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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 4, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a judge set bail at $150,000 with the highest level of electronic monitoring. if convicted, he could years in prison. shock and grief following the sudden and tragic death of a beloved bay area politician. >> if there was something going on, she would fight for whatever cause. >> alameda county supervisor wilma chan hit by a car while walking her dog. a look back at her legacy. america's top doctor heading to capitol hill today to explain what still has to happen to put the pandemic behind us. good thursday morning. i'm marcus washington.
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>> and i'm laura garcia. we're going to have a look at the morning commute in just a moment. let's take a live look outside where rain is making another appearance across parts of the bay area. >> we're going to head to break for a minute. we'll be right back.
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we had some technical difficulties. >> remembering a bay area leader who died tragically. alameda county supervisors are still planning to meet tonight but will do so without supervisor wilma chan. >> she was struck and killed yesterday while walking her dog. bob redell is live at the scene. we're talking about an absolute trail blazer in california politics. >> reporter: supervisor wilma chan of alameda county spent 40 years fighting for underserved people here in the east bay community. yesterday morning she was hit and killed by a car while walking her dog about a block away from her home at the intersection of shoreline avenue and grant street. the driver did stop after the collision, tried to help supervisor chan and is
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cooperating with the investigation. people who live around hearsay distracted driving and speeding is a problem on this stretch of roadway. there have been four people walking or riding their bikes who have been hit and killed by cars. >> pedestrians should be safe. she was a good person and she deserved to be able to walk her dog across the street. >> i felt horrible not only for the lady that got hit. her dog ran off but somebody was able to grab her dog, thank goodness. but also for the girl that hit her. she didn't try to leave at all. >> reporter: according to a witness, the driver was distraught, comforted supervisor chan until she was taken to the hospital for a head injury. she passed away at 2:30 in the
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afternoon. she was instrumental in saving san leandro hospital from closure, she became the first woman and asian american to be the majority leader in the state assembly. she is survived by two children and two grandchildren. while her family is asking for privacy, they did express gratitude to first responders and doctors and nurses who tried to save her. the board of supervisors does meet this morning at 10:00 a.m. this was previously scheduled. berkeley police this morning are talking about an unusual arrest that involved a prowler wearing in clothes. this happened early monday morning in the neighborhood on wallace street. officers responded to calls about someone peering into the bedroom of a teenage girl. while investigating, a woman in
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the house next door started screaming saying there was a naked man in her bedroom. officers ran over and found that man hiding in the bathtub wearing only a shirt. he's facing multiple criminal charges. the white house announcing the deadline for businesses to implement a vaccine mandate. chris pollone live in washington. details coming in in the last few minutes. >> reporter: that's right, laura. good morning. yeah, this just coming from the white house moments ago. the white house has now unveiled new rules regulating vaccine mandates for private businesses. the white house saying that businesses with more than 100 employees will have until january 4th to make sure that all employees are either vaccinated or to set up a weekly testing program at the employees' expense if they do not want to get vaccinated. all this coming in just the past few minutes.
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this is likely to spark some backlash from people who simply do not want to get that shot. public employees in several cities are already resisting vaccine mandates, this as ford motor company becomes the latest u.s. company to issue its own rules requiring all 32,000 salaried employees to get the shot. now that children are eligible to get the vaccine, they are trying to convince parents it's the right thing to do to end the pandemic. >> many parents are already seeing inaccurate claims on social media, text threads and in their inboxes. >> reporter: the federal officials believe they will have full accessibility for children's vaccines for children under 12 by early next week. >> thanksgiving just around the corner, about 21 days away.
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do we know how many americans at this point are fully vaccinated? >> reporter: given the federal mandates, the white house says about 70% of adults in america are fully vaccinated against covid-19. in california the number is a little higher, about 73% according to state data. and some 220 million american adults or a little over 80% have gotten at least one shot. >> with these new vaccine mandates coming down for private businesses this morning, it will be interesting to see what changes. thank you so much, chris. in california the attorney general now leading the new effort for those struggling to make it in the bay and elsewhere. he's launching a new department of justice focus on tenant protection and enforcement of state housing and zoning laws.
