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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 21, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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satellite radar, you can see we still have plenty of instability out there. it is expected to be a mild day. i want to show you the past 24 hours rain totals. the north bay getting the majority of that rain, a little under an inch. san francisco a little over a quarter, concord less than a quarter and oakland just under a couple hundredths of an inch.
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i'll give you a closer look in just a few minutes. >> we're looking out here toward the roadways. the bay bridge toll plaza median lights were turned on a little earlier than yesterday and the backup formed much earlier than yesterday. holding steady for the last 15 minutes with a full toll plaza. it's south 880 that we're concerned with heading through oakland. we had yet another crash which just cleared right around 23rd. that caused more slowing. between 7th and 23th we've had a very slow morning at times. watch that corridor. there's some flooding reported at jackson and 5th early. there's flooding now reported at lucky drive from the 101 across most of the lanes there. hundreds across the bay area
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without power right now. this is a look at the current power outages, the pg&e map up. they told us about 1400 customers without power, most in the east bay. a puzzling case that had a lot of people across the country talking, today we expect to learn what killed a family that had recently moved from san francisco to the sierra. they were on a summer hike near their new home in maiposa county and never returned home. >> reporter: good morning. law enforcement has ruled out foul play, suicide and the use of illegal drugs in the deaths of john garish, ellen chong and their 1-year-old daughter and their dog. the family initially from san
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francisco disappeared this past august mid month while on a hike in the sierra national forest. their bodies were later found near the south fork of the merced levels of toxice detected nearby. the mariposa county sheriff's office has been working with toxicologists and environmental specialists, the fbi and other experts to see if that played a role. it was also extremely hot the day they disappeared. law enforcement will reveal what killed this mother, father, daughter and the dog later today. happening today, closing arguments begin in the trial of a danville police officer accused of killing an unarmed man in 2018. andrew hall is fighting manslaughter charges the death of a man shot and killed after police tried to stop his car as he drove around a roadblock. hall never took the witness stand. while he's now being
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investigated for the deadly shooting of a homeless man this past march, the judge did not allow that incident to be included as evidence. a look at capitol hill as presideeople trying to sell his infrastructure bill. d negotiating how big the build back better bill will be and what goes into it. chris pollone live in washington this morning. house democrats are facing a big deadline here. >> reporter: they are, laura. there are just ten days remaining between now and that self-imposed deadline democrats have put on themselves to pass two giant spending bills, but negotiations are heating up. president biden ginning up support for his spending plans in his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. >> it isn't enough just to
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invest in our physical infrastructure. we also have to invest in people. >> reporter: the white house and democrats are scrambling to reach a deal they can pass. >> nobody will get everything they want. no matter what, our final proposal will deliver the core promise we made to the american people. >> reporter: the price tag of the larger social policy and climate bill will have to come down from $3 trillion to between 1.75 and 1.9 trillion. amidst reported cuts to the bill, one of its progressive champions is focusing on what will be in it. >> what this bill does is provides for universal pre-k. this legislation addresses the crisis in housing. this legislation expands medicare. >> reporter: republicans promise to vote against any plan that democrats present. >> your taxes are going up and it's going to cause more inflation and hurt the poorest families. >> it takes the pressure off these families that skimp the
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last week of the month just to pay their rent. it relieves their anxiety. >> reporter: democrats want a deal by month's end. chris pollone, nbc news, washington. police in san jose are hoping you can help them solve a road rage incident that sent one man to the hospital. friday night police say a woman driving an suv hit a car near capital expressway and capital avenue. when the woman did not drop, the other driver followed her hoping to exchange insurance information. the driver made several phone calls and two men showed up and severely beat the man and now he is hospitalized with serious injuries. >> my biggest fear is he doesn't make it. there's not much to do but wait. >> the car is described as a 2014 to 2017 silver cadillac
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escalade. a mountain lion captured this week near two north bay schools will reportedly be euthanized today. this is video from monday when authorities captured it near everygreen elementary. she earned the nickname wobbly because she's got a chronic condition causing her to walk off balance and move slowly. rescue groups say she's lost 15 pounds since march because she's unable to hunt very well. the decision was made to euthanize because of the long odds she'll survive in the wild. happening today, the annual drill to make sure that we are all ready for the big one is happening. the great shakeout is a public awareness campaign held around the world in areas with high earthquake risk. hayward organizers did a practice run yesterday. organizers say an alert will be sent to everyone with the my shake earthquake warning app. >> the most important thing is whether you get an alert or if
