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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 27, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it now at 5:00, the concern growing a little more real this morning tahoe neighborhood. kari is here with a look at what we may be in store for with unhealth air quality this weekend. a parade of evacuation flights leaving afghanistan. president biden's promise in response to the bombing attack and how the bay area is taking action. this is "today in the bay." this is also friday morning, an early start to your day. 5:00. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. first, a look at the smoky and hazy bay area weekend as wildfires continue to rage on. let's get right to meteorologist kari hall. kari? >> yeah. we are seeing the caldor fire burning many acres across the
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tahoe basin and sierra closer to the tahoe basin as we've seen over the past few days, over the past 13 days, over 139,000 acres have burned. right now it's about 12% contained. this is an outline of the perimeter of that fire and how much has burned over the past several days as it moves a little bit closer. as our weather pattern changes we're going to see more of that smoke coming into the bay area starting today and continuing throughout the weekend as we get hot temperatures and that smoke drifting right in, making it unhealthy to spend long periods of time outside. we're monitoring that and also what's going on in our forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. we'll check back with you. discouraging new developments this morning in the frontlines of the caldor wildfire advancing towards lake tahoe. evacuation warnings for the first time for residents inside the tahoe basin as the fire yesterday grew by another 13,000 acres with no change in
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containment. still just 12% contained and 140,000 acres burned so far. strong winds continue to fan those flames. anyone planning to visit being asked to really cancel their plans until firefighters get a handle on the situation. some favorable weather is in the forecast for firefighters battling the dixie fire east of chico. winds are expected to die down over the next few days as firefighters continue to make more headway. containment is at 45%. the fire has burned nearly 750,000 acres. our wildfire coverage doesn't stop here. stay up to date with the latest by going to and click on the wildfire battles continues on the trending bar. fears this morning of a new terror attack in afghanistan after the deadly suicide bombing at kabul airport. the attack is not halting a flood of evacuations. this is new video of the flight leaving just this morning. >> more than a dozen u.s.
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soldiers and at least 60 afghans died in the bombing. president biden vowing not only to press on with evacuations but tracking down the terrorists responsible. we have live team coverage. kris sanchez following local reaction. but we begin with jay gray live in washington with the only developments for us. jay? >> laura and marcus, good morning. look, before the attack yesterday, it had been 565 days since a u.s. service member died in afghanistan. in what is supposed to be the final days of the evacuation the mission has changed dramatically. >> reporter: the first blast was just outside the main gate at the kabul airport. the second near a crowded hotel about 100 yards away. the attack one of the deadliest in the two decades u.s. troops have been on the ground in afghanistan. more than 60 civilians killed, at least 13 american soldiers dead, more than a dozen injured.
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in the wake of the deadly ram pain the commander in chief showing a full range of emotion. >> they're the spine of america, the best the country has to offer. >> reporter: the pain of loss followed minutes later by the promise of justice. >> we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down and make you pay. >> reporter: isis has claimed responsibility for what it calls the martyrdom operation. military leaders warning. >> the threat from isis is real and we expect those attacks to continue and we're doing everything we can to be prepared for the attacks. >> reporter: while continuing air lifts, the white house saying around 7500 people were evac kuwaited in a 12-hour period after the attacks. still, though, more than 1,000 american citizens remain in the region, more than 100,000 afghans who supported u.s. troops. >> the challenge is, complete the extraction of u.s. forces and then deal with the consequences in a sensible way. >> reporter: and getting them
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out is going to be a lot tougher now. >> the president says he will stick with his end of the month deadline which means there are now just four days to get civilians, about 6,000 u.s. troops and all their equipment out of afghanistan. marcus and laura. >> jay gray, thank you. people here in the bay area growing extremely concerned over what is happening in afghanistan and the u.s.'s rush to get out. kris sanchez is live this morning in fremont's little kabul. organizers there i understand are now planning a weekend of action? >> you know, this is one of the biggest populations of afghan people outside of afghanistan here in the bay area and we know that this is a very difficult time for a lot of the folks who are in that community. it's also really difficult time for veterans of the u.s. military services who served in afghanistan and some of them are mobilizing to try to help as
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well. bay area salesforce veteran eddie falcon is with about faith, a veterans against war group. he says he supports pulling troops out of the region but not as quickly as the administration did. >> we are mobilizing on some places around the united states this weekend in support of the afghan people. >> reporter: he's talking about some action that is going to be happening tomorrow, saturday, here on your screen you'll see just some of the rallies planned across the country. in san francisco that rally at union square is going to happen at 2:00 on saturday. there's another one at new york's bryant park, philadelphia city hall, folks will be gathering, the waterfront park in san diego and in d.c. they're going to gather at lafayette square, just a few of the different locations where people are trying to show some support as this crisis unfolds before our eyes. in fremont, kris sanchez, "today
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in the bay." >> it is hard to watch. thank you very much. later on "today" a retired admiral joins john brennan with a perspective on the bombing and dangers head this weekend at 7:00 a.m. after "today in the bay." a follow-up on the gas leak in downtown san jose. nearly everyone now back in their homes. so this all started wednesday morning not until about 10:30 last night they were able to return to their homes. more than 300 homes were off limits as pg&e worked to fix the damaged lines. video from our sky ranger showing you those crews working at park and race streets. pg&e says an independent contractor damaged two gas lines, one man forced to evacuate his home. he was allowed to go back and get essentials. >> we went back for meds and i was able to grab mouth wash, deodorant, toothpaste a couple pieces of clothes.
