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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 5, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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race and bias are central issues in the ahmaud arbery trial the judge says there is nothing he can do about 11 white people on a jury of 12. president biden is now working the phones and twisting oorms to get his build back better and infrastructure agenda across the finish line today today after much of america casts their ballots, the justice department files a lawsuit
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against texas around new voting laws we go inside the aaron rodgers' controversy over vaccinations we include a brooper reel from global singing star adele hello, it's almost the weekend "early today" starts right now good morning, i'm phillip mena. >> glad you are endingure week with us, i'm frances rivera. there is a few push to get the president's two major spending bills passed. the house is setting the stage to hold votes on both of them today. chris pollone is tracking this, there have been some signs of progress in the last 12 hours. >> reporter: there has good morning to you. it appears working through the night, house democrats have worked out their differences now they are able to vote on these bills. they report president biden was working the phones trying to
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marshall support for both a trillion dollar bill to build bridges and roads and fighting social programs and climate change house speaker nancy pelosi has been trying to bridge the gap between tuesday's election losses showing people want initiatives and motd rats that want it as a sign to ring in spending republicans have been clear from the start, they're not participating regardless of what the public wants. >> almost every on board is on board with the democratic caucus we are waiting for a hand. we will get the handful and pass both bills. >> i truly believe we need to slow down and wait and see if inflation is transitory. see how much worse it gets, hopefully, it doesn't. >> this socialist spending bill they may vote on tonight is pouring gasoline on inflation to any democrat that claims to be a pod rat. if you vote for the socialist
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spending program tonight, you will get your ass beat and you deserve it >> republicans will vote for the program. the house speaker can only lose the votes of three democrats and still pass the bill and, frances, debate on this all starts at 8:00 a.m >> early in the morning after all that work in the light-night hours. we'll see how it turn out, thank you, chris the manhattan district attorney has empanelled a second grand jury to investigate the trump organization they say this is a procedural action the first grand jury has served out its six-month term. now the new jurors will sit. the previous panels resulted in two charges against people in his organization they can hear about his property and accounting practices behind them the former president has not been charged with a crime. a woman that once flew in a
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private jet to the january 6th insurrection she said on social media, she definitely wouldn't go to jail because of her blond hair, white skin and great job she was sentenced thursday to 60 days in jail and ordered to pay $1,500 in fines and restitution. a juror kyle renthouse was dismissed for telling a joke to a court officer. that joke was about jacob blake. the black man partially paralyzed in august of 2020. the judge said it was clear the appearance of bias was present and it would seriously undermine theco case rittenhouse shot three people and killed two they say the first man lunged for his gun and was described as hyperaggressive. they say he instigated the
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incidents him his lawyer argued he aced in self-defense. the trial of ahmaud arbery starts today he was killed in a city 55% black. a jury of 11 whites and one black will decide the fate of the three men accused of killing him. nbc news' ron allen has more. >> reporter: good morning, frances, it ignited the country. this morning the story of ahmaud arbery gets their fight for justice in court. >> reporter: passion rang high in the community where ahmaud aubrey was shot and killed two years ago. anger one black juror was selected to decide a case that family supporters have called a modern day lynching. >> it's very disturbing to find out we had one african-american versus three whites. >> reporter: do you feel you will get justice in. >> i think the evidence that the state had, we will get justice.
