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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 3, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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. new this morning, 28 million children ages five-to-11 are now eligible for the pfizer covid vaccine after the cdc gives a final approval. breaking overnight, republican glen youngkin beats terry mcauliffe. we will have referendums for election day president biden is returning to a world of disarray with plenty of unfinished business on an infrastructure bill on an
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election that didn't do him any favors the astros braves are world champions. having a painful morning. >> as i try to look forward to spring training, ford reveals what might be one of the coolest trucks i've ever laid eyes on, "early today" starts right now >> good wednesday morning. i'm phillip mena. >> glad you are up early with us, it is a busy, breaking news morning. we have updates from the cdc about covid vaccine for kids, first election results are coming in. there are some alarm bells going off for democrats at the white house and around the nation. nbc news projects glenn youngkin defeated democrat terry mcauliffe. >> together, together, we will change the trajectory of this commonwealth and, friends, we
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are going to start that transformation on day one! >> virginia has been a solid blue state for a decade, president biden won there by ten points just last year. youngkins' campaign focused on anti-white bias and win the first woman of color holds the office in new york the margin between incumbent phil murphy and jack ciatarelli is razor thin. president biden won that state by 16 points both campaigns' headquarters cleared out overnight with no victory or concession speeches there are thousands of votes to be counted it's unclear how many may be
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vote by mail or provisional ballots. nbc news is projecting the victory of aeic adams makes him the second black man elected to the role history made the ap projecting michelle wu is the first woman and of color to be the first mayor of boston this ends the city's 200 year history of electing white men. she told nbc she aims to represent all communities in boston now to breaking news in the fight against coronavirus. parents of childrens ages a 5 to 11 don't have to wait any longer, kids in that age range are now eligible to get vaccinated against covid-19. late tuesday evening, the cdc director gave the final approval r some 28 million kids in that age group. for more we turn to nbc news' chris pollone, live in washington, d.c., chris, have
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kids already started getting the vaccine? >> reporter: yes, frances, they have they will ramp up moving into this weekend the federal government expects 15 million doses to be available nationwide by monday pfizer has been shipping them to hospitals and pharmacies in this decision they approved unanimous use in childrens ages five-to-11 yesterday afternoon with the cdc director giving final approval last night young children will get one-third, meaning many children will be fully vaccinated by christmas. the cdc says there have been 1.9 million covid cases in this age group with 8300 hospitalizations and at least 94 confirmed deaths pfizer says studies show it was 91% effective in preventing it in young children. side effects were mild, like a sore arm in a move, president biden called this move a major step
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forward to defeat the virus. >> a lot of sharing and hurt stories in the days to come at school chris, thank you president biden winning praise from world leaders at the global climate summit announcing new rules to limit methane, a potent greenhouse gas. nbc news' peter alexander has more. >> reporter: declaring this the start of a decisive decade, president biden touting significant new steps at this crucial climate conference. >> i can't think in two days many more has been accomplished with climate than in these two days. >> reporter: he says 100 countries are joining the u.s. to stop methane, a potent greenhouse gas >> methane is 25 times more toxic to the environment than co2. so we're making real progress. >> reporter: but republicans warn it will cost energy jobs. the president also responding to the ongoing drama among democrats back at home over his
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$1.75 social plan. joe manchin calling it fullgimm. saying he is still not on board. >> the white house says there were a couple concerns we had to work through. >> reporter: we asked president biden about manchin's commitments. >> do you have a specific commitment by manchin to support your build back better bill? >> i will not, joe will be there. >> r. >> reporter: we pressed the president about soaring prices with inflation at a 13-year high. >> so when specifically should americans expect those prices to come down? >> first of all, the significant reason why prices are up is because of covid affecting the supply chain and anyone who would prefer as bad as things are in terms of prices helping -- hurting families now trade this thanksgiving for last