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the earth shakes is to drop, cover and hold on. >> today's drill begins at 10:21 this morning. a soggy commute san francisco. look at the bay bridge toll plaza on the right. aren't you glad you're not sitting in that? >> the commute a little messy out there with these slick roads, some ponding on the roadways. >> that's the thing. you've got to be careful out there because you can't see it when it's dark outside. we still have a couple of pockets of rain pushing through. right around 12:30 we have some areas that will get some rain near concord as well as the fairfield area. if i fast forward this timeline into the overnight and early tomorrow morning, this is when we're expecting our second system. look at these orange and yellow
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pockets. so far we've seen light rain but we could see moderate to heavy at times pockets pushing through in your early morning commute tomorrow. we are still expecting to keep the chance for that. heading into friday around 4:00 we get a little break from the rain. your forecast highs for today, we will be in the upper 60s for this afternoon and overall we're going to be seeing rain chances linger for today, tomorrow and heading into the weekend. we have a bigger storm on the way. let's see how the roads are doing with mike. >> right now we're looking at a smooth flow of traffic, very calm in the south bay. this is the calm before the second burst and more slowing for the 101 right here around 680 and 880. 880 crash at industrial clearing from hayward southbound and a lighter flow through dublin and
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off the dublin interchange. another crash causing more slowing southbound 880. a little bit of flooding reported on the roadway means bigger puddling and slowing toward that richmond bridge toll plaza where we see the build and the wet roads. be careful. this morning the prestiious award for the south bay. . and the rate hikes being offered by north bay schools now struggling to find teachers in a pinch. the bay area company bell campo is closing its doors after it got caught up in a scandal
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after one butcher accused the company of mislabeling its products.
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good morning. it is 6:13. we are still getting a couple of showers moving through the bay area. right now in fairfield, 58 degrees. we're going to see a couple of spotty chances through the afternoon. then we get another storm that moves in overnight.
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i'll take you through that timing in just a few minutes. slick, shiny roads right here through oakland by the coliseum. i'm noticing this big build of the number of headlines heading south, maybe because the crash at 16th has cleared. we'll talk about that area coming up. a marin county schools are reportedly offering higher pay rates to combat the shortage in substitute teachers. the county had 500 registered substitute teachers before the pandemic. last year that dropped to 350. this year it's 100 fewer than that. daily pay rates by district are as much as $50 per day higher and sometimes approaching $200. futures are falling this morning, but yesterday, boy, did the dow hit a new record high, s&p 500 closing just shy of its all-time high on the back of
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strong earnings reports. a live look at tesla's fremont plant this morning. we are tracking good news for the company's investors this morning. tesla is reporting record sales and profits in the third quarter despite shortages of semiconductor chips. sales continue to grow thanks to the increasing popularity of the model 3 sedan and model y suv. shares are slipping slightly ahead of the open with analysts citing long-term challenges. zendaya's bold style choices have earned her another honor. the council of fashion designers of america honoring her with its 2021 cfdy fashion icon award. the 25-year-old will become the youngest recipient of that award. the actress partnered with tommy
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hilfiger for a capsule collection and even her own fashion line in 2019 focused on exclusivity. >> everything looks good on her. >> oakland proud. if you love video games but you find your hands are a little too small for those buttons, this next invention may console you. >> the thumby, also known as the world's smallest video game console with the screen about the size of a postage stamp. price starts around $19. the problem for me is not that my hands are too small. they're too big. i'm constantly saying oh sorry about that text, i meant something else. >> auto correct.
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>> magnifying glass. >> a lupe. >> we are going to be seeing some rain out there today. it's magnifying the droplets of water in san francisco. there we go. we have some sheen on the roads. slow it down, because we're going to see this wet weather pattern over the next several days. we have plenty of instability out there setting us up for a couple of storms ahead. how much rain have we seen so far? this is the within the past 24 hours. a little over half an inch in santa rosa. ukiah and san francisco a little over a quarter of an inch. down through oakland and san jose, just a couple hundredths of an inch.
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by 12:30, still the majority up in the north bay. everybody else scattered. not a whole lot going on in the south bay. our second system rolls through thursday into friday. san francisco, you could see some lines of showers and heavier pockets at times. that's not going to be our biggest storm. we get another break friday leading into saturday morning. estimated rainfall totals out of the second system. expect an additional potential half inch up through santa rosa, mill valley, the napa area, santa cruz mountains as well along with fremont. morgan hill with a couple hundredths or tenths of an inch. the highest totals will be around the coastal mountains.
