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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 28, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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our view. and president biden embarks on his second overseas trip since taking office. he's heading to europe. we are broadcasting on your television and also streaming at if you have to head out this morning, take us with you. good morning on this thursday. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we want the get straight to the new drought data that's out right now. did that atmospheric river put a dent in anything? >> it did make a small impact. think about the magnitude of that atmospheric river. the strongest one in history dumping as much as 25 inches of rain in parts of the north bay
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just in the first few weeks of october. which is what the drought monitor looked like. this is the update that just m. we see just slight improvement for coastal marin and parts after -- seeing some improvement. the highest category is still in effect for parts of napa, solano and contra costa and alameda counties. there were some spots that had some minorimprovement, but we are still extremely dry and the reservoirs only came up slightly. cierra johnson is live at the golden gate bridge with more.
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>> reporter: good morning. a lot of folks don't usually correlate climate change with fog, but there is a direct correlation. i'm in front of the iconic golden gate bridge. it is a really clear morning. we're ofrequently. there are some mornings you can't each see the color from the bridge because the fog is so thick. researchers say climate change is playing into how often we see that fog. according to researchers, an integrative biologist found about 33% of decrease since the early 20th century. carl or carla is starting and stopping earlier, all mainly due climate change. this morning we're taking a look at that water that drenched the
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bay area just a couple of days ago, doing a number on many parts of the bay, flooding roads. did it make much of a difference in our rain totals? overall the answer is no. the chronicle cites that the state department of water resources who compiles the numbers show that even after all that rain on sunday and monday many of the reservoirs are still holding less water than the historic level. shasta lake still has only about 41% of the water it would normally have this time of year. with all of that rain, are we in the clear when it comes to fire danger? the answer in part is no. press democratfound that while
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the ground may be saturated in some parts of the bay, the wind really has a potential to be an issue. although the rain did help, the wind plays a large part in starting and spreading wildfire. live in marin county, cierra johnson. more proof northern california off to a good start when it comes to this rainy season. this is the before and after satellite image at how the atmospheric river impacted the sierra. on the right you clearly see all the snow over that same barren train ten days earlier on the left. all lanes of westbound 580 are back open this morning after police activity shut down the
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freeway for several hours. this happened last night near seminary avenue in oakland. many of those lanes closed off as traffic was backed up for miles. right now alameda county sheriff's office is only saying the coroner was called for a death investigation but they are not indicating anything more than that including whether it was foul play. va -- the city mandate is extended indefinitely in vallejo. san francisco extending the program that placed homeless people into hotels during the pandemic. since the program launched in bring of 2020 more than 3700 people have been helped and more than 700 are found permanent housing. city leaders are extending that program through next september
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at a cost of more than $20 million. president biden today leaves for europe. he will meet first with g 20 leaders in italy and then head to scotland for a climate change summit. the president has unfished business of capitol hill before he leaves. chris pollone has more. >> reporter: the president was scheduled to leave about a half hour ago for europe, but he has delayed his departure to nail down a couple of deals on that bipartisan infrastructure bill and the larger social spending and climate change bill. take a live look at the capital where the president is expected to arrive any moment before a
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caucus meeting with house democrats. it's expected that the president is going to tell democrats he has reached a framework of a deal. in europe preparations are under way as rome and glagow are set to welcome the world's top leaders. they have been expressing confidence for days that a deal is close on a spending deal with money for new social initiatives and programs to fight climate change. the president hoped to show world leaders that this u.s. is serious about strengthening the middle class by getting his spending plan passed today. the white house has been dialing back expectations on that. >> they're seeing that we're on the verge of getting to a deal.
