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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 17, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> helene needed to be heard she needed people to know what happened to her so she's not alone anymore. right now at 11:00, they caused exactly what they were trying to prevent. the windy conditions that blew the fire out of control. walked into the bathroom. i'm so excited it's raining. >> rain throughout the entire bay area. some power lines couldn't handle it. the news at 11:00, starts right now. >> thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney.
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>> i'm cierra johnson. we're getting rain tonight. >> it's causing power outages throughout the bay area. this video showstransformers on fire. no word what caused it. they say that the rain turns to dirt, on transformers that haven't been rained on. and that sets the telepoles on fire. they are responding to electrical problems. let's look at the outage map. more than 35,000 customers were in the dark. you see the two, red triangles. one to the left, one to the right. that means more than 5,000 customers without power in those areas. that's south san francisco and river moore. most some to have power restored
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by 11:30. bay bridge and the golden gate and richmond. the roads are slick so be careful tonight. >> it really came down at times in the city. check out the time lapse over the transamerica pyramid as the rain rolled through. we go to look at the rain. what can you tell us? >> we'll see initial system. one of many more to come, 54 in san jose. a little of the wet pavement in the south. that's nice to see. and really, the shortages in the 50s and low 40s until the early morning hours. good temperature change in san jose, about degrees cooler.
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it moved from north to south. the first rain was north in eureka. we'll see the rain pushing into that area right now. if i zoom into santa rosa, the majority of the bands have pushed out of the area. the south bay, we're seeing a lot of the rain out of the san jose/gilroy area. and seeing some of the rain pushing through sacramento continue its trek out. plenty of snow expected. this is the first of an active weather pattern. tomorrow will be a calm day without rain. but the cooler temperatures will look at the rain coming in for the week. putting away your patio furniture and making sure you're ready. the winter weather advisory, if you look at the sierra, will remain in place through tomorrow morning. travel will be dangerous through the overnight hours.
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and we're monitoring ahead with more rain or snow. >> serious levels there. not a ton of rain. we're still in severe drought. we'll take what we can get. our water supplies are sadly low. >> sergio quintana is where folks are happy to see the rain. >> reporter: it rained for about three hours. it wasn't a hard rain. but welcome sight for residents. >> some woman walked in the bathroom saying, i'm so excited it's raining. >> reporter: in marin county, the local water district has imposed water conservation efforts since may. but most of the watershed, where the county's drinking water has come from, as been one of the biggest motivators. we can do better.
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>> reporter: are you worried at all? >> a little. we're capturing gray water to do irrigation. >> reporter: the bay area and california in general, will need more rain for several more years. >> we would have to have 60% more than what we've got. if we had that for five or six years in a row, we would be fine. >> reporter: dr. peter says 70% of the rain that does fall drains into the ocean or the bay. >> to keep up our needs in agriculture and the urban and suburban environment, we need to capture about half of the rainwater and let half spill into the pacific ocean. >> reporter: in the meantime, bay area leaders are asking residents to conserve as much waer as possible and hope for more rain. >> you can track the next bout of rain by downloading the nbc bay area app.
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put in your zip code to get the forecast where you live. the sierras getting a bit of snow. vianey was talking about this. it's been so long. the caltrans traffic camera. we've seen the snow go from flurries to turning the highway white. there's concern that the snow isn't enough to protect the south shore from an economic hit. rain has been falling on the estrada fire in santa cruz county. it is 60% contained. hasn't grown. >> there's questions how an intentional controlled burn got out of control. >> reporter: cal fire hit the estrada fire hard on friday.
