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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 30, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> mike: 100 yards. 53 seconds left. >> drew: i think you clock this and kick a field goal maybe. otherwise you are running a lot of time. you really need to get the first down. >> mike: directing. in the middle of the field. and it's on green. 27 seconds left. >> drew: this ball cannot stay in balance bounds. they're going to in and it's a good decision. >> mike: successful onside kick recovery. >> drew: everybody stopped here allowed the receiver to work to get open.
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it's that point in the game where it has been back and forth. those pass rushers are worn out on both sides. >> mike: the passing on this drive is spectacular. howell, the all-time leading passer in north carolina history. second and 10. it will be an end zone shot here. they let him get rid of it. but a yard and a half short of the line of scrimmage. as much and that's the tackle box there. conversation in three officials now. tough down for safety. but so escapable and. >> referee: intentional crowding, offense number 7. the pass did not cross the line of scrimmage and there was no receiver in the area. third down.
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>> mike: so second. >> drew: the clock has stopped, though. >> referee: the clock is stopped. we'll have a 10-second runoff. please reset the game clock and the game clock starts on my signal. >> mike: that's why it becomes so difficult in this situation here for north carolina. >> drew: in this case, you kick the field goal. >> mike: three seconds left. six seconds left. make sure they've got their act together. so again, it was out of the tackle box. but it has to get back to or near the line of scrimmage. and there you see the tackle box drawn in. >> drew: the unfortunate thing here is really he's got to get to the end zone or the throwaway. you try to avoid even getting wrapped up but at this point
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with six seconds left, you kick a field goal and time's still going to run off the clock. you're not going to have time to get it and go for a hail mary. >> mike: for the irish, they'll win this game and go to 7-1. again, they had not been the most dominating, the most beautiful performances. they keep winning and winning and here we go to november. and they have put themselves in position to remain in the conversation. short of the goal line. time expires and the irish win 44-34. >> drew: this was a heck of a game. everything it was billed up to be. >> mike: the last tame time they met here, the teams combined for
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1,032 yards. brian kelly and mac brown go back to the early 2000s. mac brown was also coaching the bowl. and they had a chance to visit. they've been friends ever since. he's standing by. >> caller: coach, you told us yesterday you weren't quite sure the identity of carolina eats defense. how does it figure out tonight? >> i think it was consistency. i thought tommy did a great job of mixing up play calling, and we obviously had some big plays like kyren running the football, especially in the second half. but we maid made in plays in the passing game and i think it's that balance that is starting to show within our offense that's giving us the kind of identity
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that we need. >> caller: kyren williams put the ball in his hands. whafl did he show you every week? >> he keeps going and that's the heart that he has and the desire and that's why he's one of our leaders. >> caller: cokes thanks so much. congrats. >> thank you. >> mike: 202 yards. four and four as they head into this difficult stretch. their next game against the wake forest, a team undefeated at 8-0. irish stay in the top 11 and maybe top 10. they win by 10. the news is next for most of you, except for the west coast. and we're back here on saturday with the irish and the united states naval academy at 3:30 eastern time. with drew brees, cath cath, jac collinsworth, core robinson and the rest of our notre dame on nbc team. mike tirico saying good night from south bend.
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thanks so much for watching.
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>> and also talked about reaching out to hutchins husband. >> he is in shock. he has a 9-year-old son. we are in constant contact with him. we are very worried about his family.
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his kid -- we are eagerly awaiting for the sheriff's department to tell us what the investigation has yielded. >> is pretty emotional. the outside every happened at manchester vermont, where baldwin has been staying right now. baldwin says, the only reason he agreed to talk today was so that paparazzi would stop following him. he said his children were inside the car crying. he added that he supports the idea of regulating or limiting firearms on set. a big weekend continues in san francisco. halloween, under improving conditions means -- is the place to see people in costumes and celebrating. was a bay area -- katana life in the castro district neighborhood. sergio, it sounds like a party going on. >> reporter: yeah. it is really lively out here tonight. you know, there hasn't really been an organized treat event here in the castro neighborhood for quite a while. but let me show you tonight. it is pretty busy out here.
