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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 27, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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kept calling me. i need help to get me out. >> right now at 4:30, the crisis in afghanistan turns deadly leaving a bay area man in mourning. the terror and heartbreak his family is dealing with. stolen information and private photos, a disturbing case involving local high school students. the social media hack that got the fbi involved. >> and going back, students in one east bay district reverting distance learning. what's causing the push. this is "today in the bay." here we go.
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it is friday morning. 4:30. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. well, we are expecting the smoky and hazy weekend. meteorologist kari hall is here. let's talk about how long we can expect this to happen or when can we expect this to happen? >> yeah. it's going to be a smoky weekend for the bay area and hotter too. our near surface smoke model. we've been using this a lot because unfortunately it's been changing day by day and today we go from the light blues which indicate some moderate air quality to the reds which indicate some unhealthy air quality. this will not just be bad for people who are sensitive to the smoke, but pretty much everyone as we go into today as well as tomorrow, only some minor improvements near the coastline. it's all because of all the fires burning across the bay area and a slight shift in the wind direction is going to push that smoke in. this as our temperatures will be heating up. we'll talk more about all of this in the forecast coming up. mike, how is it looking for the early morning commuters.
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>> a live look at san jose which is kind of boring which is good. 17 to 80 in san jose, full closure, all lanes blocked because of a crash. looks like within the last half hour they've reopened lanes heading north bay. gas leak, we'll talk more about that the gas leak we covered yesterday we still have the closure at park. the intersection yet to clear because they have to continue to work. but the evacuations we'll give you the update and the changes that happened overnight. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive. back to you. that situation in afghanistan continues to develop by the minute. here's a live look at the airport in kabul as you can see one of those planes taking off right now. it has been relatively quiet there since yesterday's deadly attack. anxious to leave, many afghans are waiting outside kabul international airport to flee the taliban takeover in afghanistan. they waited outside that airport today, even after two suicide bombers and a gunman targeted crowds and afghans flocking to
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the airports the day before. u.s. officials say 13 american service members died in the attack. afghan officials say that at least 95 afghans were killed. another 140 were hurt. an offshoot of isis has claimed responsibility for this attack. the white house says that 7500 people were kuwaited from kabul yesterday. the attacks and chaos unfolding as afghan families grieving. some military veterans taking action. here's "today in the bay's" jean elle. >> reporter: deadly suicide bombings near the kabul airport in afghanistan killing more than a dozen members of the u.s. military and hundreds of afghans who were desperately trying to leave. afghans with family here in the bay area. >> his last words. i lost my first cousin.
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he was an interpreter with the u.s. army and my brother was injured and he's in icu right now. >> reporter: qiamuddin safi says his 32-year-old cousin had paperwork in hand, hoping to enter the airport and board a plane to safety when a bomb exploded killing him. >> he has two kids and wife pregnant left behind. i lost him. >> reporter: safi says the biden administration failed his family. >> they keep calling me saying, please, i need help to get me out. what should i say to his kids? >> reporter: thousands of veterans who served in the region are trying to make sense of the deadly chaos. >> we are mobilizing on some places around the united states this weekend in support of the afghan people. >> reporter: bay area veteran eddie supports pulling troops
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out of the region but not as quickly as the administration is planning. >> biden, you know, is calling for everything to stop by august 31st, but i think it's really important to keep the embassy open and try to evacuate as many afghan people that want to leave as possible. >> reporter: holding rallies across the country on saturday including here in san francisco at union square at 2:00 calling on the united states to extend evacuation operations. jean elle, nbc bay area news. in other news there's 18 days left to cast your ballot in the recall special election. the ongoing crisis in afghanistan has forced vice president kamala harris to cans al stop planned in the bay area. the vice president was planning to join governor newsom at a rally in daly city. the drive-in car rally is now completely canceled. today one of the replacement candidates stops in the south bay. businessman john cox to talk about his education plan. the event is set for 10:00 a.m.
