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tv   Today  NBC  November 2, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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we all do facebook live. look, a double angle. >> it's from a distance. look at the moon from a distance. that's a gorgeous start the our day. that's what is happening "today in the bay." a local news update in half an hour. >> the "today" show is next. good morning. heading to the polls. voters across the country begin casting ba good morning, heading to the polls, voters across the country begin casting ballots on this election day, with all eyes on virginia's deadlocked race for governor. >> a defining moment where we get to stand up and say no to this left liberal progressive agenda. >> i need you out there working, this is so important for us. >> a major test of president biden's influence and agenda, heading into next year's crucial midterms. we're live with complete
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coverage. breaking overnight, taking action on the final day of his overseas trip, president biden unveils a new plan to crack down on pollution from oil and gas production in the united states. while back in washington, democratic senator joe manchin throws up another roadblock to the president's major spending bill. >> simply put, i will not support a bill that's this consequential without thoroughly understanding the impact it will have on our national debt, our economy, and most importantly all of our american people. >> will democrats find a way to unite or is president biden's most important piece of legislation destined to fail? decision day, the cdc expected to green light pfizer's covid vaccine for younger children today. >> several million doses are already en route to sites around the country. >> just ahead, an inside look at the rollout already underway, and what parents can expect during this next critical phase in the battle against the pandemic. his side of the story, the assistant director who told police he handed alec baldwin that prop gun speaks out for the
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first time. his message about the tragedy and why his attorney is saying he is not responsible for the shooting. all that, plus, travel trouble. >> i've had delay after delay. >> what american airlines is doing to try and get back on track after canceling thousands of flights amid growing concerns on what passengers could face during the busy holiday travel season. and another nfl barnburner, patrick mahomes and the chiefs stage a fourth quarter comeback. >> to give kansas city the lead. >> to survive a big scare against the giants. >> under pressure, can't have that. >> today tuesday, november 2nd, 2021. ♪♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, from
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studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, guys, welcome to today, it's tuesday morning, so happy that you're with us today. craig is in for savannah. were you watching the game last night? >> i started to, but i fell asleep, i wish i'd stayed up until the end. mr. mahomes is back. >> we have a busy day on tap. >> yes, we do. president biden spending the final day of his overseas trip at the major climate summit in scotland. he's making the push for environmental change. the president scheduled to hold a news conference this afternoon. meanwhile, back in washington, his economic agenda is facing new hurdles, we'll have a full report live from scotland. >> meantime, in a matter of hours, the cdc will vote to decide the fate of pfizer's covid vaccine for kids, kids ages 5 to 11. so if that's approved, we could see shots in arms as early as tomorrow. we'll have the very latest on that straight ahead. we do start with election day across america. the race to watch, it is playing out in the commonwealth of
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virginia. >> polls close just 12 hours from now in that tight governor's race seen as a possible referendum on the president's first year in office and the bellwether ahead of the 2022 midterms, nbc's kristen welker is in fairfax, virginia, she has the very latest there. good morning, kristen. >> reporter: hi, hoda, and craig good morning to you, the polls are open, we're seeing a steady dream. this raise is virtual dead heat and the national implications could be critical. we've seen all sorts of fundraising records that have been shattered. and there is so much energy and enthusiasm on the ground. both campaigns say there could be record turnout. locked in a dead heat, former democratic governor terry mcauliffe and republican businessman glenn youngkin making their closing arguments tonight. >> i need to call on your friends girlfriend, boyfriends,
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whatever you got. i need you out there working for us. >> virginia's race for governor, a test of president biden's strength, and former president trump's staying power. mr. biden among the big names who campaigned for mcauliffe won virginia by ten points but his national approval rating has plummeted with his agenda stalled, helping youngkin surge in the closing days. >> i love the fact that he comes from industry, and he's not a professional politician. >> youngkin is facing head winds, too, with mr. trump unpopular with key voters. >> i didn't even look at the republican candidate because of the last four years, honestly. >> reporter: the former president has endorsed youngkin but has not campaigned with him, and youngkin didn't take part in a tele rally that trump held on monday. >> i would like to ask everyone to get out and vote for glenn
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youngkin, he's a fantastic guy. >> courting critical voters that trump lost, youngkin is making education a key issue, trying to capitalize on some parents' outrage which has spilled over into school board meetings, among the issues, critical race theory, teaching that emphasizes the role of racism in american history. it's not taught in any american high school, and highlighting this controversial comment by mcauliffe. >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. >> mcauliffe has accused youngkin of stoking the culture wars which youngkin denies. >> he's using your children as political pawns in his campaign. it is a racist dog whistle. >> we know back in 2020, it took a while to get the final results. that was of course the presidential election. will we have a winner by the end of the night tonight, do you think? >> reporter: well, hoda, the short answer is we could.
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the polls close early here in virginia at 7:00 p.m., and historically, this state has been very quick to report its election results, but this race is so tight, and if it's too tight, and too close to call, then they should have to count mail-in ballots, and that could take a couple of days. a recount would only be triggered if the results are less than 1%, and it would have to be requested by the losing candidate. >> we're going to be tracking the race results. watch "meet the press" election night results, hosted by chuck todd on nbc news now. president biden will certainly have his eye on those results as he wraps up the second foreign trip of his presidency. his final stop, that major climate summit in scotland as he announces a new plan aimed as cleaning up the environment, while his economic agenda back here facing yet another obstacle on capitol hill. nbc's chief white house correspondent peter alexander joins us now from edinboro with all the details.
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peter good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, kicking off day two of the crucial climate conference issue president biden is looking for concrete commitments to slow the pace of global warming but remains unable to get his spending plan at home passed, incoming what would be the largest climate investments with a key moderate expressing concerns that could stall the president's ambitious agenda. president biden this morning detailing strong new actions on climate. his administration unveiling some of the toughest environmental rules yet against emissions of methane released in coil, oil and natural gas mining. >> we need to summon the will to do what we know is right, and we know is necessary. let's get to work. we can do this, and it will have a generational impact. >> the gathering of 190 nations emphasizing the urgency for action. >> burning and drilling and mining our way deeper, we are
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digging our own graves. >> reporter: despite his message abroad, president biden is facing new resistance at home to his $1.75 trillion climate and social spending plans, with key moderate democrat joe manchin warning he's still not on board. >> this is a recipe for economic crisis. >> reporter: manchin accusing progressives of playing political games, and demanding a vote on the separate bill immediately. >> holding this bill hostage is not going to work. >> the white house saying we remain confident that we will gain senator manchin's support. the president abandoned the central climate policy in his plans that would have penalized power companies that do not shift from fossil fuels to clean energy. the house's top progressive saying she believes both bills will pass this week. >> whatever senator manchin says
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is up to him. >> reporter: on day one in glasgow, president biden offered an extraordinary statement about his predecessor donald trump. >> apologize for the fact the united states in the last administration pulled out of the paris accord, and was behind the 8 ball. >> reporter: the u.s. is back in the paris agreement but the president still has to unify his party at home to restore american leadership on the climate crisis. >> my administration is working overtime to show that our climate commitment is action, not words. >> reporter: and they pledge to end deforestation by 2030 to preserve those areas. the president wanted his plans passed. but now it is unclear when he will get the final votes. nancy pelosi posted yesterday emphasizing progress but notably not mentioning any date for votes. the most optimistic says that it could happen this week.