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>> reporter: senior administration officials have told nbc news they expect all democrats and independents in the senate to get on board with this framework that the president is going to announce publicly in a couple of histories. early reaction from progressives shows a lot of skepticism. it's to be seen whether this is a real deal or just a motion to try and spur a deal to take place. the president was expected to hold a vote on that infrastructure bill. it's unclear if that's going to happen today. >> the deadline is more urgent why? >> reporter: that bill contains money that would keep the department of transportation open and allow the country to continue the road and bridge projects it has coming on. if the bipartisan bill doesn't pass by sunday, members of
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congress would have to pass another extension to keep that money flowing. otherwise the department of transportation could furlough about 3700 workers come monday. bart directors meet today to get status updates on ridership. bart restrooms suddenly a hot topic. on tuesday the general manager announced a february reopening of san francisco's powell street restroom and one at 19th street. both have been closed since before the 9/11 terror attacks. more than half a dozen other restrooms in the bathroom network are still shut down, but reopening plans are in the works. nice and clear out there at the bay bridge. it's not foggy this morning.
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how is it going to shape up for us today? >> it will be warmer today. we're going to see a lot less fog going into tomorrow as well. in the east, pleasant hill seeing temperatures right now in the mid 50s and a little bit cool to start. take a look at the warmup as we go throughout the morning. we'll see upper 60s and low 70s by 1:00. antioch reaching 76 degrees, also morgan hill. palo alto back into the mid 70s. san francisco reaching the upper 60s. mid 70s in santa rosa today. nice today and tomorrow but a few more changes ahead for halloween weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> a few more changes for the east bay. one is the bay bridge with volume steadily building.
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slowing typical for your westbound route. recovery from an earlier crash right here at cutting boulevard. south 680 slowing. there's a bus on the shoulder and an ambulance on scene too. no lanes are blocked. coming up next, mcdonald's fans may not be loving this next story. breakfast anyone? the reason your egg mcmuffin may cost a little more. a prominent venture capitalist calls dad losers. a little bit of positive motion on the dow at the open. deputies in santa clara
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county have a new recruit. they're making no bones about it, invoking the spirit of halloween.
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good thursday morning. as you're heading out the door in the north bay, santa rosa starting out at 51 degrees. it's a cool start to the morning with a few clouds. we'll see much more sunshine today as temperatures head for
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the low 70s this afternoon. pretty nice today and tomorrow. we'll talk about whenning we could see some rain coming up. >> 880 through fremont on the nimitz. 680 is held up in pleasanton. we'll talk about why coming up. good morning. happy thursday to you. starbucks is having just as much trouble finding employees as everyone else and will raise its minimum pay to $15 an hour nationwide with an eye on $17 an hour in the near future. you can't ignore starbucks also facing some union organizing nationwide as well. a twitter watchdog group has analyzed the online attacks of megan the duchess of sussex and found just a few accounts were responsible for most of the attacks and those accounts sometimes coordinated with each other. megan has been described as the
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most trolled person in the world online. the analysis showed just 83 accounts were behind 70% of the attacks on twitter, the haters getting retweeted by others to reach 17 million twitter users, this according to the company bot sentinel. a venture capitalist went online and called dads who take legal time off to care for their children losers. he was amplifying a message by the podcaster joe rogan who is also apparently unfamiliar with good parenting. this is the fellow joe lawnsdale seen here. lawnsdale was apparently referring to transportation secretary pete buttigieg. the tweet said, great fathers spend time with their kids and support moms, but any man who takes an important position and six months of leave for a newborn is a loser.
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lawnsdale cofounded palo alto's pallen tier. he moved the operation to texas recently, saying he prefers texas politics over the bay area. this is the ceo of intel, who posted his excitement over intel's innovation center. he's a father and a grandfather. there's a good dad right there. that's ceo ready to go this morning. >> wow. that's a lot of energy. new this morning, mcdonald's hiking prices to offset some increases in the supply costs. company executives anticipate rises in the u.s. will rise by 6%. the company is apparently using
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a pricing advisory service to understand how much customers are willing to pay. we all know we should watch our speed during your morning commute or any time for that matter. you may want to make sure of it today because there's a new deputy on patrol in the south bay. let's say you don't want to mess with him. >> watch out because santa clara county sheriff's office welcoming deputy schneider to the force. it may look like all bones to you, but this transfer comes from death valley. this is all a post promoting the fact that the sheriff's office is hiring and looking for real bodies to join the force. trending this morning she's back. ohio based artist jeannet is making headlines with her celebrity pumpkins.
