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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 31, 2021 8:50pm-10:00pm PDT

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they got justin fields showing off his athleticism. little spin job and his first career 100-yard rushing game. this is a pretty talenteding a leet. >> this is an unbelievable play and his ability to make something out of nothing. he makes one, two, three, four, he makes the whole team miss. and then his open field ability downfield. he's runs the 440, gets in the end zone. >> unphased, 49ers get the ball back and march straight down the field and garoppolo runs in his second touchdown of the day. and the hometown kid had himself a day two rushing touchdowns and 322 passing yards. >> yeah. this is a zone read concept down in the end zone right here. reid at defensive end. follow ross into the end zone. we talked about jimmy throwing the ball down the field. gets up, shows that juice and says here's the ball for you! >> josh norman sealing the deal with the int. 9ers get the big win on the road
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beating the bears, 33-22. jimmy garoppolo in his hometown, a victor. he's heard all the criticism. he's heard all the praise and he said this. >> the noise is -- it's going to be there. good, bad, or indifferent. so, it's just part of the job but i think whenever you -- you get an opportunity like this to come -- i mean this defensive was really good and their offense played really good today, too. so it's a good team but whenever you get a chance to come into another team's house and do what we did, it is always a good thing. >> joe, they had lost four straight. by the way, they're 3-4. three wins all on the road. how huge a win today at soldier field? >> it's a huge win not only just on the road but their ability to -- to change the narrative off that four-game losing streak that they had. and they got to find some of that energy that they are taking on the road this season, and bring it back to levi stadium. >> and i mentioned george kittle. expected to play next week and robbie gould, the kicker, expected back which would be good because their kicker today had some pat issues. time for a closer look.
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it is presented by zenni, the official eyewear of the san francisco 49ers. i ask you this. joe staley, jimmy garoppolo who ran for two touchdowns and threw for 322 yards, is this his best game as a 49er? >> i wouldn't say it's his best game as a 49er. you know, no touchdowns but he did not turn the ball over. he threw the ball downfield consistently which i love to see. it was one of his best games that i have seen him play in a long time, probably since that 2019 saints, maybe the seattle seahawks game that we had there at the end of the -- at the end of the season. but his ability to consistently move the ball down the field. take those big shots and then find different receivers like -- like sunu and also brandon aiuke and even the big play that he had to jamal -- ja michael hasty was huge. >> and doing it without george kittle which will only make him better and he seemed more emotional, joe. we have seen jimmy g and he is always stoic.
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and he -- he seems like he looks at success and adversity the same which is kind of good for a quarterback. you want them even keel but today he seemed more fired up. i know he had 100 family and friends in the stand. >> yeah. i said in the postgame show earlier that he had a chip on his shoulder it seemed like. he played with that fire. i think he was sick of the snare narrative around him, people calling for his job to be taken and love to see that energy and fight that he showed on the field. >> time for a right connection. a right connection presented by t-mobile. it's the sixth-round pick from louisiana. elijah mitchell. 137 yards. 18 carries. and today, he tied billy kilmer who was a quarterback back in '61 but a running quarterback for most games by a rookie with over 100 yards rushing. he now has three. he was unstoppable. >> yeah. he was unbelievable. they have found a lot of success outside the tackles today and what impressed me most about elijah mitchell and what continues to impress me is his patience. his ability to see the hole and
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anticipate when that hole's going to open up. right here, exactly. running between the tackles, that hole is very small and at the second level, dare i say they might have found their next star running back for the 49ers? >> when you were playing 13 years, pro bowl years, were there certain backs that you felt behind you were just, you know, if you saw a certain back, maybe it was frank, maybe it was elijah mitchell which you said this is the type of guy i know if i give him a tiny little seam, we are going to have a big day. >> the name that came to mind was frank gore. we ran that power gap scheme and you had to give frank was an inch. if you had a seam where we were able to create butt to butt, there's seams there in between me and the other blocker, frank was going to find that and exploit it. >> you couldn't do that now because joe staley is much leaner but back in his bulkiere come back. deebo samuel. he has been the most consistent offensive player, and he ran 21
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miles per hour. what is he a cheetah?
