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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 2, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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on the ice. the san josé sharks head into the game tonight without several crucial players. what fans should know before they go. plus -- >> yeah, can't wait to put this on the ground. >> we're moving you forward with a look at other bay area locations where restrictions may soon be lifted. fighting a global threat. president biden taking the world stage overnight. the details behind his new push to put an end in climate in crisis. "today in the bay" continues right now. good tuesday morning to you. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we certainly have a lot to get to this morning. let's start out with meteorologist, kari hall. >> it's starting to dry out after the rain moved through the bay area yesterday, and a look at the radar and we can see the activity moving away from us,
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and there could be sprinkles and patchy dense fog settling in. visibility going down about quarter of a mile in parts of the south bay right now. half moon bay is at zero right now, so if you have to drive out early this morning, take it easy and allow extra time to get there. we are all clear in the south bay and we are also going to see some spots dealing with that fog. our temperatures will warm up. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. in a matter of hours the cdc members will start the process of finalizing covid vaccinations for children over the age of five. panel members will start meeting at 8:00 a.m. our time. this is to approve the pfizer vaccine for younger age groups. once that happens the cdc director must approve the plan and shots could start rolling out as soon as tomorrow. ahead of that, the federal government already delivering
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doses at sites where children can get the vaccine. coming up, our own bob redell will talk about how the vaccine is being distributed to millions of kids. and then there are questions about the sharks, and kris sanchez is live at the sap center. >> reporter: yeah, if you watched the san josé sharks game on saturday, it was a scramble and so many key players were bench, and so they had to bring up barracuda members to play at full force. these are the players that could be out, and they believe was of travel and hotel stays this is how the team was exposed.
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they are trying to protect the players and families of the players as well. once the players get two negative tests, the team doctor can request a return to the ice. saturday night it was not in time for that. the sharks won the game in overtime, but without the key players because of the covid protocol. logan couture did not feel well enough to play but still tested negative. everybody has to show proof of full vaccination to even get in the shark tank. you can't show a negative covid test, but a lot of folks waiting for test results ahead of tonight's game. kris sanchez for "today in the bay." >> thank you. moving you forward may not be long before some in the bay area eases the mask requirements. marin county lifted its mandate for indoor businesses but everybody still has to wear masks in public transit,
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hospitals and schools. approving the vaccine for children will help further ease the rules. >> once the vaccination gets approved into the arms of 5 to 11-year-olds, i think the closest getting to that point would be san francisco, santa clara and san mateo. >> any county with a vaccination rate of 80% and low hospitalization rates and 21 straight days of moderate covid levels can ease their restrictions. san francisco is at 76% fully vaccinated. and then president biden just finished addressing global leaders upping the commitment to fighting the climate crisis. chris, this on top of the big environmental commitment he just
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made on behalf of the united states. >> yeah, it's planned to end deforestation. the president outlining a deal with presidents in brazil and china, and a similar deal in 2014 did not come to fruition. the president attending the summit and promising the strongest regulations to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas drilling, and they will join the union to cut that percentage. speaking to the sphuplit this morning, the president also said the u.s. is committed to conserving carbon sinks, and that's something that absorbs more carbon than it releases, and the president is calling on
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more leaders to join him. >> we can do this. we need to do what we know is right and necessary. so as simple as it sounds, i think it is this simple. let's get to work. >> back here on capitol hill, despite some resistance from west virginia senator, joe manchin, the house's top progressive said she's still confident the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the bigger spending bill will pass this week. meanwhile democrats wondering about their election prospects in next year's midterms are looking to virginia. that state is electing a new governor. joe biden won it by ten points, but the democrat and republican are in a dead heat. back to you. >> we'll watch that, too. thanks, kris. nbc bay area, you can find the latest stories on our
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website, a pastor behind bars this morning accused of molesting children. multiple victims have come forward, saying the pastor of hollister molested them. he's accused of inappropriately touching multiple children over a six-year period. it's not clear if the alleged crimes happened at his church in morgan hill. police want to know and want parents to come forward. >> we just would ask the parents to speak with their children in the event that they do disclose anything to immediately call and set up an interview with the detective. >> he is now facing 15 criminal charges. the church did not respond to our multiple requests for comments. a follow-up on the weekend
