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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 22, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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spoke with a veteran of hollywood prop gun protocols. he says accidents like this should never happen on set. >> we have in our industry a very strict protocol to follow, you know, when we're handling blank firearms on set. clearly something went wrong in that particular instance. >> reporter: something souza's fremont neighbors tell us they heard about on the news. >> i was really shocked to see actually he was directing. i didn't know that. >> reporter: those living here say they're terribly upset about the shooting, but also glad to hear souza is recovering. baldwin sent out a tweet that begins there are no words to convey my shock and sadness. meanwhile authorities in new mexico say an investigation is ongoing into that shooting. alec baldwin is said to be
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cooperating. live in fremont, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. and in the past 90 minutes, new details have come out about the shooting. nbc news is reporting that this wasn't the first time the gun misfired. in fact employees walked offset just a few hours before the accident over safety concerns. nbc news says that discovery came as investigators questioned the workers who were supposed to make sure the gun was firing just blanks. our coverage of the story will continue on our website. that's where you can find alec baldwin's full statement at now to our microclimate weather alert. if you were up early today, you might have been caught in it, the rain. a storm drenched the bay area flooding roadways during the morning commute. this is in san francisco, geneva avenue on-ramp to southbound 280. nearby in daly city drivers braved high waters.
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and a live look at the radar right now. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the next storm that's taking aim at the bay area. jeff, this one's a doozy. >> definitely a powerful storm system. some of that street flooding that we had this morning, we'll see a repeat performance of that as we head into sunday, also into monday morning. what i'm seeing right now on the satellite/radar picture is we are into a break right now, but the other thing that i'm watching is the atmospheric river. it's beginning to develop out here in the pacific. so i haven't seen any changes on the timing of this. we're still looking at sunday into monday morning really for this thing to hit the bay area. not only the rainfall, but we're also tracking some wind, 20 to 40 miles per hour, especially on sunday afternoon. that's going make things pretty wild for us here across the bay. so let's give you an early look at the timing on this. you can see by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow we're just looking at spotty showers but once we hit sunday morning, right there,
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4:00 a.m., we get that heavier rainfall developing over the north bay. not as much for the south bay just yet. same thing goes for 7:30 in the morning on sunday. heavy rain over the north bay but rain shadowes in the south bay. it will take a while to get down to the south bay but sunday night things will pick up. in advance of this storm system we do have flash flood watches up over the north bay and santa cruz mountains for quick-rising water on streams, fire-burnt areas may have some mudslides and flood issues. now, all weekend long we have storm ranger with us. let's go ahead and get a view of that. it is out there and you can see the doppler radar hoisted up on the back. this gives us a more accurate view of what's happening because it's closer to the ground. also scans in the vertical and horizontal. it's a dual pole radar to give us better detail. we'll have details on this all weekend long. janelle. >> thank you so much. light rain earlier this week knocked out power for more than 35,000 customers in the bay area. when rain mixes with built-up
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dirt on the transformers, it forms mud which conducts electricity. a number of transformers blew during that first storm earlier this week. lighting, as you can see, some power poles on fire. they are getting ready for the storm this weekend. >> this is really an all hands on deck event. we are prepared. you're going to see lots of blue trucks out in the field. we will be working around the clock until all our customers are restored if and when we experience those outages. >> pg&e showed off its inventory earlier today. it has a 26-acre storage yard in fremont, the biggest in the company. if necessary, the utility says it will bring in crews from outside the bay area to restore power over the weekend. fewer than 3,000 bay area customers are experiencing outages today. you can track the storm on your phone, just download the nbc bay area app. one of the things you can
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access, our radar, storm ranger. zoom into your neighborhood and get a precise timeline on when the rain will hit your neighborhood. it's a great tool to help you plan out your day or night. well, add another company to the list. adobe workers in the u.s. will have to get the covid vaccine or they'll be placed on unpaid leave. the company says the policy is a result of president biden's vaccine mandate for government contractors. adobe also says nearly 94% of their employees say they're fully vaccinated or going through the process. the company says they will consider exemptions for religious and medical reasons. santa clara county's public health department wasted no time today making sure covid-19 booster shots are available for those who got vaccinated with moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines. until now only pfizer recipients were eligible for boosters. nbc bay area's robert handa visited one of the biggest vaccine sites in san jose to see how people are responding. >> reporter: well, the vaccine
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site here at the santa clara county fairgrounds got a big rush with more than 200 appointments as well as many walk-ins, but the public health department wants to see a lot more. johnny from san jose couldn't wait to get her booster shot at the fair clounds this morning. >> it's been just two days after the six months. i waited until moderna was available. as much as the cdc said we could cross vaccinations, i chose not to. >> reporter: jonni, who is in her 50s and has an underlying medical condition bought her moderna booster shot. the public health department says it hopes to see much more since less than 75,000 primarily pfizer recipients have gotten their booster shot so far. today health officers emphasized who is eligible, reminding the public any covid vaccine can be used as a booster. >> anyone aged 65 and up, anyone 50 and up who has an underlying medical condition and anyone 18
