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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 7, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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>> seth: i want to thank my guests blake shelton, brett goldstein and cuco i want to thank barrett martin and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated we loved you ♪ . right now at 11:00, the rules are about to change. is the bay area ready for it? >> i want to get down and look
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up at the sky and say thank you, man, thank you, thank you. >> he's excited. the announcement about mask that's could come as early as tomorrow. plus, kids on a crime spree armed with a gun. one of the suspects just 11 years old. also, attacked by a great white shark. a local surfer tells his harrowing story from his hospital bed. >> i looked back again. i started to see spots. i started to black out. i'm like, no, i'm going to die for sure. >> what happened next and the good samaritan that he says saved his life. >> and oh, my. this might be the best playoff series in giants history. the dodgers are coming to san francisco after what they did late tonight down in l.a. >> good evening. it could happen tomorrow. the beginning of the end of mandatory masking in the bay area. >> many business owners say it
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couldn't come soon enough. mandatory masking isn't good for their bottom line. what about for our covid safety? here's terry mcsweeney. >> man, i just want to get down and look up at the sky and say thank you, man, thank you. >> reporter: the sausalito business club owner can't hide his joy at the thought of no more masks. >> we've lost a ton of business for people wanting to work out. but that being able to, there is no way they would feel comfortable with a mask on. >> reporter: every bay area county has a mask mandate. vaccination rates and local transmissions and hospitalizations will be considered. >> we will probably have some concessions. if you know the status, even if you're in an enclosed safe, i expect it would not be mandatory in that setting. >> reporter: people in san francisco and marin, the covid
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rates are down. we came here to get reaction. at woodbridge hair salon, a very busy scene. everyone is masked. >> i'm really excited about getting the mask off because i want to wear lipstick. i'll do what i got to do. >> i got blush on. >> reporter: at the juice shop, some customers have already dropped their masks. >> i think the guest would be a lot happier. a lot of guests don't wear their masks already. the number of times we get asked, do you have a mask? i think the morale would be a lot better. >> reporter: terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> it will come down to the number. here's a welcome at the percentage of people testing positive for the virus. june 15, look at how low we were. that's when the state first ended the mask mandate. it was at .4%.
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tonight at 1.6%. in june, the case rate, san francisco had a case rate of 1.2 cases per 100,000 people. now it is six times as high or 7.8 cases per 100,000 people. a federal judge has temporarily blocked a near total ban on abortion in texas. the law is the strictest in the country, effectively preventing women from getting abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. the biden administration is challenging the constitutionality. last month the supreme court ruled the texas law could take effect. however the justice department maintains it has the right to challenge that state law because it goes against federal law which does allow a woman to choose with roe versus wade. the texas law also allows private citizens to enforce that law by filing suit against
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anyone who either performed or helps a woman get an abortion. developing at this hour, a shooting involving an officer in the north bay. it happened in pear tree lane in napa just before 2:00 this afternoon. police responded to a call about a dispute between a man and his father. investigators say the son had a loaded gun and point it at his dad as officers approached the homes, they heard gunfire. when they arrived, they saw the man with the gun acting in a threatening manner. that's when an officer fired his gun, shooting the man. paramedics rushed him to the local hospital. his condition is unknown. a car and a purse snatching, all at the center of a two-day crime spree. the suspects are kids. the youngest, just 11 days old. >> reporter: a possible break in the case happened here in the
