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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 5, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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covid bill that could cut your symptoms. >> and getting tough, a federal crackdown on unruly passengers as seens like this one become more common. >> the measures to bring in the midair chaos. >> could president biden get what he is looking for after months of back and forth negotiations, we have more on what is on a the line today. this is "today in the bay. >> very good friday morning to you. i'm laura garcia. we have a lot to get to this morning. let's start with kari hall and that forecast. how is it looking out there >> it is friday and we're seeing rain in the distant future, but
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not affecting your plans. we'll also keep us cool, so as you're go out for your morning commute on the peninsula expect it to be partly to mostly cloudy and temperatures in the upper 40s as you go out. you need a jacket for the morning and the afternoon as we reach the mid to upper 60s for today. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates. pfizer just ainfluenced a new treatment that may discuss the risk of severe illness. the drugmaker also says they're halting criminal trials hosting that it will halt the use as soob as possible. >> a covid booster shot for at-risk people due to the decline in effective bs in all
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three vaccines. renkers looked at hundreds of thousands of u.s. veterans. they found the effectiveness of all of the variants dropped dramatically as the delta variant surged this year. experts say that having the vaccine is still much safer than not. >> some people have it for a long time and some don't. >> the numbers from that new study do very greatly. >> new details this morning and everybody heard the stories of unruly passengers. and now the fbi is giving leaders a new way to crack down. >> good morning to you, marcus.
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>> they are only issuing fines, that is only happened about three dozen times in the last year. with videos like these of passengers, assaulting flight attendants, and other passengers, it's hard to believe that more passengers have not paced a more serious site penalty. they got 5,000 come plenties about unruly passengers and the agency had enforcement action. only 37 cases had criminal prosecution. that is fewer than 1% of all cases. >> let this be a warning and a deterrent.
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>>. >> those are the kind of stories that flight attendants have been talking about, they are pushing for a no fly list after several members were assaulted. 72% of the assaults were related to mask mandates in the last year and it will continue through the holidays. >> i don't understand why people have an issue, you have to wear a mack on the plane. >> it's not new. >> 5:04 right now. a live look in capitol hill after months of back and forth negotiations. the a resolution may year round. >> today in the bay live on
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capitol hill this morning. >> this has been no easy tack for the president. >> no, it sure has not. good morning to you. sources confirm to nbc news that the president was working the phones into last night trying to secure enough votes to pass his top spending priorities. house speaker nancy pelosi is trying to pass a bill for the roads bridges, and a build back better program that would have money to fight climate change. they assured members that the social spending measure will not only be paid for with new taxes, but projections show it will trim the budget in the next decade. even if it passes, the bill faces a uncertain future in the senate. >> people are concerned about inflation, they're concerned
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about the debt. we don't talk about it, but they are concerned. >> in virginia we saw historic victory in new jersey, a very close race, and in both cases we think it was a response to the biden agenda and the american people saying, you know, i don't want this. this is not what i voted for. >> if these bills pass today, democrats want erg to be wrapped up, the senate is already out of session meaning the first day they could take up this social spending and climate change bill would be on november 19th. >> thank you, welcome. happening today an 18-year-old man accused of a deadly shooting happened. that is where authorities said a 42-year-olds shot and killed.
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they found the man in a car a mile from the scene. a packed out in san francisco's chase center among the first to see dave chapelle's new show. one supporter who wanted to make a statement says she was removed from the show after security believed she was recording it. most fans were focused on other aspects of his material. >> this is my city. i'm transgenderer, i'm proud, and translives matter. >> racism is the under lying issue here and many people are not seeing that, they're seeing it as they're trying to turn
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minorities against each other, but it is really racism. >> they held at the height of the pandemic, and shortly after the george floyd killing. >> let's bring in gary hall, let's look at how it is working on this friday. >> it is going to start out with a few clouds here and there. . it is a chilly start, what you will feel as you go out the door, right now 44 degrees in santa rosa. so most of us in the low 50s. many of the clouds throughout the morning, and a slow warm up through the 60s here today.
