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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  October 13, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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expected to be a hit this halloween. >> i was just talking to two of my co-workers over the weekend. they say you have to watch the show. >> i'm sticking with "bridgerton." not doing it. >> i haven't seen it. >> i like "bridgerton."
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how much they say it's costing them no the to do the construction work slated to stop the safe gate. >> and life imitating art. the man that played captain kirk on "star trek" goes on a real life space mission. >> what you have given me is the most profound experience i ever experienced. >> 90-year-old william shatner gets emotional after landing back on earth. >> good wednesday, the news at 5:30 starts right now. thank you for joining us. will this help alleviate the shipping delays? today president biden met with labor leaders and major retailers including walmart and home depot to address the recent global supply chain bottle necks that threaten to snarl the holiday shopping and shipping season. the meeting comes as the biden
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administration announced 24/7 operations will begin at the port of l.a. in an effort to address the clog in that shipping chain and the supply chain. as for the port of oakland, they're keeping their normal hours. let's begin with alice bar. >> across you can't tri, frustrated customers are finding more empty shelves from grocery store euwells -- >> makes me angry. like, why? >> to halloween costumes. >> we're still waiting on about 25 or 30% of the merchandise. >> it's the latest infect of shipping and distribution delays impacting every business in america and helping drive-in flags. up 5.4% in september compared to last year. president biden meeting today with labor leaders and major retailers as they try to unsnarl the supply chain in time for the holiday shopping season. >> the commitment being made today are a sign of major progress and moving goods from manufacturers to a store or a to your front door. >> as the world emerges from
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pandemic lockdowns, demand for products has surged. truckers, railways and warehouses have all lost staff. >> it's just not that same smooth operating machine that once was. >> dozens of cargo ships are at sea waiting to unload. president biden announcing the port of los angeles will begin operating around the clock. the. >> we're overflowing with goods. we don't have enough workers in the warehouses to push that cargo out to the store level. >> shipping giants and big box retailers are expanding their hours and scrambling to stock up before the holiday surge urging customers to start shopping early and build price hikes for meals and gifts into your budget. expecting holiday cheer to cost a little more this year. >> one positive note, the social security administration announced today it will increase benefits next year by 5.9% to account for increased cost of living and inflation.
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that's the largest jump in benefits since 1982. alice barr, nbc news. >> thank you. we mentioned the port of oakland. a spokesperson tells us late today unlike other parts of the country, oakland is not experiencing any congestion or delays. perspective here, southern california ports are regularly seeing up to 60 ships waiting to dock n oakland, it averages just one ship waiting. >> the vaccine mandate announced last month by president bud encould be finalized as soon as next week. it requires that companies with more than 100 employees have a workforce that fully vaccinated. if not, tested regularly. questions remaun over whether the mandate will withstand legal challenges from republican led states like texas. it is also not clear how it will be enforced. normally osha would have that role but it is already stretched thin. >> now some uncertainty involving possible booster shots at the johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine.
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the company is stumped by the booster data. they did not present clear evidence of the need for booster shots or those that received the single shot needed a second shot. the fda adds that the company shows little information that the vaccine offered protection against the delta variant. and the advisory panel will meet tomorrow and friday to decide whether to recommend booster shots of j&j and moderna vaccine. pfizer is the only booster shot approved for emergency use in the u.s. >> after 19 months, the u.s. is reopening the land borders to nonessential travel. next month car, rail and ferry travel between the u.s. and canada and mexico will be allowed. provided visitors are fully vaccinated. similar rules are also set to begin for people flying into the u.s. >> the you toer in san francisco is leaning and sinking. but that is not the only problem. how about the homeowners of the luxury high-rise? is there multimillion dollar
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investment sinking? home owners are in a hurry to fix the tower according to e-mails. investigative reporter has the exclusive story. >> here is the tower day two of the drilling and digging as part of the testing to determine if engineers can restart the so-called fix without causing more significant sinking and tilting as work continues we have obtained e-mails and other documents showing that after the tower homeowners complained of the cost of the work stoppage, the city backed off hiring an outside consultant to do a complete review of what went wrong with the fix and follow up test efforts. >> you're dealing with a 58-story tilting, sinking building in at the heart of a major american city downtown, money should not be an issue. safety is the fundamental issue.
