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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 1, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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♪♪ right now at 11:00 am, shoeked. an east bay neighborhood inundated after a water main break. this nine-hour gusher is more than just a local inconvenient. it has now formed a large sinkhole. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris chmura. marcus and laura are starting their weekend a tad early. let's get to bob redell in alamo. he's been at the scene all morning. will customers get their water service restored? >> reporter: they will at some point, but it could be several
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hours. the initial estimate was 8 to 12 hours but that was before the water was shut off. that water was shut off about just over an hour ago and it was coming out of this new sinkhole here on hemme heavy near danville boulevard in alamo. you can see what is left is the part of the street has sunken in because there was so much erosion underneath from this water that was gushing since just before 12:40 this morning. this is the view from nbc bay area skyranger looking down on hemme avenue. eight-inch water line broke. it looked like a hot cauldron of boiling water as it gushed from underneath the street. it was like that for about nine hours until just before 10:00 this morning. east bay mud, which owns the lines, had trouble identifying which valves to shut off. one was difficult to access because it was under water due to this line break. it turns out that valve turning
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that valve wasn't enough to turn off the water so workers had to find another valve further from the line break. so right now we know at least 182 customers are without service but there could be more. we just don't have that number yet because they had to go find that other valve. a preschool next door was not flooded but they did cancel class today. we believe an elementary school nearby also canceled classes because of limited access to the school. most water did divert into a storm drain. some poured onto a private property. the woman who lived there ordered a bunch of sandbags to minimize the damage. you should be able to see it in the video. she had them out in her driveway. her garage flooded but her house is fine. as far as this pipe is concerned, east bay mud tells us this san eight-inch pipe that burst. made of asbestos cement. installed in 1950, which made it 71 years old. >> our system is very old.
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we're working really hard to be ramping up all of our infrastructure replacement effort. we're replacing more and more pipes each year to try to get ahead of this, but aging of the structure is certainly something that we are very invested in and taking care of. >> this is the third water line to break in alamo in a week. last friday as you can see in this video, one burst about a mile from here, the intersection of stone valley road. yesterday another pipe broke about a mile and a half away from our current location at stone valley and cole court. east bay mud acknowledged this is not a good look, especially since we're in a drought. there's no estimation how much water came out of this break this morning but it's definitely in the thousands of gallons but you can see right now east bay mud has the water shut off. the next thing to do is to fix the pipe, fix the road and restore this water service. and long term to replace a lot
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of these old, aging pipes. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> astounding that an eight-inch wide pipe could cause that damage. peninsula firefighters are preparing for a prescribed burn to reduce wildfire risk. firefighters are not posting a start time for the burn. but it's possible you'll see smoke from pescadero and highway 1. they'll burn 30 acres of dry brush at tomcat ranch. kari hall, do you have any wildfire concerns for this weekend? >> well, it's going to be hot, and we know it's been extremely dry, chris, so that's always a concern for us. as far as the wind, it looks to stay calm but we have ongoing fires across the region and that's going to bring in some smoke across the bay area. so taking a look at our air quality, some of the worst of that will be in parts of the east bay and santa clara valley. we're also adding ozone to the
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atmosphere. our temperatures will be heating up if you're sensitive to that, you might want to limit your time. there are lots of events going on around the bay area including san jose's south first friday. we're starting out with temperatures in the mid-80s and cooling down nicely as we go into tonight. so that may be something you want to do especially later on after work. but our temperatures today heading into the upper 60s in san jose. low 90s for inland east bay with concord headed toward 91 degrees and 89 in napa and some of those temperatures in the upper 80s for the north bay. we'll talk about the weekend and more events going on around the bay area if you're still trying to make some plans. we'll talk about that coming up. new this morning, a possible new treatment for covid-19. that might reduce the chances patients die. the drugmaker merck plans to seek emergency use authorization for a new treatment. the drug is called molipuravir. in a phase three trial.