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>> it's not clear if the contractor is facing any kind of penalty for causing the leak. the alameda court issuing a vaccine mandate for employees that need to be fully vaccinated by november 4th or face regular covid testing. oakland is considering a mandate. if approved they will have until october 15th to report their vaccine status with a november 1st vaccination deadline. oakland has 5,000 full and part-time employees and this would include police and firefighters. bart is getting a new $330 million jolt of federal funding to weather the pandemic. that's our slice of a $30 billion transportation funding from president biden's american rescue plan approved back in march. bart says that money will go to help maintain staffing and service levels and more money could be coming down the pipeline if new infrastructure bill gains congressional approval. bart says it would boost completion of the extension into downtown san jose. happening now for you, a live look at the new orleans as you can see right there, the
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s tropical storm ida gaining strength. some forecasters warn ida may develop into the strongest storm so far of the season and on the path right through the gulf of mexico. hurricane watches are being issued in parts of louisiana, mississippi and alabama and the hurricane center predicts ida will become a category 3 hurricane before it makes landfall on the gulf coast by sunday. you've been keeping your eyes on ida as well. >> yeah. we've been watching these storms because for some reason the "i" named storm has become one to watch devastating in the past because it's in the middle of hurricane season. right now this is a tropical storm moving closer to cuba right now and it is expected to emerge in the gulf where water temperatures are near 90 degrees. we can't even imagine that. that will cause this hurricane to strengthen, possibly to a
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category 3 and could dump as much as 15 inches of rain in new orleans. we're going to be watching that over the weekend. as we take a look at our temperatures here, heating up. take a look at how hot it's going to be in antioch today, 101, livermore at 98 degrees, mid 70s in san francisco, low 90s for the north bay and san jose headed toward 87 degrees. we'll talk more about air quality and the heat coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> it's looking like one crew is getting ready to be done with their friday. north, 242 just cleared. little early, about an hour early, good news for folks through the area as well. here the crash at mcdonald and east bay 80 away from the bay bridge on the shoulder may be a distraction. still crews on scene. the commute westbound moves smoothly past or to the bridges. 880 south at 92 mostly off to the shoulder stay over to one lane to your left if you can. they've reopened 84 early as
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well, right on time there, there's no problem for the tri-valley. south bay you talked about, that's the only thing we're worried about the gas line being repaired, the evacuation is over. >> people anxious to get back in their homes. >> 5:11. check your tickets. we know when proof of vaccination will be needed to see sharks games or a concert at sap center. plus -- ♪♪ ♪ see that girl ♪ >> did someone say concert and abba? signs giving hopes to fans the '70s sensation may be poised for a comeback. to change your mind, i'm first in line. take a chance and learn the details next on the looming announcement.
