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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 16, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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progress in flames of prescribed burn gone wrong. where things stand now. gorgeous weather across the bay area. look at that. tracking much-needed rain coming our way. when you can see it. news at 6:00 starts right now. i'm terry mcsweeney. gorgeous weather, enjoy it while you can. step outside and look around. things you will be missing in matter of a few days, tracking much-needed wet weather coming, we really do need it. meteorologist vianey arana. >> i enjoy the rain being cozy at home but got to go to work, another thing. beautiful, sunny skies. warm, 78, topped out in upper 80s and still on the map this afternoon. but seeing a significant drop as
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much as 20 degrees some areas. here's why. system just north, see it right here, instability, also expecting a cold front in addition to dropping our temperatures is going to kick up wind heading into tomorrow. zoom in now. quiet radar near our area with clear skies but these are things we're monitoring. rain chances on sunday with arrival of the cold front, national weather service issued winter weather advisory for the sierra, starting 7:00 p.m. tomorrow into early monday morning. could mean dangerous road travel, check the conditions before you head out. looking ahead, active weather pattern, first of many systems to come with the rain, time to take out the rain boots. i got to look for mine. i don't know even where my umbrella is. full forecast in a few minutes.
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>> and first of many systems coming our way, music to ears of firefighters making progress at estrada fire. it's 70% contained. started as prescribed burn yesterday, took a turn for the worse when the flames jumped containment line. people are being allowed back home now. >> reporter: crews were busy near the fire today, containment grown to 25% after long night. >> fire has calmed down tremendously. can't see the smoke coming off the fire right now. enforcing containment lines and mopping up. >> reporter: no homes or structures burned and forecast was favorable. >> been able to lift evacuation orders and reduce orders to warnings. >> reporter: began yesterday afternoon with a prescribed burn
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that jumped the lines in santa cruz county northwest of watsonville. >> had spots across the line, not able to contain it as quickly as we needed to. had to call for additional resources. >> equine evacuation moving quickly. >> by the time i got here, had everything we needed, trailers, people and supplies. worked out smoothly that way. 33 horses were already here. >> reporter: helping to care for animals that needed to be evacuated, including horses, pigs, goats and sheep. >> when there's no hiccups it's rewarding. because i know if i was in this situation, there was fire burning around my house, these people would help me. hands down. farther north of that fire, you have a tomkat ranch with a
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prescribed burn scheduled, it's been canceled. nbc bay area app is great resource in fire season and all year round. breaking news and weather alerts sent to your phone, alerted when the rain is coming this week, tailor the forecast for your neighborhood, free to download on the app and google play stores. police hope this sketch will lead to man stabbed a skateboarder. wednesday near putnam and oak park boulevard. three people got out of car, chased down skateboarder, scabbed him a number of times, serious injuries but stable 0 condition. health leaders say the number of people fully vaccinated is lower than
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reported. san mateo county found a discrepancy in how they report vaccination numbers. some data was duplicated. number of vaccinated people in san mateo dropping about 36,000. where things stand now in san mateo county, 80% fully vaccinated. impressive. down from the higher percentage. marin is 92%. rest in the 80s. solano county just 68% 12 and older fully vaccinated. in effort to raise that number, reopened a mass vaccination site at fairgrounds in than state numbers. 85% of californians 12 and up
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partially vaccinated. 70% fully vaccinated. san mateo county continues to bring vaccination events to underserved communities to beef up vaccinations there. pop-up clinic in san bruno. president david canapa says 70% of the students are considered economically disadvantaged. 87% are minorities with lower vaccination rates. working with the pop-ups is important strategy. >> the pop-ups, not huge numbers but people, convenience, making it easy to walk outside house and trust someone who lives within three mile radius. >> open to any county resident 12 or older. kids getting first dose can come
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back later for the second. to get recommendations and mandates, looks like tonight is last night in the hospital for former president bill clinton. he's expected to be released tomorrow. she says the president is in great spirits, spending time with family, catching up with friends and watching college football too. admitted to uc irvine medical center for urinary tract infection that spread to his bloodstream, wife hillary and daughter chelsea had been with him. president attending the national peace officers' memorial service for officers died in line of duty. president recognized heavy burden that police officers bear
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and says departments need more help. >> we have to stop asking law enforcement officers to do every single job under the sun. i'm committed to investing in mental health services, mental health professionals who can respond alongside you, you shouldn't be the one having to talk someone off the edge of the roof, you should have professional help with you. >> 2020 was deadliest year for law enforcement on record, nearly 500 officers died in line of duty in 2019 and 2020. supervisor matt haney kicked off campaign today. serving as district six supervisor in san francisco. says he has support of 17 unions, going to continue to tackle homelessness, housing and
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climate change. currently it's david chu, next city attorney in san francisco. dozens gathered in aids memorial grove for timothy boulder who died of leukemia but his aids diagnosis and cure is historic. brown is considered to be first person cured of hiv in the u.s. huge at time. underwent two stem cell transplants, by 2007, he was hiv free. >> by being individual that stepped forward and was cured, he gave others hope. i've been living with the virus for 20 years, timothy ray brown is inspiration to all, community, society and nation and world owes a debt of gratitude for the life of brown. >> brown was called the berlin
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patient to hide his real identity in a time of great stigma during the disease. he later came forward and identified himself as that historic patient. just in time for the holidays, big announcement from sfo and what it could mean for vacation plans. impact of rising sea level, who is going to be affected. after a summer-like saturday, changes ahead in form of rain and cooler weather for the bay area. what to expect this week coming up. stay with us.
