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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  September 22, 2021 12:37am-1:37am PDT

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♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers." bill burr, from "dateline nbc," journalist keith morrison writer and comedian, abby mcenany and featuring the 8g band with ande and now se meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're doing well and now, let's get to the news it was announced yesterday that president biden will follow the fda recommendation that those 65 and older receive a coronavirus vaccine booster.
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well, he is used to needing three shots. during his address to the u.n. general assembly today, president biden announced that the u.s. will make a $10 billion commitment to end hunger pretty impressive, especially compared to the previous president who spent about 300 bucks. brazilian president assembly hall unvaccinated, violating both u.n. rules and new york law but he got a hero's welcome on staten island. canadian prime minister justin trudeau won yesterday's snap election and in keeping with canadian tradition he gave a long, heartfelt victory apology. president biden yesterday recognized the tenth anniversary of the end of the "don't ask, don't tell" military policy. now, "don't ask, don't tell" refers to afghanistan. former president trump sent a letter last week to georgia's secretary of state brad raffensperger, asking him to consider decertifying the 2020 election. dude, just give up
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you know you don't have to be president to play golf, right? according to a new survey 9% of americans said that they drink less than one cup of water a day. at least, i think that's what they said. their voices were very raspy [ light laughter ] today was national new york day. ah, yes, finally a day for new yorkers to think they're special. "oh, you're from new york. uh-huh and you say the pizza is good there? huh. authorities in new york are searching for a man who allegedly rolled a bike onto the subway tracks over the weekend, which caused an explosion when it was hit by a train. officials condemn this behavior and said, "when you're done with the citi bike, you're supposed to chuck it in the hudson. [ laughter ] and finally, last week, california held a recall vote, and voters supported governor gavin newsom by an overwhelming margin here to comment is governor gavin newsom ♪ >> good afternoon. in case you weren't paying attention, the great state of
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california recently held a recall election in a dip [ bleep ] attempt to remove me, the gavinator, from office [ laughter ] but as the late, great michael k. williams once said, you come at the king, you best not miss and these junder heads missed big time when presented with the question of whether or not i should be removed, california voters rejected it harder than a head cheerleader getting asked to homecoming by the av nerd. i won 64% of the vote. you only see blow-outs like that on the 405 in july that's an inside joke for californians that i hope 64% of the people in my home state enjoy. you know who you are all told, the election will likely cost california taxpayers $276 million money that could have been used for any number of things like a dinner for six at the french laundry a year of private school for my kids or one of my favorite haircuts where they put four trained badgers around your head and
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they just nibble your hair to the exact perfect length and i'll tell you one thing, you better tip your badgers. [ laughter ] republicans came at me on but if you didn't know, we have a sizeable latino community in california [ speaking spanish ] and they overwhelmingly supported me i'm humbled, i am honored, and i must say, muchas gracias [ speaking spanish ] but once the pandemic started, people didn't like that i toggled, or opened and closed parts of the economy depending on fluctuations of the coronavirus. people said it was too confusing. so to those of who you are still confused, it goes like this. when lots of people are getting the virus and dying, i shut things down. when fewer people are getting the virus, and dying, i open things up. it shouldn't be too hard to grock. and if you need to do more research, yeah, go ahead run right down to the li-bary and do your "research. [ laughter ]
