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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 1, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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up. the deadline is here for san francisco city workers to be fully vaccinated. we're going to look at the impact that will be felt starting today across the city. the right to choose going before the supreme court this morning, and why some fear the controversial case in texas may forever change abortion laws across the united states. and overnight tragedy in gilroy. what authorities are now saying about the young man now in custody. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you on this november 1st. thank you for starting your morning with us. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. a lot to get to on this monday morning, including rain in the bay area. >> yeah, we want to bring in meteorologist, kari hall, who is tracking rain. >> yeah, it's nice to see this rain. it's back and we will see lighter showers this go around especially for the north bay on
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stormranger, that's our mobile doppler radar. we are seeing rain moving south of santa rosa toward petaluma and north of san rafael. you can see how light and spotty this rain is. this will be spreading into the bay area today. we are tracking fought only this but a second storm system right behind that. it's going to be moving in late wednesday into early thursday morning, but as far as the rest bay area, you will see it later on this morning although it will be light. we'll talk more about how much rain we could see out of this where you live. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. today is the deadline for san francisco city employees to show they are fully vaccinated. >> new for you this morning, today in the bay's cierra johnson live for us where some
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muni riders may have to find different routes. >> reporter: yeah, it will soon be felt by some riders, and routes like this one will be temporarily suspended. look at the routes that could be suspended for now. 14r mission short route, and next weekend the 30 stockton short and the 49 van ness short weekend routes will be suspended. looking at the numbers, a spokesperson for sf mta said 149 workers are not vaccinated, and it's enough to temporarily impact some of the routes.
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the agency tells nbc bay area, they will evaluate specific lines. >> i work in a restaurant. i am a restaurant manager, and we're looking for people -- okay, to get in and get vaccinated, so it's like, just comply and do it and move forward. >> we will, of course, continue to follow this story and keep you updated. if there's any increase in those individuals that decide to show or get vaccinated as well as if they decided to bring any of the suspended lines back online, and it's important to note the routes suspended were supplemental routes, and those individuals will still be able to get around. those routes, though, will just have more people on those buses. reporting live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." 5:03 this morning. a live look at new york city.
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this is where a new vaccination deadline is being enforced. the city of new york fire department dealing with a massive sickout, and this is in protests of the city's mandate. 2,000 firefighters called out sick and are medical leave. all new york city employees have had at least one shot by friday to stay on the job. as of saturday night, more than 70% of those firefighters had at least one shot. the number of global deaths from covid surpassed the 5 million mark. 750,000 have occurred in the united states alone, and that makes the u.s. the nation with the most recorded deaths of covid anywhere in the world. and then the u.s. supreme court would hear a case that could fundamentally change abortion access in the united states. today in the bay's chris pallone
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is live in washington. talk about what part of the law will they really focus in on today? >> laura, today's arguments deal with procedural questions in lawsuits filed against this texas law banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. they the stage for a lawsuit coming next month, a challenge here in the court that will be heard next month that will more directly challenge the legality of abortion in the u.s., as we have been reporting this texas law sba bans abortions after fetal hearts are detected, and there are no exceptions for rape or incest, and advocacy groups in the biden administration are challenging it as the harshest abortion laws
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in the usa. >> the question is in order to blocking the state to enforce sb 8, and it will block copycat lawsuits by other anti-abortion advocates, and that's the tricky part here. >> the biden administration asked the supreme court to block enforcement of the law, but the court declined and instead is fast tracking today's oral argument. one month from today justices will hear a challenge to a mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. back to you. >> all right. chris pallone in washington. thank you. developing this morning, a teenager facing murder charges. this was yesterday. he is accused of shooting four
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people at a home during a halloween costume party. the home is near st. louis regional hospital -- st. luis regional hospital, i should say. the victims range in ages 17 to 19. police are not revealing a motive at this time. authorities in fremont are trying to figure out what caused a deadly house fire on saturday night. this happened at a home. three people made it out and suffered smoke inhalation and burns and firefighters found a fourth person dead inside the home. so far no update on that investigation. if you live in cloverdale, a important message as you wake up. there's a boil your water advisory due to a water main break. impacted homes should have received a heads up and will be told when tap water is safe to