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anywhere from a half an inch to just over 2 1/2 for some of the higher rainfall totals. we can expect concerns for possible debris flow especially in some of those burn scars. we're also concerned about the gusty winds. we're excited about the snow, but this is going to make for dangerous travel sunday into monday morning. some of the higher peaks seeing good accumulation up there, a couple inches expected in the sierra. it's been really comfortable. inland temperatures have been in the 60s. it's even been a little chilly with a couple of overnight 40s. 61 degrees on sunday for san francisco. we're going to take this cloud cover over the hot 90s that we saw when we welcomed fall, right?
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we need this rain. >> another look at the golden gate bridge. watch this water getting kicked up off the cars here. that will be a factor as you travel through your more congested areas like the east shore freeway. here's the westbound 80 comes down. golden gate around this area, folks coming in off of the richmond bridge, folks off the east shore freeway here and emeryville. that's where things start to let up. it's been slow there all morning. we've had flooded reports in san rafael. the bay bridge toll plaza building and highway 4 out of pittsburg and bay point. the nimitz had a series of about
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six crashes this morning sense 4:30. also reports of some flooding. now there's a build for 24 and 580 coming in toward the maze as well. slick roadways continue in the spots with the highlighted green like oakland and san francisco. the rest of the bay moving pretty slowly. recovery from earlier crashes in hayward but now the early morning commute starts in earnest. the tri valley has maintained a smooth commute all day. coming up next, contamination concerns for a kitchen staple. the reason you have to be extra careful if you're using onions. we are asking on instagram, should businesses be required to check for proof of vaccination. why do you think or why do you not think so? comment on our instagram
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helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. lines at airport security are getting packed. what if there is a way to preschedule your tsa screening without the wait? sounds tempting. lax announcing a pilot program for travelers to preschedule a
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15-minute window to go through security checkpoint. it's only for united airlines passes and 8. heads up before you head into the kitchen. check your onions. the cdc is warning of a solomon nel -- salmonella outbreak. the cdc says that fresh whole red onions, white onions and yellow onions all imported from chihuahua mexico are suggest to that alert. the company last imported the affected onions way back on august 27th but you know onions keep in your produce basket for
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a while. investigators are working to figure out whether onions and suppliers from other companies are linked to the outbreak. maybe not a must win yet for the 49ers, but it is a game that could define the season when they take on sunday night football this weekend. >> that's right. the niners are hosting the colts at levi. >> they're all big games going forward. it will be a fun atmosphere sunday night here. >> let's see how they do. don't forget nbc bay area will
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be coverage to have 49ers colts game starting with the pregame at 3:00 p.m. kickoff time is 5:20. we'll have post game live from levi stadium. coming up next, top stories starting with that new storm moving in and a possible end to our fire season. >> reporter: coming up i'll break down the new concern for the sky hawk neighborhood and sonoma county with this rain. tahoe concerns. after the destructive caldor fire, how crews are working overtime to make sure neighborhoods are safe when the rain starts to pick up.
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bracing for more rain. a live look at the golden gate bridge. we've got live team coverage about the new worries. >> a major break in a five-week manhunt for brian laundrie and why investigators believe they may be close to solving the mystery of his disappearance. the warriors ready to tip-off their home half of their season.