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this is market street. you can see how many people are all right now at the lookout. and if you swing over, you are also going to see some lighting over there. that is an organized street event. the organizers say they wanted to get people a new option to celebrate in a covid safe setting. >> reporter: along market street in castro, there is the usual parade of costumes and play. the last 15 years, people have gathered but not been allowed to take up the street because there was not an organized event. halloween in the castro was canceled after 2006. when 9 people were injured in the street shooting up halloween fair. tonight, there are lots of police out, for safety, and for the key people from taking over castro street. but just a block away on the wii street, the small outdoor space with live djs and cocktails, hosted generations of castro residents and neighbors. organizers say, this kind of venue is needed. especially in an ongoing pandemic. >> this is a safer -- kind away
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together our community. because we are outside. not as it's a safe alternative for many people in the community as well. >> -- can bring them and then leave, drop them off and come back out for more. >> reporter: lizzie vasquez that her daughter, evelyn out earlier this afternoon for some treats. and the castro neighborhood overall, many of the restaurants and shop owners say, we are welcoming all the people who are coming back for halloween after a break last year. because of tighter pandemic restrictions. one restaurant owner says, he is all booked up for the evening. and workers at the local hardware and craft shock say people have been buying up plenty of costumes at home decorations this year. of course, we are still under some relatively strict pandemic conditions here in san francisco. especially for indoor venues. what are local merchants this afternoon did remind people to
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make sure that you have those masks handy, and those vaccination cards as well. because they are going to be checking them when you are going into restaurants and clubs. reporting live in san francisco, surgeon sergio --. nbc bay area news. important not to forget the things. sergio, thank you very much. good amount of people there. were gonna take you outside never live look in seven cisco. rebecca right? it's about 60 degrees out there. the question many families want to know, will the weather cooperate for trick-or-treating tomorrow? let's go ahead and bring in meteorologist rob my arrow. rupp, what you think? is it going to be good for families? >> it will be similar to what we have right now. some parts of the. little bit of drizzle. closer to the coast. 63 is the expectation. the high tomorrow around san francisco. those cloudy skies, mid-60s around the tri-valley. tomorrow afternoon and we may manage upper 60s in san jose. before trick-or-treat time in the low to mid 60s. cloudy skies for the evening. check out how the morning starts. we could see a little bit of light rain here on the coast. and this will break up. and lead us to a dry evening. but it is going to be a narrow
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window as more rain comes in late tomorrow night. that is the first storm on the way. and then a winter storm coming in as we get into wednesday and thursday. a closer look at how much rain we are expecting on the way next week in our forecast about 10 minutes from now. back to you. we will see you in a bit, brought. if you're looking for defenses halloween, we have got you covered. just had nbc bay and click on halloween events guide in the trending bar at the top of our home page. you can also search halloween events on our mobile app. hundreds of thousands of covid vaccines, gone to waste. california health workers have thrown out nearly 650,000 covid vaccine doses since december. according to the san francisco chronicle. now, on the one hand, the number represents just 1 percent of the total dose is given out. on the other, it is significant. especially considering some countries are struggling to get any doses. as a whole, the u.s. has wasted an average of 4.8% of available doses.
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there usually thrown out for one of two reasons. they have expired, or a mishandle. let's take a look now, how many shots have gone into the arms in california. nearly 88% of people 12 and older statewide have received at least 1 dose of the covid vaccine. 71% of californians are fully vaccinated when it comes to that booster shot, 8.3% of all californians have gotten an additional dose of the covid vaccine. meanwhile, vice president kamala harris got her booster shot today. one of the senior advisor says that bt, bp got a third dose of her vaccine. she said her duties of vice president get put her at risk of becoming exposed to the virus and you want the public to see how easy it is to get a covid booster. >> what we know at this point in our country is, the vast majority, i am told well over 90% of people who are in an icu, or dying from covid, are unvaccinated. so, let's everybody get vaccinated, and get through and beyond this pandemic.
