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tv   Today  NBC  October 21, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> stay with nbc bay area throughout the day. we'll be back with a local news update for you about 7:25. test. good morning. breaking overnight, an attorney for brian laundrie's family saying the human remains found in a florida nature reserve are likely those of the fugitive. >> the probability is strong that it is brian's remains. >> we'll have the latest on that major break in the five-week-long manhunt and the questions that remain unanswered in the case. green light. the fda authorizes booster shots for the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines along with mixing and matching, paving the way for millions to get that
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extra dose just in time for the holidays. but this morning, concern over a new mutation of the delta variant. what the head of the cdc is saying straight ahead. on the brink. president biden's economic agenda hanging in the balance as he considering abandoning key pieces of his multitrillion dollar spending bill. this after returning to his hometown to make the case to voters. >> these bills are about competitiveness versus complacency. >> but will the changes get him the support he needs from fellow democrats? just ahead, a live report from the white house. one-two punch. the worsening supply chain crisis and soaring inflation combining to raise prices on everything from gas to groceries. what it means for you and your family with the holiday season fast approaching. those stories plus, royal
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rest. new details on the doctor's advice that led the queen to take a break from her duties. we're live in london as well-wishers pour in from around the world. and the goat in 1a. simone biles moving on from the drama at the olympics. >> really just kind of got lost in the air. >> with a new push to help improve the mental health of millions of americans. she'll tell us all about it and the next chapter in her legendary gymnastics career as she joins us exclusively, today, october 21, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, guys. welcome to "today." we're happy you're joining us. >> we're happy that simone biles will be here live in our studio coming up a little bit later on. >> she has a lot going on. both in gymnastics and away from the sports. simone will share some big news she has about a special effort she's joining us. but, first, the breaking
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news out of florida. overnight an attorney for the family of brian laundrie said the probability is strong that his remains have been found. >> yeah. it comes amid a five-week manhunt for laundrie. those remains discovered in the nature preserve where he was last seen near items that are believed to belong to him. >> now the fbi is saying that laundrie is a person of interest in the murder of his fiance, gabby petito, who was found at a wyoming national park last month. >> sam brock has the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the carlton reserve right behind me is the same location where brian laundrie's first reported him missing more than a month ago. investigators have been combing every square inch of this place. on wednesday, a possible break in the case. overnight, police cars blocked
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the entrance of this florida reserve while forensics teams gather critical evidence and try to identify newly discovered remains that could potentially belong to brian laundrie. >> investigators found what appears to be human remains along with personal items such as a backpack and notebook belonging to brian laundrie. these items were found in an area that up until recently have been under water. >> reporter: there is no confirmation the remains are in fact laundrie, the subject of a more than five-week manhunt. but overnight a lawyer for laundrie's parents telling cnn. >> the probability is strong that it is brian's remains. but we're going to wait for the forensic results and verify that. >> reporter: it was laundrie's parents who flagged fbi investigators the night before and took them to a trail where the remains were uncovered. the attorney telling cnn laundrie's parents ventured off the trail and discovered items that could belong to laundrie. >> chris locates a dry bag. he didn't want to leave the bag there.
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the news reporter was standing nearby. he picked it up. he did meet up shortly w they looked at the contents of the bag. >> reporter: one former fbi special agent breaks down what's next in this exhaustive process. >> the fbi's team will grid out this area and search every single inch. they'll find a way to nail down this dna profile. >> reporter: authorities did not take any questions about the 23-year-old laundrie who was reported missing in mid-september. he traveled with his fiance on a
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cross-country trip but returned home nearly two months ago without her. the couple at one ponit stopped by police in utah after a witness reported seeing a possible case of domestic violence. >> that's why i was pushing her away. >> reporter: no charges were filed. petito was later found in a wyoming national forest dead with an autopsy revealing that she was strangled. wednesday on long island, a memorial honoring petito's life as the sharp pangs of not having answers deepens for her family and community. >> i know a lot of folks are wondering, how long is it going to take to get those remains identified? >> reporter: that's a great question. experts say it should be within about 48 hours. investigators searched the laundrie home so they should have a dna profile of brian. if it's a fingerprint, it could be a matter of hours if it's a dental imprint, perhaps a day. but if they have to extract dna from the bone, that might take a week. >> what about this location, this area where remains were ultimately found? i mean, was this an area that was searched? >> yeah, that's a question a lot of people right now are asking, how did the parents find this exact location and pinpoint
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those objects? they say they flagged it to fbi investigators on or around september 17th. this was not new. perhaps with the water receding, those items became visible. >> thank you. the nation is one step closer to covid vaccine booster shots for all adults. th leave the fda authorizing extra doses of the moderna and j&j shots and backing up a mix-and-match approach to the boosters kathy parks as the details good morning >> reporter: it could be a matter of days before these boosters are rolled out and all eyes are on the cdc for their final sign off across the country, vaccine mandates are expanding, including right here in new york city the mayor saying get vaccinated or be prepared to be placed on unpaid leave >> reporter: this morning, tens of millions of americans, another step closer to receiving
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an extra dose of protection from covid. the fda signing off on a third moderna vaccine for seniors 65 and older and adults at high risk due to health problems, living conditions or their job those eligible would receive half the original dose, given at least six months after the second shot. johnson & johnson booster also authorized for anyone 18 and older at least two months after the initial immunization the fda also authorizing a mix and match strategy, allowing providers to give people boosters different than their initial shot dr. anthony fauci telling lester holt there were benefits. >> you want to get people optimally vaccinated and protected. >> reporter: they're hopeful the approach will provide americans with more flexibility and concerns colder weather could worsen covid spread and news the cdc is closely monitoring the uk which is seeing a new mutation of a delta variant, ay.4.2 >> at this time there's no evidence that ay.4.2 impacts the effectiveness of our current vaccines >> reporter: but as millions of third doses are set to roll out, many city and state governments
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are pushing unvaccinated workers to get their first in new york city, a new mandate. all city employees must get their shot by october 29th or be placed on unpaid leave 16% of the city's total workforce is unvaccinated. that's roughly 46,000 employees. but 40% of the city's firefighters are still unvaccinated, along with 39% of ems workers and 30% of police officers the largest police and firefighters union vowing to fight back >> putting people out of work for making a personal health choice is something we can never accept >> reporter: and union leaders here in new york city have warned that they are prepared to take legal action to block the mandate here in the city meanwhile, in chicago, they are also dealing with their own pushback with the vaccine mandate that went into effect on friday as of tuesday, we have learned that 2,000 officers have not submitted their vaccine status savannah >> thank you very much with his economic agenda
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hanging in the balance, facing opposition from both sides, president biden is now scaling back key parts of his multitrillion dollar spe deal kristen welker has that story. good morning >> reporter: hi, hoda, good morning to you president biden had promised sweeping social changes, but with democrats locked in a battle, he's slashing his proposal nearly in half and there's no deal in sight it's a key test for a president who is already facing strong political headwinds. >> reporter: overnight with his economic agenda on the brink, news that president biden may be abandoning his original plan to pay for his massive social spending bill. mr. biden had planned to support the bill through increases in taxes, including the corporate tax rate now with key senator kyrsten sinema opposed to raising taxes on the wealthy and large corporations, top biden aides told democrats wednesday they would consider dropping the provision. but mr. biden still trying to
