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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 1, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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force base. >> he was shook up, saw the crime tape, lot of officers, no information. >> airman among three people arrested in connection with death of 19-year-old woman. what we're learning about mysterious case that spans three counties. more on the way, tracking next storm system headed for the bay area. you can go maskless in marin county, big changes and how close other counties are to lifting their mandates, too. >> good evening, we begin with the deadly halloween weekend. three people arrested in connection with the murder of a 19-year-old. among those, a member of the u.s. air force. police say the prime suspect is another woman. >> stretches from salinas to fairfield to sacramento. cheryl hurd is in fairfield. >> reporter: tonight a neighbor places a candle in front of the
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home where police say 19-year-old was killed. spans several counties, starting in sacramento, young woman last seen at halloween party early morning of 30th. killed at home cascade lane in fairfield not far from travis air force base. next day, body found in rural part of monterey county outside salinas. investigators say she left the party saturday morning with two active duty air force men. we don't know if she knew them but one is under arrest, accessory to murder, juan perra peralta who lives on the lane. this man has seen her at the home. >> condolences to the family.
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my prayers. landlord here, work every day, nights, i barely even see the roommate. >> reporter: numbers are stunned. >> shook up with the crime scene tape, a lot of officers, no information. >> reporter: fairfield police have arrested jessica quintanilla on murder charges and marco quintanilla on accessory, they're from pittsburgh. nbc bay area news. return of the rain, cloudy start to november. many parts of the bay area seeing showers. live look in walnut creek. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking what is left of this storm and when the next one might be rolling in. >> starting to fall apart. most rainfall in morning and midday hours. storm ranger mobile doppler radar, clouds and spotty showers in north bay, east bay and
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peninsula but beginning to move out. rainfall totals most impressive over the north bay, sausalito, 0.80, santa rosa, 0.56, san jose only 0.08 inches. puts our surplus of rain 1.36 inches in san jose to over nine inches in santa rosa. compared to where we should be, 652% of normal in santa rosa. oakland, 604%, san jose, 407% and more rainfall on the way. shower chances thursday and could be a stronger storm next monday, full details in about 15 minutes. >> we'll see you then, thank you, jeff. marin county is the envy of the bay area, having eased covid masking requirements, indoor dining and shopping a go without
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mask. several other counties are getting close. terry mcsweeney. >> reporter: things are looking different in marin county, more faces, fewer masks. >> can't wait to throw this on the ground, probably have to take it out again though. can't wait. >> reporter: not everyone is excited. >> i think should wear masks inside stores to be more safe and don't get other people sick. >> reporter: bay area counties agreed with below 80% and good vaccination rate and how hospitalizations could ease restrictions and marin county has. >> once the vaccination is into the arms of the 5 to 11-year-olds, close to getting to that point, san francisco, santa clara and san mateo.
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>> reporter: santa clara county is close to the yellow tier. san francisco i with 76% of the population fully vaccinated. unvaccinated still have to wear masks inside and vaccinated on public transit, in hospitals or indoors at schools. some want more masking. >> older people, people like me at risk, put in even further peril because of other people that feel it's taking away their freedom. >> reporter: dr. chin-hong said it's unlikely easing these restrictions will lead to a spike in covid but there are variables. >> don't know what behavior of the up vaccinated folks will be, hopefully they'll continue to protect themselves and the community but shouldn't have too many of an effect.
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>> two other counties made changes to the rules today, not as dramatic, alameda and contra costa county are allowing people to lose masks in some indoor settings -- offices, gyms, religious gatherings and college classes but everyone else inside must be fully vaccinated, too. could get the green light this wednesday, 5 to 11-year-old kids authorized to get the covid vaccine. tomorrow cdc advisory panel will meet and possibly sign off on the pfizer young group. anticipating approval, federal government has started distributing doses to pediatricians, rural health clinics, children's hospitals, pharmacies and other sites where kids can get the vaccine. pfizer says it's about 95%
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effective preventing symptoms for children in this age group. reverend jesse jackson is back in the hospital, stable and will be okay. 80-year-old civil rights leader was visiting howard university in washington, d.c., today when he fell and hit his head. taken to hospital for ct scan, came back normal according to spokesperson for his rainbow push coalition. his daughter tweeted he's resting comfortably, doing well. he was in the hospital less than two months ago receiving treatment for covid infection. now seeing video from last bay area visit earlier this year in june. did he prey on his own flock? pastor in south bay arrested on suspicion of molesting a number of children at morgan hill christian church. ian cull. >> reporter: a pastor from this church is behind bars. police say multiple victims recently came forward saying
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they've been molested by pastor of hollister. investigation led to his arrest on the 26th. >> going back six years, length of time we know he's had contact with minors. from the time he was a pastor. >> reporter: police say he inappropriately touched multiple kids over the six-year period but wouldn't say if it happened at the church. police say the victims were under 14 and believe could be more and asking them to come forward. >> ask the parents to speak with their children in event they do disclose anything, to immediately call. and set up interview with the detective. >> reporter: online records show he's being held without bail at elmwood men's facility in milpitas. the church did not respond to multiple requests for comment.