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and up who lives in a long-term care facility. >> people who have diabetes, people who have health issues, people who are overweight, all of those conditions are included. >> reporter: after getting her booster, jonni says she personally feels good, more safe, especially with a san jose sharks game on her schedule. >> i just feel better. i go to a lot of events for the sharks, so, you know, i wanted to make sure i was vaccinated for that and being around other people. >> reporter: one group still in limbo, those 12 to 17 years old. the public health department says the cdc has not given any indication about boosters for that group yet. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. joining me now is dr. peter chinhaung. doctor, are you available? hi, doctor. so nice to see you on this friday. now more options are available. we've got pfizer, moderna, j&j.
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should we stick to the same brand as we did to the first shots or should we mix and match? we hear the efficacy rate is even better when you mix and match or does it not matter at all? >> in general, janelle, it doesn't matter. i think flexibility is the name of the game. if your neighborhood drugstore has pfizer and you want to get it sooner rather than later go ahead and get that pfizer regardless of what you've got before. if you got j&j, i think many people are wondering should they get an mrna shot. in that case i think it's not unreasonable, but j&j, remember, you just have to wait two months. everybody else is generally six months. but in general it doesn't matter. >> are we going to see the same side effects as we did? i mean after the second shot i know a lot of people experienced that, but after the first shot people didn't really feel much. what about the booster shot? >> so it's kind of a mixed bag, but in general on average people feel either the same or slightly
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better. the new system hasn't seen the foreign invader giving them the signal for many months now so it's not like a short interval between the first and the second. so in general i think it's going to be well tolerated. >> why are we waiting six months? why is that the timeline when to get the booster shot? >> well, anywhere from six to 12 months is probably okay, typically for high-risk groups. i'm most worried about those over 65 and those immunocompromised to get additional shots. the reason why some period of time, like six months, eight months, et cetera, is talked about, six is because that's where the signal in some of the data and the cdc in the u.s. and some israeli data showing that for those who are over 65, that's when it's starting to increase hospitalizations. so i think that's the reason why that number is chosen. six was also easy to remember from a scheduling perspective.
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we have other vaccines that are given at the six-month mark like hepatitis b, mmr, hpv vaccine, et cetera. >> okay. it's also flu season. many people are thinking about getting the flu shot and getting the booster shot. is that too much for somebody to handle or that's fine? >> it's completely fine unless you wanted to go to walgreens or cvs, again, and want to have an excuse to buy two for the price of one. i think it's fine to get the two shots at the same time. >> okay, dr. peter chin-hong, you always answer all of our questions, we appreciate it so much. have a nice weekend. >> thanks, janelle, you too. millions more americans just became eligible for booster shots, but figuring out who's eligible and when can be confusing so we made it easy for you. on our website we have a page with everything you need to know about booster shots. just go to and click on the trending bar. in other news today, another
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juror was dismissed from the elizabeth holmes federal trial. today for what the judge called good cause. this is the third juror to be dismissed from this case. i want to show you video of holmes. she was walking into court this morning. it was raining so she had an umbrella in hand. her trial is down to 12 active jurors, eight men, four women, with only two alternates left. the trial is expected to last until december. losing too many jurors runs the risk of a mistrial. but according to a federal rule, after a jury has started deliberations, a judge may permit a jury of 11 to return a verdict. holmes faces fraud charges about where she lied about theranos' blood testing technology. our investigative unit just learned in just the last hour enough signatures have been submitted to likely force san francisco district attorney chesa boudin into a election
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recall. organizers turned in more than 83,000 signatures, which is about 30,000 more signatures than required to put the recall issue on the ballot. nearly one out of every ten people in san francisco signed the petition. >> it says a lot about the anger that san franciscans have about what's going on in our community. people are still calling us wanting to know whether or not they can still sign today so they can be part of the signatures that are being turned in. >> yesterday he seemed to acknowledge the recall was inevitable when he held his own anti-recall rally. he told supporters he has followed through on his campaign promises, including reducing the number of juveniles in jail. >> this has nothing to do facts or the real challenges our communities are facing. this has everything to do with disrespecting the will of the people. >> if the recall question goes to the ballot next june and voters decide to fire their district attorney, the mayor
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would be responsible for appointing an interim d.a. until a new one could be elected next november. well, a big announcement in san francisco. how beer makers hope to brew up change as california goes through a water crisis. we're still following a shootout that left a retired oakland police officer wounded after fighting off robbers at a gas station. why a pastor is calling on the county to step in and help. and our storm sunday is going to bring heavy snow to the sierra, 1 to 3 feet. i'm back with where it's going to hit the bay area the hardest coming up in six minutes.
