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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 3, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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doing some of that stuff again. >> what you can do if you want to get your 5-year-old to 11-year-old. and reaction is pouring in after a well-known supervisor is killed as she was walking her dog. good evening. thanks for being with us. >> a true loss for the entire bay area. that's how friends and colleagues are describing the death of wilma chan. her historic career touched so many lives. much more than just a politician, she was a guiding light in the asian-american community. nbc's cheryl hurd has the latest on the crash site where she died and the latest from the community. >> reporter: well said, raj. she was struck and killed at this corner of grand and shoreline. you can see the flowers just left there moments ago. there's no other details about the collision.
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all we know is that the driver of the car, who hit her, is a female. and she stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. chan is currently the alameda supervisor, representing district three, that includes the city of alameda, san leandro. and i caught up with karl chan just about an hour ago. he is still trying to process this tragic news. >> i really want people to think of her as a dedicated public servant. she will always be remembered. and we will miss her. once again, for those that were helped by her, we will remember her. thank you for all she has done for us. thank you, wilma. >> chan has been a strong advocate for children and families for 40 years.
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from 2000 to 2006, she served in the state assembly where she became the first woman and asian-american to be majority leader. we reached out to her office. they tell us that her family is asking for privacy right now. we've been talking to people who have been walking up and down the shoreline. they're really angry about the fact that authorities here in this area aren't doing anything about the speeding that happens up and down the shoreline. not saying that the driver of the car was speeding. but i talked to a young man who was very distraught. i asked him if he knew the supervisor. he said he knows the driver of the car. he said that she is devastated by all of this. she is a young woman going to college. he was very upset. and says she is very upset. the story is so tragic all around.
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>> a difficult day. it is a day that many parents have been anxiously awaiting getting the little ones vaccinated. not all parents are rushing out right away. today, though, some elementary schoolkids got their first protection against covid. this comes after the cdc gave a green light for a lower dose vaccine for children 5 to 11 years old. we were at a pediatrician office where some parents jumped at the chance to get their kids vaccinated. the bay area is moving in the wrong direction. sonoma and solano counties are back in the red here, that represents a high transmission rate. all of the other counties are in orange, including san francisco and marin, that were in the yellow tier this week. we have a team of reporters to bring us the latest on the covid front. sergio quintana in san
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francisco. and we need to dig deeper in the numbers. >> some of the counties that were considering easing the masking rules, going into the orange and red tiers are going to push the plans back. for one county that's lifted its mask mandates, they say going back into the orange does not mean they're going to be reinstituting the mask mandates. in marin county, where more than 90% of eligible residents are vaccinated, the county health officer says they are not worried about sliding back a bit. they are tracking other factors, too. >> the day we moved into the orange tier was the first day in four months that we had no one in the hospital with covid-19. zero hospitalizations. >> marin's public health officer said it wouldn't make sense to reinstitute mask rules after the transmission rate went up because no one is going to the hospitals because of covid-19. hospital capacity across the rest of the bay area is looking
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pretty good. that's why dr. monica gandhi who says the covid transmission rate is rising, doesn't tell the whole story. >> it's an outdated way to look at community spread. >> reporter: she says the bay area and california in general, are mostly testing people that have symptoms. many other states are still testing on a wider scale. when you compare california with 39.5 million people and louisiana with 4.6 million, the bayou state is testing more population. after a surge in infections because of the delta variant, more states like louisiana have natural immunity. that may explain why infection rates in those states are dropping, while in california they are flat or slightly up. >> unsafe, natural immunity through infection or a safe
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vaccination-based way of gaining immunity. >> when it comes to indoor masking rules, now that children 5 to 11 are eligible to get shots, it's going to be starting an eight-week countdown for public health officials in some counties to consider another data point for them to be able to lift some of the masking rules. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana. a lot of changes will be coming our way. other south bay doctor offices and vaccination sites were hot spots today. child-sized doses went into arms throughout the day. we go to the county vaccine site at emanuel baptist church in san jose. how busy was it? >> it's been a very organized effort here, with families who made appointments online. in fact, it is all by appointment only at this point, with very young children rolling up their sleeves.
