank you very much. up next, well over asktonis sold in the bayg e.
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♪ ♪ whoa. here you go. (in unison) thank you mckayla! dude, get it. i'm not getting it, you get it. you threw it. it's your frisbee. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. okay, you have to watch this video out of napa county, a rescue crew was called in to rescue six people from a hiking trail. two adults, four kids were suffering from heat exhaustion. the entire group had to be airlifted out and taken to the hospital. at this point we don't know how they're doing. an agreement has been reached that could reopen the fairmont hotel. tonight both parties have agreed on terms for the bankruptcy reorganization, according to
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market watch. the fairmont's owner wants to find a new deal with hilton hotels. a bankruptcy judge has estimated $22 million could be owed in damages. folks at zillow says nobody does it like the bay area. more than 600 homes sold for half a million dollars over the asking price. 40 homes sold for $1 million over asking. los angeles in third place, rounding out the top five, seattle and miami with 100 homes that sold for $500,000 over asking. all the places i've lived, what's with that? up next, struck by lightning. how long it will take to keep the washington monument closed.
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coming up tonight at 7:00, dozens of of a began refugees are on their way to the bay area. we will have a conversation about the all hands on deck effort happening right now to make sure that they have everything they need when they arrive. plus, what's the deal with the booster shots? i'm going to bring these to you tonight at 7:00 on nbc bay area. right now with lester holt, he served on a para rescue team,
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now he has thoughts on what's unfolding in afghanistan. this purple heart recipient speakers to lester in about a minute. things are on lockdown every place, no one can go inside the washington monument tonight because of a lightning strike. >> it happened early sunday morning around 12:30. you can see the sky lighting up. there it is, just moments before the monument is struck. it damaged the monument's electronic access system. the monument continues to remain closed as repairs are being done. >> that looks like something out of a movie. >> and it's happened before. >> it has? >> remember, they had an earthquake years ago? >> hope it's not a yeomen. eomen. omen. with the country under total taliban control. emergency flights running as thousands of americans and afghans scramble to get out. the white house in
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contact with the taliban saying they have pledged safe passage. the striking image, over 6 afghans pack into the a u.s. military plane president biden under pressure to speed up the evacuation, and new questions -- what did u.s. intelligence tell him, and when, about how fast afghanistan could fall our richard engle on the ground. also, u.s. health officials expected the make the case for covid booster shots eight months after the second dose for most americans. how soon they could go into arms. also, the governor of texas who banned mask mandates testing positive with a breakthrough case. and the covid crisis for children -- cases up 300% in a month we're on the front lines. the death toll rising in the haiti earthquake survivors evacuated on choppers as flooding from tropical storm grace slows the response tropical depression fred on the move report of tornadoes. 20 million under flash flood watche


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