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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 4, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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♪♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests keri russel, joe pera, and jake wesley rogers, everybody. i want to thank roy mayorga and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ tonight the shock has not worn off after sudden and tragic death of beloved east bay politician. >> she was there, didn't try to
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leave at all. pulled over, opened her door, didn't close it, ran over to the lady, there was crying. >> witnesses describe the heartbreaking scene after alameda county supervisor wilma chan was hit by a car walking her dog. next chance of rain starting to arrive, just got updated time line. >> is it true? buster posey making a big announcement tomorrow, giants superstar reportedly retiring. but why? talking to former teammates. trying to get a vaccination appointment for your child, places to look to book asap. >> good evening. begin with the tragic death of alameda county supervisor wilma chan, killed walking her dog one block from her home. >> more than a politician, a guiding light in the community,
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nbc bay area's cheryl hurd from alameda. >> reporter: people are starting to bring flowers and candles to the location where supervisor chan was struck and killed. during the day this is a busy street and people who live around her say it's a big problem. >> looked it up, saw it was her, can't believe it. devastated. >> reporter: flowers and candles marking the spot where wilma chan was struck and killed today. >> something going on, would hear about it, fight to save schools, families, children. >> reporter: walking her dog maggie when she was hit. >> this is a bad crosswalk. felt horrible for the lady hit and unresponsive, dog ran off. somebody was able to grab the dog, but also for the girl that hit her, she was there, didn't
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try to leave at all. >> reporter: distraught, staying with chan to comfort her until she was rushed to hospital where she died. spent 40 years fighting for underserved in the community. from 2000 to 2006, served in california state assembly, first woman and asian-american to be majority leader. returned to county government, represents district three, many east bay cities. >> so shocked and very sad, very sad but want people to remember her. very dedicated public servant. we all are going to miss her. >> reporter: city officials, including mayor libby schaaf sending condolences on social media. people who live in the area say speeding is big problem here. reached out to bike/walk
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alameda. president said there's four people hit and killed by cars walking their dogs. >> pedestrian should be safe. good person deserved to be able to walk her dog across the street. >> reporter: the cause of the crash is under investigation. she's survived by two children and two grandchildren. reporting live in alameda, cheryl hurd. >> she made big impact. governor newsom's office releasing this statement, deeply saddened by the tragic loss. her decades of service to the community, championing health care, affordable housing and support for families, touched the lives of many. thoughts with loved ones. it's on the way. dry roads now but about to change. second storm is starting to arrive. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has about tracking it. more rain for neighborhoods but
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not like two weekends ago. >> excellent point, nothing compared to the storm systems we've had within past two weeks. as it's moving into northern california, it's starting to break apart right now. closer look at storm ranger mobile doppler radar. we're dry through the bay area but starting to see showers getting close to guerneville and then santa rosa. time line by 11:30, developing over santa rosa and then the east bay and peninsula, then starts to fall apart near san jose. isn't a strong storm. updated rainfall season. look at currently putting us at 626% of normal. full look at weekend forecast and all rain chances in about eight minutes. >> thank you.
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this surprised a lot of people. giant among giants, buster posey, humble and mild-mannered superstar is reportedly retiring. player who has captured the hearts of giants fans and been there for all three of the team's world series titles. posey hasn't said a word, nor have the giants but "the athletic" and nbc sports is reporting the announcement will come tomorrow. sense of disbelief but also gratitude. jean elle. >> reporter: raj, giants fans and former players say they're downright sad that buster posey is planning to retire. here at ballpark he's the face of the giants and of their success, beloved and respected on and off the field. >> for cancer, education, junior giants, giving mitts to kids who can't afford it, he's a real
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hero on and off the field. >> giants fans sad to hear baseball giant buster posey will announce he's retiring tomorrow. >> you know good people when you meet them. >> reporter: former teammate franzen invited them to the family by having them live with them in 2009. >> the things you did on the field is sliver of what you provide for the entire community, off the field was far greater than on the field. >> reporter: says his humble friend is great ball player, tipping hat at top of his game. >> over .300 most of the year, over .900 ops, that's what he's going to leave on. kids will realize he got hurt, then mvp. >> reporter: four-time silver slugger and three-time champion. >> that's when it started to
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appear. >> reporter: earned title of fan favorite and hard to see him go. >> saddened selfishless and for the fans not able to give him a proper send-off. may go down as most beloved giant ever. >> reporter: wanting to spend time with family in the season. >> be a full-time dad for first time in a while. >> reporter: fans will always have memories of his magic at the ballpark. >> love and legendary aspect of who he is as icon for the san francisco giants will be there forever. >> reporter: jean elle. >> hard to believe. live look at ballpark right now. interesting the lights are on, perhaps getting ready for something big tomorrow. tonight, lit up but empty. we'll keep you updated on buster posey's mans on air and online
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at >> kiddy covid shots first doses into arms today one day after cdc signed off on pfizer's vaccine. if you're looking to get appointment, can be tricky. ian cull walks us through finding appointment and navigating challenges you run into. >> if you're a parent looking for appointment, the myturn website will start taking appointments starting tomorrow. check back in hour. kaiser permanente is doing same thing. plenty of places. feels like early 2021 if you're searching for vaccine appointments. we ran into roadblocks. walgreens site didn't have any available or weren't clicking fast enough and they disappeared. cvs, would have one here and
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there, then gone. but santa clara website, fairgrounds, mountain view, east san jose were booked but plenty in morgan hill. bay area health officers say check in with your kids' doctors. posted availability here yesterday and 500 are signed. first getting vaccinated this morning. the sisters excited to be able to celebrate again. >> they're excited, i think things we've been not doing or avoiding, indoor birthday parties and christmas, things like that. big disneyland fans, excited to be back doing that again. >> reporter: with the influx, santa clara county says won't affect people getting boosters. high demand but less kids than when adults became eligible in mid-april.