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now, even before the election, donald trump was saying it was rigged keep playing the hits, donnie. and my main competitor, larry elder, also said the election might be tainted. but trust me, the only taint in california is devin nunes. [ laughter ] my man is not quite an ass[ bleep ], not quite a dick just that sweet spot right in between. [ laughter ] so, look, i'm up for re-election next year. makes you wonder why we did all this now if it was to take me down, you blew it. because as my good friends chumbawamba said, "i get knocked down, but i get up again you're never gonna keep me down." ♪ oh danny bo danny bo danny boy ♪ "tubthumping." so i'll be here. send your best, and they'll go down like the rest and in the meantime, stay gold manamana [ laughter ] >> seth: josh meyers, everyone that was my brother the whole time we got a great show for you tonight. he is a grammy-nominated
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comedian and actor whose new comedy album, "live from madison square garden "is out this week. bill burr will be here and he is the award-winning journalist best known for "dateline," which will start its 30th -- that's right, 30th season this week keith morrison will be joining me here in studio. and she is a very funny comedian, who is a co-creator and star of "work in progress" on showtime. abby mcenany will be here as well but before we get to all that, as we head into autumn, the pandemic seems to continue to linger, mostly due to the fact that some people have yet to be vaccinated which brings us to a new segment we're calling "shot or not." ♪ >> seth: kentucky senator rand paul said that he would not get a coronavirus vaccine because he already had the virus, even more bad news for anyone who has to get within six feet of him. >> leave him alone >> seth: excuse me >> leave him alone haven't we made fun of rand paul enough >> seth: well, sir, you know, he is a public figure, so i do think it's okay to make jokes about him. >> leave him alone
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poor guy he's just doing the best he can. the last thing he needs after working all day in the senate is to get home, turn on the tv, and see you taking him to task leave him alone! >> seth: i'm sorry, sir, are you a rand paul supporter? >> if i'm a supporter of anything, it's kindness. compassion not mean-spirited jokes. if you have to make fun of somebody, make fun of me >> seth: yeah, the thing -- i don't know even know you, though, so why would i make fun of you >> well, you could make fun of the fact that my toilet overflows every time i go to the bathroom, because i happen to have very thick tinkle >> seth: i don't want to make fun of that. i usually just tell jokes about people who are in the news like, you know, rand paul. >> oh, sure, make fun of rand paul. have your fun. go ahead and say he looks like someone threw a brillo pad on the top of an ass[ bleep ] [ laughter ] >> seth: that is very not nice >> i know! so very leave him alone! >> seth: i would just like to
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get back to my jokes, please >> oh, you want something to joke about how about this you could make fun of the fact that i got left at the altar - when my parents baptized me. [ laughter ] >> seth: buddy, i don't want to make fun of you. >> are you sure? because you could make fun of the fact that i constantly like to toot my own horn. >> seth: well, you know, actually, a healthy ego is nothing to be ashamed of >> and by toot my own horn i mean play the trumpet with my butthole >> seth: ugh you shouldn't tell people that >> you talk show hosts are so rude >> seth: hey >> sorry, seth, i don't usually like to make blanket statements but this one is so soft. [ light laughter ] >> seth: please, just sit down [ laughter ] >> are you going to leave him alone? >> seth: no! >> then this rump is staying ump. >> seth: ugh >> ugh [ laughter ] ugh to you you know, if you really need somebody to make fun of, you could make fun of the fact that
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i asked my girlfriend to marry me in klingon. and she responded -- [ speaking foreign language which means, "who are you, and how did you get into my house? >> seth: i want to continue my show >> fine. go ahead and get back to your rand paul jokes. but you know what i'd say to that oh, don't you? >> seth: leave him al -- >> wait, what? [ laughter ] what did you say what did you say to me >> seth: leave him alone >> leave him alone right! if you need to make fun of somebody, make fun of me >> seth: uh-huh. >> you could make fun of the fact that my kitchen table is a mirror so i can watch what i eat. or you could make fun of the fact that i don't believe in mandates or woman dates or you could make fun of the fact that i still sleep with a stuffed animal it's a taxidermied squirrel and he smells terrible [ laughter ] or you could make fun of the fact that i don't like wearing socks because they get caught on all seven of my toe rings.