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ian cull, nbc bay area news. we continue to follow that deadly shooting in gilroy at home of a city councilwoman. tonight people came together to remember michael daniel zuniga macias. killed on saturday at halloween party. identified this afternoon. happened at home of the councilwoman, two others shot are still in critical condition. there was arrest yesterday and today announced there was another shooter at party. unclear whether the council member had involvement in the party, mayor of gilroy says it's too soon to rush to judgment. >> i've been trying to be strong, but this is emotional. active investigation. >> councilwoman issued a statement saying her family is cooperating with the
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investigation and offering prayers to the victim's family. she was not at city council meeting. more fallout from kkk costume at east bay high school. students demanding expulsion. the fellow students learned that boy who wore the costume was suspended three days and classmates say that doesn't go far enough. there are four other students posing in the pic, too. >> can't believe someone would wear that to school and think that's okay. and fact that a few black kids were taking pictures with him, that's really unacceptable there. >> the principal issued a statement saying all five students will participate in restorative justice process to learn how their actions impact and hurt others. scotland, day two of the climate summit.
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president biden unveiled new strategy to transform the u.s. into clean energy nation by 2050. running on clean energy like wind and solar. urged nations to do more and pledged to raise $3 million a year to help developing countries adapt to climate change. warned that world has a narrow window to take action. >> we have opportunity to prove ourselves. keep the goal of limiting global warming if we come together. >> president is getting heat for his 20-car motorcade in scotland and 85-car entourage in rome over the weekend. san jose hospital accused of dangerous staffing practicing and safety. who is out of a job now?
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you may have to change options for thanksgiving, local crab is off the menu. storm is moving out but stronger storm will get here. how much rain?
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another shake-up at good sam. top executive at hospital is gone. latest to leave, director of nursing for women's services, unit has been target of staffing and patient care complaints at good sam. >> candice nguyen has been leading our coverage. >> reporter: i spoke with her over the phone, she was let go early they are afternoon. was very upset and says did not see it coming. did acknowledge complaints against her and her department. sonico has been the director for 22 months.
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our investigative unit has been uncovering issues since june when a group stopped sending pregnant patients to the hospital for deliveries and surgeries, citing staffing and other patient concerns. in july, put them on notice saying hospital leaders failed to meet the needs of the patients. departure after other staff left. medical officer and chief nursing officer. what she told me over the phone. i'm in shock, don't know why i was let go, but proud of my work the team and the hospital, good people at good sam. i'm proud of everybody and will miss them. good samaritan sent us a statement, policy is not discuss the personnel matters publicly. we hold the staff to highest
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standards to continue our track record of high quality care. last august the nurses association said good sam agreed to create new positions for staffing shortfalls. good sam says it's made progress. with the investigative unit, candice nguyen. be careful taking a flight in holiday season, lot of frustrated people, airplane airlines canceled more than 300 flights just today, including in bay area. more than 2,000 flights have been canceled by american airlines since last friday, says staffing shortages and bad weather at dallas-fort worth hub are reason for the disruptions. many with scaled back staffing after offering buyouts to thousands of employees in the pandemic. now trying to increase the staffing in the holidays. southwest also had problems a
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few weeks ago. vaccine mandates could complicate things further at airports this holiday season. presidential mandate requires all be vaccinated. tsa says about -- percent are vaccinated but thousands more are updating that status each week. good chance you can't buy local crab for thanksgiving. commercial crab season supposed to start a couple weeks from now. delay to protect humpback whales and sea turtles from being caught in the traps. recreational fishing is allowed but traps banned. will assess the 27th. houses are small but make a
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big difference for homeless people in oakland. tiny home village, first large-scale tiny home village with space for 65 people. each home is individual home which is important with covid still going around. people are moving in in time for the wet weather. >> rains are coming, need to get people off the street. i've done a lot of winters out here. first winter i haven't been in the rain, it is miserable. people don't realize how bad that wet, rainy season is for people who live out here. >> places are small but electricity, running water, village will provide health and economic services and hope this will transition homeless people into permanent housing. not getting easier to buy a home in the bay area, new numbers show prices still going up. probably not a surprise to you. from core logic, median home price in san mateo county up 8%
