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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 8, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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off. did you see this? the first snow in the sierra. but here i'm tracking winds that bring fire danger. >> not just san francisco. another bay area county loosening its mask rules. when your county may say you can ditch the mask as well. and the unusual heist in the south bay and the surprise for the thieves who got away. >> did you hear it? they're saying beat l.a. the legends were out. jerry rice was there. >> what a way to kick off a busy weekend in the city. the giant play again tomorrow night. it should be exciting. >> anthony flores leads our team coverage from oracle park. we've seen a lot of magical playoff games from right where you're standing tonight, right
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there with the best. >> reporter: what a great game for the giants. they were the best team for the regular season. they played like dominating the dodgers and taking game one of the divisional series. buster posey had the two-run homer. the story it was commanding performance on the hill by webb. making his playoff debut, he kept the dodgers' lineup off balance at the plate. he pitched 7 2/3 scoreless innings as the giants flanked l.a. 4-0. >> i keep saying, you dream have these moments growing up as a player and to be a part of it and do it is something that is special for sure. >> reporter: now, if you watched the game, you heard the crowd. you can also see those orange rally towels. coming up later, how the crowd kind of helped spark the victory. game two tomorrow night at
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oracle. anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> cheryl hurd is also at the ballpark. a dream night for the players, dream night for the fans. >> reporter: absolutely. as you can see tonight, the stadium is empty but it won't be like that tomorrow. everyone was in a great mood. it was magical night. the first time the giants and the dodgers faced off with the divisional title and the giants fans knew tonight that they would win. a lot of exciting people at oracle park tonight. fans celebrating a win against the dodgers. >> we knew, we knew when we came here, crawford would hit it. he would put us in the game and we're 1-0. >> reporter: buster posey starting it off with a homer.
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>> we have to celebrate. >> reporter: post season mania means a boom for business. fans stocking up on gear at the. >> but we're buying it here. >> reporter: and enjoying the atmosphere. packing restaurants across from the stadium. >> this was normal for a long time. and i think everybody's idea of normalcy and what was to be expected changed not too long ago and we're happy to have it back. >> reporter: the giants aren't the only game in town. the blue angels have been here all week and the warriors played tonight. but it was the giants' night. >> a lot of game left. >> it's okay. he's going home by himself. >> the world series! >> reporter: in san francisco, cheryl hurd of the nbc bay area news. >> i'm with him.
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from the giants' playoff run to fleet week, we have you covered. to go of the it is on our trending bar. you can check out the playoff roster and the i'm video releas the tv screen. now to our weather. you can see it in the sierra. it is definitely fall. happy new year. the first snowfall of the season. the newly renamed pallisades tahoe ski resort. three inches of powder today. here in the bay area, a lot happening. fire danger and showers possible. >> we'll get you all set up with this early look. you can see on mobile doppler radar. i am tracking some green showing up. most of it is evaporating before it hits the ground. we'll keep a chance of spotty showers from 4:00 to 7:00 in the
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morning. after 7:00 a.m., here it is. we'll start to clear out. it will set us up for a great weekend. i want to fast forward into next monday. we are looking at some wind. an early look at the north bay, east bay, parts of the south bay. winds in the mountains, 25 to 50 miles per hour. i'll take a full look at the weekend forecast and we'll show you how warm the temperatures will be in about seven days. the match-up between chivas and club leon won't happen tomorrow. it is based on fan safety after a series of fights and gunfire at pay pal park last night during a game with another mexican soccer club. a man jumped out of the stands on, to the field. threw punches at a quakes player before they put him in a head lock. while they were arresting the man, a crowd followed them into the parking lot. some of those people got
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involved in a melee and got two people hurt. one of the most famous coaches apologizing for using racist language in an email that he wrote ten years ago. the question now, will coach gruden be suspended or maybe even fired. the nfl lockout of 2011 when he worked for espn, he sent an email insubtling the head of the players association. he said demorris smith, a black man, has lips the size of michigan begin tires. this was reported by the "wall street journal." he has since apologized and said he a racist bone in his body. the. in issuing this statement saying the email from gruden is appalling, abhorrent and wholly contrary to our values. we condemn the statement and condemn any harm that it may have caused. and also reacting, this is not
