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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 15, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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for a great season. >> i can handle watching that story. >> we're seeing it again. >> here's giants, that ump, we're going to break down what constitutes a swing with the former major league baseball player. >> and two bare counties ditching the masks finally but specific cases how it's enforced in san francisco and marin county for you. >>en and you heard before time to conserve water. but you can be charged now perhaps if you don't cut down your water usage. we answer questions as we're in the middle of this drought. the news at 6:00 starts now. thanks for jang us again. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj math aye. we're following breaking news in oakland, the bus crash into a home on 10th and market street. we know at least eight people hurt, one in critical condition. this started when police officers were chasing a carlen.
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police say the driver of that car crashed into the bus and you can see what happened. the bus goes off of the street into the front porch of this home right into the chimney there. again, this is 10th and market. this is from our nbc bay area sky ranger. let's go to the ground level, more video. this video from snapchat. you can see water pouring from the fire hydrant. the hydrant was hit during the crash. ac transit says buses are detouring around the area. this is 10th and market in oakland. ou sky ranger also over breaking news milpitas in the south bay. a police shooting. a strip mall at mccarthy and balou, one block from the 99th ranch mechanic, a couple blocks near 237. we don't know the condition of the person shot. we don't believe an officer injured. but it was officer-involved shooting.
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no word on what led up to this in milpitas. now to water worries with be the san jose water company asking the state for approval to issue what many believe will be the toughest water conservation rules of any major city in the state of california. >> the rules come with consequences this time, including higher bills for anyone who doesn't adhere to the cuts. robert handa joins us from san jose. what are we talking about in terms of consequences, robert? >> reporter: well, we're basically talking about more money that you have to pay for water. first of all, you're seeing a lot of brown lawns, some lawns may disappear altogether if or when the mandatory restrictions are approved. the message is simple. make the cuts or expect a bigger water bill. the south bay shrinking reservoirs are just one reason the san jose water company is asking the california public utilities commission to approve new mandatory water the private company supplies
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drinking water to about one million users throughout the south bay, including san jose, cupertino, los gatos, campbell and saratoga. if approved san jose water will require customers to cut back water use by 15% of their 2019 levels. that's the cut recommended by its supplier, santa clara valley water district which declared a drought emergency in june. >> we saw a 1% decrease in june, a 6% decrease in july and 8% decrease in august. so people are trying. but we need them to try harder. >> reporter: what happens it you don't make the cuts you get hit with a surcharge of $7.13 for each water unit you go over. the water company says the unit is 748 kbalens. for perspective the average shower uses about 10 gallons. the water district offers free water saving products. >> there are people out there who obviously have room for improvement. we ask those people to take advantage of rebates.
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think about their water use and ho watering. >> reporter: in fact the water district says half the local water use is outdoors. the this nursery specializing in drought resistant plants say the cooler fall and winter is the time to make changes. >> that way the roots can get more established before the heat comes next year. you won't have to use as much water to keep them alive. >> reporter: people at the nursery we talked to said the new rules are fair but painful. >> my initial reaction was oh, no, we're going to have to start cutting back on the watering immediately. >> reporter: well, maybe not immediately. but the cpuc is holding a public hearing on the changes on october 28th. and if approved the mandatory restrictions would go into effect november 15th. one month from today. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. so where do we stand right now when it comes to drought conditions? we want to show you when we look
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at this map. so the red parts that you see here, this is considered extreme drought. but this part here, the darker part, the maroon, also the larger part of this, that's exceptional drought. you can see most of the state is in the exceptional drought. that means not only are the conditions dry but the risk for fire danger is superhigh. and, rob, it's super -- it's stunning when you look at it how big that exceptional part is. so here we are going into the end of october and there may be some chance of rain. how much of a different could that make. >> that map, jessica is telling because the areas in the darker maroon as you mentioned including the north bay and parts of the sierra. you can see the map. biggest impact off the current drought has been the extension and intensity of fire seasons now in the second yoor the impact on water reserves are really starting to show up, including around lake tahoe within the last week, the water level dropping below the natural rim. i want to show you the state's
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12 largest reservoirs. two years ago we had a reservoir surplus of 115%. one year ago after one dry year it started to drop down to 77% of average average now look at the top three reservoirs as of today, only 38% of historical average. if you have driven by san luis reservoir to the south, 22% of historical average, 11% of capacity there down south. what's great news is that the climate prediction center outlook for the next eight to 14 days, a bull's-eye of high precipitation potential across northern california, areas that need it the most getting rain back in the forecast. the first of these storms, by the way, arriving at early as this weekend. we'll show you the bay area impact coming up on our full forecast in about seven minutes. thank you very much, rob. see you then. and we invite to you download the nbc bay area app get the latest forecasts there. you can tailor the forecasts foeshlgts and reports to your phone. put in your zip code and you'll get all the reports.
