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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 16, 2021 2:06am-2:41am PDT

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his condition tonight. the capitol police officer accused of telling a january 6th rioter to delete evidence the charges he faces. the move by the justice department taking the battle over texas' abortion law back to the supreme court. the shocking attack. a lawmaker in the u.k. stabbed to death at a church while meeting with voters. was it an act of terror? news on the gunman charged in the high school massacre in parkland, florida. planning to change his plea and the supply chain gridlock and the major impact on holiday shopping what to do now to get those toys on time this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening and welcome. mixed news tonight for those who got the johnson & johnson covid vaccination. an fda safety panel tonight endorsing booster shots for up to 15 million americans who received the j&j vaccine. but the panel also recognizing shortfalls in the vaccine's effectiveness. today's recommendation
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less narrow than the group's endorsements of moderna and pfizer boosters, suggesting in the case of johnson & johnson an extra shot for any adult after just two months. but there is also a lot of focus today on the question the fda panel didn't decide on can you mix and match vaccines our gabe gutierrez reports. >> reporter: marking another major step in the booster battle today an fda advisory panel voted unanimously to recommend authorizing an extra shot for johnson & johnson's vaccine for anyone 18 and older at least two months after the initial dose regulators did not see any evidence of serious safety concerns, but noted they weren't given enough time to independently review much of j&j's data. >> we are seeing that people who receive the johnson & johnson vaccine have a slightly higher risk of severe disease, hospitalization and death versus people who got the pfizer and moderna vaccines so i do think an additional dose is
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warranted for people who got one dose of the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> reporter: the vote comes after the panel unanimously recommended the use of a half dose moderna booster for many americans yesterday. the fda itself typically follows the panel's advice and is expected to rule on both boosters within days before the cdc would sign on. a confusing process for many americans because it usually plays out away from the spotlight. >> i think this is an unprecedented, historic situation that the american public is so intimately aware of. >> reporter: the panel also discussed whether it is okay to mix and match vaccines for example, getting a moderna booster if you got a j&j initial dose the advisers haven't yet voted on a position, but indicated there is a robust antibody response, no matter which booster you get. still, there is some skepticism this woman got two pfizer shots and doesn't want another. >> because every six months or three months, they're goin
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needle no, i'm not a pin cushion. >> reporter: late today the cdc put out updated guidance for the holidays, recommending people delay traveling until they're fully vaccinated stressing that outdoors is safer than indoors and urging people who are sick or have symptoms not to host or attend a gathering. >> gabe, there is so much for folks to keep track of the cdc, i understand, just expanded its list for people with underlying medical conditions what do we know? >> reporter: lester, for the first time the cdc added mental illnesses, including mood disorders such as depression to that list, meaning an extra 25 million people may be eligible for boosters lester >> thank you. in the growing battle over vaccine mandates, a major standoff between chicago's mayor and the police union will thousands of officers not show up for work tomorrow? plus, could there be a shortage of tsa agents and pilots just as the holiday travel season heats up
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here's megan fitzgerald. >> reporter: tonight president biden announcing on november 8th, the u.s will open its borders to travelers from other countries but only if they have been fully vaccinated meanwhile, here at home, covid vaccine mandates are fuelling even more showdowns nationwide with new fears they could make already critical work shortages even worse. >> i guarantee you at least half the department is staying home come saturday morning. >> reporter: in chicago thousands of police officers backed by their unions are threatening not to come to work tomorrow. they're protesting the mayor's order requiring all city employees to report their vaccination status by tonight. >> those who are sworn to uphold the law act as if they're above the law. we're not going to tolerate that. that's not acceptable. >> reporter: it is happening as the city sees a surge in violence murders up over last year the governor offering up the national guard in case of a massive police no show while in seattle,
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police are facing a showdown of their own. >> any loss of an officer right now would be detrimental to our city current public safety crisis >> reporter: the force is required to show proof of vaccination by monday. but so far, more than 200 officers have not complied the police department already dealing with a crime wave, activating their emergency plan, even asking detectives to go out on street patrol. >> our first concern is those priority one calls, those crimes in progress calls and whatnot and having the staffing levels available to respond. >> reporter: meanwhile, at america's airport, 40% of tsa agents have not reported their vaccination status the deadline just a month away while thousands of pilots are still unvaccinated, too, with mandates looming, including american airlines, which is requiring all pilots to be vaccinated by november 24th. >> it is vaccination or termination we've got some 3,900 pilots now that are in the process of making that choice or not or going for the exemption. that's a lot of
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pilots. >> reporter: tonight new warnings that unless this gets sorted out, it could significantly impact the holiday travel season. lester >> reporter: megan fitzgerald in chicago, thanks. new developments this evening involving former president bill clinton who is still in the hospital suffering from an infection that is not covid related. moments ago the announcement of when he will be released. miguel almaguer is in southern california with more. spirits after sources tell nbc news he was diagnosed with a urological infection that spread into his bloodstream with hillary rodham clinton also at the hospital last night and today the former president feeling fatigued on tuesday decided to go to the hospital for testing. a source close to the situation says he was in the icu as a precaution, but is not under intensive care in a joint statement,
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clinton's doctors said in part his white blood cell count is trending down and he is responding to antibiotics well. >> it looks like the president was diagnosed with a urine infection that led to sepsis and that he had an infection in the bloodstream. sepsis can cause severe inflammation that can lead to a lot of complic important to treat it early and recognize it as soon as possible. >> reporter: the former president was in southern california for a clinton foundation event feeling ill tuesday, he was taken to the uci med center and administered iv, antibiotics and fluid for a non-covid related infection. continuously monitored, his medical team in california is in close touch with his doctors in new york today president biden checking in on former president clinton. >> he seems to be, god willing, doing well. >> reporter: the 75-year-old two-term president has a history of heart disease, leading him to change his lifestyle years ago.