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he's promising legal action against governments to boost housing supplies. last month's deluge was great for northern california's primary water supplies. water levels are up more than 20 feet from the early season rainfall, now more than two-thirds full as well. water levels at fullsome lake are up 20 feet since october. taking a live look outside, a rainy start for this thursday morning. it's welcome as we need these water levels to rise. rain falling in san jose as well. kris sanchez took this video on her drive to work.
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kari is tracking how long this rain is going to last. >> some areas did get a little bit more than others but it's fairly light. as of right now, we still have rain on the roadways, but it may not be actively falling everywhere. we see rain falling through morgan hill and spotty light rain toward the east bay. it is starting to taper off. you may have to turn on the wind shield wipers with some light mist coming through. mount tam had close to an inch of rain, berkeley hills a quarter inch, san jose .07 inch. right on target with what the computer models were predicting
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with this system. we can turn off the sprinkles. it's enough rain to at least water the lawn today. >> we have your traditional pattern for 101. that's starting to clear for speeds just north of issue. northbound 280 at saratoga, a spinout reported. we're talking about slicker roads as that rain did travel through. now this highlighting shows you with all the moisture in the soil and little bit mild temperatures, we have possibilities for fog here southbound toward the santa cruz mountains. over here a commute starting to build through fremont. and the thornton on ramp to southbound 680 blocked. folks are seeing all the lights
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and that's backing traffic up. that's it for the nimitz, the crash in oakland almost cleared. gentle build across the bridges. investors in a san francisco shoe company did very well in the stock market debut. shares in all birds trades under the symbol bird. investors poured into the stock. the stock jumping 90% in its first day of trading. it would be natural to think that's a good thing. for the people who bought in on the ipo, it sure was. as for the company itself, it's a sign they badly underestimated the price of their own shares, selling shares to the first investors for just $15.
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those first investors then turned around and sold them for $30 by the end of the day. that's money the company will never see. whoops. the cofounder started as a biotech engineer who wanted to make sustainable clothing. the head of the fed jerome powell went before tv cameras to explain what the federal open markets committee decided in its two-day meeting. it's going to slow the amount of government debt the fed buys. this was expected. it isn't an interest rate hike. not yet. maybe next year. the fed has two jobs. one, slow inflation down. that's not going well, as you know. the fed says it's temporary. it will go away after coronavirus is solved. it's also supposed to encourage job growth. the fed thinks we can get to
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maximum employment by next summer. in a way we're there now. there are more jobs available than people interested in taking them. >> with covid case counts receding further and progress on vaccinations, economic growth should pick up this quarter, resulting in strong growth for the year as a whole. >> jerome powell never the most inspiring of speakers, but that is good news. first-time jobless claims showing fewer americans were laid off or lost their jobs. encouraging signs. this morning americans are craving a lot of bananas. uber eats says that is the most popular grocery item over the past year. we're talking about a lot of bananas here. 12 tons of bananas in the month of september alone. alcohol also making that list with the top orders being
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margaritas, white claw, and corona beer. french fries, pad thai, mozzarella sticks also making the list. we love mariah carey. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> so get this. a bar in dallas is facing backlash on social media after a manager posted a sign on the jukebox saying "all i want for christmas is you" will be skipped if played before december 1st. the image started making the rounds on twitter. mariah carey herself responded with an image of herself dressed
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in an armor suit ready to go into battle. >> she and her lambs ready to attack. don't you stop mariah. >> that bar is probably quite popular. maybe they're going to serve rack of lamb. >> the war is on. >> meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the rain. >> yes. we've got storm ranger scanning the bay area. it's showing the rain quickly moving out. light showers moving through the south county and the rest of the bay area getting a chance to dry out. we did see rain moving through parts of the east bay within the last couple of hours as well as the peninsula. we can see the trend for it to quickly move out. we'll have a couple of days for dry conditions. then the next storm system set