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shooting outside the home of a gilroy city council woman. two other vehicle uplz are still -- victims are still in critical condition and the 19-year-old suspect is in custody. there was a second shooter as well, and that shooting happened at the home of councilmember rebeca armendariz. her family is cooperating with that investigation. and then many are pressing nancy pelosi to push expanded paid leave as biden's build back better legislation. the rally will take place outside the federal building. there you go to get you
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started for the day. you can see the water drops on the lens. >> it's a spaceship. >> is that a spaceship, mike? that's how things get started. should we see rain throughout the day? >> we have seen fog and in napa fog is the main issue. the temperature is at 54 degrees. we are starting to dry out and we have a lot of moisture left on the ground. we will see clouds rolling by and sunshine as we head towards the upper 60s. a high of 71 degrees in livermore. 71 in san josé. it's going to be warmer this afternoon and gradually becoming nicer, but we are starting off with fog and clouds for the start of your tuesday morning. we'll talk about when that rain returns. that's in just a few minutes. mike, you are shifting to a
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crash in contra costa county? >> that's right. highway 101 has cleared from the major injures on the crash. we had a potential for a traffic break, and that's why there's slowing, and the traffic break was needed to move the vehicle to the shoulder. that could be going on for a few more minutes going north out of walnut creek. and then dublin, there's a disabled vehicle and it's cleared to the shoulder. no major incidents through silicon valley or the peninsula. back to you. >> thanks, mike. bay area crowd lovers becoming all too familiar with this phrase, crab season delay. why you may want to rethink that thanksgiving dinner if it includes crab on the menu. investors may be crabby this
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morning when they discover that made up money isn't worth anything, plus -- >> i'm sure you know that classic sound there, and somebody just paid a huge chunk of change to get their hands on the '80s video game. another shake up at san josé's good samaritan hospital, and a top executive out of a job after a series of complaints. our investigative team has been leading the coverage on the hospital, and you can read the full report on, and you can find it right there on our home page.
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right now at 5:14, fog is the main issue for drivers heading out the door and heading to work this morning. we're down to about half a mile visibility in santa rosa, and there are spots in between as you are driving to work that may be a little lower. we are going to have a chance to dry out and sunshine in our afternoon forecast. we'll talk more about that and when rain comes back in a few minutes. and kari showed you santa rosa, and we are showing you palo alto, and not a problem here. 101 in san francisco cleared and speeds recovered around cesar chavez. spacex and nasa are delaying
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the launch of astronauts into the space station after the weekend after one of the astronauts on the crew ran into a problem, and nasa was quick to say it was not covid. their mission was supposed to launchweather, which in hindsight, when you think about it, may have been good luck, indeed, if one of them is sick. the "san francisco chronicle" said facebook is expanding and looking for more real estate. facebook wants 700,000 square feet. all three major stock market indices hit new highs. elon musk warned tesla investors
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that a deal with hertz has not been signed. what it will do, and this is me talking, it will bring down the costs of teslas. the blank check company associated with donald trump's new social media saw its stock fall 10% yesterday. digital world acquisition company is down 30%. a new cryptocurrency named after the squid game is worthless, after organizers sold their assets. there's some irony that people bought into what was a game because they were greedy.
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the value of squid, that's the name of the coin, was worth more than $2,000 a coin, and now is worth half a cent. that's quite the dip. another way of putting it, there's no value of made up money named after a tv show, surprise, surprise. a lot of made up currencies out there you need to probably be very cautious about, and then our producer said isn't all money made up? some is more made up than others. >> yeah, we just put the value on it. >> the paper is worth $20 million -- >> if i could just get a picture of it -- >> no! >> it's baffling, though. there's a whole younger generation really into it. >> yeah, true. >> scott, thanks. trending for you this morning, convicted felon joe
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exotic's mortal enemy is taking legal action against netflix's "tiger king" sequel. the couple says that they declined to appear in the sequel but they are still featured in the upcoming trailer. the deadline overnight reported that they have already lost their bid for a temporary injunction. >> i didn't watch that. >> i did. >> you did? >> it was interesting. uh-huh. also trending for you this morning, more proof that it may have paid to avoid opening all of your nintendo cartridges. i don't know who didn't open them, though? >> the reason we bring that up is because there was an unopened super mario 2 game cartridge from 33 years ago just sold for
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$88,000. it was found in mint condition in the back of the closet in a house going up for sale in indiana. probably a lot of conversations about, what happened to that game? where did you put it? well, look at the money now. >> this is the problem, guys. we run these stories, and my son goes, dad, you know those old games, can we sell them? i say, if you find somebody that will pay for the shipping. >> yeah. kari, how is the forecast looking out there today? >> i played my nintendo until the game broke and you were shaking it and trying to get it -- trying to do everything to get it to work. let's get a look at what is going on this morning. as we see the rain moving away from us, and now we're left with pretty decent rainfall totals.