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use again without boiling, and that should be within the next three days. it's 5:07. looking outside. a gorgeous look at the san francisco bay. national weather service issuing a sneaker wave advisory along the coast and reminding everybody to never turn your back on the ocean and be aware of rip currents out there. >> let's talk about the rain. kari hall tracking the rain in some parts of the bay area. we needed it for so long and it just keeps coming. >> a much lighter storm, and we have another we will be tracking for thursday into wednesday. right now it's light in parts of the north bay. been kind of off and on with a steady shower further to the north. as you are heading out this morning, it's wet, and you have to turn on the wind shield wipers and with the scattered showers that continues today, it will be spreading across much of the rest of the bay area. tomorrow we will see sunshine and cool temperatures. we will still be watching out
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for more showers later this week, as we look at an over all trend. we will see more of the rain moving in with the focus mainly on the north bay. what we will see on the peninsula is heavy at times before the east bay and south bay, and the rain will be much lighter and more spread out, so maybe not all of us will see that. we will be watching that, mike, and we're tracking a crash in oakland. >> just a little slowing just showed up right below the speed limit, you know, just dipping below a tad bit in san francisco, and we're watching for changes like that. over here in oakland, this is northbound 880 around 23rd. sounds like everything got over to the shoulder quickly, but we will get a tow truck over there in the next few minutes, we're told, so that could be a distraction. we will, of course, tell you about anything and watch for any activity there. and then a nice flow of traffic,
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the san mateo bridge, look how light the traffic is across 92, and of course this will change in the next couple of hours. back to you. >> it sure will, and you will track it all. thanks, mike. ahead here on "today in the bay," the most expensive home purchase in state history. how much one man paid for his southern california mansion, and his ties to silicon valley. plus, can tech billionaires solve world hunger. one says challenge accepted, sort of. some choose to trick while others choose to treat, and a touching moment on camera after somebody ran off with all the sweets. last week's historic downpour proved to be a real test for napa river. this recently restored to prevent flooding, but residents remain worried as climate change continues to threaten homes. you can find this on our home page, or type in
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right now it's 5:13. tracking some rain in the north bay and eventually it will get to the south bay. right now in san josé, we're in the upper 50s. we can see the clouds but it looks like the rain doesn't get here until maybe 10:00 or 11:00 with off and on light showers. parts of the north bay will see higher amounts of rain and we will talk more about that in the forecast, tracking that with
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storm ranger coming up. rain always interested in the morning commute. a beautiful view of the bay bridge. i have been tracking a crash in the tunnel near the treasure isla believe the entire roadway into san francisco on the bay bridge upper deck is moving smoothly right now. i will get the latest update and give it to you, of course n. a couple seconds. very happy monday to you. it has been said the richest man in the world, elon musk, can solve world hunger. he's saying this morning, prove it. the idea that the donation of $6 billion from musk could feed the world, apparently. the question took on a life of its own on social media. >> ask any billionaire, come with me, just come with me on one trip and let me show you the reality. this is not some humanitarian
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scheme to raismany. my god, people are dying out there. every four seconds somebody is dying from hunger-related causes. we have a vaccine for this, and it's called money. >> the head of the world food program who you just saw there, david beasley, he didn't just single out musk, and he mentioned jeff bezos, too, and he said $6 billion could feed whoever is hungry right now, but not forever. and that got twisted into elon musk can solve world hunger. two things to know. one, musk does not donate a lot of money to charity, certainly not like bezos or zuckerberg or
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warren buffett. famine is one part lack of food and two part political, where somebody is blocking the supply. uber deliveries will now deliver diapers. uber is not ready for that, delivering babies. >> i will take one. a malibu mansion selling for $177 million. yeah, this is making it the most expensive home sale in california's state history. it was purchased by a billionaire, a silicon valley venture capitalist, mark atkrae sun. so the estate sits on seven
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acres and has its own movie theater and two guest homes. wow. an act of kindness on halloween translating to more treats for children going door to door. a mountain view woman left a bowl of candy outside her door, and the candy was gone by the time a group of girls arrived. first, they took a few pieces, but then look what they do, they add candy to the bowl for the next set of trick-or-treaters. isn't that nice? that is kindness. >> i thought that the story would go another way, but, no, that's beautiful. >> i put a bowl out and we still had tons in there. >> really? >> yeah. >> look at this. halloween may be over but we still want to share awesome customers. look, we see princesses, and so
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many beautiful costumes. one to the left, i am not sure what is going on there? is that bedrock, "the flintstones"? i can't make it out. too small for me on my screen. we will share more as we go through the morning. did any of you dress up? >> i showed cute, beautiful costumes, and my daughter took and put fake blood -- >> it looked very real. >> i just posted pictures on our pumpkin decorating contest we had at home. it was so much fun. it was a nice weekend weather-wise, and hopefully getting outside and enjoying it, i did so much this weekend. you can also see some of the pictures online. so we're starting out this morning heading back to work and there's light rain coming in.