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"today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm kris sanchez. marcus washington has the day off. we start with a live look outside over cupertino. we are tracking two more storms headed to the bay area. >> we have team coverage including some new weather worries in the north bay. vianey arana is tracking the timeline. >> that's right. today is going to be a good day for storm prep. even though it's raining, it's not going to be pouring. walnut creek right now, you can see the skies there. it's been cloudy over the last couple of days. if you take public transportation, keep the umbrella handy. it's going to be similar to yesterday throughout the afternoon. if you're north of the golden gate bridge, you have a better chance of seeing that rain
6:32 am
through the afternoon. as we head toward tonight, we get a bigger system, not as big as the one we're expecting for the weekend, but it will be bringing more rain to our commute tomorrow. let's get a check of traffic with mike. >> we're looking toward the richmond side of the bridge, which is building and still wet. slick conditions, so be very careful. the earlier disabled vehicle was clear. on the san rafael side, earlier reports of flooding across 101 around lucky drive. slowing has bottlenecked in richmond, starting to ease up. south of san mateo bridge, everything seems clear. rain obviously a welcome sight overnight in the santa
6:33 am
cruz mountains. the wet weather we're seeing now is just a taste of what could be in store over the next few days. >> in some area where there's been recent wildfires there's growing concerns about mudslides. in santa rosa's sky hawk neighborhood, some are dealing with power outages. >> reporter: rain really picking up here in sonoma county. we're specifically in the sky hawk neighborhood. i was here about a year ago far lot of that wildfire coverage. there's a lot of emptiness out here, a lot of homes that have been burned down and a lot of barren land. one of the big concerns is flooding. a lot of folks here without electricity. let's start with flooding
6:34 am
concerns. we had crews in this neighborhood last night. they tell us fire crews have made that transition from being on guard for fires to helping neighbors prepare with the kbi continuation of rain with sandbags. so far the rain has been manageable, but attention on that burn scar area where vegetation is gone and the loose soil is at risk of being washed away. >> right now what we're looking at is how much rain we're going to get and what this weekend is looking like and hopefully being able to officially declare the end of fire season here locally. >> reporter: the other concern, thousands across the bay area without power. pg&e showed clusters of outages from the city to the east bay, but none of them appear to be shutoffs from pg&e. the a spokesperson says the outages are common following a dry spell and bouts of rain. >> there's been a lot of dirt
6:35 am
and salt and dust that's accumulated on the power lines. when you combine that with water, it becomes mud, which is very conductive to electricity. >> reporter: that was also what prompted a lot of outages over the weekend. a lot of folks in this community keeping a close eye on their neighborhoods, especially if you did experience some burn from past fire season. a lot of loose soil could be detrimental in terms of mudslides and flooding. we will continue to keep our eyes open. similar concerns being raised in sierras where there could be increased slide danger in the caldor fire zone.
6:36 am
there could be hazardous debris forming dangerous mudflows. those worries will remain through the rainy system. this week in particular it could lead to road closures of highway 50. you can get our forecast on the go. download the nbc bay area app to get alerts on your phone when rain is headed to your neighborhood. also on the app we have our radar always running. a potential development in the search for brian laundrie. authorities are awaiting the identification of human remains discovered inside a florida park where they've been searching for him. sam brock has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. an evidence response team is on scene right now scouring the carlton reserve behind me looking for any kind of information they can use to confirm the identity of those human remains. authorities here in northport, florida, announcing they have
6:37 am
found remains next to belongings of background including a notebook and a backpack submerged in water. they're waiting on forensics to determine if they belong to background. experts say it's probably about 48 hours because investigators were already in the laundrie home weeks ago probably establishing a dna profile at the time. if it's fingerprints, could be a matter of hours. a dental imprint might be a day. if they have to extract dna from bone, that could take about a week. all of this came about when his parents decided they wanted to search this park, flag the fbi the night before, met them in the morning and the parents themselves were zig zagging along a particular trail and located these items.
6:38 am
a lot of questions how they could come here in one day and find items and potentially his remains. this is another one a lot of people are talking about. the south bay mother accused of throwing wild drunken parties for minors. she'll remain in custody after facing a judge for the first time. the judge denied bail yesterday for 47-year-old shannon o'connor. she's charged with 39 counts related to child endangerment and sexual assault. investigators say she encouraged drunk teenagers to sexual assault other drunk teenagers at her los gatos home. she was extradited from idaho on tuesday, where she now lives. she's also expected to be charged with embezzling money from her former employer. a break today in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial. prosecutors focused on negotiations theranos had with the u.s. military to provide
6:39 am
blood testing machines. a former theranos project manager testified that the company only got as far as testing those devices to see if the military might be interested in using them some day. he said he eventually left theranos because he knew the technology would never work. the warriors tip-off the home portion of the new nba season. they got off to a great start tuesday in los angeles when they beat the lakers. tonight they face the clippers. fans have to show proof of vaccination to enter the chase center. earlier this week building inspectors were there following two falls during a sunday night concert where one man died. a live look at sfo this morning. look how wet the tarmac is there. it's a sight to see because we are in a drought. if you have travel plans, you might want to call ahead because
6:40 am
it is going to be a soggy weekend. let's going to catch a couple of breaks in between at times from friday into saturday. 63 degrees in san francisco. friday afternoon into early saturday morning is when we're going to catch a little bit of a break. heading into sunday, that's going to be our bigger storm. 65 degrees on friday into saturday. sunday we're going to see the biggest storm. 61 in napa valley. the south lake tahoe area most dangerous road travel is sunday night into monday. we have an active storm system, that atmospheric river that's going to dump a bunch of snow on the mountains and kick up gusty winds of 45 miles an hour. we're going to monitor that
6:41 am
closely. look at that, 37 on monday. mike? >> we're looking at a very slow drive right now. this is an alert that happened on the peninsula. you see the green highlighting wet, slick roadways and a crash 280 at geneva blocking two lanes. 101 is a great option for you and not a problem for most of the bay. slowing for the east bay through hayward and typical patterns throughout contra costa county. north bay all the way around the bend including san rafael. the earlier disabled vehicle did get cleared from the span, but it's been slow all morning. wet roads affecting the approach to the bay bridge. a big announcement from the
6:42 am
g.o.a.t. herself coming up after a rough olympic season, the new partnership very close to simone biles' heart. later today we'll learn what while on a hike in the sierras. the causes already ruled out by law enforcement. new proof, you snooze, you lose. the findings that may make you think twice about sleeping in.
