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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 4, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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. the right to bear arms the newest handgun case hitting the supreme court looks at a challenge to new york's laws but science we may already know the outcome from the high court. the attorney representing the "rust" armor may have led to the alec baldwin shooting. before the case even begins, prosecutors are calling into question the jury selection of only one black persod the rest all white the district attorney says
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former raiders' wide receiver henry ruggs iii was driving three times the speed limit that killed a woman and her dog trash talking is a part of the game we're not talking politics here. "early today" starts right now good morning, i'm frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. the second amendment is under fire new york gun laws are caught in the crosshairs of the supreme court, mug over gun measures that imposes strict limits on who can carry a gun in public places so will this mean the nearly 20 million new yorkers will be packing heat joining us is chris pollone. good morning, where do the justices stand on this issue >> reporter: good morning, this is the biggest gun case in a decade at the center of the dispute is
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whether new york's law violates the right to bear arms they fear it could lead to more guns on the street and more violence given the tenor of their questions, the conservative majority seemed inclined to overturn the law and it goes too far to show special need for carrying a concealed weapons they will designate sensitive places where they can be outlawed, like time's square or college campuses they say it could open the flood gates to permitting laws in at least a half dozen other states, massachusetts, maryland and california, which have similar laws decision in this case would likely come at the end of the term, possibly late june or early july >> so controversial that decision, thank you. the trial of three white men
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killing a black man ahmaud arbery prosecutors allege racial discrimination challenging eight of the picks but the judge rejected the argument. arbery, a 25-year-old black man was chased and fate amelie shot jogging through a philadelphia neighborhood they are all white the trial is expected to last several weeks. a new twist this morning in the deadly shooting on the set of an alec baldwin movie the set making shocking new allegations of sabotage. here's miguel almaguer with the latest. >> reporter: it was no accident on the set of "rust. that's the stunning and explosive claim from the attorneys representing hannah ghouta riz reed, two suggest a live bullet was purposely planted with dummy and blank rounds, resulting in the death of the film's cinematographer.
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>> are you suggesting this the a case of sabotage >> the answer is conclusively and unequiy confirm the 24-year-old did chic the revolver for ammo before the assistant director gave it to alec baldwin but they say she could not tell the difference >> a zudummy round has a projectile tip and a primer. >> reporter: on the set, the gun sat unattended on a cart for two-and-a-half hours when someone tampered with the ammo >> she tried to do her best. she couldn't be around the cart 24/7 there were other assistants that were supposed to be watching the weapons when she could not be. >> reporter: with no proof or charges filed, they say they remain the focus of the investigation. >> i went to work every day
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along the playing a game of russian roulette. >> reporter: camera assistant lane looper resigned hours before the fatal shooting. >> everybody right now is trying to reach for answers allegations like that, they just seem irresponsible and short-sided and lame and, quite frankly, offensive. >> reporter: the production company has not responded to the new allegations. new accounts of the deadly shooting and those at the center of the investigation shift blame. the sheriff says the investigation into this case could take weeks, even months longer he cites the sheer complexity of the investigation, including the number of people that still need to be witnessed. >> miguel, thank you new details are emerging from the dui arrest of henry ruggs iii, they say he was driving 156 miles per hour
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seconds before hitting into a woman killing her and her dog. his legal limit was twice the limit at the time of the crash they ordered him to submit electronic monitoring and surrender his passport as well as prohibiting him from driving or consuming alcohol the coronavirus continues t spread throughout the sports world. now one of the biggest names in the nfl is sidelined after contracting it according to a source who confirmed to espn. green bay packer's quarterback tested positive. she a reigning nfl mvp told reporters back in august he had been immunized, but according to nfl network, the leak has considered him unvaccinated since the start of the season. now from football to hockey, sidney crosby has tested positive for covid-19. according to, crosby is experiencing mild symptoms and will be out for at least ten