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to arrive on monday with our next round of rain. we will see a storm system passing north of us over the weekend. we are not going to see any rain, but there may be some showers across far northern california. the next storm system coming in between monday and tuesday. we're still at a big water surplus here. the water year starts october 1st. with that historic storm that we had, we are measuring almost 12 inches of rain in santa rosa. oakland had over 5 inches. almost 6 inches in san francisco. over 700% above normal for concord, so really high. that doesn't really show you the overall picture. we're still in a mega drought across the region. that one storm did put a dent in
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the drought for the north bay but overall the picture is pretty grim and we need additional storm systems to come in. it looks like we'll see a pretty active weather pattern through the month of november. we're headed for the upper 60s, cooler than normal, but still pretty nice after getting some showers coming through. we'll get sunshine later this afternoon. tomorrow more of the same. more clouds on saturday. sunday we'll set clocks back one hour. it's going to be fairly chilly next week. dig those sweaters out and get them ready for some more winter like temperatures for us. mike, you're checking in on the
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toll plazas. >> there's a crowd at the bay bridge. you can see the damp roadways here. you can see the crowd filling in all lanes. 880over pass looking pretty good for folks in the carpool areas. that rain did sweep through the entire bay area but now pretty much clear from our main commute. the bay bridge, the slower drive across the span and the backup at the toll plaza. highway 4 with typical slowing there. through richmond, more slowing. we are looking over here toward that crash that has the on ramp blocked southbound 880.
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looks like a slowdown coming off the dublin interchange. there may be some fog over the santa cruz mountains. back to you. next, nbc bay area responds. >> a vacation rental host might have cameras watching you, so you need to look for them, beginning with your search for a vacation rental. we'll show you how next. a big thank you to the ywca. golden gate silicon valley sending me these lovely flowers to cheer my desk. we love getting out in the community. follow me to find out more
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information about that organization.
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when you stay in a vacation rental, did you know the host may be watching you even inside?
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>> if you think cameras are totally forbidden from vacation rentals, i'm afraid you're wrong. the host might be able to have cameras outside the house and in some parts of the inside. let's look at the ground rules. vrbo says you can have them outside but not inside. airbnb says we prohibit any cameras or recording devices that observe the interior of certain private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. cameras not in certain private spaces might be allowed. airbnb says we require hosts to disclose all security cameras in their listing. say you find a camera that's not supposed to be there. what should you do? airbnb and vrbo said to contact them immediately. you can also contact a lawyer and law enforcement, especially
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if you think a camera was intentionally concealed to invade your privacy. new red flags for scientists when it comes to our climate in crisis. they predict by 2050 there may be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans. the issue is having world wide effect on our planet. new data indicates people on average ingest credit cards worth of plastic in their food every week. activists are working to stop plastic production. next, parents scrambling to book covid vaccines for their kids. where to look if you're hoping to act now.
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today is the day star buster posey expected to announce he is walking away from the game of baseball. coming up, we'll break down his time in the game. almost time to set the clocks back. so why do we do it? we broke it down for you on our website. it includes an update on the possible end to daylight savings. watch it on our free nbc bay area app. ♪
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is going on now through november 9th at your local grocery outlet. the new covid vaccination rush. parents are scrambling. if you're trying to book an appointment for your child, we are helping you with the ground work right now this morning. today in the bay's kris sanchez is going to walk you through the steps in making sure you're able to find an appointment for your child. plus the daily commute is picking up.
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good thursday morning. i laugh because in the prompter it says good friday morning. somebody's wishful thinking. it is game over for buster posey. later today the lights out for him because he's expected to make a big announcement, the giants star reportedly hanging up his cleats to retire. he's not even 40. we're going to talk with his former teammates this morning. you probably noticed that rain is back this morning. meteorologist kari hall is tracking it all. >> moving through fairly quickly. we are going to see some light rain passing by. most of it is already past. light and spotty moving through the south county. this is the last little bit before it rolls out of here.
