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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 22, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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they're on their own. the bay area city that might require indoor masking again even though the county does not think it is necessary. >> we will welcome these afghans who helped us in the war effort over the last 20 years to their new home in the united states of america. >> speeding up evacuation efforts. thousands more afghans flown out of kabul. what president biden is saying about the timeline for the mission. >> but first, wildfires continue to rage to the north of us sending up thick clouds of smoke. we are tracking what it means for our air quality here in the bay area. the news at 6:00 starts right
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now. thanks for joining us. we begin with the fires and the smoke. at this hour the air quality in parts of northern california is especially unhealthy. you'll know just what we're talking about. take a look at this shot from heavenly in lake tahoe. my goodness. look how orange and hazy. >> what it means for us here in the bay area how much of that is coming our way? let's check in with our meteorologist. >> you look for snowflakes stuck to the camera lens. that is ash. the source is the calder fire burning along highway 50. at this hour bringing very unhealthy to even hazardous air quality around south lake tahoe up to the north side too even up to truckey looking at unhealthy air. around the bay area today it really has been day two of the relatively good air quality. the areas in green over my shoulder but you'll probably notice a little upper air smoke dropping back in from the north
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this afternoon as we head toward tomorrow morning with areas of smoke filling in a little bit again out of the north and perhaps more so as we transition from the morning to 6:00 tomorrow evening beginning to see little pockets of moderate air quality, more smoke dropping into the north bay and east bay. that is why why we have a smoke advisory for monday for moderate and the bigger concern even more smoke later this week with temperatures in the valleys close maybe to 100 degrees. approaching next weekend i'll give you the time line of the warm up coming up in the forecast in about 12 minutes. >> thanks very much. the intense fire fight in el dorado county showing no signs of slowing down. the caldor fire near lake tahoe closing in on 100,000 acres burned. highway 50 is still closed, a 46 mile stretch. this is a look near echo lake. the fire jumped the highway last
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night. there is currently zero containment on this fire. the national forest in northern california have been shut down through labor day. a big issue and rob was talking about it the dangerous air quality in the lake tahoe area. california's second biggest wild fire ever the dixie fire has grown to more than 720,000 acres with crews getting a bit more ground today but not much. containment after 37%, 1% more than last night. >> this week the city leaders are considering bringing back an indoor mask mandate but the city will be alone because the rest of the county doesn't have that rule. nbc bay area's kristy smith spoke with the mayor and business owners about the proposal. >> reporter: mayor steve young explains what the city council is considering tuesday. >> whether to reinstate a mask mandate for interior public spaces and retail operations. we had one for about a year that we adopted back in may i believe
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of 2020 and we dropped it when the governor dropped all the other requirements in june. >> reporter: other bay area counties have recently reinstated mask mandates over concern about the delta variant. solano county didn't join them >> i think for the council the question is shouldn't we consider something more strict than the county is doing in the interest of health and safety? >> we have reinstituted the mask mandate for our guests no matter what their vaccination status was because we just have such a wide variety of ages. >> here they get customers from different parts of the bay area and the state and have made it clear what is expected inside. natasha curtis says most customers commend them for it. >> i think it is a good guideline to follow and the city should adopt a citywide mandate
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although the county isn't. because it takes the burden off of our individual small business owners and work places. >> certainly some see the mask issue differently. the mayor says benicia has a high vaccination rate and now they're looking at this step. >> i am personally frustrated by having to do this again because i think had we as a nation or as a state had everybody vaccinated and everybody wearing a mask we wouldn't be here. >> nbc bay area news. new vaccination mandates for san jose city employees start tomorrow. those who choose not to be vaccinated will be put on unpaid administrative leave. the city says 80% of its employees have been vaccinated. the san jose city council is expected to vote on tuesday on more covid regulations at city
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owned venues. it is the mayor's proposal. attendees and staff with events of 50 or more people at city facilities will be required to show proof of full vaccination. a negative covid-19 test will not serve as a substitute for the vaccination. pfizer is leading the way in the race to get fda approval for the covid-19 vaccine. reports indicate it could happen tomorrow. it would make it the first covid-19 vaccine to go from emergency use authorization to full fda approval. the decision could also lead more people to get vaccinated but could also lead to more vaccine requirements. as soon as the fda gives pfizer's vaccine full approval we'll send out a push alert on our nbc bay area app. make sure to down load it for free on the and google play stores. the evacuation mission in afghanistan is picking up this weekend. president biden says 11,000 people have flown out of kabul in just the last 36 hours.