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days meanwhile, auto maker ford has become the latest to impose a covid mandate on employees on tuesday, ford told us 32,000 workers it will require u.s. salaried employees to be vaccinated by november 8th and ford will consider religious and medical exemptions, as parents are lining up in droves to get their young kids vaccinated. cars line up around the vaccination center, one of the thousands of sites that began vaccinating kids age to 11 on a wednesday. >> reporter: just minutes after the cdc approved the pfizer children's vaccine, kids were rolling up their sleeves. >> i can be back to normal if my classroom. >> reporter: with doses areich, they ro in full vaccination mode in d.c., 8-year-old carter julio
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with type i diabetes was the first at-risk kids to get the shot with therapy dog barney by his side >> good job! >> reporter: since day one of the pandemic, his parents have limited his exposure to other kids. >> we do everything we can to protect our kids, but it's been 600 long days and things can start to come back to normal. >> reporter: in houston, texas children's hospital, working through 36,000 appointments to vaccinate five-to-11-year-olds. >> it kind of hurt i guess. >> reporter: cameron emanuel with her mom >> her whole family has been vaccinated shelves last one that hadn't been. >> reporter: many are concern about potentially unknown side effects. >> i let them get vaccinated for all the other things, but this i just don't trust. >> reporter: the cdc director,
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herself a mother, insisted this vaccine is among the most thoroughly reviewed ever >> we have thoroughly reviewed all of the safety immunogenicity data before recommending this vaccine for your child. >> reporter: back in walk, how do you feel? >> halfway vaccinated. >> reporter: 8-year-old carter already looking forward to his second dose. >> thanks to tom costello for that report. the drop in pollution the world saw during covid lockdowns nearly disappeared according to a new study, carbon emissions are almost back to where they were in 2019, increasing nearly 5% from last year's dip during the height of the pandemic the study says the jump is largely from a 7% increase in pollution from china with the rest of the world far below those 2019 levels. from a global outlook to a more floenlized one, m-- localid
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one. >> good morning. >> reporter: we have a wide swath of freeze alerts, freeze warnings, let's take a look at those. where you see that hot pink, that's where you are seeing the freeze warnings, a freeze watch through the tennessee valley, also the mid-atlantic. we're starting out very chilly in a lot of spots. 29 in pittsburgh just above freezing in st. louis. as we look later on today, we're looking at a cool november in the southeast, temperatures in the 50s that will stay place tomorrow on saturday before we start to rebound by late that will move to the southeast. then we will see showers in
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florida. all right. guys we have been talking a lot about the cold we had such a warm okay. now we are cold once again, we will warm up we will talk about that and look at your weekend. it's not too early >> something to look forward to. >> that's right, thank you, michelle mariah carey is coming a defense to a bar in dallas they are facing backlash on a juke box sign that bans "all i want for christmas is you" until december 1st it will allow it to be played once a day after that she weighed in with a photo of herself after some users declared war on christmas. they say they may now host a karaoke night all in good fun after all this still to come, chris anders could face a trial, we have details ahead. a votingigs rhtact made
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. leading the news, more legal troubles for prince andrews when a u.s. judge said he should be prepared for a trial next year he was accused of sexually abusing her in london. she was 17-years-old at the time andrews lawyer accused him of seek okay payday and denies the claims maxwell goes on trial at the end of this month in charges she helped to groom underage girls for epstein to abuse she has pleaded not guilty republicans blocked a voting rights act named for john lewis from advancing in the statement it aims to reinstate the 1965 voting act that required the justice department to review election law changes in the states with history of
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discrimination a. republican filibuster stopped that bill from moving forward to a debate. >> my friends on the other side trying to give washington unprecedented power over how americans cast their vote. >> with just one exception, republicans once again obstructed the senate from beginning its process. given the chance to debate in what is supposed to be the world's greatest deliberative body, republicans walked away. >> alaska senator lisa murcowski was the one who voted to end the filibuster. a college in louisiana is making history this morning, a doctor has become the first black professor to be granted tenure in the school's 196-year history. shse an award winner of french and francophoneia studies. the college, which according to
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stocks are at record highs this morning after the federal reserve announced plans to taper its pandemic stimulus program. the dow climbed over 100 points while the nasdaq soared nearly 102 points the s&p knocked the records. meantime, futures are pointing towards a more muted open. a 4-year-old girl was reunited with her parents after she went missing for 18 days she was snatched at night during