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mica and her 9-year-old son, liam, were among the first in line today. >> i'm superexcited. we're ready for this. >> reporter: every child we talked with wanted to be protected from covid. but getting a shot isn't fun for anybody. the health department planned to vaccinate 400 children today at emanuel baptist church. erin brought her sons. linus was eager. what's your attitude about the shot? >> happy. >> reporter: and 9-year-old henry, who was not happy at all. you decided to do it. >> i still don't want to. >> reporter: public health officials say they understand. about 3,000 appointment slots filled up in a couple hours. there's still quite a few openlings in the south county area. 150,000 children in the county are eligible to get a shot. cvs, walgreens and other health
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systems are booking appointments for this weekend. >> we put notations on the scheduling website so parents can choose a setting that might be best for the child. >> reporter: henry never got comfortable. it took 15 minutes of intense cajoling and a trip to disneyland. a little less pain than you thought. >> a smidge less than i thought. >> reporter: are you glad you did it? >> yes. >> the responsibility piece is what spoke to him in the end. maybe he was getting tired of fighting. >> reporter: i think both boys are being responsible and drive. more children will get a chance tomorrow. that's when the county will set up mobile vaccine sites at about 80 south bay schools. and more vaccine shipments are expected soon. >> there's a lot of options for you. bay area health leaders say for parents to try to book your
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appointment with pediatricians first. if you can't get in, try to get in with the county or school district. and pharmacies a good option. as for parents that are his dent, a pediatrician worries more about covid than the vaccine. >> we have kids that have cardiac problems from covid. these are healthy kids who didn't have any problems, who are suffering from some sort of various cardiac complications. >> she suggests to get the vaccine. as vaccines become more widespread for children, so is the misinformation. to read about the ten myths of the covid vaccine for kids, go to these are the myths. we have listed the facts. let's talk about the weather and the rain headed back for the bay area. a live look at san francisco. it's dry for now. that's going to change in a matter of hours. let's bring in jeff.
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what are we talking about in timelines? >> by late, late tonight, 11:00, 11:30, we'll see the rainfall moving into the north bay. what we're dealing with is a cold front. this storm system is based way off to the north. yes, we're going to get rainfall. this does not look nearly as strong as what we dealt with the last two weeks. as we get you in closer, rainfall developing along the northern coastline right now. the timeline, around 11:30, some rain, in san rafael. once we hit the early morning, over the east bay and the peninsula, with spotty shower chances for the south bay. while the storm system is not a major storm, we're doing incredible. check out the rain season so far today. up over nine inches in santa rosa. 9.61 surplus. san francisco, over 5 inches. that's putting the rainfall season to date, 626% of normal
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in santa rosa. i'm back with a full look at the storm system and another chance next week. see you in nine minutes. whether it's late at night or early in the morning, this is a good thing to have to track the rain. it's our nbc bay area app. you can use it. check it out in your neighborhood, just put in your zip code. it will give you personalized weather. you can use the same radar that jeff uses, too. up next here at 6:00, taking a closer look at power outages. the reason the new reasons state regulators are investigating pg&e. the man arrested on suspicion of shooting and killing a teenager at a halloween party in gilroy no longer faces charges. what the grandfather of the victim has to say about that. "nightly news" across america. tonight, we take you to a place yu think you know a lot about, washington, d.c. we're going to get away from the government buildings and show you other sides of the city.
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i'm just glad i can help. alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before.
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harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save. a major development in that deadly halloween weekend shooting on the property of a gilroy city councilwoman. the only person arrested this this case was set free. we go to gilroy at the police department with the latest.
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>> reporter: the 18-year-old was killed near this growing memorial for him. the gilroy council member owns the property. three others were hit by gunfire, two were hospitalized. on saturday night, police arrested one of the suspected shooters here on church street. today, he was supposed to be arraigned. the d.a.'s office said, we have declined to file charges pending further investigation. this was a large halloween party. the grandfather of the victim told under the circumstances off-camera, it is unexplainable, since several witnesses identified him as the gunman. he says right before the shooting, witnesses told him the lights at the home went out.
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he says when the gunman opened fire, his grandson, michael, jumped in front of another person to protect him and ended up dying in his arms. >> the younger brother was there. he was in shock. he can't believe this happened. >> witnesses who attended the halloween party say at least 70 people were there, most of them teens in costume. i spoke to gilroy police. they say there were at least two shooters and they are looking for the suspects tonight. they say they have no reason to believe at this point that it was a gang-related shooting. in gilroy, marrianne favreau.
