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tv   Today  NBC  October 22, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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a short time ago. tag us if your photos and videos. we'll put you on it have too. that's what's happening today in the bay. be sure to stay dry this weekend. >> a live loong at levi's stadium. watch the game on sunday night. good morning breaking news, movie set tragedy. alec baldwin shoots and kills a crew member with a prop gun on location in new mexico and wounds the director. >> we have a -- has been shot accidentally >> this morning, new images of the actor appearing distraught after that incident. production shut down police investigating just what went wrong we're live with the very latest. get in line. overnight, the cdc paves the way for millions of americans to start receiving covid booster shots as soon as todaywork?
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is this the first step towards straight ahead, how will the rollout work is this the first step towards boosters for everyone? and when can younger children start getting vaccinated we'll ask the cdc director in a live interview addressing the crisis. during an overnight town hall president biden says he may enlist the national guard to help get the country's supply chain moving faster. >> supply chain issue? >> yes, absolutely, positively i will will do that >> why the white house is backtracking on that statement and what the president had to say about the democratic infighting now threatening to derail his economic agenda derail his economic agenda. we'll have a full report from the white house. identity confirmed, the fbi revealing remains found in that florida nature preserve were day he disappeared. brian laundrie as the laundrie family attorney tells nbc news, he was noticeably upset on the day he disappeared >> you know, he wished he didn't let him go, but he couldn't stop him. him. >> with laundrie gone and so
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many >> with laundrie gone and so y además preocupación en la morning. we're glad you're with us. hoda is getting a jump on the weekend so craig is filling in and we have a lot of news breaking from coast to coast. >> including the overnight decision from the cdc green lighting millions more americans to get a covid vaccine booster shot. we'll talk about that and what comes next for the agency's
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director, dr. walensky. plus, the fbi confirming the human remains found in a remote florida nature preserve are, in fact, those of brian laundrie. we're live at the scene with new details. but we're going to start with breaking news out of new mexico involving alec baldwin. >> the actor was filming a new western movie when he fired a prop gun, it happened during a scene, hitting two members of the crew and killing one. nbc's steve patterson is in los angeles with the latest on this breaking story. steve, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. it happened on a movie set in santa fe. baldwin discharged a prop firearm when something went horribly wrong. production on the film has been halted for now while investigators try to determine what happened. in these photos, a distraught alec baldwin, reportedly in tears outside the santa fe sheriff's office just hours after the deadly accident on the set of his new movie, "rust."
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baldwin was filming when he fired a prop gun during a scene killing one crew member and injuring another. halyna hutchins was airlifted to an area hospital where she was pronounced dead. she posted this video, writing one of the perks of shooting a western is you get to ride horses on your days off. director joel souza was hospitalized for his injuries. sheriff deputies were called to the movie set. >> reporter: a spokesperson for baldwin described the shooting as an accident that involved the misfire of a prop gun with blanks. detectives are looking at what type of projectile came out of the weapon. no charges have been filed, but authorities say the investigation is open and active. the deadly incident happened at bonanza creek ranch, a location in new mexico used for filming movies and tv shows. actor jeff meade was working on a different set nearby. >> sheriff came down said on
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another set there was live -- a live gun discharge. >> reporter: fatal accidents involving prop weapons have happened before. the most high profile in 1993. actor brandon lee, the son of icon bruce lee, died during filming on "the crow" after he was shot during a prop gun. the incident was considered accidental. since that time, the industry has put strict new protocols in place. >> the question that i would always ask is were the safety guidelines of our industry followed? blanks are not designed to do what the final outcome of this was. we need to investigate and find out what went wrong. >> reporter: baldwin is not only the star of "rust" but one of its producers. while filming in new mexico this month, cast and crew members shared films on the set early in the morning. baldwin shared this photo captioned with back to the
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office. >> reporter: first of all, live ammunition is never usually allowed on set. usually a licensed armorer or prop master is in charge of handling any weapons, including loading blanks. that person monitors the weapon and shows the cast and crew how to use it. production is also often require the use of shields during filming so it's really unclear how an accident like this could still happen. >> perhaps we'll learn more as the sun comes up out west there, steve, thank you very much. this morning, a rollout of covid vaccine booster shots is expanding. the cdc giving the go ahead for an added dose of boosters for millions of americans, also paving the way for a mix and match of those booster shots. but first, miguel almaguer has our report. good morning. >> reporter: craig, good
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morning. with the cdc director's signoff overnight, the booster shots could start going into arms immediately. this morning, well over 30 million americans now qualify for a booster shot of moderna or johnson & johnson. the cdc giving the all clear after reviewing a trove of data presented by moderna and j&j. supporting their case for an added dose of protection. moderna's data showed antibodies spiked with a third shot of vaccine. those who are inoculated at least six months ago who are immunocompromised and those 65 and older as well as americans at higher risk of catching the virus. for johnson & johnson, anyone who has been vaccinated for two months could get a booster. >> i think boosters are an important part of getting beyond the pandemic, especially with
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high risk people, people who are older, people are chronic diseases. >> reporter: with the cdc endorsing the mixing and matching of boosters shots, the agency says those who qualify can select any of the three brands. research shows those vaccinated with j&j get more protection when followed by a shot of moderna or pfizer. >> you were vaccinated with johnson & johnson and you're eager for a booster. >> i think the extra layer of protection will make us feel more comfortable. >> reporter: with new hospitalizations, deaths all dropping nationwide, many americans, including first responders are protesting vaccine mandates, refusing to even get their first shot. now, as we approach winter and more americans gather inside, cases could spike again. this morning, health officials offering another layer of
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protection for tens of millions of americans. pfizer has released safety data for children 5 to 11 saying it is more than 90% effective in stopping illness. that is yet to be approved. >> thank you. we want to bring in the director of the cdc, dr. rochelle walensky. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. >> the cdc is now allowing the mixing and matching of booster shots.t a step further. is there a benefit to mixing and matching? is it better? should you seek that out? >> so we had an important step yesterday and this is really great news because we now have a booster plan for all three of our covid-19 vaccines. if you received the moderna vaccine or the pfizer vaccine, you're eligible for a boost more than six months out, if you're over 65, if you are underlying medical conditions or live or work in high risk places, live or work in a long-term care facility. and if you're one of the 15 million who got johnson &
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johnson, there's a booster plan for you, as well, over two months and you're eligible for a boost. some people very well may prefer to get the vaccine they originally got. the vast majority of people did very well after getting their first vaccine. but the cdc now will allow new recommendations to mix and match. and we do not indicate a reference. >> so it's not any better or worse, it's whatever your preference, just mix and match if you want to. >> not necessarily. and what i would say is as i mentioned, the vast majority of people will probably select the one that they originally received and did well with. but there may be some people who would prefer a different vaccine or if you go into a pharmacy and they don't have the vaccine that you originally got, it really is fine to get a different vaccine. >> there are reports that the fda is going to consider allowing booster shots for a larger population, those 40 and over. can you confirm that? do you anticipate that? >> we are closely following the data. this has been an important step process. we will continue to follow the