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okay a lot of freedom today in san francisco and marin county. no more masks indoors. no more masks inside gyms, offices, college classes and places of worship. we should note you want to go to restaurants you need a mask in there. but only in these locations, offices gyms, religious gatherings and college classes is everyone fully vaccinated. how is it received in here is nbc bay area's christie smith. >> reporter: at fast in san francisco a big change as employees arrive to the office today. >> it allows us to take our masks off at the office since we have a vaccination policy and only allow employees into the office fully vaccinated. >> about 10 to 15 workers come to the company headquarters each day. they have now the option of working without a mask. >> i think everybody is longing to take the masks off again. we also make space and of course give employees the opportunity to wear masks inside if that's what they would like. >> >> reporter: the knew rule works you can take off the mask
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off inside office, gym on church or college classroom as long as the group in the building is is a stable cohort of a hundred people or fewer and proof everyone inside in is vaccinated. the building must proper venleation no recent outbreaks and children under 12 can't be present. >> we throughout this whole process, diacotti off and on followed the city mandates. we are so excited the mandate today was to allow us to not have to work out in masks. >> at this fitness center they consider a step in the right direction. >> several clients have been waiting for the city to remove the mask mandate to unfreeze their membership. >> a sign explains masks are welcome if you choose to where them. everyone waits to see if the new rule will stick. >> we started with masks. then no masks. then masks. and now there is no masks again. and it feels really good. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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christie smith. a question here why san francisco and county. simply stated, the numbers are lower than other parts of the bay area. san francisco has a positivity rate of 1.4%. and look at this. 80% of the eligible population is at least partially vaccinated. 75% fully vaxxed. what about marin county? it has a 1.1 vaccination rate with 98% -- excuse me 1.1 hospitalization rate. positivity rate. i should say. look at the first dose. 98% partially vaccinated. 92% in marin county. fully vaxxed. >> next up is contra costa county joining san francisco and marin by lifting mask requirements november 1st. that's the target date. it has a similar indoor setting rules. if you're in a controlled space where everyone is fully vaccinated that's not open to the general public, gyms, offices, college classrooms, religious gatherings like marin and san francisco, against no
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more than 100 people inside you'll be able to take off masks. the county is making that move because covid hospitalizations there and case rates also are declining after reaching a summer high back in august. so lots of changes. lots of different places, mask on, mask off. so to keep it simple for you we kept the latest guidance. we're uploading that on our website. head to simple guyed, kind of help you sort through that confusion. okay, did that really happen last night? it did. strike call is still trending on twitter at this hour. that tells you how riled up and passionate baseball and giants fans are following the no not so good call we witnessed last night to end the giants game and season. let's bring in nbc bay area melissa colorado with little leaguer right behind you. hopefully they have good umps tonight melissa. >> reporter: i hope so too, raj. no denying the checked swings
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are the toughest calls for an umpire to make. but unfortunately unlike the nfl there is not that instant replay practiceo process, instant replay review process we see often times in football games. when the calls come down, whether you like it or not, you just got to stomach it, swallow it and keep on moving. that's what the little ones, the 10-year-olds are doing. these are the pleasant hill hocks. look at them go, practicing for a big game they have on saturday. but let's take you back to last night so you can see it yourselves. bottom of the ninth giants trailing 2- wilmer flores at bat with two sfriks runner first base. the question, is that a checked swing? what do you think? the first base umpire calls it a strike. cementing the win for the dodgers and the disappointing ends for the giants. i spoke to local baseball coach jonathan allen played for the university of san francisco and drafted to play for the chicago white sox. here is the take on the
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decubitus call a and a giants fan who saw it another way. >> i think more things should definitely be able to be reviewed for sure, especially a play like that, because it takes, what, ten seconds for them to look it up, talk to the guys in new york that are watching this game and get the right call instead of a wrong call. >> i do have to give it to the experts on the field and the fact that you can do replays and you can always like i said look at a case. but it's the spirit of what happens in the moment. win lose or draw, so let's acknowledge they had a great season and next year is another season, man. >> so what does the mlb rule book say? well it doesn't. the major league baseball rule book does not contain an official definition for a checked swing defines the swing or attempt to swing or offer at the ball. experts say contrary to popular belief a batter does not have break wrists or cross more than half of the plate for it to be a
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full swing. bottom line, it's a judgment call. but i want to know what you think. what did you think about last night about the call. >> i don't think it was a good call. the bat did not go over the plate. it was not a right call i don't think it was. >> we're not hearing from another expert more -- that has more expertise and more experience than this young man. so guys we'll take it away. obviously giants fans devastated. but you know, at least we got little league. >> we do. >> you should be the umpire. >> that kid should be a sports caster or judge. >> he should be the ump. >> excellent. >> that thank you melissa. >> absolutely. up next a string of fires in the south bay, the reason investigators believe at least one of the fires was intentionally set. also embroid fl controversy offer a dave chapel ska. netflix has to fire someone what the employee leaked. and here after 6:00, still 80 degrees in walnut creek.
