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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 13, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank senator elizabeth warren, matthew macfadyen and ricky velez. i want to thank fred armisen and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ sexual assault and a pledge to not tell their parents. tonight a south bay mom accused of throwing scandalous parties that put young teens in danger.
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a high school football coach put on leave. the viral video and the football drill that's raising new questions tonight. and it ain't over. at least not yet. the giants are returning to the bay area for game five. we are live in l.a. with what the team is saying about tonight's loss and what to expect thursday at oracle. good evening. mom gone wild. dangerously so. according to prosecutors who say a los gatos mom who threw teenage party for his sons giving them alcohol and manipulating them with sex with drunk girls at times without the girls' consent. >> there are many layers to the store i. prosecutors said she told the teenagers not to tell the cops and she herself didn't tell her own husband about the parties. she's now behind bars. >> nbc bay area's ian cull explains what led to her arrest. >> reporter: they are disturbing allegations against 47-year-old shannon o'connor.
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investigators say this mom from los gatos would invite teens to her home, get them so drunk they would throw up and tell some of the boys to have sex with the girls or sexually assault them. most of the kids were just 14 and 15 years old. the santa clara county d.a. releasing details today describing the number of times she did this all while going to great lengths to keep her husband in the dark. prosecutors say one time o'connor handed an under aged teen a condom and pushed him into a room with a drunk girl. and during a new year's eve party, she watched and laughed as a drunk teen sexually battered a young girl in bed. o'connor allegedly told the kids not to tell their parents and wouldn't let them call for help when someone was hurt. >> she needs to be bring to justice. >> reporter: o'connor also allegedly let an unlicensed teen drive her highway in a parking lot while teens held onto the back.
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one had a concussion. parents we talked to are stunned. >> i'm shocked. i can't believe somebody would do this to the kids. you shouldn't do this to adults either. why do this to kids? >> reporter: the d.a. says this all happened last summer through early 2021, and claims o'connor would text the teens and even pick them up in the middle of the night to come drink with her. investigators say several teens came forward which led to her arrest. we went to the address in los gatos listed for o'connor today and the man who answered the door told us it's all untrue, but declined to identify himself or provide details. earlier this year o'connor moved from los gatos to eagle, idaho, she was arrested there on saturday and is being extradited back here to the south bay to face 39 criminal counts, including a number of felonies. in los gatos, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, ian. out of control. we're following breaking news to the south of us. that fire in santa barbara county still raging. this is time lapsed video of the
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fire. first told you about it last night. fire on highway 101. you can see what the crews are up against. dry windy conditions. more than 13,000 acres have burned so far and the fire just 5% contained. crews are monitoring hot spots tonight at the newell fire. those fires broke out yesterday evening. tonight the fire is 100% contained, but it did burn 3200 acres. luckily no structures are damaged. some communities might be in the dark again. pg&e is warning of a power shut off. it could happen thursday. here's the map. the areas in yellow are put on notice. solano, napa and contra costa counties. pg&e says power could go out thursday morning. gusty winds and dry conditions once again the concern. crews telling us they have restored power to essentially all the 25,000 customers statewide affected by yesterday's shut off.
