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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 16, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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they'll fund our transformation. yes, yes! exactly! what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪ right now we have five skateboarders attacked and chased downed. first look at the man they're looking for. and plus mom accused of fueling booze parties for minors that led to sexual assault. we know when she'll be back in the bay area to answer for charge. and first, a controlled fire spirals out of control. good news for those on the fire lines tonight. the news at 5:00 starts now. good evening, thanks for joining you i'm terry mcsweeney. good news on thetrada fire.
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it's 25% contained and evacuations down graded. christy smith join us live from santa cruz. >> reporter: not seeing smoke rise and haven't seen that all day. as you said, it's about 25% contained. a lot of resources on this throughout the night and day. evacuations downgraded. the estrada firegrown to 25% after a long night. >> evacuation orders and reduce orders to warnings. >> reporter: no homes burned,
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forecast favorable. >> the fire calmed down tremendously. right now you can't even see the smoke coming off the fire. they're just enforcing the containment lines and mopping up. >> reporter: it began yesterday afternoon with prescribed burn that jumped the lines in santa cruz county northwest of watsonville. >> later in the afternoon we had some spots across the line. just weren't able to contain it as quickly as we needed to, and so we had to call for additional resources. >> reporter: santa cruz evacuation unit got moving quickly. >> by the time we got here we had everything we needed. trailers and people and supplies. so it worked out smoothly that way. the 33 horses were already here. >> reporter: they're helping to care for animals that needed to be eevacuated. >> it's very rewarding. ip know if i was in this situation and there was a fire
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burning around my house, these people would come and help me. hands down. >> reporter: i just heard from one spokesperson from calfire and she's saying she thinks about 150 acres burned but they're still trying to determine exact numbers. also i'm told starting tomorrow there will be fewer resources here than today, but a presence here for quite some time. reporting live in santa cruz county christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. a bit further north where the estrada fire is burning, a ranch in tuscadero planned a planned burn there and tweeted yesterday that burn canceleded. check in whip our metorologist to see what they're dealing with tonight into tomorrow. >> right now temperatures are pretty warm. definitely abovenormal. check this out. at this hour still seeing 80s out there. santa cruz area as well, similar
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conditions. 24-hour temperature change similar to yesterday. but concern is that even though we're seeing improvement when it comes to our weather heading into tomorrow. it's still pretty dry out there. look at areas like santa cruz near that fire, 39% humidity. not bad, but still in those less than 50% marks in napa, fairfield and yorba linda. good news, seeing major improvement. another thing, conditions now when it comes to any fire, the fact the winds are significantly calm. very light winds, not a factor. here is the big story in the next 24 hours. we've got a storm finally some rain, a cold front is expected to drop down heading into tomorrow evening. this is going to not only bring a chance of rain around here, but also a change in those temperatures. i'll take you to the timing of that coming up in a few minutes. terry? >> thanks so much. remember, download the nbc
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bay area app for free. send you breaking weather alerts stright your phone and you can track weather in your neighborhood. following developing news out of southern california. looks as if tonight is the last night in the hospital for former president bill clinton. a spokeswoman tells nbc news he's expected to be released tomorrow. the former president is in great speernts. spending time with family, catching up with friends and watching college football. admitted to uc irvine medical center tuesday evening for a urinary tract infection which spread to his blood stream. his wife hillary and daughter chelsea with him throughout the day. also following a fire in the east bay. this one in oakland. the fire burned a home on 73rd avenue. this is about 2:30. made quick work of it. under control there 3:00. the picture shows how high that smoke carried. firefighters say one person was take ton a hospital for smoke inhalation and the red krots helping two displaced. and hoping this sketch will help lead them to a man accused
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of stabbing a skateboarder in pleasant hill. the suspect is about 5'8", dirty blonde hair, late teens maybe early 20s. the stabbing happened wednesday near the intersection of putnam and oaks corner. three people got out of a car, chased down the skateboarder and stabbed him a number of times's pt skateboarder suffered serious injuries but is in stable condition. ma lynn county a in development in an extensive investigation, one. most, in sheriff's department history. a seventh suspect arrested in connection with a deadly highway shooting back in 2016. 24-year-old javier herrera for alleged role in the shoot may 25, 2016. two people shot one victim died. an mateo county continues to bring vaccination events to underserved communities hoping to boost the vaccination rate.
