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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 27, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. u.s. forces attacked by isis-k dozens killed including 13 u.s. service members, and many more injured. top brass warn of more potential attacks as the president weighs in >> we will not forgive we will not forget we will hunt you down to make you pay. we will respond with force and precision at our time and the place we choose and the moment of our choosing. >> we are live in the region
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with two reports our stephanie gosk goes "in depth" with new concerns over rise in covi overnight, the u.s. supreme court rules against the biden administration's eviction moratorium with the cdc and we will tell you what it will mean for renters. and something to cheer about this friday. athletes setting new records at the tokyo paralympic games it's friday. "early today" starts right now glad you're ending your week with us. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena. a barbaric terror attack outside of kabul airport marks america's deadliest day in over a decade at least 13 u.s. troops and dozens of afghans were killed in a double suicide bombing these horrific attacks just days from the withdrawal deadline joining us now from teheran is nbc's ali arouzi ali, it's an interesting situation on the ground with americans working alongside the taliban. what have you heard about the evacuation efforts now
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>> reporter: good morning, philip we relied on taliban to provide security against isis. how precarious the situation on the ground nevertheless, flights have resumed with a new sense of urgency as the u.s. says further attempted attacks are expected ahead of tuesday's deadline for all foreign troops to leave. it's something general mackenzie, the head of cent come spoke about. let's listen to what he had to say. >> we expect those attacks to continue and we're doing everything we can to be prepared for those attacks. the plan is designed to operate while under stress and under attack, and we will continue to do that. we will coordinate very carefully to make sure that it's safe for american citizens to come to the airfield if it's not, we'll tell them to hold we'll work other ways to try to get them to the airfield
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our mission remains, we're still committed into pulling people out. >> reporter: look, u.s. intelligence is also warning of more specific threats. possibly not only from isis-k, but other jihadist groups. that means the longer the troops are on the ground, the higher the probability of another attack on them yesterday's bombing, first alert doppler, philip, was the deadliest. efforts are being expedited to get the job done and get out of afghanistan as soon as possible. >> a deadly end to the 20-year war. thank you. you can imagine the response in washington, d.c. to the attacks have been loud and bipartisan we're joined by nbc's jay gray jay, are we seeing any signs president biden is going to change course in response to these attacks? >> reporter: well, you know, frances rivera, the president said he will give military leaders whatever they need including more troops.
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right now, though, the joint chiefs, kidnappeders on the ground say they want to stick with the current plan and current time line. the president has also vowed he will retaliate against those responsible and says the evacuation effort will not be deterred but he is getting some pushback and he's getting it from both parties here on capitol hill >> these isis terrorists will not win. we will rescue the americans from there we will get our afghan allies out. and our mission will go on america will not be intimidate >> this was 100% avoidable heads need to roll joe biden was knocking on wood president trump was knocking heads, and that's what they feared, and quite frankly, they don't fear the american military >> i think they're still pretending like this could be a success, like the plan can be salvaged that's impossible at this point. >> reporter: the minority leader
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kevin mccarthy says he wants to bring members back into session, vote on extending the deadline while 60 governors, democratic governors have sent a letter to the president saying, they want to expand the number of refugees allowed into the u.s., saying that we owe that to those people >> certainly the evacuation made more complicated, jay, by these attacks and the u.s. response to it thank you. for many americans, this is the first time hearing about this terrorist group isis-k. it is very important to note that they are enemies of the taliban. so who are they? nbc's andrea mitchell explains >> reporter: u.s. officials have been warning for days about the threat from isis-k culminating in a red alert for americans to city stay away froe airport gates. a warning that is all too true what is isis-k an offshoot in afghanistan of the islamic state that originated in iraq created six
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years ago in pakistan, an avowed enemy of the u.s. and arrive a.m. to the taliban. >> the threat is extremely real. we saw it manifest in the last few hours. >> reporter: thousands of hard core islamic state were released from jail by the taliban in recent weeks since the taliban takeover easily melding into the masses in kabul secretary of state advised its was a threat >> we are operating in a hostile country now controlled by the taliban with the very real possibility of an isis-k attack. >> reporter: and isis-k isn't the only terror threat the taliban has named the leader of its most ratd cal branch, the haqqani network to be in charge of security in kabul khalil haqqani has a $5 million bounty on his head brazenly showing up for prayers last week and haqqani has strong ties to al qaeda in the mix. what's clear the taliban couldn't defend against these
