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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 8, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00. in the air on the baseball diamond and up and down the court. san francisco set to be the playground for a fun packed friday in the city. but under all the excitement, concerns about the spread of covid. good morning and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. this behind me, such a cool sight. just this parade of ships right now in the bay area, in the bay. and it is gets a little more back to normal in the bay area with the jam packed day full of
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events. nbc bay area sierra johnson. >> reporter: i beat the sun ott game. i was up super early letting you all know what to expect for the weekend. folks setting up the barricades for big game. dodgers/giants here at oracle park, the game begins at 6:30. set to be a big one. i hear it is a little bit of a rivalry so it really should be a great game. if you are not into baseball, head down a couple blocks and you will have some basketball. warriors another preseason game. starts about 30 minutes of the giants game, starts at 7:00. if you have tickets for the game you want to be fully vaccinated to get into the arena. they are also going to ask for a
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form of identification anyway matches the vaccination card. and if you are really just not even a sports person, fleet week is officially here and there are an array of activities there. to be in the city at least a day i'm sure you have heard or seen the blue angels doing their practice runs. they are really hard to miss. they have been doing practicing and if you are not about the planes, there are also ships here in town. lots of ships with lots of history and they are offering public tours. a lot of excitement for tourists visiting town and locals looking for something to do. take a listen. >> i mean, gosh, san francisco is just, i mean it is such a great place to be. there is so much going on all the time. and it is just beautiful. you know, it is just beautiful. especially down here on the embarcadero and the water front. >> reporter: all of this is possible because of san francisco's high vaccination
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rate. and business leaders and folks here as well excited to have things back to normal after a roller coaster 2020. if you are headed to this area, we have embarcadero and both stadiums and the ballpark. give yourself plenty of time to get here. parking is limited. we've been here hours and every spot here in our vicinity on king is already filled. public transit may be the way to go. muni is extending lines and hours. lots of things to do and lots of ways to get down here. if you are coming, play it safe because we are still in the middle of a pandemic. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for nbc barry newsy area news. it was nice and beautiful out there. another look from san francisco, one or our downtown cameras there. beautiful start to the friday.
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how does the weekend look for us kari? >> i don't know if it gets any better than. this sometimes we have to deal with issues with fog and also whether or not you will be able to see the air show. there are no issues whatsoever today. it is chilly. you see cierra with that warm jacket and i think you will need to have extra layers this afternoon into the evening. temperatures will be dropping off quickly. if you will be out there at oracle park, expect temperatures to go from the low-60ss to the mid-50s as the game goes along. so it will be quite cold out there, especially when the winds pick up, we get more clouds. and there may even be mist and drizzle later this evening. tomorrow just a touch warmer. and if you have plans to go to the game tomorrow night, we start out at about 65 degrees and come back down to the upper-50s. here is a look at our microclimates and the high temperatures for today. we're mainly looking at mid- to upper-60s. one spot reaching 70 degrees but we're also watching another
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weather system coming early tomorrow morning. it could bring in some more spotty light rain. we'll talk more about that in a few minute, marcus? >> looking forward to it. cary. thank you.kari. thank you. everything going on in san francisco we've got you covered. especially fleet week. head over to the trending bar and select sf fleet week guide or search "fleet week" on our website and you can do that as nbc bay area com and on the app. a chaotic night inside and outside papal stadium at san jose. the quakes were playing a friendly last night but it really was anything but friendly. bob riddle for us. shocking to see that video. what are police saying? >> reporter: we spoke with san jose place within about the past hour and a half i would say. they now tells us they arrested
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eight people outside paypal park last night. more than previously reported. around 10:30, police tell us about five of their officer, actually more than that, responded to what police describe as a mass disturbance in the parking lot outside paypal park with 30 to 40 people engaged in different fights. at one point a gun was fired, someone was grazed by a bullet. policed by recover the firearm and they are investigating who pulled the trigger. two people were taken to the hospital. both are expected to survive. police don't know the true number of people hurt because a lot of people just left the area. they are asking anyone with videos of the fight to contact them. >> this isn't the first sporting event we've seen that's had disturbances. nationwide. not only soccer but football and other sporting events and we're engaged working with park management to ensure staffing is appropriate and they take steps and planning to make sure the safety of the patrons and the event itself continues to be a