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hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪♪ right now at 5:14, grab the n-95 mask. it's going to be a smoky day. our temperatures start out nice and cool, upper 50s. it will be warming up quickly and at noon in the upper 70s. we are going to have some hot temperatures for our inland valleys today. we'll talk more about that and air quality coming up. >> the drive right now all new headlights, westbound 580. that commute just fine right
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now. mild slowing this friday. what's there to see in the east? it's bertha. >> happy friday, mike. good morning to you all. i'm bertha coombs from cnbc. we've got wall street looking like it's going to open higher after a down day for the markets. the dow snapping a four-day winning streak, the nasdaq and s&p 500 breaking a five-day streak. the move coming ahead of the federal reserve's annual jackson hole symposium. this year they're not among the majestic tetons, it's virtual. fed chairman jay powell is the headliner today, speaking. investors will be listening for clues about when the fed may reduce its massive monetary stimulus that helped support the economy during the pandemic. traders are also monitoring the latest news out of afghanistan and we've got some data on tap this morning. we'll get reports on personal income and spending and we're also get a read on consumer
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sentiment amid the delta surge. apple is change something rules for the app store as part of a proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit followed by app developers. the significant changes clarifying that developers will be allowed to inform users about ways to pay for their content outside of the app store. that was a key issue in the trial between apple and epic games, the maker of fortnite. apple says developers can make the communications via e-mail or other methods but still not directly through the app. gap meantime is raising its sales estimates for the year after reporting quarterly results that beat wall street's forecasts. gap ceo says customers have been embracing optimism this summer, buying new clothes as vacations and reunions have become a reality. retailers betting on demand at old navy and athleta. the tie up with kanyes west
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bearing fruit. 75% of preorders of ye easy gap jacket came from new customers. for retailers the toughest thing is just getting their hands on inventory. they're having problems with ports being closed in china and our reporter eunice yoon is reporting that a lot of them have switched to air freight, but there are also issues there. if you find something you like, don't wait. >> that's my philosophy all the time. i have a 36 length leg so if i find it i buy it. everyone feels what i feel. >> ached make two outfits out of that. >> it helps the economy. >> it does. it really does. >> that's right. and he looks great. >> thank you, bertha and thank you, laura. you know what, it looks like elon musk wants to sell electricity in texas. it comes as a battery buildout
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is under way near houston where tesla aims to connect a system to the grid. tesla hasn't funked as a retail electricity provider. instead the batteries built by tesla tend to help other energy companies. tesla has built several utility scale systems around the world including los angeles, monterey and two in australia. okay. how does this sound. mamma mia, s.o.s., trending this morning. something coming from the '70s sensation. ♪ knowing me knowing you ♪ >> everybody wants to know what it could be, knowing me and knowing you. we all want to know too, don't we? abba has not performed in some 40 years, but they're teasing some sort of announcement for next thursday. a website popped up called abba voyage. there's speculation new music could be in the pipeline.
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some are also saying expect a hologram tour. whatever it is we're sure it will rain money money money. >> oh, yeah. hologram tour might not be too bad. >> i guess so. >> not as good as the real. >> they have to have the group then. >> showtime. >> that music lives on. >> it's good music. >> all right. look we have good forecasts. at least it looks like, kari. >> we are going to be warmer today and a lot of changes in our forecast going into the weekend compared to what we've enjoyed throughout the week. our temperatures reaching into the upper 80s for the south bay, milpitas 86, check out morgan hill the short drive you'll see the temperatures in the upper 90s there. we're going to see some triple digits in spots like antioch but mostly upper 90s for the inland east bay. we're having to crank up the air conditioning once again. fremont toward 87.
5:20 am
78 in san mateo. san francisco reaching into the 74 degrees. hotter in the north bay. take a look at sonoma today. 93 and santa rosa reaching 92. with the hot temperatures unfortunately comes worse air quality because of the change in wind direction. it's going to bring back some of the smoke. where we sees the red on our near surface smoke model it does indicate there will be unhealthy air quality. it is approaching unhealthy for especially the east bay and the north bay. this as we are once again dealing with all of these fires. you can see just how the smoke just drifts around as we go into the weekend even tomorrow. it's going to still be very smoky. what's happening here? now high pressure is moving in and changing our wind direction. it's forcing those winds offshore but also with high pressure, it causes the air to sink and when you have fires it basically helps push that smoke back down to the surface and so it doesn't really have much of a place to escape.