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we are putting storm ranger to work, too. we are seeing some of the rain moving through marin county, and it's been further to the north. as we track some of the rain moving in, it's going to be off and on for you especially for the north bay. we are not only watching this storm system coming in, but there's another one behind that, that will move in between late wednesday and thursday. this one will be pretty light. we are seeing heavy rain fall along the peninsula later today, and then it moves into parts of the tri-valley and south bay, and there's not as much. north bay is getting anywhere from over half an inch of rain to quarter inch of rain in napa. dublin, maybe 0.1 of an inch of rain. san josé getting quarter inch of rain, and half moon bay getting also a quarter inch of rain, and it could be higher for the santa
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cruz mountains, which is typical for these types of systems moving in this time of year. looking at where we are with one month into our water year, and we are seeing a big sur plus after the big boost we had. we are still at nine inches at a surplus in san josé, and those rainfall amounts we have seen have been still pretty decent. light rain at times today, and temperatures reaching into the low and mid-60s. we will see this clearing out by tomorrow. wednesday, for the most part, looks dry, and wednesday into thursday is when the next system comes in and we could see rain to our north for the weekend. here's a look at the 7-day forecast with off and on showers, although we will be warming up on tuesday and wednesday, and cooler once the next system arrives on thursday and then heads back up for the weekend. we're only looking at 60s for saturday and sunday. mike, you are starting with a look at the bay bridge. >> yeah, the sensors, kari, we
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saw slowing across the bridge and i saw a crash in the chp grid and i thought that could be the factor but it's not. traffic is moving smoothly past the crash, just paperwork to do. and then north of high school avenue, overnight there was a serious crash and there's still an investigation there, so the police closed the north bay side. concord pd tweeted that out. and then north bay is fine and it's counter commute any way. the rest of the freeways are clear, and fremont is tracking that on 680. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:21. still so much more ahead on "today in the bay." "nbc bay area responds" handled several complaints about leather furniture. >> yeah, consumer investigator, chris chmura says all leather
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furniture is created equal. >> shoppers can't assume if it says leather it's 100% leather, and so before you spend a whole bunch of money on new furniture, scrutinize what it's really made of. let us know if you have a consumer complaint, the number is 888-996-tips, or go to
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welcome back. retirement here in the bay area is becoming a pipe dream for those that want to make it in the bay. half of bay area residents say the region is a poor place to retire with 40% of residents worrying about having enough money to retire, and 39% worry about the lack of savings. also 70% of the residents say the region is a poor place to buy a home, and the contrast, however, 71% say the bay area is a good place to pursue a career. kaiser permanente partnered with a pop-up vaccination clinic, and it took place yesterday along international boulevard and fruit veil avenue.