12:47 am
one for each of my toes. >> seth: just -- stop, please, stop >> fine, i'll stop but just so you know, i think i did a very good job in this sketch >> seth: oh, are you tooting your own horn? >> no. but i am now ♪ pretty impressive, right >> seth: not really. >> then how about this [ playing "when the saints go marching in" ] ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ ♪ >> grand finale! >> seth: oh, no, come on ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ [ laughter ]
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that was a little impressive >> thank yoo-ooo-oou [ laughter ] but remember, kids -- because this is for the kids -- leave him alone! wink >> seth: we'll be right back with bill burr ♪ [ applause ]
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♪ >> seth: back with the 8g band tonight, she's a fantastic drummer, singer-songwriter, and content creator. her latest single, "who goes there?" is available now wherever you get your music. for more information, go to her instagram page, it's @sheplaysthedrums. ande is here thank you so much for being with us, ande our first guest tonight is a grammy nominated comedian and actor you know from shows like "breaking bad" and "the mandalorian," and movies like "the heat" and "the king of staten island. the vinyl release of "bill burr live from madison square garden" is available at september 23rd please welcome back to the show, bill burr. bill, how are you, my friend >> what's going on i love that dramatic pause after grammy i got excited like, "wait did i win? this guy is a grammy -- nominated, damn it >> seth: i wanted you to go
12:53 am
through that whole moment, that whole emotional journey again. >> oh, it was great, i was there. they had the thing sitting in front of me like they were going to hand it off to me like a running back and the winner is someone else and then the guy just turns away and five seconds later, you're standing in the parking lot with your suit on wondering what the hell just happened [ laughter ] >> seth: but this is very -- this is really cool. this is kind of a throw-back to what comedy albums used to look like way back in the '70s, sort of a big double album, and it's sort of also a historical document for when you played madison square garden. >> yeah, i wanted to -- when i play these places that i never thought i would play -- i made one at carnegie hall, i'm doing it for me and then just like big time comedy nerds. that's why i put it on vinyl, because i did paper tiger like four months after this so this is where my act was, and it's, you know, a half hour longer i think than -- there's a whole side of it that's not even
12:54 am
on paper tiger, and it was this whole chunk that i wanted to have in paper tiger where i was making fun of the whole support the troops, firemen are heroes all of that stuff. so, all of that is on there. it's just -- it's just, you know, it's sort of a weird -- what the hell happened when i was in london, there was some terrorist attack, so that just put a weird sort of -- and for some reason they didn't tell me that that happened. we don't need it to be in his head, so the information i needed to make it work, i didn't have so, we took it out, but it ended up being a great thing for the special because, you know, i think people just sitting down -- like, on netflix there's so much stuff to watch, you kind of want to get in and get out. so -- but this is the long, you know, if you're at home, you're on drugs, you know, you've got to cut up whatever you're cutting up, i've got the vinyl album there for you. old school, put on your headphones >> seth: i love it you -- i'm wondering, after you play one of these historic spaces like madison square garden, does it make it harder to go to smaller venues or is it exactly exciting
12:55 am
as that was before too >> no, i like doing that as like a -- i like going back into the trenches like, i have never been a person like after you do the big thing, you then have to go to the club and like the three suvs and then people have to make sure it's okay for you to be -- you just make this big thing. you just make this big thing so everybody is looking and they say, "see, this is what happens. i can't go anywhere. if you'd just walk in, no one would care so, i am -- after i listened to my own stupid voice for an hour, hour and a half, i go the exact opposite i like the dive bar back when i used to booze, i would go to like a dive bar. i remember doing the beacon and i didn't even really have an after party. we just found the nearest dive bar and i remember some woman there was going like, "this isn't what like an after party should be. like, you just played that place, this should be like nicer and everything." it's like, "well, what's wrong with this place? i hate those places when i was
12:56 am
drinking that it took forever to get a drink. and if you're a guy, they just didn't give a [ bleep ]. i used to have to send my wife up like, you better, you know, you're good looking, go up they'll talk to you. maybe he thinks he's going to bang you or something and maybe i can get a beer so, i like the -- i like those bars back -- oh, man, i miss drinking [ laughter ] i used to love day drinking. >> seth: should we change the subject before you get too far down this road of missing it >> no, i just remember how hard it was to quit i'm not going to go back, but i'll tell you, every once in a while i'll just see a bar that i would have gone into, and i used to love going in during the day with the pro drinkers, you know? >> seth: yeah. >> and you'd come walking in and they -- you know, they just give you that glance. and then when you weren't loud and you sat down, and you ordered a man's drink, you know what i mean? >> seth: yeah. >> and then you just, they knew that you had your drink, and you were just going stare down at the bar and think about your regrets and not disturb anybody. it was like -- >> seth: yeah.
12:57 am
>> like day drinking by yourself, you know, as much as they say, "don't do it," is one of the big thrills i had as an adult. >> seth: yeah, i love that like soft wood where people could carve their misery in for the next person, you know, just like half a message of sadness that then you, when you had your drink, could look down and realize you're not alone >> yeah, the creepy, like, playful flirting the older drunks were doing with the younger waitress, watching her knowing how to play it perfectly so she'd still get tips. i mean, yeah, it was a lot of fun. >> seth: you're doing a signing of this at amoeba in l.a >> yeah. >> seth: will this be a situation where you will ask your fans to wear a mask when they come in and will you refuse the unmasked >> i will definitely be wearing a mask, but i'm at the point now, i don't care anymore. >> seth: hm-mm >> i don't care. i don't care if you think the world's flat i don't care what you think. just do whatever the hell you're going to do. i hope the virus gets deadlier and i want it to just wipe out way more people. >> seth: yeah.