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data and as the data emerge that show waning immunity for others, for people who don't have underlying conditions, for example, we will update our booster guidance in realtime. >> should people, the rest of us who don't fall into this new category, we're not 65 or over, we don't have underlying health conditions, but we got our vaccine over six that? >> we are continuing to follow. our vaccines are still working really well against severe disease, hospitalization and death. with a lot of disease out there, we are still recommending prevention measures and we will continue to follow the data that demonstrates if and when there is waning for people who are generally healthy. >> next tuesday, the fda panel will consider the vaccine for ages 5 to 11. the pfizer vaccine. the cdc will weigh in about a week later. there are 28 million kids unvaccinated right now. how quickly do you think you can
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get that population vaccinated? >> first i'm going to not get ahead of the process. let the fda do its regulatory review and the cdc will do the same. should all of that come to pass, the administration is working hard to make sure the vaccine is in the field so we can get started vaccinating immediately. >> do you think if kids are vaccinated that people can stop wearing masks in schools? what about the greater population? right now, the cdc does recommend indoor masking even if you're vaccinated if you're in a high transmission area. the short question to this is when are the masks going to end? >> so it's encouraging that our peak from the delta variant is now coming down. that said, we have 75,000 new infections every single day and about 1200 deaths. we're heading into winter where respiratory viruses generally do thrive. so right now, i would say our hard work is to continue to get those cases down, to continue to
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get people vaccinated, not only our children when and if they're ready, but as well, the 63 million americans who are not vaccinated at all and to continue those prevention measures until we can get those cases down. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. lots more to get to on a friday morning as tom llamas joins the table. >> happy friday. the nation's pandemic was only one issue president biden addressed overnight. he had a lot to say about the supply chain and getting his infrastructure package through congress. kristen welker has more on than. >> reporter: president biden and democratic leaders had targeted today to try to reach a deal on his economic plan. at that town hall in baltimore, the president tried to intensify pressure on his own party. he addressed a range of other topics, the fallout and the attempt by the white house to clarify some of what the
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president said. this morning, the white house already walking back some of president biden's more off script moments from his town hall where he worked to unify democrats around his still struggling agenda and address the economic headwinds the country is facing, including the pandemic-related supply chain crisis, delaying goods ahead of the holidays. the president saying he would consider deploying the national guard to help. >> supply chain issue? >> yes, absolutely, positively i will do that. >> but you're talking about having national guardsmen and women driving trucks? >> yes, if we can't move to increase the number of truckers, which we're in the process of doing. >> reporter: the white house now saying using the national guard is up to governors and they're not actively pursuing it. the president giving the most extensive detail yet about what is in and out of his economic plan.
7:15 am
at the top of that list, the proposal to increase the corporate tax rate now looks unlikely because of pressure from moderate senator kyrsten sinema. >> she says she will not raise a single penny on the corporate side or on wealthy people, period. >> reporter: so while the president's plan that initially cost $3.5 trillion but is close to $2 trillion will be paid for, he gave no details about how he'll achieve that. the president revealing he's likely scaling back his plan for paid parental leave and tuition free community college. but perhaps one of the biggest headlines came when the president was pressed on whether he would support lawmakers getting rid of the filibuster, a stalling tactic used to delay or prevent voting on a bill. losing it would allow legislation to pass more easily in the senate where democrats currently hold a razor thin majority. on wednesday, republicans used the filibuster to block a voting
7:16 am
reform bill. you would entertain the notion of doing away with the filibuster on that one issue? is that correct? >> and maybe more. >> reporter: the white house also had to clean up some of the president's comments on foreign policy. mr. biden said the u.s. would defend taiwan if it was attacked by china at that town hall. the white house walked that back because that differed from the u.s. policy that the u.s. does not say how it would react if china attacks taiwan. the white house saying overnight there is no change of that policy. it's a sign of sensitive relationship the u.s. has with china. >> also the house voting to hold steve bannon in criminal contempt of congress. what more can you tell us about that and what happens next? >> reporter: that's the big question.
7:17 am
look, nine republicans joined every house democrat to vote to hold trump adviser steve bannon in contempt of congress for not cooperating with the january 6th investigation. now the matter will be referred to the justice department and it will be up to the attorney general's office to determine whether to prosecute bannon, which could lead to a fine or even jail time. >> kristen, thank you. let's get a first check of al's forecast. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we've got a lot of wet weather to talk about. we've been talking about this atmospheric river in the west coast. we have flash flood watches up for 5 million people. they may expand as the weekend rolls on. heavy rain moving into coastal oregon into northern california. this will eventually make its way into central california. 10 inches possible for the coast and the elevated terrain. heavy snow in the upper elevations, anywhere from 2 to 3 feet of snow. and this weekend, the mid plains going to be in danger for 16 million folks. wind gusts, damaging winds, tornados possible.
7:18 am
we even have an enhanced risk from st. louis, west plains down to little rock, joplin, missouri, as well. these systems could drop a ton of rain, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches stretching from missouri all the way into ohio and with dangerous lightning and tornados, as well. we're going to be watching this one very carefully. we're going to get to your local forecast, coming up in the next 30 seconds. join subaru in helping underdogs find a loving home and celebrate all dogs during our third annual national make a dog's day. good morning, it's 7:18. san francisco live look right now. we have the rain coming down. we have that system push through
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into the early morning hours. storm ranger up and scanning. we still have light to moderate rain moving through. into the interior valleys, down through the south bay, san jose viewers are tagging their rainndow. temperatures in the 60s. >> and that's your latest weather. coming up, the remains of brian laundrie have been identified this morning, the questions surrounding the murder of gabby petito that may never be answered also ahead, what we are now learning about the queen's night in a hospital after those doctor's orders to rest. a live report from windsor castle first, this is "today" on nbc.
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still ahead, the unlikely and adorable center for a high stakes political match between the u.s. and china, giant pandas >> kerry sanders is live at the national zoo with a look at their incredible role in diplomacy. this is after 50 years we look forward to that story. but first, your local news and weather. other stuff. (daughter) well i want my wrapper to be... a hang glider! (dad) how about a park bench? (daughter) dad, you need to think bigger. (vo) recycle your specially marked crunchy bar wrappers in-store now. i'm not getting through the pandemic just to end up with the flu. i asked for fluzone high-dose quadrivalent. it's the #1-used flu vaccine for people 65 and older. fluzone high-dose quadrivalent is the only vaccine approved by the fda for superior flu protection in adults 65+. i'm not letting my guard down. fluzone high-dose quadrivalent isn't for people who've had a severe allergic reaction to any flu vaccine or vaccine component, tell your health care professional
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save big. order through the app. ♪ keep it together 'til this work call wraps ♪ ♪ sip that smooth roast and try your best not to snap ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪ good morning, it's 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. we are in a microclimate weather alert. >> reporter: we have been seeing the rain and gusty winds over the past couple hours here. as you take a look behind me, we're looking towards the east. those headlights is the westbound commute on 580. something to keep in mind if you're heading into work this morning. this is really our first heavy rain. so all the liquids and oils have been sitting on the roadways and going to come to the surface and make the drive really slick. something to keep in mind
7:27 am
especially if there's a lot of cars on the road. watch your speeds and the distance of the driver in front of you. a quick look at how your current conditions are. we're seeing the last of the rain start to push out. a live look in san francisco. storm ranger has been up and scanning. we still have a couple showers pushing through into san francisco. liver more area as well. trace getting a break. light rain coming along 681. that commute is still expected to be a pretty wet commute through the early morning hours. by the afternoon, we're going to get a break by 11:00. the majority of the rain will start to move out of of the area. temperatures will top out in the 60s, which will make way for a bit of a partly cloudy afternoon. ask then as we head in towards the weekend, we have that third storm system expected to make its move in on sunday. today is a perfect day for storm prep. clear the gutters, bring in anything that might fly away because gusty winds are also expected into the weekend.
