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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  November 3, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive. i'm raj mathai, next tonight a lot of major stories unfolding at this hour. some parents are ready to go but others are still hesitant. we're listening to your concerns about getting 5 to 11-year-olds vaccinated. we have our trusted covid experts to answer your questions. the surprise announcement, buster posey is retiring. why now? we'll be joined by former giants' pitcher sean estes. hastings confronted the racist past with the founder. "the new york times" reporter that prompted the law school to change its name. thanks for joining us. this is nbc bay area news
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tonight. i'm raj mathai. we want to start with developing news in the east bay. a beloved politician has died. not just a politician but a guiding light really in the asian-american community across the bay area. she was hit and killed by a car. alameda county supervisor wilma khan was walking her dog when she was struck by a car crossing the street. it happened this morning at shoreline drive and grand street in alameda. our sky ranger was overhead late this afternoon. paramedics rushed khan to highland hospital where she later died. right there is the intersection she was hit by that car. the driver of the car stayed on the scene and is cooperating. it's still unclear what led to the crash. governor newsom releasing this statement. quote, we are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of wilma khan. her decades of service to the community championing health care, affordable housing and support for families touched the lives of many.
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our thoughts are with her loved ones. also tonight, a milestone moment in the fight against covid. for the first time kids as young as 5 years old are getting the covid vaccine. here in the bay area shots went into arms beginning this morning. the santa clara public health deputy was ready to go less than 24 hours after the cdc approved the pfizer vaccine. about 3,000 appointment slots filled up in a couple hours. in all about 170,000 children are in santa clara county and eligible to get a shot. the health department said it vaccinated 400 kids today just at the emanuel baptist church in san jose. parents tell us their kids understand the importance even if they're not thrilled about getting a shot. >> a last-minute decision. we're on the way and here getting the vaccine. >> reporter: no apprehension? >> i don't think so, no. >> it's important. we just kept talking about why we were doing it and said it was our responsibility as part of the community to keep ourselves
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safe and everyone else safe and we had to push through. >> they did. she said she promised her kid a trip to disneyland if he got the shot and he did. what do you need to do to book the appointment? the first option check with your pediatrician. they may already be taking appointments now. try your local county health department website for example santa clara county has open slots. you can check with your school district, many districts are setting up clinics or soon will be right on campus or near campus. doses are also on their way to local pharmacies like cvs, right aid and walgreens. children's appointments should be available beginning this weekend. the appointment is step two in the process, step one, the first step, do you even want your kid vaccinated? take a look. a recent poll from the kaiser family foundation 30% of parents said they would not get their younger kids vaccinated. another 33% said they're just going to wait and see. today, we talked to parents and
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they shared with us questions and concerns they have. we also invited our covid expert from ucsf to sit with us here. doctor, nice to see you. we'll think of this as an office visit. okay to play along? is the first question from a parent. >> i just want to understand how efficient that is to prevent kids from getting the disease and how safe that is for kids to get vaccinated. i think that's my two major questions and definitely want to hear more from the medical experts how it goes. >> okay. very good point. let's start off the bat. safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, doctor. >> so safety i think we've had a trial of more than 2,000 kids just in that age group 5 to 11. one-third of those seem to be better tolerated than the full dose in older kids and young
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adults with fewer fevers, fewer chills. efficacy, more than 90% in the trial against symptomatic infection, but, you know, this is not the first time a vaccine similar age group. remember, there have been millions of vaccines. there isn't much difference between ages 11 and 12. you know, the age of the immune system is relatively similar in the spectrum of adolescents and young kids. >> big question. what about side effects? as adults we had side effects, what about kids even 6-year-olds getting side effects and are they different for girls and boys? what's your thought? >> yeah, so overall the side effects are the ones that we expect redness at the site, headache, sometimes fever, chills, muscle aches, those can be expected. and again, like i mentioned shs
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, surprising to me is one-third the dose there seems to be fewer side effects compared to the full dose. in terms of the boys versus girls, i think people are on the watch for heart inflammation but again, at one of third of those they are modelling that don't predict as much heart inflammation with this smaller dose as in the younger men under the age of 40. >> okay. here is our second parent. let's queue up the tape. >> a lot of my family, you know, my husband, as well says yeah, we should get them vaccinated. i think i'm the one that is holding them back and also, my 12-year-old. he's the one -- he says he does not want to be vaccinated because he sees a lot of different stories and he doesn't want to get that side effect. >> okay. what's your bedside manner here? 9, 10, 11, 12-year-old say mom, dad, i don't want the shot.