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>> in august, city supervisor demanded a full and independent technical review. the city just started that process back on september 27th when the hoa technical consultant sent this e-mail to a top city building inspection official. the association was very concerned as to the impact of this additional review. the representative told city inspection supervisor will yao, every week of delay would cost homeowners a half million to keep equipment and workers on site. and at the ready. he said that they were there so as to immediately restart what the new piles with the new methods once the already delayed tests were done. he demanded to know the city's plan. so he can make decisions to minimize the cost of this pause in construction. city contracting rules prevented them from hiring a consultant
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quickly. so they let the homeowners hire a consultant themselves. he signed off on the first test. but has yet to sign off on the second phase. although he has reservations about the process, he is glad to ha his name and credentials are on the line. and now we're going to wait for the data that comes back from the sinking of this 136 inch casing. >> nbc bay area news. >> charges of tax fraud, embezzlement and perjury prompted the head of california's largest union to resign. the attorney general filed charges againal ma hernandez. and her husband. the sacramento beat reports she is a step down from her job. the union has about 700,000 members statewide. the tax fraud charges against the couple are under -- are for
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underreporting the income by more than a million dollars. >> more than 50 years ago he traveled into space as captain kirk and the iconic series "star trek." today, no sound stage, no special effects. actor william shatner made history as an actual astronaut. at age 90, he is the oldest person to reach space. and nbc's jay gray has a closer look it at the trip and shatner's emotional reaction when he touched down back on earth. >> reporter: new shepherd push ago way from the west texas desert and gravity, on a mission, science fiction and new era of exploration. a member of a four person crew, william shatner. >> give us warp speed. >> the actor who more than half a century earlier as captain kirk introduced the idea of space travel to a generation of fans now at 90 becoming the oldest person to travel to space. >> welcome to space. the newest astronauts onboard
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are crew castle. >> the trip just over ten minutes including three minutes and zero gravity. then falling back to earth. >> that was unlike anything they described. >> the reality for the iconic actor. overwhelming as he shares his thoughts with blue origin founder jeff bezos just minutes after he landed. >> what you have given me is the most profound experience i have experienced. i'm so filled with emotion about what just happened. i -- i just -- it's extraordinary. >> the magnitude of the experience, the thin line between earth's atmosphere and the vastness of what is beyond leaves shatner struggling to explain his brief journey. >> it's just -- there is mother earth and comfort and there is -- is there death? i don't know.
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is that the way death is? then it's gone p. >> the mission with one caveat, the fulg of promise made so long ago, to boldly go where no man his age has gone before. jay gray, nbc news. >> before we sit down for dinner, there is a new alert about the amount of salt that you're ingesting. the fda is urging food manufacturers and restaurants to take action. now to cut salt. it is a push to reduce salt intake by 12% in the next 2 1/2 years. on nbc's "nightly news," hally jackson finds out how the taste of our food could be impacted and she speaks with the acting fda commissioner about access to low sodium options. >> reporter: do you think people will notice a difference in how the food tastes? >> if we do it gradually, i think it will be acceptable. there are always some people that have fists around salt shaker, as you know. and they'll be able to add more
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salt to their food if that's what they want. but the vast majority of people can't control their salt intake very well. even if they already have high blood pressure. >> the steps can you take for your health and what the fda wants to ask a grocery stores and restaurants. that is am coming up at 6:30 on "nightly news." >> up next, more than just for listening to music and podcasts, apple's knew plan for the popular air pods. >> plus, from immigrants to wine makers. the bay area couple changing the way the wine industry looks at latinas. . and we're watching clearing skies and increasing north wind heading into tomorrow morning. the latest on new fire weather warnings and who can see 80s in the forecast later this week. that's when we come right back.
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apple wants air pods to help you stay healthy. april sl working on ways to make air pods into a health device.
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ideally, they would enhance hearing. read body temperature and monitor posture. apple's goal is to add health and wellness features to other devices than the watch. it's unknown if the new look air pods might be available but they're not expected by next year. we continue to celebrate hispanic history month. tonight nbc bay area's joe rosatta jr. introduces us to a couple following their dreams through the vineyards of napa. >> i've always been a dreamer. i always have something in my mind that i want to do. . >> this is the time of year every winemaker lives for. when the blood and sweat of the year's harvest is sealed into a bottle. >> there is no going back. >> the rumble of machines, the movement of bottles, is ritual for herrera. >> i've been doing this for over 30 years. so every time i go through this process, i get chills.
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>> in some ways the path of these grapes is similar to herrera's journey that began in the vineyard and wound up here. >> beautiful experience for me. >> a few years later, the family returned to mexico but herrera longed to be back in the land of opportunity. >> i pack my bags and came back. and after that, i just went and enrolled myself in napa high on a monday. i went to class and i started washing dishes. >> from dishwasher, he got a job at the winery working up from it field worker to winemaker. >> never in my life had i seen a barrel, tank, or anything. love at first sight. >> along the way he met another immigrant whose father worked the vineyards of sonoma. >> at one point i was helping my
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father out in the vineyards with my siblings. >> as they say in wine country, it was the perfect pairing. >> yay! >> i just came up to my wife one and say i think we should buy our own grapes and make wine. >> in 1997, the couple took two leaps of faith, they finally tied the knot and then in napa they opened mi sueno winery for my dream. over the last 25 years, the business has produced numerous award winning wines, their marriage, six kids -- >> in our culture, we take pride in what we do. >> and in an industry where latinos bear the weight of field work, the herreras climb the ladder to a place few people of color have, some call it the american dream. >> we love sharing our story. and hopes that we can inspire anybody who is out there trying to figure out how to accomplish their goals or dreams. >> they say in nature the push and pull of hot and cold builds character in grapes, maybe so in people too.