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the festival is back in person after going virtual with the pandemic. >> it's about welcoming your ancestors from the after life. what i really appreciate about this culture is it's beautiful. >> especially this area was hit very hard with covid, so it's wonderful we are out here. >> there were some changes. instead of vendors they moved foot traffic into storefronts and there was a virtual marketplace. you could see a lot of dancing. all right, don't write off the 49ers just yet, and jimmy g came on strong. next week the niners have a pivotal game. they are hosting divisional-leading arizona at levi. that will be fun. >> it should be. top stories we are following today, including moving forward
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without masks. >> correct, marcus. good morning, masks no longer requires inside gyms in much of the east bay. the places where face coverings are still required. closing early. why one san francisco safeway says it can no longer stay open late. kari spent the day with the family at the alameda county fair. did you go? kari wants to know what you enjoyed most about the fair. you can keep up with her on instagram, facebook and twitter. always posting great photos. we'll be right back.
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right now at 5:30, breathing easier once again. one bay area area where you can ditch the mask. american airlines cancels nearly 2,000 flights over the weekend, making passengers stranded across the country. we will talk about the impact bay area travelers are still feeling this morning. plus, a fight for fair pay. this is "today in the bay." monday morning. thanks so much for starting your day with us. first day of november as well. >> here we go.
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i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. want to look outside in san josé. we expect another wet week, but nowhere close to last week's downpour. >> a lot of green behind you, meteorologist, kari hall. >> it's light and steady for the north bay, and most of the bay area will start to see this later on. it has been moving through with wet roads producing wet roads and also a soggy commute from santa rosa down to san rafael. we have seen some of the showers moving from west to east. we'll see this trend throughout today as it continues to spread in. we're tracking more of this as well as much of the rest of the bay area getting in on showers, but it will be a lot wider so the focus will be on the north bay. i will have more on how much rain you can expect as the rain continues to move in. that's coming up in a few minutes. starting today three counties and one city will ease
5:32 am
their mask mandates for many indoor settings. today in the bay's, bob redell, live for us in walnut creek. this could be a big deal for some of us, especially for those heading to th rorter: correct. ti today here in contra costa county, and also in alameda county and the city of berkeley, you no longer have to wear a mask inside the gym as long as you're vaccinated. no masks are required in certain indoor settings, places like gyms, offices, churches, again, everybody must be vaccinated and symptom free, and there's no more than 100 people inside. you still must wear your mask in places like stores, restaurants and schools. and also marin county, they are lifting most indoor mandates, and going a step further, masks are recommended but no longer required in most indoor settings
5:33 am
in marin county, and this includes stores and restaurants. masks are still required in places like schools, health care facilities, jails, homeless facilities and on public transit. back here live, masks are optional. if you are fully vaccinated, everybody we have seen here today has come without a mask and not showing symptoms of covid, and management hopes the new rules sticks. >> we are trying to please both sides. because it's 50/50 with the membership, and half of them want to wear a mask and have don't. since this mandate has come down, it let's them decide if they want to wear a mask or not, it really helps us. >> masks in contra costa, alameda county and the city of berkeley no longer required in
5:34 am
places like gyms, churches, but if you work at an office and go to school, you are still going to have a mask in most places like stores and restaurants, as i mentioned before. >> yeah, i know for a lot of people this morning that cardio will be a lot easier to breathe. >> if you can't lose the mask completely, they are still required in a number of places, schools, health care facilities, jails, homeless shelters and if you are on public transit, and public businesses could require people to wear a mask indoors if they choose. moderna is delaying the decision on the covid vaccine for 12 to 17 years olds while they take time to study a rare risk of heart inflammation. the review could last until january, and moderna will also delay filing a request for emergency use authorization of its lower dose vaccine for 6 to
5:35 am