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but when the president gets home, awake up to the same challenges he had when he left. >> chief white house correspondent traveling with the in scotland, peter, thank you. meantime, this is expected to be a monumental day in the battle against coronavirus final approval for the vaccine for children could be hours away even before the cdc's decision, millions of doses being shipped across the country nbc's stephanie gosk has more details on this. good morning >> reporter: good morning, here's how the day is going to play out the cdc committee on immunizations will meet and they will vote to authorize if they do authorize it gets kicked up to the director, rochelle walensky who can sign off on it. that means by tomorrow morning kids could be in doctors' offices getting vaccinated the decision could soon be in parents' hands, a cdc committee meets today, the final signoff on pfizer's vaccine for children coming as soon as tonight.
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the white house says pediatric vaccine doses bottled in the special orange caps are already out the door 7 million of them, now that the fda recommended authorization. until the next week, that number would go up to 15 million according to the white house the children's dose is one-third the size of the adult version given as two shots three weeks apart, which means children who are vaccinated in the coming days would be fully inoculated by christmas for some parents, it's a long time coming. >> i want them to be protected i want to be able to do the things with them that we used to be able to do without fear that they're going to get sick or they're going to get anybody else sick. >> reporter: states like virginia are already rolling out plans to make getting the shots as easy and efficient as possible. >> we definitely recognize that families feel most comfortable getting their children vaccinated in their doctors' offices and pharmacies as well that's where we've really prioritized our distribution.
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>> eventually vaccination efforts could move to schools. >> there have been so many different demands on our school system we want to be sensitive to that. we also recognize for some families having vaccinations available in schools will be really convenient. >> reporter: but access to the vaccine is not what concerns nicole mazer, a mom of two young children she says she had an adverse reaction to the shot, and only got one dose. >> my gut instinct is to protect my kids at all costs one may argue vaccination is a way of protecting them, and it sure is, but the unknown of the shot is scary. >> nicole does not rule out vaccines for her children, but she wants to wait. >> i don't think i'm going to wait too long. i've always said that i will vaccinate them. i just don't necessarily want to be first in line. >> reporter: there's another key difference with this pediatric vaccine. pfizer says unlike the adult version which has to be kept in a freezer, this can just be kept in a regular refrigerator, and
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last ten weeks. that's going to help with distribution. >> all of this comes as new york city's vaccine mandate is taking effect. and there have been a lot of concerns about worker shortages, police, firefighters, what are you learning? >> reporter: the mayor yesterday said there were no problems, but here's a look at some of the numbers. there are 1,000 firefighters who are on unpaid leave. another 2,300 have called in sick, and the mayor and the fire commissioner believe some of that is out of protest. on the police side, there are only 34 unpaid officers. it's an entirely different story in chicago where a judge just recently voted to block a similar mandate until the mayor and city workers in that city can go through arbitration. hoda. >> stephanie gosk for us in manhattan. thank you. lots more to get to on this tuesday morning, including the mounting chaos that continues at our nation's airports, and for that, we say good morning to tom llamas. >> good morning, since friday, american airlines has cancelled hundreds of flights each day, a chain reaction that's being felt
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by passengers from coast to coast. nbc's tom costello is at reagan national airport with the very latest. tom, good morning. >> reporter: right now, american has 100 flights cancelled for the day. that's an improvement. we have had thousands of flights cancelled since friday, hundreds of thousands of people inconvenienced. here's the fear, this could be an indication of what's lying ahead for us through the holiday travel season. five days after the meltdown began, american airlines is hoping today is the day it recovers fully. after days of long lines stretching across terminals from phoenix to chicago. >> i have had delay after delay. >> this is really really frustrating. >> reporter: since friday, american has cancelled more than 2,400 flights. on monday, nearly 500 flights cancelled at airports nationwide. dr. sian proctor who recently flew to space tweeted going to space is easier than flying
7:16 am
american. >> it seems like there should be something they can do. >> reporter: american continues to blame high winds in dallas last week that reduced flights and runway options. when flight attendants were out of commission, the problem cascaded. what has been going wrong the last few weeks at american? >> when the weather hits, american cannot connect the pilots and flight attendants to the airplane, and it collapsed. >> reporter: now the spokesperson for the union representing 14,000 american airlines pilots. >> it's going to take action literally today to put some certainty back into the holiday travel season. >> reporter: in a memo to customers late monday, american said it is our responsibility to take learnings from this past weekend and improve upon our processes. but with the holidays only weeks away, the pressure is building now. as more people fly, the industry still reeling from the pandemic's impact, staffing
7:17 am
shortages and mask mandates, more than ever flight attendants are on the front lines as the faa reports nearly 5,000 cases of unruly, even dangerous behavior just this year. criminal assault charges have now been filed against a 20-year-old man who american airlines says attacked a flight attendant last week, breaking bones in her face. >> these events need to stop, and we are working very hard to do that. we will be continuing to work, again, with airports, law enforcement, and the airlines. and our labor partners to make sure we drive these events down. >> reporter: by the way, the flight attendant's union is calling to ban passengers for life if they are convicted of an assault on one airline. so not just american. and the airlines are staffing up to make sure that they have enough people for the holidays. >> hope that happens.
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tom, thank you. >> i flew american yesterday from laguardia to d.c.a., not a problem. i flew back into white plains, we landed early, and the flight attendant actually apologized to folks on the plane about the problems they have been having. >> there you go. >> and i bet you fly the plane, too. >> no one would want that. >> you did get the little stick on wings. >> every time i fly. >> who doesn't. >> and of course, the little tiny biscuit. >> i love those. >> who doesn't love that. you can go through about 30 on a flight. fantastic. hey, we got a weather whiplash out there. that's right. out west, we have had for october really cool conditions. trough of low pressure keeping it cool, whereas we have had a ridge of high pressure in the east where we have seen really record setting temperatures, warmest october ever or top three warmest from sault ste. marie, milwaukee, columbus, all the way to caribou, maine.
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however we've got a big change. jet stream dips down to the south, we've got a blast of cold canadian air. first freeze of the seasons from omaha to wichita, flint, michigan, lynchburg, virginia, these temperatures awfully cold. we've got freeze advisories, freeze watches up. 40 million people for today, temperatures anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees below average from north platte, dallas, cincinnati, tomorrow, more cold hanging in from new york city, jackson, oklahoma city, and look at these temperatures going into the weekend, we've got temperatures anywhere from 5 to 20 degrees below average. chicago, memphis, atlanta, richmond, on into new york city. o new york city. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds and has access to over $1000 in value per year with the business services suite. so they got new software and created a full augmented reality experience.
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sml won the pitch, and with their membership rewards® points, extended their hotel stay for a few extra days. they had a whale of a time. get the card built for business. by american express. good tuesday morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. we're waking up to dense fog in walnut creek, as well as the north bay where novato's visibility is down to a quarter of a mile. if you are driving to work this morning, allow extra time to get there because you could run into patches of dense fog. we do clear out today, and sunshine this afternoon with highs in the low 70s. more of the same tomorrow, but we will see showers back in the forecast early on thursday morning. weather, guys. >> al, thank you coming up, the assistant director for alec baldwin's movie who told investigators he checked the gun on the set breaks his silence what he is now saying and the
7:21 am
safety concerns by another crew member who quit the film the day before the shooting. and alarming trend, cynthia mcfadden investigates the growing number of death threats, thousands of them being received by local officials from both parties who oversee voting and the concern that more needs to be done to protect them but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ sfx: ping ping beep beep bloop bloop ] lisa looks like you've... [ sfx: pop pop pop pop ] lisa, you might be on mute. [ sfx: pop ping bloop ] [ phone buzzing ] the day can wait... enter the golden state with real california dairy.