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the first racist comment that i've heard and it probably won't be the last. this is a thick skin job for someone with dark skin just as it always has been for someone who looks like me. ban back on. a federal appeals court is allowing toexs temporarily resume its ban on most abortions. on wednesday, a federal judge temporarily blocked that ban because the biden administration is challenging the law's constitutionality saying it goes against roe versus waived. wade. the justice department has until tuesday. to request a full stay. if that happens, it would remain in effect until its appeal. the law is the strictest in the country, effectively preventing women from getting abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. it and prevents anyone from helping a woman to get an
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abortion. attorneys and prosecutors are worried and angry. all the deputies' work in the county courthouse, nine bail delivers tested positive last month. the defense attorneys say they were never notified. this is in sonoma county. the deputies were all vaccinate. health leaders aren't commenting citing privacy. they said they got inadequate information are the sheriff's department but the sheriff's department not insists they went above and beyond contact tracing. it is not just san francisco. marin county said it will loosen mask mandates. that starts today. the question for the rest of us is, will other counties follow? here's nbc bay area's sergio quintana. >> reporter: ma ridge's masking rules are changing but not for every venue and only under specific circumstances. dr. matthew willis said they're
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making the change because they're following the science. the convenient you've there's need to verify full vaccination records, have control access and include no more than 100 people at a time. >> includes gymnasiums, college campuses, college classes, some offices, you might imagine ten individuals in the same office every day. all are fully vaccinated. >> reporter: the rule are the same as those announced by san francisco and both are sticking to rule documented by the rest of the bay area counties when it comes to other venues. >> it is about case counts, hospitalization rates, we are making progress. for ma ridge it winds up to be 18 cases or less on average per day for a three-week enter. >> reporter: marin is down to 18 cases. if it drops, it could be lifted. the doctor says other counties
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in the bay area have similar stats as san francisco and marin. >> san ma today sxoe santa clara, they're probably the closest. in the middle there's contra costa and alameda. >> reporter: did i check in in san mateo county and santa clara county. they said they will not be issuing any qualifications right now. they'll stick to the rule that all the bay area counties agreed to this week. san jose residents i talked to in japan town are feeling mask fatigued. >> my ear hurts all the time from wearing it. i think it is more important to keep everybody safe. >> if they get rid of it, it is fine either way. people who want to mask will mask of the. >> nbc bay area news. a glimmer of home for the troubled millennium tower. crews will move forward with a key test that could help determine if it is safe to restart the fixing process for
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the leaning high rise. some experts fear could it make the tilting tower lean even more. the city of san francisco required millennium to bring in an independent expert to advise if it is safe to continue the project. that consultant just gave the green light. they will start a three-foot wide hole next thursday to design a steel casing designed to hole a support pile. the plan requires all work to stop immediately if the building settles more than a quarter of an inch at the corner of mission and fremont street. it is currently leaning more than 22 inches to the west. another symbol for facebook. monday the apps why down for five hours. around noon today, some 30,000 instagram users and 2,000 facebook users were not able to get online according to a beblt tracks online out amings.
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a few hours later, facebook said it was fixd but no word on what caused today's outage. governor newsom is weighing in on tesla's big move to texas. >> he has invested untold amounts of money in this state to create thousands and thousands of jobs. more importantly, he has pushed out the boundary of what happens. >> the governor talking about elon musk who announced he is relocating headquarters from palo alto to austin. governor newsom said he is encouraged from the increase in production in fremont. back in 60 seconds. ahead, they loaded it into their van. the unusual heist in a south bay liquor store. and you might like this. the pandemic law that is sticking around. a few showers sticking around on storm ranger. i'll show when you the sun
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returns and about how long.