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we're going check in with our meteorologist rob maeda tracking the dangerous wind. rob will join us in a few minutes. the good news, giants are coming home and could win at oracle park thursday night. the downside they lost big tonight. >> they did. anthony flores joins us from dodger stadium and the clubhouse. anthony. >> guys, it seems only fitting. they battled to the last day of the season for the division title. the first post match up is going to winner of gave halftime. dodgers bounce back to win 7-5. mookie betts with a two-run shot to give the dodgers a 4-0 lead. the score 5-1 in the eighth, kris bryant grounds out to third. plates are on, but it's not enough. dodgers beat the giants 7-2 to force a must-win in game five. >> i don't think we're going to spend a lot of time dissecting as a team this game. if we're going to get on the
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plane, have an off day, a real off day. we'll schedule our workout for a little bit later. we'll start getting ready for game five. whoever will start that game for us is ready for it. get the rest of the club ready as well. >> all right. bay area, get ready for the tour tour, game five thursday at oracle park. live at dodger stadium in los angeles, anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> well said. we are ready. more torture and more parties. nears' nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney in san francisco. >> get down, get down, down. >> reporter: tonight's giants/dogers game ended with a thud with the largely orange and black crowd at the bus top bar on union street, fans are down but not out. >> i love our team. i know tonight we took the l, but i think we're ready. >> reporter: some are still comparing this team to great ones of the past. >> considering this reminds me of our 2010 season when we were a surprise team. not a lot of folks expected us
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to be as good as we were, we just produced the best season in the history of the giants in san francisco. this means quite a bit. >> reporter: tonight's 7-2 loss sends it back to san francisco for winner take all match up leaving some fans feeling on edge. is this torture? >> yes, yes. playoff baseball is torture. there's no other way to say it, yeah. >> reporter: you had to figure it would be this way. the two long-time rivals were in the western division tielt. this team is not for the faint of heart. still believe? >> we always believe, baby. to the day we die. >> reporter: okay, giants fans, let's not leave this on a negative note. yes, they lost tonight but i was just on the mlb app and tickets are available for thursday's game against the dodgers. what could be better than torture in-person? in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> terry, thank you. our coverage continues online at
1:45 am tonight's game is the top story on our website. you can also read more about this epic rivalry between the giants and dodgers. walgreens walking away from more stores in san francisco. the drugstore chain says the thefts are just too much, so it's closing down five more stores in the city. including the walgreens on mission and the excelsior neighborhood and the clement street location in the richmond district. walgreens says retail thefts like this that you're looking at are five times higher in san francisco than any other of its stores. it's already closed nearly a dozen stores in the city during the past two years. these new closures will bring that number to 17 stores since 2019. one city supervisor told us the blame falls on city leaders. >> all of us in the city should hold ourselves account alan. at the end of the day, front line work force loses their job. the every day senior and working families that need access to these items lose out. >> now, the city says it's
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adding more officers to its organized retail theft crime unit and increasing patrols. well, they are back at it. a key test got underway today for the troubled millennium tower in san francisco. crews began installing a 3 foot wide steel casing, 100 feet into the ground in search of answers. our investigative unit was the first to report that prior work to fix the building actually caused it to lean even more. engineers hope that the testing that they began today will help pinpoint the problems. they're tracking any new tilting in real time using sensors placed in the ground, the basement and the roof because many fear the test itself will cause the sinking and leaning even more. the bottom line here, the integrity of this foundation. >> i think there are bigger issues to be resolved. many structural questions that haven't been answered. >> the high-rise is now leaning. look at this graphic here. 22 1/2 inches toward fremont street, and 9 inches toward
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mission. if the luxury high rise leans more, it might be seismically unsafe. well, new at 11:00 tonight, the u.s. will reopen its land borders between canada and mexico next month. but only for vaccinated visitors. the new rule will apply to all nonessential travelers from mexico or canada crossing into the u.s. by land or by ferry. you have to show proof you're fully vaccinated in order to get into the u.s.. the requirement goes into effect in early november, the date hasn't been set. starting january of next year, the u.s. will roll out essential requirement for truck drivers to cross land borders. last month, president biden outlined a vaccine requirement for foreign nationals flying into the u.s. we have new details in the gabby petito case. the teton county coroner's office in wyoming announced petito's cause of death. according to the autopsy petito was strangled. her death was ruled a homicide.