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and better value on a plan built for 5g only at t-mobile. the fourth quarter, the 49ers got to justin fields and they didn't do that in the first half. see, the bears entered the day with a 31.3 percentage success rate on third down. that's one of the worst but they converted six of their first seven to start. then, after halftime, the 49ers shut them down. joe, how did they improve the defense because if started off pretty poor? >> they were for me able to stop the run. they had a lot of success in the first half creating a short field on third -- third and fourth, third and five. and get the -- get the bears into a third and long situation,
8:58 pm
and then take advantage of that offensive line that was very ourpourous throughout the entire season. and i think for me it all started with being able to stop the run. >> by the way, between bosa and all that, they have some guys that can get to the -- that can get to the quarterback and they do a real good job. special delivery time. it is presented by amy chi's and deebo samuel has made a special delivery in almost every game this season. and today, he had a special delivery to the tune of an 83-yard touchdown that wasn't really a touchdown because he got called out at the 1. but then, they -- they would score. but he had 171 yards receiving and on the 83-yard run catch after the run, he reached a speed, joe, of 21 miles per hour. 21.1, to be exact. deebo samuel has been their best player so far this season. >> yeah. and the reason why is because he can do absolutely everything in
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this offense. you saw in the second quarter, the deep ball. deep post. you see the yards after a catch. running into the teeth of the defense on that screen. he is fearless. he has no qualms about getting physical. and the mentality that he has at a receiver position is so rare and that for me is what makes him so special. >> and he is a team player, he does everything. even on the days -- there haven't been many where he didn't dominate. on the ones he doesn't, he is just happy for anybody. >> and he blocks. as an offensive lineman, i love to see receivers block. >> not all receivers do that. >> no, they don't. a lot of them don't. >> you want to name the ones that don't. >> >> we will take a break. when we come back, we will look ahead to the arizona cardinals already played them once. what happens in part two? but first, here's terry with a preview of the news which is coming up after us. i'm terry mcsweeney in the nbc bay area studios. coming up in just moments, more rain headed to the bay area this
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week. meteorologist rob mayeda tracking when it will get here and how much we can expect. also, ditching the masks. we are going to break down the changes happening across the bay area in a matter of hours, that many squr next right here on nbc bay area. -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word...
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we are back. dave feldman, joe staley. xfinity sports sunday. the nfl wildcard standings in the nfc are the top three teams would make the playoffs. rams only have one loss. the saints are 5-2. the panthers are 4-4. 49ers have not given up on this season. they just won a game. they have won three on the road. they are getting more reinforcements back. so, um, while this is a long shot for the 49ers to make the playoffs now, from the hole they're in, joe, it's not an impossibility. >> no, things are looking up. they are 3-4. they are right in the mix. this is that huge win today for the 9ers to go on the road. like i said earlier, they have to bring that juice back.
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>> monday, we will have 49ers press conference. tuesday, 49ers talk. thursday, more talk. game plan. and then, sunday, pregame live. and then postgame live immediately following the game. speaking of that game, that game will be against the arizona cardinals who they played in week five, and lost 17-10. but the arizona cardinals are no longer perfect because they lost on thursday night to the packers. can arizona be beaten by the 49ers, joe, at levi's? >> yes, i think they can. after this game, we saw kyler murray go down with potentially an ankle injury. we will see his availability for the game on sunday. and that's -- even if he plays, that's going to affect him. play quarterback position the way that he does on a sore ankle, that is going to be tough. and then jj watt, that is a big loss for them for this season. he was their main guy stopping the run and that is what the 9ers like to do. >> yeah, kyler murray being out would be a huge benefit for the san francisco 49ers. we mentioned that robbie gould
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may come back which would be huge for the kicking game. george kittle could come back which obviously would be huge for the receiving game. and mitch and his wife maddie had a baby girl and yesterday he got to chicago by 7:00 today. but he didn't have to punt and -- >> absolutely nothing. >> but wait, no, he held. >> he held for the -- >> field goal. but he didn't have to punt. light duty for a guy who probably didn't get a lot of sleep. >> that's good. >> joe, happy halloween. >> happy halloween. >> oh, yeah! >> you have to give me one. you have to give me one. >> um, i don't really have a good one. i will work on one. >> put you on the spot right now. >> i don't really have a good one but joe's was pretty good. thanks for watching. nbc bay area news is coming up next. joe and i will see you next sunday. 49ers win but see if it continues. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier.
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area. i'm audrey. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. we need rain and we have more of it headed our way. a live look outside right now from our traffic cameras. nothing, yet. but it's not far off. not as much as last week but any little bit will help. >> let's go ahead and get straight to meteorologist rob mayeda. all right, rob, so how much rain are we expecting this week? >> yeah, we are looking probably when we add up the whole week, maybe 1 to 2 inches of rain around the north bay and as expected, the rain has held off for trick or treat time around the bay area. that's the good news. and storm ranger view off to the west, start to see a little more green. that is the outer fringe of our incoming storm system that will have an impact steadily as we go through the morning. you notice here, the future cast for about 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, begins to show up those areas of yellow and orange. moderate rain at times. heading into the north bay. and this is something we will see more of as we go through the week. higher totals with this first storm will be in the north bay mountains where locally we will see more than a half inch with this first storm.