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right now negotiations are under way to extend american troop presence beyond the august 31st deadline. this is video from outside the walls of the kabul airport. you can see crowds of afghans waiting there just hoping to board a flight out of the country. u.s. and british troops have now joined forces patrolling the airport to allow evacuations to continue safely. president biden spoke publicly today again defending the troop withdrawal. he also assured americans that terrorists will not be among the evacuees. >> we are conducting thorough scrutiny, security screening for everyone who is not a u.s. citizen or a lawful, permanent resident. anyone arriving in the united states will have undergone background checks. number three, once screened and cleared, we will welcome these afghans who helped us in the war effort over the last 20 years to their new home in the united states of america. because that is who we are. >> the pentagon has activated
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several u.s. airlines as part of a civil reserve air fleet. 18 planes in all have been tapped to fly people out of strategic airports in the region. afghan refugees brought to the u.s. will temporarily be housed as a center in virginia. the dulles expo center will serve as a lay over location before refugees are taken to military bases. as you can see, several buses full of people were outside the facility on sunday. from virginia afghans will be taken to fort bliss in texas or fort mccoy in wisconsin. >> members of the afghan community in fremont continue to demand more action. >> we are here today asking the white house, evacuate, evacuate immediately our partners, our allies, civil society populations. two, provide safe passage to the airport and secure the airport. >> for the second day in a row people gathered in support of people trying to leave
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afghanistan as we reported fremont has one of the largest afghan populations in the entire country. we'll continue to follow the developing story for you. head to nbc bay for the latest information on the ongoing evacuation mission. new at 6:00 san francisco police are investigating a dispute caught on camera. it happened while the victim was in line at a car wash as the video taken yesterday morning at the bayshore car wash. police say the man shown in the video tried jumping the line to get his car washed. when the victim wouldn't let him in the man gets out of his car and confronts him. you can see the suspect goes to his car and grabs something, using it to shatter three of the windows on the car. police are trying to track down the driver. the victim and his girlfriend did not want to be identified for their safety. but she is happy he recorded the whole thing. >> any time he goes out i tell him if you feel like something is about to happen, if you feel like you're in danger, start
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recording because mainly spanish speaking you'll need the information. >> the victim says it will cost about $800 to replace his three car windows. san jose police are looking for the driver responsible for a deadly hit-and-run crash. it happened about 1:00 this morning near bronze avenue in east san jose. investigators say a man was crossing the street outside a crosswalk when a driver hit him. and then left the scene. they believe the driver was in a car similar to an older, acura four door sedan and may have damage to the front end. it is a 17th pedestrian killed this year in san jose. coming up, lifted to safety. but how did they get there? some local teens tell us about the challenge they seriously regret. and going the extra mile to support local heroes. why this race in the south bay means so much to so many during the pandemic. we'll take you there. >> from 70s to 90s. in the forecast later this week around walnut creek plus we're
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watching more wildfire smoke drifting back into the bay area. a closer look at that hour by hour when we come right back.
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what began as a fun challenge turned into quite the ordeal for a group of teenagers visiting the beach. about 8:00 last night six teenagers decided to climb from the beach all the way up a 400-foot cliff to the bluff above. three of them made it. what about the other three?