12:58 am
>> that's what i'm going for because, you know, we tried -- i think we all tried to pull in the same direction it's not going to happen >> seth: right >> and we're all sort of broken up into these pods on the internet where people just want to hear what they want to hear so, i mean, go ahead you know, go take alligator plaque medicine. whatever the hell you're into. [ laughter ] i don't, maybe it works. i don't know i don't care i'm just - >> seth: you know, you have always had the position that we are -- we have a population issue in this world. >> yes >> seth: like, you believe we have too many people, so i guess every time you see one of this, this is both -- this is an opportunity -- >> people are blaming are red ties and blue ties for this whole thing and that's not, you should blame god and modern medicine because god made people flood and modern medicine kept them all alive. defeated mother nature that's why there's 8 billion mouth breathing morons on the planet myself included. i should have died of appendicitis in 1980 under a stack of wool blankets and people rubbing garlic on my forehead or whatever the hell they used to do.
12:59 am
but instead, they kept me alive, so now you have to listen to my ignorance.plague of people like me. so, i think it's great that people are going to go old school and not listen to doctors and you know, go back to doing dances or whatever the hell they are going to do. [ laughter ] >> seth: we need more health care dances. we've lost that. >> yeah, let's go. go back -- whatever the hell you want to do i don't -- i cared right up until when the vaccine came out and people are still like, "i'm not taking it," then i was just like, "all right, well then i don't care anymore." >> seth: yeah. >> i'm not rooting for them. >> seth: i agree with you 100% i was so excited to get it and i couldn't believe that was not shared by everybody. you go out - >> i get it, i mean, listen. you know, big pharmaceutical hasn't exactly -- i mean, they also created, like, you know, the opioid epidemic, and people have lost their kids and they're not held accountable at all. are they, seth meyers? >> seth: they are not. >> they are not, but if you tell the wrong joke in a strip mall, oh, my god, you lose your
1:00 am
career [ laughter ] it's so stupid the stuff that people are paying attention to i had a buddy of mine last year freaked out because they made mr. potato head nonbinary. he's like, you can't say mr. potato head anymore. it's like, "you can. you just did, and they don't care about people that want to transition, this is a marketing ploy, all right. there's 24 hours of free porn, you can ride around on a segue with the virtual reality glasses. these guys are selling a plastic potato that you stick things into they're rebranding what should we do? should we make it gay? give it a rainbow [ bleep ], i don't -- just get him out of here that's what they were doing. the most offensive thing about mr. potato head should be that it's still made out of plastic and it's going to be floating in the ocean for a thousand years after you're dead and done playing with it. that's not what it is. [ laughter ] did you hear what he said about gay plastic potatoes
1:01 am
is this the america we want to live in? meanwhile, there's synthetic heroin killing people. not important. >> seth: hey, i have been a huge fan of your stand up forever, but i also feel like i was a real early supporter of bill burr the actor. i think you're fantastic in everything you were just in this great new show "reservation dogs. >> yeah. >> seth: where you're fantastic in that. and "f is for family" is back for another season what is this going to be, season four or five >> this is five. this is the final one. i'm not allowed to say when it comes out, or else the netflix algorithm police come after me they know exactly when to announce it. so, i can't tell you but it's going to be coming out hopefully soon and then, and then "reservation dogs" was just amazing. just -- i got the script for the episode and just beautiful writing. the story, the whole thing, and what they were talking about, and then i went down there and
1:02 am
it was, you know, they were just really, really cool. i had a great, great, great time working with everybody down there, and i'm excited that the show is doing so well. i believe it got picked up for a second season by the time like the second episode - >> seth: yeah. >> -- came out >> seth: and what a cool young cast, man, of young actors >> yeah. yeah, yeah, there's -- devery jacobs, i did most of my scenes with her, and then -- i get all the names, they're like kirk fox, another stand up comedian who plays the junkyard owner. tazbah chavez, sterlin harjo i know i'm going to forget a few other people, but like, they just -- you know, i think sterlin was -- he came on my podcast, he's from like the independent film world, so he had a really, really strong background in just sort of doing things that you want to do as opposed to things that will make money. and i just think like this just felt like people were doing this because they were really connected to do it and i've been really lucky in my career. i don't know if you've noticed,