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patio of this peet's coffee shop in berkeley. that's where a laptop robbery happened on thursday. a witness managed to take down a license plate number of the getaway car. late that night, there was a purse snatching in walnut creek. >> we have a victim walking downtown. her purse was stolen and she was pulled to the ground. >> reporter: five people were involved with the attack. one had a weapon. >> once a description was put out there to our other agencies, it was the vehicle used and this armed robbery was used in a carjacking. >> reporter: that carjacking happened in oakland on monday. police spotted a car in berkeley on tuesday. a pursuit ended when the car crashed into someone sitting on a bench. five juveniles were arrested, ranging in age from 11 to 15 years old. according to a staff member at the youth commission in oakland, nationally violent crimes are
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going up. that may be the reason why suspects in these violent crimes are getting younger. >> violence is often environmental. and someone who has experienced violence. >> their life is more likely to be a victim of violence. >> more needs to be put in place to help our youth. until that happens, it will only continue. it seems to be getting worse every night at the millennial tower. a new expert is advising san francisco and the tower's home own orders whether it safe to resume the project designed to stop the high rise from sinking further. the building sank another inch this summer which increased it at the top from 17 inches to more than 22 inches toward fremont street. a drilling expert has been hired by the millennium homeowners to advise them and the city on how
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to make sure further testing on a safeway to install steel support piles won't allow the building to lean even more. >> if you're going to bomb the village to save it, it might be a terrible idea. >> engineers home the restart testing as soon as next week. their margin of error is narrowing. they said just a few more inches of sinking in the wrong direction could make it seismically unsafe. from death sentence to life sentence. scott peterson will be resentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. a judge making that announcement. he's been on death row for more than 15 years for killing his life lacy and their unborn son. the child judge made a mistake excluding potential juror opposed to the death penalty. his resentencing is set for
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december. a second juror sent home. a new development in the trial of elizabeth holmes. shortly after holmes swukd the courthouse with her mom, a juror was removed. the woman cited her religious beliefs saying as a buddhist, she believes in compassion and foregiveness. the juror told the court she would have trouble passing judgment on another person. a live look at the port of oakland where more dock workers and new cranes are paying off. if you notice a delay in any of your online orders, it may be a massive back-up of cargo ships on the west coast. specifically in long beach, in part because of the pandemic. here in the bay area, not much of a backlog. things are going so well, they may be able to alleviate some of the backlog elsewhere. >> reporter: three new massive cranes and a fourth at a berth in oakland helped ease the
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congestion in the bay waiting to unload and get restacked. the new cranes along with hundreds of newly trained port workers means the port of oakland is now able to ease the back-up at southern california ports. >> we are here at the ready to help in the situation. we have some available capacity for products to come in and out. >> reporter: more dock workers and cranes aren't the only pieces of the puzzle that will need to be improved. emthere was already a shortage of truck drivers before the pandemic and now many are aging out of the profession. >> getting in line at the port, it is becoming a little difficult as you get older. so some folks, of course i'll work there. >> reporter: the long lines at the ports to drop off and pick up cargo containers means they've been making less money. some have taken another jobs.
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they are helping to streamline the process. the pandemic has shifted our buying habits to more online sales so the cargo demand isn't easing up any time soon. wi bgest logistics operators had some shopping advice. >> i think it would be very prudent to start your christmas shopping early this year. that there will undoubtedly be delays, some disruptions and some stockouts where a product will not be available in time. >> reporter: in oakland, sergio quintana. nbc bay area news. warning workers, get your covid vaccine or risk losing your jobs. all city employees must be fully vaccinated by november 29th unless they've applied for an exemption. the new policy also applies to city volunteers and interns. to help facilitate it, oakland is hosting free vaccination clinics at some city buildings. los angeles city leaders have approved one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the nation.