5:21 am
so we're going to have to breathe that in, unfortunately. you do want to limit your time out there and turn on those air purifiers inside your home if you have one. our temperatures will reach into the mid 90s. upper 90s for the weekend for our hottest spots in the inland areas. we are going to start to head towards some cooling on monday as we deal with the shift in the wind direction. it should help improve air quality but that's going to be a few days away with san francisco's temperatures reaching into the low to mid 70s. heading out the door, mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> things are pretty calm and it's friday so we're hoping that things will stay calm, south bay along the peninsula, rarely any issues or activity at this time of day and that's been holding up. 84, reopened through the miles area and vasco road moving smoothly. green sensors out of byron, discovery bay, 580, unimpeded. even the altamont pass a blip, folks getting towards their
5:22 am
friday. earlier crash east bay at mcdonald clearing from the shoulder there and no problems throughout contra costa county getting toward the bay bridge. smooth into san francisco. back over to you. >> thanks so much. it's 5:21. next on "today in the bay," an unexpected bump in the giants latest road trip. the key ingredient they'll be missing as they try to continue their latest impressive role. do you do a lot of baking? things like cupcakes and muffins? you might not even realize but even a small task like that can have a big impact on our earth. i'll show you a swap that will make your next batch of baked goods a lot more planet friendly. head to hacks or check out the video i'm posting today on my social platforms at nbc vianey arana.
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. welcome back. we've got new details on legendary singer vincent fernandez. weeks after hospitalized for a fall he's been diagnosed with guillen bar re symptom that affects the nerves and causes immobility in a person's limbs and weakening of the respiratory system. the so-called king remains in the icu at a hospital in guadalajara. condition and undergoing treatment. in less than a you need to
5:26 am
show proof of covid vaccinations to get into the sap center. september 20th, everyone 12 and older is going to need to show proof of vaccination if you go to an event at the stark tank or the sharks ice is requiring you to show the vaccination. the first event affected by the mandate, the olympics gymnastics show featuring simone biles september 26th. a late night setback for the giants who learned donovan solano has tested positive for covid. he did the not leave with the team for new york and will have to quarantine there. the giants did take care of business in the big apple winning another exciting game last night. darren russ' run in the eighth broke the tie. they take on the braves at 4:00 today here on nbc bay area. first you can watch our special edition of nbc bay area news at 3:00 then followed by nightly news right before the game. >> coming up next the top stories we're following including teachers being reassigned in the east bay. >> and why more and more of them
5:27 am
are reverting to distance learning. plus -- >> wildfire smoke expected to dirty our skies this weekend. the advisory being issued as a result. you're watching "today in the bay."
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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they keep calling me saying we need help, i need help to get me out. >> right now at 5:30, the crisis
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leaving a bay area man in mourning. the terror and heartbreak his family is dealing with. stolen information and private photos, a disturbing case involving local high school students. the social media hack that got the fbi involved. >> going back, students in one east bay school district reverting to distance learning. what's causing that push. this is "today in the bay." . >> 5:30. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we want to take a live look outside this morning across walnut creek where it's still dark and early but you know what, that smoke and haze expected to blanket the bay area this weekend. >> team coverage this morning. "today in the bay's" bob redell standing by in the east bay. let's get to meteorologist kari hall. >> yeah. we're starting out with a look at the perimeter of what's burned from the caldor fire that continues to grow, unfortunately. it has burned over 139,000 acres. this red outline shows you how
5:31 am
much has burned over parts of the sierra from pollic pines and some of those areas we see along highway 50 that's been evacuated and continues to move to the east and we're expecting it to continue to spread into the tahoe basin right now at about ten miles away from south lake tahoe. we have a large population there as well as a lot of vegetation, rugged terrain, between where we see the leading edge of the fire as well as where it could possibly head over the weekend. with all of the dry vegetation we have, very little taumts, high concerns it's going to continue to burn and spread more smoke into the bay area. we are going to see a shift in the wind direction that's going to bring high amounts of unhealthy and toxic smoke moot bay area for today into the weekend as our temperatures heat up. we're going to see the fires spreading all of the smoke into california. no way to escape the heat as
5:32 am