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we're in for cooler weather at the start of the weekend and next week more rain. how is it looking now in the south bay >> the traffic has been reported as clear, but there is still a little slowing. stay away from the flashing lights and mauve other to the left if you can. there is plenty of space. even light in this area on your friday. a short freeway and through the maze, back to you. no more skipping leg day. . after a dip during the pandemic, are more people going to the gyms and fitness centers >> the way your wait for a machine may be getter longer. >> more people are going on
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vacation as well and we have the big jobs number today as well. plus. >> who do you think is going to lead the avengers. >>. >> two highly anticipated films, some home is the stein of a -- sign of a recovery. and protecting homes from climate change. how groundwatt sere raising under may bay area neighborhoods. scientists are worried about what that water could bring with it. you can watch that full report now on our website.
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happy friday, we're stepping out the door to a cloudy south bay. we're going to see a lot of these clouds throughout the weekend. we will reach into the mid 60s for today. still pretty nice, and we'll talk about when rain returns in a few minutes. >> and the structure ready to move to the center divide. traffic flow is moving very nicely. we'll look at the commute to san jose coming up. >> it's jobs friday, so we'll
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get the latest data. that will be at 5:30. things have been getting better in the economy. we expect about half a million jobs were created. past months have been pretty disappointing. the other thing that we're going to watch is the hourly wage. that should jump as more people ask for a raise. you should be asking for a raise because asking for a raise in an inflationary environment is syruply asking not to be paid less. if prices are going up and your salary stays the same, you're getting a pay cut. jay powell was seen going into the white house this week. his term is up for renewal, and president biden needs to decide whether or not to keep him. american airlines pushed back the deadline for it's
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employees to be vaccinated. the new date is now january 4th for both the airline and other employees covered under the federal mandate. we'll talk more about that as we talk politics. more vacations, less working out, just what the doctor ordered. no, not a very good doctor. air bnb said they made a record profit, more money than they ever made as more people went on have indication in the last summer. we also opened the borders back up to european tourists. airplanes, hotels, and air bnb. sales plummeted as fewer people elected to workout at home. and not just sales of bikes, but the amount of time that existing owners spent on their bikes. peloton can tell, they can measure that. they know you're not riding it.
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but maybe you're not working out at home because we have more options. >> i hated working out at home, but now i'm going back to the gym. >> i hate it where ever we go here. >> it looks like more people going back to the gym and the fitness centers. this is looking like levels before the pandemic. plant fitness is saying they're recapturing about 97% of their covid memberships. this comes after locations were closed for months, and in many of those cases it continued when things started to reopen. >> ford motor revving up for it's future. they just unveiled a new concept pickup truck. tile while, it's seriously oldschool features a retro look of the 1978 fort pick up. underneath, it has the signature
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new e-crate custom all electric motor that can be installed in all kinds of vehicles. this is ahead of the release of the all electric f-150 pickup truck this year. a big weekend at the box office with two highly anticipated releases. >> captain rogers and i, when we're gone, who could lead the avengers. >>. >> i could lead them. >> i was just talking about this movie last night. marvel "eternals." it spans from 5000 bc to today, and there is a whole new ban of heros. spencer is also coming out,
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the new film about princess dianna. and guy fierri agreed to officiate over their wedding. >> she said preside over the food or the wedding. >>. >> that's a good point. she's like o great, he is going to marry us, help with the menu, but okay. >> it could be a nice day for an outside wedding. >> yeah, it is going to be kind of cloudy. that may not be the best for the pictures, but still cool weather and of course just wearing a dress, maybe not so comfortable. we're going to need a vak jacket.