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but it grew quickly to nearly 150 acres, raising questions why cal fire moved forward with a planned fire to get rid of dangerous brush on the estrada ranch, on a day when temperatures and winds were rising. he says typically, the weather and fuel conditions are prescribed until a burn is initiated. >> we will move forward, with that burn. >> reporter: a cal fire information officer in the santa cruz area says that assessment took place prior to the controlled burn. but angela says witnesses reported seeing the fire spot ahead, which is normally caused by winds blowing embers. she says there will be an internal review. and chief sanchez says some type of report is generated after an incident. >> what can we take forward in the event that a fire breaks
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out. >> reporter: a sand to cruz county supervisor says he wants to see an after-action report on the estrada fire. he has heard from a number of constituents questioning why cal fire went ahead with the burn in the first place. two days after it started, cool and moist weather is putting an end to the estrada fire. but the weather forecast for the rest of the year is not good. >> expecting drier than normal. warmer than normal. >> reporter: in san jose, tom jensen. a fire in san jose put eight people out of their homes. the flames broke out in a two-story apartment complex. there's no one hurt. but there is damage to several units. a fire went through an
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assisted living home in san lorenzo. it broke out around 3:00 this morning. the alameda county fire department says the neighbor played a significant role from the fire getting larger. the fire displaced eight people who lived in there. they will be taken to a nearby home to stay. the cause of this fire is a mystery tonight. now, to our making it in the bay series. an ambitious prime minister is tackling the twin problems of disparity in oakland. it's is allowing the minority homeowners to get places to stay. several groups are part of the initiative. the city of oakland, the self-help credit union and the
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city foundation. couldn't miss this protest outside of mark zuckerberg's palo alto house 3 the morning. organizers of the fire zuck campaign is angry about facebook's policies. its recent study that instagram they be harmful for young girls. the protest saying it's part of time for the new leadership. >> we're giving facebook's mark zuckerberg a pink slip. despite the revelations of whistleblowers for years, he hasn't taken the actions necessary to make facebook a safe platform. >> earlier this month, a
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whistleblower said the products harm children. facebook has denied many of the claims and promises it is committed to being a better platform. pushing for the goal of 100% vaccination tomorrow. san francisco city and school health leaders will talk about ramping up vaccination. 75% agreed to be joining the representatives at the department of public health. san francisco unified school district will indies the insentives. there's a lot to keep track of with booster shot approval and changing mask mandates. we will do it for you. i think some of the places that are closing their doors may not have an opportunity to reopen, depending how bad they get hit. the calder fire may be out.
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but trouble looming for ski season. and three people survive a violent night. what police are saying about the assault. please be careful if you have an overnight commute. we have slick roads out there. the first of many rain chances for the bay area.
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in san jose, three men are in the hospital from a combined shooting and stabbing this morning. it happened on empoli lane. one man had life-threatening stab wounds. another one was shot. another was stabbed. he is expected to be okay. if you live in the bay area 32 years ago today, you know exactly where you were when the earth shook violently. october 17th, 1989. the loma prieta hit before the
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first pitch of the world series. the images were startling. part of the bay bridge collapsed. the marina district was on fire. candlestick park swayed. the crowd did not give in. nearly 4,000 people were injured on this date. be prepared for the next one. we remember that tuesday marks another somber anniversary. 30 years ago, a massive fire broke out in the oakland hills, leveling homes and killing 25 people. students volunteered to help neighbors clean up brush in the hills that could be fuel for another fire. some students were from an environment group and others were from fraternities looking to lend a happened. >> it was a heartwarming students from the university.
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so many volunteers came to help us. we've been trying to get this for the other neighborhoods. >> the area was lined with eucalyptus trees. snow is falling in tahoe. ski season will look different because of wildfire damage. >> we look at the impact the calder fire is having. >> reporter: the big passage at tahoe resort, where staff has to inspect chair lifts and trees for fire damage. the snow falling in the tahoe basin, there's concerns that the tahoe ski resort may not open on time. we're not giving up or backing down. we realize that it's incredibly frustrating not to have all of the answers or to have a clearer picture of what the season may
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look like. >> a fear of mine is that sierra isn't a thing anymore. >> reporter: patrick and his family enjoy the resort every ski season. his wife works there. while the slopes thrived last spring, a different picture after the calder fire damaged countless trees and a chair lift. >> they are going up there. they are trying to work on as many of the injured trees as they can. >> reporter: pg&e is using the resort as a staging area for repairs. they say so far, the crews have removed 25,000 fire-damaged hazardous trees. despite the challenges, the south lake tahoe mayor says sections should be open this
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season. >> they are planning to open as much of the mountain as they can. we have several other resorts here on the basin. they will all be opened. >> reporter: many are concerned about the impact on jobs. >> it will affect the jobs. if we don't have a season, we won't have employment. >> some of the places that are closing their doors, may not get reopen. >> reporter: it's a one-two punch. first, the pandemic, followed by wild fires. >> the loss to the economy is real. where is the preliminary numbers of our economic loss in the $100 million range, for calder. let's find out how much snow and rain we're going to get. >> we have a lot of activity on satellite radar still. and it's a preview of what we are expecting into the upcoming weeks.
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this is the initial storm that pushed through the cold front. brought that line of showers. look at what is churning out in the pacific. we will have a chance to see good rain. satellite radar, a lot of the rain through ukiah. for the most part, santa rosa, fairfield, we're seeing the last of the rain pushing east out of the area. it was nice to see a little rain in san jose. san jose falls in the rain shadow and tends to get a bigamist when it comes to storms in the area. we're expecting to see much better, higher totals later. we're seeing some thunderstorm activities and lightning, and seeing some snow flurries along some of the highways there. and there is a winter weather advisory in effect, through tomorrow morning.