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they got stuck in the middle and had to be rescued. one of the teenagers says in hindsight probably not the best decision. >> there were points where probably all of us grabbed rocks, laid down, and were falling on the cliff side 100 feet above sharp rocks. >> well, a coast guard helicopter crew had to be called in and rescued the three one by one. the six climbers were all 17 and 18 years of age and the good news is nobody was hurt. san francisco police did break up an early morning side show. it happened at 6:00 in harrison about 2:45 this morning. as soon as officers arrived you could hear them coming, you could hear the sirens, the cars just took off. no one arrested. side shows continue to be a big issue for a lot of cities around the bay area. >> if you've driven near the milpitas great mall you've probably seen the new colorful pedestrian bridge finally ready to open.
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the city will host a ribbon cutting ceremony tomorrow. the bridge will allow pedestrians and bicyclists saw of and easy access to the milpitas transit center. thousands of walkers and runners hit the streets of sachb jose today for the first south bay race since the pandemic started. santa clara county and the city of san jose teamed up to host the 5 k and 10 k then benefited the valley center foundation and organizers say it was only fitting since health care workers have been going the extra mile during the pandemic that runners take to the streets in their honor. >> we believe it is so important that our silicon valley community pulled together and show our front line hospital and health care workers how much we support what they've done for us these last 18 months. >> organizers set the ambitious goal of contributing a quarter million dollars to the foundation and they met and exceeded that goal today. >> wild. >> a mobile vaccination lab is
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also available to anyone who wanted to get vaccinated. >> it is fantastic we're back doing things like that but is this, how is the air in san jose this morning? >> it was better this weekend than it was mid week when we had unhealthy air. there is a little mix of some fog, a little smoke which is starting to come back to our skies once again shall the reason we have a smoke advisory. as we head into monday. so the air quality is going to be something we have to watch daily. a little change in the wind with the active fires to the northeast and southeast, brings a little taste of that smoke back into the region. right now 73 degrees in san jose. hazy skies. not too much smoke around the santa clara valley. you're seeing more smoke as you head over toward the tri valley into livermore. 79 degrees. west-northwest wind 14 miles per hour. more of that smoke, too, up through contra costa county. walnut creek 77 degrees. into san francisco patchy, low clouds. 63. a very similar day on the way
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tomorrow. with the return of the low clouds and possibly some drizzle. again on the coast. so as long as the seabreeze stays active, we know at least the coast in most bay side locations will see the cooler temperatures and for now at least some of the better air quality compared to what we are likely to find in some of the north bay valleys or the inland east bay by tomorrow morning. patchy, low clouds. drizzle toward the inner bay. 49 for the boarding in santa rosa. our high temperatures today if you like today you'll probably like it monday, tuesday, into wednesday. more mild temperatures with 70s near san jose and into the north bay. 63 san francisco. warmest temperatures around livermore, the tri valley, up toward martinez and concord and morgan hill close to 80 degrees. the smoke we are starting to see back on the increase coming down the coast with a bit of a northwest wind and also some spilling down the northern half of the sacramento valley so as we head toward tomorrow evening you can see we're beginning to see a little increase in that
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smoke perhaps close to unhealthy for sensitive groups north of santa rosa by tomorrow evening and some may also get into the tri valley in the inland east bay. tuesday the seabreeze might pick up just enough to give us a bit of a break. this ebb and flow with the wildfire smoke every 24 hours. we'll have to watch as the fires stay active around the state. this is a little bit of good news. the seasonal shift to more active weather for the west coast is trying to develop. right now rain for western washington just a little too far north to help us out right now. but you can see rain there passing by to the north. for the bay area as we get into friday and saturday high pressure is going to build. mainly heat for the valleys. the bay side locations will continue to see temperatures in the 60s and 70s. lake tahoe unfortunately dealing with a lot more smoke. here is how the temperature change should look across the inland locations for your ten day forecast. hottest days friday and saturday. tri valley looks like we'll see upper 90s possible. similar trend for friends around
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concord. near a hundred degrees into friday and saturday. napa should see low 90s as we head toward the start of the weekend. but san francisco, warmer for you means you're finally getting a chance of seeing some 70s. thursday through about saturday into next weekend. yes the valleys starting to heat up. mid 90s as we head into next weekend. but the real question there is the air quality. again, that high starts to build. we may start to see a little more smoke moving back to the bay area. something we'll be watching closely as we head toward next weekend. >> at least mid week san francisco begins to get a hint of summer. a little warming. >> a hint. i can attest to that. a warm summer. >> san francisco mid 70s. >> all right, rob. up next, go for a touchdown and get a vaccine. a different kind of pregame pop up outside today's 49ers' game.