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7:27 am
doses to children hospitals and pediatricians. good morning, everyone. a new crypto currency named after the quid game is now worthless. the rug was pulled from under the investors, shutting down and apparently selling all of the assets. some irony that people bought into what was a game because they were greedy, and the value of squid was worth $2,000, and now worth half a cent. let's take a look at the forecast for this tuesday morning. keeping tabs on that, meteorologist, kari hall. >> we are waking up to clouds and patchy fog in some spots. we will continue to clear out today and temperatures headed for the upper 60s and low 70s, and a little warmer compared to
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yesterday as the rain moves out. we are also looking at some dry weather tomorrow. rain returns on thursday, laura. >> all right. we'll be ready for it. thanks for joining us. another local news update coming up in half an hour, and hope to see you then. have a great morning. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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it is 7:30 it's a tuesday morning, second day of november. look at that, you guys just inhale, exhale. >> very zen, beautiful. >> a gorgeous shot of the sun rising over the beach. that, my friends, point pleasant, new jersey gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous >> quite pleasant. >> quite pleasant. >> let's get right to your 7:30 headlines on this tuesday morning. all eyes are on the supreme court. monday they heard those oral
7:31 am
arguments on that controversial texas law that's virtually ended abortions in the state of texas. a majority of justices signaling that they would be willing to let abortion providers in texas continue their legal challenge weeks into a against the law. the law bans abortion about six weeks into a pregnancy texas has asked the court to block the lawsuit. the law will remain in effect in the meantime, though the high court is not likely to issue its decision until the spring real estate heir robert durst was indicted yesterday in the 1982 murder of his first wife kathleen. the charge comes just weeks after durst was sentenced to life in prison for killing his assistant, susan berman. berman helped durst cover up his wife's murder, and she was about to confess before she was killed kathleen durst's body was never recovered but she was declared legally dead in 2015 at the request of her family. the kansas city chiefs got back on track with a win over the new york giants on monday night football the game was tied up at 17 apiece with a few minutes left on the clock this run, chiefs receiver got
7:32 am
kansas city into field goal range, and with over a minute to play, harrison butker, with a 40 yard field goal. they would hold on to win it kansas city moves on to four and four for the season. after the game they asked patrick mahomes why they thought he won, he said he was inspired by craig melvin. >> is that what you said >> it made him play on monday. >> doppelganger. >> that's a direct quote. >> good to see the chiefs back. switching gears now, new information coming to light on the fatal shooting on the set of alec baldwin's latest shooting >> the film's assistant director is speaking out for the first time, and a crew member is going public about his worries in the days leading up to the tragedy nbc national correspondent, miguel almaguer, good morning. >> good morning, assistant director dave halls has been the main focus of the investigation because police say he was one of the last people on the set to
7:33 am
inspect the firearm before alec baldwin pulled the trigger now halls' attorney is bringing that into question with an active investigation underway, dave halls, the assistant director largely in charge of safety on the set of "rust" has broken his silence. halls telling the ""new york post"" he's shocked and saddene by the death of halyna hutchins, it comes as halls' attorney is raising doubts about whether he handed alec baldwin the loaded prop gun. >> this idea that my client grabbed the gun off a prop cart and handed to mr. baldwin, absolutely did not happen. whether or not he handed the gun to alec baldwin at the moment, or whether the armorer handed directly to baldwin at that moment doesn't matter because he didn't load it he's not responsible. >> reporter: according to a search warrant, when
7:34 am
investigators asked halls about safety protocols on set in the aftermath of the shooting, he said i checked the barrel of the gun for obstructions the armorer opens the hatch and spins the drum, and i say cold gun on set before baldwin accidentally fired the fatal shot inside this church, halls told authorities he could only remember seeing three rounds he should have checked them all, but didn't while the film's production company has said no official safety complaints were made, at least one crew member expressed concern over safety just a day before the fatal shooting. in a resignation letter obtained by nbc news, lane looper, a camera assistant on the film writes i've never worked on a show that cares so little for the safety of its crew adding during the filming of gunfights, things are often played very fast and loose there are no safety meetings these days looper says there were multiple
7:35 am
accidental discharges of firearms on set, telling the l.a. times, one happened when baldwin's stunt double shot a gun he was told was cold, and another involved a woman in the props department who shot herself in the foot with a blank round. this morning, investigators are still piecing together how this fictional western turned into a real life tragedy. >> so miguel, dave halls' attorney seems to be implying that the blame should go on whoever loaded that gun. so do investigators know who that person might be >> reporter: well, hoda, investigators have not yet said if they have been able to determine who put the live roun is typically the job of the armorer on set. hoda. >> miguel almaguer for us, thank you. when we come back, an in the chamber of the prop gun, but hollywood weapons experts say that is typically the job of the armorer on set hoda. >> miguel almaguer for us, thank you. when we come back, an alarming trend that's being called an assault on democracy threats of violence or in some cases worse against a growing number of officials who run elections.
7:36 am
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talk to your doctor about adding rexulti to your antidepressant. we are back on this election day across the country, with our network wide vote watch series. >> and this morning, an alarming trend which could affect everyone who votes. >> our friend nbc's cynthia mcfadden is here with that story. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. well, today we investigate the burgeoning number of death threats against those who run our elections, both republicans and democrats all across the country. it's an unprecedented assault on our democracy, with 30% of the election officials surveyed saying that they are concerned for their safety democratic women have reported a stunning number of threats you're about to meet one of them in places like arizona, there is this >> we are coming for you
7:41 am
we will find you >> in wisconsin. >> we're going to hang you. >> in georgia. >> do you hear the anger in my voice, we're ready to pounce. >> and minnesota >> it's probably going to be executed for treason. >> these just a few of thousands of threats being sent to the people who run this nation's elections. most of them sent after the january 6th assault on the capitol. threats to democrats and republicans alike, sent to any secretary of state or election official who certified that joe biden was the fairly elected president. officials in swing states receiving a flood of threats >> page after page after page of threats. i know where you sleep, i see you sleeping be afraid, be very afraid. you just hope that someone doesn't get hurt. >> that's right. this is definitely not what i expected as secretary of state. >> jena griswold is a democrat and the secretary of state she's one of the state's youngest election administrators, and one of the bravest. >> when did you get the first
7:42 am
death threat. >> it really kicked up this year after january 6th, after the insurrection the li to rea seriously? >> absolutely. if someone threatens your life, they post your address on the internet, and tell you they're coming for you, i think any reasonable person would take it seriously. >> this is a way to shut you up. >> they're trying to. >> and trying to drive you from office. >> i think that's exactly what's happening, and we're seeing a lot of these threats focused on democratic women, secretaries of intimidated and we won't states, but we won't be intimidated and we won't stop. >> it's being taken seriously enough that four months ago the department of justice set up a task force, but so far no arrests and no prosecutions. >> it's been incredibly frustrating the department of homeland security will alert us about threats of physical violence, and then the doj and fbi will tell us they're not actually tracking the threats and we should track them
7:43 am
we don't have systems to track. >> have any arrests been made by the state police here? >> no. >> not a one >> no. >> who is monitoring these threats here in colorado >> well, before july, i believe no one was can' beginning early july, state patrol started to monitor, but there are so many threats, they can't fully see them all so we ended up assigning a staff person who has no formal training, and frankly, i have been monitoring. when threats are coming in, in a big rate, i stay up into the evening and look at them, screen shot them over and they're sent to state patrol. >> historically, most election officials have toiled in relative anonymity, doing the administrative tasks needed for citizens to vote, not anymore. the brennan center, a leading nonpartisan academic center conducted a recent study showing 30% of the election officials surveyed were concerned for their safety, and just as alarming according to griswold.