9:08 pm
and then, second storm coming in for the middle part of week keeping the wet pattern going. coming up, a closer look hour by hour for incoming storm for tomorrow and how much rain we can expect this week. >> let it rain. you can keep the eye on your rain in your neighborhood on our nbc bay area app. we will send breaking news and weather alerts right to your phone. just type your zip code and you will get a forecast speck to wrou live. tomorrow is the deadline for san francisco's employee vaccine mandate. at least one city agency says it will be modifying service because some employees have still not complied. beginning tomorrow, two san francisco bus routes will be suspended. could there be more? nbc bay area's sergio quintana is live in san francisco tonight with more on the impact. >> reporter: well, a spokesperson for the sf mta says there are 123 employees so far who have not complied with the vaccine mandate. out of the workforce of about
9:09 pm
6,000, that is a relatively small percentage but it is still enough to affect a few bus routes. now, beginning tomorrow, the 1 california short route from downtown and the 14 r mission short route will be suspended and beginning this weekend, the 30 stockton short and the 49 van ness short routes will be suspended. those are both weekend services. the spokesperson says they will re-evaluate those lines very soon because they are still getting last-minute vaccine verification documents this weekend. the suspended routes supplement other existing routes on the system so passengers will not lose the ability to get around but sfmta says passengers should expect buses on those routes to be more packed than usual. riders we asked who use those routes were not very sympathetic to the employees who haven't submitted their vaccine verifications. >> i feel like, um, that -- that it should be enforced because i
9:10 pm
feel like reasons that people have, they're not following the science. >> people may be -- they may or may not be afraid of the effects of the vaccine. i'm fully vaccinated myself. i haven't noticed anything, thus far. you know? so, i mean for most people that are working every day, it's -- it's mandatory. >> now, the sfmta is the first city agency that responded to our questions today but we did ask the police, fire, and other frontline departments about their vaccine -- their employee vaccine compliance. the department of public works says they don't anticipate any service interruptions. the other departments that we have asked have not responded just yet. and san francisco is not the only big city in the united states that has a vaccine mandate that kicks in tomorrow. the deadline is tomorrow. in new york city, the fire department there -- department of 11,000 personnel. there are 2,000 people right now that are out on medical leave because of this vaccine mandate.
9:11 pm
reporting live in downtown san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thanks very much. well, the masks are coming off. starting at noon tomorrow, marin county will stop requiring masks in just about all public places. health leaders say they have hit several milestones. vaccination rate is above 80%. hospitalizations are low so it's okay for the masks to come off in places like grocery stores and bars but here is the catch. you have to be vaccinated. there are still places you will have to wear a mask per state rules. and that includes schools, healthcare facilities, jails, homeless shelters, and public transit. also, private businesses can still require people to wear a mask indoors if they so choose. well, changes to mask rules are also coming to alameda and contra costa counties. these restrictions, slightly stricter than marin. people will only be allowed to take off their masks indoors, where there are fewer than 100 people. and places that are not open to the general public. talking about places you see on
9:12 pm
your screen there. offices, gyms, religious gatherings, college classes, in addition, everyone inside must be able to prove that they are fully vaccinated. in the meantime, when it comes to our kids parents, moderna's covid vaccine for children is being delayed as the fda needs more time to assess it. fda still investigating the risk of myocarditis in kids ages 12 to 17. so, myocarditis is the inflammation of the heart muscle. the review may not be completed before january, so that means moderna's vaccine for kids ages 6 to 11 will also be delayed. in may, moderna said its vaccine was 100% effective for 12 to 17-year-olds. it applied for emergency use in june. as for the pfizer vaccine for kids, it's possible shots for children ages 5 to 11 could be given as soon as this week. a cdc advisory panel will meet on tuesday where it'll have to officially recommend the vaccine. if that happens, the final step is for the cdc director to sign
9:13 pm
off on the recommendation. pfizer says the vaccine is nearly 91% effective at preventing symptomatic illness in kids. if you saw a lot more children out and about this halloween in your neighborhood, you were not alone. kids and parents seemed to feel better about getting out and giving out candy this year. nbc bay area's scott budman has this year's tricks and treats from the south bay. >> reporter: it's a different vibe this halloween. more kids are out. more families are going door to door. but still, people are being cautious. you are seeing a lot of masks like this, in addition to halloween masks. and even at the houses that are going all out, like this lego-themed house, you are still seeing people being careful. and giving out candy by a table. whether dressed as a dinosaur or a giant lego character, halloween just felt more welcoming this year. >> people feel safer and they are walking around.
9:14 pm
>> feel a lot better or more like normal. we went to japan town earlier today and there were people out and it was great to feel like things are inching back to what they used to be. >> reporter: and while some got back to giving out candy at the door -- >> you can actually approach people now which is nice. >> reporter: -- we still saw lots of candy chutes just like last year. >> trick or treat. >> and honestly, i -- i kind of want to do it every year this way. um, because it's really fun and then there's not that, like, decision paralysis. >> reporter: it seems some people are still on the fence when it comes to giving out candy. >> i think it's for the covid reasons that we would like kids to still have fun. but in a way that's safe. >> reporter: and with approval for a vaccine for the little ones on the horizon. >> absolutely. yes, totally. we're -- we're -- >> back to normal. >> yes. >> reporter: they're hyped. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news.