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family-friendly atmosphere. >> reporter: inside the stadium the quakes hosted cruz azul. in a friendly. but you can see. it wasn't a friendly environment. police arrested a fan for assault. the quakes released the statements this morning, they didn't provide any details what happened inside or outside the stadium. they just thanked police for their swift response, say they are cooperating with the investigation and are committed to making their events safe for all fans. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thank you. warning residents it might be a while before we meet the requirements to drop the indoor mask mandates. i want to show you why. the first requirement, covid case count. health officials say our counties must reach the cdc's
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yellow moderate transmission tier. 7 of our 9 counties right now are in the orange, substantial tier. and napa still in the red. a high transition tier. the county must stay in the yellow tier at least three weeks. so the second requirement, hospitalizations. health officers say they must be low and stable and it will be up to the health officers to decide what that means. we do know that hospitalizations are dropping across the bay area. and this chart has the hopizations of santa clara county which have been dropping steadily in the past few weeks. the final requirement, vaccines. 80% of the population must be fully vaccinated. one of the counties -- actually none of the counties right now are there. marin county is the closest with 77%. more details now. one week from today, independent
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from the new bay area guidelines, san francisco easing its mask requirements. the mayors office announcing yesterday restrictioning will be lifted inside offices, gym, religious gatherings, college classrooms, all provided there are fewer than 100 people, everyone attends regularly and they are all fully vaccinated. the new rules will not apply to places unvaccinated children might frequent including stores and restaurants. with just days to spare the senate has voted to increase the nation's debt limit. that deal will keep paychecks for the military and social security benefits flowing for at least the next two months. nbc's chris fallone is on capitol hill. >> reporter: disaster deferred for now. >> the ayes 50ed the nays 48. >> reporter: senate republicans moving aside to temporarily
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allow democrats to raise the nation's debt limit. >> republicans played a dangerous and risky partisan game and i'm glad their bringsman ship did not work. >> reporter: it would raise the debt limit by 480 billion dollars, enough to keep the country's bills paid until early december. >> we voted. averted the fiscal clip. at least for now. >> reporter: republicans upset hoping to use the debt limit fight to slow president biden's future spending plans. >> unfortunately, yesterday, republicans blinked. i think that was a mistake. i think that was the wrong decision. >> reporter: congressional democrats now turn their attention back to passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill and a much bigger spending bill with money to fight climate change and fund new social programs. the white house had hoped to gain some momentum for its agenda with strong september jobs numbers but at 194 thousand jobs added, the actual number
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fell far short of projects of half a million new jobs. unemployment dipped to 4.8%, reflect an economy still struggling to recover from the delta variant. the house of representatives originally scheduled to be out of session next week will come back on tuesday to vote on the debt limb increase. mr. biden could signed it into law that night less than a week before the default deadline. in washington, nbc news. happening now. governor newsom is in east bay hoping to give small businesses a boost. a live look, he's at kingston 11 cuisine restaurant. this is in telegraph. what he's doing is signing new legislation that delivers relief to local businesses. about $4 billion is available in relief grants. tesla ceo elon musk says that he's moving tesla's headquarters to texas. he told investors and analysts yesterday the car company's headquarters would move from
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palo alto to austin. the jobs at tesla's bay area operations are at the fremont factory and the jobs will stay. in the operations will expand by 50%. elon musk pointed to high cost of housing in the area, traffic and taxes. so far there is no timeline when the move could happen. coming up. many questions remain about the oil spill in southern california. what may have caused that leak? as oil and tar show up ashore. and have you booked your flight for the holidays just yet? you may have missed out on some deals. we're going to talk about the high cost you might be paying now. and ll cool j. stopping by the kelly clarbgsen show. you can catch it right here own nbc bay area coming up this afternoon at 3:00.kson show. you can catch it right here own nbc bay area coming up this afternoon at 3:00.