7:28 am
happy friday, everyone. >> i heard that advice earlier this week. we have more local news in just a half hour. hope you have a great morning. be safe if you're hitting the roads.
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we're back, 7:30 a big friday morning crowd out on the plaza we'll get out there and say hello in just a moment >> yes, we will. first, we have a lot to go to on this friday morning. the fbi now confirming those human remains found in florida are, in fact, those of brian laundrie >> that's right. it ends the nationwide manhunt to find him after the disappearance and murder of his fiancee, gabby petito. but many questions in the case remain unanswered. >> nbc's sam brock has the latest for us. announcement
7:31 am
a little more than 24 hours after brian laundrie's good morning >> reporter: good morning. the fbi making that announcement a little more than 24 hours after brian laundrie's remains were found in that massive nature reserve authorities coming here and delivering the news, ending a tragic saga. as tom said, leaving so many un. the nearly questions still unanswered the nearly six-week search for brian laundrie, now over police seen entering and exiting his parents' home thursday evening, a 40-second visit to remains are not of brian laundrie. the family's attorney speaking to nbc's tom llamas for the first time on cam deliver news that will change their lives completely dental records confirm the remains are of brian laundrie. the family's attorney speaking to nbc's tom llamas for the first time on camera revealing laundrie's family noticed brian was upset just before he disappeared. >> did your clients know their son was going to disappear when he let me tell the house that day? >> no, they did not. what i can tell you is brian was very upset when he left. chris conveyed to me several
7:32 am
times that he wished he didn't let him go, but he couldn't stop him. >> reporter: the laundrie family under intense scrutiny after their son returned from a road trip with gabby petito without her. petito was later found in the national forest strangled. her parents, police and others calling for answers. the couple met the fbi at the reserve two days ago and helped locate their son's belongs >> what do you say to all of these people out there who say this is a strange coincidence, turn up. both parents go out, mother and father, and suddenly clues turn up >> there have been numerous people who say this area was waist deep in water. yet still john q. public can't get it in their head that these areas were inaccessible. >> reporter: former fbi agent clint watts says it's often
7:33 am
difficult to know how parents and police are interacting hind the scenes. >> oftentimes, the public's understanding of the victim's family and with law enforcement is not well known. and i think it's not usual matching up with what is actually going on. >> reporter: one stark reality undeniably true this morning, two young people have now died questions are only mounting. >> sam, among those questions, whether laundrie's parents may face any potential charges since the beginning of the manhunt >> reporter: yeah, savannah, the family attorney says there is no reason to believe the charges will be forthcoming, but what's the latest on that? >> reporter: yeah, savannah, the family attorney says there is no reason to believe the charges will be forthcoming, but he did acknowledge conversations were had with the fbi, he says, as is typical in criminal cases like this, but there were no threats and no deals cut thank you very he said his clients were fully
7:34 am
cooperating with law enforcement the entire time. savannah >> sam brock, thank you very much meantime, we are learning more about that royal rest of the queen at the request of her daughter buckingham palace confirming the 95-year-old spent the night in the hospital before returning to the castle >> nbc's molly hunter is live with more. >> reporter: according to palace officials, she is recovering but there is only one headline, as you can imagine the queen spends the night in the hospital and here again, queen spends the night in the hospital happy to report this morning she can back home right here in windsor castle this morning, the queen is back here at windsor castle recovering after spending wednesday night at the hospital in london. buckingham palace announcing late thursday night, the queen attended hospital on wednesday afternoon for some preliminary investigations, adding she's in good spirits, but providing no additional medical details the hospital visit only announced after she was back at home and coming a day after the queen canceled a visit to
7:35 am
northern ireland >> the royal household go to great lengths not to cover up health problems, but tend to want to keep it quiet as to the queen's health until or unless it's something very significant. >> reporter: nbc news is told the queen was well enough to resume some light work yesterday afternoon. the 95-year-old monarch has had a busy month by any standard, holding more than 16 official engagements since the start of october.night, the queen hosted a last week, she was seen using a walking stick for the first time in 20 years. on tuesday night, the queen hosted a reception at windsor castle, walking unaided, greeting john kerry and bill gates. >> she's been working incredibly hard over the last few weeks so the fact that she might be a bit run down, perhaps, isn't a surprise >> reporter: and as of this morning, after the brief hospital stay, there's no suggestion it's more serious than a few days off for the hard
7:36 am
working monarch. and more good news, not only is she back at home, she's already back at work we understand that she's feeling well enough to take on some light duties this morning. i'll send it back to you guys. >> glad she's feeling better molly, thank you coming up next, an inside look at the world of panda diplomacy. >> kerry sanders live at the national zoo there's a lot more going on than meets the eye. oh, and look, the panda is awake for us kerry is going to have that story, but first, these messages ily members, you'll get great value on america's most reliable 5g network. like 2 lines of unlimited for just $27.50 a line. that's our everyday price. plus, our plans always come with unlimited talk, text and data included. so, switch to t-mobile and get 2 lines of unlimited for only $27.50 a line. that's half the price of verizon or at&t. only at t-mobile. the leader in 5g. fries or salad? salad!
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with more on our special series, behind the walls one of the many facets of the u.s.-china relationship. >> this morning, china's most beloved exports, pandas. >> they are unquestionably adorable and they have been a powerful diplomatic tool over the years. nbc's kerry sanders is at the national zoo where this all began nearly a half century ago.