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>> reporter: three men face nine counts each, including murder, aggravated assault and attempted kidnapping accused of chasing, shooting and killing aubrey they've all pled not guilty. the defense using legal challenges to eliminate some black jurors on the final day. >> this court found there appears to be intentional discrimination. >> reporter: he added georgia law prevents them from taking action because the attorneys gave reasons other than race for the dismissals, insisting the jurors could not be partial. >> that's what the court has to decide those race neutral explanations, are they satisfactory in this case, the judge finds them to be satisfactory. >> reporter: now prosecutors citing his race as a significant
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factor in his death. the defendant is attempting to say they were ataejt citizens arrest of a robbery suspect, acting in self-defense they expect the trial to last two-to-three weeks frances. >> ron, thank you. the justice department is suing the over its restrictive newer voting law the legislation was sientd by republican governor greg abbott in september it limits drop boxes and requires voter i.d. for absentee ballot the doj agents the law violates protections for civil rights texas has not yet responded. in south carolina, they indicted alex murdock and the man accused of shooting him for a famed suicide for hire scheme. they say they wanted curtis smith to kill him so his son could check on a life insurance
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policy. one of hollywood's biggest stars is awaiting a big change on the set of "rust. he is pledging to ban real guns after the death of cinematographer lynn hutchins. he says he will only use special effects for production a frigid day ahead, let's look at michelle grossman for a closer look at your friday happy friday, michelle >> happy friday. another cold day today another cold day tomorrow. let's take a look out there. pause we're looking at warnings and watches stretching from the tennessee valley through the mid-atlantic you see that hot pink. that's your freeze warning we're looking for temperatures well below normal this time of year 10-to-15 degrees below 62 that cold air stays in placenice
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we're looking at storms in the southeast. we could see leal localized flooding as well we will take a look at that week coming up. >> cannot wait to hear thank you, michelle. "early today" is back in a minute with a botched $600 million for vaccines >> get your shot or else, the biden administration reva teld biden administration reva teld widest vaccine mandate spray it on your furniture, your rugs, your clothes - wherever bacteria and odors hide. you can even sanitize your car seats! for a deeper clean and a freshness you'll love...
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contaminated, more problems were found in a baltimore facility, causing it to halt production. in the early days of the poke, the company became the sole domestic manufacturer for the johnson&johnson astrazeneca vaccine. this will no have an effect here in the u.s it only applies to as tra zenica vaccines, which is not distributed in the states. 14 billionaires received stimulus checks the outlook says billionaires along with a number of sorts team owners all received stimulus checks the report, which has not been verified by nbc news also noted that some returned the checks that they received this as big u.s. businesses now have 60 days to comply with a new biden administration mandate that requires work forces for fully vaccinated or tested
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weekly or they could face state fines. >> reporter: with a new january 4th dead line in place, the clock is now ticking for companies with 100 or more employees to get their workers fully vaccinated or tested every week the new federal regulations affecting roughly 84 million people follow an executive order from president >> this is not about freedom or personal choice. it's about protecting yourself and those around you. >> reporter: any employer failing to meet the requirements could face nearly $14,000 in fines for each worker who is out of compliance. unvaccinated employees have to cover the costs of their own weekly testing the mandates have touched off protests. >> i don't believe the deposit has any right to be involved in my medical decisions. >> reporter: with several republican controlled states vowing to fight the rules if court. but many employers embrace the
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requirements. >> anything we can put in place that's going to make people feel more secure to come and visit my store is the best thing for my store. >> reporter: the white house says more than 3500 businesses, hospitals, schools and local governments already have mandates in place, significantly boosting vaccination rates top health official dr. fauci defending the practice on a hearing on capitol hill. >> we know vaccines absolutely save lives and we know mandates work. >> reporter: even as covid cases are down around much of the country. a worrying surge in colorado reminding it's not over and adding urgency to the push to vaccinate. in washington, alice barr, nbc news still to come, he'll need more than a hail mary. packers' quarterback aaron rodgers testing positive after
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as we head into the week, don't forget to set your clocks back an hour, daylight savings time ends 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. that means you can get an extra round of sleep or at the bar, a round of drinks, on you, not on us we'll give you the time. >> right now to the controversy surrounding packers' superstar aaron rodgers. there are questions emerging about his vaccination status after testing positive for covid-19 like has he been in violation of nfl protocols? >> reporter: new questions swirling over nfl star aaron rodgers about whether he broke the league's covid rules the quarterback side lined this week after multiple reports he tested positive for covid-19 he was asked whether he had