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three, two, one, zero. >> nasa's spacecraft "lucy" hurtling toward jupiter to find asteroids and clues with the solar system. studying two asteroids in swarms around the planet. astronauts say they're leftovers from formation of the planets and hold clues to formation of the solar system. expected to arrive 2025. it's not nearby. nasa has invested nearly a billion dollars in the mission. direct flights from
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san francisco to dublin, ireland, first time since the pandemic can fly nonstop and return the same way. aer lingus will launch in time for the holiday season. december 12th. cruise industry, first ship set sail from port tampa bay. "serenade of the seas," everything is open, pool, shows, night clubs. passengers required to be fully vaccinated and also have a negative test before boarding. strong indoor masking policies also in place. new report appear to show extent of the climate crisis, predicts how rising sea water would impact major u.s. cities and landmarks by 2020. who could see and feel that impact. >> this is a problem for
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everyone. can't just say oh, i live in denver or i live in dallas. doesn't affect me. this affects all of us in one way or another, and much more quickly than people realize. >> to see chase's report, nbclx, breaks down what the leaders need to do by 2030 to prevent the worst outcomes. and 185 on xfinity cable or over the air on channel 11-5. from the graduating class of 2021, newest batch of police dogs reporting for duty. early this afternoon, chp graduated ten officers and four-legged partners. went through 400 to 600 hours of intensive training. without wasting time, teams were deployed throughout the state immediately. now has 48 teams statewide.
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vianey arana, is your dog up for the job? >> he sits for treats and is potty trained. >> those are the basics. >> you know, that's all i need from binks. he's going to love the weather with the exception of the potty breaks, he's not a fan of the rain. got to look for his little rain coat, yes, he has a rain coat. beautiful skies, summer-like, warm, clear conditions. 73 now in san francisco but topped out in the 80s into the interior valleys. however things are going to change next couple of hours. watching this forecast you'll be ready. next couple of hours, satellite radar, you can see the system to the north, instability and also a cold front that's going to drop the daytime highs down into sunday afternoon and kick up winds 15 to 35 miles per hour.
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sunday's daytime highs tomorrow, only topping out upper 60s, 64 in hayward, upper 50s for san francisco. we're going to see as much as 20 degree difference when daytime highs tomorrow especially interior valleys. time for the coats, will finally feel like fall. expecting temperatures cool into monday. upper 50s and low 60s as cold front passes through. addition to the cooler temperatures is rain. depending on where you live is how much rain you get, when you see it. time stamp here, sunday, 5:00 p.m., more evening storm into later portion around 3:00, areas in north bay, ukiah, mill valley, san francisco going to see heavier pockets of rain. couple of tenths of inch or
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couple of hundredths, 7:00, 7:30, could see the rain bands. not a huge rain maker however, just one of a couple of systems we have pushing through the bay area. i do want to take you through the long range outlook. this is only a taste of what we've got incoming. i told you grab umbrellas, it's good reason. monday, system moves out, one more thing to keep in mind, heading out to lake tahoe, beautiful shot right? however, next 24 hours, winter weather advisory goes into effect starting 7:00 p.m., accumulations above 7,000 feet. welcome sight. saw depleted sierra snow pack early in the season, been the driest drought -- driest drought, that's something -- past two years. and june and july some of the
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warmest months on record for the bay area. rain will help. rain chances into middle of next week. north bay heading into wednesday, thursday, scattered showers. tuesday night into friday, couple of disturbances push through. however friday into next weekend, look at this, going to be best chance of finally seeing decent accumulation for the entire bay area. definitely something we need. quick look at seven-day forecast. 60s remain cool. wednesday, thursday, friday, just keep that instability out there. thanks to incoming storms. into wednesday and thursday, showers to the north thursday but next weekend could be our biggest rain maker. we'll take tomorrow's evening light rain, that's for sure. >> five of seven days with raindrops, i love it. still ahead, a popular ice cream shop celebrating 75th
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birthday. how do you celebrate that? we'll show you.