9:15 pm
we are keeping a close eye on the cdc covid vaccine approval for children. we also have answers to some of the top questions about kids and the vaccine. just head to click on faq covid vaccine for kids. it's up in the trending bar at the top of the home page. new details involving a deadly shooting at a gilroy council member's home. police have arrested a 19-year-old man as we first told you yesterday, a shooting took place at around 1:00 a.m. on saturday during a large outdoor halloween party. police arrested 19-year-old benjamin calderon for pulling the trigger. one person tied died. three others were injured. two of the three injured have life-threatening injuries. the victims' ages range from 17 to 19. the party was at council member rebecca's house. there is no word yet on a motive. investigators in fremont working to figure out what caused a house fire that left a person dead. the fire broke out just after 7:00 last night at a home. three people inside the home
9:16 pm
managed to get out. they were taken to a hospital for smoke inhalation and burns. firefighters found a fourth person inside that house who was pronounced dead. a horrific crash in concord overnight left one car smoking and sent seven people to the hospital. take a look here. you can see, the car was knocked on its side with a thick cloud of smoke fuming from the top. the other car wasn't in great shape, either. you can see it crumpled up with the roof missing there. crash happened at the intersection of willow pass and port chicago highway shortly after midnight. overall, seven people were taken to hospitals. three of them had to be airlifted. police say they are in serious condition. white house press secretary jen psaki says she has covid. psaki says she got a positive test result today and she is experiencing mild symptoms. she was last with president biden on tuesday when they met at the white house. reportedly, they were more than six feet apart, and both wearing masks. she had planned to travel with the president to the g20 summit this weekend, but decided against it when she learned some members of her household had
9:17 pm
tested positive for covid. she plans to return to work after a ten-day quarantine and a negative-test result. meanwhile, on his final day at the g20 summit in rome, president biden aimed to tackle some of the biggest economic challenges facing him at home, specifically higher prices and stressed supply chains. he alongside the leader of the european union, as they announced a deal between the u.s. and europe on steel and aluminum tariffs. might remember, back in 2018, the trump administration imposed a 25% tariff on european steel and another 10% tariff on aluminum on the grounds of national security. well, this new deal allows allies to remove tariffs on more than 10 billion of their exports every year. >> it ensures strong competitive u.s. steel industry for decades to come, and creates good-paying union jobs at home. president biden also convened the meeting of the g20 leaders on the supply chain issue calling for a more
9:18 pm
coordinated response to deal with the bottlenecks ahead of the holidays. well, new numbers show president biden's approval rating is sinking. a new nbc news poll finds 71% of americans now say the country is headed in the wrong direction and that includes almost half of democrats. president biden's job approval numbers have dropped to 42%. that's down 7% since august, and half of those polled give biden low marks for competence and uniting the country. happening tomorrow. san francisco will welcome its next city attorney. mayor london breed will swear in assembly member david chu at city hall. chiu has represented the 17th assembly district since 14. up next, our changing climate is changing our rainy season. it doesn't rain, then it does. a lot. what some wine country farmers are starting to do to help with the fierce flooding that comes along with all that rain. and speaking of the weather,
9:19 pm
the weather right now on storm ranger shows the next storm just off the coast. how much rain we're expecting and how many more storms we could see ahead in our seven-day forecast when we come right back.
9:20 pm
9:21 pm
last week's big rain storm was an example of the mega storm scientists predict will become a more regular occurrence with climate change and for many, it was a chance to see how our systems will fare. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us how it was served as a test run for restoration work aimed to stop flooding on parts of the napa river. >> i was born here. i am a third-generation farmer. >> reporter: every farmer will tell you their most precious possession is land. >> the love of place, i guess, becomes imbued in one. >> reporter: for napa valley farmer tom gamble, the love of place also includes the love of the napa river which winds through his family's vineyards. >> i have grown up playing in the river.
9:22 pm
i was very fascinated by that -- that fast water. >> reporter: the napa river has a turbulent legacy. it's known to climb its banks and heavy rains and on dozens of farms like gamble's, its floodwaters have stormed into vineyards. >> you have just this narrow force of water coming in and destroying all in its path. >> reporter: for the last decade, gamble and other land owners along the river have undertaken a project to calm its waters. the strategy, restore it back to how nature intended. >> you can see this gap in the river bank. >> reporter: on a newly completed ten-mile section of river that passes through gamble's farm in oakville, crews created channels so that overflowing water can escape. >> they are very soft channels that allow for extra water to basically widen the river by twice its width. >> reporter: they planted native bushes and shrubs to trap sediment and create wildlife habitat. >> on this mile stretch, there were 4,000 trees planted. >> reporter: but this offering
9:23 pm