7:41 am
hi, kerry. >> reporter: good morning, guys. shh. they're having breakfast right now. around the world, there are only 2,500 pandas remaining here at the national zoo, three export. >> it's like a giant, furry child. not a care in the world. >> reporter: if you, too, are mesmerized by their pl of them. and if you talk to those who studied panda politics, they will tell you it's clearly black and white. giant pandas, they're arguably china's most famous and cutest export >> it's like a giant, furry child. not a care in the world. >> reporter: if you, too, are mesmerized by their playful, human-like antics, then it turns out you are very human, indeed >> pandas were designed to appeal to humans the roundness of their features, the big circles around their eyes we are biologically drawn to them because their features remind us of the features of babies >> reporter: as precious as they are, gosh, they're adorable, pandas are also, especially here
7:42 am
in washington, diplomates. >> two chinese pandas offered to the united states during the president's chinese visit will go to the national zoo >> reporter: panda diplomacy dates back to 1972, ling-ling and hsing-hsing, gifts from china after president nixon established relations. relation. in the decades since, pandas have in the decades since, pandas to. >> reporter: and taken away when relations sour. >> they don't really say that it's a punishment. they say, oh, we need to get these panda cubs back. >> reporter: when then president biden met with the dally dalai
7:43 am
the people's republic said they wanted all three of the national zoo's giant pandas back by the end of 2023. at the national zoo, their latest edition, an adorable male cub born last summer. to get a behind the scenes look, interaction, but even at a distance, we engage the pandasn with vitamin biscuits in a plastic feeder. got with vitamin biscuits in a plastic feeder got a lot of food here >> there you go. >> reporter: and as a special treat, a frozen stick of sugar cane dessert was never delivered with such anticipation. >> reporter: he looks as happy as a child with an ice cream cone >> absolutely. >> kerry, apparently these adorable pandas aren't free, either any idea how much the national zoo pays for them and exactly where that money goes?
7:44 am
>> reporter: absolutely. first of all, china never sells xiaochigi, the national the pandas so as we take a look up here at xiao qi ji, the national zoo pays $500,000 for the three pandas that they have and they will then return them, as we wo, china gets up to $1 million for a panda. said, in 2023. in some places around the world, china gets up to $1 million for a panda. again, the pandas are always returned and that money, it goes in china for the preservation of the panda because, of course, the panda is only endemic in guys. china. guys >> that panda is -- >> reporter: a beautiful shot. >> going to town on that bamboo. >> reporter: 200 pounds of bamboo a day that's a breakfast talk about fiber >> that is big bamboo. let's get another check of the weather. >> let's get another look at that panda >> well, you just dohat.
7:45 am
you enjoy your panda all right. anyway, october has been really warm out west, not so much because it's been so wet but 5 degrees above average as you get into the plains. 10 degrees above average as you get into the northeast and the great lakes. in fact, it's the warmest october on record from the midwest to the northeast we're looking at anywhere from 18 cities having their warmest record on record to 58 cities with their top five and the national weather surface is out with its winter outlook now. la nina will impact the u.s. weather again this winter. that storm track is going to go up to the north out west, dip into the mid section of the country and into the northeast so this is what we're calling for as far as noaa's winter outlook is concerned wetter than average. great lakes into the mid-atlantic states and on down into the midwest but dryer than average from the gulf coast, really dry out west and wetter than average as you get into the pacific northwest as far as temperatures are concerned, cooler than average up in the western plains and into the northwest, but it's
7:46 am
going to be warmer than average as we go through the southern tier states into the southeast and all the way up into here in the northeast and new england, as well. that's what's we have rain. a live look at san jose, we have seen that it rain come down in the past couple hours you can see showers pushing through san francisco. oakland getting some heavier bands. expect to see showers linger for the fist half of our day. a couple showers pushing through palo alto. down to the south of morgan hill. we keep the 60s in today's highs. a quarter of an inch for rainfall totals. >> did you enjoy your panda time >> i usually enjoy your forecast, but i'll take that panda video. >> i would, too. coming up, a look at the impacts and legacy of colin powell
7:47 am
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7:51 am
oooooh there's your answer. welcome back it's raining men >> it is raining men coming up this morning on popstart, we have new music fro to sharing m beyonce and i'm looking forward to sharing my conversation with sir elton john who has a brand new album out. it's a great collaboration, including a recording that he did with stevie wonder, their first proper duet, finish line they used kanye's sunday service choir. >> i didn't know that. >> elton says it's the greatest thing he's ever recorded >> ever? >> ever. you'll see it in the interview,
7:52 am
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good morning, it's 7:56. we're in a microclimate weather alert. here's a live look at the east by. the tail ends of the system is moving through the way area. meteorologist vianey arana is tracking conditions right now. >> we're going it start to notice as a last of this rain will push out to the next couple hours. so let's look right now at the storm ranger. it's we have plenty of activity on the radar. down through areas expecting to see some rain. morgan hill along 101 through gill roy. once the second system moves out, we get a break into the afternoon and early saturday morning. and then sunday and monday, still on tap to be our strongest storm out of the three with
7:57 am
several inches expected. especially for the coastal mountains into monday and tuesday. temperatures will remain in the 60s today for the interior valleys. mike, how are the roads? >> south bay is crowded. still jammed at 101. crash just cleared. a lot of scattered spinouts and solo crashes sob careful. a lot of slowing between the san mahmoud tie ta owe bridge. a lot of rain and 680 southbound clearing. we still have a lighter than your typical commute. same direction. watch the oakland hills. back to you. we'll have another local news update for you in a half hour. have a good one. today on california live, a sexy sci-fi comes to life. that's today on "california live."
7:58 am
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coming up, tragedy on set. >> be advised, two people have been shot accidentally. >> one person dead, another injured after alec baldwin fired a prop gun while filming his new movie. the investigation into the fatal incident, just ahead. home for the holidays? >> i think everyone is just more willing to travel now because we're just over being locked down. >> experts raising a red flag ahead of the busy upcoming travel season. fears of delays and price hikes as christmas closes in. we'll tell you the best time to
8:01 am
book your ticket. plus, honoring his legacy. >> he left us a legacy. >> students from the colin powell school for civic and global leadership share their tribute to the four star of state meant to them. and still standing. ♪ i'm still standing ♪ >> carson goes one-on-one with sir elton john to talk about his newest album. >> why do you still care so much about new music and young artists? >> because new music is where the future is. >> the stories behind some of the major collaborations and why his next tour will be his last today, friday, october 22nd, 2021. >> kicking off the weekend here with "today" from st. cloud, minnesota. >> here from yale university. >> roanoke, virginia. >> and portland, michigan. >> today we celebrate make a dog
8:02 am
day. >> good morning to my grandparents in tampa bay. we love you. >> today is our 11th anniversary. >> and my 70th birthday. >> so much to celebrate on a friday morning. we're glad you're with us. hoda has an early start on the weekend. we've got tom and craig this morning. >> fri-yay, baby. >> and a big crowd out there, too. police are searching for more evidence in that movie set tragedy involving actor alec baldwin. he fired a prop weapon killing one person and wounding another. steve patterson joins us with the very latest on this break story. steve, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. this all happened on a movie set in santa fe. baldwin, according to police, discharged a proper firearm and something went horribly wrong. it happened at bonanza creek ranch in new mexico.
