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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 5, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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the desperate rate to contain the california oil spill, what investigators have learned about the source of the spill a fiasco for facebook. new details on the outage that cost mark zuckerberg $7 billion in a single day. we are live on capitol hill where in just a few hours, a whistleblower will put new scrutiny on the social media giant. the real impact of a stalemate on capitol hill. why it could mean less money for your family doctors best part of
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waking up is sol to the highest bidder folger's singles up big bucks at auction. it's tuesday, okay 5th "early today" shartstarts right. >> investigators are investigating a massive oil spill off the coast of southern california the cleanup could continue for weeks >> reporter: the still unfolding disaster has left the waters of southern california coated if oil and some of its most pristine beaches covered in crude. categorized as a major skil spill town 126,000 gallons of oil could have spilled into coastal waters still no exact source. >> we have examined more than 8,000 feet of pipe we have isolated one specific area of significant interests. >> reporter: with countless bird, fish and protected wetland
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under imminent threat. the massive spill was first acknowledged saturday. but some in the area smelled fuel friday. >> someone had opened that front door up. man, the whiff of oil came through that door. >> reporter: oil-slick animals are slowly beingit could be weeks, even months before the impact to wild life is nope. >> you have to pour all resources into making sure we pit ga it the damage rom with 25 miles of southern california's iconic coastline closed to fishing, tarballs washed along shore in huntington and newport beaches. it is believed the leak occurred in a pipeline connecting a drill platform to the shore. divers are looking for the source of the rupture about 4 miles offcoast under more than 80 feet of water with booms deployed to capture oil, beta offshore which runs the platform, called it a mild to worst case scenario and mir
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ord one unfolding today, highlighting the danger of offshore drilling. >> there are 23 billion platforms off of california's coast. most of them were build in the '60s, '70s and '80s. they are all incredibly old intended life span, they're a ticking time bomb for accidents like this to happen. >> reporter: the potentially deadly impact of a dev78 spill that may soon bring even more oil washing ashore frances, there has been no definitive cause for the oil still. but official say they're looking at the possibly that an anchor may have struck the pipeline there has been no evidence of that yet meantime, here at the beach, the cleanup does continue, officials say they could be out here the next couple days, possibly, several weeks. back to you. >> miguel, thank you facebook is under fire this morning, not just from that outage yesterday, the social media company is back in the hot seat on capitol hill all eyes will be on facebook
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whistleblower who is set to identify who reveal her identity in a national interview. chris, good morning, what can we expect today >> reporter: we can expect that famous employee to enact tough new regulations on facebook. in a "60 minutes" interview, she accused them of putting profit over southeast and alleged they removed internal settings to fight election misinformation, the capital riot and prioritize growth above safety. >> look, optimizing for content that gets engagement or reaction what it's on research is showing that content that is hateful, divisive, that is polarizing, it's easier to inspire people to anger than it is to other emotions
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facebook has realized that if they change the algorithm to be safer, people will spend less time on the site, click on less ads, they'll make less >> reporter: in an exclusive abc interview, they disputed her allegations, they say over five years they spent 5 billion and has 40,000 employees working on it it came hours after they affected a wide outage and billions of commerce instagram and what'sapp is back up they do not believe any user data was stolen during yesterday's outage philip. >> a rough start to the week for facebook thank you. tense moments on an amtrak train in arizona, surveillance video shows a gunman and a dea agent was shot and killed twond oother officers were wounded
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officers had to tais the suspect when a second man began shooting the suspect was later found dead open the train him amtrak says no passengers or crew were hurt. the nation is finally seeing some relief after the latest covid summer surge covid cases are down more than 30% in the last two weeks. the u.s. is not out of the wood just yet it is still the global leader for covid case itself and deaths more than 43 million americans have been affected over 7,300 have died the "new york times" says johnson and johnson is planning approval for its booster shot this week. nbc news reached out for confirmation of the report the company didn't come as johnson&johnson did reit great it provided data to the fda. news comes as the southwest airlines is the latest to require all employees to get vaccinated they join american, jet blue, alaska and united in complying with biden administration
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guidelines for contractors now the explosive report from 150 news organizations based on millions of documents claiming the world leaders are hiding their wealth in offshore accounts andrea mitchell has the latest. >> reporter: in 12 million documents called the upon dora papers, head of state and other major figures have deposited vast assets offshore to hide billions from tax authorities. nbc news has not been able to verify the documents the president responding. >> reporter: you said people fight against corruption, so what is your reaction? >> we're look act that right now. >> why should people care about this trove of 12 million documents? >> it means that the wealthy, elite and those who can take advantage of this are paying will es in taxes, if they're
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paying any taxes at all. >> reporter: according to documents, an alleged former mistress of vladimir putin became the owner of a yacht in mo monaco >> the big concern for americans is should we know who owns assets in the uns and what are they doing with that control >> reporter: the papers also revealing jordan's king abdullah spent more than $106 million on luxury property n. malibu, california, washington, d.c. and other countries. the purchases are legal but embarrassing given jordan's economic crisis. jordanian officials tells nbc news the king is spending his own fund i asked secretary of state blink about it as he arrived in paris. do you have any reaction it's not just world leaders, elton john, shakira a are also famed in the documents.