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it requires proof of vaccination inside bars, restaurants, shopping malls, nail salons, hair salons and gyms. people with medical or religious exemptions for vaccines must show a negative test within 72 hours to go into any of those places. now, as you know, san francisco has a similar mandate but it doesn't go as far as l.a. critics say it will be tough to enforce and it will cause a lot of confusion with the l.a. county mandate which is much less stress. take a deep breath. like it or not, we got the epic match-up. the giants will play the dodgers. the dodgers earned their place after a dramatic ending tonight. >> fires, swing and a drive! left field! >> there it is. dodger stadium going wild. chris taylor hits a two-one
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walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth inning of the the dodgers beat the cardinals in the wild card game. do you know what that means? yes. champagne is flowing. >> oh, boy! >> for the first time in history in terms of the modern format we know of, the dodgers and giants will be facing off in the postseason. game one this friday night. here's the schedule. are you ready? game one friday night at oracle. game two, saturday night, also at oracle. game three and four, mondaesday. game five if necessary next thursday night back here in the city. >> this is going to be gut wrenching. all right, back in 60 seconds. a man attacked by a great white shark and he lived to tell about it. >> all of a sudden, this clamp. not that fast but just very heavy. >> the good samaritans that
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saved his life. >> don't forget about flu season. the reason health officials are so concerned. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ran yeari. 119 days since we've did you hear about this guy? attacked by a great white shark and he survived. tonight we have the hospital bed interview. it happened on sunday at salmon
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creek beach in bodega bay. he said good samaritans helped save his life. >> there is my leg. still there. >> reporter: it is bandaged up and protected by a leg brace but his right leg is still in one piece, even after a shark clamped its jaws over it. it happened sunday morning while he was surfing off the beach in bodega bay. >> i hit him in the nose. >> reporter: once the shark let him go, he got back up on his surfboard and screamed for help. >> i looked back again and it is bleeding so much. i started to see spots and i started to black out. no, i'm going to die for sure. >> reporter: surfers and good samaritans raced to help him get out of the water and apply and putting tourniquets on me. >> reporter: in a stroke of luck, one of those beach
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visitors happened to be a doctor who had a medical kit in his car. he was then air lifted to the hospital where he is currently recovering in the icu. >> i know i have more surgeries ahead of me. >> reporter: he said a dna sample from his bite wound confirmed the culprit was a great white shark. luiz rocha is at the academy of sciences. >> this time of year is when the great white sharks come to feed. so the sea lions and the harbor seals give birth during the summer. >> reporter: it is likely the gras it white shark h leg for a young seal. october a, that's when there is more great white sharks. but i don't think it is unsafe. it is very, very rare and in some years, there are no attacks. >> reporter: in the east bay, nbc bay area news.
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>> from that video to check out this video. this is the island cove, a fishing boat that sank in its slip at the hyde street harbor this morning. super popular for singers. the u.s. coast guard is looking into what caused it. they are looking for any fuel spill. there was a person on board but that person was able to get to land quickly and call for help. it is unanimous. san jose city council has approved a housing plan for people camping in the guadalupe river park. we reported this for several years now. the homeless returned in more numbers during the pandemic. now councilmembers have approved a series of pre fabricated units similar to these which they open in february. it will be vacant land behind san jose's police headquarters which employees use for extra parking. it calls for enough unit to
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house 76 people until they can find long term housing. >> governor newsom signed legislation aimed at lowering the cost of higher ed. >> we are investing in csu, the community college, the front door for two-thirds of those that enter into higher education. we're investing in that conveyor belt to the you were c system. >> the bills will have affordable housing for students, and it easier for junior college students to transfer. we know the stage is set for the giants and dodgers. we know we have blue angels and a whole host of things. >> do you have heaters? >> we're getting into that. we'll take this colder weather
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the fire danger we've had and the drought, it will help on some fronts to start to transition this weather pattern. this colder system dropping down, it will give us a reinforcing shot of some air, widespread through the bay area. but ao snow and rain on the eastern side of the sierra. we'll get more coming up in a bit. let's take sbat our thursday morning forecast. 55, tri-valley at 53, and your eyes probably zoning right in over there to the north bay. we're down to 48 degrees. make sure you bundle up if you're out in the coldest part of the day. check this out. the chilliest weather we've seen in 119 days. widespread 50s all the way from santa rosa to morgan hill.
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maybe you're heading into fleet week. no sunglasses needed but take the jacket with those high 50s and low 60s. friday, saturday and sunday when we get into that air show, the world famous air show, we'll start to get into some sunshine. maybe it's not clear. maybe you're headed up to tahoe. highway 50 on friday, one to three inches of snow expected right into kirkwood. let's get you into the seven-day forecast. we are looking at the sunshine as i talked about shaping up pretty good here for saturday and sunday with the mid to upper 60s. then we get into some dry wind monday and tuesday. we'll continue to update you as we get closer. two days going up to 79 on sunday and then we hold it in the 70s for next week. a few seconds left on the clock.