to appease the river required a sacrifice. >> so we gave up ten acres worth of land in a strip. >> reporter: ten acres of valuable grapevines. >> so, why not just work with nature instead of always imposing our will upon it? >> reporter: last week, as a massive storm dumped 9 inches of rain on napa came the project's first big test. the river filled the secondary channel did, too. >> you can see how wide the river is. >> but the riverbanks held. >> it was a sight to behold. it gave me a sense of satisfaction. >> reporter: a few miles away, similar restoration work also kept the river in check. >> we finally get to see it in action and it was superexciting just to see the water streaming down the river. and having it contained. >> i have decided to make my living from the earth and you realize that your fate is what nature deals you. >> reporter: but gamble is
9:24 pm
concerned what nature will deal in the future. scientists predict climate change will deliver more concentrated mega storms with the potential for heavy flooding. >> a lifetime of work. >> reporter: every farmer will tell you land is precious. just as precious as what they do with it. >> i have a great heritage and i am trying to leave an even greater legacy. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. for the next two weeks, world leaders are meeting in scotland to hammer out a plan to deal with our climate crisis and we are tracking this climate summit very closely. join us as we break down the major headlines from this global climate conference and what it means for us here in the bay area. we are seeing the water there at the napa river. i don't know how much rain we are going to be getting if it's going to impact that river. rob? >> a little bit but not like the almost foot of rainfall that came down this time. it was last weekend. we had our creeks and streams and even larger rivers rising fast from all the rain. tonight, we will see some rain just not of the magnitude we had
9:25 pm
last weekend. right now, still 61 degrees in san jose. upper 50s, currently, in livermore with increasing clouds over towards walnut creek. pretty pleasant evening earlier. now, down to 59 degrees and closer to san francisco, not much wind. got that mirror-like reflection for now around the bay at 58 degrees. so, for the morning, yes, the rain will start off sprinkles at times. here around 11:00. and then, the more steady rain should drop out of the north baby late morning with morning temperatures mostly in the 50s and our highs tomorrow, once again, in the low to mid-60s with rain at times probably not as much, though, as is typically the case around the santa clara valley. peak totals with this storm as you are about to see will be focused on the north bay. storm ranger right now scanning those skies starting to see a little bit of that light rain approaching the sonoma coast there. and the more steady rain here lurking offshore where, again, the focus will be on the north bay and then rain changing to showers as that line moves south during the day tomorrow. for the morning, notice by
9:26 pm
mid-to-late morning, you are beginning to see that more steady rain, yellow and darker greens there from marin county northward. and then, showers to the south. i think the santa cruz mountains, too, will do pretty well with this particular storm but not the same type of rain totals for the south bay versus what we are likely to find in the north bay. and then, by tuesday morning what is left of those lingering showers should start to scoot on out. so, storm number one of three, i think, we will see this week has the biggest impact. follow the red right there in the north bay. some of the higher peak, mt. tam. the higher peaks around kentfield and i think in sonoma county, we could see an inch of rain. less than a quarter inch for most of the bay area. again, biggest impact here being the north bay. another storm will follow as we get into wednesday and thursday. and a very similar spread for the second storm. bringing the peak rain once again mainly for areas north of san francisco. so, again, this is in moderation, this is nothing but good news for us. we need the rain and it should not be all coming down at once.
9:27 pm
then, a third chance for rain comes up after a break as we get into friday. it's next weekend kind of like the weekend we are seeing now where a lot of those rain chances will probably be just off to the north bay. but again, every two to three days, those rain chances still a part of that forecast as we go through the week. so san francisco tomorrow plan on some rain at times. temperatures in the low 60s and may get a little muggy. look at the temperatures here in your inland seven-day forecast. we could be seeing 70s tuesday and wednesday. so, it's going to warm up a little bit. got little bit of a moderate atmospheric river but the big difference being with anchoring it is not a storm like we saw with the pacific northwest. so you got the moisture, little bit of muggy weather but it is just enough rain falling every two to three days which continues to make up some ground against the drought. we love to see this type of weather this early in the rain season. >> sounds good. >> we can handle that. >> yeah. >> up next at 9:30 from one global summit to another, what's at stake as world leaders gather for a critical climate summit in
9:28 pm
scotland and what one bay area leader is hoping will come from that climate conference. there is something i want to ask you. oh um...
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now at 9:30, a critical climate summit kicks off. what is at stake over the course of the two-week conference? thanks for joining us in this special edition of nbc bay area news. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm audrey. tonight, they are wrapping up the g20 summit. then, tomorrow, president biden and other world leaders are head today scotland for the beginning of the united nations climate conference. however, one of today's g20 meetings did include a session on the climate. britain -- britain's prince charles was invited to speak in recognition of his 50 years highlighting climate change. he emphasized to leaders how much is at stake. >> quite literally, it is the last chance saloon.