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>> i now know more than i did then about how much you can aggravate heart troubles not just by eating poorly or failing to exercise but also by not sleeping enough or by putting yourself under too much stress. >> reporter: tonight the nation's 42nd president suffering a serious health scare but already back on his feet >> and, miguel, you remain outside the hospital where the former president is recovering we just learned when he will be released. what do we know there? >> reporter: yeah, lester the president will spend one more night here at the hospital he should be released tomorrow doctors say if he's given a clean bill of health, he could even travel back home to new york if he chooses to. lester >> miguel almaguer at irvine, thank you. nbc's andrea mitchell joining me now. andrea, this is the first real health scare for the former president since his heart surgery years ago. >> exactly you know, he did have a serious condition because an infection that gets into the bloodstream can cause vital organs to shut down if not treated promptly with iv antibiotics and fluids
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and the former president, who has a family history of heart disease had that quadruple bypass in 2004, an open heart procedure that took four hours, after whic doctors said without the operation, he would likely have faced a substantial heart attack then in 2010, after two arduous trips to haiti for earthquake relief, the former president had two stints inserted in an artery that's when bill clinton, who famously had a passion for junk food, changed his lifestyle going vegan. he's been active and healthy until this episode. >> thank you. new tonight, a u.s. capitol police officer indicted on obstruction of justice charges related to the january 6th riot officer michael riley is accused of tipping off someone who took part in the riot to remove facebook posts showing that person inside the capitol during the attack. riley has been on the force for 25 years and the biden administration said today it will ask the supreme court once again to block that
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texas law that bans most abortions this comes after a federal appeals court decided to let the law remain in effect while the courts consider whether it is constitutional. in just 60 seconds, what was behind today's deadly knife attack on a british member of parliament richard engel with late details and hollywood bracing for a big strike the potential impact on movie and tv production
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back now with a horrific stabbing attack it happened while he was meeting with voters at a church now investigators examining whether it was an act of terror we get more from richard engel. >> reporter: british authorities say a man burst into this church in an english seaside town at lunchtime attacking and repeatedly stabbing a member of parliament while he was meeting constituents a suspect was detained. >> a 25-year-old man was arrested immediately on the scene on suspicion of murder. >> reporter: police
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arrived quickly and in an ambulance but it was too late to save sir david aims, 69-year-old conservative member of parliament for nearly 40 years so far police haven't identified a motive or revealed details about the suspect, but they're not ruling out terrorism. prime minister boris johnson led the tributes, calling aims the nicest man in british politics. >> our thoughts are very much today with his wife, his children and his family. >> reporter: a supporter of the u.k.'s exit from the european union and an advocate of animal rights, aims was popular and approachable. >> no one deserves anything like that whatever you think about politically, it is still a family. >> david would always try and help you if he could. >> reporter: this has been called a dark day in british democracy and it is the second time in five years that a member of parliament has been killed while meeting the public now questions are being asked if more security is required while elected officials do their most basic job, listen to voters. lester >> richard engel,
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thank you. the confessed gunman charged in the parkland shooting rampage will change his plea to guilty for all 17 counts of murder against him, his attorneys said today. nicholas cruz is accused of killing 14 students and 3 staffers at marjory stoneman douglas school in 2018 after a guilty plea is entered, a jury would then decide whether he receives the death penalty. also tonight hollywood on the verge of shutting down the entertainment industry could be days away from a crippling strike just one of several labor disputes erupting across the country. erin mclaughlin is in los angeles with more. >> reporter: tonight hollywood is on the brink of calling cut with 60,000 behind-the-scenes workers threatening to walk offset, potentially halting production of your favorite series and live shows. >> i'm not nervous about the strike i'm excited. >> reporter: the union alleging the explosion of streaming combined with the pandemic has elevated and aggravated working conditions, bringing those behind the scenes to the breaking