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bombings or won't. now the question is how will the president deliver the forceful response to the attack after the u.s. withdrawals francis and philip >> without sending more troops andrea, thank you. breaking overnight, the supreme court is against the moratorium the challenge was taken to the supreme court by a group of landlords who cited many across the country have lost as much as $19 billion a month. the court's eight-page majority opinion said n part, that the cdc has exceeded its authority but many, including president biden, are condemning the decision in a statement, the biden administration expressed disappointment and is urging all entities, including cities, states and local courts to take action to prevent evictions. new york city mayor bill de blasio tweeted in response to lifting the moratorium reading in part, this is an attack on working people across our country and city new york won't stand for this
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vile, unjust decision. and california governor gavin newsom reassured his state they will not be affected by the change in policy tweeting out california's renter assistance program the covid summer surge is not letting up the summer marked over 38 million in fection with over 638,000 deaths 172 million americans are vaccinated that's 52% of our population >> a peer review published journal found rare blood clotting is higher in those infected from covid-19 compared to those who have been vaccinated against the virus experts analyzed data from 29 million people who have received their first doses of the astrazeneca or pfizer vaccine. paul stanley tested positive for covid. the band canceled thursday nice's concert in pennsylvania covid hospitalizations have reached their highest levels since the u.s. started tracking pediatric cases a year ago
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nbc's stephanie gosk has more on the surge of critically ill pregnant women >> reporter: it is an alarming trend putting expectant parents on notice. nbc news spoke to doctors in several states who reported a spike in covid hospitalizations among pregnant women seeing double and in some cases triple the number. nearly all of the patients are unvaccinated >> last few weeks a few pregnancies very hard to breathe. your body's immunity also changes during pregnancy, so combining these two things, it makes it very difficult to deal with a situation like covid. >> reporter: dr. kumar leads broward medical center in florida. they usually see four to five pregnant women a year. now they see that many in a week it is unclear if unborn babies can contract covid in the womb once they are delivered babies are separated from mothers too sick to hold them. how tough is that conversation when you tell a mother who just gave birth that
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she can't hold her baby because she's too sick with covid? >> it's hard it's extremely hard. >> reporter: cdc data shows one in four pregnant women have been vaccinated during their pregnancy. it was only this summer that major health organizations and federal agencies issued full-throated recommendations that pregnant women get vaccinated previously just saying it was encouraged because pregnant women didn't take part in the early trials but now there is data showing the vaccine is safe. >> it's very, very clear that it is safe in pregnant women. >> reporter: the cdc says 131 pregnant women have died of covid complications, and more than 200 have lost their pregnancies. haley richardson was a nurse from alabama who was pregnant with her second child. she and her unborn daughter passed away last week, less than a month after she tested positive for covid her best friend says richardson had not gotten vaccinated because of the lack of research at the time regarding the impact on pregnancies
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doctors report pregnant women are more likely to be put on ventilators and other machines to support critical organs like the heart and lungs. and a recent study found pregnant women who get covid are 40% more likely to deliver prematurely. >> our thanks to stephanie gosk for that report. over the weekend, janessa webb is not in friday mode closely watching this. hi, janessa. >> good morning. this is going to be a topic all weekend long this storm system finally formed, but the problem is that it's going to make its way into the gulf and cause conditions to really worsen across the northern gulf coast. so right now we do have sustained winds of 40 miles per hour, northwest movement at 12 miles per hour what's going to happen as it makes it into a warm gulf, it will act as fuel for the storm system and by tomorrow morning we will have a cat-1 hurricane
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then things are still up in the air. this is still tracking as a cat-2, but potentially a major hurricane that's now aiming for eastern to potentially southwestern louisiana so all of the state going to be on our radar en alabamaevll for the rockies, mid 90s for st. louis so, we have wind concerns and then major flood concerns for new orleans. talking about 15-plus inches more on that forecast coming up. >> going to be a tough weekend for them janessa, thank you a dangerous new challenge is flooding social media. it is call the milk crate challenge. it involves trying to climb up and down stepped milk crates
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they are spilling to the ground. doctors are telling people to spit this challenge out. >> at this point hospitals are not the place you want people to go, especially for something that we can definitely avoid and prevent. we don't have a lot of hospital beds available for kids and adults for things that we can prevent like this. we want to -- >> the doctor adds that they want to keep hospital beds open for the pandemic a major recall for america's best-selling vehicle the ford f-150 involving safety concerns the ldcaor fire wreaks havoc in california. we're back in two. ♪ ♪ heartburn, ingestion, upset stomach... ♪ ♪ diarrheaaaa. ♪ pepto bismol coats your stomach with fast and soothing relief. and try new drug free pepto herbal blends. made from 100% natural ginger and peppermint. ♪ ♪ heading back to school is more exciting than ever.