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today a pop-up covid clinic was held at bel air elementary school on third avenue in bruno. 70% of the students at the school are considered economically disadvantaged. 97% are minorities with lower vaccination rates. working towards 100% vaccinations with pop-ups is an important strategy. >> the pop-ups, again, not getting the huge numbers, but you're going to get are people, convenience and making it easy for people to walk outside their house and to trust someone who lives within a two-mile radius. >> the clinic open to any county resident 12 years of age or older. kids getting their first pfizer dose, come back to the clin nick three weeks for the second dose. the state updated data to compare the steep difference in infections for people who are vaccinated. the red line represents unvaccinated cases. blue down, down there, for, way
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down here. let me get out of the way. for breakthree cases. the state health department says 11 times more likely to end up in a hospital without a vaccine. similar story for deaths. the department says unvaccinated people died at a rate of 10.5 per million compared to just .6 per million for people who have the vaccine. data says your risk is dieing is 19 times higher without your shots. a major sign of progress in the pandemic from the cdc. abc updated guidelines how to safely travel and enjoy holidays with others. important information. advice is get vaccinated to protect those not eligible. wear a mask if indoors and not vaccinated. avoid crowded spaces and gathering out doors always better than gathering indoors. missing from the list is a recommendation people stick to virltural gatherings. cdc says the best way to celebrate the holidays is to get vaccinated. from mask mandates to
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vaccine requirements, making it easy to keep up with the pandemic. head to tracking all the updates so you can be informed. and the president and first lady attended a peace service at the capitol. honoring law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty in 2019 and 2020. a roll call of names read before president biden delivered remarks. the president recognized the heavy burden police officers bear and said departments need more help. >> we have to stop asking law enforcement officers to do every single job under the sun. i'm committed to investing in mental health service, mental health services to respond to mental health crises alongside you. you shouldn't were were the kun talking someone off the edge of a roof. you should have professional help with you. >> 2020 was the deadliest year for law enforcement on record. nearly 500 officers died in the
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line of are duty during 2019 and 2020. along those lines, one officer killed, two others hurt in what texas police call an ambush. at at bar overnight about 2:00 in the morning. two officers working an extra shift. went out to make an arrest. a suspect hiding behind a car opened fire, shot the officers with an ar-15, that's when the third officer rushed to the scene and was also shot. >> shot from the behind with a, a, suspect with a rifle. three counce ims shot. we do not know at this time if they were able to return fire or not. we're still, it's an ongoing investigation. there's a lot of unknowns at this point. >> the officer killed is kareem atkins. 30 years old. just returned to work from paternity leave. he leaves behind a wife are and 6-month-old child. the texas attorney general says the manhunt is under way trying
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to find the shooter. still ahead, accused of throwing booze-fueled parties for teenagers that put them at risk. tonight we learn when she'll be brought back to the bay area to face charges. and guess what? you get to bring out those umbrellas this week. we've got rain on the way foyer the bay area plus a cool down so it finally will start feeling like fall around here. the full forecast coming up. stay with us. and more fathes take time off after having a baby, paternity leave. and a strike in hollywood. how it could impact your tvs and mothers. those stories and more on "nightly news." including the covid-19 virus, on more surfaces than lysol disinfectant spray. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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designers and contractors. and, these prices! yeah, we found where the pros go. explore floor and decor in person or online. snooshgs? los gatos mother accused of throwing drunken teen sex parties is expected back in the south bay next week. earlier this week arrested in idaho charge on 39 counts allegedly organized parties for 14 and 15-year-olds providing alcohol and condoms. some abuse is child assault and she is expected to be back tuesday. dozens gathered in san francisco's national aids memorial grove today to honor's life of a remarkable man. timothy ray brown has a bolder
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bolderholder donated to him. the first cured of aids in the united states. diagnosed in 1995 and underwent two stem cell transplants. by 2007 it appeared his treatment worked. he was hiv-free. >> by being an individual that stepped forward and was cured, he gave others hope. i've been living with the virus in my body for 20 years. timothy brown is an inspiration to all. our community, our society, our nation and the world, of a deep debt of gratitude for the lift of timothy ray brown. >> also known as the ber lyn patient, as a way to hide identity during a time of great stigma around the disease. he later came forward and identified him as that historic patient. two day afrs being sentenced to life in prison without parole new york real estate heir robert durst is on a ventilator with covid-19. video shot thursday of the 78-year-old durst in court. he was sentenced to life in prison for the 2000 murder of
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his longtime friend susan berman. he was having trouble and looked worst he'd ever seen him and believed durst was vaccinated but dmoen if his client had the booster shot yesterday. no word of his current condition. check in with our meteorologist. a lot going on behind you. not seeing many of those in the days to come. >> today definitely a warm, sunny day, but cooler days ahead and the magic word, "rain" is on the way. we definitely need it in the bay area, the entire state of california, under an extensional drought. nice to see rain. right now in san francisco, pretty warm. 76 degrees. above normal, thanks to high pressure. had a ridge really dominaing the part couple days keeping temperatures in upper 80s and san jose, brought on a lot of sunshine and seeing drastic changes start to really make their way into the region in the next 24 hours. here's the reason why.
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look at satellite radar. you can see the system just to the north. in addition to the rain, we're also going to see a drop in temperatures and a change in winds, because of a cold front. right now notice satellite radar near the area is pretty calm. clear skies, but heading into sunday, that is all going to change. take a look at daytime highs. we're going to see a significant drop in temperatures by as much as 20 degrees in some areas compared to today's daytime highs. daytime highs in san jose tomorrow, 60s. los gatos, upper 50s. finally going to feel like fall. in addition to sunday, we're also going to continue to see cooler temperatures heading into monday. so really once that cold front drops down, also notice a shift in winds by tomorrow evening. so what can we expect in the hour-by-hour outlook? sunday, notice by 4:00, first to see rain will be those who live north of the golden gate bridge. ukiah, santa rosa, napa.