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planning on a warm start to the weekend. but some rain could wrap things up later on sunday. the timing when we come right back. when we are joined by viewers in the west, will defines of vaccine mandates impact worker shortages? the big city police department and major airline among these those meeting resistance. inside a toy maker for a unique look inside the supply chain kinks when we see you back here tonight.
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series of fires in san jose and now one is being investigated for arson. this one on late last night early this morning crews responding to three fires a few miles apart from each owes other. the fires burning in home in the seven trees and allen rock neighborhoods. at least half a dozen people displaced as a result. the suspicious fire happened on a campus sharing two schools, cornerstone academy and kennedy elementary, damaging the administration building and took out the wi-fi for the entire campus. >> you know it's just another thing in a really challenging year. i think the positive thing about our staff and our students is that they've already shone how resilient they can be. we're going to deal with this and keep going and keep learning. that's what's important. >> person of interest, detained for the school fire, police say it could be arson. they do not believe the other fires are connected. all right let's bring in rob mayeda. happy friday. that looks gorgeous behind. >> you it is.
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still orange october outside. >> what's coming up in this weekend? >> well we got some summer-like temperatures, still enjoying them outside right now. a few spots still in the 80s here after 6:00. and tomorrow might be just a little bit warmer for some of the inland east bay valleys. still 73 in san francisco. you see the wind out of the northwest at 13-mile-per-hour. one of the locations still seeing near 80 degree temperatures. walnut creek and concord, a little bit of offshore breeze, northeast at 3. not gusty out there but enough to warm it up. and 77 in san jose. and you might have noticed a little more haze in the air as upper level smoke comes up from the south away from the santa barbara county coastline. for the start of the weekend we will see moderate air quality for places like the santa clara valley, inland east bay and along the coast, everybody switches back to good air quality sunday as temperatures cool down and the sea breeze picks up. hour by hour tomorrow begin the day in the 40s and 50s. numbers in the upper 70s around
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lunchtime. and check out the high temperatures for saturday. saturday clearly the warmer of the two weekend days as you'll see numbers in the upper 80s around livermore towards morgan hill, 75 san francisco, 81 in oakland mid-80s in san jose with 80s into the north bay. now you can contrast that with sunday highs and everything cooled off. down into the 60s for highs for many places on sunday. as we see the combination of sea breeze, increasing cloudsen a a chance of some showers by late afternoon and evening. sunday morning we start off the cloudy skies. winds pick up a bit. feel chilly outside. then by the afternoon and evening there goes the band of showers. probably moving out by 11:00 sunday night. and it will be the first in a series of weather systems primarily impacting more of the north bay at times for sunday night and then a second storm coming in we think around tuesday night and wednesday. again the focus mostly north of san francisco. but by this time next week we are hopeful for more substantial rainfall, especially on the
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north coast, north bay and around the rest of the bay area as we get into around next saturday and sunday. so you have to add out to the 24th which by the way 49ers hosting the colts that sunday too. that might play a bit of a role. but this is good news for fire danger. northwestern california could receive inches of rain within the next seven to ten days. welcome changes ahead in that seven-day forecast. but in the meantime, a warm start to the weekend. cool and cloudy finish. we'll see a few isolated showers late sunday into the evening. monday, breezy and cooler. so we go from upper 80s to mid-60s on monday. a bit of a roller coaster ride. north bay showers wednesday and increasing rain chances and increasing snow chances for the sierra as we head into next weekend. if you like the summer weather you have one more day and the changes in the storm door starts to open up next week. >> we fully endorse that forecast. thank you, rob. more breaking news to tell but right now. this is the south bay. sky ranger over a wildfire in santa cruz county that has