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>> reporter: at this point, people 18 and older can get the booster if they live in a high risk setting. their offering booster shots. president joe biden and other world leaders voiced their support for global minimum tax on the first day of the d 20 summit today. the proposed tax rate of 15% represents a monumental agreement, not only would it be a way to pay for president biden's billback better agenda, but it would be much harder for corporations to hide their product in tax havens. the g 20 suffered cemex is the first in-person gathering since 2019 because of the pandemic. nobody missing from the seminar russia's vladimir putin and china's xi xingping. we have course will have more on that angle, coming up in a few minutes. open house at levi stadium today set up a leader gave soccer's international governing body a tour of the
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stadium. the opener is going to be picked for host site of 2026 world cup matches. band welcome feasible, fifa members as they entered the stadium. -- minor modifications need to be made but they will be replacing the grass. the soccer pitch is different than a football field. also, installing a sub air system to control the quality of the playing surface. the 49ers and host committee say, they are more than willing to make these changes to strengthen their bid to host the matches. -- has already hosted the largest events in the world. super bowl, international soccer matches, concerts. we are ready for this. we have the infrastructure to do so. we have the capacity to pull it off and we have a tremendous region behind us. that will help all of the teams that are playing here and all of the people that are visiting from out of this country and certainly in the bay area. we will have plenty of accommodations. >> the 2026 world cup to be hosted in 16 citizen u.s. and canada. -- research the impact of california's mega fires on a wildlife. hear from one of the researchers about what they
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found, and why it surprised them. plus, a touching tribute. how in north bay school is honoring a lifelong educator. the bay area is so much a part of who i am. and like you, i always want to know more about what is happening here in our home. >> let's start with the weather. there is a lot going on outside. we created a newscast designed to get more answers. more context. more solutions. did the storm do anything significant for our reservoirs, in terms of our drought? so, you know more about our community. join us for nbc bay area news tonight, weeknights at 7:00, following nightly news.
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welcome back. now to our climate in crisis series, so often, the impact on wildlife can be overlooked in the aftermath of a major wildfire. but in the rear stroke of luck, local researchers were able to track dear during and after the massive mancino complex fire 3 years ago. take a look here. you can see the burning fire in this photo. those intense flames, advancing down that hill. take a look at this photo from the same exact spot. you can see that dear, right there, standing on a desolate landscape soon after. researchers paid close attention and what they found surprised them. earlier tonight, i spoke with wildlife researcher, samantha:, one of the lead authors of the research. she studied at uc berkeley and is a bay area native. take a look.
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>> thank you so much for joining us. so, i understand this project sort of happened by accident, right? so, tell us how it all came together. >> yeah. exactly. so, you honestly can't really predict when a wildfire is going to sweetser and area. but we happen to have a study already in place where we had a bunch of deer already colored and created a -- set up camera trap set up. we were able to use that as the fire swept through the study, how these dear kind of reacted to the disturbance passing through their kind of territories. >> so, i understand you followed 18 dear in all. were you able to track the deer? what did you learn about their patterns following the fire? >> yeah. so, if i was a deer and living in this landscape, i am not sure what i would do, but i probably would want to get out of town, if my home had kind of been burned down. but these dear did the exact opposite. they went running back even hours after the fire when