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california's democratic voters thinking about the recall election after all. >> the findings in a new poll find the research group. the change research study finds 92% of democrats either plan to vote or have already sent in their ballots. that's up from 84% in june. the latest numbers also show that 57% of likely voters opposing recall. for weeks there's been speculation that republicans will bring out a more enthusiastic vote. do you have questions ate the recall ballot? we have the answers. scott mcgrew has put together an explainer on how to fill out that ballot. find it on our website or click on the newsom recall section in the trending bar at the top of the home page. new details this morning a disturbing case out of the east bay involving a 19-year-old berkeley high school graduate. police say this is liam burgmann, arrested on monday near his berkeley home following a three-month investigation. investigators say he hacked into
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social media accounts looking for pictures targeting 17 girls in marin, contra costa and alameda counties. nine were fellow berkeley high school students. after posting the photos to social media sites, he would then allegedly contact the teens trying to extort them. his attorney says the public should not rush to judgment in this case. >> i've said it before, these types of stories and these types of flash bang type of reactions ruining a person's life before we have a chance to see what happens. >> his bail set at $220,000. now to the latest on covid-19 pandemic. the u.s. has said more than 38 million infections this week. this is with more than 638,000 deaths. the summer surge is not letting up. currently more than 100,000 people are in the hospital being treated for covid. in florida the hospitalization rate has tripled in just the last month and according to health officials in the state,
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90% were unvaccinated. in california there are nearly 9,000 people hospitalized due to covid. and so far, the fda's full approval of pfizer's covid vaccine has done little to change the minds of unvaccinated people in sonoma county according to the press democrat which spoke with a doctor who told them he knows just one family who reconsidered and scheduled that appointment. the rate of new pfizer vaccinations there is just about the same as it was before. the county has 82,000 people still unvaccinated. one school district changing lesson plans after more students started remote learning. mt. diablo says there's been a spike. at the beginning of the month about 150 students were enrolled in the program but now nearly 500 more have transferred to
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distance learning because of the rise in covid cases. the district says some elementary school classes will merge and some teachers will move to online instruction. we're tracking all the covid cases in the bay area school district. head to where you can find your district's covid-19 information and find out how many cases were reported in your child's school. we have a covid-19 dashboard link up in our trending bar. want to take a look outside with a live look at san jose and walnut creek this morning. still a bit dark out there. dark and early as i like to call it. we are expecting that haze to blanket the bay area this weekend. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking all of this for us and, kari, how are things looking? >>. [ no audio ] with good air quality, especially near the coast as well as the south bay, but then take a look at these little dots. these are real-time air quality sensors. we're in san francisco, we have a green dot but in san jose,
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pleasanton the yellow dots and towards the sacramento valley unhealthy air quality this morning. this is what will be moving our way for today as the smoke continues to set until. take a look at these high temperatures. it's going to be much hotter today, reaching 101 degrees in antioch today. napa reaching 90 and 87 in san jose. it's about time to crank up the air conditioner. let the house cool off now while it's still nice and cool. we'll talk more about temperatures and air quality coming up. mike, any problems now for the morning commute. >> we're going to look out here, overall green sensors not a problem but there's still an issue, two actually. one incident over there 880 at 92 south bay and may be damage on the side of the road. the slow lane may be blocked by a crew. i would say move to the right one lane if you can as you a approach the 92 interchange. the 80 stretch traditional closure, overnight roadwork should be cleared before 5:00. yesterday we saw it clears at 4:45.
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easy drive getting down into or across these bridges. back to you. coming up on "today in the bay" a major flaw at microsoft, thousands of customers possibly exposed to hackers. why officials say you shouldn't be worried. why peloton says it's making one of its popular machines cheaper. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning on this friday. it is friday. smooth sailing into the weekend. at least that's what it looks like there right now. much more head right here on "today in the bay."