well as all of the smoke we're going to see for the weekend. with more on this we'll head over to bob redell with a live update from the east bay on the caldor fire and the smoke. >> good morning. the bay area air quality management issued air quality advisories for today and tomorrow. this is because of that wildfire smoke that's drifting into the bay area that you just talked about, especially from fires like the caldor fire burning near lake tahoe as you can see on your tv screen right now. so what does this mean? we can expect hazy skies and possibly the smell of smoke in our area. the air quality is not expected to be at the level of a spare the air day like we had last week. the district expects air quality today and tomorrow to be moderate. the district tells "the chronicle" that now might be a good time to pull out that n-95 face mask if you haven't already. this to protect yourself from any wildfire smoke. those masks filter out 95% of
5:33 am
air particles and offer better protection against covid compared to your surgical or standard cloth mask. a lot of people are expected to be outside. there's a big rock concert tonight in san francisco. friday night football at high schools is starting in some parts of the bay area. you've got the san jose state football game tomorrow and the raiders/49ers game on sunday. if you're going to be out and about this is something you want to be aware of. reporting live here in dublin, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. the situation in afghanistan continues to develop by the minute. here's a live look for you right now at the airport in kabul. it's been relatively quiet since yesterday's deadly attack. anxious to leave, many afghans are waiting outside kabul's airport to flees the taliban takeover. they waited outside that airport today, even after two suicide bombers and a gunman targeted crowds flocking to the airport the day before. 13 american service members died in that attack and we just got a new report saying that at least
5:34 am
113 people died with 180 injured. an isis offshoot is claiming responsibility for this attack. meanwhile, the white house says the 7500 people were evacuated from kabul yesterday. the u.s. has helped 100,000 leave the country. a vast majority you who died in the bombing hoping for a path of safety. some of them have family here right in the bay area. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez she's in fremont. this is fremont's little kabul. this is where they're agonizing over that impact, kris. >> reporter: yeah. there are a lot of people watching that chaos unfolding at the kabul airport. some of them are trying to track family members and loved ones trying to get out and get to safety. we talked with several of those families, we talked with families that are waiting and hoping for the same news, but who got different dispatches from kabul.
5:35 am
qiamuddin safi was tracking his cousin who worked as an interpreter for the u.s. military and trying to leave with his brother. the ackerman family feared the worst because their loved ones ran a school for young women. >> what happened, i lost my first cousin. he was an interpreter with the u.s. army. my brother is injured in icu. >> understood that my sister-in-law and her father and her family would be executed because of the work that they did to advance women's rights. it's awful. such a horrifying situation there right now. >> reporter: she says through some miracle her family was able to get out of kabul to safety, but the agonizing wait now continues for so many people here in the bay area that have ties to afghanistan. in fremont, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> so hard i'm sure to want to
5:36 am
get to family or bring them here. they can't right now. kris, thank you. 18 days left to cast your ballot in the recall special election and the ongoing crisis in afghanistan forced kamala harris to cancel her planned stop. she was planning to join governor newsom at a rally at the palace in daly city. the drive-in car rally was canceled and so far has not been reschedule. today one of the replacement candidate stops in the south bay is john cox who will talk about his education in san jose's park. the event set for 10:00 a.m. california's democratic voters are thinking about the recall election after all, the findings in a new poll. the change research study finds 92% of democrats now either plan to vote or have already sent in their ballots. that's up from 84% back in june. the latest numbers also show that 57% of likely voters opposing the recall.
5:37 am
for weeks there's been speculation that republicans will bring out a more enthusiastic vote. do you have questions about the recall ballot. if you do we have answers for you. scott mcgrew has put together an explainer on how to fill out your ballot and find that on or click on newsom recall in the trending bar at the top of the home page. new details in a case out of the east bay involves a 19-year-old berkeley high school grad. police say this is liam burgmann, arrested on monday near his berkeley home following a three-month investigation. investigators say he hacked into social media accounts looking for pictures targeting 17 girls in marin, contra costa and alameda counties. nine were fellow berkeley high school students. after posting the photos to social media sites, he would then allegedly contact the teens trying to extort them. his attorney says the public should not rush to judgment in this case. >> i've said it before, these
5:38 am
types of stories and these types of flash bang type of reactions ruining a person's life before we have a chance to see what actually happened. >> his bail set at $220,000. 5:37. now to the pandemic. the u.s. has surpassed more than 638,000 infections and more than 638,000 deaths. the summer surge is not letting up. currently more than 100,000 people are in the hospital being treated for covid. in florida the hospitalization rate has tripled in just the last month and according to health officials there, 90% were unvaccinated. california has nearly 9,000 hospitalized covid patients. so far the fda's full approval of pfizer's covid vaccine has done little to change the minds of unvaccinated people in sonoma county that's according to "the press democrat" which spoke to a sutter health doctor who told them he knows of just one family who reconsidered and scheduled that appointment.