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we can see the rain south of morgan hill down to gilroy. we saw the rain quickly sweeping through. now we're left behind with rain drops on the camera lens. temperatures starting out in the upper 50s. we'll be clearing out as we go into today. we'll talk more about this in a few minutes. if you're up early, maybe you're trying to book a vaccination appointment for your younger child. >> we're going to help you this morning. kris sanchez is live to look at where to start. >> reporter: it's not quite as bad as when we first got our vaccinations. there are fewer kids than adults in our bay area counties. public health officials say you
6:33 am
should try your pediatrician's office first because they do have that lower dose and kids might feel more comfortable in that setting. the state website is already up. myturn. you can do family scheduling. this is something i ran into trouble with when i was trying to schedule my two daughters who are 12 and up. we know our pharmacies are starting to take appointments as well. walgreens is going to start vaccination on saturday, so is rite aid. cvs is going to start on sunday, though they're all accepting appointments right now. some counties are also holding
6:34 am
mobile vaccine clinics on school campuses, including 80 different locations in san jose unified. we were at a pediatric practice as these two brave sisters got their covid vaccines. their doctor says she is seeing complications in her patients who have been infected with covid. >> they're pretty excited. i think things we've been avoiding like indoor birthday parties and gathering indoors for christmas and things like that. my girls are big disneyland fans. we're excited to go back to doing some of that stuff. >> we have a fair amount of kids who have cardiac problems from covid. these are healthy kids who
6:35 am
didn't have any problems. >> reporter: vaccines are not mandatory for children at this point. however, we know that san francisco county is requiing proof of vaccination for anyone who's eligible to be vaccinated. we know the city of san jose are also looking at how guidelines might change now that kids are eligible. >> talk about the kids shots. will it impact the availability of booster shots that some people want to get? >> reporter: our booster shots are. different. they are full doses. these pediatric doses are about a third of the strength, so they are not the same supply. also there are a lot fewer children in this age group than
6:36 am
there are adults seeking those booster shots. for example in santa clara county there are fewer than 170,000 kids in the 5-11 age range. >> you cannot mix them. the fda and the cdc have not at proved regular covid shots for those littler bodies. >> go to our website and check out the vaccine frequently asked questions page on testimony continues in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial this week. a former investor testified how he and many others became
6:37 am
interested in the doomed blood testing company. according to the defense, most of them never closely examined where the money was going. prosecutors also showed theranos released reports implying that partnerships they had with big pharma companies including pfizer were never authorized. follow our reporting on the theranos trial at click on the elizabeth holmes trial coverage. a giants fan favorite appears to be ready to step out of the batter's box. buster posey is ready to retire after 12 seasons. he was pretty much the face of the franchise. cierra johnson live this morning as fans await official word. >> reporter: he's been a staple of the team for more than a decade.
6:38 am
that announcement should come today. he will hang up the catcher's mask at the top of his game. he also made headlines for opting out of the shortened 2020 season to care for his premature adopted twin girls as well as his older set of twins. >> i'm saddened about this decision selfishly. i'm sad for the fans that they weren't able to give him a proper sendoff. he may go down as the most beloved giant ever. >> pediatric cancer, junior giants, giving mitts to children
6:39 am
who can't afford it. he's a real hero on and off the field. >> reporter: when that announcement is made official when he does speak, we'll let you know on air, online and on your mobile device. we'll let you know what he plans to do with all of his free time when he is no longer a professional athlete. reportsposey's expected retirement, he will be missed. >> a live look for you this morning at the newly named palisades tahoe ski resort. due to the warm temperatures there, the melting snow pack,
6:40 am
you will not be able to hit the slopes this weekend or any time soon. last week the resort reopened early due to that big storm that dumped about four feet of snow there. they plan to reopen november 24th. >> pull out the umbrellas too today. >> yeah. you can still go to tahoe and the sierra because even though the temperatures are warm, they do still need your business. maybe a nice hike to watch all the fall colors. in south lake tahoe, mid to upper 40s. rain coming in on saturday. maybe you'll want to see some
6:41 am
the union square ice rink. there will be some mild temperatures. >> there is a growing delay into fremont out of hayward. we have slowing on 880 to thornton. a crash does block the on ramp at thornton. westbound thornton to southbound 880 is closed now because of that crash. everything else is moving as you predict. to our climate in crisis and new signs carbon emissions are once again approaching pre-pandemic levels. it's jeopardizing the pledge set by world leaders to keep a lid on global warming. new projection shows the world
6:42 am
may warm by another 1.5 degrees celsius in a decade. next, the reason given for the about face and the new pledge from event organizers. we'll take you out to the big board. a mild loss on the dow. ♪♪ >> that's a catchy beat. you can catch ed sheeran live on the "today" show ahead of his "saturday night live" appearance.