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the report estimates the time of death to be three to four weeks before her body was discovered in mid september. in a news conference today, the coroner said wyoming law prevented him from saying more about the case, but he did comment on the role of domestic violence and why he thinks this case has gotten so much attention. >> this is one of many deaths around the country of people who are involved in domestic violence, and it's unfortunate that these other deaths did not get as much coverage as this one. i'm assuming because the deceased was a blogger that this received more coverage than others. >> she was very active on social media. law enforcement officials are still searching for petito's fiancee. his name is brian laundrie. he's considered a person of interest in her death. the biden administration again urging courts to step in and suspend a new texas law that bans most abortions in the state. clinics in oklahoma, louisiana
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and other nearby states remain busy with texas patients making journeys hundreds of miles to get care. now, the fifth circuit court of appeals to halt the abortion ban for now. it's given the texas attorney generals office to respond to the justice department's latest argument. it's official. covid misinformation is now considered a public health crisis in contra cost to county. after hours of heated debate, the board of supervisors made the declaration this afternoon. but many speakers in the community blasted the board, calling the resolution government overreach and accusing them of censoring opposing viewpoints. but what does today's declaration really mean? supervisors admit it's largely symbolic. the coauthor says it is a reminder of spreading accurate information about the virus and vaccine. >> we're just going to be as loud as we can and as visible as we can to put out information
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that is correct, science-based and corrects the general misinformation out there. >> contra costa counties has an 87% vaccination rate. supervisor hoya says there is a small vocal minority of misinformation spreaders. a mass vaccination site is set to reopen in the morning in solano county. it's going to be open for eight weeks at the solano county fairgrounds. this vax side will offer booster shots as well as first and second doses of the covid vaccine. shots will be given four days a week wednesday through saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. you can book an appointment at the solano county website. roughly 67% of solano county is fully vaccinated. we're back in 60 seconds. ahead, forced to leave the field, the popular football coach on leave tonight after this video went viral. dangerous drill that's raising questions tonight. also that daily dose of aspirin might not be a good idea after all. the new guidance out tonight.
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>> and we're watching a cooler day tomorrow which may involve a few scattered showers. but by this time tomorrow night, the return of north wind could mean more fire danger parts of the bay area, northern it's a viral video with more than 2 million views, and it's sparked a national conversation about student safety. it stems from our own backyard. this video shows a controversial
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football drill at el cerrito high school. the video resurfaced. well knowl football coach has been told leave campus, placed on administrative leave. here's nbc bay area's cheryl hurd. >> reporter: the el cerrito football coach has been put on leave. we don't know for how long, but one parent i talked to says he would just like to see him back on the job. >> a lot of the boys don't even want to go to school because coach jake is not around now. >> reporter: and he may have been suspended because of this viral video of a controversial drill at football practice that has resurfaced on social media after 2 1/2 years. >> it's kind of gut wrenching to know so many people coming after him. it's been like this for a while now. >> coach jake is a nice guy, he's a good family man and he really cares about the kids. >> reporter: it's called the machine gun drill. players getting hit over and over again by two other players. the director of sports medicine at ucsf children's hospital says the drill brings up medical
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concerns. >> any time you're repetitively hit, your body is falling down, there's that risk of chronic traumatic issues happening. so concussion risk, head injury risk. >> reporter: according to an nbc source with direct knowledge of the football program, this drill happened when the coach wasn't there. the source also tells us the assistant coach who ran the drill was fired shortly after. >> it seems a little excessive. >> i'd like to hear what the coach has to say. i want to hear his side. there's always two sides of the story. >> reporter: former nfl coach jim maura, jr., tweeted, this is so far out of line, it's horrible. who can ever justify this? if a coach teaches this, he isn't someone you should ever allow your kid around. this is horrible. and espn college football analyst kirk herbstreet tweeted, in part, parents, do your homework. do not allow your kids play for coaches that do drills like
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this. the question tonight, why was coach jake suspended now and not 2 1/2 years ago? contra costa school district didn't answer that question. instead saying, the behavior is unacceptable and inconsistent with our values. the safety of students and staff are our top priority and we take these matters very seriously. the district is currently conducting a full investigation. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> that story about coach jake on rincon. coach gruden was dismissed after misogynistic and homophobic emails he sent ten years ago after they were uncovered. coach gruden will no loerng be part of the ring of honor. he led the bucs to their first super bowl title two years ago. he appeared in commercials for the shoe company. while the giants are basking in the glow of the playoffs, the