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back to san francisco. we got the match-up a lot of us wanted. the dodgers and the giants. game one, friday, 6:30, 7:00, i. >> i think she'll be in the fancy seats. >> anybody invite me if you have a fancy seat. i will go. just ahead, you might notice the big difference the changes that door dash and grub hub have to make in the coming month. happening now, stanford has until december 8 to announce that they are fully vaccinated. it is in compliance with president biden's executive order requiring employers with order requiring employers with you 100 or more workers can you see my wall of smiles?
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when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. es they start including meretreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. health experts are gearing up for a bad flu season. the head of the cdc says this year is expected to be especially bad because the country has reduced immunity after an all time low of flu cases last year. during the 2020 flu season, there were just 2,000 cases in the u.s. that's compared to an estimated 35 million the year before. toops cdc director said the
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cases were so low because we were all wearing masks, washing our hands and social distancing to keep covid at bay. so now health leaders are urging people to get both their covid shots and their flu shots. new rules for door dash and grub hub. a new law requires them to disclose how much they charge customers at restaurants. this requires companies to show restaurants and customers an itemized cost breakdown of every transaction. it also badges these companies from charging more than the price the restaurant lists in the app. and the apps now have to give delivery drivers their tips in fulfill this is all to combat the hidden fees that delivery companies like door dash and grub hub were charging causing everyday people like you and i to lose money. yosemite, reservations no longer required.
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visitors have had to go online to enter the park. that requirement is over. and something new to see. the contributions that chinese immigrants have made to the park. up next, back down to dodger stadium. we'll show you what happened and okay. i have to admit. i am nervous about this and a little disturbed. good news we get the epic
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match-up between the giants and the dodgers. but the down side is the dodgers are really good! >> the torture starts now. here's how it shook down at dodger stadium. we say hello to magic johnson. part of the dodgers ownership group. we'll probably see a lot of him in the next week. we showed you earlier, chris taylor with a game winning two-run homer. more than 50,000 fans out of dodger stadium. a fun place to watch a game. taylor was in a major slump. that's the beauty of the playoffs. anyone can step up and behe. the dodgers beat the cardinals 3-1. the dodgers fly to san francisco tomorrow. game one on friday. game two on saturday. it's the best of five series. all right. how about some pre season basketball? warriors at chase center. hello to draymond green. a ceremony before tip-off. remember the last time we saw
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him was in tokyo. he said he brought his baby girl's diaper, a clean one. >> the warriors beat denver 118-116. so what's happening with the 49ers and their quarterback situation? today, we got some answers, kind of sort of. here's what we saw at practice. that's the rookie working the first unit. that usually indicates that he will be the starting quarterback. however, kyle shanahan said, jimmy g isn't ruled out. he might play sunday. >> what a mystery. >> a little banged up. the 49ers play the cardinals on sunday. they're the last
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finally, san francisco looks and sounds different this week because it's fleet being. more people, more ships, more planes, more excitement. but don't forget your masks. they are federal property so the regulations are in force. the big navy ships will be open for tourists thursday through sunday. >> that's tomorrow, thursday. we're here.
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>> we can't go. we have you covered on our website. you can figd a whole list of events going on. you can go to in theory, you can go to fleet week and then right to the warriors game. >> good night. breaking news tonight. the potential breakthrough in the debt limit showdown with the clock ticking for the u.s. to avoid defaulting on its debts for the first time in history. there's word of progress tonight the deal mitch mcconnell and senate republicans are offering democrats after president biden accused them of playing russian roulette with the economy. also tonight, the shooting at a texas high school. multiple people injured. police swarming the school with guns drawn. the images inside, a classroom door barricaded the school placed on lockdown students let out in single file. the suspect, a student, arrested after a manhunt. what police say led up to the horror. the covid crisis
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and the major u.s. city enacting one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the nation. could there be criminal charges? our exclusive with the american who survived the 2015 isis terror attacks in paris. what happened in court today when she faced down the suspects. her chilling testimony. and the housing crunch the tricks companies are using to price would-be buyers out of their dream homes. >> this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening with the country barreling toward a financial cliff tonight, republicans may be blinking and ready to help avert catastrophe with a new offer to democrats providing an off-ramp in the showdown of raising the $28.4 trillion debt ceiling. tonight the clock is ticking. less than two weeks until the u.s. will either have to raise


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