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point, creating what it says are excessively unsafe and harmful working hours and unlivable wages. also noting a consistent failure to provide reasonable rest. >> so they expect us to just continue working no matter the conditions, no matter how long we have been at it. >> reporter: now hollywood heavyweights are speaking out in support of the workers. >> it is staggering. i mean the amount of abuse that i have seen no one gives a [ bleep ], you know. and it's - i have seen a lot of that. >> reporter: the alliance of motion picture and television producers saying it deeply values the crew members and is committed to reaching a deal the alliance includes universal pictures, part of our parent company nbc universal. anger over workers rights is hardly confined to hollywood. >> we're on the right side of history. >> reporter: from auto and agriculture to health care workers. it is all part of a growing nationwide showdown between employees and employers sparked in
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part, experts say, by the pandemic now spilling on to the silver screen. if ongoing negotiations fall through, thousands here in hollywood are set to join in the picket lines starting monday. lester >> all right, erin thank you. up next, how to deal with potential holiday shortages for products made here and big increases ahead heating your home.
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beyond all those container ships stuck on the west coast, it turns out supply chain issues here at home are also setting back production as the
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holidays approach. vicky wynn now on how one toy maker is trying to meet demand. here inside the factory in pennsylvania, they're cranking out more than 450 products, including these small, plastic parts vital to the kinex building set. the toy maker is gearing up for an unpredictable holiday season >> try to shop early because i think it's going to be very difficult coming through after thanksgiving. >> reporter: items like tape, paper and pallets that used to take three weeks to arrive now take six to ten weeks. >> you only can control so much. what we can do is look at all the available material on hand, how can we turn it into a finished good as quickly as possible. >> reporter: the pandemic is one factor in the supply chain, but raw materials like this used to make plastic parts for toys, well, these come from texas and that's a state that's been hit hard by natural
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disasters like flooding and ice storms, shutting down factories there. toys made overseas are facing delays and increased costs getting to the u.s the supply chain scrooge affecting stores like kip's toy land in california >> if you can hear me, we love your product. >> reporter: and lily says several companies have even canceled her store's orders. >> when we are like, hey, where are the toys they're like, oh, it will be there when it gets there. >> reporter: it's all adding up to higher prices and early bargain hunting. a recent survey shows 37% of gift shoppers said they start in august and september how important is the holiday season to a toy company? >> 20% to 30% of our revenue is within the first six months of the year 70% is in the last six months of the year. >> the best advice for toy shoppers, ask your kids to be flexible. shop early and often and check local stores first. lester >> okay. vicky wynn, thank you. and a big red flag tonight about heating your home this winter. a new government
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report says heating costs are going way up stephanie ruhle tonight on how to save while staying warm. >> reporter: shannon phillips hunt is getting ready for the with third winter in her bloomsbury, new jersey home. your first winter, do you remember what the bills were like? >> they were very average. nothing surprising last year, it was cold, but we didn't change any of our behavior and our bill went up. it was $240, $260 and then it hit i think $320 or $340 it was outrageous. >> reporter: shannon and her husband john are doing what they can to cut costs on their electric bill like installing a new window to keep the cold air out, along with a more energy efficient hot water heater. >> in the wintertime we have plastic over or insulated all of our windows on the first floor. we have also had to buy a new refrigerator so we tried to go with the most energy efficient. and we also tried the weather stripping. >> reporter: according
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to the energy information administration, heating your home this winter is going to cost more. thanks to higher fuel prices, combined with a season forecast to be colder than last year those with electric heat like shannon will see a 4% to 15% increase use natural gas to heat up, be prepared for a 30% spike. and for heating oil, you could see a 43% increase but what can you do to avoid the financial deep freeze? >> we recommend checking your home for air leaks, upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat checking your air filters and replacing them every few months. if you own ceiling fans, reverse the direction of the fan to blow hot air down. >> reporter: shannon is looking at taking an additional job just to keep up with her additional expenses. >> we're working people, so we want to make sure we pay our bills and we're not overextending ourselves.