1:03 am
i have paratrooped into some of the best stuff out there i never created it it wasn't my idea. i didn't write it. but i come in for like half an episode and rub up against it and people think i know what i'm doing. but it's not me, it's been everybody -- all the vince gilligan-type people out there. >> seth: well, you have been a perfect fit in every one of them and it is always just a delight to have you here thanks so much, bill >> all right, seth thank you, buddy >> seth: of course the vinyl release of bill burr live from madison square garden is available at on september 23rd we'll be right back with keith morrison ♪
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♪ >> seth: our next guest is an award-winning journalist and correspondent you know best from his long running work on "dateline. the 30th season premieres this friday, september 24th, right here on nbc. please welcome to the show and
1:08 am
the studio, keith morrison ♪ [ applause ] >> seth: welcome back, thank you so much for being here really appreciate it come on up >> thank you well, well, well this is where you live, huh? >> seth: this is where i live. it's not too bad, right? >> i thought you were at that italian restaurant most of the time [ laughter ] >> seth: no, that's not me you're thinking of someone else. 30 seasons >> i know. i know >> seth: can you believe it? >> believe what? >> seth: that it's 30 seasons? >> oh, that. oh, that yeah [ laughter ] no i can't, as a matter of fact you know, it goes by about in a week and a half. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: when you started -- >> didn't i see you about a week and a half ago >> seth: it felt like a week -- you were actually -- the first time you were here, you were in our studio, was the first season of our show. we did a sketch together where -- >> which was last week >> seth: which, it felt like last week. >> huh >> seth: but it was -- but, would you believe it was almost seven years ago that you were here isn't that crazy >> amazing yeah >> seth: when you -- when did you know dateline was working?
1:09 am
>> you know, it -- it actually worked from the very beginning it worked so well from the very beginning, that they wanted a show on five -- five nights a week >> seth: yeah. >> even when we didn't do crime, it worked quite well and there were a lot of stories i loved doing. stories about a whale or a wolf or - >> seth: yeah. >> you know. >> seth: do you -- do they let you do many whale or wolf stories these days >> no whale and wolf stories anymore. >> seth: yeah. >> no, no, no, no. >> seth: no. that's too bad you -- 'cause i mean, i feel like you were at the -- at the forefront of this true crime - >> of the whale -- oh, no. of the - >> seth: no, no. the whale -- [ laughter ] you guys were way at the end of the whale -- the whale moment. >> sure. >> seth: but you guys were true crime. >> yeah, it's true it's true. and we discovered it, kind of, by accident, i guess you could say. but there were -- there were good stories out there, which were crime stories we did a couple of them. they did extraordinarily well, compared to the rest of the programs so we did more of them >> seth: yeah. >> and then we just made them longer and longer and longer >> seth: and the world has done a nice job by continuing to provide you crimes >> they do that. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. uh-huh yeah >> seth: and -
1:10 am
[ light laughter ] when you -- when you -- when they bring them to you, when they say, "hey, keith" - >> uh-huh. >> seth: -- "here's a new story. here's a woman" -- it does seem like a lot of wives want to get rid of their husbands. is that -- would you say, thematically that has -- >> you know, i think that's -- i think that's a fantasy by some people yeah >> seth: yeah. i think you may -- maybe they don't want to act on it -- >> yeah. >> seth: -- but they don't mind watching a "dateline" or two about it >> the sad truth, it's usually the other way around but, you know. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah, so it makes a better story, you know. >> seth: right that's true. >> it's the dog bites man stories. >> seth: yeah, exactly everybody's like, "finally -- finally they're getting theirs >> yeah. >> seth: did you know that your voice would be a perfect fit for these kinds of stories >> it is -- no no >> seth: you didn't know >> i haven't -- well, come on, now. [ light laughter ] what are we doing here, anyway no, i didn't actually. >> seth: yeah. >> i had no idea >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: but that seems to be one of the nice surprises about it >> but it's -- it's odd. yeah you know, people do imitations of it. and -- >> seth: bill hader did a famous