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how do parents and doctors address this? >> first of all, you start off with anyone by listening very carefully, listening intently, listening with humility and understanding that people do feel afraid sometimes. i think that what i would also do is probably construct a pros and cons sheet. the cons are side effects but the pros are going to the sleep over champ and going over summer to some camps that might require vaccinations and hugging grandma and grandpa without fear, going to movies, all these places that require vaccinations. it can approach time for normalcy for a kid and i think that lose was felt by adults and for kids during this time in the last 18 months. >> very good approach. when i was a kid, my dad used to say we're in the a democracy in the house. it's may way or the highway.
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that's a different approach, as well. here is our third parent. >> as far as the vaccine goes for the kids, would they be doing the same as we are as far as booster shots and is this a long term thing for the kids. >> good question. we're all now getting boosters, many of us are. what about kids? six months, 12 months, will they get boosters? >> i think we don't know for sure. it may mean in some childhood vaccines you get two in the beginning or maybe three and then in adolescence you get a booster. it may be like that in the future but for right now we think two vaccines will protect kids for a long time. we're not really sure. we'll be following data. again, the immune system is much more agile, nimble and fitter than ours so it may be that immunity will push them further in terms of length of protection but again, time will tell and again, we have the kids in the trials who are ahead of the rest of the country by many months.
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>> we appreciate the office hours. have a good evening, doctor, thanks for your time. >> you, too, raj, thank you. >> if we didn't get to your questions, we have more answers on the website and app. click on the covid vaccine for kids and find a list of faqs and of course, we provide the answers, as well. let move on by now you probably heard the news, giants' legend buster posey will announce his retirement tomorrow. the question tonight, why? 34 years young and still he's near the top of his game. this is really happening here. buster is like other legendary bay area stars, steph and joe and willy. buster has been the heart and soul of the giants. this is a rookie year in 2010. that same year no coincidence the giants won their first world series since moving to san francisco. now over 12 seasons, he's won
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three world series titles with a switch-time all star and mvp and rookie of the year but through the years and this is where the story gets even more interesting, i've always known him to be a family man. we all have. he decided to sit out the 2020 season because he wanted to protect his young family during the height of the pandemic. posey has two sets of twins, one set is adopted and they are now toddlers so overall he has four kids. this season he returned with a force. if you want to talk money, posey is leaving at least $22 million on the table. pretty amazing here. joining us now, former giants pitcher sean estes. nice to see you. i got to say back in my sports casting days, i remember when buster was in the minor leagues playing for the san jose giants. he and his wife kristen were living in a backyard cottage of a family in willow glen. they were so humble and sweet.
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i don't think they changed. what do you think? >> not at all. yeah, i mean, i'll be honest with ya. i'm not shocked about this decision, yet, yes, i'm surprised but i think more than anything, i'm saddened about this decision. selfishly. i'm saddened for the fans they weren't able to give buster posey a proper sendoff. he may go off as the most beloved giant ever especially in our time. when buster showed up, that's when the trophies started to appear. no doubt he had a huge impact on the franchise but as you mentioned, he's a huge family guy and a lot of guys are in this game. based on his decision last year to sit out for the covid season to spend time with his family and his twin kids they acquired, i think that that just speaks volumes as to where his mind was at that point. now, to go out there and be reenergized for the 2021 season and put the time in, the work in
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and have the desire and dedication to be good and he was very good, that gave me hopeuls wasn't there. you have to have that passion. you have to have that fire in your belly to be the best to continue to keep playing and that just maybe fizzled out a little bit. >> shawn -- >> retire and go spend some time with the family. i can't fault him for that. >> you said something interesting, for you it didn't surprise you but you're on the giants' inner circle. what gave you an indication he might hang it up? >> i didn't say i wasn't surprised. i am surprised. i wasn't shocked because i heard rumors throughout the season even while he was an all star the last half of the season that this may be his last year, that there was a question mark about
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his desire to play beyond 2021. that is why i'm not real shocked and the fact that he did sit out last season to be home with his family. but i am surprised because i know as a player to be as good as he was this past year, you still have to have the desire to go out there and want to compete, and he did have that. so i felt like maybe the fact he did sit out last year that that kind of got the juices flowing again. that stoked the fire and maybe he would want to play another two, three years and the fact his team was the best team in baseball and he had a big part of that. >> they sure were. >> the giants, the rivalry against they did have. i felt like there was some unfinished business maybe in his mind, that this was a team that could go to the playoffs and wiping a world series and he can bring home more hardware and then just leave, right? but actually announced he would retire prior to the season then play his last year kind of have a send off like matt cane did.
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we won't see that but we have the memories of buster posey as a giant and there are great ones. >> i think we should all, you as a former player and us fans will be appreciative but yes, we didn't get the proper sendoff. we'll see what is announced tomorrow. maybe he'll remain with the team in some front office role. shawn estes, thank you for your time. have a great evening. >> you, too, raj. u.c. hastings confronting the founders' past. that founder masterminded the killing of nearly 300 native americans. we're talking to the "new york times" reporter who exposed the story. we're back in a moment. ♪
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welcome back to nbc bay area tuesday tonight. history is cruel, disturbing stories emerged that tarnished california's gold rush history and prompted u.c. hastings to change the name of it famous law school. hastings college of the law is named for the founder a gold rush era rancher and california's first chief justice. in the 1870s he donated the $100,000 that began the building of the now famous law school in san francisco but a recent "new york times" report that published last week exposed that hastings financed a mass slaughter of hundreds of members of the tribe who lived near his property. yesterday the law school's board of directors voted unanimously to rename the school.
