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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 4, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, shock and grief over the sudden death of a california politician politician. we look back at the life of paul wilma chan. we are remembering a bay area leader who died without warning, wilma chan. she was struck by a car yesterday while walking her dog.
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bob, as i've learned more about her, absolutely a trailblazer who it comes to politics. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. the oakland board of supervisors meeting behind me in the town of oakland. they are in closed session right now. there was no public acknowledgment of the death of their colleague, supervisor wilma chan before they went into closed session, but beforehand we did speak with supervisor nate
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the driver did stop after the collision, was distraught according to witnesses, and comforted supervisor chan until she was taken to the hospital with a head injury. she passed away at 2:30 in the afternoon. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. law enforcement has not indicated what caused the collision, what led up to it, or who might be at fault. people who live there tell us distracted driving and speeding is a problem on that stretch of roadway. now, supervisor chan was moan
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for her fighting for underserved people here in the east bay. she was instrumental in saving san leandro hospital from closure. she became the first woman and asian american to be a majority leader in the state assembly where she served from 2000 to 2006. she is survived by two children and two grandchildren. while her family is asking for privacy, they did express gratitude for the first responders, doctors, and nurses who tried to save the supervisor. reporting live in downtown oakland, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> certainly a trailblazer leaving her mark on california politics. bob, thank you. many american employers and hospitals have exactly two months to make sure that their employees are vaccinated or test once a week for coronavirus. the white house announcing today a unified deadline for companies and health care providers. that date, january 4th. in some cases people are getting a little more time. >> that's right. for federal contractors and health care providers the date
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is a pushed back deadline. you do have more time. for private employers this is the first time we've seen an actual mandated deadline. if you are an employer get ready for a $14,000 fine per employee if they fail to get a vaccine or submit to a weekly test. if you're one of those employees who is not going to get vaccinated the government expects you not your employer will pay for the weekly tests. the rules will cover more than 84 million workers and federal employees, federal contractors, employers with more than 100 employees, and health care providers that take government money which with medicare and medicaid is most of them. there is no testing option for health care workers. they have to be vaccinated. all of this with a unified deadline of january 4th. for some groups that is actually an extension from december 8th. >> we've made incredible progress over the past nine months. we have to keep going.
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the pandemic is not yet behind us. we're getting there. so, please, please, do your part. if you know someone who is not vaccinated encourage them to get vaccinated. and folks who haven't gotten vaccinated yet, please get vaccinated. it's easy. it's accessible. it's free. >> now, many organizations have already put vaccine mandates into place without government prompting including nbc, fox news, most airlines, most colleges. yesterday, marcus, it was ford motor. >> there you have it. all right. scott mcgrew. thanks. covid vaccinations for children over the age of 5 already under way here in the bay area. if you are looking to book an appointment for your child we be it can be tricky. health leaders say check with your child's pediatrician first. that way you may feel a little more comfortable. but the state website, my is also going live today for the appointments or for parents to find the walk-in locations. some counties are actually having mobile vaccine clinics on
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school campuses. if you have questions about the vaccine we can help you out. check out our vaccine frequently asked questions page. you can find it at nbc bay or our free nbc bay area app. just click or tap faq covid vaccine for kids. britain becomes the first country in the world today to approve potentially a game changing covid antiviral pill. it was jointly developed by merck and ridgeback biotherapeutics in a boost to fight against the pandemic. the uk regulatory agency recommended the drug be used as soon as possible following a positive test and within five days of the onset of symptoms. this is the first oral antiviral treatment for covid to get approved with the green light coming ahead of the potential u.s. regulatory clearance. u.s. advisers will meet this month to vote on whether the pill should be authorized. in just a matter of hours, we will hear from the man, himself. this is after 12 seasons buster
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posey is retiring from the game. now, we've all watched as the giants player grew and developed to become arguably one of the best in the league and become the face of the franchise. nbc bay area reporter joining us live from san francisco where fans are waiting to hear from posey himself. as i understand, there is a statement coming. >> good morning, marcus. that is exactly right. 3:00 p.m. is the time everyone is really waiting for. fans, sports lovers of all kinds. 3:00 p.m. isos will allegedly me that announcement not only leaving the team but departing the sport, itself, huge news here in the bay area. as you mentioned he has been a fixture here for more than a decade. so when the 34-year-old addresses the public he'll be doing so at the top of his game. take a look at these accolades. seven-time all star. four-time silver slugger. three-time world series champion. he also made headlines for