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developing this midday in southern california, oil and tar from the orange county oil spill is showing town coast in neighboring san diego county. investigators are looking into the possibility of a cargo ship forced to anchor outside nearby ports rupturing the line. the company that operates the pipeline already facing legal claims tied to this bill, including a new class action lawsuit filed on behalf of the huntington beach surfing school. while you were sleeping the winners of the nobel peace prize were announced. both are known for investigations that have angered their country's rulers and have faced significant threats. congratulations to them. and new details. if you are thinking of flying to see your family and friends during the holidays, experts say you better start planning now and as nbc's anne thompson
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reports, you should also put a way a little extra money to spend on that trip. >> reporter: americans want to travel like it is 2019 again. >> the number of folks who are excited to get out on an airplane right now and for the holidays is really rebounding quickly. >> reporter: thanksgiving week bookings are 35% higher than the same time before the pandemic. and december is ramping up to be a big month too. after many people skipped celebrating the holidays with family last year due to covid. >> i will be spending christmas with my family. i encourage people particularly the vaccinated people who are protected to have a good normal christmas with your family. >> reporter: united plans to offer 3,500 flights a day in december. the most since covid grounded the travel industry. the airline focusing on adding flights to sun and ski destination. think florida, las vegas and colorado. especially from airports in the mid west.
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why? it's seen a 16% jump in searching for holiday travel compared to two years ago. more demand in many places will mean less availability and higher prices. guesty, the short-term rental company reports the average nightly rate is up from 332 dollars in 2019 to almost $600 now. air fares are soaring too. >> i would expect fuller plains as we move forward into the holiday season. and i would expect the availability of cheap flights for this holiday season to really start to dissipate quickly. >> reporter: travel website hopper says price hikes will be scary if you are booking after halloween. up to 40% with the average round trip ticket landing at $400. wait until the last minute and you could pay another 25% on top of that. as for vaccinations, most major airlines require their employees to be vaccinated. but there is no such mandate for
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air travelers. thursday, dr. ashish jod told hoda and savannah he would like to see one. >> i saw lot of unvaccinated people. and i think if we want to get back to normal it is going to make a big difference. >> reporter: travelers need to be flexible about dates and destination this is year, book rental cars now and be prepared for crowds. well of course it is going to be a busy weekend in the city. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking what we can expect weatherwise and it is not too bad kari at all. >> not bad al all. its been so nice to have the cooler weather. and we've got one more round of a chance of showers. i know you may have walked out the door this morning and said ooph, my car is like really dirty now. because you got spotty light showers overnight. there is another system up there that that will be dropping in fairly quickly and bringing some rain to some of us. but its also been really nice to see the snow falling in thera.
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that snow is winding down and it was only for the really high elevations. take a look at this from homewood ski area, there was a light dusting of snow earlier this morning. so that was really cool to see. and if you are lucky enough to be packing up the car and heading to south lake tahoe, well the rain is winding down but the temperatures there today only reaching 48 degrees and dropping down to 24 degrees tonight. we'll see more of those mid-20s for the morning hours. but it does get fairly mild for those afternoon hours into the end of the weekend reaching 60 on sunday. now let's bring it back home. we're taking live look outside in dublin, checking out 580, yeah and there is already a lot of people up and out and maybe getting an early jump on the weekend. but take a look at how cool temperatures are. right now we're in the upper-50s across many of our microclimates and low-60s for the south bay and inland east bay. about 65 in livermore.