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good thursday morning. the rain is clearing out, but we've been watching it all morning on storm ranger. it's still a wet commute as you're heading out the door. we'll talk about what's a head coming up. >> we're looking at fremont. this portion of the nimitz looks just fine but we are looking at fremont out of hayward past the dumbarton bridge as a crash affecting the on ramp and maybe a couple of bridges as well. the upcoming bay area visit
6:46 am
from perhaps the nation's most controversial house lawmaker is scratched days before it was supposed to happen. georgia representative and one-time qanon supporter marjorie taylor green was scheduled to appear saturday for the san francisco gop. the plan included announcing the location last minute because san francisco was not an option due to green's vaccination status. the dinner is now off, apparently due to a scheduling conflict in washington. republicans said no to a voting bill to protect minorities at the ballot box. >> this is a bill that just a few years ago everyone agreed on. >> the last time the voting rights act was put up for renewal it passed the senate 98-0. that was 2006. yesterday couldn't get enough votes to pass the filibuster as every republican but one voted against moving it forward. alaska's lisa murkowski was the sole republican to join democrats. the act requires several states,
6:47 am
mostly in the south, to get approval from the justice department before changing the election law. it was originally put together in 1968. the supreme court struck down some of those provisions a few years ago, leading democrats to re-up those rules, adjusting for the court's decision. when we last talked wednesday morning we didn't know who won the new jersey governorship. it was that close. we can now project democrat phil murphy got the majority. we're not hearing of any calls of voter fraud. everybody seems satisfied things went fair and square. of course, previous elections were fair and square too, according to any credible expert. just note worthy. it's not an issue this time around. president biden says there's no way america is going to pay those families whose children were taken away from them hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation. the idea had been floated by
6:48 am
lawyers representing undocumented parents whose children were taken away during the trump administration. payments as high as $450,000 had been discussed. biden says it's not going to happen. all companies with 100 employees and more will have those employees vaccinated by january 4th, the same day all federal contractors will be vaccinated, the same day for any health care workers who work for any facility that gets medicare and medicaid, which is most of them. >> please do your part. folks who haven't gotten vaccinated yet, please get vaccinated. it's easy, accessible and free.
6:49 am
fresh off a controversial netflix special comedian dave chapelle performs at san francisco's chase center tonight. following the screening he plans to do live material with special guests. that event sold out. his netflix special "the closer" sparked backlash for his jokes about the trans community which chapelle has acknowledged while defending his work has art. new answers to the ending of a beloved tv series "the sopranos." >> the cliff hanger just before the credits rolled. >> that's how the show ended back in 2007 with a fade to black after focusing on the lead character tony soprano.
6:50 am
now the series creator david chase is speaking up, confirming tony soprano was, in fact, whacked at the end. he says he didn't expect such a big uproar about the ending. >> did you ever watch it? >> i don't think i had hbo then. >> let's get a look at the forecast. you got to pick up something cozy, a big blanket and a good show if you're able to stay home with rain. >> yeah. we do have some light showers. this is not going to last all day. for most of us the rainfall was pretty light and lasted for a few minutes. now it's just the south county getting in on some wet weather.