11-year-olds. >> likely by the end of the week, children over the age of 5 will be eligible for pfizer covid vaccinations. here's a timeline for you. the cdc advisory panel meets tomorrow, and they will have the official sign off, and then the cdc director must approve. some parents plan to wait to sign their kids up for the vaccine, and experts say vaccinations for kids are critical to ending the pandemic. if you have questions we put together a list of answers for you on our website, once you get there you can find the link on our trending bar. a live look at sfo developing this morning. bay area travelers will face another day of headaches. american airlines canceled 1,700 flights since friday. and there's at least one cancelation we now know within
5:36 am
the next hour, and how else is it looking out there, thom? >> reporter: good morning. the dallas fort worth flight at 6:10 is canceled. we just spoke to a gentleman that arrived, and he's extremely frustrated because he did not get a text. 13 flights here since friday, departures and arrivals. according to flightaware that tracks flights across the world, american canceled more than one-third of its fleet, and today 8% of its flights are canceled, and that's 249 flights canceled today, and six are here in the bay area. there have been 1,700 american cancelations since the start of the weekend that you were talking about. one family we caught up with we spoke to, they are catching a
5:37 am
flight to phoenix and then on to kentucky, and they hope they won't run into any more delays or cancelations, but they are prepared. >> we purchased the travel insurance. >> southwest airlines had cancelations more than $75 million, and we saw with all of those cancelations how it can snowball and cancelations and delays in other parts of the country can definitely affect flights here in the bay area. i am sure we will be monitoring that throughout the rest of the day. we're live in san josé, thom jensen for "today in the bay." new this morning, one of san francisco's busiest safeway stores ended its late hours due to shoplifting. it scaled back its hours, and they were 24 hours and now it's
5:38 am
6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. the supervisor tweeted he is already set to meet with reps with safeway, and he's hoping to meet with police leaders to device a better plan. happening today, san josé state educators plan to protest a visit from the csu chancellor and negotiating a new contract. castro is visiting the campus a little afternoon. teachers recently declared talks were at an impasse, although the administration did not issue a direct response. the union argues the state is flush with cash due to a surplus and unspent covid funding. we want to take a live look at the golden gate bridge, and we are expecting rain to hit that area of the bay area later this morning. you know what? also we will have more rain later this week as well. we want to get a look at the commute in just a second with mike, and that will affect the commute for a lot of people, but
5:39 am
we want to start with meteorologist, kari hall. you are seeing a nice steady rain. >> yeah, we like a light rain and give it a chance to soak in and then we will see another round. it's mainly for marin county, and parts of sonoma county. it's cloudy in much of napa county and light showers moving there. up and down 101, it has been pretty soggy once you hit the north bay. we have more rain coming in that will continue to spread across the rest of the bay area. here's what we are expecting. scattered showers, but tomorrow it's going to be all clear and cool. the rest of the week, once again, watching another chance of rain set to move in on thursday. we will have details on that. mike, how sit looking for the commute? >> calm. 101, no problems reported. a smooth drive right here.
5:40 am
we do have a new crash 280 at edge wood, and there could be a lane blocked and i will track that. around vargas, a car off the roadway and on the shoulder, but there's slowing because of the distraction. very light traffic for the altamont pass, and that's because everybody is held up in tracy because there's a crash around the mountain parkway. it's benefiting our drive. vasco still pretty much at speed out of contra costa county. here we have the closure for the major injury crash heading past north high school. back to you. >> thanks, mike. under quarantine. coming up, singer bon jovi testing positive for covid and how he made sure the show went on without him. plus -- >> this is not as flashy as figure skating or snowboarding,
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5:44 am
this will spread into the rest of the bay area. we'll talk more about how much rain you can expect where you live. that's coming up in a few minutes. great conditions in oakland, and we are watching a crash at north 880, we just got word the crash is cleared from the roadway. updates for 280 on the peninsula, coming up. mike, thank you. new overnight, san josé police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened yesterday afternoon south of blossom hill road. one unidentified man was taken to the hospital. sadly doctors could not save him. this is the city's 29th homicide this year. president biden slipping in the polls with his lowest approval rate to date. >> in fact the lowest of any president. scott mcgrew joins us. the lowest except one. >> yeah, 42% approval rating, the lowest for any president as this point in his presidency