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details on an alarming increase on laser strikes on planes. already this year, more than 6,000. 130 last week lube and california tops the list followed by florida, texas and tennessee. it makes it hard for pilots to see and dangerous to your pocket book. if you're caught, you could face up to $11,000 for each violation. check this out. a high stakes theft in the south bay. we're not sure if the thieves know what they were stealing. they stole a crypto kcy atm. a story you'll only see here.
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>> reporter: this surveillance video from early thursday morning shows thieves pulling their truck up to the sunnyvale liquor store and tying their cord around the atm. but this is a bitcoin atm. >> if you put cash into the machine, it increases your bitcoin account. >> reporter: and that's what the thieves wanted. the cash inside. they pulled the bitcoin atm through front. business, leaving a trail of damage before speeding off. >> it is there. it has money. >> reporter: as the price of bitcoin soars, the number of bitcoin atms where you can exchange cash for the cryptocurrency is also on the rise. 48,000 of them are now dotted around the country, vulnerable to thieves in vans like crypto is vulnerable online to hackers. >> i mean, honestly, if i was going after bitcoin and trying on steal it, i would hack
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instead. then i know i can steal millions of dollars worth of bitcoin at one fell swoop instead of the atm that maybe only has $200 of actual cash in it. >> reporter: scott budman. nbc bay area news. nbc bay area has learned a civil grand jury is investigating the santa clara county sheriff's office. this is the latest in a series of actions against laurie smith. they asked the civil grand jury to investigate back in august. after a jail house beating of an inmate that failed to intervene. two other officers are facing criminal indictments for allegedly trading permits. the civil grand jury can't file any charges. it can only make recommendations on how the run the office. >> it carries some teeth but not a lot of teeth. they're making recommendations that may or may not be followed.
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>> the sheriff will have to respond in writing. we did reach out for comment but have not heard back. this is among good things that have come out since the pandemic. governor newsom extending the use of the restaurant park lifts and cocktails to go. people can order alcohol to go until the end of 2026 and parklets can stay open one year after the state of emergency is lifted. the owner of the only jamaican restaurant poured money into his outdoor patio. he said most of the customers like it. >> it is an amazing investment. we intended to make it feel permanent. >> this is a pathway for these businesses to frankly make up for a lot of the constraints that have been imposed upon them. >> if you order booze to go, the new takeout law requires to you order food as well. a bar that doesn't have a
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kitchen can't sell drinks to go. >> we should have been eating out the whole time. this has been great. >> a little chilly to eat outside. you need to be near a heater. an emic weekend. >> and the weather will be phenomenal as we head into saturday and sunday's forecast. we have lucked out with so much happening across san francisco and all the bay as things open back up. as we get a look at the forecast, we are starting off with spotty showers. we're not looking at rain all day. just some quick overin it hours. maybe little hanging on until 7:00 a.m. after that, we get our temperatures back. the temperatures will be warming back up. it is going to start off chilly, 7:00, 8:00, maybe knocking a few things off the errands list so you can have fun saturday afternoon and evening, you will need the jacket. the peninsula, 52, south bay,
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53. east bay coming in with low 50s along with san francisco and to the north bay, we'll begin again the coldest weather of the down to 47 degrees. daytime highs tomorrow. i see them warming up between four to seven degrees. we'll go from the cold mid 60s into some low 70s. that will make it comfortable. san jose, 72. gilroy, 74. 75 in concord. you might have your jacket for all of the day from daly city to half moon bay. palo alto, i got you up to 72. san francisco, we are going with 68 in the mission and 67 in down. if you're headed to san francisco for fleet week, make sure to take your sunglasses. we won't have to worry about fog at all for the air show. it looks phenomenal. maybe just maybe, fleet week and then over to oracle park.