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sell the plan in his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. >> this has been declared dead on arrival from the moment i introduced it. but i think we're going to surprise them. >> reporter: urging progressive and moderate democrats now locked in fierce negotiations to find common ground but the scope of that multitrillion dollar climate and social policy package is shrinking. the plan's original $3.5 trillion price tag is now expected to come in below $2 billion with programs on the chopping block the expanded child tax credit could be limited to just one year instead of extended permanently. this year's child tax credit payment meant 3.3 million households with kids had enough to eats agreed to. >> reporter: the moderate
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democrat at th and the linchpin of the president's climate plan, a program designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions could be out the moderate democrat at the center of the talks, west virginia's joe manchin, has demanded cuts angering many progressives and manchin is disputing a report that he's considering leaving the democratic party, a move that would hand control of the senate to the gop >> i can't control rumors and it's bull [ bleep ]. >> reporter: there you have it now in addition to all of the democratic infighting, republicans are blasting the plan they say it will add to growing inflation. overnight, the white house pushed back on that saying the price tag of the plan is zero, but still no details on how the white house and top negotiators plan to make that happen >> kristen, thank you. efforts to secure the release of those 17 kidnapped missionaries in haiti are entering day six and we're getting a closer look at what's being done to find and free them
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and the growing unrest inside that country gabe gutierrez joins us from port-au-prince. hi, gabe. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the ohio-based christian aid ministry says they will hold a day of fasting and prayer today for its missionaries it's unclear where they're being held but the justice minister here tells us the gang responsible generally holds its hostages near where they were captured. >> reporter: this morning with parts of haiti paralyzed by gang violence, the effort to secure the safe return of 17 missionaries held captive is entering its fifth day. >> it's a challenging process but it's absolutely essential that the security dynamic changed if haiti is going to make real process. >> reporter: haiti's justice minister saying the abductors have demanded $1 million per person the fbi won't comment on the negotiation, and the white house says its policy is not to pay ransom for hostages. but experts say it's likely that the gang will settle on a lower price for anyone willing to pay. the hostages include 16 americans and one canadian among them, five children ranging in age from eight months to 15 years old. the ohio-based christian aid ministries says, "we along with our government authorities continue to work hard to bring them home safely." it's estimated gangs control about half of port-au-prince
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right now they set up checkpoints across the city making it dangerous and difficult to get around. >> it's terror it's pure terror to live here. but it is our country. >> reporter: humanitarian aid organizations are struggling to keep operating earlier this year, one of their staffers here was shot dead. >> the situation is very difficult for the population to get access to health care. >> reporter: we met david, a missionary from florida who runs an orphanage outside of port-au-prince. >> i was robbed by gunpoint two miles from my home and i thank god that i'm still here to tell about it. >> you fear for your life at times? >> i do fear for my life at times. more now than before because i've never seen it escalate to this level. >> reporter: that's what we heard over and over again on the ground i've been to haiti several times before, but the gangs have become that much more brazen since the assassination of haiti's president.
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and we heard from police that several suspected kidnappers in an unrelated case have been arrested a reminder of just how common this has become here savannah >> you be careful. gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. craig joins us now >> good morning. good morning to you as well. americans from coast to coast now are dealing with a one-two punch. you got the ongoing crisis with the supply chain and soaring inflation. together they're driving up prices on everything from gas to food and it is all happening as we head into this busy holiday season tom costello joins us with more on this. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. make no mistake, they are, in fact, connected. inflation connected to that stretched supply chain from main street usa to youre supply chain and soaring
7:16 am
inflation. they are driving up prices on everything from gas to food. it's all happening as we head into this busy holiday season. tom costello joins us with more on this. good morning local grocery store, your shopping mall, gas station, we're seeing this across the country, consumer price index up 5.5% in september. that's an indication of where prices are going and experts say they see no sign it's going to turn around soon >> reporter: from checking out at the grocery store to filling up at the gas pump, we're digging deeper in our wallets with prices on just about everything trending higher inflation for september matched june and july, the highest levels in 13 years
7:17 am
billionaire investor warns it's likely here to stay. >> it's probably the single biggest threat to certainly financial markets. again, probably i think society just in general. >> reporter: a gallon of gas averages $3.36, up 17 cents in a month. up $1.20 over the past year since the pandemic recession the price of a used car has trended down in recent months. but still a 24% spike from last year and it's a similar situation in grocery stores >> i'm on social security so i have to be very frugal on what i buy, especially now. the prices are really going up really high. >> reporter: in the past year, a gallon of milk is up 14 cents on average. a nearly 50 cent increase for a dozen age and more than 60 cents for a pound of ground beef. >> everything is going up. even if it's 20 cents, 30 cents, everything has started going up a lot. >> reporter: rising food costs
7:18 am
are adding another challenge for the nation's restaurants still struggling to recover from the pandemic setback tyler aitken owns two restaurants serves as a chef in wilmington he says costs are up significantly for certain meats and equally critical kitchen staples like frying oil. >> paying $25 last year is now in the $50 range. >> reporter: they've had to pass some of that cost onto their customers. >> it can have a sticker shock effect but it's not an abuse of circumstance it's just the reality that we're facing right now >> reporter: a lot of these restaurants are really struggling we talked yesterday about how amazon is now offering jobs at $18 an hour because so many people have left the workforce they're trying to hire people back in. if you're a restaurant, a lot of these restaurants can't afford those kinds of wages they have a very slim margin trying to attract employees for them is very difficult back to you. >> it's a complicated problem. tom, thank you
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let us get our first check of the weather look what the cat brought in. >> we got interesting weather on both ends of the coast we're looking at a warm flow of air in the east. 75 degrees in new york city today. 66 in portland that front coming out of the great lakes, temperatures drop over the weekend we'll be in the 50s in portland, upper 50s low 60s. new york into the weekend. chicago will be 50s as well. plus we got these double-barreled lows and that pineapple express bringing a lot of moisture into the west. this is going to be a series of successive storms. it's going to steer moisture into the pacific and it's tied to water supply and a flood risk some places picking up 10 inches
7:20 am
of rain or more and where there's the burn scars from the wildfire, flooding is going to be a big problem the good news is, we're talking about snow pack getting developed early in the mountains, 2 feet or more. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds ♪ ♪ i'm in a room with the famous faces ♪ “ready and action!” ♪ oh, i feel like scorsese ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah, this sure is like a movie ♪ ♪ (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) ♪ ♪ whoa, we're 'bout to make a movie, ♪ ♪ woo ♪ ♪ ♪ roll out the red carpet for me ♪ “ladies and gentlemen, that's a wrap!" good morning. it is 5:20. it's a cloudy and rainy start. we're going to see another round of rain overnight into early morning tomorrow. temperatures today will be in the mid to upper 60s for the interior valleys. could even see a couple of 70s
7:21 am
through the south bay this afternoon. more rain is on the way. and that is your latest weather. >> thank you. >> and that is your latest weather. >> thank you just ahead, an update from london on that doctor-advised royal rest for the queen even as the 95-year-old gears up for big events. >> and our investigation into disinformation campaigns now emerging from china and targeting americans. an eye-opening look at where they start, how far and fast check travel across social media and what's being done now to stop them.