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opting out of the coronavirus 2020 season to care for newly born twin girls. this morning we're hearing from fans awaiting the good-bye from a team favorite. >> whether it is pediatric cancer, education, junior giants, giving mitts to kids who can't afford it he is a real hero on and off the field. >> reporter: that is what he'll be remembered for not only his activity on the field but within the community and the bay area. 3:00 p.m. is the time frns -- everyone is waiting for. we'll deliver it to you on air and online and let you know what he plans to do with all that free time now that he will no longer be a professional athlete. live in san francisco for nbc bay area news. >> all good things come to an end and i guess it goes for players as well. as you can imagine reports of posey expected retirement really hitting giant fans hard
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this morning. there are just some of the tributes we've seen. journalists, fans, all on twitter. everyone wanting to say thank you. congratulations. some people even saying say it isn't so. you'll find out more today at 3:00. now a live look outside at san jose this morning. this is where the rain has stopped falling. as you can see right now the skies are very clear. i want to check in with meteorologist kari hall tracking the showers. you did say that was going to come in and move out quickly? >> yes. really not affect a lot of our plans for the day because it moved through during the overnight hours while a lot of people were sleeping. for us early morning risers it was a wet morning commute. so now we can see that the rain has moved on. take a look a the system pushed over toward the sierra and just left with clouds right now as we take a live look outside in walnut creek. we'll continue to see the sky gradually clearing up into the rest of today but take a look at some of the rainfall totals for mount tam which usually gets
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pretty high rainfall totals compared to the rest of the bay area, almost an inch of rain but a quarter inch of rain in the berkeley hills. 0.1 inch of rain in san francisco. much less for san jose. about half an inch at scott creek in the santa cruz mountains. this is our last chance up until monday. we'll talk about the next storm system coming in coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. berkeley police this morning are talking about an unusual arrest. one they say involved a prowler wearing no clothes. this happened early monday morning in the neighborhood on wallace street near san pablo avenue and ashby avenue. police say that they were responding to a call about someone peering into the bedroom of a teenage girl. once they investigated a woman at the home next door started screaming. they say they ran over there and that is where the woman was saying a naked man was in her bedroom. officers ran over there and say they found the man hiding in a bath tub wearing only a shirt. he is now facing multiple
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criminal charges. new developments in the ahmaud aubrey murder trial in georgia. a jury has been seated but critics say the panel includes just one person of color. prosecutors have already alleged racial discrimination in the jury selection but the judge last night rejected the argument. three white men are accused of the shooting. investigators say that aubrey was chased while out on a jog and fatally shot. opening statements are set to start tomorrow. testimony going on right now in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial where this week the focus has been on theranos generating investment capital. a former investor testified yesterday about how he and many others became interested in the now doomed blood testing company. according to the defense most of them closely, well, never closely examined where the money was going. prosecutors also showed theranos released reports implying they had partnerships with big pharma companies including pfizer, which a pfizer representative
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testified was never authorized. you can follow more on that reporting for this trial online. right now go to nbc bay and click on elizabeth holmes trial coverage. the bay area visit from a controversial republican lawmaker suddenly canceled. just ahead the reason given for the about face and the new pledge from the event organizers. and maybe it's time to break out the piggy bank because the national coin shortage is really impacting the exchange of money here in the u.s. and your next purchase. an actress and singer actually had never picked up a bow and arrow before playing kate bishop. this is on the new marvel series "hawkeye" but that didn't stop her from impressing her archery instructor on her first day. can you believe that? she is telling kelly how working on the marvel project has really been the most wild experience of her life so far. well, watch more of the interview and find out more of what she has to say on "the
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thanks for sticking around. happening today fresh off a controversial netflix special comedian dave chappelle performs at chase center tonight part of a ten-city tour including a screening of a new documentary. following the screening he plans to do live material with special guests. the event sold out. now his netflix special "the closer" sparked backlash for his jokes about the trans community which chappelle has acknowledged while defending his work as art. two weeks ago some netflix workers staged a walkout. the upcoming bay area visit from perhaps the nation's most controversial house lawmaker is now reportedly scratched just days before it was supposed to happen. georgia representative and one-time qanon supporter marjorie taylor greene was scheduled to appear saturday at the san francisco gop.