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we had high rainfall totals, and over an inch and three quarters there. most of us had a quarter up to three quarters of an inch of rain in parts of the north bay. look at san josé, 0.08 of an inch there. it was better than nothing and we will take it. our temperatures will start to warm up, heading for the low 70s in los gatos. 68 in redwood city. san francisco in the mid-60s today. our northbound temperatures mainly in the upper 60s. it's going to be foggy to start and slow to clear out and once it does, we will have a nice day ahead. we are going to get ready for a nice bout of rain, and it sweeps
5:21 am
out of here. by thursday afternoon it's sunny again and we are looking at the possibility of getting quarter inch of rain in parts of the north bay, and most of us won't see that much. we are mainly looking at trace amounts, 0.1 of an inch of rain south of san francisco. we have a chance of showers on thursday morning and clearing out for the weekend. we set our clock back one hour on sunday morning, and then by monday we could be watching more rain coming in. mike, you are watching a couple crashes in the east bay? >> that's right, the north bay, the peninsula, all looking great right now. speeds pretty much everywhere, including the east bay are looking good, but with a crash, the second one reported, two in the area heading toward arenda, but both are on the shoulder from what i understand. a lot of slowing here. we talked about a rumored traffic break to move the car to the shoulder, and that could be what is going on.
5:22 am
and it's fine going towards walnut creek, and silicon valley. one crash north 17 coming up around the summit, no slowing but one lane could be blocked for a bit. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> two problems, a flooded car and an insurance policy that won't pay. we'll help you fix that. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next.
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bay area crab lovers used to hearing this. you may want to put the butter on hold once again. crab season delayed, and the season was set to start on november 15th but is being delayed to protect humpback whales and sea turtles from being caught in crab netting. the department plans to assess things again on november 22nd, which is too late if you are thinking of serving fresh crab for thanksgiving, which many in the bay area do. >> i love crab. next time. 5:35 for you this morning. a recent storm flooded a lot of cars and that's bad news. >> even worse, a lot of peoples' car insurance won't pay to fix the water damage. consumer investigator, chris chmura, is here to show us how
5:26 am
to narrow that gap. >> generally for car insurance to cover a flooded car, you have to have comprehensive insurance, and it's optitial. more than one-third of all california cars do not have comprehensive coverage. as for the bay area -- >> that would mean there's 1.8 million cars in the bay area that are not covered. >> find your policy and look on the declarations page which should be on the front, and if you need help reading it, call your insurance company. you can call your agent. the cost of comprehensive coverage varies, generally based on your car's value and deductible. >> if it's a new car with a lot of new technology and sensors versus an older model year that may not be as expensive to repair.
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>> you don't have to wait until renewal to make changes. if that storm spooked you, you could shop for comprehensive coverage right now, perhaps. if you have an insurance issue, tell us at, or call us at 888-996-tips. >> thanks, chris. next here on "today in the bay," the top stories we are following, including a looming decision on covid vaccinations for younger children. >> reporter: correct. good morning, marcus. later today the cdc could approve the covid vaccine for 5 to 11-year-olds. how soon those shots could be available to put in the arms of young children. you're watching "today in the bay."
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we were shook up when we saw the crime tape and a lot of officers and no information. >> an airman now among three people arrested. the new developments this morning in a mystery spanning three counties. just hours from now a meeting that may clear the way for covid vaccinations for children over the age of five. doses already being shipped. ahead in a live report, we're breaking down the timeline. we're in between storm systems. we will get a chance to dry out and sunshine back in the bay area. i'll talk about when rain returns to the bay area, coming up in the forecast.