8:03 am
production on the film has been halted for now as investigators try to determine exactly what happened. in these photos, a distraught alec baldwin reportedly in tears outside the santa fe sheriff's office hours after the deadly accident on the set of his new movie. authorities say baldwin was filming when he shot a prop gun on the scene. halyna hutchins was air lifted to the hospital where she was later announced dead. she had posted this video just days ago writing one of the perks of filming a western is you get to ride horses on your day off. joel souza was also hospitalized. >> we have two people have been shot accidentally. >> reporter: a spokesperson for baldwin described the shooting as an accident that involved a misfire of a prop gun with blanks. detectives are looking at what type of projectile came out of
8:04 am
the weapon. no charges have been filed, but authorities say the investigation is open and active. >> blanks are not designed to do what the final outcome of this was. we need to investigate and find out what went wrong. >> reporter: baldwin is not only the star of "rust," but one of its producers. while filming in new mexico this month, cast and crew members shared scenes from the set on social media. thursday morning, just hours before the accident, baldwin posting this photo with the caption back to in-person at the office. and we should say this morning, baldwin has now deleted that instagram post. meantime, detectives say they're interviewing witnesses as they conduct their investigation after police reported baldwin's involvement. nbc news did reach out to his team for comment. they did not respond. savannah, back to you. >> steve patterson, thank you. we have disturbing new
8:05 am
developments in that kidnapping drama that is playing out in haiti. in a new video, the head of the gang believed to be holding those 17 members of an american missionary group is threatening to kill them if his demands are not met. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in port-au-prince with the very latest. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. haiti's national police chief has just resigned as this country slips deeper into turmoil and now a chilling new message from the kidnappers. is asking for a $1 million per person ransom, demanding if his demands aren't met, he will shoot the hostages. the ohio-based christian ministry says they're praying for their members as well as the kidnappers, reading a letter from the families of the hostages. among them, five children, the youngest 8-months-old. >> we thank him that he is god and ask him to hear our prayers
8:06 am
and bring our families home. >> the kidnapped families are from amish, mennonite and other conservative christian communities across multiple states and canada. >> they continue to band together and support each other with prayers and encouragement. >> reporter: now in haiti, growing unrest. demonstrators furious over fuel shortages, lawlessness and economic collapse across the caribbean nation the capital city port-au-prince pockets of smoke escalating the tension. this has become daily life here in haiti, tires burning on city streets, protesters furious at the government's inability to confront kidnappers. this is happening over and over again making many roads in port-au-prince impassable. this gunfire breaking up a road block near the airport earlier, a crowd gathered furious with the government's inaction we will occupy the streets until
8:07 am
further notice, this man says. the demonstrations making delivering aid even more dangerous for humanitarian organizations like food for the poor we spoke with its director virtually because the road leading to his compound was closed off >> this is the worst we have been going through for the first half of october, almost 120 people have been kidnapped. it's the worst we have seen sof. >> reporter: the missionary group in ohio says it's aware of the new video of the gang leader, but won't comment on the threats. far. >> reporter: the missionary group in ohio says it's aware of the new video of the gang leader, but won't comment on the threat a senior state department official say if you're a kidnaps, your job is to say those kinds of thi craig. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you we're going to switch gears now. it may be hard to believe but we're nearly a month away from thanksgiving and the start of the holiday travel rush. this year will be very different from last. tom costello covers aviation for us, he's at dulles international airport.
8:08 am
longer lines and higher ticket prices >> reporter: that's the bottom line you know, a year ago, in fact, as you know, we saw airports and airlines simply didn't have man. the fear, that we could have a passengers, right? now, a year later, passengers are back airlines and airports are staffing up. the fear, that we could have a repeat of the disaster we saw over the summer with airlines struggling even a week ago with southwest airlines struggling. that could play itself out again over the busy holiday travel season the nightmare scenario this holiday season, a repeat of the southwest airlines meltdown earlier this month >> it's just been delay -- >> reporter: when more than 2,000 flights were canceled. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of passengers missing their flights. now with the calendar ticking down to the holiday travel season -- >> i think everyone is just more willing to travel now because we're just over being locked down and over being stuck. >> reporter: airline execs say it's going to be busy. >> airplanes are going to be full the demand for the holidays is
8:09 am
robust and strong. >> reporter: to avoid paying more, suggests buying your thanksgiving or christmas and hanukkah tickets before halloween. right now, prices are down 17% from 2019 levels chicago to atlanta for thanksgiving, $160 round trip. dallas to seattle, $253. for december holiday travel, dallas to denver, $197 round trip if you buy now. new york to l.a.x., $402 kansas city to miami, $317 but as the u.s. reopens to europeans and if jet fuel gets more expensive, ticket prices are expected to get more expensive, as well climbing 18% to $390 for an average domestic christmas week round trip fare. international tickets expected to remain cheaper than two years ago. still, $915 on averageter: airl
8:10 am
are worried that denver could be a choke point with the main airport terminal in a state of constant construction. meanwhile, the airlines are facing a looming federal deadline for employees to be vaccinated by december 8th, unless they receive an exemption. united says 99.7% of its employees are already vaccinated southwest and american have lower rates with some pilots refusing to get the vaccine. although both ceos say they will not fire employees who refuse the vaccine and apply for an exemption. >> we don't want to see anybody leaving american because of this we're going to have people, we're going to have our team fully vaccinated >> reporter: as federal employees, tsa officers must be vaccinated by november 22nd. three days before thanksgiving so far, the tsa says the vaccination rate just 60%. all right. the sun is coming up it's blinding the camera right
8:11 am
here but i want to tell you that tsa number might not be an accurate reflection because the tsa says, listen, most officers don't sit in front of a computer to easily upload their vaccine status they think the number will be much higher by the time the deadline approaches in about a month or so. >> we hope so. that is not the sun, tom that is the star power in front of that lens right there >> it's his radiance >> exactly >> okay. >> tom is like, okay >> yeah, i like that >> no question here, but you've got boost to do. >> boost duty. every weekday morning, this grandmother makes sure she's outside when the school bus passes by. >> oh, that's cool >> it happens every day. the kids all wave and cheer each here is why. >> oh, that's cool >> it happens every day. the kids all wave and cheer each time they pass her house her daughter says this little routine really makes her mom's
8:12 am
day. it seems like that goes both ways the kids love it, too. >> so wholesome. >> great places that still do things like that >> i feel like i can hear the kids saying hi, grandma. when we come back, sheinelle has a really cool story. she paid a visit to the college where colin powell got his start before dedicating his entire life to public service >> and as you're about to see, that desire to serve is alive and well in today's students, as well ? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks!
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just ask stepping outside his comfort zone dan... dan: okay, i don't know where the hole for this is. or fourth time streaming that period drama dan... dan: you just made me miss her best line, dan: so now i'm going to have to start it again. even insisted he didn't need directions dan. dan: okay, i'm not lost. i'm exploring. dan: that said, do you know where i am? from select gas, streaming, travel and more earn 5% cash back that automatically adjusts to your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. we are back with new trick you'ds we are back with new tributes to the life and legacy of colin powell. >> a college campus not far from here has a special connection to the secretary of state >> hey, sheinelle. good morning if you're looking for where colin powell began his ground breaking career, look no further than the city college of new york
8:16 am
it's where powell got his degree and joined the military. now it's home to a school that bares his name future chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and here, among the gothic buildings and statue to a civil war general, the future chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and secretary of state found his footing. colin powell never forgot his time as a student and rotc cadet at the city college of new york. in 2013, it established the colin powell school for civic and global leadership. we spoke with four students at the school, including serene sisey, a graduate student and rotc cadet >> he left us a legacy >> sisey met powell at his undergraduate graduation >> the last time i had a handshake with general powell was in 2018.