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a's future in the bay area, specifically in oakland, remains cloudy. today baseball commissioner said the a's park dilemma is at a critical situation and that a solution needs to be found. >> particularly in the case of oakland, we've had to open up the opportunity to explore other locations just because it's dragged on so long. and frankly, in some ways we're not sure we see a path to success in terms of getting something built in oakland. >> he adds the a's leaving oakland remains a possibility. while las vegas is an option, there are other cities as well to consider. south bay community vowing to fight plans to remove a beloved community mural. it sits on a vacant lot in the washington district of san jose. it depicts civil rights leader cesar chavez and a late neighborhood teen brenda lopez who helped kids get off the street. they got word that the person who bought the building on south first street plans to paint over the mural as part of a remodel
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before turning the building into an office for tech workers. >> it's heartbreaking and it's, you know, i just feel like it's dishonoring everything my sister did. >> i haven't cried yet. i haven't cried yet. i mean, obviously this is really upsetting to me. >> we did reach out to the building's new owners repeatedly by phone and email but he has not returned our calls or messages. our historic drought is having a major impact on lake tahoe where water levels are alarmingly low. this week the water is expected to sink below the basin's natural rim. that's the level where the lake pours into the truckee river which is the outflow. chronicle experts don't believe it is a crisis just yet, but they say it is concerning water levels have dropped so low. this has only happened four other times since 2004. most recently in 2016. all right. let's bring in meteorologist rob maeda. rob, we keep monitoring this wind and it seems we're going to
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keep seeing issues with the wind throughout the week. >> we're watching these october weather systems which don't often bring us a lot of rain. but as they leave they give us another round of north winds. we're going to see that scenario play out during the day tomorrow. right now at least a little less wind around the bay area. 53 degrees. mostly clear in san francisco. and in san jose mid 50s right now. the wind has backed off and notice the humidity now starting to recover a little bit around the santa clara valley. 50 currently in livermore. winds have backed off around the tri-valley. as we make our way into tomorrow morning, still along the hill tops, we may see breezy conditions, but this is probably as calm as things will get because this time tomorrow night into thursday we're likely to see the winds make a comeback. the first big change tomorrow, increasing clouds, and you may see a few isolated showers, especially by mid-morning heading into the afternoon. and you can see the cloud cover ongoing during the day. one of the reason why highs tomorrow will be mostly in the 60s, from 63 degrees in san francisco, 67 in san jose, near
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70 in concord and antioch. but again, most of the bay area tomorrow seeing highs in the mid 60s. so, hour by hour we go, if the chances of seeing a few widely scattered showers, the thing to overcome will be still some pretty dry air inland as these bands of showers try to drop a little measurable precipitation around the bay area. from mid-morning to about lunchtime and early afternoon, notice the clearing from north to south as we head to go 7:00 tomorrow night. most of the shower chances start to move on out. so, as the system starts to clear the bay area, here comes another round of north wind. if you're in solano county, you have another red flag warning on thursday. stay tuned. there is a possibility the hills of napa county and lake county might get added to this as some of those locations again above 2,000 feet will see dry and breezy conditions. as we look at the wind speeds unlike the last couple of days, the worst of the wind likely stays in those inland east bay and north bay hill tops. you see bay side things don't
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look nearly as gusty as we've seen over the last couple of days. now, once the wind backs off, you can enjoy warmer temperatures. thursday you see the numbers rebounding mid 70s inland. by friday, san mateo, morgan hill close to 80 degrees. this is the trend that will take us into the weekend. 70s to low 80s for those inland valleys. san francisco, too, friday and saturday should see some 70s. and then next week stay tuned. we're going to see some cooler temperatures. and we hope for some better chances of real measure ability rain. slight chance of showers tomorrow. breezy on thursday. nice warm weekend headed our way. then hopefully this time next week better chances of rain here and snow in the sierra. stay tuned. >> so many changes. we're in that transitional period. >> october weather. >> thank you, rob. happening now, south san francisco unified has come up with a unique way to combat the teacher shortage problem. it's sending nearly all of its school and district administrators back to the classroom to teach again. administrators are rotating as
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part-time teachers while they al it's back to normal for southwest airlines. ceo says the airline has recovered after several days of cancellations. over the past three days, the airline had to cancel 2400 flights. the ceo says bad weather, air
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traffic control issues in florida trapped planes and pilots out of position and that started a domino effect across the country. daily aspirin for heart attack prevention may do more harm than good. that's according to the u.s. preventive services task force. today the independent panel of experts said that bleeding risks for adults 60 and older outweigh any potential benefits from the drug. the previous guidance recommended daily low-dose aspirin for people over 50 who were at higher risks for heart attacks or strokes. okay, up next we want to go down to dodger stadium, check in with the team? >> we'll go there to dodger stadium, but i'm more concerned go somebody in there? [ scream ] micheal myers is still alive. tonight, our family will kill him. i want to take his mask off and see the life leave his eyes.