7:44 am
>> 40% of election workers in large jurisdictions are considering retirement because of the amount of vitriol >> as a matter of course do most secretaries of state have a security detail? >> most do not, but we're in new times so i do think that secretaries of state who have been receiving constant threats should have security at this point. >> it took some courage to sit down here in front of a national audience and put this all out there because you know that this is going to attract more threats. >> well, we need to talk about these issues. >> the threats to me, they are personal threats but it's more than just me it's attacks against democracy >> now, a justice department spokesperson tells us the issue has the attorney general's full attention and that the threats are taken with tremendous seriousness, noting there are extensive and ongoing investigations around the country. >> cynthia, you sat down with a democrat, secretary of state there in colorado, but you mentioned these attacks have
7:45 am
been against republicans and democrats, how concerned are gop officials in states with republican secretaries of state. >> very, and there have been tremendous attacks against both the arizona and the georgia secretaries of state also, this is interesting, before that justice department task force was set up, the only federal prosecution in this area nearly a year ago, well, it was a republican election official who was the victim because that official refused to certify biden as the winner. >> meantime, yeah, can we just go on to one other note, that was a fascinating story, but you also had a fascinating story last week, you were talking about afghan family members who were trying to get out of afghanistan. there were family members left behind you actually have a good update on this one. >> i'm so rarely here with good news it feels very nice i want to be the harry smith i'm the grump. well, anyway, you're going to remember the translator, the african translator, we introduced you to last week,
7:46 am
worked for eleven years for the u.s. military. he and his family have been living in new haven, connecticut, for the last five years. his wife and children of course got stuck in afghanistan this summer when they went back to visit, targeted by the taliban i mean, these people's lives were at risk on a daily basis. guess what, after we broadcast our story, i'm happy to say, the family, the three kids and the wife have been flown to safety in a neutral they'll be home in the u.s. ke e good news. >> you're thinking of the podcast, you know, for old people within two weeks. >> you do a great harry smith impression awesome, perfect, i like the good news. >> you're thinking of the podcast, you know, for old people >> thank you, cynthia. it is 7:46 let's go to mr. roker with a check of the weather. some of the coldest air coming out of canada this season sweeping across the great lakes. the problem is great lakes are at record levels as far as water temperatures are concerned and if this cold air sweeps across that warmer moist air, picks it up, then comes across the land masses, which are cooler, and
7:47 am
then we see clouds form, snow falling, downwind of the lake, so from marquette, sault ste. marie, south bend, bradford,deve bands could see 1 to 2 pennsylvania, watertown, and syracuse, all looking at snow developing today, some intense bands could see 1 to 2 inches per hour marquette, we could be looking at 4 to 5 inches of snow before it's all over. nice and warm down in florida if you're down there, enjoy it. below average highs, stretching from texas to the plains, plenty of sunshine in the southwest and nice and mild in the pacific northwest. that's what's good tuesday morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. we will look at the san mateo bridge, and we're waking up to in some spots wet roads, but we are getting a chance to try out with sunshine this afternoon. watch out for the fog on your way to work. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. we'll see more of the same tomorrow. then on thursday, showers moving in especially early in the morning. we're going to see the temperatures in the upper 60s
7:48 am
into the weekend and more rain early next week. and that is your latest weather, guys. >> al, thanks, still ahead, the centuries old day of the dead traditions that have become even more meaningful this year. we'll show you why but first, these messages. welcome to the eat fresh refresh. refresh where there is so much new, some say that it can't fit in one ad. i say... ...we're talking a new all-american club, deli-style oven-roasted turkey and... oh, that's the new steak & cheese. oh yeah, i knew that. that's the one with the new... ...seasoning. and that was the new mvp parmesan vinaigrette . right. which makes a next level foot... hold up. the subway logo? wait i'm out of time? hold up. the subway logo? wait i'm out of time? new meow mix tasty layers. crunchy and meaty textures with a mouth-watering gravy coating. meow mix tasty layers. the new one cats ask for by name.
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up to $500 spent each billing cycle. good tuesday morning to you. it's 7:56 right now. i am laura garcia. here's a look at what is happening now. >> i am kris sanchez. seven sharks players plus the head coach are questionable for tonight's game because of covid protocols. take a look at the screen. this is who we are talking about. according to the team, all staff and team members are fully vaccinated, and the team was on a five-game road trip where they stayed in hotels and spent time in public, and in order to return to the ice a player that tests positive has to test negative, twice. let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist,
7:57 am
kari hall. >> it will be clearing out today, and we will reach in the upper 60s and low 70s. for the forecast over the next several days, still a lot of changes ahead. more sunshine, 70s tomorrow. our next round of rain moves in and it passes by fairly quickly. the rest of the weekend dry as we set our clocks back one hour on sunday morning. we will watch another storm system moving in for the first part of next week. san francisco is going to stay in the 60s throughout the forecast, but once again getting ready for showers on thursday morning. laura? >> we'll get ready. thanks so much. be ready for another local news update in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great tuesday morning.
7:58 am
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it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, election day. >> i need you to call on your friend, girlfriends, boyfriends, whatever you got >> this is a moment, a defining moment for the future of our commonwealth >> all eyes on virginia and that closely watched governor's race. the candidates neck in neck as they deliver their closing arguments overnight. what this election may reveal about the 2022 midterms. buy now, pay later. >> definitely makes spending in the moment easier.
8:01 am
>> what you need to know about the popular payment trend of the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear could it be your best option to get what you need and still save some money. >> plus, tracy morgan live, the comedian joins us in studio 1a to talk about the newest season of his show, "the last og," how it's mirroring some of his own life experiences and inside tracks. ♪ go easy on me baby ♪ >> a first look at the song titles for adele's highly anticipated new album, including one that's really raising some eyebrows, today, tuesday, november 2nd, 2021 >> good morning, to my friends and family back home in indiana. >> on a birthday trip. >> from cape cod, massachusetts. >> travel from west monroe, louisiana, to new york city to hug hoda >> sending love to my mom in montgomery, alabama. >> hello to our children and
8:02 am
grandchildren. >> back in missouri. >> we're celebrating one month since we said i do in new york >> here's to you, welcome back, everybody. so happy that you're joining us. it is a tuesday morning. nice crowd outside, we're going to go visit, savannah is taking a little time off. tom joins us at the table, good to see you guys. let's get to our news at 8:00 as americans head to the polls today, no contest is gettingovea more attention than the race for governor of virginia many see this as an early test of the broader political mood in this country nbc's chief white house correspondent and weekend "today" coanchor kristen welker joins us now from fairfax with the very latest. hey, kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda, good morning to you, the polls are already open in virginia, in fairfax, in roanoke, all across the state, voters are already turning out. overnight, the candidates, former democratic governor terry mcauliffe, and republican businessman, glenn youngkin
8:03 am
making their closing arguments now, as you say, this race has national implications. a test of president biden's performance and former president trump's staying power. now, mr. biden won this state by 10 points but right now, this race is in a dead heat it is anyone's to take for his part, youngkin is trying to win back some of those suburban voters that mr. trump lost and so he's making the economy and education a key issue. he has accepted the endorsement of mr. trump, but hasn't campaigned with him in person. mcauliffe is trying to link youngkin to trump at every turn. he is facing his own head winds, though, because mr. biden's approval rating has been sinking and his agenda in washington is stalled. bottom line, the enthusiasm here is at a fever pitch and now both campaigns say they are predicting that this could be record turnout for a governor's race in virginia hoda >> kristen welker there for us
8:04 am