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it is bringing up clouds for today. there will be a time for peaks of sunshine for some of us in the bay area. i like it because the sun is not just beaming down on you. the temperatures will reach into the mid 60s today. we're looking at a high of 68 degrees. watching 65 for a high temperature, and in san mateo, we're looking at about 64 degrees. low 60s for the outer sunset and the marina district. for the north bay a lot of low to mid 60s for the afternoon as the clouds keep it cooler. once again we're looking at a system that moves just to the north but doesn't bring up much rain. we have a bigger storm system that is headed our way for early next week and this one looks to bring in pretty decent rainfall
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totals. the possibility of about two inches of rain in the north bay. we'll see about the same in fran and oakland. it gets a little lighter as we typically see from the tri-valley down to the south bay. we have decent rainfall totals showing up on storm models. as you make weekend plans, it looks like it will be cloudy for today and tomorrow. we have to adjust to the time change. sunday a lot of us are cutting our weekend short because the sun will set shortly after 5:00. and the last day of driving to work in the dark for many commuters. >> that's right, but driving home, and maybe some dielt as -- daylight will affect the evening. right now we see congestion not from the 101, but have
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northbound 87, hopefully they will get that vehicle moved to the side quickly. no major delays and not a lot of traffic out here. we may see some fog, i see some around the camera in dublin, and we will check on that coming up. >> thanks, mike. >> next on "today in the bay." holiday air travel is looking bumpy and we're not just talking storms. a few minutes now could save you hours later. >> a little throw back for you that i posted yesterday on instagram. me back in 2001. yeah, in college, a little frat boy. look, make sure you join me on facebook, twitter, and
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instagram. much more ahead for you this morning here on "today in the bay."
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have seen a bunch of airline meltdowns. >> yes, he is here to explain why and how to help you avoid getting stuck. >> good morning, analysts say that airlines are packing their holiday schedules full enthough thousands of workers that were sidelined during the pandemic are not back on the job yet. if you booked a holiday flight here is what you can do right now just in case. research the airline schedules. find and save info about back up flights to where ever it is you're trying to get. also download your airline's app. when there is trouble many will let you rebook yourself. tonight at 11:00, how to win the rebooking race. we tackle all sorts of travel complaints. click the responds option.
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thank you, chris. giants fans they knew it was coming, but not sure if that will make it easier to hear, right. >> buster posey saying goodbye to basketball. with his four children in the front row, his wife by his side, he said he is retiring. he wants to spend more time with his family and also the physical demands. >> i'm so humble that i was able to play a part in those memories. thank you for your support for the last 13 seasons. i look forward to creating new memories of my own. >> he played 12 seasons and he was a seven-time a-star. all star. he is leaving open the option to
5:27 am
work with the team in some capacity. we posted the entire news conference to and it is right on our front page. our top stories today. business booming for certain companies due to crime concerns. how one security outfit is benefitting. zlmt starting today, contra costa county administering the covid vaccine to children at no cost to parents. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:30, another step in ending the pandemic. another rush expected as child vaccination clinics are up and running. the bay area police officer accused of being on the wrong side of the law. the charges that we're learning about all new this morning. >> we'll have cool and cloudy conditions as you make your weekend plans and we'll be also tracking rain next week. we'll talk more about that in the forecast coming up this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you and thank you for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we begin this half hour with covid vaccine rollouts. counties across the bay area are
5:31 am
ramping up. >> tell us what parents need to know, bob. >> good morning, lauren and marcus. first these shots for your children from ages five to 11 is no cost to you. there is availability, there is not availability today at this county run clinic in concord, but there is at the antioch and richmond locations. so again, shots are available starting today for kids ages five to 11. there is country run vaccination clinics in concord, and there are more times available through next week. that scheduling website. . it is covid vaccine at dc health. the large-scale clinics are set to begin tomorrow, but
5:32 am
pharmacies and pediatricians may be starting sooner. next week they will offer shots at local schools or county run clinics. there could be a couple more weeks in mid november. remember all of these dates are for county run vaccination sites. your pediatrician, possible, or pharmacy might have availability sooner. yesterday in san jose kids in the neighborhood hit hard by covid saw the vaccine come to them. santa clara saw it set up. there was shots for kids ages five to 11 were administeadmini. parent vs. to be on site. a family of four that already had covid were among the people in the front of the line. >> i don't want to take a chance, if i have an opportunity to protect my child do i it
5:33 am
without thinking twice. >> if you have questioning about the vaccine we can help you out. check out all of our questions and answers on the bay area app or on the website. just tap faq covid vaccine for kids. it has answers to questions leek should my young kid get vaxed. >> thank you, bob. it is 5:33 right now. a peninsula robbery superintendent on bond this morning but it's his professor that is surprising a lot of people. we have a look at what happened, what employers are saying, take it away, sierra. >> good morning, it's really kind of a bizarre story when police responded to this rite-aid for a call of a particularly. they never expected to have to arrest an officer from another agency. that is exactly what played out here yesterday. so it was san francisco sergeant
5:34 am
davin cole. he was arrested here on concord drive. when they arrived on scene, the suspect attempted to flee on foot but was later captured. this picture was taken by the department in 2019. he was most recently assigned to field operations with the department and according to sfpd he was placed on unpaid leave. the lights are off here at this rite aid. he is out on bond. definitely a story that we will continue to follow. >> very surprising there, thank you. >> it is 5:34 right now. new requirements for a civilian employee linked to hate-filled social media posts.