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things were still smoldering and on fire. and it was really interesting to see that the just really stuck to these home areas. we were able to kind of doubled areas they were using, extract more resources. they -- islands of vegetation on the landscape that haven't been burned. probably to try and extract food for nutritional benefits that with they would need to survive. >> it is kind of sweet to see that they are so loyal to their homes. but obviously, as fires continue to get more intense and destructive, what long-term impact do you think will we will begin to see? >> yeah. so, obviously, these dear develop this behavior as an evolutionary benefit. but those fires become more attentive margarine magnitude and severity, this might become maladapted if they're not able to change their behavior enough to cope with these -- passing through the same areas and having more devastating effects. so, this potentially has whole
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population affects. and, sorry, can potentially have lasting effects on the population. and what we might see in the future for these dear. >> so, are you guys just going to be tracking these dear from now on and just see how they continue to adapt to the changes? >> yeah. so, -- ph d student at berkeley, continue to study this population in this landscape to see how different species behave in the aftermath of this natural disaster. >> all right. samantha crowley, wildlife researcher and bay area native. thank you so much for joining us. quite the honor for a retired camel -- high school educator. the school is renaming a building after this woman. jewel barrel, a plaque -- was unveiled today at a packed ceremony. barrel was hired at her all modern in 1968 and held several
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roles over her 48 year career. at mount -- including instructional aid, staff assistant, athletic supervisor and para-educator. she moved to the point of almost being speechless. >> it is so hard jerry what is going on? -- overwhelming. >> para was known for her dedication and her rapport with the students. >> lovely honor for a lovely woman. >> absolutely. congratulations on her long career and congratulations to you on the beginning of your career and nbc bay area. i am certainly, obviously you have noticed -- joining us. >> it is such an honor to be a part of this team with you, carrie, and rob. i am just so happy. i am born and raised in the bay area. it has been 13 years since i have lived it. i have just been moving around for work and it is so nice to finally be back home. my family and friends are all
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still here. and they are just so excited. obviously, to have me home. but more so with my children. >> sanford cisco state grants? >> yes. >> i'm not the only one anymore. it's fantastic. there are many others here in the bay area as well. welcome home. >> thank you so much. great to be home. and great to be here with the nbc family as well. >> rob, could you give her another day of dryness before we get to that wet weather? >> i hope she was -- last weekend. >> really. >> i thought it was. >> that's okay. much dryer weekend as you join us, audrey. yes, we have nice weather joining us for the weekend. 60 degrees inset is a. patchy low clouds out of walnut creek. 57 degrees. at over to livermore. 57 degrees, and 60s still closer to san francisco actually downtown to 58 degrees as we still have a chance, at least for the morning, of seeing a little light rain and drizzle. nothing like last sunday. okay? were talking drizzle or brief showers near -- for the
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morning. actually, the dryer half a halloween forecast is as we head toward the afternoon. mostly cloudy skies. but of the sun breaks through in the afternoon, we should submit upper 60s for highs around son is a. low 60s san francisco to oakland. and low 60s into the north day. as we show you this hour by hour, you can see what will start out with for the morning is more clouds and a chance of seeing a few of those light showers early in the day than what's the transition as we head to the all-important trick- or-treat time. not too bad. in fact, the best part of the day could be tomorrow evening. this is just ahead of what will be rain coming in later tomorrow night. then as we get into monday, the rain sweeps back into the bay area. really the first of to storms we will see setting up for next week. so, rainfall expectations, most of this falling as we go to the day on monday. you can see these areas here, actually northwest sonoma couha inch to an inch of rain. most of the bay arorain.