in fairfax, kristen, thank you. the next phase in the battle against the covid pandemic could start today. that's because the cdc panel is meeting to discuss final approval of the pfizer vaccine for children between 5 and 11. if the agency gives the go ahead, shots for kids could potentially start as early as tomorrow the white house says 7 million of the smaller children's doses have already been shipped. health officials are advising parents who have concerns to reach out to their doctors or other trusted medical professionals. now to a holiday that has become increasingly popular in this country and around the world. it unites generations across time by celebrating those who have come and gone before us, and as nbc's morgan radford tells us it's also the inspiration for a colorful art exhibit here in midtown just behind us. morgan, good morning >> reporter: that's right, tom good morning, i am just behind you here in front of 30 rock in front of this pretty incredible art exhibit, and this is all about dia de los muertos, day of the dead, a mexican tradition that has been celebrated for
8:05 am
centuries and really about honoring the cycle of life sure it falls around the same time as halloween, it is a celebration entirely its own, one that's not meant to be spooky or scary but instead bring comfort, especially bringing comfort now during covid. it's a celebration gone global dia de los muertos or day of the dead is a mexican tradition that's more than 3,000 years old sill being celebrated today, from popular movies for kids >> welcome to the land of your ancestors. >> miguel? >> we're your family. >> reporter: to parades in the heart of mexico. and right here at home >> this is a very special day for the mexicans, and now in new york and rockefeller center, it's magnificent. >> reporter: from north carolina, to kentucky, and colorado >> well, i think i'm done. >> reporter: the two-day holiday
8:06 am
is meant to unite the living with the dead. >> it's a chance for family to get together and to remember collectively what was important. >> reporter: a time when the spirits of deceased loved ones are set to come back at midnight to visit offerings, designed with all of the things that they once enjoyed in life, and this year, these ofrendas have taken on a whole new meaning during covid. >> did you do this all by yourself >> yes. >> reporter: isabel hernandez created a 15-foot high ofrenda in her chicago neighborhood to honor those who died. >> this year and last year, it was very depressing, seeing a lot of people, friends, family, will never been forgotten. dying of this virus. >> reporter: of covid? >> yes so i just wanted to lift up the spirits, and just remember even though they're not here anymore, they're gone, they will never be forgotten. >> reporter: which is why this year after months of isolation and missed good-byes, those who celebrate say now is the time te
8:07 am
honor tradition. whether through collective commemoration, or tiny alters made by children, a moment to honor the legacy and the circle of life. so you may have seen smaller versions of the altars like the one here behind me popping up in the hometown or in your neighborhood this one here in front so you may have seen smaller versions of the alters, like the one behind me popping up in your hometown or even in your neighborhood, but this one right here in front of 30 rock, these are fantastical creatures like dragons or goats, anything like that, typically made out of paper mache designed to honor the tradition and legacy tom. >> so beautiful, thank you for that. a desperate leap was not enough to help a suspected car thief get away from police in fort myers, florida, check this out, a sheriff's department helicopter follows the driver on to a bridge, he suddenly loses control and slams into a guardrail, the suspect then gets out of the van, but there's
8:08 am
nowhere to run he climbs over the safety barrier, and before officers could reach him, he jumps into the river. he did manage to survive he kept his head above water until a police boat was able to arrive and fish him out.8:08 >> guys, it is almost 8:08 how about a boost. here we go so a young cancer patient named hunter had some unfinished business after completing his final chemo treatment. the nurses and other staffers cheered on hunter as he and his dad took a victory lap at wolfson children's hospital in florida. hunter got another trophy, another presence, but the best part was yet to come [ bell ] >> go hunter, you did it >> no more chemo hunter's parents said they could never thank the hospital team enough for helping their son through, but he's stronger than cancer
8:09 am
there you go >> love that up next on our holiday handbook, the season's popular new way to pay for all of your gifts. >> hey, guys, good morning, are you one of the millions of people who's already going online to start your holiday shopping i hope so, and odds are when you go to check out, you're going to see this, an option for interest free payments. it's called buy now, pay later i'm vicky nguyen with everything you need to know before you choose that plan that's next on "today. ♪
8:10 am
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i'm good. cool. i think we should see other people. you know if you could just let your hair down. a little bit down! no no no no no. no no no! you're so far away, can't hear ya! the home with dunkin' is where you want to be. meet chef clem, owner of doughn't be sour, a sourdough doughnut company. she was flying back from a conference, when she got a text: she needed a bigger fridge asap if she was going to fulfill her orders. so she used her american express business platinum card® to earn more points on the big-ticket purchase. she got the new fridge, fulfilled the orders, and with her extra points, she got new equipment that allowed her to expand her business by rolling out a new product. we are back, and it's 8:13 now. now. the launch of our special series "today's holiday handbook" as we
8:14 am
count down the next 53 days. >> that is right >> until christmas we're going to bring you everything you need to know about shopping, about shipping, about travel, and more >> and we're starting with this year's hottest catch phrase from online retailers, buy now, pay later. bo bolpus focus into a thing. >> it never works. >> b >> so how does that work, what should you look for? nbc's investigative and consumer correspondent vicky nguyen has more >> you were never into it, but savannah and i tried to turn focus into a thing. >> it never works. >> buy online, pick up in store, we talked about it a lot last year, hoda never got into it this year, let's say hello to buy now, pay later, bnpl, you're going to see it when you go to check out online it's your option to spread your payments over time, usually over a couple of months, but should you try it, how does it affect your credit score and what happens if you miss a payment? this morning we're going to break it all down for you so you can shop with confidence with an estimated 81% of americans planning to shop online this holiday, get ready
8:15 am
for a new choice at check out, an offer to buy now, and pay later or bnpl. >> i use it for everything >> definitely makes spending in the moment easier. >> dozens of retailers now offer bnpl plans think of it as a short-term loan that usually is payable in four equal installments, the first payment at the time of checkout, followed by three more, usually every two weeks. it's a short-term interest free loan that lets shoppers buy more without having to pay all at once >> it's been a great experience for me, it lets me get things that otherwise i couldn't afford to get >> you want it, you got it, whether you can afford it now or not, you'll figure it out later. >> here's a pair of ear buds on sale at best buy for $199, when i go to check out and choose the pay pal option, there it is, the pay in four, buy now pay later option it tells me there's four interest free payments of 49.75 due every two weeks starting the day i buy them or here at right there it tells me i can
8:16 am
get the dress for four interest free payments. macy's, check out this holiday party dress, selling for 165, i don't have to add it to my cart, right there it tells me i can get the dress for four interest free payments. you want to read the fine print. always click on learn more, and look at the terms and getting into b conditions >> it's really really important that you understand what you're getting into before you sign up. >> matt schultz is the chief credit analyst with lending tree. >> why is buy now pay later so appealing to consumers right now? >> it can be interest free, and you know how much is going to be. and you know how long it's going to take to pay it off. >> but remember, not all buy now pay later plans are interest free. some have terms that stretch from 3 to 24 months, with interest rates as high as 30%. and what happens if you miss a payment? >> with the pay in four loans,
8:17 am
it can vary. >> because these plans are relatively new, each one has different terms and conditions. he says consider buy now pay later if you have a steady paycheck, you know you can pay each installment in full by the due date, you have an emergency fund to cover a payment if something happens to your job. but watch out, if you miss a payment, you could face late fees, have your spending limit reduced or get banned by that lender or be reported to the credit agencies. experts say follow the rules and these buy now, pay later plans are a short-term loan option that can help savvy shoppers get what they need this holiday without sending them into debt. now, most of these buy now pay later plans run credit checks before approving your purchase, but they say it's a soft inquiry so it won't affect your credit score negatively, and can have a positive impact if you make your payments on time. some plans are available in store as well if you have the app for that payment. >> i think a lot of people might think buy now pay later, that sound like my credit card when i buy now and pay later. is the difference just interest. >> i thought the same thing, and that is the key. lending tree says credit cards they can have interest rates that also vary over time