5:31 am
got to find the umbrella and keep it handy these days, which is nice. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. as soon as today, bob redell joins us live at a kaiser facility in pleasanton. how soon can parents expect the vaccine to be available, bob? >> reporter: they could be administering the pfizer vaccine to 5 to 11-year-olds earlier this month, so within a couple weeks one would assume. the cdc must first sign off on the vaccine. later today a cdc advisory panel will meet and listen to various doctor presentations about the use of pfizer vaccinations in children and vote whether or not to approve the dosage for 5 to
5:32 am
11-year-olds. the approval and has started to distribute vaccines. pfizer says the vaccine is 90% effective at preventing symptoms for children in this age group. >> as a pediatrician and a father of five, i have closely followed this with personal interests and professional interests, and i think we really need to trust the science. we have the best scientists in the country who are reviewing the data and reviewing it independently, and if all goes the way we expect it, it will show us that the benefit of vaccination outweighs the risks. >> the california department of public health says it's prepared to admin stray -- administer vaccines to children, and you can check with your local pharmacy or your child's school.
5:33 am
kaiser permanente said the supplies could be limited at first, and then will start to administer shots in the early part of the month assuming the cdc gives its approval. live in pleasanton, bob redell for "today in the bay" that >> thank you. 5:33, people in palo alto -- >> people in palo alto have another option for getting a covid test, this is for covid-19. this is for everybody at one community center on middle field road. previously it was only available for district students and staff. testing is available monday through friday with no appointment necessary. developing right now, a murder mystery stretching from sacramento to fairfield to monterey county. this morning three people in custody, one in the air force. police say this 19-year-old woman was last seen alive at a halloween party in sacramento.
5:34 am
investigators say she left saturday morning with two men who were both active duty airmen. it's not clear if she already knew them, but one of them, juan peralta, now is facing a charge of accessory to a murder charge. his roommate said he has seen her before and just learned about her murder. >> condolences to the family. i give them my prayers. i work every day, i work nights, and i barely even see the roommate. >> her body was found in a monterey county field near salinas. fairfield police say they also arrested two people from pittsburg in connection to that crime. and then a gun ordinance proposal, and it law seeks to prevent kids from getting access
5:35 am
to guns. a 2016 study says more than half of all guno not lock up all their guns or store them properly. other bay area cities have similar ordinances including dublin, palo alto, and redwood city. contra costa county reaffirmed the banning of flavored tobacco sales in july. school board members have reportedly come up with a tentative plan to make $125 million in required budget cuts. according to "the chronicle," the plan will be presented later today. it cuts 360 positions across the district, and a $40 million cut to central services with another 55 jobs on the chopping block, and 50 million in school budget
5:36 am
cuts. the district has until december to finalize the plan. and then the trial for theranos continues today after repairs from last week's water main break about three blocks from the courthouse. with the courthouse lacking running water, the trial was put on told. they were looking at the interviews where she defended herself and the company from charges of fraud. she talked about being in charge and what was happening there at theranos. we have the reporting on the theranos trial online, just go to and click on the elizabeth holmes coverage. and now looking into pg&e's role in the second largest fire in california history. the utility admitted it received a subpoena from the u.s. attorney's office one month ago
5:37 am
related to the fire. the fire burned nearly 1 million acres. the cause remains under investigation, but the utility said it may have started when a tree fell on one of its power cables. a sigh of relief for first responders in the north bay, and fire season officially ended. santa rosa's fire department is confident the chance of severe fire is slim, and they continue to warn the residents that they should always keep up the wildfire prevention measures. and you should always keep the umbrella handy these days. kari, will we need it? >> yeah, but right now we have a chance to dry out and we have a lot of fog and low visibility in parts of the north bay, especially in santa rosa and napa where visibility is quarter of a mile, and it could be lower
5:38 am
in some spots as you drive around. you could have some of the cars kicking up the water left on the road from yesterday's rain. as we continue to clear out we will get sunshine later this afternoon, and highs reaching 70 degrees. so still nice. mike, you are tracking the same spot in contra costa county? >> yeah, and it should clear in the next few minutes. that little blip we expect to see is just a little blip right now as we approach 5:40. it's a little breezy here and that's why maybe the fog cleared out. a crash -- we had two crashes, actually, and one involved a sheriff deputy's vehicle, from what we understand. north bay 680 is recovering. no injuries to the deputy or no injuries reported at all. a little build for the incline at the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike.