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a victim maybe of its own success burning man went virtual because of the pandemic and burners were kind of into it because earlier today the site crashed so they overwhelmed it. things are back up and running now. people are invited to a virtual reality experience of everything burning man including art. this looks like a video game. performances. it certainly isn't the same. it comes without the scorching heat and all that dust in the desert and is also free. >> well, get a vaccine, get to see a football game. this was the scene at so phi stadium in downtown l.a. this afternoon. a pop up clinic targeting football fans who decided to get the shot when they learned it
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meant free seats to tonight's chargers/niners game >> i haven't really been out of the house for the past year and a half. i just got a new job. i will be required to get vaccinated so figured might as well get some tickets out of it. >> good for him. >> the clinic was open for four hours and had about 170 doses available. anthony flores is joining us now. he wants to talk about -- almost like a replay of yesterday's game. >> another big shot in the arm if i can use that. >> there we go. >> one thing we've learned about this season -- >> thank you very much. here till 11:00. >> don't count this team out. they do it again. a pinch hit home run to beat the as for the second day in a row. reaction from the series finale. sports is next.
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welcome back. it was dejavu at the coliseum for the second day in a row the giants get a late game pinch hit home run to beat the as. final game of the bay bridge series in oakland and this was also the last time the bay area rivals will meet during the regular season. it was scoreless till the bottom of the sixth. a single to right. come on down. the as take a 1-0 lead. it would stay that way until the top of the eighth with a man on. donovan solano with a pinch hit two-run homer. gabe kapler pushing all the right buttons in the series. the giants rally to beat the as, 2-1. the giants are the first team in
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mlb history to hit pinch hit home runs in the eighth inning or later to erase the deficit or take the lead in back-to-back games. there will be a test after this. they win the series, four games to two. >> in order to get to that moment we have to pinch really well and play really good defense. i guess it doesn't really matter if you score early or late as long as we score more. our guys are ready for those moments. they know what they're looking for. they know what needs to be done. >> all right. now to football and preseason game number two is under way for the 49ers. they're in los angeles taking on the chargers. jimmy garoppolo started. played the first series. had a 15 play drive that ended with an interception. the pass was a little high but should have been caught. trey lance replaced him. pass was too high. lance did lead the 49ers on a 75-yard touchdown drive in less than a minute before the half but right now the chargers lead,
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10-8 at halftime. you know they're already going wild. put trey in. what about jimmy! we'll have the highlights tonight at 11:00. you can make your decision. from the south bay to the north bay santa clara the national reigning champs kicking in against cal. 11 minutes into the match check it out. stops on a dime. nice more. the left footed boot finds the back of the net. the broncos take a 1-0 lead but right now cal has answered. they are tied 1-1 and the match is in overtime. that's a look at sports. more news after the break.
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finally tonight it is not something you see on your every day commute. a race horse running down the highway. this happened yesterday in indiana. the horse named bold and bossy bucked her jockey then bolted from the race track right before the first race. >> someone should say something about mustang. >> horsepower. >> okay. was it a mustang? >> there you go. >> my goodness. drivers spotted the horse a bit later on a nearby highway. the sheriff was eventually able to get bold and bossy to calm down. i know why she is named that. >> no kidding. >> and a vet checked out the horse who did have a hurt back leg. but she is expected to be okay. >> that's tough on race horses. the jockey is not their thing. they go out on the freeway, going the wrong way. they survive. one last observation from anthony flores. >> all right. two-point conversion in the 49ers game, a holding penalty on it. i will show you at 11:00.
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probably a good reason why the 49ers might favor trey lance sooner than we expect. we'll see and check it out at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us. see you at 11:00.
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