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after a couple of hours of searching i got one at cvs and another at walgreens in san jose. and health to update, keep checking back. >> now that young kids can get the shot, does that mean they have to show proof of vaccination? in statement tonight, san francisco says it's waiting before potentially requiring proof of vaccination. in town hall yesterday, dr. susan phillips said won't be for at least eight weeks. s.a.p. center and other venues looking into whether to require proof. reviewing the cdc guidance on kids and will update the fans. you have questions? we have answers., scroll down to coronavirus pandemic section,
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new interview with ucsf expert dr. peter chin-hong who answers questions. >> we have election results. nbc news projected that new jersey's democratic governor has won a second term. phil murphy first democrat to win re-election in new jersey in more than four decades. beat out republican opponent in unexpectedly tight race. one of two states, other state was virginia, their voters elected first republican governor in 11 years. business man glen youngkin narrowly defeated former governor terry mccallive in a state that president biden won. major blow for democrats. >> they're so divided right now. political version of "family feud" when you look at people in congress. from the far far left to the far far right. nobody wants to talk to anybody
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and people look at this, look at republicans and say you know what, no trump, not so bad. >> former president trump who endorsed youngkin is claiming victory but he's carefully kept his distance from the former president and did not campaign with him. his key issues were education and critical race theory which isn't even taught in virginia. back in 60 seconds, wild ride, stolen big rig takes chp on a chase happening in southern california right now. >> thousands of new homes and way to get around. and showers developing from cloverdale to
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take a look. don't think we've ever seen this. new video of a stolen big rig down in l.a. police say it was stolen from a company yard in the city of bell. driver led officers through several cities in san fernando valley, used spike strips to punctuate many tires but big rig still going and pursued on southbound 5 in l.a. area. new twist in the shooting on the alec baldwin shooting set.
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attorneys for the onset armorer are investigating whether sabotage led up to the shooting. reed oversaw all the weapons used that day when baldwin accidentally shot and killed halyna hutchins and wounded director joe souza. crew had walked off the day before and he believes someone wanted to prove a point. >> person who put the live round in the box of dummy rounds had to have the purpose of sabotaging the set. >> these are just theories. santa fe county sheriff's department says the investigation is focused on how the live round made it on the set of that film. new at 11:00, man in berkeley seen peering into the
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bedroom of a teenage girl was arrested for breaking into another home naked before 2:00 a.m. monday. police say they got call about a prowler, and woman in house next door ran out screaming, woke up to naked man inside her bedroom. police found a man naked from the waist down hiding in bathtub. big decision in gilroy, no charges, says there's not enough to charge david calderon in deadly shooting outside home of gilroy councilwoman. two gunman opened fire at halloween party on property owned by councilwoman. four teenagers shot, one died. victim's grandfather told us he's stunned calderon was not charged. police say they don't have any reason to believe it's gang related. students walked out of class
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saying believe victims. want to get school district's attention. students say administrators at oakland tech high are not doing enough to protect them when they report sexual harassment. hundreds of students marched to the headquarters in oakland. some don't know how to make a formal complaint. district is investigating four title ix complaints, discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct. uc hastings is changing its name, named for founder who was a gold rush era ranger and first chief justice of the state. donated $100,000 to begin the building of the famous law school. but "new york times" report published last week exposed that hastings financed the mass slaughter of hundreds of members of the tribe that lived next to
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his mendocino property. >> he was afraid his livestock were threatened, so had his employees massacre members of the tribe. what set this apart from the rough and tumble times we all know about was that the california legislature reimbursed the militias, the killers of men, women and children. >> that was the reporter who exposed the story. the sentiment of alumni, willie brown and vice president kamala harris included that the name couldn't stay and renaming it. new neighborhood on the site of historic bay area naval base. london breed led officials on a tour, 8,000 new homes under construction and 800,000 square
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feet of retail space. ferry is undergoing test runs for regular service beginning january. it was majestic today. >> best news in the bay area on both islands today. tracking a storm system that's really weak, continues to fall apart as it moves into northern california. the ground will be wet in the morning and cloud cover left over. storm ranger and the satellite, consistent rain near the california/oregon border but breaking up. spotty showers, little bit for santa rosa and bodega bay. continuing to move south, 3:00 in the morning it's over the peninsula and east bay and continues to fall apart towards