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coming up, a special guest joins us live in studio 1a simone biles >> first your local news ♪
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7:27 am
blooms were found nearby. >> reporter: folks in the sky hawk community in santa rosa keeping a close eye on the rain. there's a lot of vegetation that was burned here, so flooding is a risk. local crews helping neighbors prepare sandbags in case of flooding. we're going to continue to see a chance for showers throughout the afternoon. a live look at the golden gate bridge. daytime highs in the mid to upper 60s, even a couple of low 70s in some of the interior valleys including livermore, morgan hill and the san jose area. saturday and sunday we are going to be seeing big changes ahead. our biggest rainmaker is expected to be in the form of an
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atmospheric river sunday into monday. also sierra snow and gusty winds. more local news coming up in a half hour. have a great morning. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion
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♪♪ ♪ we're back, 7:30 21st of october. >> beautiful. >> beautiful moon. bright, beautiful. they call it the hunter's moon the first full moon of fall and it reached its peak yesterday. craig was just howling at the moon. >> absolutely. >> breath taking images from all over the world let's get to your 7:30 headlines. nikolas cruz has pleaded guilty in the 2018 massacre that left 17 people dead at a parkland high school. no possibility of parole
7:31 am
relatives of the victims sat in the courtroom, shook their heads as cruz entered those pleas and later apologized for his crimes. >> i'm sorry for what i did and i have to live for it every day. it brings me nightmares and i can't live with myself sometimes but i try to push through. >> the case goes straight to the penalty phase. jury selection is set to begin in january we've got an important consumer alert to tell you about this morning the cdc is asking people to check their onions after a salmonella outbreak that sickened more than 650 people across the country be on the lookout for red, white and yellow onions imported from chihuahua, mexico, distributed by a company called prosource inc. consumers are urged to toss out onions that don't have stickers or packaging showing where they're from. >> escape artist jonathan goodwin is speaking out from his hospital bed he was hurt last week while rehearsing a stunt for
7:32 am
"america's got talent extreme. in an instagram post, he thanked friends and families saying he was protected by love. he went on to say i have a lot left to do in this world, maybe we can make something good together goodwin was struck by two swinging cars while suspended in the air which caused him to fall 40 feet to the ground. nbc has paused production of that show indefinitely we have an update for you on that s the royal news that broke durine our show yesterday the 95-year-old queen canceling several events after being advised by doctors to rest for a few days >> molly hunter joins us from buckingham palace. good morning >> reporter: good morning. now we don't expect rolling updates from the palace like we would get about the prime
7:33 am
minister or the president, for example, but we understand this morning the queen is still out at windsor castle taking a break. >> reporter: this morning on doctor's orders, the queen continuing to rest at windsor castle after buckingham palace saying he took a few days off adding she's in good spirits but disappointed offering no additional details >> canceling an important trip to northern ireland isn't insignificant. this was also a visit that she cared about deeply. >> reporter: the queen hardly ever cancels engagements and is generally considered to be healthy. the most recent known health issue back in 2017, a bad cold forcing her to skip a church visit. >> she likes to be busy. she likes to be visible. she doesn't like to appear vulnerable she thinks that showing herself to be strong and fit is part of her duty >> reporter: and while the pandemic taught the monarch to
7:34 am
zoom from home just like the rest of us, she's had an incredibly busy few months last spring, back at work just days after husband prince phillip's funeral. in may opening the british parliament in june, joining the g-7 leaders in cornwell and cracking jokes during a class photo she welcomed president biden, hosting tea at windsor castle and then there were her official birthday parade. in scotland, remembering her husband. >> and of the many happy memories prince philip always held of our time here. >> reporter: in october, alone, we've seen her planting trees, attending horse races, traveling to wales for the first time in five years and using a walking stick for the first time in 20 years. but on tuesday night, greeting john kerry and bill gates at an event at windsor castle, there was no sign of slowing down. >> the thing about the royal family and particularly the in
7:35 am
california yesterday, monarch and their health, it's not the same as the president of the united states. the public don't necessarily get regular updates on their health. >> while members of the royal family have accompanied the queen in recent months, prince harry remains in california. and yesterday, meghan markle sent a letter to chuck schumer and nancy pelosi advocating for paid parental leave. writing, like many parents, we were overwhelmed, but they were fortune about not making the impossible choices about work. paid parental leave should be a national right. >> the queen has had a busy schedule recently. do they think they should slow those public appearances downgoing forward, or is she not having any of that >> i think we'll wait for the queen to decide thato pick up with her busy schedule we expec if this is just exhaustion, we'll expect her to pick right back up with her busy schedule we're expecting to see her and a lot of the other royals at cop-26 if this is more serious, this might be a wakeup call >> thank you very much when we come back on this thursday, keir simmons takes us behind the wall for an in-depth look at the disinformation campaigns on social media now coming out of china and targeting millions of americans. >> and our investigation has led to hundreds of accounts now
7:36 am
being suspended. but first, these messages. back now at 7:40 with our special series behind the wall, exploring the increasingly complex relationship between the united states and china. >> this morning our investigation into an apparent campaign of disinformation
7:37 am
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the new citi custom cash℠ card, a different kind of card that rewards rashida and dan where their spending is trending. just ask fifth class this week rashida... rashida: dan, no pain, no gain. okay? dan: yeah i know, it's just...hello? claire, what? fire? ...or always road tripping on empty dan... rashida: i told you this would happen. dan: the light was not even on. no, it was on. dan: what? with the new citi custom cash℠ card it pays to be you. from fitness clubs, gas stations, restaurants and more, earn 5% cash back that automatically adjusts to your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. back now at 7:40 with our special series behind the wall, exploring the increasingly complex relationship between the united states and china. >> this morning our investigation into an apparent campaign of disinformation