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thanksgiving. >> reporter: president biden arriving back in washington overnight, where democrats are still wrangling over his spending package, yesterday announceing a new prescription of some prescription drugs for seniors him philip. >> thank you a pivotal world series game six in houston, where the astros try to even the series back up it was a great striking first, sending a ball to the moon for the 3-0 lead freddie freeman puts points on the board for atlanta. the braves were up 7-0 with one out to go. >> the 0, 2. swanson, to first p. the champions! >> atlanta wins it, becoming world champions for the first time since 1990 it is the brave's fourth title in history. the. raiders wide receiver henry
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ruggs iii was behind the wheel when he slammed into the back of a car, which caught fire the driver of that vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene officials say ruggs showed signs of impairment. he is now facing two felony charges, dui resulting in death and reckless driving n. a statement, attorneys say they are conducting their own investigation and asking the judgment be withheld until all the facts are gathered the raiders said their thoughts and prayers are with the victim's family. they later announced they have released ruggs from the team l.a. county approved a $2.5 million settlement in the kobe bryant crash for the victims r. the alleged employee showed off photos involving their relatives the. while they settled, bryant suits will go to trial next year let's turn to your mid-week
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weather. michelle grossman is in for janessa this morning good morning >> good morning. it's a cold one for so many of us below freezing in so many spots. we have freeze warnings across the ohio valley, freeze warnings are in the hot pink a. freeze watch, that's purple if you haven't gotten those plants covered, you may want to do that. 40 million impacted by those freezing temperatures. look at the freezing temperatures in chicago, 32 degrees, it's below freezing and cincinnati you are waking up to 29 degrees in the 40s in neuralgic and washington, d.c. we will probably drop in the 30s closer to sunrise. so this is why the jet stream dipped to the south. dallas, you're chilly, too, at 50 degrees and 46 in little rock now, this is going to stay in place as we head towards tomorrow as well you see that's indicating that cold air is stuck in place 48 degrees itoday.
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we're looking at cool conditions, too, in parts of the tennessee valley >> all right guys, we need the winter gear i think in the northeast in some spots. we need the umbrella in some spots. we'll talk about that coming up. >> it's already out for us thank you. "early today" is back in a minute with a new deal to slash prescription drug prices a trial gets under way for the teen accused of killing two men and wounding a third during a protest last year. >> psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen, painful.
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the price of insulin will be reduced to $35 per shot and medicare will be able to negotiate prices for certain drugs. it is one of the few remaining provisions in president biden's $1.75 trillion package opening statements were made and the first witnesses testified in the kyle rittenhouse homicide trial in kenosha, wisconsin a warning, some stories may be hard to watch. >> reporter: kyle rittenhouse sat in court a polarizing figure seen either as a vigilante or a hero >> the evidence will show that the only person who killed anyone was the defendant, kyle right subpoena house. >> reporter: the prosecutor arguing rittenhouse shot and killed two men and wounded a third last year with an ar-15 rifle. they say he was drawn to chaos like a mob to a flachl he was just 17 when he traveled to wisconsin from illinois. after intense protests erupted over the shooting of jacob
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blake, a black man by a white police officer. >> our job is to protect this man. part of my job, if there is somebody hurt, i'm running into harm's way, that's why i have my rifle. >> reporter: he faces first-degree intention am homicide, which carries a life sentence the 20-person jury contains eight alt that's and one person of color he says he opened fire in self-defense, because he was attacked in the street. >> he protected himself, and protectled his firearm so it couldn't be used against him or other people. >> reporter: the prosecution heard of the man accused of buying his gun >> ply dad had took a lot of the weapons out of the safe and stashed them inside the house in case somebody were to come break into our house and that gun happened to be one of those weapons. >> thanks to gabe gutierrez for that report. another closely-watched election results minneapolis will not overhaul
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its plampltd they voted to replace the police with a new department of public safety. the measure was a part of a push to rethink policing ahead of george floyd's murder. they say it would reduce homeless people, mental health issues and substance abuse opponents took issue with the vague wording of the measure and how it would accomplish the overhaul still to come, container crashers, how thieves are preying on the pdeanmic problem. a tense new show "station 11." definitely after meatloaf. like clockwork. do it! run your dishwasher with cascade platinum and save water. did you know an energy star certified dishwasher uses less than four gallons per cycle? while a running sink uses that, every two minutes. that means even small loads can save water. so why not do it? run your dishwasher every night with cascade platinum.