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this first one, then as we go through the week, if you add on to wednesday to thursday storm, check this out. for the portions of the north bay, we could see 1-2 inches of rain. it is better than the foot of rain that can delma sunday in those higher peaks. this is why it is especially good news. normally, this time of year is peak for dry offshore winds of high fire dangers. so, instead, we have got these rain chances. one coming in as you saw on monday. it is actually the second storm late wednesday and thursday that probably packs a bit of a bigger punch. i think we will get at least quarter inch to happen is for most of the bay area and probably some higher totals across part of the north bay. so, we try to keep everybody happy in the forecast. little bit of rain that time but not for trick-or-treat time tomorrow evening. the rain does come back for your monday. and wednesday, into thursday, more rain at times. above average rain chances, which is good news as we go through the weekend good news heading towards next weekend. more clearing as we go out there, you can see, more clouds in the forecast. but i think we will get into next weekend with dry
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conditions. so, just keep the checklist ready. you got a little bit of lightning for the morning. trick-or-treat times, when the kids get out, should be okay. we do have some rain monday and more wednesday and thursday. normally we are tracking dry and hot conditions. the rain continues off and on as we go through the week but not impacting halloween. >> the news. >> perfect. thanks. coming up, a crucial -- kicks off the agreement made between some of the world's top leaders and what it means for big corporations. ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up,
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helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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right now at 8:30, president biden joins global leaders endorsing a new international tax on corporations. thanks for joining us on the special edition of nbc bay area news. i am audrey castille. kntv i'm jerry mcsweeney. mostly just hope it will benefit the president go back better agenda. 10 >> nbc's -- reports from rome. president biden, turning his focus to the global economy and nuclear program is a g 20
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summit officially kicks off here in rome on saturday. one day after a series of one- on-one meetings that included and expended sitdown the pope francis and an effort to repair relations with french president among them marcon, resident biden, joining the leaders of the world's largest economies of the first in person gathering of its kind since 2019 because of the global pandemic. at the top of the agenda, world leaders agreeing to move forward toward a new global corporate minimum tax rate of 15%. which president biden has been advocating as a way to both target economic inequality and also to prevent corporations from hiding their profits in low tax havens. the president also using the summit as an opportunity to huddle with our closest allies as iran appears to be moving back to the negotiating table for the first time since president trump removed the u.s. from the iran nuclear deal in 2018. the president also expected to press oil producers to increase supply is global demand has recovered since a pandemic. now, a lot of focus on the countries who aren't here. the leaders of russia, vladimir putin, and china, xi xingping, not participating in the summit. president biden using this as an opportunity to show the world democracy can work
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together to solve some of our largest problems. mike -- nbc news in rome. was sick a live look at -- right now where lawmakers are scrambling to make last-minute revisions to the president's massive infrastructure and social spending bill. sources tell nbc news, the house plans to vote on both bills on tuesday. experts are saying that time i could be a bit ambitious. especially if democrats don't have the votes to pass the plans. leadership has given committees until tomorrow to finish making changes. the bills need to go to the rules committee on monday before the proposed vote on tuesday. our investigative unit is following more allegations tonight again san francisco's top law enforcement officer, district attorney teresa bedene. will monitor claims that district attorney is putting lives in danger. she is not trying to force the da to release details about how they prosecute the most dangerous criminals. a committee hearing on the issue help thursday at the time of that hearing, sr. investigative reporter, have been trying to get the da to talk with him about those
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issues. for more than four months. in fact, 138 days. >> san francisco supervisor catherine stephanie, the district attorney's office lessons charges or even drop them all together. in cases involving some of the city's most violent crimes. >> the fact that these cases are being brought to them, and not charged, and no intervention is made, that is just incompetence. >> reporter: stephanie wants to know how often this happens. but says the das office once a. >> what other interventions he is making to keep the city safe? because, i would love to hear that. and, he things loss of, -- is the answer, i would like to know why. >> reporter: according to police records, symphysis officers made 131 arrests for felony domestic violence at the end of last year. these are cases involving injuries, weapons and children. but the das office dismissed 113 of those cases.