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good friday morning. right now at 4:43, remember last week when it was super smoky? we're expecting the same thing again today, and we're starting out temperatures in san jose in the low 60s. as we go into today, it's going to heat up quickly. a little bit hotter this afternoon. a look at all of our microclimates coming up in a few minutes. >> we're looking at the drive by the coliseum. the headlights heading south on the nimitz down toward 92 out of oakland. that's where you might find that issue on the right lane. we talked about an earlier crash. what's going on, a bigger view of the peninsula. let's check in with bertha. >> thanks, mike. good morning. i'm bertha coombs from cnbc. wall street is set to open higher following a down day for the markets. the dow snapping a four-day winning streak and the nasdaq and s&p 500 broke five days of
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gains. the move coming ahead of the federal reserve's annual jackson hole symposium, which is happening today. they won't be hiking or sitting this year. it's virtual this year. jay powell is the headliner speaking and investors will be listening for clues about when the fed may reduce its massive monetary stimulus to help support the economy during the pandemic. traders are monitoring the latest news out of afghanistan. also in focus this morning we'll be getting data on personal income and spending and we'll get a report on consumer sentiment. meantime microsoft is warning thousands of its cloud customers, including some of the world's biggest companies, that their databases may have been exposed to hackers. reuters reports microsoft is warning of a major flaw in its azure service which could allow intruders to rechange and delete data. microsoft says the flaw has been fixed and there's no evidence
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that it was exploited. the company whose software runs most of the world's computers is in frequent target of cyber criminals. peloton is cutting the price of its entry-level bike by $400 to just under $1500. the company is also lowering how much it costs to finance the machine by $10 a month, so now it will be $39 as a payment. what isn't changing is the cost of a peloton membership, about $40 a month. that announcement after peloton reported a bigger than expected quarterly loss. the company was a big beneficiary of the pandemic struggling at times to keep up with demand for people who couldn't go to the gym to workout, but looks like they've pulled forward a lot of those orders and now are basically cutting prices to try to beef up the demand. guys, in the market. good time to buy. >> yeah. i'm not.
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>> i would do it. i think -- >> i could see you doing that. >> yeah. >> i hate bike riding on the stationary bike. >> you do? >> hate it. >> it's supposed to be really motivation although. we could be on the same team. >> i will do the stair stepper. >> all right. >> thanks. >> coming up on "today in the bay," waking up to fog and smoke. meteorologist kari hall has your microclimate forecast. >> you want to get in that outdoor workout early in the morning, not only will it be cooler but the air quality will be better. we're starting out temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. that time of the day once again for getting outside. we'll talk more about that and air quality for the weekend coming up. no stairs here, just drive over. this incline at the san mateo bridge westbound traffic is light. easy to the peninsula. we'll show you what's going on. i see work going on. we'll show you that coming up. millions of americans could start getting evicted. the supreme court ruling that changed pandemic rules and why californians are safe.