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it could be two to eight inches. monday into tuesday, we're going to see rain continue. a lot of changes. notice overnight, we start to see dry conditions. but the humidity stays heldtively high. overnight low, will dip into the 50s. and look at your daytime highs for monday. you'll need your coat but not umbrella. monday will be a dry, calm day. but the temperatures will top out in the mid and upper 60s. it will be a fall-like day tomorrow. we saw wet pavement.
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we have plenty of chances to put a dent on the dry conditions we've been experiencing here. tuesday into wednesday, another storm system pushes through. but the big one we're monitoring, model runs, head into friday, saturday, sunday and monday. a big amount of rainfall for the entire bay area. we're far out. that could be the highest rain total with the high elevation areas compared to the couple of hundreds we saw today. look at the long range right now. some of the long runs are trending north. this could change. but the euro model, showing decent rain. we're going to need it, heading into about half an inch, into monday. this is long-range outlook.
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this is adding up a couple of the rain totals we see. and little instability, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday. this will be an interesting week. slow it down on the roads will come tomorrow. 67 degrees is our high for most areas. tuesday, we'll start up nice overall. and late tuesday, into wednesday, another storm system. thursday, friday, and saturday, i'm hopeful for some of the rain totals. back to you. >> and we're with you all the way. the pandemic rebound is continuing full speed tonight. we'll take you there, next.
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looking ahead to the trial of theranos trial ceo elizabeth holmes on tuesday. they are hoping to hear from evelyn, to give tour to investors. he testified that holmes told him to avoid certain lab areas on tours and to demonstrate blood testing machines without letting on they didn't work. holmes is facing a dozen fraud charges for allegedly misleading investors, doctors and patients about her company's blood testing abilities. if convicted she could spend up to 20 years in prison. a los gatos mother who was hosting parties for teens will be back in the bay area.
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she was extradited from idaho. she faces 29 criminal charges here in the bay area. she held parties for her teenage son and his friends in her los gatos home. now, prosecutors say some of the acts were nonconsensual. and another sign of san francisco rebounding from the pandemic. they will be holding phoenix day. >> nbc bay area chrissy smith explains. >> reporter: along valencia street, people walked, biked and enjoyed time on the street without cars. >> it's been going on this pandemic. we still don't want to be inside and sharing germs. being outdoors, you know, i think it's good. >> reporter: out the shop top drawer, van tran was pleased to see the foot traffic. >> we're trying to pull the
11:27 pm
traffic inwards. it's really nice. it's an efficient way to get people out and experience merchants. >> reporter: there was similar scenes across the city. all part of phoenix day. >> phoenix is a symbol of our city and about rebirth. about recovery. about reinvention. yeah. we needed a little reset. >> reporter: tom is executive director of livable city, the nonprofit behind the event. this celebration was a one-day event all about neighbors reconnecting. we are still in the pandemic. we want to give neighbors a chance to spend time together. want to give people a chance to walk around, experience streets. no cars around. place to reck create.
11:28 pm
music, food. and socializing. >> the spirit of san francisco continues to rise, we sem berate our resiliency how we come back together and how we treat one another. >> san francisco started multiple programs to help people get outside safely during the pandemic. it makes them hopeful how the city may adapt in the future. happening tomorrow, apple is set to unveil new products, including a redesigned mac book pro. the mac book will be offered with 14-inch and 16-inch screens. it will have a faster chip. last month, apple released new iphones, ipads and mac books is the last product to be updated.
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the steelers who played on sunday night football, has bun of the biggest fan bases in the nfl. nurses in johnstown, pennsylvania, wrapped newborns in the team's black and gold. it becomes a tradition to swaddle newborns in the team's rally towel. they call it a terrible towel. that's so cute. >> they put a baby in a terrible towel? >> it's tradition. you can't argue with the steelers or the raiders. >> the towels not big enough to swaddle if you've tried to swaddle a baby. talking raiders and their focus was on the field. moving forward after an emotional week for the silver and black. how the raiders played in their first game since the resignation
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the dodgers and the braves. go ahead, get in there. he is safe. rosario with the hot shot to
11:33 pm
second. it eats up cory seger. dansby swanson scores the winning run. the braves lead l.a. 5-4. game three in los angeles on tuesday. the silver and black kicking off a new era without jon gruden. gruden's resignation for several offensive e-mails. derek carr, the floater to kenyon drake. 17-7, raiders at the break. josh jacobs strolls into the end zone. the raiders beat the broncos. >> it's emotional for everybody, right?