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one moment he was filling up his gas tank, the next a former
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oakland police captain was caught in a shootout with armed robbers, killing one of his attackers. today oakland police are saying very little about that shooting that involved retired captain ersy joyner. here's nbc bay area's melissa colorado. >> it's heartbreaking to see video. >> reporter: pastor mike mcbride is referring to this gas station surveillance video taken yesterday afternoon at a chevron station in west oakland. in it we see three men approaching retired captain joyner. when one of the men opens the door to his car, that's when joyner pulls out his gun and fires. the man wearing the black hoodie is shot and falls to the ground. joyner continues to fire at the other suspects who shoot back at joyner, striking him multiple times. at last check joyner is recovering from emergency
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surgery and is said to be in serious but stable condition. >> we need to end this trend of robberies that are escalating to violent conflicts that ending in people's lives being lost. >> reporter: six years ago pastor mcbride was working with joyner on oakland's cease-fire program, which coordinates law enforcement strategies and social services to pinpoint youth at risk of falling into the gang life. >> cease-fire for us is still the tip of the spear of this work we must do. >> reporter: after a decorated career and leading the cease-fire program, joyner retired from opd in 2019. then came the pandemic which forced the city to cut back on the program's funding. now that the city has restored those resources, pastor mcbride says it's time for the county to chip in too. >> violence is a regional challenge, and so it requires now a regional collaborative
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approach. farmers in california are getting some crucial help from nasa. the space agency has launched a new online tool called open et. it uses satellites to monitor a process called evapor transformation. it measures how much moisture from leaves and soil evaporates into the air. that tells a farmer whether crops are adequately watered. it eliminates overwatering. openet currently maps water use in california and 16 other western states. san francisco's oldest brewery is drought aware. they are recycling much of the water it uses. rinse water from the fermentation tanks used to get washed down the drain. now it's collected, treated and recycled, saving some 20 million gallons a year. of course recycled water does not go back into the beer. the result is the largest
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commercial reuse project in city history. >> we've got to demand as a city, as a state, as a country, that the world that we're living in insists that industrial users of water must take responsibility for recycling that water and using it again, period, end of story. >> edward norton, the actor and activist in this case. the city's public utilities commission is providing money to encourage other local breweries to embrace the same recycling program. okay, we are on storm watch right now. a live look at san francisco. an overcast day for much of the bay. we are drying out after getting soaked overnight, but we are not done yet. the bigger storm, the biggest of the week, is moving in this weekend. fans planning to attending levi's stadium should prepare for a wet and windy game. the niners hosting the colts,
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sunday night football. it's quarterback jimmy g.'s first game back from injury. you can also stay dry. watch the game from the comfort of home. it's on nbc bay area. we'll have complete coverage starting with pregame coverage at 3:00 p.m. kickoff at 5:20 and a postgame newscast including the latest live from levi's stadium. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the storm and of course sunday's game. >> doesn't weather like that always make football a little more exciting? yeah, so definitely as you mentioned make sure to bring your poncho and your jacket. it's going to be wet and also windy. pregame we're just going to see a few showers i have in my forecast down there in the south bay. it's going to take a little bit longer for that storm system to move off to the south. from kickoff to halftime is when we should start to see that rainfall developing and we'll have some chilly 50s. let's go ahead and get you to that storm system and i'll show you what i'm watching right now. you can see on this wide
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expansive view of the satellite/radar picture, we're undergoing a little break right now. we did get a little blue sky at times. out here towards about 600 miles away, the atmospheric river is beginning to develop right now and eventually that's going to point right towards the bay area and that's what's going to boost up our rainfall totals. so let's go ahead and get you into our forecast as we roll through tomorrow. it's going to be a break in between storm systems still as we move through the day. i am expecting spotty rain chances but we'll hold off on the heavier rainfall. overall i think we're okay on saturday. you can get the patio furniture covered up or take it in or fold it up. temperatures will be in the 60s across the bay area. let's go ahead and move it into that storm system. no changes in the timing sunday into monday morning. that's when the atmospheric river will hit. rainfall totals that could surpass 3 inches in some areas. when it comes to the timing on this, by saturday at 7 :00 p.m.