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as we've discovered with the giants, there's just no easy way. so here we go. again. stage set for game five thursday. >> this is fun. >> fun. so fun. >> winner takes all. anthony flores rejoins us from dodger stadium after tonight's giants loss. anthony, tell us something good. >> hey, guys, hollywood loves a good drama and that's what we have in this series. it's headed for a winner take all after the dodgers bounce back to win game four against the giants. it was a beautiful night for baseball at dodger stadium. the wind not a factor in this one. dodgers up 2-0 with the bases loaded and a chance to blow it open in the third. chris taylor ropes it to left. runs it down, makes a nice grab to get the giants out of the jamb. then in the fourth no one is running down that one. mookie betts with a two-run shot. 4-0 dodgers. the score 5-1 in the eighth.
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kris bryant grounds out to third. it's enough to cut the lead to three. will smith crushes a two-run homer to center. the dodgers beat the giants 7-2 to force a deciding game five. >> our team and the dodgers team have both been playing meaningful games for a while now. obviously this one coming up on thursday is the most meaningful to this point. and should be fun. >> i'm sure it will be a lively atmosphere. it's going to be nice to get back to oracle and have the support of our fans. yeah, we're looking forward to it. >> all right. game five, there is no secrets between these two teams. thursday will be the 24th meeting between these two teams this season. the winner moves on and it is game over for the loser. live at dodger stadium in los angeles, anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> all right, we're ready. >> we're ready. >> thank you, anthony. not far from where anthony is standing, dodger stadium, the warriors were playing the
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lakers. some actually watching the a baseball game at the basketball game. remember andre iguodala? he is back, the elder states man. he can still ball. watch this. behind the back. little show-time style. you know who is having a great preseason? jordan poole. the warriors beat the lakers 111-99. there's poole right there. the regular season starts next tuesday in l.a. a well, from the star trek enterprise to jeff bezos' blue origin, william shatner, aka captain kirk is set to take off in the morning. it is scheduled for 7:00 our time tomorrow from a small texas town east of el paso. 90-year-old shatner and three
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other people will take a short 11-minute flight into space before returning to earth. crews spent today going through some final preparations to go. >> 90 years old. >> and he is sharp. >> thanks for tonight, the new front in the battle over covid vaccine mandates texas governor greg abbott banning any entity including private businesses from requiring vaccines, a direct challenge to president biden's federal mandates the confusion, which order will texas companies follow in new york city the nba superstar benched over the mandate there and the critical fda panel meeting this week. will they endorse mixing and matching booster shots? just in, the deadly shooting at a post office in memphis. police and the fbi at the scene. what we're learning. also tonight, gabby petito's cause of death revealed by the coroner. the new timeline on when she was killed as police hunt for her
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fiance, brian laundrie the wildfire exploding out of control in california. a major highway partially shut down. mandatory evacuations ordered. new fallout after super bowl-winning nfl coach jon gruden resigned over offensive e-mails. what it means for the rest of the league if you're on doctor's orders to take a daily aspirin to cut the risk of heart attack or stroke, the major change you need to know about and she's 93 and at the forefront of a charge to save a piece of history from the bulldozers >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt good evening as the nation turns the corner in the fight against covid, the thing that some experts believe has helped slow the spread, vaccine mandates, are facing the biggest challenge yet. the governor of texas tonight banning businesses and entities in his state from requiring proof of vaccination, setting the state on a collision course with


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