11:34 pm
they did a good job, putting them in perspective. it's a job for all of us. again, they seemed to do really good job with it. we'll see what goes on. that's a challenge for all of us. the pride of antioch, naji harris and the steelers scoreless. big ben, to harris. 127 yards in this game. the game would go into o.t. the steelers get the win on a 37-yard field goal. pittsburgh beats seattle, 21-20, in o.t. the chicago sky are wnba champions. the sky won game four. candice parker, one of the hometown here rows, ala lebron
11:35 pm
james. she left the sparks to join chicago and bring her hometown a title. the 49ers were on a bye this week. they are practicing tomorrow. we have a lot to look forward to. who is going to play quarterback? we'll have more later this week. >> and the niners game next sunday night, right here. >> against the colts. it is the shooting that enraged the nation. about to go on trial. after the break, now georgia is bracing for the ahmad arbury murder case. on where you don't have to sweat the small stuff, like rummaging for room keys. and a vacation where drinks and wi-fi that's fast and reliable, are all included. because when you're on a real vacation together where you don't have to think about anything, you can finally enjoy everything. come aboard a medallionclass cruise with princess plus. visit or call 1-800-princess.
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hours before jury selection is about to take place in georgia for the death of ahmad arbury. his family is among those
11:37 pm
marching. tomorrow, 600 potential jurors will gather together at the courthouse. 400 more on standby. the high-profile shooting was captured on cell phone video. we must warn you it is difficult to watch. jay gray has a closer look. >> reporter: millions have seen the disturbing video. 25-year-old ahmad arbury, shot and killed as he is jogging in rural georgia. this morning, a year and a half after his death, jury selection begins in the trial of greg and travis mcmichael. a father and son that chased him down. and william roddey bryant, who recorded the pursuit on his cell phone. the men telling investigators there were burglaries in the area and they were trying to carry out a citizen's arrest. the killings sparked protests
11:38 pm
across the country. they are worried about what can happen outside the courthouse. >> i don't think the locals would do anything. it has to be someone not from here. >> the community, like this country, looking for answers. >> they want justice. they want a fair trial for everyone. basically, bottom line justice. >> jury selection in the case could take up to two weeks. jay gray, nbc news. former president bill clinton is back home tonight, after spending six days in the hospital in southern california, fighting a noncovid-related infection. his motorcade arriving at his home. when he left the u.c. irvine medical center earlier today, he shook hands with the medical staff. an aide said mr. clinton had a
11:39 pm
you're logical infection that went to his bloodstream. we're following news out of haiti where seven aides have been kidnapped. a gang that is known for kidnappings and killings is behind the abduction. 16 of the kidnaps are u.s. citizens and 1 is canadian. a source in the state department says they're working with haitian authorities to bring the missionaries home. the gang has a history of carrying out hijacking and extortion schemes. one person is dead and several others injured, after a shooting on grambling state university. this is a video taken after the shooting. it took place in the quad area about 1:00 in the morning. the person killed was not a student at the university. it's the second failed shooting
11:40 pm
on campus in the last week. classes are canceled tomorrow after the investigation continues. the coast guard and ntsb have a party of interest involving the oil spill off of orange county. they believe that on january 25th, during a storm, the ship dragged its anchor close to the pipeline. that pipeline started leaking oil earlier this month. according to tracking data, the ship started to drift to the east, crossing the pipeline multiple times that morning. los angeles county is demanding kobe bryant's widow undergo a psychiatric evaluation. vanessa bryant sued los angeles county and the sheriff's office, accusing employees of sharing pictures of the crash site, where kobe, their daughter and seven others were killed in a helicopter crash. now, the county wants an
11:41 pm
independent evaluation done to prove the leaked photos caused her emotional distress. bryant and family members are asking for tens of millions of dollars in that lawsuit. the clock is ticking for tsa workers to get their covid vaccine. 40% of the workers have not gotten vaccinated. senator truck schumer says he can worried about what will happen if a significant number of those workers refuse. >> so, i'm here to talk to our friends at tsa. they are working hard to have a contingency plan so the thanksgiving travel season is not a debacle. i'm here to say a major part of
11:42 pm
the plan, should include the deployment. >> adding canines as part of a backup plan can help travel go more smoothly. >> the fda could make a final call on booster shots. on thursday, the panel recommended a booster shot for the moderna vaccine. it should be available for people 65 and older. on friday, the a advisory panel recommended a second dose of the johnson & johnson vaccine. the first dose protects you from covid. but the booster will maximize its potential. the fda does not have to follow the panel's advice. it usually does. in a couple of weeks we'll
11:43 pm
know more about when younger kids can get vaccinated. what if you have questions. >> what is the best question you've been asked by be a parent about getting kids vaccinated. >> do my kids really need it? that's an astute question. >> alok patel answered the most questions. he talked about covid precautions for holiday plans. it's been months since the wildfire tore through the wild forest. we have an update. that cold front that brought us rain and cooler temperatures, continues to sweep through. a short break from the ryan. but more on the way. details coming up.