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this is ted lasso-kin. who can forget baby yoda-kin back in 2020? >> that's pretty cool. also trending this morning, you love horror films. >> i do. halloween is here. a lot of people watching scary movies. i posted on my twitter page. nightmare on elm street my favorite there. the winner is halloween right there with 40% of the vote. thank you all for voting. also take a look. you can see nightmare on elm street coming in second.
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then you have poltergeist followed by texas chain saw massacre. each state has a favorite horror movie. a company found the most popular halloween movies for 2021 in each state. here in california the movie that a lot of people like is train to busan, a south korean zombie film. >> i haven't seen that. >> it's on my watch list. >> there was also a movie in there "carrie". >> never seen it. >> i like that movie.
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>> the weather is going to be so nice this weekend. we're headed for the mid 70s for today. we're going to see temperatures in the mid 70s for morgan hill today and upper 70s for gilroy. temperatures in danville headed for 75 degrees and 70 today in oakland. san francisco with upper 60s downtown, napa reaching 74 degrees. we're looking ahead to see if there's any more rain headed our way. this is the next storm system that's going to take a couple of days before it gets closer.
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there is another storm system right behind that. it does look to bring us some rain moving in by monday. we're seeing some higher rain totals in parts of the north bay and looking ahead to what some of our computer models are putting down, the possibility of a half inch of rain in north bay and san francisco, a tenth to a quarter inch of rain for the east bay and south bay. the big update this morning was the drought monitor. this is what it looked like yesterday with the dark shades of red, the highest category of drought in the north bay. the rainfall brings it down to exceptional, which is still extremely dry. of course as we go into next week we'll see if we can make some more improvements in the forecast as we get a little bit more rain here and there. of course that's the big story for us this morning. mike, how is the morning commute? >> it's better news that we're upgraded to just an extreme
6:23 am
drought in parts of the bay. most of the trivalley looks great but most of the slowdown is southbound 680. the crossing on 680 where there was a disabld bus and an ambulance. next, nbc bay area responds. he booked one flight, so why was he charged for two? i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. cute pups there definitely in the halloween spirit. if you have pictures of your pups or your kids or your cat, share them with us at we're going to post them on air.
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make sure when you post them, you tag us @nbc bay area.
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in and out agrees to suspend indoor dining over a local vaccine mandate. protests later today in support of the burger chain.
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and out's decision to not require proof of vaccination from customers. a live report on the deal to keep double doubles flowing in the east bay. oakland school leaders outline plans for covid vaccination requirements. why some families may be pulling their children from school in a matter of weeks. good thursday morning to you. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's begin with a look outside live for you this morning at san jose and san francisco. a comfortable start for the day as fall weather shapes up as we head into halloween this sunday. >> no scary stuff here for you. kari hall has more on how your thursday is shaping up. >> our temperatures have been warming up. we're going to see that again today with highs reaching into the 70s for many inland areas. the weekend will be slightly
6:32 am
cooler with clouds moving in. we just got the drought monitor update. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. here's a look where we're headed for today, reaching upper 60s in san francisco, 74 in napa, 76 in antioch, 74 in san jose. we do have some changes ahead going into the weekend. we will see some more clouds moving in and rain won't be far behind. looking good as we look at that extended forecast. we'll check that out along with some weekend events coming up in a few minutes. protesters plan to be out in full force again today supporting in and out's decision not to police proof of vaccination requirements in the restaurant. the move is also coming at a possible cost for some of the east bay locations. bob redell joins us from outside the pleasant hill in and out
6:33 am