1:11 am
imitation of you on "snl." when we were together, the first time, i texted him and said, "i hope you're jealous, 'cause i'm with the real -- the real keith morrison." >> yeah. uh-huh yeah >> seth: did you enjoy his impression of you? >> it was -- yes >> seth: okay. >> i did, and i didn't have you ever -- have you had some -- somebody do an impression of you? >> seth: yeah. >> in a, kind of, a parody like that >> seth: yeah, but not quite like that. >> yeah. >> seth: i mean, i feel like he really - >> so, if the first time you ever saw it -- >> seth: yeah. >> -- you were unprepared for it, and it was on national television >> seth: right >> on "saturday night live." and you turn on the tv and somebody's doing that. >> seth: is that how -- did you see it first, or did you get a bunch of texts from people >> no. well i got -- my daughter -- >> seth: yeah. was she happy? did your daughter like it? >> she was laughing her head off. >> seth: okay, well, that's good >> so -- >> seth: i think that's a good sign, if your daughter laughs her head off >> yeah, well -- but it does a wonderful thing, actually, for a person's sense of him or herself. >> seth: i think so too. >> it's a -- it's a -- you know, it's an amazing thing. it feels -- makes you feel good. but at the same time, you
1:12 am
realize even when you feel good, even when you feel noticed and appreciated, you're an idiot [ laughter ] you always were an idiot >> seth: you don't think that's -- i don't think that's the takeaway [ light laughter ] one thing that i feel, like, proves you're not an idiot, is you -- there's an instagram account - >> ah. >> seth: -- which is all photos of you leaning against things. >> i never lean. >> seth: this is something that you -- >> that's fake photography >> seth: will you explain why you have decided to lean against things >> i didn't decide, it was just, you know - >> seth: here. here's another example >> look, you know what happened? when people talk -- have you watched the news >> seth: i've watched the news, once or twice. >> once or twice, yeah so, they don't do quite so much anymore. but it used to be that you'd see some person walking along the street, gesticulating with his or her hands, and walking toward a camera, or walking somewhere and kind of telling you. and i always thought that looked ridiculous i liked the people involved, but why are they doing that? and so - >> seth: so do you mean like a news story starts and someone's walking towards camera, like, telling you what happened. >> uh-huh. uh-huh >> seth: and you didn't like it? >> i didn't like it.
1:13 am
no >> seth: so you came up with the lean >> what do you mean came up with [ laughter ] i was leaning to begin with. >> seth: you were leaning to begin with, but i feel like -- >> look, i'm leaning right now >> seth: but, look -- i -- i mean, look, at this. this -- i mean, it's such a pro move like, this guy -- i want to hear what this guy has to say >> yeah. he's leaning on a fence. >> seth: this guy's leaning on the fence. he's not in a rush he wants to tell you a story >> barbed wire fence >> seth: yeah, that part was weird to me, that you would choose to not lean against the post >> you have no idea how painful that was >> seth: yeah. and then -- i remember that episode, a solitary tear rolled down your face >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> seth: as the -- as the barb cut through your sweater >> uh-huh. yeah >> seth: this one somebody mocked up. i like that a good deal. >> no, that's real >> seth: that's real that's him >> that's the only real one. [ laughter ] >> seth: hey will you -- >> makes sense, don't you think? >> seth: you have -- i feel like when i do a tease for our upcoming guests, they're good. you know, i think people are excited to see them. but, i feel like i don't add the, sort of, drama -- >> ah. >> seth: -- that you could do you mind -- do you mind teasing our guests for tomorrow night? it's john kerry and jim gaffigan >> you have john kerry on tomorrow night
1:14 am
>> seth: that's pretty good, right. >> that is pretty good >> seth: so, do you mind >> i don't mind at all join us tomorrow, when former secretary of state, john kerry, shares a secret that changes everything and when funny man, jim gaffigan, swings by, the laughter stops and the screaming begins tomorrow on "late night with seth myers." >> seth: see, i think that's going to be big for us i think that's gonna be really big for us [ cheers and applause [ laughter ] you're also -- you're also doing a lot of podcasting now, which seems like a perfect fit >> we are doing podcasts which is -- yeah, they don't have to look at my face that way. >> seth: yeah. >> they can -- you just talk to them >> seth: do people ever recognize you from your voice, first, on the street >> all the time. yeah >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: and what do they say to you? >> "why do you talk that funny way? [ laughter ] >> well, that seems like a very fair question. 30 seasons, congratulations. >> thank you very much >> it's really an accomplishment and we really appreciate you being with us. 30th season of "dateline" premieres this friday at 9:00 p.m., here on nbc we'll be right back with