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>> thank you. let's turn to your weather with ja en essa webb. how are we looking in. >> it will continue dreary conditions today we will focus on the southeast, where they're going to be dealing with minor flooding rain now, satellite composite radar. it bringing showers for philadelphia-boston area that will continue to push offshore the cloud will stay intact today it's the southeast, atlanta to the nevada hasn't pandle launching severe wet we have about 12 million people that are under flash flood watches. i do expect that to expand into sections of the mid-west these total itself for today into wednesday afternoon at least one-to-three inches. some isolated areas fonorthernr
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f. for the upper mid-west to the mid-west as well we're about 25 degreesl lk abou, guys >> talk to you forum in the nfl capped off with a monday night showdown justin herbert got it started early. the chargers were up 21-0. the raiders come roaring back. they brought the game within 7 it's as close as they'd get, though l.a. will have another touchdown knocking them from the ranks of the unbeaten the chargers get the when the 28-14. we can see just about a quarter of the way done now, here's a look at your league leaders, panthers quarterback
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sam darn old incredibly leading the league with touchdowns on the defensive side, myles garrett leads the league with sacks. he's got six the republicans are accusing the democrats of ausan rsi rule room...t with a standoff. clinics to provide abortion clinics to provide abortion office services stay with yo you ready? dude i'm in class. you got nothin'! ohhh! ♪♪ ♪♪ wet dishes? residue? spots? it's not your dishwasher's fault.
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simply add finish jetdry 3in1 to rinse, dry and shine your dishes. solve 3 problems at ce with finish jetdry 3in1. my hygienist cleans with a round head. so does my oral-b my hygienist personalizes my cleaning. so does my oral-b oral-b delivers the wow of a professional clean feel every day. zblrnlgs. leading the news, the president is pushing congress to address the debt limit and if action isn't taken quickly, they could lose their financial credibility around the world mortgage rates would go up retirement savings down. senate minority leader insists democrats should raise the limit on their own he put pressure on republicans to allow a vote on that issue this week.
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>> republicans say they will not do their part to avoid this needless calamity. so be it but they need to stop playing russian roulette with the economy. >> he will talk about infrastructure and build back better bills and will take his pitch on the road to michigan. the biden administration has formerly reversed a trump era role rolling back restrictions that stopped healthcare clinics from receiving federal funds if they provided abortion services or referrals the new policy which go into effect november 8 will allow planners to rejoin title 10. that's a federal program making healthcare more affordable in under served areas this rule change comes as the supreme court returns to the bench. the justices will take up a mississippi law that will ban virtually all abortions after 50 weeks of pregnancy still to come, dave chappelle is back with a new
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. what could he possibly have left to say? >> you shut the -- up, morngan freeman. >> sorry, i was just - >> dave chappelle's latest comedy special "closer" is is his 6th wrapping up a series and he has won three emmys and grammys. now back to the showdown in washington over president biden's spending plan, hanging in the balance is the extended child tax credit that millions of families have benefitted from this year. st stephanie ruhl on the greatest divide. >> reporter: hey there president biden is hitting the road to
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explain to the american people what is in his multi-trillion dollar human infrastructure plan with his goal to explain to people how it will benefit their lives. they'll hopefully make a case to their congress person where they want to vote yes for jen fidickman in north carolina, it's a life changing $500 a month. >> child tax money has helped us with our medical expenses. i have two special needs kids. >> reporter: the expanded payments that began in july as a part of the american rescue plan involved tense of millions of families immediately. >> if my kids need school, i got it i need gas to take them to here and there, i got it. >> that went to an air conditioner which was so helpful, i was worried about my kids becoming dehydrated >> i small my son school supplies i bought pull-ups and wipes for my daughters.