8:18 am
depending on how large your debt is. it's easier for those fees to add up and get out of control, plus there's no time limit. bnpl, you know what you owe, how much time you have to pay off. usually it's an auto pay directly debited from your credit card so most short-term loans are interest free. >> what happens if you want to pay off the balance early. >> there's no penalty for prepayment and actually they also seem to be really addictive. lending tree did a survey, and they found that more than 50% of people who tried buy now pay later will do it again five or more times because it's easy. you got to make sure you make those payments and you have enough in your bank account, you don't want to get dinged for overdrawing. >> if bnpl doesn't stick, you should go with the wimpy, i will gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today. from popeye. >> very good. >> the wimpy, shop wimpy this
8:19 am
year. >> thank you. >> i'll look it up. >> we're not going to wait later for mr. roker's foreker's forec going to buy that right now. >> i'm wimpy every day anyway, let's show you what we've got happening. for the november outlook, warmer than average in the northeast, great lakes, and through much of the west, but then when it comes to precipitation, it's going to be dryer than average from the southwest, gulf coast into the southeast. wetter than average in the pacific northwest, and from the great lakes into the northeast today, a warm day down in florida, plenty of sunshine here in the northeast, mid atlantic states, we're looking at below average highs making their way rockies and central plains, . i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're going to see increasing sunshine today and temperatures headed for the low 70s for the inland areas. more of the same tomorrow, but we'll get ready for rain between late wednesday night and early thursday morning. we're back to some dry conditions for the weekend with temperatures in the mid-to upper 60s. early next week we could have
8:20 am
some heavier rain moving in. for san francisco, expect those off and on showers returning on thursday. out, check us out, cirrus xm, live, 1:00 p.m., off the rails, we'll be taking your calls come on, bring it. >> what time is it, al >> 1:00 p.m. live. >> what time is it right now oh, of course, it's "popstart" time, best time of the day mandalorian, hit me. >> the best time is when tracy morgan is on live television. >> that's the most dangerous time of the day. >> what's up trace >> the og. >> tracy morgan, good morning, sorry about the knicks last night, but that's the way it goes. >> tracy is doing weather. first up in "popstart," this year's theme is women who have reshaped the world and we have an exclusive first look at not one but six incredible covers featuring these awesome honorees, there's inauguration
8:21 am
day poet, amanda gorman, favorite law and order star, mariska hargitay, singer, megan thee stallion, and research who aided the development of not one but two covid-19 vaccines. three community leaders named deincurity advocates behind the heart of dinner organization glamour names these honorees, all female game changers, rule changers and boundary pushers, big congratulations going out to the new class of womf enthe year next up, the weeknd and mariah carey, before we can talk about the queen of christmas, we have to give a shout out to the weeknd, maybe the king of halloween. i saw this late yesterday. we're used to seeing his face bandaged up a little bit, never like this. look at the weeknd, completely unrecognizable in a series of photos he posted to instagram following halloween, completely transforming himself into marlon brando's godfather. >> that's amazing. >> he wins halloween that was awesome. >> there's nobody better than that >> a heck of a makeup artist
8:22 am
>> that is just crazy. let's move on to christmas now, nobody does christmas like mariah carey, once the clock struck midnight on november 1st, the "all i want for christmas," singer announced it is christmas season smashed the halloween pumpkins with her candy cane, brought out the santa costume, a tease for a christmas" her brand new holiday song it's called "fall in love at s" herea ♪ i'll be there we got to fall christmas" here's a taste. ♪ i'll be there we got to fall in love again at christmas time \>> poor thanksgiving, just getting leapfrogged. who's repping thanksgiving. >> there's no thanksgiving >> that's true we got to come up with one >> we should >> i think we should >> "fall in love with christmas" is out this friday >> we want a thanksgiving sign. adele is up with the anticipated album to come out in a few weeks, sharing a sneak
8:23 am
peek at the project. the grammy winner releasing the official track listing for the 30, that's the target exclusive deluxe cd version of the release, revealing 15 songs on the album, a couple of bonus tracks, one of which is a country, well, chris stapleton is on "easy on me," kind of a new take on that. fans online were talking about track number 7, however, it's called "i drink wine," one writing, i know for a fact "i drink wine" is going to have me going through it adding how appropriate adele has songs "i drink wine" and "cry your heart out" i'm quite sure i'll be doing both as i listen to this album. the gift that is baby yoda, disney has released the trailer for the spinoff of the saga starring another beloved character from the franchise, actor temuera morrison leads as the book of boba fett, first teased at the end of the
8:24 am
mandalorian's most recent season, as he reclaims the land of jabba the hutt. >> it's going to make us all rich >> what prevents us all from killing you, and taking what we want >> yep, i'm in >> starts streaming on december 29th. >> happy new year. >> okay. >> starts streaming on december 29th. >> happy new year. finally, leah remini sat down with hoda for the latest episode of "quoted by," and shared her favorite words of wisdom by author viktor frankl. >> if there's meaning in life at all, then there must be meaning in suffering in the book he talks about finding meaning in your pain and purpose in your pain and i'm often giving that advice, like what can you take from this unbearable pain that you're living with and turn it into
8:25 am
some kind of purpose. >> leah remini is going to be on the fourth hour today. >> you can see that full episode of "quoted by" on "popstart" plus streaming today all day head to to watch and enjoy. >> that's the first time i have seen the "popstart" plus logo. i love it. >> won't be the last. >> leah remini is going to be on the fourth hour today. she picked her outfit. tuesday, tuesday, i know the choices, she'll join us life tomorrow for the big reveal. >> still ahead, guys, get ready to laugh look who's over here, our guy, tracy morgan, the last og himself in the house, we're ready for tracy, but first, your local news
8:26 am
good morning. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia. san francisco school board came up with a plan for $50 million in required budget cuts. according to "the chronicle," the plan will be presented later today. it includes reducing school budgets by $50 million, cutting 360 positions across the district, and a $40 million cut to central services with another 55 jobs on the chopping block. the district has until mid-december to finalize that plan. have plans this week? better check that forecast as
8:27 am
things change. >> it's going to be clearing out, but we've seen all kinds of weather in the past few days. it does continue to change going into the end of the week. we can see the low clouds over fran. may still be drizzling, but we're looking for peeks of sunshine today and our inland temperatures headed for 70 degrees. low 70s tomorrow. and then more showers in the forecast by thursday morning. it will be slightly cooler for the weekend, especially as we set our blocks back one hour sunday morning. we'll have a new storm system set to move into the bay area by early next week. laura? >> thank you so much. thank you for joining us as well. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
8:28 am
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merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. we are back. we are back. it is 8:30 on this tuesday morning. this is an enthusiastic crowd. the second day of november and what happens at the beginning of every month you know jbh joins us with the latest reveal in the read with jenna club. >> hold on tight, it's coming up in just a few minutes, and it's a good one it's a really good one i'm hiding it. >> you're even covering it new
8:31 am
se >> you even dressed to match your book selection. >> i like to do that. >> guess who's here, tracy morgan, he is back in his old 30 rock stomping grounds, he's going to tell us about the new season of "the last og", and what it's been like having his daughter make her acting debut in his popular sitcom. get ready to get cozy, chassie post is here with items to keep us cozy all winter long. love those slippers. and we're cooking up a little something, cooking up a storm, al's new podcast, all about improving your thanksgiving feast this morning, one of his favorites is going to help us out, and we're going to put a creative twist on a classic holiday dessert. >> chicago, looking forward to eating some pie. and just a few minutes from you, golf superstar, bubba watson, he's going to join us live, won the masters twice, and bubba says he's a work in progress, we're going to catch up with him and find out what made him take better care of his mental health >> and what goes better with pie than a good cup of coffee.