7:41 am
that's originating in china but it's targeting millions of americans online. >> keir simmons has the details this morning good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for years, russia has been accused of trying to influence americans through social media on our phones and computers. but now twitter has suspended more than 500 accounts after nbc news and oxford university uncovered what appears to be a propaganda campaign originating in china. >> reporter: in china the government controls what citizens can and cannot see on the internet this morning, new signs beijing is targeting the u.s. with its propaganda at the oldest university in the english-speaking world, an oxford university investigates
7:42 am
disinformation campaigns. >> how much time do you spend sitting here >> often quite long, diving into hundreds of thousands of retweets, really, of -- >> reporter: working with nbc news, he followed those messages, uncovering a new phony claim that covid originated from maine lobsters an allegation maine's cdc told us was not true. saying there's no evidence backing it up. yet, online it was starting to pick up steam. >> what i found when i started looking was accounts that repeatedly and in multiple languages shared snippets of text that were identical. >> reporter: nbc news and the oxford lab identified over 1500 tweets falsely claiming that the coronavirus was imported to china on american seafood. the latest twist to a bogus allegation that chinese authorities have been pushing since the start of the pandemic. one of the first places it
7:43 am
appeared was in a chinese-language article a diplomat tweeted the r english. soon more than 1,000 tweets were being sent out on multiple fake or hacked accounts and at the same time each day, approximately 8:00 a.m. in beijing. >> that's suspicious. >> that's what i was thinking as well. >> reporter: twitter has now suspended over 500 accounts our investigation uncovered and more keep popping up. >> when you look at this graph, it's like they're trying to create a tidal wave of propaganda on my phone. >> reporter: now researchers have investigated russian propaganda are increasingly focused on the threat from china. >> the content that we get in our social media feeds mirrors very closely official government policy it's got talking points, it's
7:44 am
consistent, it's delivered on a regular schedule. >> reporter: twitter told us they proactively tackle attempts of platform manipulation and they removed all of the accounts we flagged to them under that policy but research continues to show u.s. social media is vulnerable to influence by foreign governments. and in response to our reporting, guys, the chinese embassy here in london told us china has always been committed to making its voices heard in a truthful manner and opposed to the fabrication and spread of disinformation china is the biggest victim of disinformation. in that statement, it accuses western media and governments of spreading false rumors about covid and of china-bashing just this month, the world health organization launched a new effort to try to find out the truth of where covid came from guys >> fascinating story thank you. also this morning we're hearing from a man who has firsthand experience dealing with many of the issues raised in keir's report there eric schmitt, the former chairman and ceo of google he oversaw google's operation in
7:45 am
china and recently he opened up to jake ward about some of the ethical dilemmas that he's faced and the lessons he's learned. >> do you think that the calls for deeper regulation of big tech companies in the united states is going to put us at a competitive disadvantage to china. >> the top five tech companies are the top five most valuable in the united states let's understand that the regulation needs to be on the edges. it needs to be in the area where there's a little bit of excess the core invention of the american technology industry is enormously valuable. >> sounds like a fascinating conversation you can find more of that conversation throughout the day on nbc news now, our streaming channel. let's go to the weather. mr. roker. who would like to play, who is warmer who is warmer today?
7:46 am
san francisco or new york? >> new york. >> new york city let's see. oh sorry, savannah. find out. oh, sorry! 0 for 2. washington, d.c., 12 degrees above average. los angeles 12 degrees above average here in new york 75 degrees here's our next two cities los angeles, washington, d.c who is warmer? >> d.c., definitely. >> los angeles. >> los angeles let's find out oh, sorry! 0 for 2. washington, d.c., 12 degrees above average. los angeles 2 degrees cooler than average here we go >> this is scary los angeles? atlanta? >> it's vegas. >> everybody is right. 2 degrees cooler in las vegas. rest of the country today, temperatures -- 80s --
7:47 am
>> he means the cities >> and that is your latest weather. >> what's the prize? what do we get >> my undying love and devotion. >> we'll take it. >> not me, because i lost. >> can i return that >> oh! >> you know i love you. still ahead on a thursday
7:48 am
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if you want to be bold, you have to go off-script. experience the all-electric cadillac lyriq. here's what's happening now. >> good morning. i'm cierra johnson in the sky hawk neighborhood in santa rosa where folks are keeping a close eye on how much rain is falling. this is one of the areas that sustained significant damage from the fires last year. flooding is a risk. local crews helping neighbors prepare sandbags in case flooding gets too bad. we are watching what's going on with the weather the next couple of days, because we've still got plenty of rain on the way. a lot of the lingering rain is primarily along the coastline in the north bay right now.
7:57 am
daytime highs for today will be in the mid to upper 60s. as we head into tonight, we're going to see a cold front sweep through. that's going to kick up the winds into the overnight. looking ahead into the weekend, this is the third storm of the ones we've been watching. into sunday and monday, expect to see the highest rain totals and also sierra snow. please be safe out there. we have more local news coming up for you in the next half hour.
7:58 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, breaking overnight. >> investigators found what appears to be human remains. >> a new twist in the weeks-long search for brian laundrie. what the family's lawyer is saying overnight and what's next for the investigation. simone speaks out. the gymnastics superstar live in studio 1a talking about her time in tokyo and her new focus on
8:01 am
mental health. the special announcement she's sharing with us this morning. plus, sleep on it. we're showing off winners from this week's sleep awards from the best blankets to sounding the alarms, the products that will help you get a good night's rest. and goop scoop. >> your one-woman crusade to unpress america is on. >> savannah's intimate conversation with gwyneth paltrow. get ready to blush. today, thursday, october 21st, 2021. >> hello, friends back in arkansas. >> hello to my family in honolulu, hawaii. >> here for arlene's birthday to see al roker. >> on a mother/daughter trip from georgia. >> just married and we're on our honeymoon.