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ford says in the event of a crash, the belt might not provide sufficient restraint owners can contact their local ford dxed. another warning to tell you about, the cdc says it is investigating a pair of salmonella outbreaks that has sickened 36 people and hospitalized a dozen the outbreak has spread across 17 states and is believed to be linked to italian-style meats including salami, prosciutto commonly found in antipasto. they are told to heat to 165 degrees fahrenheit or steaming hot before eating. california's caldor fire continues to creep close tore lake tahoe, forcing new evacuations. the usually picturesque vacation destination has become a thick haze of smoke and ash. the fast-growing fire has scorched nearly 140,000 acres and destroyed more than 630 structures, and it's only 12%
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contained. nearly 2,900 firefighters have been assigned to help contain the spread fortnight players will get a lesson on civil rights from the man himself, dr. martin luther king, jr. >> let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of mississippi. from every mountain side let freedom ring >> epic studios partnered up with time magazine to teleport players to d.c. in 1963. they'll be able to visit the national mall during the famous "i have a dream" speech and go on a collaborative quest >> learn a lesson while playing. candy man returns to scare a new generation >> and it's not even september yet, but it's giinbenng to look a lot like christmas in dolly wood only nature's bounty does. immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c.
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>> all set yeah, it's been so hot outside lately people can't wait for fall and spicy lattes they're busy preparing the theme park smokey mountain christmas more than 100 miles of lights need to be strung, so decorators other need to get an early start. you can have a holly dolly christmas november 6 of this year when the festival opens >> skip thanksgiving and go right to christmas singer and youtube personality is set to make lgbtq plus history next month. the 18-year-old was just announced as a cast member on dancing well stars she identifies as pan sexual will compete with a female partner the first same-sex partner. ever since she came out, she is owning it, she is there and fans are right there with her >> that exposure is important because those fans are young so they're learning a lot all right.
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some people didn't feel like we needed to mix black people with white people. i didn't understand all that >> what's happening? how's it going, quinten? >> you're trying too hard. >> but i decided -- >> the reboot of a tv classic set to debut next month. don cheadle has taken over voice-overdue advertise. the story line follows the experience of a black family in montgomery, alabama, in the late '60s the official premiere is september 22nd >> i like the first version. i have a feeling i'm going to like this one. >> everything they're going to tackle, all of the above
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tesla is powering forward with plans to become an electricity provider in texas. the company has officially filed an application with the texas public utility commission this follows tesla's big battery build in houston which aims to connect 100 megawatt storage system to the grid the texas power grid is isolated from the rest of the country and that causes huge issues back in february when a deadly cold snap left millions without power or water for days residents of humphreys county, tennessee, are working to pick up the pieces after a storm killed 20 and leveled businesses a donor is shining a light with an act of generosity a man reportedly remaining anonymous is paying for funerals for lives tragically lost. he told the tennesseean and paid for all nine funerals being organized there and continued on to others. >> that is generous. the california husband
4:28 am
accused of killing lacy peterson, his pregnant wife back in 2002, could be getting a new trial. scott peterson was sentenced to death in 2005 and i remained on death row until 2020 when his sentence was overturned. during a virtual hearing this week, new evidence was presented that could indicate possible juror misconduct the juror presiding over that case said that a two-week hearing could be anticipated by next year and that this new evidence could help him win a new trial and may even set him free >> no one would have predicted that, as high profile case and movies that came after a high school coach is speaking after he's leaving his job. he was called into a meeting with school officials about his beliefs on sexuality and marriage in a statement to nbc news, valor christian high school acknowledged the meeting with tonga and agreed separation with the school was appropriate a pair of 17-year-old american swimmers went from the pool to the podium in record
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kept calling me. i need help to get me out. >> right now at 4:30, the crisis in afghanistan turns deadly leaving a bay area man in mourning. the terror and heartbreak his family is dealing with. stolen information and private photos, a disturbing case involving local high school students. the social media hack that got the fbi involved. >> and going back, students in one east bay district reverting distance learning. what's causing the push. this is "today in the bay." here we


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