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"snl" is live again tonight. third weekend in a row, a rookie host. oscar winning actor rami malek, villain in "no time to die" and i saw it, it's incredible. he hosting first time. one "snl" cast member says it's exciting to have first-time host, especially actor or actress largely known for dramatic roles. >> they're down to play and commit, really excited to get to be goofy and weird. tend to be my favorite episodes. >> hosting with musical guest
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young thug. "snl" tonight 8:30 and 11:30 here on nbc bay area. anthony flores with sports. giants wrapping it up, warriors coming in. >> we all hoped to be talking baseball, instead turning the page to basketball. warriors undefeated in preseason first time in franchise history, but will that momentum carry over into the regular season? hear from head coach steve kerr, stick around, sports is next.
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or stone without compromising my design, one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. now, i've got one. explore floor & decor in person or online at welcome back, i'm anthony flores. tank is going to be rocking. s.a.p. center at full capacity when the sharks drop the puck for season opener tonight
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against winnipeg. >> this game has importance for us, obviously. you know, just to have the atmosphere back in here. what we went through last year, going to be exciting for not just the players but fans. will be a good feeling for rookies playing tonight in first game. going to be pretty special moment. >> puck drops at 7:00, we'll check out highlights at 11:00. first time in franchise history, warriors went perfect in the preseason. i know those games don't count. beat the portland trail blazers 119-97 last night at chase center. steph curry scored 35 of 49 points in second and third quarters, games don't count but confidence and momentum could carry over into the regular season. >> it's easy team to coach in terms of, you know, you don't have to run a ton of stuff, they understand the game, going to put it on the floor, move it on
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to the next guy. really good roster, really good group, unselfish, like to move the ball, fun to watch. >> warriors tip off regular season tuesday night in l.a. against the lakers. game two of the american league championship series, boston at houston. martinez with the denny's special, grand slam, 4-0 sox. top two now, rafael devers with another grand slam, boston first team in playoff history to hit multiple grand slams in same game. win 9-5, tied 1-1 for the series. quakes in southern cal to take on lafc. corner kick headed by rios, knocked in by fooeerro, great play but only goal for the
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earthquakes. more news after the break. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework,
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but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. very sweet 75 years for a shop in burlingame, preston's candies and ice cream handing out hand-made goodies. owner passed along memories of generations of customers come back to the shop.
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nonstop since 1946 except for five months in the pandemic. impressed with the big milestone. >> coming here since 2004, i'm so excited their 75th anniversary is right now. how many businesses get to be 75 years old? right? >> yeah. >> fantastic question. preston's still makes candy it sells, all in small batches. i don't care about the weather, vianey, ice cream. tomorrow is not huge rain maker but just a beginning to what is ahead. winter weather advisory for the sierra tomorrow and improving rain chances into next week. cool, cloudy, little rainy tomorrow. >> we're back at 11:00, see you then. "we investigate." ro khanna: i mean, if someone keeps saying, "we're doing the best we can," and the situation gets worse, maybe you wanna have a new approach. bigad shaban: we investigate the us forest service's strategy
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for controlling wildfires. our reporting has congressman ro khanna calling for formal hearings in washington dc. and the millennium tower keeps sinking and tilting in san francisco. attempts to fix it have only made things worse. our investigative unit finds out that the luxury high rise is nearing a seismic reckoning, plus-- anthony rendon: i think if you build it, they will come is theory, is pure fantasy. bigad: high-powered leaders raising serious concerns about high-speed rail. we've learned many are ready to pull the plug on the electrified bullet train, but at what cost? and they're charging thousands of dollars while operating illegally. we investigate the growing industry of private autopsies here in california. candace nguyen: good evening, and thanks for joining me. i'm candace nguyen. we begin in san francisco with the sinking and leaning millennium tower.


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