9:31 pm
we must now translate fine words into still finer actions. and as the enormity of the climate challenge dominates people's conversations from newsrooms to living rooms, and as the future of humanity and nature herself are at stake, it is surely time to set aside our differences and grasp this unique opportunity to launch a substantial green recovery by putting the global economy on a confident, sustainable trajectory and, thus, save our planet. >> lot riding on this climate summit. we just heard prince charles say it's being regarded as our last chance at preventing the worst of what the climate crisis could bring. experts say our global leaders must outline how to nearly halve greenhouse gas emissions over the next eight years and reach net zero emissions by 2050. earlier tonight, i spoke with the mayor of the bay area's largest city, san jose mayor sam
9:32 pm
lacardo. mayor, thanks very much for being here. tell me what you are hoping will come out of this climate conference? >> well, the expectations are high much and i think we need to remember that whatever is accomplished at whatever cost, it will come at a bargain compared to the cost at inaction. so this is the time to be bold and i hope that's what we are going to see from our global leaders. >> you know, we have seen -- here -- here in the bay area, drought. we have seen fires as a result of it. sometimes, the climate change impact seems so overwhelming, what is it that you and other bay area leaders can do here to help us ward off the worst of the climate change? >> the good news is there's a lot that we can do locally. in fact, it's really cities that are leading the way at a time
9:33 pm
when the united states was declining to follow and join the paris agreement. in fact, it was cities that were stepping up. so here in san jose, for example, we launch add community choice energy program like several other cities in the bay area have. and we were the largest city in the country to do it. we now have 92% of our electricity coming from greenhouse-free sources that's critically important to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, for example. we can do more to more rapidly deploy electric vehicle infrastructure and here in san jose, in the metro area, we have the highest deployment of electric vehicles in the nation. we can ensure that buildings, for example, can be electric only in new construction as we have in san jose being the largest city in the country to do so. all these things are really part of a two-step process every city needs to undertake which is, first, to green the grid. make sure our electricity sources are green. and then, to move the economy
9:34 pm
increasingly toward the grid so that we are our transportation which is about 62% of our greenhouse gas emission and electrifying our buildings and all the rest of our economy and ensure we are actually taking advantage of this green dividend. >> so, we are here in the tech capital of the world. how might being here in silicon valley, how might silicon valley play a particular role in helping with this issue? do you see something here for tech to do? >> oh, absolutely. and certainly, silicon valley has been leading the world in so many ways, whether it's home-spun companies like tesla or many others that are designing new ways of being able to generate, to store energy that's so critical. and really, more than anything, for local cities and communities, to be willing to be the laboratories. to be the, for lack of a better term, guinea pigs for new technologies that have civic impact in reducing our -- our
9:35 pm
carbon footprint. that's the great opportunity i think for silicon valley's community to really show the rest of the world how it can be done. >> well, reuters is reporting that at the -- the g20 conference this past weekend, world leaders agreed that there should be a one and a half degree celsius limit going forward. they like that idea but they didn't come up with any concrete measures to make that happen. is that part of the problem that everybody wants to be seen as, yes, i'm in favor of green but i don't know how far i really want to go to do it? >> yeah. the goals are nice but the actions are what matter. and we really need significant investments. we need investments in developing countries to ensure that we can pull them off their dependence on coal because we know the more coal they're burning, whether it's in a developing country or in an industrial powerhouse like china, that is absolutely going to affect us. and then, obviously, we need
9:36 pm
investments in our own country. if we are greening the grid and we are trying to electrify the economy, we need much more investment in our electric grid infrastructure which we know is failing us here in northern california because of underinvestment for many years by pg&e. and so, we are going to need a lot of investment to make this work. that's going to take some sacrifice. but as i say, the cost of that investment pales in comparison to doing nothing. >> huge week coming up. mayor, thanks very much for being with us this evening. >> it's great to be with you, terry. thanks. >> thank you. for the next two weeks, world leaders are meeting in scotland hammering out a plan to deal with our climate crisis and we are following this climate summit closely. join us as we break down the major headlines from this global climate conference and what it means for us in the bay area. just into our newsroom, sonoma county health leaders are warning some people living in cloverdale to only use boiled tap water or bottled water. a water main break today may have made water unsafe to drink. houses affected should have
9:37 pm
receive add notice about the advisory by now and will be told when tap water is safe to use without boiling. health leaders say that should be within the next three days. up next. a popular event returns to the east bay but with a pandemic twist. we will take you there.
9:38 pm
9:39 pm
tribute to a fallen u.s. service member from the east bay. nonprofit tribute to fallen soldiers traveled from eugene, oregon, to danielle lucky's family home in pittsburgh. she was honored with a special plaque. shortly after leafing for her first tour of duty on the aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan. navy says she died of natural causes. sepsis, to be exact. lucky's family believes her treatment was mishandled by the military. they sued the navy in 2018 but a longstanding supreme court decision prevents military personnel from suing the government for medical
9:40 pm
malpractice. the family lost that lawsuit. day of the dead celebrations are happening again in the bay area. oakland's festival is in person again after it went virtual due to the pandemic but there are some changes this year. nbc bay area's christie smith explains. >> reporter: the fruit vale district in oakland have the sights and sounds of a familiar day. >> we are hosting the oakland community fair. >> after going virtual last year during the pandemic, people were back for the festival on international boulevard. >> it's really about welcoming your ancestors from the afterlife. and what i really appreciate about indigenous culture in north america. >> and this year, there was a shift. >> we are not hosting stages, you know, areas where people crowded so we want to make sure the event was as safe as possible. >> reporter: people were asked to wear masks and there was a pop-up covid vaccination clinic with kaiser permanente. >> first or second shot? booster and the flu vaccine. >> reporter: instead of vendors,
9:41 pm
they hope to move foot traffic into storefronts. there was also a virtual marketplace. a day many waited for with a tone of healing. >> it's just beautiful and especially, this area was hit very hard with covid so it's really wonderful that we are out here. >> reporter: people took in all that was here. >> we have 25 amazing -- created by local artists and community members. we also have aztec dancers, and a street soccer tournament. >> reporter: in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. lot of fun there. still ahead, annual word of the year is out. what it is and how the dictionary chose it. the key deadline set to affect thousands of employees in two major bay area cities. and mask mandates are changing for one east bay county. we are going to tell you where you will soon be able to loosen your nask. join us monday morning, 4:30 to 7:00.
