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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 27, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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back in april he got the johnson & johnson vaccine. similar scene today except for one key difference. in that syringe a dose of the moderna vaccine. i'm choosing not to do j anticipate and j to make the point about the opportunity to mix and match. >> june that received the j&j vaccine two months ago can get a booster shot now. the governor says the state is focusing on giving booster shots to people 65 and older and those with underlying health conditions. at the vent center, those eligible for a pfizer booster just had to drive up to get one. >> the potency does wayne a little over time. and we want really everyone to be fully protected. >> the governor has this warning. don't wait until the holidays are over to get your booster. >> and we all remember what
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occurred last winter. >> he's referring to the 2020 holiday spike in covid-19 cases. around this time last year, the state had 6,000 cases. the next month, cases tripled. by late december, cases tripled again reaching 54,000. >> i think it's a good idea. there are going to be a lot of people gathering. as i say, time to get mun in november. in oakland, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> vaccinations for young kids can begin as early as next week. we reported yesterday at 5:00 that the pfizer vaccine for younger children got the green light from an vuz advisory panel. the fda and cdc now must both authorize the vaccine for emergency use for kids. and that could happen next week. they will be at the county fair grounds to vaccinate kids between ages 5-11. they ordered 55,000 of the
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pfizer kid vaccine, one-third of the normal dose. it's expected to arrive in a few days. they urge parents to get kids vaccinated as soon as the sho shot is available. >> during the pandemic, children are not spared from getting infected by covid-19. naturally, we have seen 1.9 million children have been infected over age 31 and a third of those were in intensive care units.
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county health leaders have a sum lar plan. of course, that depends on fda and cdc approval much the koupty is also working with full districts to host vaccine clinics at certain elementary schools. health leaders are also encouraging parents to get their kids vaccinated. they're working to bring vaccination clinics to schools. >> coming up at 5:30, we're going speak to ucsf and dr. monica gandy why she no longer agrees with the state mask and vaccine mandates for kids. watch that interview live coming up tonight at 5:30.
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a man saw the dints and they used the videos as evidence. >> it's disappointing when a police officer on or off duty acts in such a reckless and violent way. and we're going to hold the officer be accountable here. we demand a higher standard for police officers. it's really built into the batch. >> and if convicted, officer brown could face jail time. new details tonight about that assault on an asian woman in san francisco. and the subsequent stabbing of the good samaritan who came to her rescue.
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police now say it all started a bit differently than witnesses thought. nbc bay area's robert honda has the details. >> police emphasize the investigation is still going on but now have released the suspect's name, charges, and details that might help explain why he reacted so violently when a good samaritan tried to help. as you see from sky ranger, san francisco police swarm the area around mission and steward streets early tuesday afternoon shortly after learning a 66-year-old asian woman was assaulted and pushed to the ground. police say she was not seriously hurt and that initial reports that she was robbed turned out not to be true. but as the assailant ran away, another woman that saw it happened chased after him. witnesses say the assailant first punched her and then when she kept following him stabbed her. a shop owner said he tried to stop her from trying to catch the suspect. >> i said something about she is a woman, it's not worth it. whatever you're doing.
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or everything was happening fast. >> for whatever reason though, workers in the area say the suspect looped back and tried to slip past the crime scene but was spotted. >> i remember the backpack. he started walking up spear street. and then i flagged down an officer. i said there he is. >> they arrested him for attempted homicide and says he has an outstanding arrest warrant for earlier battery. got samaritan's injuries do not appear to be serious. >> the suspect resisted the officers, causing the suspect to be injured as well as an officer. the officer in the suspect were later medically treated and were released for their injuries. they believe the suspect resides in a nearby homeless encampment. investigators do not have any evidence the initial assault was
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racially motivated but are still searching for a motive. a local asian-american group is also looking into the incident. in san francisco, robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> trying to help fight the homeless crisis is difficult. it is like anyone else that drives through parts of palo alto or the bay area. people living in cars or rvs as the cost of living continues to escalate. he's a member of a church of palo alto. he decided to offer four parking spots for church living if their cars. it was met with opposition. and red tape. now finally an agreement has been reached to offer the thoughts starting to night. people will start using the parking lot and the church. >> i think we were a little bit disappointed by the conversations we did have to have specifically around quality and race.
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there was, you know, local minority of folks that were concerned that people who were poor and browner would bring crime to the neighborhood. >> we're going to be hearing much more from him during our 11:00 p.m. newscast about the obstacles he had to overcome to simply let park at his church. >> a water main breakment that they took a trial today. the trial had to be postponed when a water main broke three blocks from the courthouse. the incident left the courthouse and nearby starbucks without water. the trial is set to resume next tuesday. >> it may be hard to believe, but we're 100 days away from the winter olympics in beijing. with he know it feels like the summer olympics just wrapped up because it did. >> it really d the winter games are just around the corner. as was the case in tokyo, the number one priority is dealing with the covid virus. tickets will be sold to only people who live in mainland
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china, vaccinated athletes and participants will be allowed to move around freely in areas that are closed off to them while those unvaccinated must quarantine for 21 days ahead of the games. >> the termtion for china and the chinese people is impressive. >> beijing is the first city to host the winter and summer olympics. the 2008 summer games were there. i was there to celebrate local heroes as we count down to beijing 2022. >> you've been a buzzy woman this year. >> they have made huge impacts in places like china town, helping people in businesses survive this pandemic. christy smith was there and joins us live from san francisco's union square with much more. christy, exciting day out there today. >> absolutely. there was a lot of excitement out here today.