5:39 am
the rate of new pfizer vaccinations there is just about the same as it was before. the county has 82,000 people still unvaccinated. one school district changing lesson plans after more students started remote learning. mt. diablo unified school district says there's been a spike in the number of students enrolling in its independent study program. at the beginning of the month about 150 students were enrolled in the program but now nearly 500 more have transferred to distance learning because of the rise in covid cases. the district says some elementary school classes will merge and some teachers will move to online instruction. we're tracking all the covid cases in the bay area school district. head to where you can find your district's covid-19 information and how many cases are reported in your child's school. a covid-19 dashboard link in our trending bar. right now, want to take you outside live to look at san jose
5:40 am
and walnut creek this morning. it's still a bit dark out there. dark and early, but you know what, we are expecting that smoke and haze to blanket the bay area this weekend. skl skl has been tracking all of this -- meteorologist kari hall has been tracking this for days now and what can we expect? >> we have a lot of outdoor activities going on. a lot of sports event with our weekend weather. looking at the a's game kicking off tonight at 6:40 it's going to be 76 degrees, moderate air quality out there. bob redell was telling us it's going to be good to make sure you wear an n-95 mask. for tomorrow the spartans game and for that we have temperatures that are going to be warmer starting out at about 84 degrees and then falling down to the low 70s as the game goes on. it's going to be comfortable out there. we head towards sunday we have the 49ers game versus the raiders that's going to be a big one. we're also going to have hazy conditions. temperatures in the upper 80s. then into the middle of the game
5:41 am
we're in the low 80s, reaching down to about 80 degrees by the fourth quarter. we won't have a chance to escape the smoke even if you're traveling around california. keeping it a little bit closer to home for sonoma county an the valley we're going to see our temperatures reaching into the mid 90s. really hot during the middle of the day. we're going to see that throughout the weekend. i do think the coast is going to be a popular destination. big sur reaching 82 today, 80 tomorrow and 79 with hazy conditions continuing on friday. for santa cruz, we'll have some upper 70s today. 74 degrees on saturday and a little bit cooler on sunday, but still very comfortable with a high of 71 degrees. with the inland valleys reaching into the triple digits here's a look at our coastal forecast in the upper 70s today and tomorrow. mid 70s for sunday. half moon bay for the most part will stay in the 60s between today and tomorrow and just a touch warmer on sunday. still looking at the clouds and fog near the coast, but i think we'll see sunshine and beautiful
5:42 am
weather for an end of the summer beach outing. we'll talk about the smoke forecast that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking getting out the door this morning. >> pretty good. the live look here at dublin interchange, on the approach westbound, plenty of traffic flowing a crash near the interchange not in the westbound commute which is at speed. you can see that from the green coming from the other side off the dublin grade, east bay 580 around san ramon, foothill road to the south of the freeway. crash just getting to the center divide. it will be a distraction. no slowing on the sensors has shown up over the last few minutes. the south bay shows a little bit of slowing north bay on schedule here. lighter and starting back closer to tully than at 680. clearing by you oakland road. we'll track that. a little unusual pattern but fridays see a lighter build overall. a smooth flow of traffic out of contra costa county. right here 29 minutes from antioch bridge to 242. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, will nfl players
5:43 am
be required to be vaccinated? we're going to tell you about the move that appears to have just sacked that possibility. plus -- >> i'm karen katsuda live in san francisco. the supreme court has ended the e-vick shun moratorium. what that means. >> channeling princess diana. your first look at kristen stewart in a new royal film. don't forget the giants take on the braves at 4:00 here on nbc bay area. you can watch our special edition of news at 3:00 followed by "nightly news" right before the game.