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it is 6:44. we are getting a little bit of scattered showers throughout the bay area. a couple of 70s down to the south bay. cupertino going to remain cloudy through the afternoon. isolated showers throughout the day. your forecast coming up. >> here's the golden gate bridge, slick. here as well as oakland where there's slowing and some flooding reported in many patches. it is quarter to 7:00 right now. a family originally from san francisco found dead on a california trail. there are so many questions about what happened. in just a few hours we'll finally probably get some answers. bob redell joins us live. i understand investigators have ruled out a number of causes here. >> reporter: they have. good morning to you, laura.
6:46 am
law enforcement has already ruled out foul play, suicide, the use of illegal drugs in the death of john garish, ellen chong, their 1-year-old daughter and their dog. they were found dead during a hike mid august in the sierra national forest. they were from san francisco. their bodies were later found near the south fork of the merced river. high levels of toxic algae were detected nearby. the mariposa sheriff's office has been working with toxicologists to see if that might have played a role. it was also extremely hot the day they disappeared. later today, law enforcement will reveal what killed this family of three. >> thank you, bob. this morning, decorated olympic gymnast simone biles opening up about her next big partnership. she's now the chief impact officer of cerebral, a mental health and telemedicine app.
6:47 am
>> that announcement comes after she withdrew from several olympic competitions in tokyo, citing her own mental health struggles. this morning she says being a victim of disgraced team usa doctor larry nassar had an impact on her olympic experience. >> over the years, after suppressing so many emotions and putting up a front on a global scene, i think really all of that came to light and my body and my mind allowed me to suppress all of that stuff for so many years, for as long as it could cake. as soon as we stepped onto the olympic scene, it just decided it couldn't do it anymore and it cracked. >> such a role model in so many ways. hear more of that exclusive interview on "today" right after "today in the bay." this is a sleep story. new research suggests there is a sweet spot for sweet dreams. >> the washington university school of medicine in st. louis says both short and long sleepers experience greater
6:48 am
cognitive decline than people who slept a moderate amount. cognitive scores declined for groups that slept less than 4 1/2 hours or more than 6 1/2 hours per night. score stayed stable for those in that middle range there. experts say the study helped untangle the relationship between sleep, alzheimer's and cognitive function. >> i think that was actual footage of all of us sleeping. >> i don't move all night. >> the rain might help you sleep better. we're heading into the weekend. i worked this weekend, but i know none of y'all do. if you're heading up to lake tahoe, beautiful shot with a little bit of snow. we're going to get more snow. we have a couple of lingering
6:49 am
showers, could see an isolated chance or too, best chance for the north bay. temperatures today remain in the 60s. we have storm ranger scanning. it's going to be a busy weekend for our radar. i want to get you to our daytime highs. we've got rain chances. there is a potential we could see some 70s down in the south bay. our big storm heading into saturday, sunday, monday is going to be that atmospheric river event. highest totals expected for the coastal mountains and the north bay. a lot of rain shadowing could happen especially through the interior valleys. we'll get a wide range of totals from a half an inch to 2 1/2 and even 3, 4, 5 for some areas. this is also expected to bring sierra snow, several inches expected especially for
6:50 am
elevations above 7,000 feet. global temperatures have gone up over the years. based on continuing warming of the oceans, the air and the heat, this gives atmospheric rivers more fuel to grow stronger and bigger. so that's what this green is that you see right here. think of an atmospheric river as a river of the sky. the reason is that's how it shows up on satellite radar. it taps into moisture and can bring flooding rain. we get a ton of rain within a short period of time. so the rainfall rates can really boost our drought conditions, but it causes concerns when it comes to potential for runoff and flooding. atmosphere rivers 25% wider and longer, global frequency has increased by about 50%. this will bring higher flood risk when they do happen.