8:02 am
>> twin sisters celebrating our birthday from virginia. >> from colorado to the "today" show. >> we're celebrating 11th birthday with the "today" show. >> happy birthday. welcome on this thursday morning. i love our crowd. we're going to celebrate with them in just a little bit. >> coming up tomorrow on "today," panda watch. some of china's most famous and adorable exports, but they've become one of america's most powerful diplomatic tools. >> we'll take you behind the scenes at the national zoo for a look at a 50-year relationship centered around those pandas has evolved and changed through the decades. >> let's take a look at the news at 8:00. a family attorney says human remains found in florida are likely those of laundrie. sam brock is in florida with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
8:03 am
we have watched as k-9 teams have come in and out of the park here. we know there's an evidence response team right now behind me in that carlton reserve going through as much information as they can to try to confirm the identity of the remains which authorities here say were located close to belongings of brian laundrie, specifically a notebook and a backpack that were submerged in water. an attorney for the laundrie family says it's a strong possibility that it's brian's but they want to wait for forensics to weigh in here. investigators tell me about likely about 48 hours, maybe less. you recall, investigators went to the laundrie home, searched it, may have established a dna profile for brian then. if they have to extract dna from the bones, that could take up to a week. all of this coming after his parents flagged the fbi the
8:04 am
night before, said they wanted to come in here, look in the park, went to a trail and located the items. that's the latest here from north port. let me send it back to you. >> thank you. now to a growing controversy in texas where a black high school principal is fighting to get his job back and also his students. he was accused of promoting critical race theory which is outlawed in the state. we've been following this story closely. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. dr. james whitfield has become one of the most predominant faces in the national fight over critical race theory and texas is one of eight states with new laws banning these topics. and now dr. whitfield saying he's living through the consequences. >> let's go. dr. james whitfield is at the center of a national fight this morning as he prepares to defend himself in a public hearing next month in texas. >> i would be lying if i told you i didn't pain me to not be with the students that i typically get to serve each day. >> reporter: since late august, he's been suspended from his job as the first black principal of
8:05 am
texas's majority-white heritage high school. after accusations that he was pushing critical race theory or crt on students. texas is one of eight states with new laws banning the teaching of critical race theory, a graduate-level study of law and racial inequality which some claim to make white students feel guilt. >> we should be teaching american pride. >> reporter: but teachers and school officials tell nbc news that critical race theory was never taught by dr. whitfield or anyone else at the school. some students have staged protests and walkouts. >> they fired the best principal that any of us have had in our entire lives. >> reporter: this state senator is the author of senate bill 3. >> we're not going to teach one race is superior or inferior or one sex is superior or inferior. we're not going to teach that in
8:06 am
texas. >> you don't think that any of this has gone off the rails? >> folks need to focus on what's in the bill and not what's in other states or what they've heard or things like that. >> reporter: in a statement to nbc news, the school district said whitfield violated district policies and they proposed the nonrenewal of his contract due to deficiencies in his performance. >> has this been a misunderstanding? >> it's interesting that they would say that. promoting me twice in the last three years, what's changed? >> reporter: every morning he takes his 9-year-old son to school. it's across the street from where just a few weeks ago, he was principal. >> driving back home feels like i'm missing out on doing what i've been called to do. >> reporter: just this week, the state next door, oklahoma, got hit with the first ever federal
8:07 am
lawsuit against an anticrt law. the aclu says the law violates free speech. as for dr. whitfield he's going to be in a hearing on november 9th. >> thank you. for more on the textbook wars, you can tune into nbc news now tonight and streaming on peacock starting tomorrow. former president bill clinton is sending out thanks on twitter for the outpouring support he received when he was in a california hospital last week. he thanked the medical staff that treated him for an infection that spread to his bloodstream. he's back in new york to continue his recovery. >> really glad to be back home. i'm doing great, enjoying this beautiful fall weather. i'm on the road to recovery. i want to remind everyone out there, take the time to listen
8:08 am
to your body and care for yourself. >> mr. clinton said he's going to do his best to be around to keep doing the most good that he can. we have the news covered. i have a little boost. u.s. army major fred grooms junior made the right call when he disguised himself as a referee to surprise his son. the father and son hav the father and son haven't seen each other in more than a year when they head today midfield for the coin toss that happened right before the game. >> all the officials come in we need to tell these guys how -- we need to get it right make sure you get to know the officials. look them over >> those two shared a big hug. soon everybody on the field, everybody in the stands, they were applauding. >> imagine how he must have felt when he looked at that face. >> he probably had his game face on and probably didn't notice at first.
8:09 am
>> military reunions always get me coming up next, we have a g.o.a.t. in the studio, the greatest of all time, simone biles. >> she's the going to tell us what she's been up to since tokyo. and she's got a big announcement to share with us exclusively first these messages for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions, liver problems,...and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems or mental health concerns, and if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or considering pregnancy.
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we are back. it is 8:12 with one of our favorites. the legendary gymnast, simone biles. in the wake of her experience in tokyo at the olympics, she is looking to help others feel comfortable about prioritizing their own mental health. that's why today simone is announcing she's working for the mental health and telemedicine app cerebral she's also an investor in that company. we're going to talk to simone in just a moment. first, a recap of simone's journey. >> wow >> reporter: simone biles expected to break records at the tokyo olympics >> really just kind of got lost in the air i've never seen her do something like this. >> reporter: but instead, biles
8:14 am
broke barriers withdrawing from most of her events after getting a case of the so-called twisties. >> i had no idea where i was in the air. i was petrified. >> reporter: she returned to competition, taking home a team silver and bronze for the beam and winning not gold but global praise for putting her mental health and safety first. >> i have to focus on my mental well-being and that's what i did. >> you sure did. that was brave. >> it was hard working five years for a dream and having to quit it up it was not easy at all. >> it's not been an easy few months for the 24-year-old in september she attended a senate judiciary hearing speaking out about the failure to stop the sexual abuse that she and other gymnasts suffered from gymnastics dr. larry nassar. >> i blame larry nassar and i
8:15 am
also blame an entire system that enabled and perpetrated his abuse. >> reporter: biles persevering past the headlines, now headlining her tour, gold over america, hitting the mat once again. and simone joins us. good morning to both of you. big exhale just watching that piece on this particular day, on this thursday. how are you doing? >> a lot better. getting the mental health therapy that i need has been relieving for me, especially being on the road and on tour. i'm happy to have such a great app to help out with that. >> we're going to talk to that i was just reflecting on you at that senate judiciary hearing and i saw you -- you've been carrying that around inside and pushing it down for i don't know how long but in that moment, it just all came out on the table. and it was real and raw and it was so moving. and i thought as i was watching that too, i wonder if you've had a moment to reflect on how larry
8:16 am
nassar's horrible crimes impacted our olympic experience. have you been able to connect the dots >> that's an interestingl scene, all of that came to light and my question you know, over the years, after suppressing so many emotions and putting up affront on a global scene, all of that came to light and my body and my mind allowed me to suppress all of that stuff for so many years for as long as it could take. and as soon as we stepped onto the olympic scene, and just decided i couldn't do it anymore and it cracked and that's what happens and that's why taking care of your mental health is so important so that something like that doesn't happen and, you know, i'm grateful that it wasn't somebody else and it was me because i know i'm strong enough and i can get back on my feet and i'm going to be okay with the right help. but it does kind of suck because i worked really, really hard for that and, you know, it's just
8:17 am
hard. >> it's really hard. did you think that he had something to do with it? when i watched -- i looked and i said, that -- you know, i wondered about that. >> in the moment i tried to blame myself again, but i knew i couldn't put that blame on myself and once that happened all the pieces were put together and i knew exactly what was going on, why it was happening and it sucked because, again, i'm on a global stage and everybody has to watch me go through that. and they get to form their own opinion before i even get to voice and say what's going on. >> those panic attacks that you described at the olympics, like you could feel your heart pounding when you were stepping out there and then once you came back, you talked again about the panic attacks hitting you at the vmas when you were stepping out.
8:18 am
how do you deal with those emotions >> i have different techniques that i can use but, you know, to go through something like that and to be a voice for all of the survivors and people who want to come forward and talk about their stories, it's just -- it's really inspiring but it's hard that i have to go through it because, again, people form their own opinions and i don't really get to hear what's going on. >> has it been weird you're the face of gymnastics. in an instant you became the face of mental health. and i thought, wow, what a transition for a kid who worked on just one track and now it's changed. how have you been handling that?