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gotten a vaccine before the season began. >> reporter: are you vaccinated and what is your stats on vaccinations >> yeah, i'm immunized you know, there is a lot of conversation around it, around the league and a lot of guys who have made statements have not made statements, owner who's made statements. you know, those guys on the team that haven't been vaccinated i think it's a personal decision i'm not going to judge those guys >> the nfl has been treating him as unvaccinated since the beginning of the season. he has not returned nbc news' request for comment. >> by the nfl saying he was out for this gay, that was the code word for the fact that he has not been vavaccinated. >> reporter: the green bay packers says he cannot play which means he will sit out ten days >> i went, wait, they're clearing, calming him out
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already. that's when i started to say, wait, does that mean she not vaccinated >> reporter: the nfl does not require players or coaches to be vaccinated if they do not get a shot, they say they must wear masks inside team facilities, wait ten days before returning to play after a positive test. >> the final score -- >> reporter: the rogers is unvaccinated, he seems in violation of rules he has been without a mask at press conferences and also on the sidelines at games >> if he is found to have violated these policies, will he face consequences from either the team or the nfl? >> he will face some financial consequence, but they're not severe he can be find $14,000 and that, the players can be fined up to $50,000 for these transg transgressions >> reporter: the league released a statement saying the primary responsible for enforcement of the covid protocol within our
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facilities rests with the club the team quiet after reporters pressed the head coach on rogers' initial comment about being immunized. >> [ inaudible question ]? >> it's a great question for him. i'm not going to comment still ahead, how the mayor of flavor town is helping kristen stewart tie the knot. >> sunny days, elmo, the new side show. they gear up for the 52nd season we'll be right back. i'm linda, your quickbooks live bookkeeper. let's do this linda! sounds good! a live expert bookkeeper who understands your business. felipe, i've categorized last month's hair gel expenses. steve, i just closed your books. great, how are we looking? profits are up! on to next month. on to next month, linda! get your books done for you by trusted experts.
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to her mother while the two attended the show in milwaukee she held up a sign, my mom is fan of 90201 help me get outed. >> we'll check in with michelle grossman is back she is here now with a look at your weekend looking forward to it. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. looking forward to it. it's looking good weather wise, fairly quiet, chili, quiet lots of sunshine, too. we're looking at storms in the southeast, specifically florida. we're looking at localized flooding and severe storms that weather goes up the coast tomorrow sunday, we see temperatures rebounding rally nice. milder in the ohio valley that will head northeast as we head towards monday >> thank you, michelle up next, take it easy on
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would use in their own homes. microban 24. > . >> hi. >> hello >> this is what the end of the world looks like at least we have front row seats. >> you know what's never saved the planet, your sarcasm >> it's a feel-good friday for marvel plans, the latest installment in the ncu "eternals" premiers today. the hollywood reporter says this film will not hit screens in the gulf region, reporting the
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inclusion of the ncu first gay superhero may have led to this notify being pulled in saudi arabia, qatar and kuwait kristen stewart says she's engaged. she told howard stern, she wants guy fieri to officiate >> i heard through the flavor town, that you are looking for a spiky hair dhef officiating. >> we wonder if you are one off. do you want him in. >> absolutely. do you know where he lives >> she is starring at princess diana. they put her on the spot saying, were you joking? she has to say yes at this point. >> i thought she was joke at first. they set it up why not go through it? flu is can't back out now. well said. adele is taking fans behind
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the scenes of her "easy on me" music video. the outtakes are pretty funny, check it out. >> give me a few seconds. ♪ i have no time to choose ♪ ♪ what i chose to do ♪ ♪ so go easy ♪ ♪ on me ♪ >> will there be struggling with a cassette tape. ask your parents what that is. in the car or getting hit in the face with sheets of music notes. she is still entertaining, no that's what. the song is kumpbtsly holding the top spotted for a second week i know people were waiting for a while for her to come out with new music. she is showing all her talent and personality there. get ready for a sunny day with bill y ilish. he will be a part of the new season of "sesame street". they will feature country singer
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kacey musgraves, poet amanda gorman and tennis star naomi otagga thanks for ending your week with "early today," i'm frances -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie...
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can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. in one of the break ins they used a blow torch to cut the glass and then opened it. >> a bay area security company found a new way to help neighbors fight crime. this is "today in the bay." >> here we go, friday morning, folks, thanks for joining us,
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i'm laura


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