9:42 pm
9:43 pm
military families had a thrilling afternoon at a popular san diego tourist spot. you are looking at it. group called thriller san diego danced to michael jackson's famous song "thriller." they danced aboard the uss midway aircraft carrier museum and the goal was simple.
9:44 pm
have fun on halloween and i believe they succeeded. many of the dancers were service members or family members of those in the military. >> fun to watch, too. >> it is. all right. you have heard about trick or treating. but how about trunk or treating? halloween fans in sunnyvale put a new spin on celebrating the spookiest holiday today with the community's first ever trunk or treat celebration. take a look here. people dressed up in costumes, decorated their car trunks for this event. it was sponsored by the bay area christian church and took place at their parking lot. trick-or-treaters roamed the parking lot getting candy or catching a fright from all the spooky car trunk displays. >> we know they have missed out on a lot of thins over the past year and so we wanted for this to be a special day for them to be able to enjoy. >> awesome to see everyone smiling, and just hanging out, especially after the pandemic. it's so awesome to just see happy faces in a community together. >> the bay area christian church just opened this location in sunnyvale.
9:45 pm
>> who doesn't love seeing pets in costumes? hopefully, you love seeing pets in costumes we have got it. we got lots of it. >> aw. >> for the fifth-straight year, a halloween pet parade took place in sunnyvale. about 60 0 people showed up. dressed like that. they walked down main street before prizes were given away for best costumes. organizers plan on continuing the growing tradition because simply it brings people together. >> it is just celebrating the community getting together and enjoying an event. putting way all the issues that we have been dealing with in the last year covid and everything, people getting out seeing people. getting back as a community event. >> they had a talent competition for the special pets that have talent that could show you have and do tricks. and reminder. bart is running trains late tonight for halloween riders or those of you who say the sunnyvale petd contest too long. tonight, forget about 9:00 p.m.
9:46 pm
the last eastbound train downtown san francisco going to be shortly after midnight. also, trains will run in oakland until 12:50 a.m. now, instead of departing every few minutes, trains will depart every hour after 9:00 p.m. but they are still running. that's the good news. >> okay. out of all the words spoken or written this year, one stands out as the word of the year. at least according to oxford university. that word is vax. >> uh-huh. i see that. >> oxford says the word was relatively rare until this year. by september, it was used 72 times more frequently than the same time last year. including vax sites, vax cards to getting vaxed. much more. truly, a word that describes the time we are living in. right? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i have to say the whole thing. i have to say vaccine. va used vax yet. >> it's a new word. it is an exciting word but not as exciting as the word rain.
9:47 pm
>> rain. >> yes. >> getting a lot of it this week. >> yes. and there is more to come. the good news is we need the rain and it's not coming in all at once like we saw this time last week. right now, we are tracking this on storm ranger. the first of three storms that will be impacting our seven-day forecast when we come right back.
9:48 pm
9:49 pm
well, take a look at this. happening this week, the safeway holiday ice rink at san francisco's union square is going to open. the holidays are creeping towards us. opening event's going to take place wednesday, 9:30 in the morning. it will feature performances by cast members from the city's new circus show "dear san francisco, a high-flying love story." >> that's going to be nice. >> it is great and the holidays are here. >> right? >> although, okay, they are going to be opening this week but we are getting some rain. will that affect their opening in any way, you think, rob? >> well, we will have to watch to see how much is falling around san francisco at times. i think the bigger rain totals will be, again, up towards the
9:50 pm
snorgt bay right now speaking of san francisco, it's 58 degrees. waiting that rain to fall as we don't have much wind around the bay area right now. increasing clouds into san jose at 61 degrees. tri-valley, 58. mostly cloudy conditions. and yes, the weather held off for trick or treat time so this is really good timing. the weekend. we had a little bit of light rain this morning. the break with the sun during the afternoon. 59 right now in walnut creek with rain set to fall overnight into tomorrow morning where we will wake up to numbers mostly in the mid-50s and our highs tomorrow, 60s for one more day. but i think for our valleys, there is a chance we could see 70s around here tuesday and wednesday with that rain at times. showing up tomorrow. we will take a closer look now on our storm ranger. you see the band here offshore and a lot of the more moderate to steady rain we think is going to aim up here towards the north bay, and then sort of weaken as it slides south across the bay area tomorrow. so, hour by hour for the morning, notice how the areas in yellow and darker green, the more steady rain here falling for areas north marin county, up
9:51 pm
into the north bay around 11:00 a.m. and then, by 5:00, the rain kind of breaks up a little bit over the santa clara valley. santa cruz mountains, too. and then, decreasing the coverage and intensity as we get into tuesday morning by about midday tuesday, the clouds should start to break up as we await the second storm on approach for late-wednesday into thursday. so the top rain totals with this first storm clearly outlined here in red. some of the mountain ranges coastal mountains, and inland mountains could see about an inch of rain but the valley seeing about a quarter inch or less for san francisco southward and that does include san jose. second storm in the series comes up as we get into wednesday night and thursday. once again, the highest impact likely to be up around the north bay and then the third in the series coming up next saturday and sunday. don't really think it's going to have a big impact on us here in the bay area. mainly, just a few scattered showers north of the golden gate. so as we add up the four-day rain totals from storm one and mid-week storm, you can see maybe 2 to 3 inches up here in the north bay mountains.