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during that phase three trial it cut in half the risk of hospitalization and death. nearly 800 patients took part in the trial. all were unvaccinated and at greater risk of serious symptoms. if the drug does get an fda green light, it would be the first, we're told, orally taken antiviral medication. another major bay area school district is moving forward with mandatory covid-19 vaccinations. this was among the first to consider the move. cierra johnson takes a closer look at a deadline for parents. >> reporter: as you can imagine, parents as well as students in the west contra costa school district took their time to share their thoughts on potentially having a vaccine mandate in their district but the school board members ultimately voted in favor of approving a vaccine mandate. what does that mean for students in the district? first off it means students 12 years of age and older within the district must be fully vaccinated against covid-19.
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those age eligible students must show proof by november 15th. must show the second shot by december 15th and students younger than 12 must receive their first shot no later than 30 days after their 12th birthday. it's not just students required to receive vaccinations in west contra costa school district. staff members as well as volunteers must also show their vaccination status. you either need to complete -- have a complete vaccination or receive their first shot by october 15th. that second shot no later than november 15th and the human resources department of the district is asking everyone to show that final proof by december 7th. and the topic of mandating vaccines really seems to be gaining traction. we've seen a lot of the bay area district so far oakland, hayward and piedmont have all passed mandatory vaccines for students 12 years and older. as more school districts explore the option, we'll relay that
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information to you. cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. the city of san jose's vaccine mandate takes effect today. city workers must have already started the vaccination process. hundreds who still have not gotten their shots might face disciplinary action. the latest numbers show 92% are vaccinated. that's 585 unvaccinated city of san jose workers. what happens to them? >> they'll be given a final opportunity at least a week to comply with the policy prior to final notice of discipline. >> this morning the police officer's union announced a deal with the city. unvaccinated officers and dispatchers will need to take a test twice a week and sthoes without can exception will be forced to serve a 40-hour unpaid suspension. as for mask mandates with covid cases dropping it can be tricky
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to keep up. we've made it easy putting together a list of where you'll need the mask and where you can take it off. go to nbc bay to find out what the rules are in your county. you can also search "mask mandate" in our free mobile app. shutdown averted for now in washington, d.c. federal workers are still on the job today after president biden signed a bill to keep the government funded. but as chris pallone reports from washington, congress went home without voting on a key part of the president's agenda. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi leaving the capitol after midnight, after missing the democrats' own deadline to pass a $1 trillion spending bill to improve the nation's infrastructure. insisting a vote is still imminent. >> how disappointed are you there's no vote? >> there will be a vote today. >> there will be a vote today? >> reporter: progressive house democrats are refusing to vote for the infrastructure bill
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until democrats in the senate reach agreement on president biden's top legislative priority. an even bigger spending plan with money to expand medicare, fight climate change and improve access to child care. >> should have focused just on infrastructure. what they want to do is restructure and transform america. >> reporter: moderate democrats kyrsten sinema and joe manchin object to the $3.5 trillion price tag. manchin is proposing a bill $2 trillion smaller. but all sides are expressing optimism. >> there's a lot of good in both of them. we should be able to come to that agreement. >> reporter: early ear. >> the yeas are 252. nays 175. the motion is adopted. >> reporter: both chambered agreed to keep the federal government open until december 3rd. that included federal disaster relief in many states and to resettle afghans newly in the united states. but it did not increase the nation's debt limit. they have until october 18 tot increase or extend the debt limit. the treasury secretary said it would be catastrophic if they
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didn't. she also believes that the u.s. should get rid of the debt limit altogether. in washington, chris p po llone, nbc news. happening now in san jose, testimony is back under way in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial. a former theranos lab director is expected to be back on the stand. on wednesday, he testified are the theranos leaders -- the defense attorneys tried to deflect blame away from holmes. new this morning, the timing could not be better at the port of oakland where a massive new crane is now up and running. this is the same crane that arrived in late june briefly stopping traffic as it narrowly cleared both the bay and golden gate bridges. port leaders say the crane will help the high volume of container ships now waiting to unload cargo with more arrivaled expected heading toward the holiday season. a notorious bar now facing
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last call for good. just ahead, the deal that's leaving lots of neighbors overjoyed. and a bay area institution in need of renovation. the project that some fear may lead to the end of the line for san francisco's cable cars. and changing pronouns to they/them. demi and kelly talk about the importance of using correct personal pronounces. now it's okay to make a mistake as long as your intentions are in the right place. you can watch "kelly clarkson" right here on nbc bay area.
