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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 25, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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next. right now at 11:00, a chaotic scene in montana after a cross-country train derails, what we're learning about that deadly crash. also the race to be san jose's next mayor is on. the city leader tossing his hat in the ring and his promises to voters. plus -- >> i believe in the vaccine, so just trying to get it done. >> rolling up their sleeves
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again. what surprising south bay health leaders as the covid booster shot rollout gets under way. it's only been a day but health leaders say the turnout so far is a bit surprising. not as many people showing up for covid booster shots as they were expecting. marianne favro begins our coverage from the south bay. >> reporter: this cvs offered booster shots today and people we talked with said it was easy and they had very little wait. the rollout is on. he says he has peace of mind after receiving his if i sayer covid booster shot. >> i'm 68 years old, and i've been hearing about the immunity from the earlier shot regime starting to wear out. so i just want to be safe and to get the booster. >> reporter: and when he was at
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the pharmacy he received additional protection from the flu. >> came in at 4:00 and waited 15 minutes and got my booster and flu shot at the same time. >> meanwhile at the santa clara county fairgrounds people trickled in to get their booster shots including eli cardanas. >> i believe in the vaccine so just trying to get it done. >> reporter: but health officials tell us there wasn't a big rush and sites remained slow. >> we anticipated a much higher demand both today and yesterday. i think it's been a long windy road toward disapproval and people are still confused whether or not we'll really started. >> reporter: well, you can get a booster at drugstores right now not all bay area counties are offering booster shot clinics just yet. san mateo county says it's waiting for more guidance from the state but people who want to schedule a booster shot now should check with their health care provider or local
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pharmacies. but there are still some who have no intention of getting a booster shot. >> i'm 75 years old, if i do tomorrow i lived for three quarters of a century. no, i'm not getting a shot. if i keep on living that's good. >> reporter: people who initially received the moderna or the johnson & johnson vaccine are not eligible for the pfizer booster shot right now. in campbell, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> health leaders of course urging people to continue to get vaccinated. let's take a look where things stand across the state. as of tonight 83% of californians 12 and older have received at least one dose. 68% fully vaccinated. take a look at the bay area now. the number of people fully vaccinated even higher. look at this map. breaks down the vaccination rate county by county. just two counties have yet to reach the 80% mark. that would be alameda county and
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salono county. marin and san mateo counties doing their best when it comes to vaccinations. more than 90% of people 12 and older who live in those counties are fully vaccinated. for the first time in 18 months the grand prince has set sail. you might remember a covid outbreak last march forced the ship to quarantine. all passengers had to show proof of vaccination as well as a negative covid test. >> absolutely amazing to walk through and it just kept going. and the sheer joy from everyone who greeted us and worked here to be back in business, to be back to traveling and just absolutely wonderful to be able to share that with everyone and to be here. >> the ship will only be at 75% capacity. princess says many of the cabins are also equipped with new air filtering technology.
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a developing story for you now. three people are dead after an amtrak passenger train derailed in montana this afternoon. this happened near joplin in the northern part of the state. only about 40 miles from the canadian border. in addition to the three people dead 15 others are in the hospital. the train was carrying about 150 passengers and 13 crew members. it's not clear what caused that derailment. after falling from the third level concourse at petco park. this happens as thousands are heading inside the park for a padres game. live look at capitol hill where nancy pelosi is warning democrats get red did for a busy week. pelosi sent a letter today ahead of some crucial votes coming up. on monday, the house is set to
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vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill and a $3.5 trillion spending package. both key to the president's economic agenda. on thursday, the government is going to run out money and shutdown. it's also the same day public transportation program is expired. a lot to do. these proposals must passed. mountain view. the champion of the idea are rallying at mountain view today. andrew yang made universal income his idea. >> he wanted to give everyone a thousand dollars. in the stimulus checks prove that people will use the money wisely. >> we always had the money. we also now know that people will spend it on food, fuel,
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keeping a roof over their head. school supplies because that's exactly what americans have been spending it on as they are getting this check and child tax credit. >> the progress of the basic income over the past year and how far there is still to come. >> the race to be the next mayor of san jose is underway, matt mahan launches his campaign today. he says government should focus on the basics, he wants to get homeless off the street. he believes police practices should be improved and not defunded. >> the first can date to replace nick. serious question about the shooting death of a young florida man. the shooting death calls for justice there. a vigil in the north bay has nbc
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prayer's thom jensen, as people knew the victim wants answers. >> reporter: and sadly dozens of people remembered him at a vigil at that same park. >> i am very shocked. disbelief. i always here stories. >> his mom's pain is still raw but she's determined to give her son a voice. >> i want to speak for my son. i know there has been a lot of misleading stories out there. >> the sheriff's office and 27-year-old cranston got into a fistfight on sunday. cranston pulls out a handgun and shot bj one time and killing him. >> bj -- cranston had only been charged with man slaughter and walked out of jail hours later.
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bj's family believed it's a premedicated hate crime. >> they can do to him whatever they want to do and kept calling him the n-ward. tonight was about honoring the young man whose friends and family described as a big teddy bear. >> i have known him since the fourth grade. >> the family wants oregon state police to take over the investigation. thom jensen, nbc bay area news. people released butterflies at the growing memorial. her death has been ruled as a homicide. petito's parents are ready.