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a camping trip with her parents. >> reporter: an amazing discovery. video showing a 4-year-old rescued after 18 days missing. >> reporter: it was a joyous fight in australia after the search for the girl cleo smith gripped the nation police say she was found inside a locked house in her hometown in western australia almost 50 miles from where she was abducted they broke in at 1:00 a.m. wednesday. >> i found little cleo in one of those rooms. one of the officers picked her up into his arms and said, what's your name she said, my name is cleo. >> reporter: cleo was reunited with her mom and dad after they're i they have been living every parents' worst nightmare. >> i love you. i miss you we want you home. >> reporter: now her mom posting on instagram, our family is
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whole again. meanwhile, police arrested a man in connection to the case. they say the 36-year-old who is from the same town as the smiths is in custody and being questioned by police his name has not yet been released cleo went missing from a campsite in the australian outback on october 16th. she had been camping with her family when she disappeared in the middle of the night along with her sleeping bag. police determined she likely would have been abducted because she would have been two short to zip it back up to the height it was left at. >> police are able to find as they noted a need until a haystack. >> reporter: how common is it to find a child safe and sound after so many days >> leads dry up quickly after a few hours and definitely after days, it really is remarkable. >> reporter: nothing is more important than this, a smiling cleio, alive and safe at a hospital in her hometown >> well, her parents can't
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these leading disinfectants do not. use the sanitizer 4 out of 5 doctors would use in their own homes. microban 24. welcome back on a thursday hope it's a great one so far you will feed an umbrella in the pacific northwest. rain in the southeast that will linker into your saturday as well we're looking at southeast showers, rain and snow in the pacific northwest. warming up in the central plains of course, sunday, we are looking at new york city, all eyes on the new york city marathon we are looking at a great forecast i have been checking and it wasn't looking so good looking good now temperatures in the low 50s. 40s to start with a mixture of sun and clouds so you guys looking good we're look forward to sunday >> we sure are when a game of checkers
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checkers is a staple activity in so many households, for lester holt, it's more than a game he takes us to the nation's capitol for a stroll down memory lane. >> reporter: front says, beyond the world symbols of power you are used to seeing in washington, d.c. behind us, part of my journey took me to the adams morgan neighborhood, i was able to see one of my childhood favorites checkers getting respect. they're a part of the heart and soul in washington a brotherhood, a bond, over checkers. >> it's a great opportunity to
4:27 am
meet a lot of gentleman from the '80s to the 20s. >> reporter: at the capitol pool checkers association, most don't go by their own name. >> my nickname is never give up. >> the one and the only. >> >> reporter: everybody has a nickname, yours is z-man. >> reporter: the club last year lost their lead in their old now gentrifying neighborhood and then -- you guys had a long tradition and the pandemic turned the world upsidedown in your world, too? >> absolutely. at the same time we were in danger of losing the club and the covid situation, cops hated the matter even further. >> reporter: they had nowhere to go until a community group stepped in, finding them a new home in a new part of d.c. the club's new property manager. >> they want to be a part of the community. they want to engage with neighbors on the street and that
4:28 am
is what we need more of in washington, d.c. >> reporter: they've already attract admissioned group of new players. >> that hurt, man. >> reporter: passing on their secrets like z-man showing me, it's not the substance but often the style of your game that counts the most. >> it's your move, but it's your last move. >> reporter: is talking smack a part of this >> it is it is the most important part. >> they had a play thanks to lester for that story. >> swaging lester holt you don't often see that let's celebrate some birthdays today, celebrity curtis stone is 46 tv personality bethany frankel is 51. sean puffy combs is 52 >> you have actor mathew mcconaughey who is 52. actor ralph macchio is 66. kathy griffin is 61. former first lady laura bush
4:29 am
turned 75 today. blue's singer delvin mcclinton is 71. mash actress loretta swift turns 84 thanks for waking up with us and kicking off your friday eve with kicking off your friday eve with us today, i'm phillip
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♪♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing so easy. it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap. right now at 4:30, trying to get a vaccine appointment for your child could be hard. we are breaking down the places you should be looking if you are looking to book one as soon as possible. a sold out show in san francisco. the reason the trans community is upset with the comedian. is "today in the bay." >> good thursday morning. thanks for starting your morning with us. last night, the lights were still on at oracle park. later


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