5:45 am
except for the previous president. here are the latest numbers from the latest nbc poll. 42% down 7 points from august. now, the poll does have a 3% margin of error, and that's pretty big if you are measuring a move of 7%. more alarmingly, 71% of americans think the country is moving in the wrong direction. here's the president on his poll numbers. >> polls are going to go up and down, up and down, and they will be high and medium and then back up and then low. look, look at every other president, the same thing has happened. that's not why i ran. i did not run to determine how well i will do in the polls. i ran to make sure that i followed through on what i said i would do as president of the united states. >> president biden spoke at the g20 summit in rome. he's now in scotland for the climate summit there. he will push other leaders to cut carbon emissions, even as we in the u.s. do not have our
5:46 am
latest clean energy deal passed. democrats hope to have a floor vote on the clean energy deal which is part of this build back better deal and they hope to vote on the original bipartisan infrastructure bill in the house no later than tomorrow. we will be tracking all of the discussions at the u.n. climate change summit reporting progress to you on all of our nbc bay area newscast. we also have our eye on the governor's race in virginia. that's tomorrow. who wins, republican or democrat, could give us an idea of how the mid-term races will go next year. we're watching the supreme court, and chris pallone is literally on the steps this morning as the high court hears the argument of the texas abortion law. keep in mind this law was written with the full anticipation it would be challenged in the supreme court. a lot on the plate today, and a lot on social media. we will meet you there. i am on twitter @scottmcgrew.
5:47 am
>> thank you. singer jon bon jovi remains in quarantine this morning after testing positive for covid. he was scheduled to give a concert on saturday night but had to cancel when he tested positive. the air force becomes the first military branch to require covid vaccinations, and jobs may be on the line. up to 12,000 personnel have rejected orders to get fully vaccinated, despite the pentagon mandate. it amounts to less than 4% of the active airmen. the pentagon will provide more information after tomorrow's deadline. teaming up with refugees to
5:48 am
share art. one lady has been painting murals, and this is store in alameda, and it features a 8-year-old boy killed by a suicide bomber. she worked with a group of refugee families over the weekend that made their way to the bay area to help with that project. just about three months from now the winter olympics will get under way, and you know what that means, trying to brush up on your curling knowledge. it means one club in the south bay will get a lot of attention. silicon valley curling club started about four years ago but already has about 100 members. as one mother and daughter will tell you, the whole family can take part. >> i have been involved in the
5:49 am
sport for a lot of my life and it's more tiring than i thought it would be. >> it's more fun than i thought it would be. >> boy, it's a popular sport. i -- gabrielle used to curl. >> i didn't know that. >> the olympics start on february 4th, and we'll be right here for the entire ride. >> i imagine you could work your arms, chest and arms. i may have to check that out. i need to know how to skate first. i can roller skate. >> you don't skate, though. >> but i have to learn to stand on them. northern lights putting an extended show over the halloween weekend. this is a time-lapse of the skies above northern scotland. scientists are saying a significant solar flare 48 hours
5:50 am
earlier providing a super charge to the night sky. very cool. >> yeah, wish we could get that in the bay area. i wish we could dial-up something and say, can we have that here? kari, can you work on that? >> i think seeing the northern lights is on every meteorologist's bucket list, but i don't like the cold so i don't want to go to the arctic circle. >> keep it on video. >> yeah, love that. we have a little green here in the sky, and this is on radar and it's coming down in the form of rain. we are excited to see not only the light showers moving through, and hoping to add up on the rainfall totals after having a chance to dry out from all of the heavy rain we had last week. take a look at the rain that has been steady around lake and
5:51 am
mendocino counties, and then it is more light and spotty, and it will make the roads wet apbdz novato, and in napa we are seeing light showers move through as we are getting ready to head out. this is part of a system getting ready to spread into the bay area as we go through today. there's also a storm behind that set to move in on thursday. this will not be the end of our rain chances. for most of the bay area in the east bay is going to be very light, hit or miss, and some parts of the bay area will only measure maybe 0.1 of an inch of rain, and it will be heavier for the north bay and parts of the peninsula. take a look at what some of our computer models are putting down. the possibility of getting over half an inch of rain for the north bay, and once you head over to napa, it's a quarter inch of rain. the further inland you are, the less rain you will see today as you typically see with the systems, and looking at where we stand with one month into our