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finally tonight, the history making mission in the new space race we get more from janice macke frayer. >> reporter: tonight chinese astronauts making history on their longest mission yet, a six-month stay aboard china's space station with added star power wang yaping, the first woman to go there. she'll do a space walk, too. but before she left, wang had a message for kids fly to the future that belongs to you, she said blasting off from the gobi desert. this mission marks another milestone for china space ambitions
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in a program that's advancing rapidly. at a time when commercial space trips are grabbing attention in the u.s., china's government is pouring billions into becoming a space power. the space station a centerpiece. to prepare for six months up there, astronauts trained underwater the challenge crew members say is enormous says the head of training, but i'm full of confidence china will launch two more crude missions like this to get the space station called tiangong or heavenly palace up and running by the end of next year for now 242 miles above the earth, astronauts are settling in at the top of the world janis mackey frayer, nbc news, china. and that's "nightly news" for this friday. thank you for watching, everyone i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each other. good night
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♪ into my arms ♪ ♪ and tremble like a flower ♪ ♪ let's dance ♪ ♪ put on your red shoes and dance the blues ♪ ♪ let's sway ♪ ♪ under the moonlight the serious moonlight ♪ ♪ let's dance ♪♪ [cheers and applause] >> kelly: welcome to "the kelly clarkson show"! give it up for my band y'all with that classic song from david bowie! give it up for our very special guest on the base as well leland! everybody! now if you don't know, leland is a true rock legend.
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he has worked with everyone from james taylor to carole king, we saw him in australia, we were there for work and we were like oh, my god, they're going to be on tour and we saw him play, it was the most amazing show. he is so gifted! [cheers and applause] we are very honored to have him here, he is incredible, we are very stoked to have them here, so thank you for being with us the whole hour, leland! [cheers and applause] we also have a special guest who requested "let's dance" from kb tv in buffalo, new york, what's up! >> oh, my goodness, kelly, that was amazing! i love it so much. >> kelly: it is one of those songs where you think you know, but i really only knew "let's dance" i was like how does it go? >> put on your red shoes. >> kelly: you don't sound like you are from buffalo, girl?
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>> no, is an everybody from buffalo? no, i am from australia. it's funny that you say that you saw leland in australia, currently in buffalo, as far away from my home crown, you could drill a hole through my living room and he would get to my mom's through the earth. you would end up at my moms house. >> kelly: i love australia come it's one of my favorite places to go tour and to be. it's such a great place. we love that you are here though. >> i'm stuck here. i am stuck here. >> kelly: why do you love that song? >> actually fun fact, that song was the very first song i ever heard in 2010, like we did the countdown, and then started the new year with the song and it was that song. it's beyond what a great song to start a new year on. >> i love it so much, and honestly i do think that we have been through in the last couple of years. so i would love nothi,
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nonetheless what song do you want and i was like, kelly must sing that song, we must dance and i think dancing is just the way to get to present an everybody stressed about what has happened and what is going to have income but not when you are dancing. >> kelly: right, right! i have owned this in interviews and on the show, i dance, i put music on if i am sad and just dance by myself like a crazy person, but it feels good! and i love music and this is a great song for that. so thank you for picking the song. thank you so much! art come everybody, you are and for one hell of an hour. funny ms. pat joining us! give it us a writer, actor, producer, and musician. he does all the things pretty well watched him and i certainly have an "x-files" "california
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kitchen" and "zoo lander" his latest album is called gesture land and is out right now. everybody say hello to david duchovny! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ yes, you can sit here. i am stoked to meet you. yes! i'm so excited! it is so horrible, i love hugging, but we are not allowed to do that quite yet. but i have you in the room. >> david: i'm on the couch. >> kelly: we have physical people here. >> david: hi physical people. >> kelly: welcome back to l.a., here you just move back. >> david: i raise my kids in new york where i am from am i husband just -- my son just graduated in the spring. >> kelly: you are an empty nest are.
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>> david: i am an empty nester. >> kelly: is that exciting or nervous? you get your life back. >> david: you have these concerns that you don't have to think about anymore but you think about, when are they going to get home from school and all that stuff. >> kelly: and you are nervous and they are not ever in your roof not to and make you nervous, but they are not they are. >> david: they will come back, right? >> kelly: for holidays at least, i have a five and 7-year-old, what were the hardest ones? was it teenage years? >> david: no, yes, they are all challenging i guess. >> kelly: well, that's not -- >> david: they all of their specific challenges, they all have their hurdles. >> kelly: i feel like my 7-year-old is 16, she is just confused. >> david: girls get very mature when they are young. >> kelly: so feisty and she wants a job, i am like you are


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