1:15 am
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♪ >> seth: our next guest is the co-creator and star of the showtime series, "work in progress," which airs sunday nights let's take a look. >> don't you dare move ♪ trash can. trash can. oh [ bleep ] we're that - oh, god, have i already [ bleep ] this up. you're so [ bleep ] sexy i can't stand it ♪ >> where were we >> take me there now ♪ [ light laughter ]
1:21 am
>> seth: please welcome back -- please welcome to the show, abby mcenany how are you, abby? >> hey, seth how are you? >> seth: this is -- i'm great. >> i still can't believe that -- >> seth: so, this is really something here this is -- obviously that was vincent d'onofrio. >> i know. >> seth: you -- your character is a fan of him, but this is the real, true thing about you your whole life >> my whole life i'm very old a very long time yeah oh, dude, yeah i'm very much a fan. in fact, for my -- my birthday in 2010, one of my friends made me this. [ laughter ] and that's my face over detective eames' head. listen, yeah, i can't even stand it i can't believe it it's crazy >> seth: so, you -- how did it happen that you reached out to vincent d'onofrio and he agreed to do the show >> obviously, if you have ever talked to him, i don't know why he agreed. i don't -- [ laughter ] also, i know this is so -- i'm so -- i'm so honored to meet you. okay, i'm very nervous, but this is really an honor
1:22 am
so, thank you for having me. >> seth: i'm so happy to meet you too. and we both came up in chicago, and we know a lot of the same people >> yeah we do. >> seth: all of whom speak very highly of you. >> okay, well, same here so, maybe we need to do some digging. [ laughter ] but anyways, like, really, honor, it's been an honor -- it's been an honor, you're still on [ laughter ] okay anyways, so, my -- you know, my -- my partner, this is lilly wachowski. and she had met vincent a long, long time ago. so, wrote a really lovely e-mail to him and just, kind of, explained the show, and what we were trying do this season and we reach out, actually in may of 2020. and, you know, we -- we were -- we had, like, four different start dates for season two and we -- you know, and so, once we, like, knew our date, and we were like, "hey, we only need a day. we'll fly to new york. we'll do green -- a green screen day. and, he ended up flying here and i -- i still, like, "whoa. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's really cool. now, i -- don't take this the wrong way. >> dude. >> seth: i have my doubts you
1:23 am
were able to keep your cool around him [ laughter ] how'd you do when you first met him? >> no, seriously let me -- i have to say, i thought you were better at -- at, like, really understanding folks. no, absolutely it was -- it was outrageous. we met him on -- we met him on zoom, like the week before, lilly and i, like, and vincent zoomed, just to check in 'cause, you know, here's, like, this big star coming to chicago to do this -- this thing for us. and, you know, just finding out, like, how he works and, like, what - what -- what could we do to make the day better and explain to him what it was and stuff. and we had -- you know, we actually have another really fun guest star this year it's audie cornish from npr, who's just a -- holy smokes. so, we met her on zoom in january. so lilly and then blythe haaga, who is a producer and one of the -- one of our directors, and i were talking to audie on zoom. and i was, kind of, bouncing on the -- on the couch, i was so
1:24 am
nervous. and then, i -- when we were about to meet vincent, i just told lilly, like, "hey, when it starts getting like that, just text me in all caps saying, 'audie -- like, calm down. like, calm down.'" and then, like, of course, 'cause i can't keep anything to myself, i told vincent that, about 15 minutes in. [ laughter ] "just so you know, i promise -- like, i asked lilly to promise me to tell me if i got too creepy." so - >> seth: well, obviously you didn't, because he flew out to chicago. >> yeah. >> seth: but, i want to talk about something that's incredibly impressive. obviously, any time someone creates a show for themselves, that they write and star in, that's a big deal. but, you had, kind of, never -- you, sort of, skipped all the other steps. this was, like, the first set you had ever been on, right? >> right i mean, i would say -- like, skipping steps, i mean, i've been doing this [ bleep ] for a long time. [ laughter ] >> seth: sure, yes understood >> no -- but, no you know what i mean but, yeah, like it's wild. it's wild. yeah, i had auditioned every once in a while. got to say, nobody wants a big, old, fat, woman queer to sell burgers. you know what i'm talking about? [ laughter ] but i'm a really horrible