8:32 am
i'm going to share my recent trip tomorrow on "today" to california and meet farmers growing coffee in california we're going to take a look at how and why the crop is thriving there, and we'll give you a little hint, it has to do with our changing climate >> we are looking forward to that but first, mr. roker, a check of your forecast. "today's" weather is brought to you by verizon, creating the networks that move the world forward so no one is left behind >> let's show you what we've got going on for today, plenty of sunshine, found through the mid atlantic states into the southeast. snow showers around the great lakes, and lake effect snow. below average highs in the mid-plains, sunshine out west, then tomorrow, frost and freeze warnings continue from the great lakes, mid atlantic into the northeast. heavy rain through the texas good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall.
8:33 am
we are gradually going to see the clouds clearing out. fall clearing out too. temperatures headed for the low 70s today. we'll see basically a repeat tomorrow. but then on thursday we will see a quick-moving storm system coming through to bring us a chance of early-morning showers. and then we're back to dry weather and slightly cooler for the weekend. on sunday we'll set our clocks back one hour and watch for another storm system by early next week with highs in the 60s in the city. that's your latest weather, just a shout out to this gentleman in the sweater what's your name. >> bob callahan. >> he's really james bond. >> we got a case for you later, okay. >> and he bought that hat just for it it is time for jenna's big reveal, november's read with jenna's book club selection, everyone waits on pins and needles for this one >> i have been waiting, and i can -- >> needles. >> we have the crowd, they're going to help us, are you all
8:34 am
ready? >> 3, 2, 1 "the family," by naomi krupitsky, is this a mop story >> this is a mob story have you ever wondered what your favorite books by the mafia or about the mafia would be like through the female gaze, have you? >> no, i've never wondered. >> if you have, this is a book for you. this is set in brooklyn in 1930s and 1940s, it's about two best missing. >> friends who share everything until one of their fathers goes missing. >> uh-oh >> it is a book about female friendship -- >> is her father like a main guy. >> he's like a main guy. >> a maid guy. >> a maid guy. >> i don't know the mafia terms. >> nobody's ever seen "the god father" before. >> like a friend of ours. >> yeah, he's like a friend of ours what i know is it is a debut novel, naomi is a book seller in
8:35 am
san francisco, 31 years old. read it, okay. she's amazing.jph. >> shall i give this one to you. >> love it >> much like carson, i was skeptical of the book, and then, you know, you made me read the one from two months ago. >> that was from three months ago. >> hey, read one of them. >> it was a fantastic book, jph. >> shall i give this one to you. will you read it >> yes, he'll tell you about it in four months. >> if it's on hbo i'll watch it. >> use the qr and head to >> you have a book that doesn't have crayons good for you >> we'll share laughs with the one, the only, tracy morgan, but first, this is "today" on nbc. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks.
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sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself.
8:37 am
welcome back, you're looking for a good laugh, you have come to the right place one of the funniest guys around, tracy morgan is with us.
8:38 am
he's no stranger to our house here on 30 rock. right now, tracy is starring in the last og, in his fourth season, and also is an executive producer on the show i got to tell you, tracy, i sat down, and people probably expect right when you sit down, they laugh, laugh, laugh, first thing you said to me as you brought up your 8-year-old dollar she's everything to you. >> yeah. excuse me. >> yeah. >> that's my mama. she's very close to me we're very close. that's my baby, and she's my greatest costar ever. >> just saying her name, why does that bring all these emotions out >> because she was two months old when i got hit by the truck. so, you know, people don't just come out of comas, i had to fight. i knew i had to be here for her. i wanted to see my daughter. i have always wanted a daughter, a female version of me, and i'm looking at her every day as she grows under my gaze, and i love her. and right now i'm teaching her about time with my daughter, i want to give
8:39 am
her the basic coping mechanisms to deal with how she feels inside, and simply ask, how do you feel, i want her to have the opportunity to tell me how she feels every day. i don't care how you're feeling, talk to dad. we can work it out. >> when you just said, she was just months old when you were in that accident. i cannot believe, it was 2014 when you were in that coma, and you were out for months. and you recently went back to the hospital where the doctors treated you, and what was that like >> for me, it was surreal, they remember everything, i didn't remember anything. i had traumatic brain damage, so i didn't remember anything, and they would tell me everything that happened, and i got to the bed that i recovered in, and i just dropped to my knees and started crying because everything came from my face, jimmy mack, the truck, my friends that was in the car with me, all of that stuff came right
8:40 am
before me. and i was there. >> and you remembered, you started to have those memories what was it like, i found this so interesting, but in the show, you're in the fourth season of "the og," you actually play someone who has a traumatic brain injury. >> yeah, i thought that must have been so weird what was that like >> looking down, it's like looking at yourself down in the bed. and you're saying lord have mercy, that was me you know, i was this close to it, i was knocking on the door, and to be able to put it -- i have people around me that help me, i remember that stuff, so i have other people around me that was there telling me i was this way and that way i do remember rehabbing. sent me a young lady, and i just ran all over her, and then they sent me another lady that was an older, more experienced and she wasn't have it, she used profanity with me and everything, and the first thing she said to me was i don't want
8:41 am
to see you limping no more for months we worked, and it was a lot of screaming, i would work in my kitchen. my daughter would be sitting in her little bassinet. she was a little bit older, and i was working. i was about to be married. i wanted to be married i was engaged to megan, and i wanted to walk my wife down the aisle without a cane so i worked really hard. i went hard, and now i'm back on my feet. thank you, mary. thank you very much for getting me back on my feet do you feel 100% right now >> i don't think none of us are 100%, but i feel well. i don't know about tomorrow. i don't got nothing to do with tomorrow, i know today i'm sitting here talking to you. i feel great, i feel blessed i don't say lucky because luck is for losers. >> yeah. >> if you want luck, you got to go to atlantic city or vegas i feel fortunate so now i'm helping >> you feel like god's in your
8:42 am
life >> he's always been in my life,this accident just brought me closer. my father introduced me to god you know who god is, they say no one knows how he looks or nothing, i know how god looks, he look like jimmy morgan, my father because my father made it possible for me every day. and my mom denise morgan. >> and now you're making it possible for your little girl. >> well, for them, for my sons and my daughter, i just want to leave a legacy when i'm long gone dead, i want them to go to my star in hollywood and say that's my grand pop, my great great great grand kids, that's any grandfather, and they can build, i was a baby, but i'm here now, i'm a big boy, i have been th on top of that >> tracy, you certainly do leave a legacy, your show -- >> i love you, you know that day one, i was a baby when i first started being interviewed, i was a baby, but i'm here now, i'm a big boy, i have been through some stuff. >> you sure have and you're still standing. >> we appreciate you, you can catch an all new episode of "the last og" tonight on cbs. we love you, we're happy you're
8:43 am
here in one piece. up next, our good friend chassie post has comfortable items for your fal
8:44 am
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"today's" best sellers, hot picks to keep you warm in the fall and winter. chassie post and folks by now you know what to do, that qr code is there, bottom of the screen, there it is, right there. there's the qr code, scan it with your smartphone, all of today's items, good to see you >> good to see you >> i know from my wife these are bath bombs, but apparently next level bath bombs. >> these are called the chill pill, instant relaxation, and no precipitation required, they
8:46 am