8:19 am
>> it's been unique. everybody's journey is unique and different. and going through something like that on a global stage is so crazy. and so i'm trying to navigate that the best way i can while still going out there and putting on shows which i absolutely love to do. it brings me so much joy but at the end of the day i still go through my own set of problems that i have to deal with >> this g.o.a.t. tour that you're on which is awesome, do you still get the twisties you're still performing and spinning around. >> yeah. i don't twist. i do my signature move on the floor. that's never effected me but everything else is just -- weighs so heavy and i watch the girls do it, and it's just -- it's not the same. >> it's not the same is that weird? >> yeah, to do something that i've done forever and just not be able to do it because of everything i've gone through is really crazy because i love this sport so much. but it's hard. i'm sorry. and i don't think people understand the magnitude of what i go through for so many years to go through everything that i've gone everybody seeking up
8:20 am
i'm happy to be a voice for them we go through our own things it's hard. the twisting will come back. but i'm still scared to do gymnastics. >> that's hard, honey, i know. by the way, we had some of the women from the soccer team come in here and they all talked about how you were the reason that they could speak their voice and they could tell their truth. and i thought that was just so amazing. like, you don't even realize how many people you're helping even though you're sitting in this really tough moment and you kind of got -- so when you're goingh in my pocket, take that on the road with me. through these difficult moments, i know your mental health is something that you're paying a lot of attention to. do you have things that you -- techniques that you particularly use to get through things. and i'm going to talk to you,
8:21 am
kyle, in just a second. >> the app has been a great thing and it's worked for me happy to have that, like, right in my pocket, take that on the road with me that was superimportant that i started therapy before going on the road as hard as it was to get started with that, it definitely helps but along with techniques i do, i love to take my daily walks. i think fresh air is really good for me being outside, especially, not having my friends and family close on the road. i try to do social media decompresses i don't post as much, but i'm trying to keep in touch with everybody on tour and with the fans and keep them, like, they're in my life every day and then a little retail therapy there's a lot of things that i do that have helped me. >> this app -- kyle, i just want to bring you in, cerebral. to team up with simone biles, you hit the jackpot. i know you've been amazing real quick, if someone were to get this app, what will they glean from it? what will they take away >> we're online mental health care, counseling, therapy, medication management for different mental health conditions, anxiety, depression,
8:22 am
adhd, you name it. we're about using data science to take wait times to have a visit with a clinician from months to minutes and cutting down the barriers to accessing care, whether that be cost or convenience or stigma. what you've done to fundamentally change mental health and how people view mental health and destigmatize it is so powerful for so many people i actually -- i was watching you in the olympics in tokyo and i was sitting in a hospital bed at the time i was dealing with my own mental health challenges. and seeing you get up there and say, hey, i'm not okay and i -- i need to stop here. it's going to change so many lives. >> simone, you are a remarkable person, even more today. >> thank you. >> than before thank you. we wish you the best of luck. >> thank you. >> keep us posted on everything that's coming up in your future. >> i will. >> kyle, thank you >> you're welcome. i love you
8:23 am
thank you so much. you're amazing. >> we're going to send it over to mr. roker and get a check of the weather. >> thanks so much. we're looking at a flood risk out west today on into the weekend really because of this atmospheric river and a number of them that are going to be coming into the pacific northwest and california cooling off behind this front. plenty of sunshine there today and a gorgeous day along the eastern seaboard with temperatures more like summer and you heard al mention that atmospheric river and this is what we are monitoring into the weekend. in san jose we woke up to a couple of showers into portions of san francisco. in the north bay, we will continue those on and off showers through portions of the day and we will top off in 60s and 70s in the interior portion of the valley. we will have another system moving into late tonight and into the friday and atmospheric
8:24 am
river moves into sunday. time for >> don't forget, you can catch us on today show radio siriusxm channel 108. the best part of the day pop start! >> i told simone biles she's my hero she's my hero. >> rock star. >> incredible story what she's doing. she doesn't realize it >> she has no idea >> let's get to "pop start." jimmy fallon is swapping seats and is going to be in the guest chair on "the kelly clarkson show." and a preview of today's episode, revealing the surprising celebrity that he occasionally gets mistaken for i've been watching your sketches and your jokes i go, appreciate it. that's awesome
8:25 am
i'm happy to hear that we talked for about 20 minutes and then she goes, can i have a picture. and i go, yeah, of course. she's walking away and as she's walking away, she swears, i during his walk to work here at 30 rock. >> a girl stopped me and said, you got me through a lot of tough times in my life i've been watching your sketches and your jokes i go, appreciate it. that's awesome i'm happy you're here. we talked for about 20 minutes and then she goes, can i have a picture. and i go, yeah, of course. she's walking away and as she's walking away, she swears, i can't believe i met jimmy kimmel [ laughter ] 20 minutes i was talking to this person >> has that happened to anybody here they don't -- it's the jimmy thing. >> the jimmy thing and the time they're on. >> he looks more like seth meyers than jimmy kimmel >> cute. >> quick one today still ahead, from weighed blankets to a way to stop your partner's snoring -- >> you put the weighted blanket on top of them. >> the products that made on "health" magazine's sleep award winners. welcome back 8:30 on this thursday morning. this is a lively bunch here, by the way. >> it is >> this is a lively crowd. >> that's right. we had a busy half-hour ahead. >> let's see what you got --
8:26 am
good morning. it is 8:26. i'm kris sanchez. with several days of rain on tap, there are concerns about too much rain too soon. the firefighters are keeping an eye on the previously burned areas in north bay. last year's glass fire destroyed homes in the sky hawk neighborhood and the deputy fire chief is especially concerned about the dangerous run offs. when will they get it? let's check in with our meteorologist. >> yes, there is a life look over here at the golden gate bridge. we have showers in san francisco and the look at the radar outside, and we will see the
8:27 am
rain pushing through the north bay. this is just the initial beginning, because heading into tonight, we have another round of rain and temperatures today will top out in the 60s and into the early morning hours and as part of the morning commute, you will see the rain. light to moderate at times, and taking a break friday evening into saturday morning, and then the big system is expected to move in sunday into monday and keeping the lingering shower chances into monday night and of course tuesday along with gusty winds and also higher rain totals. this is expected to be widespread throughout the bay area, and of course, i will see you at 11:00 for a full forecast. kris? >> we better get a soup recipe going for the weekend. we have more local news coming up in a half hour.