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joining us now is thomas fuller, the san francisco burro chief for "the new york times." thomas, nice to have you on the program. really amazing reporting here that you've exposed. i got to say, i grew up in the bay area. i was educated and until your article, i had no idea about hastings and his past with the native americans. how did you get onto the story? >> well, you know, i felt the same way in researching it. i looked at my daughter's fourth grade history book and saw nothing of these massacres that happened in the 1860s, 1840s, 50s, '60s and that's who drove me into the story. this is a gold rush era story that was not the one that, you know, we're so familiar with. i had heard that hastings was looking into their past, looking
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into their founders' past and spent three years looking back at historical documents, hiring a historian to write up a very detailed accounting and i went further and i tried to see the context of the time and the context was that thousands of native americans were massacred during the gold rush era in state sponsored killings. so in other words what set this apart from the rough and tumble times that we know about was that the california legislature reimburse the killers of the massacre that are specifically in question in round about three
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hours north of san francisco and there the founder of hastings college law had cattle and horse ranchers and he was afraid that his livestock were threatened so he had his employees massacre members of the tribe still there today. >> amazing. your article says the dean of hastings law didn't want to change the name but the board voted otherwise. why now? it your reporting or public pressure? >> well, the article came out last week and the vote was taken yesterday and alumni tell me it was the article that galvanized alumni feelings on this point. you know, the dean was the one who launched this inquiry and he makes an interesting point or he
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made i should say an interesting point, which was if you delete the name, do you also sort of delete the history and forget about the history? so that's what he was grappling with. he put together a number of what he called restorative justice measures including pro bono legal help for the tribe, but at the end of the day, i think the sentiment among the alumni and that includes willy brown and includes kamala harris. this school has produced many high powered california politicians and high powered trial attorneys. i think the feeling among the alumni was that they just couldn't have the name anymore. and indeed, some of the tribe people i spoke to, as well, one in particular resonates and she said, you know, every time i see the name hastings, it makes me
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sick. >> as we wrap this up here, you also spoke with any of the descendants of the hastings family and what are they saying? >> indeed. so one of the descendants sits on the board of hastings and he said look, you know, this is awful and, you know, he's very saddened by it. he grew up like many people as you said in the bay area, he grew up in the bay area and he didn't know this even though it was his ancestor. he didn't know about the massacres. he has come around and he says it's the right thing to do to change the name. >> thomas fuller, appreciate your time and really appreciate your reporting. really the power of journalism here. we'll talk to you down the road. thanks. >> okay. thanks so much, raj. >> by the way, no word yet on the new name or when it will take effect. we're back in a moment checking in the forecast. it's going to start raining soon
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okay. jeff ranieri with us. pay attention, you got green coming. >> two different storms, raj. the one late tonight and as we head through tomorrow morning, another one next monday and tuesday. let's get you the latest on that. you can see we have storm ranger scanning right now. it's dry across the bay area but seeing rainfall off to the north and eventually back down towards
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us. at 11:30 tonight, rain and then this pushes over the east bay and peninsula. about 3:00 in the morning you can see the trend. this really starts to break up as it moves off towards the south. so for the morning tomorrow, we're starting cloudy. i think we're really on the dry side of things and tomorrow afternoon sunshine. this storm system no problem at all. we'll be able to deal with it just fine. totals on the lower side trace amounts to about a quarter of an inch. better bet of a quarter of an inch in the north bay. my forecast tomorrow cooling off anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees will put us back into the 60s. on my seven-day forecast, monday and tuesday rain and .75 and so still getting the rainfall chances we need and clouds, as well. >> that's okay. we like seeing the rain. we need it. >> thanks. here is what is coming up in prime time a chicago filled night, chicago met at eighth,
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chicago fire at 9:00, chicago p.d. at 10:0 and the 11:00 that will do it for us. thanks f oracle park in the background. big announcement, formamoow. good night.
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♪ we're assuming somebody put the live round in that box. because somebody intended to sabotage this set. >> did the bullet end up in alec's "rust" gun on purpose? the armorer's lawyers claim they have evidence to back up this stunning theory. >> when you do that, you can only have bad intentions. >> we had no control. >> dad's one thing but why is britney now placing even more blame squarely on mom for ruining her life? >> you are not making me kill anyone! >> from the fictional versions to the real thing we're going deep inside


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