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since september 20th. in san francisco county, average shy of $1.7 million. santa clara county, $1.5 million, 14% higher. and in alameda county, more than $1.1 million, up 17%. it's just going to keep going up. >> staggering what you think about it. matter jeff ranieri, we had a break on halloween, then showers. what do we expect? >> another break tomorrow and two more chances of rainfall. storm ranger mobile doppler radar, satellite combined. see things breaking up right now. tomorrow, area of high pressure nose its way in from the south, dry, mild temperatures, lift the storm track north toward seattle and portland. for the morning, still going have cloud cover, gloomy to
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start. i do not think you'll need the sunglasses for the commute but through the afternoon, 3:00 p.m., should begin to build in gradual sunshine. leave the umbrella but have your jackets. start off chilly, 56 in the tri-valley, the south bay at 57. and 50s for east bay, san francisco and north bay. high pressure moving in from the south means the warmer temperatures, up about ten degrees, we're back up to some 70s around concord, livermore, morgan hill and san jose. 60s martinez to santa rosa and the coastline. seven-day forecast, we'll spend time on this. thursday seeing a chance of spotty showers. originally looked like this could have been a stronger storm system but everything is continuing to move north. we'll watch out for showers on
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thursday. dry this weekend, clouds increasing. sunday, time change, fall back, set the clocks back one hour but gain some sleep. got a new sunrise at 6:38 in the morning and new sunset at 5:03, earlier sunset is hard to get through. next monday, could be a potentially stronger storm with quarter to an inch possible. may get atmospheric river with that, boosting up the rainfall totals by monday. inland valleys, low 70s, then back into the 60s on extended forecast. bonus tonight, tahoe, might get one to three feet of snow next monday and tuesday if everything holds with the storm. keep chipping away at this drought, will be good for us. >> nice. going skiing -- >> suspicious if you're not here next week.
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>> might be gone. >> we know where you are. >> coming with me? >> someone has to hold down the fort. up next, new suit to enjoy the metaverse, mark zuckerberg's next idea. >> upcoming spacex launch delayed again, planning to send astronauts to the international space station this wednesday but pushed back as crew member deals with medical issue, it's not emergency and doesn't involve covid. earliest they can launch is saturday, this is the second time it's delayed, back in a moment.
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busy safeway store in san francisco changing its hours because of what they call out of control shoplifting. mission and church, was 24 hours, seven days a week, now 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. supervisor mendleman says it's most popular in the district and plans to meet with law enforcement and the district attorney's office to figure out how to reduce theft at that store. felt the pandemic disrupt our lives, now learning how it impacted vital scientific research. american heart association said 80% of trials not related to covid were slowed or stopped, especially cardiac and stroke research. shelter in place and pandemic restrictions also impacting staffing. association says work needs to
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be done to rebuild. mark zuckerberg continues to tweak his metaverse, played this video announcement of renaming parent company to facebook meta. he's researching a plastic skin with carnegie mellon scientists, being tested on robots, training them not to bruise soft fruit. closer to goal of having virtual objects interact with physical objects in the metaverse. >> i understood half of that. >> i still don't. talk about a major superstar in sports taking part of his salary in cryptocurrency.
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"monday night football," chiefs hosting the giants. what is up with kc, struggled after going to last two super bowls. first quarter looked like old kc. mahomes to hill. shaky but the chiefs beat the giants. 20-17. crypto? aaron rodgers is embracing cryptocurrency. will have a portion of his salary paid to him in bitcoin. makes about $33 million a year, but unclear how much of that will be paid in bitcoin. isn't the first. last year panthers offensive lineman had half his salary in bitcoins. should we get paid in crypto? >> where can i get it? i don't know, maybe. >> back in a moment. and there you have it- woah.
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cold weather couldn't dissuade families celebrating the day of the dead in san francisco. full swing in the tenderloin,
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face painting, snacks, music, remember loved ones in large community altar, tenderloin community benefit district put it together. >> wanted to create a dia los muertes. it's for the community. >> beautiful face painting. non-profit organization wanted to show the best of the tenderloin, it's really colorful. >> we do it right in the bay area every year. jeff ranieri, talk about the rain? >> it's breaking up now, tomorrow start off with clouds, gradual sunshine and ten degrees warmer, 70s for concord, san jose, livermore and morgan hill.
11:34 pm
68 in martinez, 67 in napa and 60s from san francisco to half moon bay. spotty showers on thursday, dropping to the 60s. time change and clouds this weekend. sunday, fall back the clocks one hour. earlier sunset at 5:03. next monday could get quarter to one inch of rain, potential atmospheric river. still seven days out but more rainfall in the mix, great to see that. >> what happens do we gain hour or lose? >> gain sleep, lose daylight. >> next weekend. >> this sunday. >> this sunday coming. >> fall back. >> all right, remind me to fall back. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, in the


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