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>> being poor hungry and cold, does that make you strong? absolutely. checking in with my baby. >> with her kids now involved in in the family business, the herreras are enjoying the fruits of their labor, the season every winemaker looks forward to nbc bay area news. >> cheers to them. it's a sight to see this time of year, the northern lights. and now more people can actually witness them. check out the images taken near edmonton, canada. amazing to see. this northern lights created when charged particles collide with the earth's atmosphere. and thanks to a strong storm, it will be visible further south. the lights predicted to be seen as far south as seattle, chicago, and boston. any chance the bay area can slide into that? >> i doubt that. those are stunning sights to see. let's talk about our forecast here.
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it was so cold this morning. the heater was cranked up. >> heaters are kicking on now around the bay area. >> it's a sign. we have the seat warmers on. it's officially cold in the bay area. we had upper 30s around parts of the north bay valley this morning. right now, relatively cool. 68 degrees in walnut creek. note the wind direction. southwest at 10. the humidity numbers are high at 55%. take knew san jose, 63 degrees. northwest wind at 17 miles per hour. and into san francisco, clearing skies. 56 degrees. and oh, fast forward about 24 hours from now. all eyes on san francisco. classic san francisco weather for you. breezy and cool. game time temperatures dropping through the 50s for tomorrow. now another chilly start to the morning. you're going to want to dress in layers tomorrow. we have 30z and 40s. 50s inland. high temperatures trend a little warmer for tomorrow.
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so most inland areas unlike today, mid 60s for highs. and morgan hill. 6 will degrees for san francisco. warmest areas tomorrow inland east bay. we'll likely see the dry winds at times keeping humidity numbers down. warmest days of the week is friday. the weekend, 80 in san jose. mid 80s south of downtown. try valley also seeing 80s. so it will be a warm start to the weekend. just like that, the after noon jumping into the 70s and 80s inland. the weather by the o the weekend, areas in at the north coast by sunday night, get our first in the series of rain chances. this first one might miss us here in the bay area.
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then this county. northwestern sonoma county might see a few showers sunday night. better chance comes in tuesday and wednesday. right now the best chance lining up for next thursday and friday. pencil in october 22nd to see what those rain totals may look like. a welcomed change in northern california. better rain odds starting a line there in the seven to ten day outlook. breezy conditions. warmer. 70s to start the weekend. and valleys. a little mix of fall and summer in terms of the temperatures. day time temperatures in the 80s. >> back to you. >> i turned on my seat warmers as well. rob was watching us. >> you're really cold.
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okay. up next, a raiders asked for time off following jon gruden's racist e-mails. ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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just into our newsroom, broadcast eastern all star catcher ray foxy passed away. you may remember in august he stepped away from the nbc sports california booth after announcing he had been silently battling cancer for the past 16 years. he was part of the a's broadcast crew for 35 years. before announcing -- before his career announcing he was an all star catcher who joined the a's in many 1973, helping lead oakland to two world change-ups. he played 12 years in the big leagues with the a's, cleveland, seattle, and milwaukee. the a's just released a statement. few people epitomize what it means ton an athletic more than
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ray. he was the type of fran chews icon who made sure every player, coach, colleague, and fan knew they were part of the oakland a's family. he was 74 years old. our condolences to his wife of 51 years and his family. >> we'll miss ray fosse that, is for sure. >> a lot of concern and confusion surrounding the raiders. among the questions this evening, why does john greed enallow the coach last sunday after the disturbing e-mails were leaked last week several days before sunday's game? today general manager mike mayock quarterback derek carr and the interim head coach addressed the media. mark davis was still doing due diligence by gathering information by the time sunday's game rolled around. on monday, new details emerged of gruden sending homophobic e-mails as recently as 2018. gruden quickly resigned and now the raiders are trying to pick
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up the pieces. >> all i know is there that a bombshell dropped. >> we talked about it with the players. again, mark was dealing with all the e-mail stuff. >> also to note, raiders player carl mass yashgs the only openly gay player in the national football league requested and was granted a he personal day to day so he did not report to team headquarters. he says he has a lot to process. >> the giants turned to logan webb to keep the season alive tomorrow night. hear from the young pitcher next as he shares what might be the secret weapon for game five.
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the giants and dodgers have led to tomorrow night. >> you ready? >> i'm not sure. >> good answer. both teams have won 109 games so far. and tomorrow's win will be the biggest one of them all. let's head to the ballpark. a live look from our exclusive center field camera at oracle. 24 hours from now this place will be rocking. real simple here, the winner of tomorrow night's game moves on to round two, nl xrchlt s. the other team is out. done for the season. the dodgers forcing a game five by beating the giants last night down in dodgers stadium 7-2. the giants will turn to 24-year-old logan webb to beat
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l.a. tomorrow. take a look. this is from game one. logan webb was masterful. he grew up in rockland. webb's secret to success, he downs three red bulls before each start. >> i've always loved red bull. i started drinking it when i was in travel ball, really young. don't be mad at my mom or dad about that. so that was kind of me and my brother's thing. >> i also think he is who he is on days he starts. maybe with a slightly more serious vibe. but for the most part, man, he is just like -- yeah, he's that great personality even on the days that he starts. >> did we say three red bulls? >> tomorrow, four! four red bulls. >> he will be wired. first pitch tomorrow is at 6:07:00 p.m. >> i drink coffee but not red bulls. >> i drink a lot of red bull too. not three in a row.


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