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seeing owe lumpians and performers. at the center of it all, community leaders that stepped up during the pandemic. they were honored for their efforts and commitment to the challenging times as we look forward to the olympics in beijing. >> a line dance set the tone at san francisco holiday ice rink and union square. nbc bay area marking 100 days until the olympic winter games in beijing. >> it is so exciting. you know, the clock is really ticking for all the athletes. i know they are more than stoked to be going to beijing. >> figure skater was one of three bau area olympians on hand to lend support in honoring elected and community leaders who made a real difference during the pandemic. >> we had supported those who were impacted economically industries were completely shattered because of the economy. working in the service industry, hospitality stri in particular. >> they helped neighborhoods like china town where businesses were hit hard. some linked people to services
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or address the rise in violence against the asian community. >> at the beginning of the pandemic, i started patrolling the streets of san francisco china town just to keep an eye out on the elderly and make sure that they were safe. >> nbc bay area anchor janelle wang served as emcee. figure skater and lowell high school student treated people to a performance on the day to celebrate the olympic spirit and the spirit of true leadership. >> i asked one noon day what he felt luke being honored today. and he said it was really a community effort. the olympics are coming up in february. christy smudge, nbc bay area news. >> yeah, they are also modest. they are our community heroes. we're so grateful for them. thank you so much. >> and we're counting down to the bay judge olympics all day
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long. they start friday, february 4th. we're 100 days away. you can only watch the olympics right here on nbc bay area. >> don't go anywhere. still ahead, our wunter olympic coverage continues. we'll talk to a bay area nature they've is the next olympic skating hopeful. >> unexpected visitor in santa rosa, how crews were safely able to remove this mountain lion. >> and i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. what a beautiful day. blue excuse from san francisco looking to the east bay. i'll show you how much long they are lasts before our next chance of rain. i'm back with that in six minutes.
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an investigation is on after a woman is found dead this morning in san jose. police say someone spotted her on a sidewalk on the drive in the rock neighborhood. she was taun to a nearby hospital but died soon after. they're calling her death suspicious and they're focusing their investigation around a car found in a driveway. >> a run with a big cat happened in santa rosa. police called police about a mountain lion. they found the big cat on the front lawn of a home. they worked with rescuers to sedate the mountain lion and took it to a wildlife sank wary. they plan to conduct cat tips to figure out what to do with the animals. >> we're counting down to the olympics in beijing. 100 dawes away. america's next olympic figure skating hopeful is from the bay area. alyssa lou is 16 years old and already accomplished so much including two back to back national titles. i sat down with alyssa at her local training rink oakland ice.
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>> she's a combination of power and grace. 16-year-old alyssa lou is a name we heard before but we'll be hearing a lot more of in the coming months. >> how is everything feeling? is this sinking in that more things could be coming your way soon? >> yeah. it is definite i had crazy to think about how i started skating and now i'm here. she started skating at 5. at 14 she won the title again. back then she was 4'8" and now she's 5'2." >> you have more weight. is it different? did i have to change things up? >> definitely different. i had to work more on height unstead of just pure rotation. so i worked on it for, like, a good year like working on exercises to now that i'm doing actual quads again, i can be more normal. >> it's lovely to see how
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motivated and focused she is on the ice and how hard she working. >> alyssa's coach said he gets chills watching her skate with so much beauty and strength. >> one of the most beautiful comments that i get from judges is that you can feel her joy. when she does what she loves to do. >> off the ice, she gets joy from being a 16-year-old, hanging out with friends and learning how to drive. >> i've driven a few times in parking lots. no license. but like in empty parking lots. i did it a few times. i'm not that bad, actually. >> she's not that bad. she is probably good at everything. and alyssa has a few big competitions coming up including skate canada this weekend. then she has nationals in january which will determine who will compete for team usa in beijing. speaking of the olympics, there will be seven new events including four mixed events of male and female athletes
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competing together. they include snowboard cross where a team of two will race down a snowboard course and two new team skiing events. aerial, freestyle, and ski jumping. and then one new relay in speed skating. now three other events will be added. two in skiing. we have men's and women's. the air freestyle and one new bobsledding event called women's mono bob that consists of one fee maul in a bobsled racing for the fastest time, audrey. >> i love that. so exciting. you'll be automobile to hit the slopes up in tahoe for halloween weekend. in was tahoe a few hours ago. people are ready to start skiing. a recent storm brought down 3 1/2 feet over 4 hours. good amount. the resort is opening a month earlier this year. one of the earliest in the history. >> okay. you've been watching audrey. she is our new weekend anchor
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reporter. you're making your debut on day one. >> i know! i know! but i'm so happy to be here. i was born and raised in the bay area. of it's been 13 years since i've been back home. it feels so good. >> and you come from our abc station in boston. >> yes. i've been there for five years. love my family there. but it's really nice to be home. >> so nice to have you back. welcome home. you've been reporting during the week and anchoring with me. anchoring with terry mcsweeney on the weekend. >> here is jeff ranieri. >> welcome. great to you have as part of the team. i want sto ask you, were you trying to bring a little boston weather to the bay area? that storm on sunday -- >> giving you a little something. you know, you have a drought for quite some time. >> thank you. we appreciate a little bit of that. but we're going to get into great weather here. awesome to have you part of the team. you know, whatever you had
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planned today, whether you were doing storm cleanup or running errands, it is magnificent outside. warmer temperatures that i know you like. currently 71 degrees in san jose. we have the cooler 06's on the way as we head to the next few hours. now not only warmer here, we had isolated 70s there throughout san francisco. the temperatures will continue to drop into the 606's as you move through the next couple hours in sf. i know exactly what you want. you want more weather we had today as we head through the next few dawes. i'm confident we're going to be able to deliver on. this let me show what you i'm tracking. it's this area of high pressure that is starting to move over california. now this is really going to start to get into the warmer temperatures you'll see during the week as we move through tomorrow. >> let's get you going. mostly sunny skies.