6:51 am
as we go into the rest of today we're seeing still some moisture in the air, some clouds to start, but it will be a sunny afternoon. we do have a big break in between before our next storm system comes in. on monday we'll have our next round of rain. that storm system looks pretty weak at this point. in the berkeley hills about a quarter inch of rain, in san francisco about a tenth of an inch. san jose measuring a few hundredths of an inch. the santa cruz mountains with about a half inch of rain. we'll see some more rain ahead in the forecast as we go into monday and tuesday. overall looking at the drought just released this morning, just
6:52 am
updated this morning, doesn't show much of a change from last week. there were some improvements in parts of the north bay, but still the highest level of drought across the bay area. today temperatures reach into the upper 60s and we'll see more of these 60s into the weekend. >> we have slowing in the south bay. that's a typical expected shift. 87 shows the slowest sensors. there's also a shift in the east bay. traffic coming down past the dumbarton bridge or to the bridge is slowed because of the crash at thornton avenue. they may have opened another lane. left lanes were affected. folks slowing to get to dumbarton bridge may be moving over to the san mateo bridge. the expected backup at the bay
6:53 am
bridge. happening now as many bay area counties move forward to loosen mask mandates, monterey county is tightening its mask mandate. this comes as the county moves back into the orange tier from yellow according to the cdc's transmission map. next, a look at the top stories including mourning the tragic death of a lawmaker. >> reporter: the alameda board of supervisor will meet without their colleague wilma chan. plus, the new vaccination rush. if you're trying to book an appointment for your child, we're breaking down the places you may want to look first.
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welcome back. a look at the top stories this morning. we're remembering a bay area leader who died tragically. >> alameda county supervisor wilma chan was a trail blazer in politics. she was struck and killed yesterday while walking her dog. bob redell is live at the scene in alameda. >> reporter: good morning. alameda county supervisor wilma chan spent 40 years fighting for the under served people here in
6:57 am
the east bay. she tragically died in this area behind me. she was hit and killed while walking her dog at shoreline avenue and grant street. the driver did stop after the collision, tried to help supervisor chan. a witness says the driver was distraught. she comforted the supervisor until the supervisor was taken to highland hospital for a head injury. she passed at 2:30 in the afternoon. law enforcement says this woman is cooperating with the investigation. police have not indicated what caused the collision or who might be at fault. people who live around hearsay distracted driving and speeding is a problem on this stretch of roadway. the alameda county board of supervisors have a special meeting set up at 10:00 a.m. that was previously scheduled. this will be their first meeting without supervisor wilma chan.
6:58 am
covid vaccinations for children over the age of 5 are under way in the bay area. if you're looking to book an appointment for your child, check with your child's pediatrician first. the state website is also going live today for appointments or for parents to find walk-in locations. some counties will hold mobile vaccination clinics on school campuses as well. buster posey appears to be ready to announce his retirement. not official just yet but sources familiar with the situation are calling it a done deal. pose y helped guide the team to three world series championships and a seven-time all star.
6:59 am
reports of his expected retirement hitting fans pretty hard this morning. we're watching some of the tributes coming in from journalists and fans on twitter. rainmaking another appearance across the bay area. here's a live look outside with current conditions wet out there. frp. >> the day we'll see some clearing and cooler temperatures. >> still slow southbound 880, the crash at thornton still active. starting to recover a tad bit. maybe more shifting over toward the san mateo bridge. note the damp roads. not really wet, just damp right now. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay."
7:00 am
here's a look at the new rockefeller center christmas tree, first time the tree is coming from maryland. >> you can also see the tree at the white house. good morning. blame game. president biden and democrats in a war of words over what went wrong for the party election day led by the crushing loss in the virginia governor's race. but republicans emboldened saying a clear message was sent to all democratic candidates. >> you're in a competitive race next year. you are no longer safe. >> where do both parties go from here? we're live in washington. dose of hope. thousands of younger children lining up for covid vaccines with the rollout being expanded to doctor's offices and schools. the plan to deliver millions of doses in the coming days.


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