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that is 86%. we ask for updated data from the district attorney's office, but the da staff never gave it to us. >> which raised alarm bells for me. i thought, this can be right. -- a hard to prosecute but i have been a prosecutor before and that made no sense to me. >> reporter: she points to a case where a man was arrested for threatening his wife with a gun to her head. pulling out a knife, and throwing her to the ground. injuring her in front of their 2-year-old son. these original charges including domestic child violence, child endangerment and assault with a deadly weapon. according to the court records we obtained. but the district attorney's office cut him a deal. allowing him to plead to just a misdemeanor for vandalism. which included one year of domestic violence counseling and 3 years probation. >> it is to break the cycle of violence? how does that help anybody in that case? i am very alarmed that i am very worried and that is why my legislation will hopefully
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shine a light on what is actually happening, and provide more transparency. because there is not a lot of transparency right now coming out of the das office. >> reporter: in a statement, the das office spokesperson told us the plea deal reflects the victim's wishes, who wanted her husband to be able to continue working to provide financially for the child. >> that's for joining us this evening. speaking live on nbc bay area earlier this week, one of the da's managing attorneys defended the office. and bedene. >> you can't pick and choose one or two individuals sensationalized cases and say that -- is not accomplishing what he ran on. platform that he ran on. which is what -- a broken, bring reform to a broken terminal system. >> reporter: the city have no record of da stephanie reporting any --. this letter retained as a district attorney himself responding to supervisor stephanie about one of her request. stephanie says the da only answer some of her questions. the das office also told us, our ability to provide data is extremely limited. blaming decades-old computer
8:37 pm
systems at the court and das office. which they say they are working to update. we tried to talk with the da about how his office prosecutes cases. but as we first showed you sunday, he didn't want to talk with us. >> reporter: you been avoiding our questions. >> no. not at all. >> and we pause here for a second. we first asked the da for an interview back on june 11th. but that's 138 days ago. and at one point, he agreed to sit down with us. but then, his staff asked us to limit the topics we could discuss. we said no. two hours later, the office counsel. saying something had come up on the das calendar. but promised to reschedule. and then, silence. despite our repeated follow-up calls and emails. so, we filed a public records request and got a hold of the das calendar. which shows his commitments, like staff meetings an appointment with community groups. and here is the day the da was
8:38 pm
supposed to meet with us. our interview was scheduled for 2:00 p.m. but you can see his afternoon is wide open. there is no conflict listed. stephanie hopes her legislation forces the da to be more transparent. she says the public deserves to know how often dangerous criminals are set free. >> do you think people are being put in danger as a result of this? >> i do. i do. it worries me. >> reporter: you might remember on sunday, we erred the first part of our investigation. involving those former prosecutors who recently joined to the recall campaign against their former boss. district attorney teresa bedene. they accused him of making san francisco more dangerous. the da didn't talk to us then either. and earlier this week, his office made one of its managing attorneys available to refute some of those accusations. but still, not booting himself investigative unit, i am --. >> if you have a story for bhagat or anyone in our
8:39 pm
investigative unit, just call 888-996-tips, or visit our website, nbc area .com/investigations. a new museum is in the works. it's going to be dedicated to teaching future generations about juneteenth. the juneteenth is june 19th and it marks the day back in 1865 that slaves in galveston, texas learned they were free. 2.5 years after the emancipation proclamation had been signed. no one is more excited to see this museum then opal lee. the 95-year-old actress who is known as the grandmother of juneteenth. she spent decades highlighting juneteenth through marches, the white house is summer when president biden signed a bill making the day a federal holiday. the museum will be part of the development aimed at revitalizing the store excess i never hate. is going to focus on preserving the history of juneteenth. >>@it's a word i can use. have been wanting this for so long. you know?
8:40 pm
-- education -- is what were going to be about. you know? >> it sounds like she's singing. that's exciting. construction on the new museum is set to begin in the spring. hopes of opening and early 2024. we are back in a moment. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family
8:41 pm
if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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welcome back. neighborhood in san jose is getting a little bit greener. nonprofit organization is working with the city to plant 200 trees along santa teresa boulevard. they are planning to do this over the course of 6 weeks. about 70 volunteers showed up today. we are really trying to just aim to increase the urban tree canopy throughout the city. you know, trees have a bunch of different benefits. they help us fight carbon, they help us filter their. filter out air pollution. >> -- it busy today, planted oak trees, pine trees and -- favorite maple trees. organizes a trees are one of the best tools at our disposal
8:43 pm
to fight climate change. speaking of trees, planting, climate change. we have got a change in our quite climate coming up, rob. karen. -- don't be surprised tomorrow morning to see a little bit of drizzle or light rain early and then drier conditions toward halloween.@arrived a seven day forecast -- sunday forecast. when we come right back.