5:52 am
water year, and we're still at a big surplus, and we are five inches at a surplus now after getting all that rain. right now in walnut creek, you may not see showers until 9:00 or 10:00, and then heavier closer to noon. temperatures only stay in the 60s for today. tomorrow we get more sunshine, slightly warmer. we do continue to warm up on wednesday, but then late in the evening, overnight we'll see the showers returning on thursday, and that's the next storm system that we will be watching. doesn't look like it will be heavy at all. we lead into the weekend with dry weather, a storm system passing to the north that will bring in more clouds. daylight-savings time ends this sunday, so set your clocks back and san francisco will continue to see the temperatures in the 60s. ten minutes between 19th and
5:53 am
macarthur station, here up in the oakland area, equipment problem on the tracks and so there's a delay in those two stations in oakland. the roadways are not major either. we do have the crash in the sunol area or fremont, and it's cleared to the shoulder on 680. south 280, we don't have slowing but one lane may be blocked, a crash at edge wood, and somebody got out of their car and was walking around and it's a distraction and not a safe situation. a crash on 680, and no problems for the tri-valley. a build for the bay bridge across the span. the metering lights were turned on because the crowd was growing here mid span. we'll track that for you. >> thank you, david chiu. he has represented the assembly district since 2017.
5:54 am
he will replace city attorney, dennis herrera, who as of today is leading san francisco's public utilities commission. much more ahead on "today in the bay," including alec baldwin speaking out for the first time about the on-set shooting, and how it is motivating him to take political action. a live report on the vaccine order taking affect today for san francisco workers. the impact it may have on your morning commute. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
5:55 am
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get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. welcome back. 5:57. you're watching "today in the bay." developing now, actor alec baldwin breaking his silence about the cinematographer he fatally shot on the movie set of "rust." he and his wife made a stop on the road in vermont and talked publicly for the shooting. he said the cinematographer was his friend. she died after being shot with a prop gun. the director was also injured in the shooting. baldwin said he is interested in limiting the use of guns in
5:58 am
productions. >> we have to realize when it goes wrong, some new measures have to take place. >> the actor said he stopped to talk to the press so that photographers would stop following him and his family. in the wake of george floyd's death, minneapolis is set to vote on the controversial decision this week. tomorrow voters will decide to replace the city's embattled police department with a new department of public safety. if voters approve the police department and the office of the chief would be removed from the city's charter, and the minimum funding requirement would be eliminated. if it passes, the measure could lead to similar measures across the country. the pleasanton city council will create an ordinance that require gun owners to store guns in a locked container or keep the trigger lock engaged. the law seeks to keep kids from getting access to guns. 54% of gun owners do not lock up
5:59 am
all their guns or store them properly. it also says in 2020 across the u.s. there were nearly 370 unintentional shootings by children. other bay area cities have enacted similar ordinances, including dublin, palo alto and redwood city. and then trying to figure out if the drop in young voters for the recall election is what is to come. >> it was down 30% from the hotly contested presidential election. some believe it represents a growing frustration among young voters. you can read the full report including what the experts are saying about this on right now at 6:00, time is up. >> just comply and do it and
6:00 am
move forward. >> the deadline is here for san francisco city workers to be fully vaccinated for covid. a live report on the impact that will be felt starting today across the city, and also how it could delay your morning commute. the right to choose going before the u.s. supreme court this morning. why some fear the controversial case in texas may forever change abortion laws across the united states. plus a halloween weekend tragedy in gilroy. deadly gunfire at a city council members home, and what authorities are saying about the young man now in custody. this is "today in the bay." good monday morning to you. november 1st, it is. i am marcus washington. >> it is. i am laura garcia. we will have a look at your morning commute with mike in just a little bit, but let's check in with meteorologist, kari hall. she's tracking rain already falling in the north bay. >> yeah, it's off and on and light


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