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forced efficaciouses. just started a while ago. burning between watsonville and morgan hill. you can see how smoky it is there. at this point luckily not that big. about 40 acres but has a lot of intensity and smoke there. sheriff's office still evacuating loem in the parajo area. we don't know how it started to me. too early to talk about containment and how crews are attacking it. we will keep an eye on bring you new info at 7:00. >> let's bring in rob mayeda right now talk about the wind direction and the scope you see in terms of the climate. near watsonville what are you seeing. >> a fire off to the west in mount madonna, winds of 17 to 25-mile-per-hour, humidity down to 15%. temperatures there in the 70s. it's a bit cooler than the mid-80s we had out there early today. unfortunately with the very dry conditions on the hill tops you can see humidity numbers here in the teens around scott's valley, between morgan hill and
6:22 pm
watsonville you see the very dry conditions, breeze z at times across the hill tops, not a lot of wind, not red flag conditions. but all it takes are the humidity numbers in the teens and the temperatures still in the 70s. in fact warmer a little bit higher on some of the hill tops right now where fire conditions will continue to stay challenging at times. we think the wind comes down a little bit tonight but likely some of the hill top locations see low temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. so fire conditions may still be active even into the 9mm hours tonight. back to you. >> pretty intense what we see from the nbc bay area sky ranger. this is a wildfire just now getting underway just started about 90 minutes ago near watsonville, southeast of morgan hill. we're back in a moment to wrap up this coverage.
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imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design, one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. now, i've got one. a lot of talk about dave chappelle, netflix has now fired an employee for sharing confidential information related to the comedienne, dave
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chamomile il recent special. >> the spokesperson for the company says the employee leaked exertionally sensitive information. this comes after bloomberg reported data from an anonymous internal source that showed chappelle's show cost as the 24 million to make. the information was not supposed to be made public. the extremer has faced intense public backlash in the last week over chappelle's special. some are arguing the comedienne's material could incite harm against the transgender community. we're back with more in a moment. the bay area is so much a part of who i am. like you i always want to know more about what's happening here in our home. >> this shouldn't be happening in a city this size. >> no it shouldn't be happening here. >> we create add newscasts designed to get more answers. more context, more slukss. welcome back to the new 7:00 newscasts. >> so you know more about our community. join us for nbc bay area news tonight. week nights at 7:00.
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tonight at 7:00 we continue to follow two breaking news stories, that police shooting we told you about at a strip mall in milpitas. also the fire that just now is spreading at mount madonna, near watsonville. these are live pictures from sky ranger. we are tracking the wind direction and what communities might be impacted coming up on the 7:00 newscasts. >> up next on nightly news with lester holt, winter is coming and could bring an unwelcome surprise in the heeing bill, whether gas or electric you could experience sticker shock this winter. they're taking a closer look at that. nightly news with lester holt starts right now. tonight, the major decision on booster shots impacting millions of americans who received johnson &
6:30 pm
johnson covid vaccines the fda panel voting unanimously to recommend j&j boosters to everyone 18 and over at least two months after initial vaccination. how soon could those boosters go into arms? the panel also debating mixing and matching boosters. what we know plus, new guidelines just out from the cdc over celebrating the holidays and the battle over vaccine mandates heating up the major u.s. city that could soon be without half its police force. also former president bill clinton hospitalized for an infection said to be unrelated to covid his condition tonight. the capitol police officer accused of telling a january 6th rioter to delete evidence the charges he faces. the move by the justice department taking the battle over texas' abortion law back to the supreme court. the shocking attack. a lawmaker in the u.k. stabbed to death at a church while meeting with voters. was it an act of terror? news on the gunman charged in the high school massacre in
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parkland, florida. planning to change his plea and the supply chain gridlock and the major impact on holiday shopping


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