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that plan included announcing that location last minute because san francisco was not optioned due to greene's vaccination status. the chronicle now the dinner is off apparently due to scheduling conflicts in washington. this morning a pandemic side effect causing mayhem across the country. no not toilet paper but another staple that you may have taken for granted until now. nbc's kerry sanders has more. >> reporter: as the pandemic wanes, in store cash registers are ringing again. but if you are paying cash you may get short changed because there is a shortage of, yes, change. >> we have run out of change multiple times especially quarters. >> reporter: at the farm house in bradenton, florida famous for its over-the-top donuts making change for cash purchases not in as much demand as it was once. >> people are paying with cards
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more so now than they used to. i think people think money is dirty. i think they are afraid to touch it. >> reporter: one of the most in demand coins today, quarters, because so many laundromats still require them. in astoria, new york the lack of quarters has managers restricting who can use the change machine. quarters for washing machines and dryers only not for the car parking meters. >> we don't have enough. this sign is new because of the people around coming to get my coins. >> reporter: the u.s. mint estimates there are more than 6 billion pennies, more than a billion nickels, 2 billion plus dimes, almost 2 billion quarters spread out across the nation but the problem is too many coins have been tossed into jars and piggy banks and then forgotten. >> we have a whole coin jar where i don't know what i'll do with them. one day maybe i'll cash them in. maybe not. >> reporter: the lack of coins the main topic at the u.s. coin
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task force meeting wednesday. one big driver according to the task force, it had been routine for folks to exchange coins for bills as extra spending cash at least once a year. >> customers would save coin for a period of six months or a year and then cash it in before they went on a large vacation and use it for spending money on their trip. in recent months it's trending up but for the past year and a half people haven't been traveling. >> reporter: in fort lauderdale 16-year-old cameron emmett and her sister 12-year-old mckenzie did what may best be remembered by your grandparents. rolling coins. >> it is not a coin shortage. it is lack of circulation of the coins. >> reporter: if you have a stash, you might be surprised how much it all adds up to. >> we rolled about $200 and took it to the bank on monday. >> sometimes it can be fun putting the coins in the little rolls. i've done it before. all right. no one is calling an end to
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california's drought just yet. but the latest water levels show last month's deluge was great for northern california's primary water supplies. water levels are now up more than 20 feet from early season rainfall and also now more than two-thirds full. lake oroville water levels are up more than 30 feet but that is still well below the full capacity. water levels at folsom lake are up 20 feet since late october. of course, kari, the water we needed in the bay area we keep getting it but certainly today not a lot of it. >> not a lot of it but it is nice to see that we are seeing it coming at a regular pattern every few days we are getting at least a little bit of rain and now after that rain that moved through this morning clears up, we are enjoying sunshine once again kind of coming through the clouds in the south bay. it is a lot more cloudy in other parts of the bay area. as we take a look at how much rain we've measured so far for the water year we know it starts on october 1st. we're a little more than a month
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in. we are at a big surplus after the historic storm moves through at the end of october. and so we're still about 9.75 inches above normal for the start of the water year in santa rosa after measuring nearly 12 inches of rain. oakland measuring over about 5.5 inches of rain there. san francisco almost 6 inches of rain. and then as we take a look at concord, we are seeing those numbers at a surplus of about 5 inches. so it is nice to see that when we look at the numbers and the percentage of normal still well above what we used to see. now at over 700% of the normal amount in concord. we will continue to see that coming down. it really doesn't tell you the big story of what is really going on because the water year starts over october 1st but the drought is ongoing. and so as we look at what's been happening here, we did see some slight improvement in parts of the north bay last week but the update that comes out every thursday came out this morning