5:35 am
fbi investigators discovered child pornography on devices linked to dennis shavenkos. he is a non-sworn in community service officer with the san jose police department. he was investigated but not charged in connection with deadly threats against police officers posted on alt-right social media sites. >> it guards and talks about the intruders in realtime through technology. and the homeowners say that she had to take action after five break ins in four years. and manually opened it. the companies are seeing more
5:36 am
companies these days they're banning together to hire private security. the vice president says it has been hard to keep up with demand. >> a live look at sfo. starting next year you have a new option to travel to our neighbors to the north. flights will be offered in the spring. seat selection and carry on items are extra. vancouver flights will kick off in may. >> always a little extra for something here and now a scary hall. something to smile about. >> absolutely. i think we're going to have a nice weather across the weekend. let's take a look at our forecast, you will be driving down highway one enjoying the
5:37 am
coastline and also the fall colors. we'll see temperatures in the mid 60s, and at times sunshine. i think the fog will stay away from the coastline here for the weekend. if you're in napa valley, just a heads up that there will be clouds, maybe mist and drizzle for the morning hours. about 64 with more sunshine on sunday. and then if you're also going to be traveling up to lake shasta will there will be showers there. that will bring some rain across those areas. but it should be out of here by sunday with more sunshine. you will encounter warmer temperatures, highs reaching 76 degrees today, and it will be cooling down going into the rest of the weekend. and then we'll wrap it up here at home with the 49ers game, kick off in the early afternoon will be in the upper 60s.
5:38 am
we have nice weather here, and we'll see sunshine not only hear in the stadium, but also sunshine across the rest of the bay area. by heading out the door this morning, we have an issue on the bay bridge. >> yes, a problem here, a disabled vehicle. right by this arrow. as you get towards treasure island you see that the inclient moves smoothly but it jams up approaching that scene. coming up at the lower get they're at the same level at that point if is a distraction for folks coming out of treasure island as well. and it is expected now anyway, and that disabled vehicle should be cleared. the crash there still, back to you. thank you, mike, it is 5:38 right now. saying goodbye to plastic bags and hello is seaweed.
5:39 am
a new innovative idea out of the bay area that may help cut down on pollution and greenhouse gases. >> and a fight seems to be brewing over president biden's new vaccine mandate. >>. here they go again. >> talking about cameras at your vacation rental. we're talking about how to spot them. follow the bay area on instagram to see synced in. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community.