that's at the center of all this controversy. bob? >> reporter: that cost that your allude to is five in and outs here in contra costa county have agreed to suspend indoor dining, doing only takeout and drive-through. protesters want to show their support for this restaurant which has refused to check vaccination or negative test status of indoor diners as required by the county. all five locations have agreed to stop indoor service as a result. this was the scene last night outside the in and out in san ramon where about a dozen people with signs, flags and a bull horn stood with in and out and rallied against the vaccine mandate. in a statement, in and out calls the vaccine or negative test requirement for indoor diners to
6:34 am
be government overreach and wrote, we refuse to become the vaccination police for any government. >> i think people should have the right to choose what goes into their bodies. >> to try to make them the vaccine police to violate my personal liberty, they just want to come to work. >> i encourage everybody to take seriously local health orders and support businesses that support the state. >> reporter: governor new some was in alameda county yesterday to encourage all eligible people to get vaccinated. this morning we're learning more about a new vaccination requirement rolling out for oakland students. >> kris sanchez joining us with a look at what's new. >> we knew oakland students were going to be required to get
6:35 am
vaccinated before going to school, but we could see some students quitting school rather than comply with the mandates. the board voted on the chemical weapons for students who do not meet that requirement of having at least one shot by january. that plan approved by the oakland board requires nonexempt unvaccinated students to transfer to long-term independent study. those who do not will be unenrolled from the district all together. both of those options will only apply after the district offers students and their families information and an opportunity to be vaccinated. meanwhile bay area mask mandates are tied to the overall vaccination rate, including vaccination for children 5-11 once it's fully authorized. bay area health leaders say allowing students to stop masking at schools is a great incentive for them to get vaccinated. >> they said they have no metrics for children.
6:36 am
they're the ones that are least likely to get severe disease. we've restricted children far too long. i think they need to positively motivate vaccines and say they'll have normal, regular school. >> bay area counties are ramping up getting ready for a vaccine rollout for children aged 5-11. santa clara county designated a vaccine clinic at the fairgrounds just for them, also encouraging their providers to be ready for that as well. the county also ordered 55,000 doses of the pfizer vaccine. masking is tied to kids' vaccination as well. >> it's not just the metrics for adults. we have to hit as a county 80% vaccination for the total eligible population or continue to mask for eight weeks following that authorization for vaccination for kids 5-11. so really a push to get those
6:37 am
younger kids vaccinated in order to keep things headed in the right direction. new this morning, uni riders may have to wait a little longer to see more people on their buses after the response from the mta's new vaccine mandate. starting november 1st, only vaccinated employees can work as operators. short line services will be suspended next month on some lines to compensate for unvaccinated workers. the suspended lines will help reduce impacts system wide but customers may experience longer wait times. after the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant and eight overs, l.a. county supervisors are considering approving a $2.5 million
6:38 am
settlement for two families suing over unauthorized sharing of photos from that crash. vanessa bryant has had her own lawsuit pending and recently just testified in the deposition. developing this morning, charges may be coming for a passenger accused of assaulting a flight attendant causing an american airline flights from new york to orange county to be diverted to denver. this is a new photo of that passenger. now we have blurred out the face of that passenger. police took him into custody after the plane landed. one passenger says that it was all because the person you see there in handcuffs refused to wear a mask. >> men came up. the man that punched the woman just kind of knew that he had done something wrong and like became subdued. i understand that he actually punched her twice. i did see her walk back down the aisle afterwards.
6:39 am
she had blood splattered on the outside of her mask. >> the plane took off about two hours later landing in orange county about 10:00 p.m. yesterday. american airlines says that passenger will not be allowed to fly with the airline again. no word on how the flight attendant is doing. new video this morning, a black bear hanging out in a back yard in a neighborhood in southern california. researchers say the little bear made the trip across the san gabriel mountains, stopping to dine in an avocado tree, truly a california bear looking for the avocado toast. the family at home called fish and game. they came and captured the bear. she took a little nap as they tranquilized her and took her safely back to the mountains.