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dozens protested outside of pg&e san jose offices in september. they said they can have power or safety but couldn't do both. some of the blackouts happened without notice and lasted for days. even the boardwalk was shut down on a hot july day. this week, the commission promised to get more answers from pg&e and demanded that they provide monthly reports. the holiday season is here. the holiday ice rink opened in union square. last year, no rink because of the pandemic. today, we are back. they celebrated with performances. >> that's impressive. >> yep. it's a reminder, get your holiday plans firmed up. maybe time to go shopping at union square. >> you come this year and i promise you, you will see things
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that you have never imagined, you will never enjoy anything anymore. mark those calendars. >> we're heading out there. won't be any on-site ticket sales. >> they are gram crackers. >> they are s'mores. >> and they will have live entertainment. >> will we state like that when we go? >> i will just look and watch. >> i'll be a s'more if you're a s'more, too. >> i'll be happy to be a s'more request you. >> let's do it. >> maybe tomorrow morning is not the best time. >> yeah. cold and wet. this weekend, we're going to get in some good weather out there at the safeway ice risk. got to check it out. it's so much fun. it makes things, as they were saying, feel more like normal. it's going to get you to the weather forecast. we're tracking the next storm system late tonight and early tomorrow morning.
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and one after that. it could be maybe not as strong. i'll update you on that, as well. let's look at what is moving in close to us. it's a cold front. the bottom edge of it. we're going to get something out of this. we're dry over the bay area right now. the timeline on this, late tonight, we're going to see the rainfall develop over gernville, santa rosa. in the overnight hours, rain in the east bay and the peninsula. it breaks up in the south bay mountains. morning commute, widespread clouds with us. eventually, we want more
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sunshine here. gernville, all the way to gilroy. rainfall totals, i don't sigh any problems. most of us in the blue color here. you can see a little green here. also some yellow in the northern coastline. we could see quarter to a half-inch. those totals would be isolated. no problems with the storm system. it's all good. we wake up for tomorrow morning, make sure to have that jacket. temperatures are going to start off chilly. down to 50 for the trivalley. 52 in the peninsula. also some of the low 50s over the east bay and the north bay. daytime highs, in the 60s. 66 in palo alto. on the seven-day forecast, we get the clouds this weekend. time change on sunday. looks like the rain system will not bring as much rainfall.
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we'll keep an eye on that one. let's pencil in holiday ice rink and s'mores. >> you are going dressed up as s'mores. >> we're going to do a duet. >> if it's with you on the ice rink, let's go for it. >> stop laughing so loud. >> we'll have the nbc helicopter. >> you'll be running the camera. >> i will be there. up next, a new class of grads. how many new bus drivers will be joining vta. and is it enough to help a serious shortage?
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and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive a big step forward for vta. a class of 27 new vta bus drivers graduated today. they completed a challenging nine-week training course. now, they are ready to hit the streets to fill a serious operator shortage. >> thank you for taking on this job, along with all of our light
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rail operators, your job is the most visible and most critical for serving our citizens and the residents and the commuters. >> the new graduates can get behind the wheel immediately. it was once a naval base. and now, a new neighborhood is taking place on the site. leading city officials on a tour today of treasure island. construction is under way on 8,000 new homes, along with 550,000 square feet of retail space. they arrived by ferry, which is undergoing its final test runs for regular service, scheduled to begin in january. >> we needed to make sure that as we increase the population of this community that we provide different modes of transportation. that's what today is all about. finishing something that we promised would be provided here
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in san francisco for the people who live and work here. >> pretty cool. i'll take the ferry to my island. $600 million has been invested in this project. up next, another sign of normalcy. the announcement from san francisco state that will make soon-to-be grads happy.
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chase center is getting ready for something big, a
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graduation. >> san francisco state grat gra will be celebrated january 8th. the in-person ceremony will celebrate 2020 and 2021, whose spring com virtually. all grads will need to show proof of vaccination. this will be the first time they hold the graduation at chase center. tonight at 7:00, hastings law school will change its name. it comes after it was found that the school's founder orchestrated the massacre of dozens of native americans. and coming up, bill gates interview is next. lester holt joins us from washington, d.c. right now. tonight, the gop's election stunner and the warning signs for democrats going into the mid-terms. president biden coming before the cameras today after republican glenn youngkin won the governor's race in virginia a state the president won by ten points just a year ago
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and the surprise for democrats in new jersey that governor's race still too close to call how the culture wars and the president's own stalled agenda factored in the democrats disappointment our kristen welker asking the president how much responsibility does he take how he responded. also tonight the first covid shots in the arms of kids age 5 to 11. hours after the cdc's approval what parents need to know my exclusive one-on-one with the nation's top general mark milley. his new warning on china after that hyper sonic missile test the shocking new allegations for attorneys on the armorer on the set of "rust. could the deadly shooting have been the result of sabotage our nbc news exclusive with bill gates. his warnings on the climate, his push for a green revolution and what he said when asked about alleged inappropriate e-mails at microsoft. and our journey


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