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right now at 5:44, get in those outdoor activities early. it's going to be hotter today in in our inland valleys. san jose 87 and 100, napa reaching 90. we'll talk about our changing air quality in a few minutes. yesterday the taillights were stopped up, getting on the incline today. today smoothly and it's friday. what's different on the approach we will check that out coming up. >> thanks, kari and mike. the u.s. supreme court ended president biden's eviction moratorium but the tenants behind on rent have more time on their hands. >> sharon katsuda joins us live to show us why thousand are
5:47 am
worried about the new ruling. >> that's right. basically here in california the eviction moratorium was extended until september 30th but across the country many of those behind on rent may not have those protections anymore. the cdc had extended the moratorium for covid related rental debt through october but the supreme court says the cdc does not have the authority to do that. landlords challenged the cdc saying they're losing $19 billion a month on rent. here in the bay area, cities such as san jose, oakland and san francisco have eviction moratoriums that extend through september. landlords cannot evict tenants due to unpaid rent. representers must pay back that rent starting october 1st. at least 25% of what is owed since the pandemic and when tenants stop paying rent due to covid-19 loss of job and financial hardship. other states that have their own eviction moratoriums in place,
5:48 am
new york, new jersey and washington. california has promised to pay 100% of low income renters' debt during the pandemic, but that has been a slow process and many tenants saying they're frustrated and concerned about the deadlines coming up. back to you. >> before you go, sharon, where can renters in california turn if they still have some debt and eviction risk? >> well, the tenants say they're frustrated because they've been told to go to the state's website and start the online application but so many say they're up documented immigrants and don't have social security numbers, the landlord is supposed to initiate the funds and haven't they haven't been successful in receiving the funds. >> thanks so much. >> 5:48. speaking out for the first time since the capital siege, police officer lieutenant michael bird shot and killed ashli babbitt during the insur she cannion
5:49 am
speaking with lester holt about that day. >> were you afraid that day? >> i was very afraid. >> are you afraid now going forward? >> i am. i am afraid. because i know there's people that disagreed with my actions on january 6th, but i hope they understand i did my job. >> byrd is revealing his identity for the first time. this is after recently learning he will not face discipline. that interview you can watch later this morning on the "today" show. a judge in florida is expected to rule on a lawsuit over governor ron desantis' efforts to ban mask mandates. a group of parents are suing the governor and florida department of education. at the trial a number of parents testified saying their children were too young to get the covid-19 vaccine and needed masks for protection. at least ten school boards making up some of the largest districts in florida are now defying the governor's order.
5:50 am
you might say the nfl is kicking around its own political football when it comes to mandatory video vaccinations. the league says that union would not agree. the union says it was the league that decided not to make vaccinations mandatory. either way, they're not requiring it for now, but the league does say 93% of all players are already vaccinated. during the month of august the nfl reported 68 positive cases. that rate is lower than most communities. trending this morning we are now getting our first look at the trailer of a biopic about princess diana that stars kristen stewart. >> mom? they're waiting for you. >> the film called "spencer" after diana's maiden name shows three days over christmas where she chose to end her marriage to prince charles. the movie will premier at the venice film festival september 3rd, released to the public in november.
5:51 am
>> looks like her. >> she does. >> good casting. >> there you go. it is time to get a look at that forecast. we are here on friday getting ready for the weekend, but we've got to know what we can expect today from that forecast. kari, how is it looking out there. >> it's nice and clear, get out early if you have outdoor activities and yard work, going out for a run or working outside, try to get it dub before noon before temperatures heat up and our air quality gets worse. heading first to the south bay, take a look at our temperatures los gatos reaching 94 today. 97 in morgan hill and 95 in east san jose. for the east bay we will see a couple spots reaching 100 like antioch and brentwood and vallejo up to 96 and hayward today headed toward 83. now daly city will stay in the upper 60s. palo alto reaching 85. and for san francisco we'll see some upper 60s and low 70s for today. still a breezy wind kicking up
5:52 am