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didn't change from last week. and so even though we've had some light rain we didn't see any major improvements to our drought. now as you make plans to head out for the rest of today, your a hiking forecast for the peninsula really nice with temperatures there in the low 60s. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures across the bay area in the upper 60s. a little cooler than normal. then as we go into the weekend we'll see another storm coming in, a system that will be arriving on monday well out in the pacific right now. we'll see another storm system passing to the north of us as we go into the weekend. but doesn't bring us any rain. we will have another chance of those showers moving in by early next week and so our temperatures will stay on the cool side. for san francisco, of course, this weekend we'll remind you to set your clock back one hour but we'll have our next chance of rain moving in by monday and tuesday. it is going to be cool early next week as our high temperatures only reach into the low 60s. and now as we turn to our climate in crisis and the effects of warming temperatures
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and sea level rise are actually taking its toll on our trees, as well as those super storms. and so on the atlantic and gulf coast states, researchers have come up with the term ghost forest. they describe the cedar trees that have been damaged by salt water intrusion and those coastal forests used to be lush and green. used to be a critical ecosystem. but now we are seeing them bleached white because of the salt water intrusion and eventually they do die off. this is not just a problem that we're seeing here in the u.s. we're also seeing it happening in brazil. as well as ukraine and mows am bic all dealing with the same problem. now there is a major effort under way to replant a lot of those trees and help also by building oyster reefs to slow down erosion. you can see more of this story as well as what is happening with our climate in crisis by going to nbc bay marcus? >> all right, kari.
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thank you. coming up forget the hot fudge and grab some gravy. we have a new spin on thanksgiving desserts that may have you ditching the pumpkin pie. maybe some potato pie. i don't know about that. we'll check it out when we return. first now the man known as tiger king who gained fame in the netflix series says he has cancer. joe exotic said on social media that his biopsy from his prostate came back with an aggressive form of cancer. he was sentenced to 22 years in prison. this is for violating federal wildlife laws. and a failed murder for hire plot targeting carol baskin who runs a rescue sanctuary for big cats. the second season of tiger kings streams later this month.
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okay. check this out. kris sanchez posted this on instagram. one of our directors noticed yesterday her matching the one and only baby yoda. yeah. she rocked a coat better i think so. let's go to her page and see that photo. judge for yourself. you can find kris on facebook, instagram, and twitter. also trending for you this morning let's talk turkey day. in your mind a lot of people say i kind of want dessert, too. listen to this. a portland based ice cream company may have some answers. they are rolling out some of these new, full thanksgiving
11:27 am
meal flavored ice creams. how about caramelized turkey and cranberry sauce? okay. what about parker house rolls with salted butter cream? i don't like that so much. please. how about this? this might be good. sweet potato pie with double backed almond streusel? how about candy walnut cheese cake? pumpkin pie with ginger snap? okay. i think those sound good. why not check out the dinner, ditch it all together. get your ice cream there. if you want more on that find it online. they have locations in the bay area and you can buy online too. some of those i'm up for but others no i'm going to stick with the meal. >> all i want to know is why is there gravy on the table? or maybe it was caramel sauce? i don't know. some of those sound okay. others not so much. we are getting ready for thanksgiving already and will see nice weather into the weekend continue. we'll be falling back this
11:28 am
weekend. >> all right. that does it for our midday newscast today. don't forget we're always on at nbc bay our next newscast is at 5:00. i'll see you back here dark and early tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 for "today in the bay." make it a great thursday.
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right now on california live get ready for a sweet celebration. then want to freshen up your work office? hold on tight. i'm about to take you to a work place that looks like you're in paradise right here in l.a. >> plus we're catching up with one of the fastest women in the world, olympic champion allison felix. how does it feel to be the most decorated woman in olympic track history? >> it is something that i never would have imagined. >> all happening right now on "california live."


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