5:39 am
5:38 right now. coming up, it's election day in the bay area. we will talk about some of the key issues being decided. and next year's crucial mid-term already has some people worried. still ahead, how americans feel about the secure elections and the reason some election officials are now facing threats. in virginia, there's an election in virginia and it's super important. we'll go over it, coming up. something is starting to smell. we will show you why this massive flower is causing such a stinker. get this, a couple holds their wedding reception at the nicest taco bell in the country. on our website, see the photos of the party and how the taco bell team tried to make their day extra special.
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good tuesday morning. it's 5:42, as you are heading out in the east bay. our temperature trend here in the upper 50s, and it's a cloudy start and could be foggy on your drive to work, and it's still going to be a nice afternoon. we'll talk about rain returning in our forecast before the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. and already clearing on the lens here at the bay bridge. the metering lights on for about five minutes now, so it made its way back to the toll plaza. that's a quick build. we'll tell you how things are shaping coming up into the area,
5:43 am
coming up. >> thanks, mike. this is an off-year election, and voters in the bay area will head to the polls to decide key issues. that includes two school district parcel tax measures, and there's a school parcel tax measure in menlo park. with america's mid-term elections a little more than a year away, and nearly 30% lack confidence in the election process, and that's 18 percentage points than last year. more threats are being made to elected officials, especially women. >> this is a way to shut you up? >> they are trying to. >> and drive you from office? >> that's what they are trying to do, but we won't be
5:44 am
intimidated and we won't stop. >> can you see that interview on the "today" show, and it starts at 7:00 a.m. right after "today in the bay." the election process could be in favor of democrats. >> some republicans may not vote because they don't trust elections. we saw that play out in the georgia election for senate, and trump said georgia's ballots were not trustworthy, and some republicans failed to show up to the ballot boxes and the democrats flipped the senate. will that be a factor in today's gubernatorial elections in virginia? it could go either way. it's a super tight race.
5:45 am
but in a 50/50 race, republicans have the advantage because historically republicans show up to polls more reliably than democrats, but will they if they don't trust the election? democrats run the house, the white house, and barely the senate, but somehow they may lose virginia even though president biden won the state by 10 points. where did this advantage go? well, have you seen the president's approval numbers, president biden's approval numbers. meanwhile, democrats working to pass the two bills still. liberal democrats do not want to pass the infrastructure bill until they pass build back better, and joe manchin said he is not ready to vote on this one until they pass this one, he said. >> twice the house has balked at sending this legislation to the president. as you heard, there are some house democrats that said they can't support this
5:46 am
infrastructure package until they get my commitment on the reconciliation legislation. it's time to vote on this bill up or down, and then go home and explain to your constituents the decision you made. >> president biden continues his work in scotland at the climate summit. he announced on monday there would be new restrictions on the climate. we can't say he was asleep, but it was 30 seconds and not a good look at the free world. reagan was caught with his eyes closed at a long time while meeting with the pope, and he was 71, and biden is 78. we will watch what is happening in virginia, and particularly on
5:47 am
twitter. you can find me there @scottmcgrew. california lawsuit meant to hold drugmakers accountable for the opioid crisis. the lawsuit alleges deceptive marketing practices by drugmakers calling them for covering the costs for opioid abuse. this is only a temporary ruling, and government attorneys are already planning an appeal. marin supervisors are reportedly taking tentative steps to take up the stalled development in golden gate village. leaders are still hoping that it will do that, but that project has been stuck foro e superviso they have now approved half a million in new money to restart
5:48 am
the renovating and it's partly qualifying for the work already done. 5:47. butterfly experts are filling in some of the blanks on more hopeful signs of phaupb kwraurbg migrations. monarch. there has been a real rebound. experts tell the "east bay times," what is also going on is climate change. so this year more eggs are hatching in the bay area because last winter was warm and with temperatures more seasonal this year, more monarchs are nd it's more likely
5:49 am
climate change have kept them from migrating all the way to the bay area in recent years. it's big and rare and it stinks, and it's blooming at the san diego botanical gardens. >> people are coming out from all over to get a whiff of it. >> there's nothing more exciting than this in the world of horticulture. this plant is the rock star of the horticulture world. >> rotten eggs. stinky shoes. >> a bay area nursery owner planted one at the abandoned alameda gas station, and the full blossom lasts just two days, and another one is expected to bloom in three to five weeks. >> bob redell usually covers that when it happens in san francisco. >> yeah, it was during the