there keeping still some nice weather around the coast. our inland valleys are going to turn hotter and hazy up to 103 degrees today in ukiah. now we're going to see a lot of red here near surface smoke model indicating more unhealthy air quality. this is going to be very much like it was towards the end of last week where you can smell the smoke, it was hazy, we didn't see a lot of sunshine. we're expecting more of that today and tomorrow and it doesn't look like it improves much as we head toward the end of the weekend. the problem is we still have the large fires burning and with the shift in the wind direction that's going to bring back much more of that smoke and the high pressure that's right over us is going to trap some of that smoke and causing the air to sink and pushing down that smoke close to the surface going into the weekend so that high pressure causing those weather conditions. take a look at our temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 90s and it will cool down by early next week with some upper 80s. some low 80s by tuesday and
5:53 am
wednesday and for san francisco, we'll see temperatures in the mid 70s for the next couple days. it's going to be warm and smoky but cooling down next week. how is it looking for the commute? >> looking like the temperatures got to make it through the weekend an the morning commute, not a lot of suffering going on. here north 101 at 680, that's clear. it's slowing around oakland road. watch the reveal there. slowing right here coming up for capital expressway and that's unusual. it's been sticking answered and i actually didn't find a crew that's registered there for caltrans. i'll go back and check again. that's unusual slowing for that stretch. again not really a big disturbance to the south bay. 680 is off of the roadway and no injuries reported. peninsula clear as you expect. east bay also clear as we expect on a friday. even 84 just a little blip there for val see tas. no problems here. vasco road you're getting a little bit of slowing though look at that coming down past the shops there getting down toward 580. there is a little slowing. a little build at the county
5:54 am
line. that will be an issue if folks are driving out of brentwood, discovery bay or byron. not necessarily a completely clear drive toward 580 but 580 slowing out of the altamont pass. no delays for highway 4 through concord or the benicia bridge. 37 starting a tiny bit of slowing and the bay bridge has no issues. back to you. >> good to hear. thanks. happening now for you, a north bay homeless shelter hit by a covid outbreak is getting ready to resume normal operations today. more than two dozen tested positive at santa rosa's sam null jones shelter in july. all residents were moved to a different building and no new guests were allowed. that will change today when new admissions are once again accepted. >> there's still much more ahead on "today in the bay" including up in flames, an in-depth look at how most wildfires are sparked and why climate change is making them worse. backing down for now, the northern california city now changing a key deadline when it
5:55 am
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my new spicy tiny tacos, a spicy twist on my snackable tiny tacos. 15 for $3.50 or loaded for just a buck more. i don't know which is better, the spice or the price. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50. only at jack in the box. you're watching "today in the bay." no symptom of our climate in crisis wildfire season. >> a new report finds that fire season in some parts of
5:58 am
california is three times longer than it was 50 years ago. that has some people who live in areas prone to fire facing a tough decision. >> we've thought about moving before this happens where we're actively looking for properties elsewhere with all this devastation. [ inaudible ]. >> you can watch that entire report by chase on nbc lx. you can stream it on lx any time or on you can watch it lx over the air, on channel 11-15 or 185 on xfinity cable. a live look in san diego. they're now requiring up a city employees to be fully vaccinated against covid. according to a letter sent out to employees, the mandate comes after the fda's recent full approval of the pfizer vaccine. all workers have until november 2nd to prove they have gotten the vaccine. sacramento leaders postponing a vaccine deadline.
5:59 am
a new date has yet to be determined. a local firefighter's union is calling it welcome news because many of them don't want the vaccine. the mayor not happy with their reaction. >> our emergency room and our hospitals are filling up to capacity again. you should know this. you're the ones who transport the patients, many of them, to the hospital. it's getting so bad that our county has now sought authorization to transfer icu patients to other counties. >> among the city's 4,000 employees, a little more than half have submitted proof of vaccination so far. quickly approaching 6:00. hot and hazy, the concern growing a little more real this morning for tahoe residents as the caldor fire advances as smoke returns to the bay area and the weekend starts to fizzle. meteorologist kari hall is tracking what may be an unhealthy weekend in our
6:00 am
microclimate forecast. >> we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down to make you pay. >> a parade of evacuation flights leaving afghanistan even after the crisis turns deadly. president biden's promise and how the bay area is taking action. the shocking new covid forecast suggesting a deadly fall season also the steps health experts say that we can all take now to prevent it. this is "today in the bay." welcome to friday morning. 6:00 right now. thanks so much for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. first we want to get a look outside because we've been talking about the smoky and hazy bay area weekend ahead as the wildfires continue to rage. want to get right to meteorologist kari hall who has been tracking these conditions for us. >> yeah. we are expecting some more unhealthy air quality to start to m


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