8:28 am
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8:30 on this thursday welcome back 8:30 on this thursday morning. this is a lively bunch here, by the way. >> it is >> this is a lively crowd. >> that's right. we had a busy half-hour ahead. >> let's see what you got -- >> what do you got coming up >> we have an intimate -- that's the way to put it, gwyneth paltrow. the goop queen manages to make me blush
8:31 am
her new products, new show >> you can't handle the goop. >> your keys to better sleep you want the perfect pillow, the coziest sheets, the winners of "health" magazine's sleep awards. >> i'm going to share a special visit to broadway with one of the legend behind one of the most popular shows, the great andrew lloyd webber. >> coming up in just a few minutes on the third hour, we'r. >> that would get going to find out what had al setting sail on a trip back in time with actor matthew rhys >> that's right. some 1930s era cocktails on the high seas. >> okay. >> that would get me out on
8:32 am
water. a little heads-up, coming up tomorrow on "today," a conversation with elton john on his latest album it's a special one for him he's been working on this album over the course of the pandemic. so many amazing collaborators on it he's recovering from hip surgery right now and doing well that's tomorrow. >> how cool is that? elton john. >> he's the best royalty. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> all right let's show you what we've got going on for the weekend it's looking great along the east coast philadelphia freedom, you're going to have plenty of sunshine there. warm sunshine through the gulf rain in the pacific northwest. nice warm stretch through the gulf sunny skies in the mid to upper central plains cool in sunday in the east and sunday we have a cold start in new england a rainy stormy mess in the mississippi and ohio river valleys and strong storms moving into california and parts of the northwest. worried about mudslides, debris flow it's going to be a mess out there this weekend on in this is a live look at
8:33 am
walnut creek. cloudy and very much rainy into san francisco with a live look. you can see the sheen out there on the roads. we will keep the on and off chances throughout the afternoon on the coastline and the north bay. expect the system to trail out into the afternoon and as the second system moves in tonight. we have second storm set to move into sunday and monday and the temperatures will remain throughout the mid-60s for the next few days. >> and that is your latest weather. >> that is your latest weather. >> you want the goop you can't handle the goop! >> i can't i really can't >> a talk with gwyneth paltrow. >> one on one with the actor turned entrepreneur on goop's blush-worthy line of new blush-worthy line of new products and a new netflix
8:34 am
working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at
8:35 am
welcome back there is one person who knows
8:36 am
how to get people talking. it's gwyneth paltrow. >> the oscar winner and ceo of the lifestyle empire goop is giving people a lot to talk about, think about she has a new series on netflix. >> the title says it all, "sex, love and goop. and i got to ask gwyneth all about. if kids are in the room, get the earmuffs out gwyneth? >> that's me. >> there's no talking around it this time. >> you better dive on in there, girl >> you have a six-part series on sex. you have a new dietary supplement about sex and you have a new device. what is happening? >> what's happening is the realization that sexual wellness and shame-free sexuality is an important pillar in your overall wellness. >> why is it important to you? all kidding aside, this is a topic that makes a lot of people, including me, a little uncomfortable. >> i guess i would ask you why does it make you uncomfortable
8:37 am
>> and i would say, gwyneth, i'm asking the questions not you. gwyneth paltrow is not one to steer away from uncomfortable conversations. >> hello >> and her goop brand's new sexual wellness products will start many. >> we're having sex. >> her new series, a six-part, unscripted show following five couples as they explore intimacy through different therapies. did you vet it are you convinced that it works? >> out there in what way. >> it seems like it's not in the mainstream, some of these therapies, would you agree with that >> i would say that they're not in the mainstream. i would say that they're probably not tools that are
8:38 am
implemented that often in a therapeutic context. it might look unconventional because it's not in the culture that you see it that often and that's why it was so important for us to do this show because they're actually very simple things that you can do at home and you can start to cultivate a more positive body image, for example, or a healthier, more honest conversation with your partner >> were you surprised at how vulnerable these couples allowed themselves to be on camera >> i was in awe of them all -- their willingness to really -- what they're doing is they're putting themselves on the line in such a brave way for the sake of this love that they have in their lives. >> last time we talked about this, i asked you if your mom was ever mortified at how explicit some of this is and you said, yes, of course
8:39 am
how do the teenagers feel about mom discussing these topics? >> it's not so much me discussing them as much as me creating a space for other people and experts to discuss them and teenagers, i think, in general don't want to have conversations about sex with their mom. it's not something that i lead with at the breakfast table. >> but her new show isn't gwyneth's only reason to celebrate recently you just turned 49 and your husband, brad, wrote the sweetest instagram post. all wives were angry at their husbands and didn't know why what are you noticing about brad these days and your relationship >> i just feel so grateful, the quality of our communication and our friendship it's thrilling and i think wonderful for people who had a marriage or a relationship that didn't work out, to understand that, like, it's really possible to meet your dream man, halfway through your life. >> you've spoken so kindly
8:40 am
about, you know, your relationship with chris and raising the kids together. it's not easy but you figured out how to do the things that you aspired to, which was separate but -- >> keep the family. >> yes >> yeah. and i feel really grateful that i had a partner who was willing to do that with me in chris. chris and i are family we always will be. we're very good friends. he's like my brother i'm so grateful for him and having given me these kids. >> you just turned 49. you posed -- >> you keep saying that, savannah i know i'm 49. geez >> you know why, because i'm 49. that's why and i'm turning 50 before you. let's talk about middle age. i love middle age, how about you? >> i love middle age i'm super into it. >> i feel better than i've felt in my whole life. >> by the time you're in your mid-40s, you know yourself and i think if you really give yourself the permission to be yourself, it's so freeing. >> we talked about acting before if acting was your first act and entrepreneurship is your second
8:41 am
act, do you ever think about a third act? do you have some other daring mission in mind? >> man, yes. i'm on the "today" show to declare my intention to run for the presidency of the -- no. that would be -- >> i'm right here for it i'm ready to book you on "meet the press." >> i think when i'm done with this entrepreneurial chapter, i think i want to, like, garden and cook and maybe i'll write poetry or something. i want to take it way down way down >> that's the dream. >> that wasn't so bad. >> i know. >> my b.p. is definitely a little high. >> she's trying to normalize and let us be less cringey about it. >> so gwyneth paltrow is selling vibrators. >> i didn't say that but i use language that wouldn't mean that moms have to explain
8:42 am
what that word means just now. >> the earmuffs on >> yeah, that's one of the things and also the show. goop" "sex, love and goop" begins streaming today. we're ga good run. >> my apologies to america >> wt's coming up nextha ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
8:43 am
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let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy to deliver a better customer experience, that will help us retain our customers and even grow our business? how much is this going to cost? here's the figure. 59. 59 million? no, five9. as in five9 intelligent cloud contact center. they won't just power our transformation. they'll fund our transformation. yes, yes! exactly! what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪ >> that's the first time in the we are back, 8:44 with "today" wellness and we're all about helping you get a good night's sleep. >> and our friends at "health" magazine tested tons of items for its sleep awards here to walk us through some of the winners, amy conway. you guys at home ask shop along. use that qr code while we go through some of the gadgets here let's start with the bed and