5:50 am
pandemic and they had weird visiting hours. >> it's the corpse flower. >> good thing we had rain, and it washes the smell away. >> i like just watching it on tv. >> you and me both. let's look at how much rain fell in this last system, and we had about two inches for mount tam, and about an inch and three quarters for the santa cruz mountains. oakland hills, almost half an inch. santa rosa, three quarters of an inch of rain. redwood city measuring 0.3, as well as danville. san josé, 0.08 of an inch. that's nothing, but we'll take it. we will see mostly sunny skies
5:51 am
later this afternoon. it will take a while to clear out because we are starting out with fog but heading to 71 degrees in danville. march -- martinez, 69 degrees. clearlake, we're topping out at 66 degrees. there's another system that will bring in another quick round of rain. it's not looking like a big storm. it mainly comes through late wednesday night into early thursday morning. but we will see it sweeping through, and then by thursday afternoon it's all clear and we're looking at the possibility of getting about a quarter inch of rain in parts of the north bay, but for the rest of the bay area, as you head from san francisco on southward, maybe 0.1 of an inch of rain, and we'll watch that. dry for the weekend and mostly sunny skies, and then on sunday
5:52 am
we will set our clocks back one hour and by monday we will have another round of rain coming in, so staying busy here. mike, you have it all happening at the bay bridge. e yeah, we do. on the lens you see a little drying from the droplets there, mist and fog, as kari was talking about, and we have the backup, so all the lights and damp roadways, and so we see the transition happening at the toll plaza right now. slowing on the incline, and most of it is backing up at the toll plaza. they have gone from green to yellow in the last couple of seconds there. and then another issue, most slowing shows up in alamo, but vasco is where we have a crash, and watch that at holy road. no brakes out of tracy this morning, and the drive is smooth otherwise. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, santa clara supervisors will receive a recommendation on how to spend
5:53 am
$374 million. the county is set to receive that from the american rescue act, and already decided 76 million of the funds will go to hero paychecks for county workers, and then to cover covid expenses. and then a health scare for jesse jackson, and plus pushing parents, and a live look at where action is expected today to help families struggling to make it in the bay. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:56, welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." we have been following the u.n. climate change conference or cop 26, where world leaders have gathered in scotland. biden said every day the cost of inaction increases, and a lot of the other world leaders were echoing the same sentiment and
5:57 am
they were hearing from climate scientists and showing the affects of inaction without cutting the greenhouse emissions. take a look at this graph for san josé, showing that its significant cuts to greenhouse gases made, we continue to warm slightly but it levels off at the end of the century. if no changes are made now, we will continue as business as usual and the warming trend will be unstoppable and the impacts catastrophic. you can find out more about the climate in crisis on coming up in a few minutes, today in the bay's chris pallone, will have more from washington on biden's early-morning comments. >> thank you, kari. the deadly onset shooting involving actor, alec baldwin. >> i want to start with the fact
5:58 am
that in the affidavits it states that my client grabbed the gun off of a prop cart and handed it to baldwin. that absolutely did not happen. >> while speaking to fox news, his lawyer says the armourer handed the gun directly to baldwin. the director was also injured. one veteran armourer said movie actors and crews, they are supposed to be safe from guns on set. >> the person responsible for handling firearms on set is the armourer or prop master, and the prop master can handle guns if they are licensed, and the armourer is brought in on sets where you have a person dedicated to just handle guns. >> you can watch this story on
5:59 am, or watch lx over the air on 11-5 or xfinity channel. jesse jackson was visiting howard university yesterday when he fell and hit his head. he was given a ct scan which came back normal according to a spokesperson. he was back in the hospital less than two months ago to receive treatment after becoming infected with covid. the san josé sharks head into tonight's game at the shark tank without several crucial players. a live update on the team's backup plan, and what fans should know before they go. plus -- >> yeah, i can't wait to throw this thing on the ground. >> who is next? we're moving you forward with a
6:00 am
look at other bay area locations where restrictions on masks may soon be lifted. fighting a global threat. president biden taking the world stage while you were sleeping. the details behind the new push to put an end to our climate in crisis. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning to you. i like to call it terrific tuesday. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i call it taco tuesday. we will make it a terrific taco tuesday. i am laura garcia. let's get to kari hall. >> it's drier after the nice rain we had yesterday, and today the rain moved on but we are left with the moisture on the ground and it's giving us patchy dense fog, especially in parts of the north bay. visibility in napa down to quarter of a mile,


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