8:17 am
we had a selfie together i said i want ed to serve like h did. >> we found that sense of service among all the students rachel holiday is a senior and considering a career in law. you all come from different backgrounds. a lot of people don't know about the gem and the jewel that you have here. tell me about the powell school. >> this is my first choice school because this school uniquely fosters public service to the community >> powell's passing came as a shock, especially since the students watched an online talk held by the general last month >> most of you are not old enough to have gone through -- >> he was an inspiration i feel like yes, we mourn him today, but he lives in all of our hearts and beyond the school and i think, yeah, he's an inspiration. >> wendy yohama is a senior and hopes to join the foreign ts ar. service. her parents are from nigeria she's a first generation american, 12,000 students like
8:18 am
powell >> how many of you are inspired by his journey all of you in what way for you? >> for me, i would say as someone who is also first generation, like i'm in college and doing this for my parents. like my mom couldn't even go to college. and even in september about his story and his jamaican background, that was so inspirational because it goes to show that it is possible >> i think it's a general theme that of all the boundaries that he broke, despite a lot of odds being against him, he was the first african american secretary of state i think it's an example to everyone that you can do whatever it is, as long as you work hard. >> through the post that grabbed my attention, he said my college classmates, what they lacked was money and influential connection yet they have gone on to compete
8:19 am
with and often surpassed alumni of the most prestigious campuses in this country. he was so proud of this school >> he would often stand by outside the hall, you know, to shake hands with whoever would come up to him and shake his hand and actually ask him about how their experiences were >> alejandro is a senior studying climate policy. >> it's about colin powell's legacy, about the fact that he wants his legacy to be inherited to our generation and i think it's our path to in -- to pass it forward to our children and grandchildren. >> carrying that legacy, a future lawyer, diplomate, policymaker and military officer. >> you're at the colin powell school do you feel an obligation to live up to something, some kind of an idea with what you end up doing with your careers and your lives? >> and living up to his ideal would be the best public service
8:20 am
we can do right we can do right now. rest up. we'll carry forward your legacy. >> powell wasn't only a figure head of the school that bears his name as you can see, he was always promoting and raising funds, a real presence on campus. after talking with those students, i couldn't help but think how proud he would be. >> that's how you know you've lived a life, when that is your legacy and you did it right here. >> he talked about the fact that growing up, he felt a little lost and when he enrolled, he felt immediately a sense of community. that word "community," they all used it and you could feel it. so i think he would be proud >> thank you we're looking at some wet weather making its way through northern new england from central california to the pacific northwest, temperatures staying warm as you get down into texas, gulf coast, on into florida. but chilly through the plains
8:21 am
and parts of northern new england. for today, strong storms firing in the mid-atlantic coast. that flood risk has been rapidly increasing into the pacific northwest, northern and central california and a frosty condition in the northern plains that's wha live look flight in san jose. cloudy and rainy to start our friday. we are still seeing plenty of rain on our satellite radar, including our very own storm ranger. we have several bands pushing through including into the interior valley down through the south bay. expect to keep this rain chance for first half of our day. clearing out within the next hour or so. south san francisco a couple of showers there. oakland along hayward into the tri-valley. >> and that is your latest weather. let's end the week strong, biggest, best part of the night and the day, popstart.
8:22 am
>> well, morning, afternoon. popstart plus, we invite our friends to watch 30 minutes if you like the nugget you get here, dive into the popstart -- >> the franchise is growing. >> it's unbelievable a correspondentship. >> a fellowship with popstart. first up, king richard, a new trailer is out starring will smith as the father of tennis greats venus and serena williams with help from the two famous sisters and the new look at the film features a brand new song from beyonce called "be alive. >> yeah, that's it there you go >> they are not going to -- like this not with you and me on those raggedy courts >> we just got to stick to the plan we've got champions in the other room >> you taught them all this? >> richard, i'm impressed. i think you might just have the
8:23 am
next michael jordan. >> oh, no, brother man how abou? king richard hits i got me the next two. >> how about that? king richard hits theaters, hbo max december 19th. next up, you know her, we over the 73 questions series, love her, adele. the grammy winner recently took over the 73 questions series, adele going above and beyond the challenge. she answered more than 90. and you'll never guess what she revealed as her most prized possession >> what do we have here? >> okay. it's pretty amazing. >> all right celine dion's gum. >> that's right. >> what's going on here? >> james cordon, who is a friend of mine, but also does car pool karaoke, he did it with her and knew how much of a fan i was so he framed it for me and it's my proudest possession. >> have you seen anything like that >> right >> it's great, right >> james cordon is a good friend >> framed in her house
8:24 am
memorabilia is cool. >> i don't know. >> anybody >> would you want tiger's gum? >> sure, i would frame it up >> my dad got it for me. >> next up, our buddy mariska hargitay just hit a huge milestone. svu marked her 500th episode that's huge for the milestone. benson's career.tely called the over the course of the 500th episode. it took a look at olivia benson's career. over the course of the show's 23 seasons, mariska gained one or two fans, including real life celebrity fan melissa mccarthy >> put her on ice, boys. congratulations, 500 shows congratulations, 500 shows >> and melissa wasn't the only
8:25 am
one celebrating last night savannah guthrie couldn't wait to congratulate her. so congrats to mariska on 500 episodes >> she is a wonderful human. >> she is amazing. andy cohen will be sitting down with willie geist this weekend ahead of his new book "glitter every day." in their conversation, he opens watch. >> he does not watch much tv or up about he's been slowly introducing 2-year-old son ben to television and reveals the one show ben is not allowed to watch. >> he does not watch much tv or movies, just until this summer so what he's really into right now is "sesame street" which is great. and i let him watch it on the weekends it's his treat no tv during the week. and i will say i screened an inordinate amount of housewives and he's always coming up to my desk while i'm watching and i'm like, no, no, no, you are not
8:26 am
watching this. >> little ben loves "squid games," too. >> check out andy's full conversation this weekend on sunday today >> a great weekend popstart. >> thank you katie lee live on the plaza, recipes for football bo good morning. it's 8:26. here is a live look at conditions for drivers this morning on bay area bridges. meteorologist tracking this latest round of wet weather. >> it's definitely nice to see a bit more rain compared to the last couple of systems we have seen in bay area. we have a storm ranger up and scanning. you can see a couple of showers continuing to push through. hayward right now. oakland as well. even down through the south bay which as we know the south bay adviser to fall in rain shadow.
8:27 am
continue sending me your viewer video. i appreciate when you let me know what it looks like outside your window. we'll see this for the next hour to two hours and the majority will clear out by 11:00 right around your lunch hour for majority of the pay area. we'll get a little break heading into early saturday morning. on sunday, still on track to have the biggest storm of the three that we have been following. that been keeping this fall like weather in the bay area. take a look at san francisco daytime highs will be in the low 60s. going to remain cloudy around the coastline. >> i'll have another local news update in half an hour.