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there's that spotty shower. look at the orange and red, that's the heavy pockets of rain at 4:00 a.m. nothing down towards the south bay. once we hit about 8:00 in the morning we get the heavier rain over the north bay, continuing over the east bay and you're still rain shadowed in the south bay. it has a hard time developing because the higher elevations steal a lot of that moisture. then as we roll through the afternoon and the evening you'll start to see more consistent rainfall on sunday over the east bay and the peninsula. it's still going strong over the north bay but san jose again rain shadowed. as we head through the evening, you'll see at 7:30 at night on sundays we'll see that rainfall develop down over the south bay and this thing will kick out of here monday morning. get ready for these totals. this is just phenomenal. we couldn't get anything close to this if we tried for the past ten months. what you're going to see here is a massive bull's-eye of rain
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over the north bay. that gray to pink magenta color, that's anywhere from 2 to 4 inches. you can see the key at the top. a lot of the east bay and peninsula 2 inches. south bay rain shadowed but three-quarters to 1 inch for san jose. on top of this we'll get wind 20 to 45 miles per hour, so wet and windy. on my seven-day forecast, we do get some dry weather in here as we roll into wednesday, thursday and friday of next week. right there for the inland valleys, also cool 60s and dry weather towards the end of next week. so sunday it's definitely going to be wild here across the bay area but we'll be here to track it for you. janelle. >> thank you, jeff. we'll be right back. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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a small east bay city has the surprising title of the nation's most dangerous small town. it topped the list compiled by safewise. it has to do with the high property crime rate. safewise estimates there's a one in five chance someone could be a property crime victim in that city. as for the safest small towns, six of the top ten are in new york and new jersey. governor newsom is encouraging californians to roll up their sleeves and get a flu shot. the governor hosted this psa on tiktok. you can see him shooting hoops. they take a break so the doctor can give the governor the flu shot. we'll be right back with the county fair that kicked off today, rain or shine.
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rain or shine, the doors are open at one of the bay area's most popular county fares. the alameda county fair is back after the pandemic shut it down last year. the fun started at 11:00 this morning at the fairgrounds in pleasanton. it runs through halloween. now, usually the fair is smack in the middle of summer, but the pandemic delayed it. despite the storm this weekend, fair organizers plan to roll with it and make whatever adjustments are needed. some activities are actually happening indoors or in covered areas. and it's good today. it's drying out.
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tomorrow will be dry too. part of sunday morning so you have lots of opportunities and it runs all the way through next weekend. >> it's one of the best fares not just in the bay area, in the state this is one of the best fares. here's what's coming up at 5:30. alec baldwin fires a prop gun accidentally killing a cinema photographer and wounding a director from the bay area. >> we need an ambulance out at bonanza creek ranch right now. we've had two people shot on a movie set accidentally. >> how alec baldwin is reacting to this tragedy. plus a supreme court showdown. the high court will take up texas' new abortion law. we'll break down what's at stake with our political analyst, larry gerston. 120 million americans will soon be eligible for vaccine boosters while elementary age children could soon be approved for their first shots. how the biden administration is preparing for both.


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