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-- weatherspoon -- out of a halloween rocket launch. this is video the last launched the took astronauts to the international space station back in april. for more astronauts were expected to join that group with tomorrow's lunch. but, a storm system moving into the northeast this weekend forced nasa and space x to postpone. they were hoping to launch on wednesday at around 1:00 a.m. eastern time. that teams may be facing off on the field in the world series, but an atlanta brave fan did something pretty special for houston astros fan.
8:46 pm
tried to make some father- daughter memory. get this. david gramlich and his 11-year- old daughter addison are diehard astros fans. he posted on facebook asking if anybody would be willing to trade tickets for the big game for some astros memorabilia, maybe? atlanta braves fan -- give them to take us to game 6 out of the kindness of his heart. to take us to a world series game. >> he said he was a static picus to share the special day with his daughter, aston. >> that is really sweet. >> that is. >> the band that that the getting to go together. >> at. >> and the get the get the memorabilia? >> win, win, win situation for one family. -- joining us now., everywhere i'm looking, it's a crystal- clear night. >> is looking pretty good. the timing of the rain chances to wrap up this halloween weekend. also should be pretty good. right now, -- we got temperatures in the upper 50s. probably some drizzle or a brute light rain could happen early tomorrow morning. in your peninsula. 57 pearlie livermore under partly cloudy skies. uc san jose, just a few clouds, barely 60 degrees.
8:47 pm
we had to wear the morning, the chances of having some drizzle will be there, probably through about midmorning and then as we head toward afternoon, we will see highs climbing into the upper 60s and sunny breaks at time. san jose software. seeing the warmest temperatures, low to mid 60s from san francisco to oakland, over to where the inlet is payable 60s around the north a. so, let's go. hour by hour. you see the clouds and a few light showers or drizzle for the morning. and then the timing here, this looks pretty good. partly cloudy skies. chiefly as we head evening. so, the trick-or-treat time, no green on this map. than overnight and monday, progressively, things start to get more rainy. dropping out of the north bay to the south and, speaking of the north bay, his for storms is unlikely to pick the biggest pot for northwestern, sonoma county. you can see her on the map, some areas getting close to half inch of rain but the average denville around the bay area monday should be a quarter inch of rain or less. nothing like the super soaker we had last sunday. now, when you add the storm,
8:48 pm
with one coming in wednesday night and thursday, you start to see some pretty good totals appear around the north bay. you see on the map, you may see in total, 2-3 inches of rain around the northbay mountains and another counterpart mid range model seeing the same thing. the north they, getting the most out of that midweek storm. so, take a look at. notice monday, best chance for rain, bay area white, followed up by wednesday night into thursday. that storm may pack a little bit of a bigger punch for the northbay. dennis that clears, things start to dry out again as we head toward the end of the week. by the way, this is really bonus rainfall for us. october typically isn't one of the winter months for us. but so far, we are on pace for the second wettest tober around the bay area. really, it is november through february and march with the big storms typically will roll in. so, for tomorrow, we will look rain filling in for monday. break tuesday. then more rain into wednesday and thursday. and the news here, the rain that is coming in isn't the type to really overwhelm any
8:49 pm
streams or creeks. all of this is good news as we head to the middle part of the week as that storm door stays open but keeping at least trick- or-treat hot and dry. you see toward the middle part of the week, storms for two or three days, still coming in across the seven day forecast. back to you. >> you were talking about win early? i think that monday, sunday forecast is when, too. >> right. directed the kids for halloween. that's very much. let's check with anthony for us. every now and then, like you know, serious news collides with the world of sports and such is the case with the sharks, right? >> a very wild day for san jose. yeah, the sharks were down 7 players and their head coach and they were -- in overtime victory. who scored the goal that snapped this three-game losing streak? find out sports is next.
8:50 pm
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welcome back. i'm anthony florez. -- -- in seven players miss tonight's game after being put in the nhl color protocol.