1:25 am
auditioner, too. anyways. so -- yeah, it was -- it's wild. and i -- it like -- the learning curve was -- was bonkers like, i still don't -- can't believe it and, you know, having lilly wachowski, who, you know, changed cinema and -- as your partner, who really knows how things work, is like, it has -- is totally supportive. it has been amazing. yeah, i learned stuff, like, every day. every day. and like, all these, like, terms. i was like, "is that a" -- and they're like, "no, we're going to lunch i'm like, "okay. all right. i don't know what i'm talking about. [ laughter ] but everybody's -- like, really, our crew's so wonderful and yeah >> seth: it must be -- chicago must be very happy that you're doing the show there especially, as you are, sort of, got your comedy start there doing second city. i know you did torco i'm always fascinated, delighted to hear people's worst torco shows when they were going around the country doing improv for people >> yeah. >> seth: did you have any particularly bad ones? >> well, yeah. we were in the university of south carolina once, and it was,
1:26 am
like, the week before school started. so, they have all these free events for incoming freshmen and so, they -- they booked the second city, and we were playing -- and it basically looked like one of those hotel ballrooms with the accordion doors. it was just crap, right? and there were, like, i don't know, rows and rows of chairs that nobody was in and then, our te -- our stage manager couldn't really hear us. it was like a crappy pipe and drape. and then, the fighting gamecock is their mascot. so, the announcer was like, "okay, next up the second nation." and then -- and then the fighting gamecock is on stage, like, dancing and our, like, stage manager's yelling, "it's second city. and then, the guy goes, "also free dippin' dots. so, then, like in the same room -- like, the ten people that, like, "free dippin' dots." so, at the end, like, in the back of this room, there were 150 people in line for free dippin' dots [ light laughter ] yeah, it wasn't -- it wasn't exactly seamless [ laughter ]
1:27 am
>> seth: you have another cool guest star, which was julia sweeney, who of course, was a, you know, celebrated "snl" cast member over the years. she wrote and create today character pat, who - >> yeah. >> seth: -- became, you know, a character that was, you know, criticized, as the years passed. and you reached out to her, and she was willing to, sort of, play ball and be a part of your show >> absolutely. she's been, like, so generous and open about this from the very, very get-go. she was in our pilot that we shot, here in chicago. and we just raised money, and she got paid $125. you know, the sag scale, like. i mean, just outrageously kind and yeah, and we -- you know, she's never asked us to, like, change, like, "oh, please don't say this about my character, or please" -- she's just been totally willing to have those conversations. and we have them off -- off screen, too. like, i mean, you know, we're just, like, not totally in the same space and, i have to say, when pat came out, i loved pat. and i think really, it's -- and
1:28 am
i understand, like, it's problematic. but, i think it's also, any time, like, people are like, "oh, wow, there's somebody who i don't like walking down the street let me use this thing as a bigoted, you know. which is always a delight. [ laughter ] you know, seth i mean, come on, it's hard enough to leave the house, my man. come on, dog anyways. you know, nobody's yelling it out as like, "hey, hi, pat!" [ laughter ] you know, it's just like -- it's not filled with a lot of, you know, hubbub-hubbub. you know what i'm talking about. [ laughter ] >> seth: hey, first of all, i'm so happy that you were here. congratulations on the show. it's such an accomplishment. >> dude. >> seth: and, hopefully next time you can be here with us in person >> that's an honor and also, i really feel this is going to go into "corrections. "corrections, we never should have had mcenany on. [ laughter ] so, i don't know i'll -- i'll check it out. [ laughter ] i'll check it out on friday, okay >> seth: well, anything to draw eyes to "corrections." you know, anything if we can just get you to promise to watch it that would mean - >> i've got four eyes here, sweet. [ laughter ] i feel like i got -- seth, seriously, it's an honor thank you so much. >> seth: thank you
1:29 am
>> okay. >> seth: the second season of "work in progress" airs sunday on showtime. we'll be right back. ♪ discover card i just got my cashback match is this for real? yup! we match all the cash back new card members earn at the end of their first year automatically woo! i got my mo-ney! it's hard to contain yourself isn't it? uh- huh! well let it go! woooo! get a dollar for dollar match at the end of your first year. only from discover.
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