8:28 am
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
8:29 am
8:30 am
guys, good morning. are they playing my s oh, we're back on tv here. >> oh, we're back. guys, good morning are they playing my song yes, they were trying to play "it's raining men. because it's all dudes today hoda is off. i mean, i love it. hi, guys what's coming up >> we've got a lot coming up in fact, one of the things we're john himself. >> love sir most excited about this morning, your conversation with sir elton john himself >> love sir elton john who is currently recovering from a hip replacement surgery. but musically, this guy is on
8:31 am
top of his game. collaborate, a lot of younger he has a brand new record out. he talks about collaborate, a lot of younger artists he has a song with dua lipa and it's topping the charts right now. he's one of the best >> we love puppies right we've got a few shelter pups here spread the word about a special campaign today to get more rescues into loving homes. >> yeah, pro tip, be careful where you walk over there. it's already gotten real, yeah plus, what's better than football football with fried bologna. according to katie lee, she will share some recipes for the big game sunday night between the colts and the niners >> we're going to get that full football forecast in just a few moments. >> by the way, on third hour, we have an american icon this morning. the one, the only -- roker
8:32 am
>> kermit the frog >> kermit the frog is here he's going join us live to tell us about something that he know, very well. >> also, we've got major music power coming up next week. hoda is going to catch up with sheryl crow plus we get a special performance from lady a. one of my favorites. they have a new album out. tomorrow, much cooler in the northeast. sunshine, great lakes. warm down through texas. heavy rain developing in the pacific northwest. sunday, sunday, we are looking for october sunshine from the southeast all the way up into new england. severe storms, though, firing up in the mississippi and ohio river valleys. powerful storm comes on shore into california and the pacific live look right now in san francisco. it's been a rainy start to our friday. we'll see this rain push out and see rain down in the south bay. look at the clouds. temperatures will be in the 60s. let's look at how storm ranger
8:33 am
is doing. you can see scattered showers pushing through south san francisco moving through mor -- morgan hill. we'll see our third storm move in with gusty winds and sierra snow. time for the best time of the week. we're talking about sunday night football night in america. the week we're talking about sunday night football night in america. that's right the indianapolis colts, they gallop their ways into the 49ers and levi stadium weather will be a factor, rainy. and we're looking at a big barn burner, but the rain is going t. put it out colts/niners, football night in america! it's a big crowd hey, johnny, hey, johnny, we've got to go around the horn. it's a big one here we go
8:34 am
everybody run. here we go here we go here we go and there's katie lee. there you have it. baby. >> there's no one better than you, al. >> there's fried baloney over there. >> there's fried >> he's still running. >> around the horn, baby >> there's no one better than you, al. >> there's fried bologna over there. >> there's fried bologna and there's katie lee! >> fried bologna guys, coming up next, we get carson going one-on-one with elton john >> stick around for that as the icon is releasing a new chart topping album. he opened up about his farewell concert tour, as well, and let's us know what he's going to miss let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy
8:35 am
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and i and the citi music series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi.
8:37 am
>> welcome back. we've been looking forward to this one all morning long. when it comes to music icons, they do not get much bigger than elton john >> one of the best selling artists of all time. he's topping the charts and he chatted about it with carson >> elton kicked off his hits in 1960s, as he recovers right now from hip surgery, he is not slowing down, at least for now elton has a big tour coming up and a robust new list of cutting edge music ♪ i'm still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ i'm still standing ♪ >> elton john has been entertaining the world for over 50 years with more than 30 albums to his name and over 300 million records sold and his latest album shows he on the lockdown still has more to give on the lockdown session, elton collaborates with some of the world's hottest artists
8:38 am
including lal nas x, young thug. ♪ it's going to be a long, long time ♪ >> and i hard cold heart and a then hallsy came on after th hit. >> and i heard cold heart and then hallsy came on after that and i thought, look at elton john right here in the middle of music at the center. what does that feel like >> it's very exciting. you can't make this up it's going to be me playing on other people's records and it spiraled into an album >> it's a massive hit. you're the only one on the top 25 charts that's having hip replacement, i'm sure. the 16-track album was inspired after a chance meeting with charlie puth right before the pandemic >> i met charlie in a restaurant he said i'm fine i live near you. i went up to his house we wrote together. 54 years before that, it came full circle playing on other
8:39 am
people's records and i loved it. so what happened, it came about. >> you've always had an ear to the ground for music why do you care so much about new music and young artists? >> because new music is where the future is. there's a lot of nonsense, but there's a lot of great music, as well so i try and give it a biggest boost that i can >> you sound like you would be a perfect coach on "the voice. while the new album has plenty of young friends, elton invited some old friends, too, like st. stevie nicks, stevie wonder. >> it took a long time for you and stevie wonder to come together, and you do with "finish line." what was that like >> astonishing it's one of my favorite tracks >> i love that track >> it was a joy to work with jok him. he's one of the greatest human beings on the planet, kindest,
8:40 am
most caring person >> and even as the new tracks break on to the billboard top 40, fans are hungry for elton classics when he embarks on his farewell tour in january >> how are you feeling about the tour >> i am so excited to go and play again in front of people. and i think people are excited to go see artists. >> and are you really going to stop touring >> that's it i finish in the summer of 2023 i'm not touring again. >> and when he's not on the road, it will mean more time with his husband, david, and their two sons >> do the boys understand they're going to get more daddy at home? >> they're going to be teenagers then i'll be 76 i don't know how much time i have left on this earth after that i've had enough applause i don't want to keep traveling i don't want to be away from my family
8:41 am
>> what will you miss most about being at a stadium >> the reaction from the fans and the beauty of the love for you, of what you're doing. it makes your soul, you know, jump it's incredible. >> and as elton recovers from hip surgery, he's soldiering on and his outlook remains as grateful as ever >> you've achieved so much musically. obviously the great mu man tearan work that you've done at the foundation you've been knighted you have a beautiful family. you have a new bionic hip. there's still so much for you t. what is out there that excites you as do what is out there that excites you as you get into your late 70s? >> everything excites me the life i've had, the career i've had, the family i've got. every day is a bonus i'm sober, i'm clean i can appreciate life on life's terms. i'm probably the luckiest man in the world and i really, really appreciate it. i'm very thankful for it ♪ i'm still standing, yeah, youm yeah, yeah ♪ >> you should hear him talk
8:42 am
about stevie wonder in particular we'll zoom in on that track on the record they've been friends for over 50 years. they did the dionne warwick song together 50 years ago, "that's what friends are for."g is on td they did it finally that song is on this and they did it together songs in the key of life is elton john's favorite album of all time he's like an uber fan. so he talks about being in the recording studio and getting that track and getting kanye's sunday service choir to come in on it. it's a soulful track >> you make a comment about his ability to adapt and be relevant >> elton john will sit there with billboard and he looks at the charts and music is his e ad passion. as he said, he loves -- he asked me, who did you go see recently? he just loves music. you can tell
8:43 am
it's important for him and he's tickled pink to be on top 40 radio right now. >> one of the best live shows out there. so this last tour, i'm sure it will sell out. >> i find it hard to believe he's going to stop >> you don't buy it. >> he seems resolved seems reso. he's had enough applause see the tour if you can because it's one of the best ever. >> that was a great conversation up next, we're celebrating national make a dog's day. what you need to know about adoption as we introduce you to some guys and gals in need of new homes. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
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>> announcer: pets on the plaza is sponsored by subaru, who is proud to establish october 22nd as national make a it is national make a dog's day. we've got some furry friends here looking for some forever the perfect homes. joining us with dips on adopting the perfect pet for your family is matt -- verschacker.