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it's the first day, the first fiscal day of the -- the first day of the new fiscal year for a lot of companies and the government and a strong start on wall street. the dow jones industrial average up 1%.
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s&p up 1%. nasdaq up 0.5%. the vix which is a volatility index is down 8% today after a volatile day yesterday. an iconic piece of history now in need of a lot of work. san francisco's cable cars. transit leaders say needed renovations could unupwards of $600 million. a big price tag for a city struggling to recover from the pandemic and the resulting recession. but kristi smith said some argue the refurbishment is worth whatever the price may be. >> reporter: san francisco's cable cars, they are iconic. tony bennett sang about them. famed authors wrote about them and tourists say they are the can't-miss attraction. >> when we travel to san francisco we always do this. always, yeah, we love it. >> number one and the bridge. >> reporter: during the pandemic they were halted for safety and when they did start up they almost immediately had to be stopped briefly due to an electrical issue. now the sfmta who runs the famed
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cars said they're in need of he operating the old system tha bed estimating a complete renovation today would run about $625 million. >> it's wonderful. it's worth it. >> very important. but on a scale of 1 to 10. 10-plus. >> reporter: travelers see it that way and there's more to consider as the city recovers. >> it's critical. to keep the cable cars active and going. >> reporter: they said they were fortunate to have had few major mechanical issues in recent years but we do expect the rate of temporary shutdowns to increase as the system ages. we're working with local, state and federal policymakers to identify funds and begin addressing these important issues as quick as possible. over a year they started planning a renovation.
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some question the price and whether the work is really necessary now noting there's no shortage of need as the city recovers from the pandemic. in san francisco, kristi smith, nbc bay area news. san jose bar forced to close. authorities called it a hotbed for prostitution which also ignored pandemic health orders and liquor regulations. agave sports bar and grill was the scene of a traffic incident that killed a woman in june. that led to a lawsuit filed by the san jose city attorney's office. the result? an agreement by the owners to shut down the business and pay $15,000 in fines as well as surrender the liquor license. neighbors say they can't wait. >> we find condoms in the street. we find beer bottles in our yard. people urinate in our yard. there's garbage. there are people doing burnouts. >> the owners racked up more than $71,000 in fines because
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the place never shut down during the pandemic. during lockdowns that city ordered they kept operating. the bar is expected to close for good october 17th. even governor gavin newsom is taking note of the free britney push, signing a bill aimed at changing the conservator laws. evan lowe co-authored the free britney bill which became law yesterday. it requires professional conservators to disclose their fees online. bans conflict of interest and ups the ante on enforcement against conservators who do not act in their client's best interest. new this morning, history being made in southern california. governor newsom just signed the goil help return land to the descendants of black families that the ku klux klan drove out nearly 100 years ago. they bought land along what is now bruce's beach in l.a. county. they paid just 1200 bucks, built a lodge, cafe and dance hall.