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>> this virus kills. >> yeah. >> it's really happening >> life imitates art in the station 11 trailer based on emily st. john mendel's best selling novel, the mini series
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follows the devastation. it wreaks across the world and the lives of the survivors station 11 starring mackenzie davis premiers december 18th on bo max. >> the series of cargo heights in california can be another consequence of the nation's busted supply chain. nbc's jolene kent has more. >> reporter: thieves are suspected of pilfering products off trains in california, leaving thousands of box tossed off union pacific trains and scattered on the track it may sounds like a train robbery of the wild west, it's happening as they struggle to process idling ships adding to the already snarled supply chain in our pandemic recovery the crew caught on camera several container doors swung wide opened. that section of the track bordered by homeless encampments on both side capturing on video these two individuals along the tracks, one hoping on a slow-moving
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train carrying what appears to be colt cutters. >> cargo thieves and organized theft groups is they will target commodities they know they can sell they will hone in on those commodities that are either high in demand or shorter and harder for people to get. that way they can get a better return on the sale of it after they steal it. >> reporter: back in august, officials found $100,000 worth of merchandise taken from a union pacific train in mo mona, california the police telling nbc news the cargo trains are hit continually and almost weekly. police saying the stolen items appear to be new with packaging intact, including a vehicle attack and fixtures, clothing, shoes, cleaning supplies, baby-related items and various household items. union pacific issuing a statement saying thatry aware of the theft. the stealing comes as the ports
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of los angeles and long beach are clogged with 100 ships waiting to dock at a supply chain in crisis world wide. >> trade at risk is trade at risk when you see more cargo sitting around, you certainly are going to create a bigger opportunity for cargo theft. the other major ingredients in the increase will be the demand and the shortages. >> the national crime bureau says cargo theft is likely to increase through 2021. >> thanks to jolene kentfor that report. coming up, a new clue to the high flying jet ck iuspandtry over lax ford clarifying an adeposition to its lineup. >>
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will take to studio 8h stage for the first time the harder they fall actor jonathan majors will host november 13th with taylor swift returning as musical guest followed by musical get saweetie >> let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist michelle grossman. >> hey there, showers and storms in the south, pretty quiet across the country today we are looking at localized flooding possible. we spark the showers and storms. this is going to move off to the southeast of florida you will see showers and storms tomorrow prepare for that the rainfall forecast in texas mainly in the southeast or southeast texas are looking at localized flooding as well it's cool for the restaurants. we'relooking at temperatures mainly in the 40s this morning and 50s by this afternoon. we'll be right back. >> thanks, michelle. nice and early today, details on
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. welcome back the cdc has given the final green light to fiez ir's covid-19 vaccine for young kids. on tuesday the advisory committee voted unanimously to recommend the vaccine for children ages five-to-11 the move cleared the way for more than 28 million kids to begin getting vaccinations immediately. millions of doses have been shipped to providers across the country. since the beginning of the pandemic, children ages five-to-11 have accounted for more than 1.9 million covid cases, more than 8300 hospitalizations and 94 deaths now to some big winners from
4:27 am
election day nbc news projects republican glenn youngkin has upset terry mcauliffe. it's a state that president biden won by ten points. nbc news projects that eric adams will be the next leader of the big apple. he will become the second black mayor in new york history. in boston, michelle wu has become the first woman and person of color to be elected mayor. >> facebook is shuttering one of the most used and controversial features the social network says it will end the mashl fet trick system privacy advocates condemned the feature since it was introduced back if 2010 months ago they agreed to a settlement that accused the company of using face tagging without users. >> it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a balloon shaped like a human a. high flying mystery may
4:28 am
have been solved you remember in the skies near lax about a year ago or so some believe it was a man flying on a jet pack. they have another theory new images appear to show a human side balloon resembling the nightmare before christmas floating over beverley hills >> looking for christmas town, that's all florida is bringing the tech of the past the auto maker showed off a 1978 f-100 retrofitted with its new illuminator ecrate motor it's the first piece in a series of building blocks that allows hobbyists to go all electric the 281 horsepower motor will cost you about $3900 based on the one inside the mustang mach egt. >> no matter how much you want it, you have to wait for it.
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♪ like help at 2 am or care that's right at home. ♪ ♪ believe it. ♪ ♪ and caring for them all means ♪ ♪ we're doing healthier right. ♪ ♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ ♪ 'cause this is what healthier looks like. ♪ all the children, they have gone through so much. >> right now at 4:30. vaccine rollout. we're breaking down when you could get your appointment. and a bay area man taking matters into his own hands after his elderly parents were attacked on the street. >> how he tracked down their attacker and how he hopes to help others. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. wednesday morning, here we go. i am laura garcia. >> i am


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