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welcome back, everyone. bright lights, big city, taking a live look outside this morning. maybe a little glare on our camera or maybe i need to check my eyes. >> bright because it's friday. >> it is bright because it's friday. that's what got me out of bed this morning is it's the weekend. >> also what's coming our way, a hazy day. meteorologist kari hall, of course, has been tracking that
4:51 am
for us, and kari, take it away. >> all right. are you ready to crank up the ac today? that's what we'll be doing. our temperatures will be hotter this afternoon. take a look at our south bay highs and where we're headed. yesterday we were in the mid 80s. it's coming up a couple degrees in downtown san jose. look at morgan hill towards 97 today. the temperatures in our inland areas much hotter than what we've had recently, 100 degrees in antioch and danville reaching 95, 80 oakland and in hayward reaching 83 degrees. we're still in the 60s for daly city and half moon bay. if you're looking for a cool place to cool off it's going to be all along the coastline. we're not going to see much of a change here but then you take a look at san francisco reaching into the low 70s for today and our north bay temperatures up to 92 in mill valley and 103 in ukiah. sonoma today reaching 93
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degrees. it's going to be a hot weekend, so expect more weather like this. now we're waking up to -- after a day of clear blue skies yesterday, still some pretty good air quality near the coast as well as the south bay. but look at what happens as i go through the timeline, stopping it right here. 4:00 this afternoon, and we can see how smoky it's going to be. that bright red indicates some unhealthy air quality moving into the bay area. more smoke, more particulate matter. think about all that's burning with the fires off to the east. it's pretty toxic. when you think about having the kids outside to play and those outdoor activities, you don't want to spend a lot of time out there in this smoke as these fires continue to burn. many of them with very low containment. high pressure is moving in and the high pressure has a clockwise wind flow and as that wind flows around the high pressure it sinks back to the surface so when you've got fires burning, the high pressure is going to push the smoke back
4:53 am
down and also warm up those temperatures, especially for our inland areas. we're looking at temperatures in the upper 90s for the weekend. we are going to get some relief by the middle of next week. fresher breezes and cooler temperatures reaching into the low 80s but you have to make it through this weekend where san francisco will have highs in the low 70s. it's also going to be very smoky because of the high pressure pushing the smoke back down. mike what are you watching for the commute? >> watching some folks getting ready for their weekend in just a few minutes as they move these cones right here for their road work. you were down to one lane at the golden gate bridge north bay. they're going to move the center divide. they're moving the cones, getting ready to clear the center divide, moving out for the morning commute and then you will be ready. everybody else fine except for north 242 have the closure from 680 to concord county. leaving that county, vasco road
4:54 am
at speeds you're fine getting towards 580, a little bit of slowing through the altamont. back to you. hundreds of thousands of americans at risk of being kicked out of their homes after the supreme court blocked the eviction moratorium. this month president biden directed the cdc to put the ban on evictions. a group of landlords challenged sayings the cdc didn't have the authority to impose those type of restrictions. the court agreed and the decision won't immediately impact california renters however. california is one of six states that has its own equickion ban. coming up next on "today in the bay," channeling princess diana. a first look at kristen stewart in the royal film. don't forget the giants taking on the braves at 4:00 today right here on nbc bay area. first you can watch our special edition of nbc bay area news at 3:00. that is followed by nightly news all coming before the game. happening now, a north bay
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homeless shelter hit last month ready to resume normal operation today. more than two dozen tested positive at samuel l. jones shelter in early july. all residents were moved to a different building and no new guests were aloud. that will change today when new admissions are once again accepted. 4:55. we'll be right back with more. in this ad pay attention to the actor's gums. gums? we don't think about them. but like skin, over time gums can get damaged. colgate gum renewal. reverses early gum damage for a beautiful, revitalized smile.
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4:57. trending this morning we are getting a first look at the trailer for the new biopic about princess diana that stars kristen stewart. take a look. >> mom? they're waiting for you.
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>> the film called "spencer" after diana's maiden name shows three days over christmas where she chose to end her marriage to prince charles. the movie will premier at the venice film festival september 3rd, released to the public in november. >> it should be good. all right. we have a busy friday morning on "today in the bay." a smoky and hazy weekend head for you. meteorologist kari hall has your microclimate forecast. >> the crisis in afghanistan turns deadly. live at 5:00 with the latest overnight developments.
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it now at 5:00, the concern growing a little more real this morning tahoe neighborhood. kari is here with a look at what we may be in store for with unhealth air quality this weekend. a parade of evacuation flights leaving afghanistan. president biden's promise in response to the bombing attack and how the bay area is taking action. this is "today in the bay." this is also friday morning, an early start to your day. 5:00. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. first, a look at the smoky and hazy bay area weekend as wildfires continue to rage on. let's get right to meteorologist kari hall. kari? >> yeah. we are seeing the caldor fire burning many acres across t


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