8:45 am
some of the things on it, like the sheets. >> this looks so cozy. i want to jump right in. and you really should make your bed in your bedroom your haven getting a good night's sleep, it's so important for your health >> why do your editors like these sheets >> they're flannel sheets from l.l. bean. and these -- if you tend to run cold, these are great to switch over to at this time of year and these particular flannel sheets get softer every time you watch them they last for years. >> it's not too bulky and heavy. what's next? the pillows. >> everybody knows your pillow can really make or break your night. and you can also, you know, put in a lot of money and time, lose a lot of money and time choosing the right one. >> that seems firm. >> if you happen to be a side sleeper, you want a little bit
8:46 am
more volume. what's great about these pillows is that you basically -- you go on, you answer some questions and then they make a pillow just for you. these two are different. >> i like this one that's nice. >> maybe you sleep on your back or you want a lower pillow these are made just for you and actually one of the best things about these is that they come with 100-day guarantee you sleep on it, if it doesn't work, you send it back >> is that a weighed blanket. >> there's science behind them you can feel how heavy that is. >> have you ever used one? >> they're for anxiety i use one sometimes. they make you feel -- >> it's not too hot. >> that's why we love this one it's 100% cotton unlike a lot of them it's breathable and you can layer it on your bed or just use it alone and it's that -- yeah, it's like a -- >> does it help with bad dreams? >> yes, it does. it's comforting. >> it's like a hug
8:47 am
they compare it to swaddling a baby >> okay, so if you -- a lot of people like white noise while they're sleeping and a fan is a superpopular one if you don't want the breeze, this product is amazing. there's a real fan in here should we give it a listen there's a real fan in here. >> is it kicking air out if you don't want the feeling of the air in your room or don't want a fan in your room but you want the sound, this is great. >> we have a minute. >> if you also want -- if you prefer to listen to music or guided meditation while you're going to sleep, you want to block out the light, you can try this you have earphones here and blocks out the light. >> this looks like a goop product. >> you did not say that. blocks out the take it off. you're so bad. >> that's nice >> exactly
8:48 am
>> by the way, it's only $20 from amazon. even better. >> that's beautiful. >> i hear snoring is a problem in some households. >> yes, it is. this product is called mute. is a device that you insert into your nose. it opens up your airways you don't feel it or see it. what it does is it encourages you to breathe through your nose while you're sleeping as night because mouth breathing -- >> thank you >> there's a list that you can check out by scanning the qr code go to al's trip to broadway with andrew lloyd webber. but first, this is "today" on nbc. the citi music series on today is proudly presented to you by citi. >> we've been celebrating broadway's return. and this morning we're checking in with one of the biggest names. >> audiences are lining up for a chance to see live theater
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
the complete until the curtain rises the citi music series on today is proudly presented to you by citi. >> we've been celebrating broadway's return. and this morning we're checking in with one of the biggest names. comeback won >> audiences are lining up for a chance to see live theater again. but the comeback won't feel complete until the curtain rises tomorrow night on phantom of the opera. i was able to chat with the show's composer, andrew lloyd webber ♪ >> reporter: andrew lloyd webber has had a show running on broadway every night since 1979 until the pandemic what was it like for it to be dark >> it was that thing of, when do we open? can we open? what are we going to do? if you're a writer, when you're my age, you want to get on and you want to keep writing >> reporter: understandable for a man who has been composing his
8:52 am
entire life. publishing his first work when he was just 9. at 23, penning the broadway spectacle "jesus christ superstar. for the better part of four decades, webber packing theaters on broadway on broadway and across the >> when you find very ordinary people or kids that come up to you and say, i loved world. >> what's the most gratifying part of this process for you >> when you find very ordinary people or kids that come up to you and say, i loved your last show we saw your last show, it was rubbish. and you say, i completely agree. >> reporter: most would disagree he owns and manages six non-profit theaters, winning every major statue and was knighted by the queen. at 73, still pushing boundaries. >> as you can see, cinderella is beginning to take shape.
8:53 am
>> reporter: we worked through the pandemic on his latest project, cinderella. >> what is it about the cinderella story you're bringing to this? >> it's shattering the glass slipper. too many young people feel they have to turn themselves into something that they're not so she goes to the ball believing that's what people will want her to look like and it doesn't work out. >> look at that. that's amazing >> it's the one thing i most wanted to do when i thought about this story i just thought, we have to do this >> reporter: as productions dust off, it's the reopening of his longest-running, 33 years, and perhaps most adored phantom that
8:54 am
roud to be here on broadway talking to you. >> when i had my company altogether, you cry because you suddenly realize, oh, my god, what we do has been taken away from us. look, we're back ♪ >> what does phantom reopening mean to broadway and the theater community? it's such an iconic -- >> there are very, very few occasions in musical theater where every element of a production comes together and whoa.hole thing is like the most wonderful whole. this production is as good as anything that i've ever, ever seen of my own shows and i'm immensely proud to have
8:55 am
been part of it. >> what's the queue to drop this bad boy? >> he just says go >> go! whoa wow. nicely done. he may be musical theater's elder statesman, but andrew lloyd webber says he has stories left to tell and he hopes that he and broadway will continue to evolve >> i will never be satisfied with what i've done. i just am not. i'm a restless soul. the main thing i want to do is to make sure that we pass on this extraordinary thing we have with live theater. this unrepeatable experience it's a place where young people want to come and hopefully do it themselves >> he told me coming back to new york is bittersweet for him. it's the first time phantom runs without his good friend and director hal prince. he agreed that the chandelier would have to come out over the audience >> great conversation. >> thank you, al coming up on "hoda and jenna," tricks to keep your pumpkins lasting a little longer and how to carve without using a knife. >> just go with it >> a laser.
8:56 am
>> exactly >> before we learn how to carve pumpkins without knives, we have ayesha curry on the third hour she's going to join us live. we'll do that right after your it is 8:56 and i'm kris sanchez with a few days of rain on tap, it is a growing concern of too much rain on tap. there is a chance for dangerous runoff and cleanup is already
8:57 am
under way in san francisco after this happened. a large tree came down near japantown, and you can see that it fell on sutter and webster street. it is not clear if the wet weather caused that to fall, but san francisco did already see steady rainfall in the early morning hours, and happening now is sierra johnson in san francisco looking at the conditions there, and she is going to have a live report in
8:58 am
8:59 am
the heaviest rain is yet to come, and we are tracking the biggest storm of the season yet. >> and a number of women have skipped the breast cancer screenings in the pandemic and why you need to schedule them now. join us tomorrow morning at 7:00.
9:00 am
live from local news and weather to the " today." it is thursday, october 21st. >> friday eve! >> that's right. we have jill martin. >> good morning. >> we've got a lot of fun today besides the news you need. i cannot wait to take you on a cruise around new york harbor with actor matthew rhys. >> you've been talking about this. >> he's my new man crush. you know him from "the americans" the hbo show. he


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