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take a look at this. a san diego man using a drone to capture video of great white sharks swimming near the coast. this is del mar san diego county, real close to human beings. you see how close the shark got to the surfers. video like this can help track shark behavior. the director of the shark lab at long beach, is they're probably juveniles. kids in a pranking age group. it's typical to see them near beaches because the water is
11:47 pm
warmer and there's lots of food. no protections for the shrinking population of sea turtles. they have added the leatherback sea turtle to its engaged species list. the world's largest turtle has been on the engaged list since 1973. the state classification will guarantee the turtle's more protected. the leatherbacks hatch on beaches in indonesia and end up swimming 6,000 miles to eat jellyfish off of the california coast. rangers at sequoia and kings canyon national park are ready to open more to visitors tomorrow. rangers are opening parts that did not see flames. now, the fire is burning in
11:48 pm
parts of the park. the fire right now, 55% contained. with the rain comes -- >> rainbows. >> yes. a gorgeous picture. taken by a loyal viewer. esther martin. beautiful rainbow there. and beautiful rain. >> it was nice to see. this is just the beginning. what a shock, right? san francisco, we're going to keep the cool temperatures in the forecast. let's get to the forecast. san jose, and satellite radar showing the system is now. it is continuing to track east. you see showers through eureka. the majority of the rain out
11:49 pm
east, in fairfield. and all that rain that passed through all of that, we'll take it. that past through the south bay is going to track east. and that was a nice great downfall for sacramento. they tweeted out earlier. they had a record of 212 days without measurable rain. we got snowshowers through the sierra. if you are going to travel tonight or monday night, will is a winter weather advisory that will remain in effect. two to eight inches of the higher peaks. and that's going to be a lovely sight. more so potentially on the way. that might take rain coming into the later portion of this week.
11:50 pm
we're going to see that move in. we'll see the rain clear out. a little around the coastline, might catch some of the rain. but into the overnight hours. and wednesday, we'll see thaao start to make its move out. that's the instability in the atmosphere thursday and friday. friday, saturday, sunday, we will see the rain line up for, again, a bit more of the atmospheric river defense. that will bring more rainfall rates and sierra snow. that is through next monday.
11:51 pm
we'll see how the temperatures shape out into the week. we'll see the 60s through tomorrow. and the long-range outlook, we have a couple hundreds this time around. i want to give you hope for the long-range outlet. monday, october 25th. this is going to change as we inch closer. look at the rainfall rates. two to three inches. we haven't seen that in a very long time. just to give you perspective, 2021 drought impacts, two longest fire record seasons, driest on record. that's why we're celebrating the rain today.
11:52 pm
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alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save. supply chain issues will persist into 2022. that's the prediction of pete
11:54 pm
buttigieg. this morning on "meet the press," buttigieg argued that the best way to alleviate the pain at the ports is for congress to pass the infrastructure proposal. >> let's remember, these are private sector systems. nobody wants the federal government to own or operate the stores, the warehouses, the trucks or the ships or the ports. our role is to try to make sure we're supporting those businesses and those workers who do. >> the supply chain disruptions are causing higher prices and a lot of delays. "halloween kills" is killing it at the box office. the film made $50 million over the weekend, despite also being available on nbc universal streaming platform peacock. that's the highest for a horror movie during the pandemic.
11:55 pm
and the highest since september of 2019. jamie lee curtis. and our parent company is a distribuor of that film. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪ well, some special veterans were treated to a virtual trip on the peninsula today. >> they absolutely positively deserved it. the pandemic has canceled the real trip for now. they did the next best thing. what is the fallback, folks? the area foundation provides tree trips from san francisco back to washington, d.c. this is for veterans. special veterans. it allows them to visit memorials that are dedicated to
11:58 pm
them. the pandemic canceled this. today, they had a virtual trip. videos and pictures were shown of the memorials. got a chance to see it. from a distance, in a way, and hearing speeches by special guests. >> thank you is the message. and have fun. that's our whole thing today. have fun and enjoy the trip. >> the foundation provided videos but they hope to fly back east once again. those vets will be heading out in the spring. >> a couple of those, awesome programs. great alternative, though. >> absolutely. thanks for joining us. take care.
11:59 pm
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