8:46 am
>> a lot of folks thinking about maybe adopt ago friend. how do you figure o >> verschacker maybe adopting a friend. how do you figure out which pet is right for which family? >> i think the first thing you want to do is understand your family what are you looking for are you looking for a dog to go hiking and jogging with or someone to hang out with and be more more mellow? understand your family understand the regimen who is going to walk the dog, who is going to feed the dog understand those things first. >> let's bring alex out. what should somebody look at somebody like alex for >> alex is a 35-month-old labrador retriever mix so you have a puppy and you have a lab. lots of energy, active family, but also a patient family. this puppy will need to be trained a little bit we need an active family and a . we family with patience >> would you say a family that has a son that is about 6? >> i think that's perfect.
8:47 am
do you know somebody like that flx we have ash, a 6-year-old that's right next we have ash, a 6-year-old yorkie so, so cute. what family would be lucky to have ash >> so ash could go anywhere. this is a dog that's kind of in the early/middle of her life she's going to be mellow, sit in your lap when you watch tv maybe sit in the yard. and the great thing about a dog like this is she's small so she's portable way underdog webs but people shouldn't be discouraged. this >> next couple of dogs, considered in a way underdogs but people shouldn't be discouraged. this is poppy, but poppy is 12 poppy looks great for his age. >> people should not be scared away by poppy's age. poppy has a ton of love to give, even though he's in the twilight poppy has a heart condition so poppy will likely be on meds for the remainder of his life. that is not a big deal, but it is an important conversation logistically and financially for poppy's potential owners to think about. >> and let's end with zilla, an
8:48 am
adorable one a couple of things going on with zilla, but a lot of love there >> zilla is a 6-year-old shih tzu mix. she is a love bug. she's also a breast cancer survivor >> wow >> let's go. >> her surgeries went beautifully. the margins are clean. she has a wonderful prognosis. we're looking for someone to look past her medical conditions and let her give the love she was born to give >> she's a sweetie >> she's a beautiful little dog. >> and for people, again, i was joking with craig, but when you've got little kids, there's a challenge there. >> yeah, sure. you want to monitor the dog, you want to monitor the kid. they need to learn how to behave around the dog and the dogs needs to learn how to behavior around them. any of these dogs would do beautifully with children of an beautifully with age. >> and if you want to adopt one of these adorable dogs, check out
8:49 am
and also, we have a surprise for you. our sponsor, subaru, as part of its ongoing commitment as the largest corporate sponsor to the aspca, they're donating $5,000 to the aspca and to the ama animal shelter to help both of your organizations >> that's amazing. thank you. thank you subaru, very much. >> and you can join subaru by sharing a photo of your pet on social media using their #makeadogsday. >> appreciate it coming up next, i think we're about to cook. >> let's do it >> carson already went over there. >> i want to talk to katie lee now we're looking at bologna >> katie lee is here but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
touchdown. we are back with our tasty segment of the week. we look forward every week to
8:52 am
this moment. >> yes >> today food loves football for sunday night's battle, it's the colts traveling to san >> and if you are in need of francisco to take on the ninersr >> and if you are in need of delicious game day snack ideas, katie lee, cookbook author of the co-host of the kitchen on food network, an all around great gal. good to have you >> i'm so happy to be here it's my first time back. it's wonderful >> anything new in your life >> i had a baby, yes she's 13-months old now. i can't believe it it went by like that, like everybody says >> it was a good time to have a baby >> so what are we making >> we're doing 49ers first and we're going to have a clam chowder dip in a sour dough bread bowl >> white cheddar cheese? >> is this creamed corn?
8:53 am
>> right celery and pepper. and mix all that in. >> i really like that. parsley, scallions, we've got bacon. we have to have that if you've give that a good stir, cut the top of it. hole this out and save it. that. >> i can eat a couple of them. no carb. >> no carb left behind, right? >> put that in there >> the whole thick >> and then we're going to make a little top, oyster crackers,
8:54 am
because clam chowder, you have to have some oyster crackers this is melted butter with parsley. we're going to pour that in. >> you'll take this and brush it around >> oh, i'm brushing the bread. >> you leave that off. you're going to bake it just like that. comes out like this. serve it with some potato chips with extra bread off. you're going to bake it just like that. comes >> so san francisco is done. let's move on to indianapolis. >> i ate bologna when i was a
8:55 am
kid. i didn't know bologna bass back. >> bologna never went away apparently it's a thing in indiana. i did some googling. i did s >> all right so we're doing bologna and cheese slider bakes. these are the hawaiian rolls you slice it making sauce with mayonnayonnai american cheese. >> it looks a different color. >> we've american cheese. >> it looks a different color. >> we've got pickle relish >> i think american cheese is such a good melting cheese >> i like white american cheese. >> spread this on to all those rolls. did you ever try that? >> yes >> spread this on to all those rolls. >> do you want to spread bologna on here? layer it layer american cheese and a layer of bologna >> overlap >> yeah, overlap it. >> it does have that mustardy -- >> i always love fried bologna
8:56 am
sandwiches >> oh, my gosh white bread with yellow mustard. >> the only bread we have in my house. >> because they hadn't invented whole wheat yet. >> do you like the bologna sliders? >> it almost takes like a mini cuban sandwich >> and then we're going to put that on top. brush it with butter >> we love to brush it >> why not extra butter? >> ends a messy situation. >> katie, who do you like in this game? >> recipes on colts/49ers. here on nbc. coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. good morning. happening now, we're in a micro climate weather alert. here is a look at the east bay that got soggy earlier today. tame end moving through the bay area. now we're tracking conditions as it's headed out.
8:57 am
>> we will see a couple of showers push through. satellite radar has calmed don. we still have plenty of activity down further south near morgan hill. saw some rain push through santa cruz. storm on sunday. >> all right. we have more local news coing up for you. ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program
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8:59 am
we're tracking the strongest storm. expect and sunday evening into monday. >> we're checking for flooding concerns across the bay area. join us monday morning 4:30 to 7:00. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g
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relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> you know, the show starts -- it's not 9:00ish. >> outside yapping with folks. >> there's a huge contingency from south carolina and i promised them that you would go outside -- >> is that what happened? >> i'm so happy because i forgot to tell you. >> what day is it? >> fri-yay, baby. >> we have our cousin to the show, vicky nguyen spending the next hour with us. an


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