6:51 am
we could see these start to strengthen because we get typical shorter rain years. how can we help out? cutting our carbon emissions. head to our climate in crisis area of i show you little things you can do around the house. how are the roads? >> overall okay. they're wet. on the peninsula we have this alert continuing north 280 toward geneva. from the daley city station there is a crash. 101 is clear. look at this drive, slowing for walnut creek, a lot of issues for san rafael and richmond.
6:52 am
swift conditions across the golden gate. happening now, united states successfully donates and delivers 200 million covid vaccines to more than 100 countries around the world. president biden pledges the u.s. will be the world's arsenal of vaccines. coming up next, a quick look at our top stories, including the rain that's coming in. we are bracing for it, especially in the north bay. the warriors tip-off their home schedule tonight. there are things you need to know if you're headed to the chase center.
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that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. welcome back. it is 6:55. before you head out the door, here are our top stories including breaking news out of san francisco. a massive tree came down in japantown. this is video from the citizen's app. it is at southern and webster
6:56 am
streets. it came down this morning, hitting at least one car. no word on an estimated time to remove that tree or why it fell. the golden gate warriors tip-off the home portion of the nba season tonight. tuesday they beat the lakers at the staples center. it went they face the clippers. warriors fans do have to show proof of vaccination to enter the chase center. earlier this week building inspectors were investigating two falls at a sunday night concert where one man tied. people in some places are now worried about too much rain too soon. cierra johnson live this morning in santa rosa's sky hawk neighborhood where mudslides are a growing concern. >> reporter: this rain is continuing to fall. my hood is still up and our photographer has an umbrella over the camera because this rain is coming down.
6:57 am
the concerns, as you could imagine, will be flooding. this was one of the neighborhoods hit hard by the fires. the other concern, a lot of communities without power this morning. law enforcement tell us fire crews have transitioned from being of guard for fires to helping neighbors prepare for a continuation of rain uing sandbags. the attention is really on those burn scars where vegetation is gone and loose soil is at risk of being washed away. that other concern, thousands across the bay area without power. just checked pg&e. there are still those clusters of outages from the city to the east bay. but right now it does not appear they are connected to pg&e outages. a spokesperson says it's the dust and debris that are on those power lines combined with rain. right now a lot of folks standing guard because of the rain. it can cause some flooding,
6:58 am
especially through one of those areas where your vegetation has been burned from some of the past fires. we'll keep our eyes and ears open. i'm heading to san francisco to cover that tree down so we'll bring you more when we get back to the city. vianey arana, you know the rest of it. >> that's pretty much where we're going to see the majority of the rest of the rain heading for today. tonight we see it become a little more widespread. on and off chances with early morning showers expected for tomorrow. we get a break friday afternoon into saturday morning, but late saturday into sunday we see another system and then the big storm is expected to make an impact sunday into monday with gusty winds, higher totals of rainfall and of course that sierra snow with that atmosphere river. we're going to keep a close eye
6:59 am
on this. mike, how are the roads? >> over here, north bay 280, it looks like they've cleared lanes. look at that rain. slow across the richmond bridge likely because of that rain. light rain even has this heavy impact on the roads because it's slick. >> i'm hoping people are being cautious. i was out late last night driving and people were going slower. >> when you are not with us, take our app on the go to get your micro climate weather forecast. the app is free.
7:00 am
>> stay with nbc bay area throughout the day. we'll be back with a local news update for you about 7:25. test. good morning. breaking overnight, an attorney for brian laundrie's family saying the human remains found in a florida nature reserve are likely those of the fugitive. >> the probability is strong that it is brian's remains. >> we'll have the latest on that major break in the five-week-long manhunt and the questions that remain unanswered in the case. green light. the fda authorizes booster shots for the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines along with mixing and matching, paving the way for millions to get that


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