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a lot of ground. the fires burning. it's now 25% contained and 10% at noon today. really making some progress here. claims of 8500 acres, destroying at least 100 homes. deputies arrested a palo alto woman whether she started that fire or throughout the state. >> let's keep a close eye on flames burning the national park and threatening some of the world's oldest trees. there is no contain m. >> lighting start this fire two weeks ago. our meteorologist vienne is joining us now. >> they decided to extend the
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weather. we have cooler temperatures and maybe a little bit of rain building fires up in northern california. the full forecast, what you expect is coming up. >> are changing climate may have an impact on your favorite beer? >> how could that be? we'll explain and tesla rolls out a long update. those stories in 60 seconds. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it.
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that gives drivers access to new features that are not entirely free of bugs. the features include auto-steer on city streets which gives control when navigating busy streets. transportation leaders are voicing concerns. to a climate in crisis series. climate change impacts many things in our lives and soon even the taste of cost of beers are going to be affected. individuals grain kernels maybe smaller and have less sugar on them. hops are more vulnerable to things like mildew without the weather conditions. >> the ripple effects will be massive. >> likely with climate change we'll see barley mark expanding
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more north ward as opposed to where they exist. >> it's more than likely. >> taste is not the only thing at risk so as cost. beer supply change are disrupted by extreme weather. their price goes up. a woman becomes the most famous grandma got a special birthday surprise today. the woman's family abandoned her in china down back in july. today police saluted the grandmother. the officer hosted a lunch for her. another happy development, she now has permanent housing. she's excited about having a television. >> wow. check it out. he's painting a path to the super bowl. all season long.
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>> artists are creating a five yard long murrals. you put them together they're going to be 100 yards long. fans watch bay area artists. matthew says he wanted to combine his love for the bay area and it's sports and painting into one. >> being able to do it in front of a crowd of san francisco or 49ers fans, just means that much more. >> it's fun to be a small part of a team's history. it's impact full for me as an artist. >> he got to take vote with one of the 49ers super bowl. you can watch them taking on the green bay packers right here tomorrow. i want you to know that we'll have a special pregame newscast.
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that's live from levi's. we'll talk about air quality and all kinds of stuff. for the 49's. >> we could see a little bit of sky and it could be hay sai because of the rain. >> as we wake up early tomorrow morning, that could very well be a thing. expect that again tomorrow. right now the current temperatures were in the 60s in the south bay, san jose. 60 degrees. 50 degrees in oakland. and you're definitely going to want as sweater this weekend. by tomorrow things are going to cool off even more. livermore right now we are at 9 degrees cooler compares to the past 24 hours. we are heading to an air trend
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when it comes to air quality but also cooling trends. we have the green sensors. they are good piece of pockets of smoke and all the way up until monday. we could get some relief that we need, not only from those smoke but from the fires. heading into monday and tuesday with the arrival of some rain up in northern california. let's talk about the air quality index outlook. we have some wind that's going to kickoff on monday. it pushes the majority of that smoke out of the area east. we are expecting to get a lot better starting on monday evening. >> things are looking good pretty clear overall. tomorrow's forecast, expect another cool day, temperatures
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are going to hit the 70s for tomorrow. morgan hill, 80 degrees. san jose 76. and oakland, 66 and around the peninsula and upper 60s and low 70s. let's talk about a chance of seeing some rain, right? we definitely need it. we'll take anything we could get. here it's. monday, the majority of that is going to stay north of the golden gate bridge. as we push your timeline forwarded into monday and tuesday. notice where the rain starts to fall. it's right where the fire actively is still burning. this is a nice boost of rain, definitely needed in this area and even down to the south we could get some drizzles. it's not going to be a ton of rain but it will be just enough to he's us out. we are talking about couple of hundreds of an inch into the majority of redding and south
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lake tahoe as well. as far as the next seven days ago. in addition to the rain we'll see the winds kick up on tuesday or wednesday. i want to show you the daytime highs. look at this. we are only going to be topping out in the '70s in over night lows and some of the interior. >> hey, it's in the summer -- >> i got all my boots and everything. even with desserts. >> they are doing what they have done all season long. win. >> yeah, historic night of the diamonds. powered to a new franchise record. i will explain, stick around. sports is next.
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welcome back. the giants in colorado for their final road trip of the regular season. they get out to a fast start. brandon belt taps the rockies for a solo home run. it's his 28 of the year. belt hits the daily double. his second homer of the game. a three-run shot. it gives the giants 236 homruns this season. the a's taking on the
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astros. 1-1. andreas scores all the way from 1st. he hurts his angles but he scores the game. they remained four games out of the wild card with seven left. it's nfl tomorrow night. this will be the first regular season game with fans at levi's stadium. >> we know you have a night game, on the west coast, 5:00 something. it does not seem like that in the east coast. it's usually better for us. >> college football.
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tied the game at 24. it would go to bonus ball. in the ot, the huskies scored and the ball fumbles near the gold line. >> 31-24. the quakes at home. at the start of the second half, trophy with a sixth goals. the quakes beat lafc, your final. that's a look at sports, more news after the break.
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the rubber duckie race.
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you see people really getting into it. maybe that's the most into it. paddling as fast as they can across the city lagoon. the city will look at whether they want it back next year. i vote yes. >> "saturday night live" is next.
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