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65 in al alt and 67 santa rosa. it will get warmer the next few days but one more day of highs in the 60s across much of the bay area. and once again waking up early tomorrow morning. this is mainly before sunrise. there will be a chance that we could see some spotty light showers. a lot of it staying off the coast. we'll have to see if some of that light rain can make it in. but for the most part the models are really backing off on that chance. and looking at the night sky, there will be some clouds so you may have a hard time seeing the meteor shower tonight. and this is not like the perseid meteor shower but you may see up to about five meteors per hour if you are looking up and focused on the sky. we're focused on fleet week and all the activities going on. today low-60s, that is in the middle of the afternoon. it cools off quickly and going
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into tomorrow slightly milder and the warming trend continues through the end of the weekend with more sunshine sunday, but visibility is clear. if you are not a fan of crowds and traffic, might want to head to livermore and go to jones pumpkin patch. nice day in livermore reaching the low-70s. and for a road trip, above 8500 feet, check out california fall to see where you can head this weekend. but then we turn our attention to the high fire danger starting late on sunday, winds pick up inland and we have to deal with that. we're going to be watching that with more updates but temperatures still pretty nice. just more seasonal over the next few days. marcus? >> all right. i love those temperatures. thanks kari. coming up a football team's mascot gets real close to the crowd. video you have to see of a hawk finding a new place to hang out.
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first a live look in san francisco because the city will now require all city contractors who work alongside employees on a regular basis to get vaccinated. mayor london breed issuing that new order this morning. if a contractor who falls under the order does not get vaccinated, their employer could remove them from the job. this comes following the city's existing vaccine mandate for its 35,000 city workers. we'll be right back.
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new video. a seattle seahawks fan got a surprise visit last night from the team's mascot. take a look at that. you can watch him fly into the crowd instead of his trainer's arm during the pregame ceremony. the hawk decided to touch down on one lucky, or maybe unlucky depending on the fan there. his head. that might be -- those claws are kind of -- ooh to his credit. luckily everyone seemed to be okay following the enkoirnt. i think after the fact it would be pretty cool. something else pretty cool. kim kardashian west is hosting "saturday night live" tomorrow with musical guest halsey. in a preview clip kim jokes hosting is so easy. that is saturday night here on nbc bay area. we are about seven hours
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from the first pitch of the dodgers/giants playoff series. the dodgers versus giants in their first postseason series since they moved out west decades ago. and yep, this is getting a lot of us all pumped up, deepening that rivalry before the first pitch is ever thrown. check out the morning anchors from today in l.a., our sister station down in l.a. >> good morning to our friends on "today" in the bay. our boys in blue will be on your home turf this weekend but let's be real. the giants don't stand a chance against our dodgers. >> bueller. incredibly postseason. mad max. hall of famer and a 20-game winner. then our line up. mvp, mvp. hitting champ just to lead it off. >> mic drop. given all that we thought it would be fun to wage a little bet. if our team wince the series. you have to rep dodger blue and rep dodgers on the air. >> let's show them how it's done. >> let's go dodgers. >> if the dodgers happen to lose
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and the giants happen to win, we'll rep your colors. >> let's go dodgers! >> let's go giants. yeah. that's what they wanted to say, "let's go giants" and may i add, robin this that video there. she's from the bay area. you know she still bleeds orange. i don't know why she's playing with the folks down in l.a. but she still bleeds orange. >> and she probably has the same dress so she'll be wearing that next week, right marcus? >> she might as well get ready, kari. a closet full of orange i'm sure. >> all right. yes, absolutely. we've got some great weather for what every you are planning to do this weekend. and of course you want to make sure that whatever you are wearing it is orange and black. we're going to have a great weekend and looking forward to all of the nice weather across the bay area, marcus. >> got to step up my orange and black game. a little orange here. all right. and some black buttons there. you go. well that does it for us for this mid day newscast.
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next one at 5:00. and if you are heading to the city and having a good time, be safe out there. and let's go giants, let's go warriors. enjoy yourself this weekend. we'll see you back here.
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right now on "california live," play ball. the giants and the dodgers are making baseball history. >> and big texas, big beer. it's our big october fest in big bear. plus tennis anyone? back in the desert, they are serving aces on and off the court. >> and we're going out for a movie night at a graveyard filled with celebrity ghosts. >> guy, this is killer.
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