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>> reporter: the payments expire at the end of this year. unless congress passes somerset version of the infrastructure bill essential to president biden's economic agenda. the left-leaning research center insight says it's needed more than ever. >> what it will do is help families have a check on economic needs before the pandemic. >> reporter: at a time when the pandemic has exacerbated financial hardship for millions. the ten richest a combined $1 trillion president biden wants a safety net. they are negotiating to extend the child tax credit subsidize child care costs for young kids and expand medicare for caring and vision. >> it's showing that the government doesn't care about the wealthy, it cares about the average americans. >> reporter: democrats say the money kould would come in part from raising capital gains on the wealthy and increases taxes
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on republicans >> trillions spent on socialism is a bad day any day it's uniquely hat a time when american families are hammered by inflation and soaring costs. >> reporter: but some parents have seen the benefits of the child tax credit already can't imagine a world without it >> the child tax credit put food on the table and that's just an incredible thing and how can we take that away >> reporter: what's important to remember, right now democrats are negotiating one of the post-important things in this bill that will impact the most americans in need and what they can leave on the cutting room floor. what the white house needs to realize is they need to do more selling and explain what's in this bill if they want more support. >> thank you still to come, new kids on
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secret okay it's time to prepare for the next two days. you have a big time storm system winter storm warnings have been put in place for central alaska. so this will be the first big snowfall if that same front enters the pack northwest you can see by tuesday, that's this afternoon into wednesday, where we're going to see some minor snowfall for the rockies and the higher elevations of oregon so we will be watching that closely, arizona watching severe weather for today. now if you are from the upper mid-west into the northeast, completely different weather pattern. day time highs upper 70s, 90s in some spots and this heat will continue its spread across north and east as we into tomorrow, guys. >> janessa, thanks. up next, get ready to force
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. netflix just released a full trailer of its tick tick boom adaptation andrew garfield stars as a famed rent composer. jonathan lorsen hopes to write the next music am. it will appear in theaters and
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will be available to stream november 19th. frances, you were saying another big name is behind us. >> on the other side of the camera is lynn manuel. britney spears says in a tweet, i have no words because of you guys and your constant resilience in freeing me from my conserve trship. she added she cried for hours. the red sox will be hosting the yankees today. talking about new kids on the block. the boy band announcer will be hitting the road in over 50 arenas across the country. but the kids will not alone on the block. joining the band step by step during this tour, salt and peppa, and envogue as well this tour will run for two months and will kick off in cincinnati, ohio may 10th. tickets are on sale this friday. in today's ground breakers,
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two black female inventors are set to receive a long overdue honor. their works have changed history. they will soon make more history for marianne croak and patricia -- croak is being known for making phone calls using an internet connection and dr. bath, she will be indicted for the laser probe, a surgical lacer that is used to eliminate cataracts. this is a jingle, it's as iconic as that cup of "morning joe", the rights were auctioned fauf for a major price [ music playing it's a part of waking up is folger's in your cup. >> remember that best part of
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waking up, too it sold over the weekend with ownership of all future royalties included for the winning bidder this is jgenius i
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right now at 4:30, facebook fallout. all eyes will be on capitol hill after the whistle-blower is set to testify before congress today. how the negative publicity is hurting the company's bottom line. >> this is "today in the bay." a very good tuesday morning to you. thk


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