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rain chances move in late and become more widespread heading into the dinner hour. 6:30, 7:00, 8:00, could see rain start to push through further south into the santa cruz mountains. a little for san jose and areas further down into monterey county as well. once this system moves out, this is just the beginning of a pretty active weather pattern. so much so i wanted to show you this great shot of lake tahoe. the reason i'm showing you this is because with that incoming cold front we've expecting snow and the national weather service issued a winter weather advisory. highest at 7,000 feet and could result in dangerous road travel and remains in effect through monday. friends heading to lake tahoe, check the travel conditions. out he'd to give you an idea, rounding out, first system passes through sunday. by middle of the week heading into wednesday. north bay will see some of that rain. then a little bit of rain pushed
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through on thursday, but gets really active heading into friday and next weekend for the entire bay area. we're expecting widespread rain. this going to be our best chance of seeing higher accumulations when it comes to the long-range outlook. your model now, look at this. ten-day rain totals heading into october 25th. finally accumulations. a couple inches. higher elevation areas in the north bay, but, terry, i am so ready for the fall temperatures. bring out the umbrellas, cozy candles, all the good stuff. of course, be safe on the roads because it's going to rain. we yo californians in the rain on the roads. >> i'm from california, by wait. >> drive carefully. oh, the rain will feel nice. thanks a lot. and we have gone to the moon, to mars and now nasa has a successful launch today setting its sights on one of earth's biggest neighbors. we'll tell you about that.
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the bait area is so much a part of who i am and like you i always want to know more about happening in our home. we create add newscast designed to get more answers, more context. more solutions. welcome back to our news, 7:00 newscast. >> so you know more about our community. join us for nbc bay area "news tonight" weeknights at 7:00 following "nightly news."
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truly out of this world. nasa's spacecraft known at lusi hurdling towards jipter now kicking off a 12-year quest to study aft troids and find clues about the creation of our solar system. >> three, two, one -- liftoff. sending lucy to uncover fossils of our solar system. >> wow. the probe is heading towards jupiter's orbit to study two
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groups of asteroids that swarmed ahead and behind it. nasa scientists say they're left jovers from the formation of the planets and hold clues about evolution of the solar system. the journey will span nearly 4 billion mimes and lucy is expected to get to jupiter in in about what? two, three years? 2025, was it? yes. 2025. nasa invested nearly $1 billion into this mission. and crews moving forward recovering from the pandemic. today the first ship set sail from port tampa bay. first since march of 2020. the royal caribbean headed to the bahamas for a five-day trip. everything on board open. pools, show, nightclubs. everything goes. slight difference, though. passengers 12 and older required to be fully vaccinated. all passengers have to have a negative test before boarding. strong indoor masking policies are in place, but it is a big step forward.
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a sweet moment in the peninsula. an ice cream shop celebrating a milestone with its faithful customers today, and we're going to take you there and make you hungry, right after this.
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a very sweet 75 years for a shot in birlinggame. celebrating 75 years in business today, and did it handing out homemade goodies. count me in. the owner passed along memories,
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too, of generations of customer whose keep coming back too this very quaint shop. operating since 1946, except for a five-month shutdown during the pandemic. >> this is a small town. we have a lot of personal connections between neighbors and customers and our neighbors and customers with each other. so it is rel really a wonderful community. >> and prestons still makes all the candy it sells in small batches. happy anniversary. keep going. turning to the nfl, the seattle seahawks and pittsburgh steelers clash this weekend. we have a preview. ♪♪ 3 . >> sunday night football, a super bowl xl rematch. no russell wilson. geno smith starts for the
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seahawks. >> i like geno and the seahawks bence the steelers. sounds crazy, but for a guy came into the league highly talented, had issues. a backup a while. they're excited about him there. he's had a great off-season. came in and played well the other night. i think he takes the next step and gets the victory next week. >> steelers, excited. offensive line starting to play like they need them to play. 147 yards rushing last week is the key to steeler football to me. they get a balanced offense, they're going to be tough to handle. >> terrible towels waiting. steelers and seahawks on sunday night football, begins football night in america. and for us on west coast coverage starts at 4:00 on nbc sports bay area. these two teams met 19 years over the years. seahawks lead the series 10-9 and we're back in a moment.
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so pleased to have rain in the forecast. bringing her back for an encore. >> i really am. such a nice change. 76 degrees in san francisco, but tomorrow daytime highs only in the 60s, terry. evening rain on the way. see you tonight. . tonight, the police standoff in chicago. the city hitting a deadline for all officers to disclose their vaccine status the union leader calling for the police to refuse those orders, sparking concerns of major shortages on the force. what a judge has now ruled. booster confusion. an fda panel approves booster shots for the j&j vaccines, but not mixing and matching. we'll guide you through the new patch work of rules. >> i'm a scientist and i'm confused. >> an all-out man hunt in texas >> what happened tonight wa


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