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the kkk targeted them. the state later seized the land citing eminant domain. now the city is in the process of returning the land to the bruce family. >> somebody is trying to do the right thing. finally. finally. >> the property is likely valued in the tens of millions of dollars. the bruce family members still aren't sure what they plan to do now that it's going to be theirs again. speaking of the beach, is it a good weekend for the beach, kari? >> absolutely. it's going to be so warm this weekend. and i think a lot of people in the valleys are going to be trying to find some place to go cool off. if you're about to head out for lunch, still feels really nice and comfortable for many of our microclimates with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. but it will continue to heat up especially in the valleys. and this is where we're headed for the low 90s today. 90 in livermore. 89 in napa. oakland today, a high of 80
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degrees. some upper 80s from palo alto down to san jose and half moon bay at a very comfortable 75 degrees. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. we'll have some cooler air coming in next week. but this weekend nice and warm. you might want to head to a spot like limos bumpkin farm in half moon bay. about 71 degrees. and it's october now so we're thinking, got to get the kids in the costumes and cute little pictures by the pumpkins. get that done this weekend before the big crowds. and if you want to see some fall leaves, you do have to take a drive this weekend. you have to go up about 9,000 feet before you'll be able to see some of the changing leaves. but take a look at this picture. it's on california fall and this is a look at around mono lake area at sagehen summit. so you have to once again take a drive and maybe a hike but you can find out more information on
11:21 am to see exactly where you can see some beautiful fall colors. you may be wrapping up the weekend here in santa clara watching the game. the 49ers kick off sunday at 1:05 in the afternoon. it will be in the mid-80s. warm temperatures at levi's stadium. not a lot of shade there in the stadium so wear a hat or something that will give you something to block the sun. and make you feel more comfortable. let's talk about the extreme drought that we're seeing across the region. take a look at how expansive it is. and some of the worst of the drought is right here in the bay area. we see the darker shades of red. 49% of california is in that highest level of the drought. about 46%. 88% of the state is in at least the extreme category or higher. so it is extremely dry. and we highlight this on october 1st because today is the first day of our new water year. and so this is where we
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typically start to see at least a little bit of rain coming our way and looking at what's average for the month of october. santa rosa usually gets about two inches of rain, about an inch of rain from san francisco and much less the farther south you go inland. looking like we could see a slight chance of showers in the forecast going into next week. we're dry and hot for the weekend. but then next week, pretty strong cold front will be moving in and we'll bring in scattered showers. much of that rain dries up before it gets here. we'll be watching next thursday for that possibility. big drop off in temperatures for morgan hill. in the 90s for the second but next week we may only see the high temperatures in the 60s and 70s. it's going to be nice to have a taste of fall after a summer-like weekend with inland areas reaching into the mid to upper 90s. swimming, beach is what you'll want to do this weekend because next weekend is going to be much cooler. san francisco is also going to be cooling down going from the
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upper 70s today to the low 70s for the weekend and low 60s next week. chris? >> from 94 to 66 in morgan hill. astounding. kari, thank you. coming up -- missed opportunity in one night spot. one of rock 'n' roll's legends goes low profile. how his social media post has some going woulda, coulda, shoulda. happening now, all 23 cal state university campuses will start accepting early applications for next fall starting today. and the big news is a.c.t. and s.a.t. scores will not determine eligible. they'll stop accepting applications after november 30th. and 1 in every 20 americans with a college degree is a graduate of the csu system. we'll be right back after this break.
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the san francisco giants could wrap up the division as soon as tonight after another exciting finish. >> another 1-2. on the ground. and past the reach of smith! giants win. >> last night at oracle, a walk-off base hit by wade jr. gave the giants the win over the arizona diamondbacks. also the giants' 105th win of the season. one shy of the team record. the giants close the season with three games against the padres starting tonight. two giants wins or two dodger
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losses would mean the giants clinch the top seed in the playoffs. and it's october. trending this morning at long last "saturday night live" returns tomorrow for its 47th season. the highest rated entertainment program last season winning another eight emmys, including outstanding variety sketch series. two veteran cast members can't wait to get started. both say they just want to help people laugh a bit during the pandemic. >> and i do think we take a lot of pride in being able to bring joy to people. certainly during uncertain times when things are good and otherwise. so we just -- i think that is nice to remind everyone, we're trying our best. >> trying our best. take it easy on us. >> reporter: the new season tomorrow night. owen wilson hosts. and kacey musgraves the musical guest. some patrons didn't spot mick jagger. he tweeted out a photo from a dive bar in charlotte.
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no one noticed him. everyone ignored him, even the bartender who took his order didn't notice him. no one thought to turn off the karaoke machine? thanks for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. we're always online at
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