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south bay in the morning. widespread cloud cover in the morning, sunshine returning once we roll into the afternoon. totals very low. spotty showers, trace amounts to about 0.2 inches from south bay to the east bay. north bay could see mountains with a quarter inch. don't see problems but watch out for slick roadways tomorrow morning and have that jacket. it's going to feel chilly out there. 50 for the tri-valley, peninsula 52 and south bay at 54. we'll continue with low 50s over the east bay and into the north bay. daytime highs tomorrow dropping off 10 to 15 degrees in response to the system. colder air behind it will bring us down to 69 in morgan hill, 68 martinez, 66 in santa rosa and low and mid-60s half moon bay
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san francisco. seven-day forecast, once we hit saturday seeing clouds starting to return. storm off to the north, spotty drizzle. time change on sunday, set the clocks back one hour. monday and tuesday looking at system moving close but lower totals, may not see that smoric river connection the way things are panning out right now. but we'll keep you updated as we move toward that weekend and early next week and more of the fall temperatures next seven days. as you mentioned earlier, pumpkin spiced latte weather officially. >> perfect. going to do that tomorrow, thanks. happening now, chase center getting ready for something big, not a warriors game. san francisco state grads will be celebrated in in-person commencement in january. 2020 and 2021 classes will be
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2020 and 2021 classes will be honored since the spring can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. disturbing details about that deadly crash in las vegas involving a raiders star that took the life of a young woman. prosecutors say henry ruggs was driving 156 miles per hour right before his fiery crash that
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killed the 23-year-old. ruggs was in court in the wheelchair and wearing a neck brace. longtime girlfriend in the car with him, also hurt. ruggs is out on bail confined to his home. raiders have released ruggs and faces up to 20 years in prison. bizarre story around packers quarterback aaron rodgers, not playing this weekend after testing positive for covid and reportedly for fudging his vaccination status. rodgers is not vaccinated but in august he said he was immunized. now we learn he underwent alternative treatment and asked nfl to be considered as properly vaccinated. league ruled it wasn't the same. because he's unvaccinated must quarantine for minimum of ten days, earliest return is november 13th. went to cal, nfl's most valuable
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player last season. >> didn't get vaccinated, sfpd told the ones not could come to work. 41 of the 70 unvaxxed are officers. they don't get vaccinated, they could be fired. step forward for vta class, graduated today after nine-week training course. now ready to fill the serious operator shortage. new grads able to get behind the wheel immediately. i really have to hold on to buster posey t-shirt. >> and bobbleheads. more about
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no doubt about it, quiet superstar. as we told you earlier, buster posey is going to be announcing his retirement tomorrow. such a blow to the bay area. >> maybe he won't. maybe we all just got it wrong. >> he's going to punk us tomorrow? >> you guys got it wrong. know you've made it when amount of dogs and cats in the bay area are named buster or posey. lot of superstars, willie mays, barry bonds, he's right with them. moved from georgia, shopping
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malls, big city, traffic. going to take a while to get used to. they're a big part of the bay area. we'll have coverage of his retirement tomorrow. chase center tonight, warriors and hornets, lot of muscle flexing in this game. ready for this? fourth quarter, gary payton ii, the put-back and flex. wants to be called young glove. his dad was the original glove. >> then draymond green flexing. everyone is fired up. warriors win with ease, 114-92.
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trick or treating out, skating in. holidays just around the corner. san francisco opening up holiday ice rink in union square today. organizers have been setting it up since 2008, took a break in the pandemic. but today performances from acrobats and young figure skaters. this year won't be on-site ticket sales, you have to purchase online and will have live entertainment throughout the couple of months and
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costumes today were order of the day. >> those are my favorites, what are they called? smores? >> holidays are here. >> get your shopping down at union square as well. have a great day tonight, the gop's election stunner and the warning signs for democrats going into the mid-terms. president biden coming before the cameras today after republican glenn youngkin won the governor's race in virginia a state the president won by ten points just a year ago and the surprise for democrats in new jersey that governor's race still too close to call how the culture wars and the president's own stalled agenda factored in the democrats disappointment our kristen welker asking the president how much responsibility does he take how he responded. also tonight the first covid shots in the arms of kids age 5 to 11. hours after the cdc's approval
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what parents need to know my exclusive one-on-one with the nation's top general mark milley. his new warning on china after that hyper sonic missile test the shocking new allegations for attorneys on the armorer on the set of "rust. could the deadly shooting have been the result of sabotage our nbc news exclusive with bill gates. his warnings on the climate, his push for a green revolution and what he said when asked about alleged inappropriate e-mails at microsoft. and our journey across america to washington, d.c. for a game of checkers at the site of our nation's capital you rarely see on tv. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. across america reporting tonight from washington, d.c. >> good evening from washington, d.c. on day three of our journey across america where i spoke to the country's top military leader about a world growing more dangerous. we'll get to that in a few moments. but tonight we ao


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