8:52 pm
the sharks called up 5 players from the san jose barracuda to fill out the roster. the game against the winnipeg jets was delayed by half hour. assistant coach john maclean, serving as acting head coach. tied one in overtime. -- basketball the defender. the sharks after or 3 game stent beating the jets 2-1 overtime. what a win for san jose. over so many challenges because of covid-19. that is definitely a feel- good win. not only did we need to win it and get back on track, but, obviously missing a lot of key guys. just having a kind of crazy day. a lot of times those of the games that you just feel better and you go out and play just together and it's a big win. now to the nba, the warriors -- against of thunder for the second time in four days. the dose trying to bounce back after losing their first game of the season on thursday. check out tremont feeling good after michigan state beat michigan today in football. second quarter, dray mott -- andrew wiggins slamming it
8:53 pm
down. does up 11 at the break. golden state blowing it open in the third. stefan perry with the/. he had 20 points. but check this out. he didn't -- the fourth quarter for the fourth straight game. it didn't matter tonight, the warriors beat the thunder 103- 82. all right, i don't want to get you too excited. but, florida -- have a golden opportunity tomorrow. the bears will take the field without head coach matt nagy. he has been ruled out after testing positive for covid earlier this week. the niners had to the windy city, trying to put an end to their 4 game losing streak. jimmy g, still the starting quarterback. freelances ready to go, though, after missing last week with a knee sprain. with a 2-4 record and a healthy tray, head coach kyle shanahan was asked earlier this week, if jimmy is just one bad game away from losing his job. >> i would never answer a question like that. can ask it 1000 different ways. i don't think like that. try to get our team out of this losing streak. four losses in a row. we hunkered down this week,
8:54 pm
were trying to get our guys back in -- play artist, play as good as we can. >> what's gonna happen because i'll be honest with you, too bad teams, have no idea. >> what's gonna happen? >> i have no idea. be sure to check in and that nbc sports bay area for the 40 night is pregame live show at 9:00 a.m. than get ready for, they will get you ready for the niners and the bears. than after the clock it's 0, switch back for 49er post intro. college football former head coach jeff tedford, being honored in berkeley, -- and oregon state. 3rd quarter, the golden bears up 7. check out the great play call. chase carvers finds a wide open christopher brooks. it's a 38 yard score. cal wins at 39-25. at san jose state, the spartans taking on wyoming. third-quarter spartans of 6 on 3rd and a mile, nick nash flies the friendly skies. 44 yard touchdown to charles roth, the spartans beat the cowboys 27-21. they stay a win away from being
8:55 pm
bowl eligible. to the pitch, the quakes on the road is real salt lake tied 1-1 before the half chris wanda lasky with the heads of play. the mlss all-time leading goal scorer knox in his 170th career goal. when it 4-3. they will play their final match next sunday at home against dallas. that's a look at sports. more news after the break.
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
get this, for one couple, taco bell proved to be the perfect venue for their wedding reception. of course, not just any taco bell. >> not at all. taco bell canteen and pacifica has a reputation for being perhaps the most beautiful taco bell in the world. >> it really is a pretty. for a pair of longtime taco bell lovers, they just couldn't resist holding their wedding reception there. high school sweethearts, annalisa garcia and carol hauser from sacramento rented
8:58 pm
out the deck and half of the restaurant for this big celebration. the pair got married at san francisco city hall. then, >> oh, my god. i love this. which i was invited to this reception. and then they headed to the fast food joint where they were greeted with piles of their favorite food, special decorations, some surprised customers. >> there were some people, there were other guests in there. so, it was kind of fun when we first walked in. there were other patrons in the store and they were cheering just along with everyone else. >> yeah. that is probably an interesting day for them as well, seeing that. >> the happy couple says the staff went above and beyond to make the day special. even had a heart made out of hot sauce packets. i mean, how perfect is that? >> it last forever. >> see you at 11.
8:59 pm
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