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66 for the pregame and it looks good all the way through ball game in the 50s and 60s. back to my forecast, if you're going to wine country, napa, 74 degrees. my seven-day forecast, we are coming in with plenty of 60s as we head through the next seven-day forecast. we are going to see the wind kick up as we hit monday. a fire weather watch in place. this is for wind gusts 15 to 50-mile-per-hour. we'll see the return of low 80s thursday and 40. long range forecast models still look really good for the end of october. you know the giants being in the nlds, it is reminding me of tim lincecum when he wanted to be if my weather report. remember that? >> it was the 2010 playoffs and he was right there with jeff. >> we had a problem with a cable or two getting in the way.
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>> wasn't that the one where he almost fell down? >> yes. he hurt his ankle. >> and that almost came to the end. >> they won three world series. >> we need to get jeff back out there. >> good memories, jeff. making a comeback. it hasn't happened in san francisco for 18 months. and water customers aren't saving enough money in the south bay means you can likely expect more use rules. they're short about 5% of meeting the goal. home owners can now likely expect an order to limit watering lawns to just twice a week. we're back in a moment. (music)
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the dispute continues over a controversial mural. alumni of george washington high saved the air payabling which depicts african-americans working at washington's home. after a superior court judge blocked the district from covering the mural, board members voted to appeal. the appeal means the district will pay more legal costs even as it faces $160 million budget short fall for education next year. >> two journalists of the philippines and dmitri of russia were honored for their fight for freedom in russia. >> it is an example of a global
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trend that journalists and freedom of the press face in increasingly adverse conditions. >> he says he will use the prize money to help journalists who face growing pressure. a very large visible sign that the bay area is coming back from the pandemic. cruise shipments returning. machine, this will be the first cruise ship to arrive into the port of san francisco in 18 months. the port expecting 21 cruise ships and a record of nearly 130 ships next year. each cruise brings thousands to the city that support local businesses. in march of 2020, san francisco made worldwide headlines when the diamond princess was held offshore for days because of a big covid outbreak. >> we're going to check on
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anthony flores.
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at least pinch me when it is all over. it's pretty incredible. remember the olden days? we had lincecum and crawford and buster. found it is logan webb.
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we still have buster. >> some things haven't changed. anthony flores is back there the ballpark. the players have to be stoked. >> reporter: they certainly are. pinch you? this just started. we have a long way to go. the good news, one down, two more to go. the giants take game one of this best of five playoff series after a dominating performance on the hill and a spark by a trio of veterans with championship rings in the trophy case. let's take a look at some of the highlights. a sellout crowd of nearly 42,000 of fans on hand. the giants out to a fast start. bottom one. buster posey goes yards. his first post season home run since 2012. 2-0 giants. the orange and black getting it done with the leather. check out tommy la stella. brandon crawford fires to first. what a performance by logan webb, making his first playoff
11:30 pm
performance. 7 and 2/3 scoreless innings. just the second time striking out. brandon crawford each had a soloer had. the giants take game one. 4-0 over the dodgers. >> as i would expect it, our fans here have been great all year. and tonight was another level, too. the towels going everywhere, two great teams who are, who want this and are prepared for it. and i definitely think the environment was right where we wanted it to be. >> and the giants were on top of their game and so were the fans tonight. beat l.a. beat l.a. i think i'll hit that in my sleep tonight. game two tomorrow night at oracle. live in san francisco, anthony flores, nbc bay area.
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it is official.
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no jimmy g. however, trey lance will start for the 49ers this sunday in arizona. >> did we mention less than a mile away from the giants game tonight, we had the warriors hosting the lakers at chase center. hello to steph curry, hello to guess who else? lebron james. >> he looks intimidating. >> he does. no biggy, just pre season. lebron with a jump shot and the lakers were off and running. watch the pass here. draymond green to steph curriful actually, steph just goes around everyone. 121-114. warriors win. the regular season begins october 19th. anything else going on this weekend? >> fleet week. have a great weekend. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart
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of new york city,


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