6:40 am
>> many stops along the way to get to that avocado tree. >> we were saying most of the bears are usually up in the sierra in tahoe. a few ski resorts are opening in time for halloween. >> yes. it's going to be a great weekend. there is so much going on. we're going to talk about where you can see beautiful fall colors too. we have some really nice and cool weather with clouds rolling by as we go into the weekend. we're starting out in the low 60s, only reaching up to about 64 degrees there at golden gate park. getting the kids dressed up, heading to the pumpkin patch to take some pictures, expect temperatures to be very comfortable in san jose. for the alameda county fair,
6:41 am
we'll also see some nice weather there in pleasanton. mike, you've been keeping an eye on the east bay commute. >> yeah. it's right on schedule, which means we have the backup at places like the bay bridge toll plaza. we're at capacity for the non-hov lanes. typical slowing. highway 12 there. highway 29 with that earlier car fire clearing up there. more slowing through pleasanton. everything else, we're okay. coming up next, the bay area's signature coastal fog is on its way out forever? that's a question a lot of people have. concerns some scientists have the fog is slowly fading from view. and what this all has to do with our climate in crisis.
6:42 am
in washington, it is down to the wire. we think we have a deal. at least among democrats we have details as well.
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good thursday morning. as you're stepping out the door, let's go around the bay. reaching the low 70s in martinez, more sunshine for san francisco and a high of 69, 76 in clear lake. we just got that drought monitor update. we'll break it down coming up. a little slower on our westbound commute. the bay bridge looking southeast, we're seeing rising volume for northbound with headlights on the nimitz. developing this morning, the suspected driver in an unusual police chase now in custody. this is after crashing in san
6:46 am
ramon. police say they were chasing this rv last night, which they say was stolen in san francisco. the chase ended when the driver ran through an intersection, hitting a prius and flipping over on bollinger canyon road. the previous driver had minor injuries. the driver of that stolen rv went to the hospital. bollinger canyon road is now open again. president biden on capitol hill trying to hammer out a last-minute deal. >> just got specific details. i'm going to tell you what's in and what's out. first, why everyone is scurrying around like they're doing their homework on the way to school is because biden is headed to europe in just a few hours. crews already aboard air force one. congressional democrats want a deal in place before he goes. this just in, the white house says the president will delay
6:47 am
his flight by a few hours if he needs to. biden headed to europe in part for a climate change conference, the build back better bill has a lot in it about clean energy. probably paints the wrong pick picture for him to tell other world leaders to get their climate act together when he has been unable to make a deal. free preschool for most kids, money to take care of the elderly. medicare will cover hearing services and tax credits on electric cars and solar. what's out, no mention of paid leave, free community college is out, dental and vision coverage for medicare out, prescription drug reform still out. this is not the bill anybody wanted. biden hoped for a life-changing,
6:48 am
country-changing bill that would change the way we educated our young and cared for our old and our sick, the kind of massive cultural change we saw under roosevelt. what he got was a fraction of that. the danger for democrats here politically is kind of a goldilocks problem. the bill is not too big and it's not too small but in a bad way. the bill is still too big for republicans, not big enough for democrats and maybe not big enough to impress american voters. president biden will announce the framework of this bill at 8:30 our time. if i get any updates on the framework, which these are solid sources telling us what's in this bill, i'll update it on twitter. new this morning, a new report shows bay area's signature coastal fog may be on its way out forever.
6:49 am
>> cierra johnson live at the golden gate bridge this morning digging a little bit deeper into why the fog is slowly fading from our view. >> reporter: good morning. not only is the fog iconic but so is the golden gate bridge. sometimes it's so foggy you can't even see the bridge in the morning. according to some researchers, that may be because of global warming. this was reported by the san francisco examiner. they spoke with an integrative biologist who's been studying the fog since the 1950s. they found a 33% decrease in the fog since the early 20th century. also the fog is starting and stopping earlier. it's mainly due to climate change. we're also taking a closer look at all of that water that drenched the bay area just a few days ago. that atmospheric river did a number on many parts of the bay.