look like pill capsules, and shoppers are obsessed with these bath bombs because they feel so luxurious, they're like having your own spa retreat at home, and this brand is called quai, and the founder of this brand is a mega celebrity hairstylist named jen atkin, you have to google her, her clients are amazing, and i have to say it's the scents, the fragrance, this incredible jasmine rose. >> and you just drop one in the tub. >> crack it and you drop it in so this is on my list, if anybody's watching for the holidays, it's not too early to start looking for gifts. >> and after you take your bath, who doesn't like a nice warmcra thing is so amazing. >> i bet you've never s towel. >> oh, my gosh, craig, this thing is so amazing. >> i bet you've never seen one of these. >> i haven't either, talk about comfy and cozy, this is a towel warmer, and just imagine getting out of the shower or the tub. >> that is nice. >> and having your very own warm
8:47 am
towel, right, talk about experience, right, it's not just towels. >> that's nice and warm, you're right. >> isn't it, you can warm your pjs, your socks, your sweaters, your robe, and this is a number one best seller in its category >> plug it in in your bathroom. >> plug it in and go. >> now these micro fleece and it's so easy, it's one temperature, it's got settings that will turn off on its own. >> plug it in in your bathroom. >> plug it in and go. >> now these micro fleece sheets, these are really soft. >> oh, my goodness, can you feel that. >> that's more of a blanket than a sheet set. >> if you can believe it, it's a plush velvet micro fiber, if you think about it, you can switch out your sheets seasonally just as you do your wardrobe, and your bed can wear this, oh, my gosh, it comes in a set with a full sheet and a fitted sheet, and also two pillow cases and over 6,000 reviews, i mean, just imagine getting in bed with these warm, warm sheets. >> these are perfect for fall, winter, year round, actually, and full disclosure, i actually have this pair. >> aren't they amazing
8:48 am
>> they lasted me three years. >> these are the iconic ugg slippers, we've got them for women, men and kids, and i mean, as you said, this shearling is incredibly soft, and guess what, it's naturally moisture wicking, so you don't have to worry about sweaty feet. >> i do have sweaty feet. >> and also on the bottoms, they all have rubber so you can wear them technically indoors and out. it's just, i mean, this is the ultimate gift. there is nothing comfier or cozier, and i love uggs. >> now outer wear, these are cool looking hats. >> these are really cool guess what, these are 100% cashmere, and these are made for women, and, i mean, i think they could look good on anyone, but the cool thing about these is, i mean, cashmere, that's so luxurious, right, and the brand actually says that high quality cashmere is up to eight times warmer than regular wool. >> i know you say it's for women. >> right >> but check that out. it looks great on you, too,
8:49 am
craig. >> that's soft it is soft >> you have to let it kind of hang off. >> this is how the kids are doing it >> that's the way the kids are doing it. >> stop your laughing, anthony. >> this is a stylish and warm hat and i've got to say, they come in lots of great colors, and this makes a great gift as well. it comes in a gift box. last but not least. >> something for the whole family. well it comes in a gift box last but not least >> something for the whole family >> that's right. and this is not -- this is so fun, they ought to call it fun do >> fun do. >> nothing is more exciting -- >> why is roker being so creepy over in the corner. >> al loves fondue, check this out, right, this is the most amazing little set it's electric, sometimes you have to have the open flame and it's by dash, and you can put cheese in there, you can put chocolate in there, isn't it good and imagine, getting together with the family, this is an activity, and it comes with everything you need, and you just turn it on, it's electric
8:50 am
it couldn't be easier. >> is it expensive >> it's under $60. >> no double dipping. >> i don't think so. >> chassie, thank you. >> and mr. roker, thank you. >> yeah, thanks al to get your hands on the products, scan the qr code or go the old fashioned way,, and amazon's affiliate relationship, when you buy through our site, amazon gets a small commission. up next, a special guest, why are you being so creepy, a special guest from al's new podcast, the podcast is not creepy it's a cool podcast. she's here to put her unique twist on classic pies that are popular at thanksgiving. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> go back i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones.
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[ sfx: ding ding ding ] [ phone buzzing ] ♪ [ sfx: bing bing bing ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait... enter the golden state, with real california dairy. this morning we're celebrating the launch of our new podcast, cooking up a storm with al roker, point your
8:53 am
phone at that qr code, and we will take you through your thanksgiving meal in just six episodes, course by course with the help from some special guests, one of them, one of my favs, maya camille broussard from chicago, justice of the pies, helping out with our holiday dessert. that's her bakery, justice of the pies, and in the hit netflix show, "bake squad. take a look at some of the funr? >> we had together. >> you know why this is so important? >> why >> because i don't need somebody's southern grandma complaining about strings in tho sweet potato pie there's no strings in my sweet potato pie >> it is good to see you >> good to see you, too. >> everybody's already gone in. >> it's the best pie you have ever had in your life, bar none and it smells amazing, crazy i don't even like pie. >> a lot of people, are intimidated by pie, how do you
8:54 am
get the great crust. >> super cold. >> in the freezer. i pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes, i'm going to add the butter into the flour. >> why does everybody love pie i don't trust anybody who doesn't like pie. >> because it's nostalgic, something from your childhood but not childish it's something that everyone has experienced at least once, most people, i think. >> you're going to go in here with a pie cutter. >> this is a pastry cutter, and what we want is to cut the butter into the flour until we have pea size shapes of butter what that does is makes the crust to flakey because you have pads of butter throughout the flour that melts when it heats up in the oven and creates the flakiness and the layers. >> and then what are you adding to this? >> then i'm going to add a little bit of really cold ice -- >> ice water. >> everything has to be super cold. >> so we add ice water and put everything together. >> and you'll do all of that. and now you've got your dough. do you do anything special with the dough before you start to prep it? >> you see how this has a little crack in it, i want to make sure i meld together any lines. because the flour in there, the flour is going to make that crack sort of separate. >> this is a basic pie crust that you're going to make as the base for everything. >> and then i'm taking my hands and just easing the disc into a larger size. and the heat of your hands is
8:55 am
going to warm up. >> okay. and so we're going to roll that out, and you can freeze this ahead of time, right >> you got to throw in some flour. >> but i want to make sure we get everything in. what is the pie we're making, kind of a flour bay, and then because we've got to do the filling. >> this is the german chocolate bourbon pecan pie.
8:56 am
>> and you you roll it out. anyway, let's come over this way because we've got to do the filling. >> this is the german chocolate bourbon pecan pie. >> and you taste the bourbon, it doesn't burn off it's delicious. >> you can taste a little bit. first we need to whisk the eggs, i always whisk the eggs first because when you whisk eggs and sugar together it's a little bi sugar frothy. >> here's the deal, we spent a little bit too much time on the pie crust, but this is what we end up with, the recipes are on the website, and what's the other pie you have made? >> that's the sweet potato and plantain. >> plantain. >> and these pies are unbelievable. >> incredible. >> do you deliver because this is incredible. plantain >> plantain. >> and these pies are unbelievable. >> incredible. . good morning. it is 8:56 right now. i'm laura garcia with that local news. cdc members meeting at this hour to green light pfizer's covid vaccine for children as young as 5. once the cdc director approves the plan
8:57 am
ahead of that, the federal government is already distributing doses to pediatricians, health clinics, children's hospitals, pharmacies, and other sites where kids can get the vaccine. happening now, our bob redell is talking to health providers. you can check for meeting updates on our twitter feed. president biden is limiting greenhouse gas emissions from the u.s.
8:58 am
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." >> and welcome to the "3rd hour of today," november 2nd, 2021, election day. our sister, vicky nguyen is joining us today. >> good morning. >> got to make sure all the bosses see that clip. >> what clip? >> exactly. >> i got a major promotion from al roker. >> this morning you've got a great new report about what we need to buy this month. >> absolutely, i'm going to give you a head start on your holiday shopping, reviewing the black friday deals that you want to take advantage of and the ones


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