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pretty chilly to start. you need that jacket. down here in the south bay, 55. over the tri valley, 53. the more low 50s over the north bay. day time highs tomorrow, on a pretty substantial warmup. check it out down in the south bay. another day with numbers in the 70s. really again perfect considering that storm system we went through this past weekend. a little wind out of the northwest at 9. the peninsula looking good. the city, 73. now not quite widespread 70s if had san francisco. i have seen right around mission we'll get into low 70s. then head to the marina, chilly 62 degrees. let's move it to the north bay. of course the most storm damage here. we had those creeks, rivers and streams running really high. a lot of that water is beginning to recede:so if you do have that storm cleanup, this is the kind of weather you want to do it in.
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especially if you have to get on a ladder, do roof repairs, check on the gutters, get the tree limbs picked up. once we hut next monday and tuesday, we're seeing a storm come in. again, it doesn't look like anything went through last week. but we're solid here for about a quarter to a half unch. maybe up to the north bay we could be right around three quarters of an inch. so more updates on that as we get closer. all right. the here in san francisco, seven day forecast, we're going keep it dry through halloween on sunday. so we know san francisco is a popular spot for halloween. temperatures will be there and in the low 60s. across the inland valleys, notice these low 70s for the next two days, we're good for that again. thursday, friday, then cools off as we roll through this upcoming weekend. so halloween slooking good. we get the beautiful weather in here. and then we're getting rain as we head through next week. so i think is going to make -- you were like an east coast transplant. i think this weather is going to be a lot better than they got on
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the east coast. >> absolutely. i think. so the rain comes at the perfect time. right after halloween. >> exactly. >> thanks, jeff. >> you got it. >> coming up, he's an ee lucive artist. now his art pieces are coming to the bay area. more about the exhibit next.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. okay, let's go outside and look at sfo. there is sound proofing work for nearby homes. sfo originally installed residential noise installation but it is time to bring it up to date. it is the only airport that has this program. the work will affect 200 homes over the next few years.
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>> a new exhibit of art works by mysterious three artists was coming to san francisco but we didn't know where the show would be. today the folks behind the art of bank announced it will be at the palace of fine arts. opening day is november 22nd. the exhibition is billed as unthorsed because they want no part of this. his former agent organized the show and the two men parted ways over this plan. the show consists the ark work sold to private collectors. >> all right. you want to stay for this one. we're back with new upgrades to sjd that will help kid travelers have a little more fun at the airport. >>
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i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things
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and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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. making the airport more family friendly in time for the holidays. of. >> parents and kids are going to love this one. a new space for kids opened today. it is called zoom zone. project is part of a partnership between the airport, the san jose churn's museum and zoom. the theme is things that fly. the new option just gives a place for kids to get energy out before time to hop on the plane. by the way, you can find the new zoom zone in terminal b between gates 24 and 25.
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>> okay. we all have young kids here. they're going to love the new zone. they won't want to get on the flight. >> that looks fun. welcome to the team. >> thank you. >> welcome back home. >> feels good. the. >> and janelle, look at this all three of us went to high school 10 to 15 miles apart from each other. i'm way ahead of you. >> way ahead. >> way ahead of you. >> i love it. >> we all grew up on the peninsula. so nice to have you here. >> nice to have you back home. here is what is coming up at 5:30. another day and new heat for facebook. the country lit on fire in the days from the controversial post from then president trump. >> it is predicated on the model you need to spend as much time on the platform for them to make money. >> so why does facebook go from here? we get expert analysis from those that know the social network best. >> plus, president trump's battle against twitter. the reason a judge says he has to am come to california to get


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