6:50 am
we saw pictures of flooded roads and some drivers stranded in the roads. did all of that rain make much of a difference? according to the san francisco chronicle, the answer in part is no. they compiled numbers which show even after all that rain on sunday and monday, many of the state's reservoirs are still holding less water than historic levels. shasta lake still had only about 41% of the amount of water it would normally have this time of year. it is important to note there are still some communities like marin that have water restrictions still in place because of those lower totals. with all of that rain, the first question i asked is, are we free from fire danger? well, some answering that question are saying no. the press democrat recently look a closer look and found that the ground in some places was saturated, some trees were wet,
6:51 am
but the biggest issue in play is often the wind. if the wind is involved, there is still a chance of fire danger. keeping a close eye on climate this morning, the fog, the fire, a lot of things that bay area residents are familiar with, and they're evolving. we're definitely going to continue to keep you updated. it's time to get a look at what we can expect from the forecast. meteorologist kari hall still monitoring drought conditions. we got a lot of rain, but how are things shaping up? >> that was historic. it was the strongest one we've ever had, especially this early in the season, brought us as much as 25 inches in the parts of the north bay mountains. we were in the highest level of the drought, the exceptional
6:52 am
category for much of the north bay and the east bay. just a little while ago with the update that came out this morning, it moved parts of marin, coastal sonoma county, mendocino and lake county out of exceptional county to extreme. it's still really bad, but we do still have the highest level firefighter napa, solano and alameda and contra costa counties. we're going to hopefully see some improvements in the forecast. we are dry today. it's going to be nice and comfortable with temperatures in the low to mid 70s. there's another storm out in the pacific that will take a couple of days to get here. it looks like a lot of that rain stays to the north of the bay area for the weekend, bringing in cooler temperatures.
6:53 am
there's not storm behind that that's set to bring some measurable rain for the first part of next week, moving in on monday, anywhere from a half inch of rain to parts of the north bay. as you go farther south, it's going to be more like a tenth of an inch. >> we have our patterns, of course. those are in place for the south bay and the east bay. the trivalley a repeat offender for the location. there's now a crash that may still be in the slow lane. more slowing on south 680. 84 is a better route if you're coming out of livermore. slowing for highway 12 because of that earlier fire there.
6:54 am
also a disabled vehicle on the san francisco side of the bay bridge. a little bit of fog there adding to the slowdown across the span. happening now, a new survey from kaiser family foundation finds more than 7 in 10 parents are very or somewhat concerned about the long-term effects of the vaccine on their children. next, a quick look at top stories including another show of support planned for in and out not requiring proof of vaccination for its customers. plus, a big test happening in a matter of hours aimed at helping secure san francisco's sinking millennium tower.
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6:58 am
test status of indoor diners. this location and four other locations here in the county have shut down indoor dining and are doing only take and drive-through service. this is video from the san ramon location last night where about a dozen people protested to stand in support of in and out and against vaccine mandate. there will be three more protests later today, one in napa, one in brentwood and pleasant hill. we are learning more about new vaccination requirements rolling out for oakland students. board members have approved requiring all students over the age of 12 to be at least partially vaccinated by january 1st. that plan also requires non-exempt unvaccinated students to transfer to long-term independent study. happening today, engineers will drill five new holes deep under san francisco's millennium tower to see if they can safely secure the foundation to b
6:59 am
bedrock. the high-rise is leaning 22 inches toward fremont street. previous drilling was halted because it was actually make things worse. time for a look at the forecast as well as your traffic. >> we're looking at highs in the low 70s. i don't know if it gets any better than this. we'll see that continue into tomorrow. the weekend is looking more cloudy, but the rain holds off until early next week. if you have outdoor halloween plans, upper 60s inland and near the coast, in san francisco mid 60s as well. >> should be having that disabled vehicle removed from westbound 580.
7:00 am
>> we're going to be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> thanks for joining us. good morning. fatal round. fatal round. investigators now confirming the crew member killed on the set of alec baldwin's movie was shot by a real bullet. >> we're going to determine how those got there, why they were there, because they shouldn't have been there. >> new questions this morning. how did it get there where did it come from, and will criminal charges be filed in the case we will talk with the sheriff live and get the very latest on that investigation desperate for a deal president biden delaying his trip to europe and heading to capitol hill this morning to try and secure an agreement with democrats on his economic agenda an 11th hour change being made to drop a key priority and major


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