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happy friday, right now at 5:41 as you're going out in the east bay, we're checking out walnut creek if is a chilly start this week. 49 degrees, we're going to be on the cooler side today with more clouds moving in. we will also see some more dry weather in the near term, but we'll talk about when that rain comes back in a few minutes. >> and that fog went away, the low clouds, whatever they were blocking the camera. you see a glow for the lights but that is it. moving smoothly out of the pass. we'll show you how things are developing after that crash in san jose. >> happening today, a
5:43 am
celebration of life ceremony. here is a live look this morning at the washington national cathedral. the former secretary of state died last month from complications from covid at the age of 84. powell was vaccinated, but according to a family spokes person he was battling cancer. >> more than a dozen states are suing to stop president biden's new vaccination mandate. >> they think that the biden add money straight doesn't have that power. >> we'll find out what the courts say. the toughest argument is whether or not the biden administration has the power to tell federal contractors what to do. the biden administration on
5:44 am
thursday announced that all employees with 100 or more employees will have to require vaccinations or weekly testing. and that is important to remember. nobo the white house, anyways, is making you get a vaccination except for health care workers that work for organizations that take federal money. they have no option. a number of states say they will sue to stop the mandates on private employers. others at this point have not giveen a legal argument. these are the state that's will sue. these are the states that already sues. they jurped on the federal mandate contractors early, that argument the toughest to make in court. a pair of federal judges considering a request. phone calls and other
5:45 am
memorandums being considered. former president trump being considered. those records are not protected. one of the judges seems to be sympathetic with congress. isn't this the best news to be able to determine as the executive privilege is the executive >> meaning biden. and for the january 6th riot, it happened in the capital that is literally congress's house. >> speaking of that attack, the texas realtor that said she would not go to jail for her role in the attack because she is white is going to jail. she was sentenced to 60 days behind bars. the judge mentioned her prediction that her skin color would keep her out of jail in her sentences. the house democrats were able to pass president biden's bills. the infrastructure bill, republicans and democrats support here, the build back better with it's trillions of
5:46 am
new benefits there. many democrats blame the lack of progress for their losses on tuesday on election day. we have a block buster good jobs numbers. we'll talk about it on twitter, you'll find me @scottmcgrew. >> some people think that ecstasy may help millions of american that's are dealing with mental illness. they're working with the fda and they're conducting medical trials using controlled doses in therapy for veterans with ptsd. one father from our area spoke to savanna guthrie. and one father says he tried suicide five times before he was introduced to this treatment. >> what do you say to those.
5:47 am
it is the reason that my son has a father and not a folded flag. i know what your suffering is like. ly tell you it's all gone. >> watch "the today show" for a closer look at the ground breaking treatment at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." overcoming our climate in crisis. one company is hoping to do just that with a single use plastic bag that is biodegradable. the company says the bags are designed to quickly break down in backyard compost. they say that company just received their first round of funding and they plan to release the first retail shopping bags sometime next year. this is trending for you this year, go ahead and take a chance on brand new music. >> take a chance on me me -- >> okay, keep going. >> take a chance on a new song or music from one of the most
5:48 am
popular bands every. we're talking about abba here, let's listen -- well, i just gave it away. take a listen. >> you can hear the harmony of abba. 40 years, though, since a new release. that is their brand new song called "don't shut me down" part of an entirely new album called "voyage." there is one of the original members talking about their reconnection. >> we decided to write new songs, and asked the ladies if they want today record them and they did. and it grew and all of a sudden we had a whole album. >> the early consensusconsensus you liked them before, you will
5:49 am
like them now. >> "mamma mia." >> i think if you heard them, you would remember. >> "rolling stone" magazine saying it was worth the 40 year wait. >> and the vocals are still there. >> wow. >> like us. >> we're going to come up with an album 40 years from now. >> i meant we all still had voices. >> but how do they sound. >> exactly. >> no backing up kari hall, she is front and center. >> yeah, you know what we're going to do whatever we can to make it through this friday and maybe that is what you will be blasting on your way to work. i may need to catch up on some of that abba. let's look at the showers further to the north of us. we're going to see that staying to the north of the bay area but we will get the clouds.