9:52 pm
less around the south bay and the santa clara valley. we'd love to see more but we really can't argue with those numbers, considering october isn't typically one of the wetter months for us and it usually has gusty, dry offshore winds. that's what that chart shows. diablo winds typically peak this time of year so to see this is nothing but good news in the forecast. so every two to three days, those rain chances will continue to come to the bay area but it's not going to continue to be high impact like we saw last week. there you see, san francisco, seeing upper 60s around mid-week and there look at those temperatures tuesday and wednesday. could see 70s around here with more rain at times wednesday into thursday and a few widely scattered showers for next weekend. so the good news the above-average rain totals continue at times as we move through the week, especially around the north bay. back to you. >> fantastic, rob, thank you very. anthony flores joining us now. and, anthony, never thought it could feel this good to beat the chicago bears. >> after the green bay game when trey lance scored a touchdown, that following wednesday, i
9:53 pm
asked kyle shanahan why can't you run that play with jimmy garoppolo? everyone in the room thought is he serious? i was. >> you should be a coach. >> i just wonder if that was going through his head today. probably not. but garoppolo definitely getting it done today. a homecoming to remember for jimmy g. the 49ers quarterback used his legs to help the 9ers end their four game losing streak in chicago. stick around. sports is next.
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
welcome back. i'm anthony flores. you know, it was scary and at times frightful to watch. what else would you expect on halloween? but the 49ers finally get a win. the 9ers in chicago. filling in for head coach who was out with covid after a few drops and a lack luster start, jimmy g rallies the skill players to get them fired up. it worked. just before the half, bombs away to deebo samuel. 50-yard completion inside the five. it leads to a field goal. 9ers down 13-9 at the break.
9:56 pm
that momentum carries over to the second half. on third and a mile, the screen to deebo and check him out. what a spark for the 9ers offense. he had 171 receiving yards. that would lead to this. that was supposed to go to samuel. garoppolo says don't worry, i will take care of it. gets into the end zone. extra point no good. 9ers down one. then in the fourth, the give to elijah mitchell, check this team effort out. the 9ers make a dog pile in the end zone. two-point conversion good. it's a seven-point lead but check this out. the play of the game by bears' rookie quarterback justin fields. on fourth and one, bad job by the defense. great run by fields. it's a 22-yard touchdown. p.a.t. no good so the 9ers lead by one. they answer with jimmy garoppolo. the read option. he gets into the end zone. second rushing touchdown of the game. the 49ers snap their four-game >> you guys know how it is.
9:57 pm
you lose a couple in a row in the nfl and it's tough and we have lost four in a row so that was -- that was very needed for a lot of people. it was a huge team win. we kept talking about whatever it would take to win was what we had to do and we didn't care whether it was 2-0 or ended like that and just real proud of the guys. >> i think our team just needed a win. losing four in a row like that, you guys come do something about it and i think our guys did. you know, we came ready today. there was a good mindside on the sideline. guys were talking. you could -- you could feel each other and when we are playing like that, that's when we get dangerous. >> all right. up next, the arizona cardinals come to levi's. the 9ers are winless this season at home but something to look forward to. cards quarterback kyler murray has a sprained ankle. might not play in this game. all right. we will keep you posted throughout the week. houston, trying to keep the champagne on ice. the braves needing just one more victory to claim their first world series title in 26 years. game five tonight in atlanta, the braves come out swinging. bottom one, bases loaded with two outs.
9:58 pm
adam duval with the denny special. it's a grand slam but the astros were determined not to have their season end tonight. martin moldanodowise his third rbi of the game. the brachbs still lead the series three games to two but back to houston for game six and seven. that is a look at sports. guys, it is amazing what a win can do for confidence in the 49ers. >> and you mentioned nobody talking about trey lance at least this afternoon. >> not -- not today and probably not the rest of this week. but we'll see. never know. >> thanks, anthony. >> and thank you so much for joining us. we will be back again at 11:00. >> see you then. d 5g coverage? at t-mobile, we believe you shouldn't have to choose between the most 5g coverage and great value. so we unleashed the 5g experience on magenta max. with 4x more 5g coverage than verizon and unlimited premium data that can't slow down based on how much smartphone data you use.
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that's right, get 5g in more places all across america and better value on a plan built for 5g only at t-mobile. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ outta you and tells you your dream life isn't gonna happen. and that wedding you're planning, you don't get to have it >> evil exists evil dwells in people. >> it was just before halloween. a killing that still haunts. >> i found him just lying there. we couldn't feel a pulse >> a young dad, engaged to be married, dead on the ground! >> they determined it was a murder >> and here's what made this mystery so chiin


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