5:50 am
as you make plans to go out to the park this morning in danville, a cool start this morning. low 50s at about 9:00 this morning. a trend throughout the day, reaching into the low to mid 60s. let's go to the south bay. east san jose reaching 68 degrees, and mid to upper 60s for much of the east bay. a breezy wind, once again just peeks of sunshine today and palo alto. and 66 in san francisco, and a little cooler to the north with clear lake reaching 63 degrees. we're getting ready for more clouds for the weekend, cooler temperatures and then rain early next week. that next storm system coming in next week looks pretty decent. the models have been going back and forth and right now they're showing a good amount of rain. take a look at what one computer
5:51 am
model is showing, over two inches of rain if is pretty decent. and we'll see about half an inch of rain for parts of the trivalley and the south bay. we will be watching it and keeping you updated throughout the week. we'll be making those adjustments on sunday evening. we will see the sunrising earlier on monday as we get ready for clouds and rain. san francisco will have a cool and at times cloudy weekend and it is still nice and dry for your weekend plans. what's the update on that crash. >> not the 101 that did clear, now there is typical slowing up here. but the 87, the crash had to have a little bit of a traffic slow down while they move the
5:52 am
vehicles to the shoulder. we had more slowing, this is starting to clear up again going north. that is the delay. that is it. the rest of the bay shows a pretty smooth, easy drive. getting to the bay bridge, we have no problems. still a disabled vehicle, one lane a little slower across the incline. >> thank you, mike. happening now, hoping to help people make it in the bay, palo alto now considering new evictions. council members will look at though proposals. and it will help landlords and tenants. they are also considering adopting a fair chance ordinance. that will limit their ability for applicants criminal history. >> still much more ahead on "today in the bay" including facing a judge. in just a few hours a trial begins for the three men accused of killing ahmaud arbery.
5:53 am
also, francisco's millennium tower and a new finding showing it is still sinking. plus, a dramatic decline. covid vaccine effectiveness wearing off overtime. the results of a new study just out this morning. stay with us, you're watching "today in the bay."
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think morning in georgia, a trial begins for three men who called ahmaudarbery. it was greg mcmichael and their son, travis. outrage growing over the fact that only one of the 12 seated jurors is black. >> we wanted more african-americans, there is 11 whites. >> this morning on "the today
5:57 am
show." they will have more interviews and analysis. that starts at 7:00. now to a follow up about the juror dismissed in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. a security officer reported that one male juror told a joke about last year's police shooting of jacob blake who is now paralyzed. the judge spoke with the juror and said there is a clear appearance of bias. that followed a police shooting, he is accused of killing two men and wounding a third. >> two weeks from now there is a vaccine mandate put on hold. there was a concern that the guards would quit. according to the l.a. times, the numbers show half of the states 28,000 officers are vaccinated. los angeles will crack down on businesses that don't follow
5:58 am
new vaccine and mask mandates on monday. businesses that follow mandates will get warnings first, and then a series of fines costing up to 5,000 for several violations. >> the millennium tower has settled another half of an in. much. >> the new piles, there has been an increase. >> the settling of the building. it's not as dramatic as the media would have you believe. >> but for the elevators and the plumbing to continue to operate properly, the margin is much tighter. right now the tower is tilting
5:59 am
23 inches to the west and 9.5 to the north. not much room left before the building could stop operating properly. our investigative unit has been following new develops very closely. you developments online. breaking now at 6:00, new hope in the form of a pill. what could drastically cut your covid symptoms. and a crack down on unruly passengers as wild things like this become more common. strong tactics. president biden pulling his political capital to get his long stalled build back better and infrastructure programs across the line today. the crucial votes that are just hours away. this is "today in the bay".
6:00 am
>> it is friday morning, welcome. i'm laura garcia. >> you see mike standing by with a look at that commute. first i want to start with kari hall. how is it looking >>. >> it looks good. the rain to the north will stay to the north of us. it is a chilly start to the day. we're seeing the temperatures in the upper 40s and the lower 50s it throughout much of the morning. there will be a lot of cloud cover as the highs reach to 63 in oakland. san jose reaching 67 degrees, and we'll talk more about all of this as well as some of the weekend events and the places you may be headed in a


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