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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 5, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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my boyfriend just started running back to forever 21. people were crying. >> what we've learned from the dozens of officers. >> it hurt very badly. i couldn't see. >> she still can't see. she doesn't know why this happened. the paint ball attack at a bus stop in san francisco that sent this woman to the hospital. and gas prices surge. people are worried about crime in this parking garage. and be warned if you're traveling during the holidays. airline meltdown. what you should expect if you're getting on a plane. we begin with a developing story in the south bay. first it was reports of a shooting. then the great mall in milpitas on lockdown. late tonight, police say no evidence any shots were fired. no arrests. >> also no injuries but there is a lot of confusion and fear and
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it was all very real. ian cull joins us. you've been there through the night. what happened? >> reporter: first off, there were easily more than 100 police officers here earlier tonight. it has been cleared out, as you can see. and police believe this may have all started with a fight that led to a mass confusion, that led to panic and eventually lockdown here. as thousands of people were running out of the great mall, or hiding inside stores. tonight, groups of people coming out of great mall with their hands over their head after being cleared to leave by officers. a scene unfortunately, many are used to seeing by now. >> we just saw a big old crowd coming toward us. then we stopped for a second. >> witnesses say they saw a group of kids or men fighting. minutes later they saw people
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running to the exit. this family is visiting from texas. >> we went to the popcorn store and we saw the cops saying leave, leave, leave. >> all of a sudden, somebody yelled shots fired. and then another lady in the store said, close the doors, close the doors. they shut the iron door down. >> reporter: tonight an emotional reunion between family and co-workers finally leaving the mall. police say after searching the entire building, they found no evidence of a shooting or any victims. it's the third incident like this in three years. the last one in december. isabel was there that night and tonight. >> i'm not coming here. it's bad. >> bad karma. >> reporter: during the commotion she hid in the back of the store with her boyfriend and young son. tonight there's relief no one was hurt but confusion over what happened that led to this major police scene. >> people were crying, praying. some parents had to put shows on
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for the kids to stop crying. just a very scary thing to go through. >> reporter: it took police about two hours to clear and every inch of the mall, and finally, letting the employees and shoppers back inside to check their personal belongings. the investigation continues. we know that will include looking at all the surveillance video inside to find out who might be responsible for all of this. live in milpitas. nbc bay area news. >> yes. there have been previous security incidents at the great mall. we take you back to august of 2019. a lockdown after a smash and grab robbery that someone mistook for a shooting. just last december, the mall also locked down after a man accidentally shot himself. he survived but it caused quite a stir. our team has been tweeting updates throughout the night. you can follow us @nbc bay area.
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night 11:00, who is drilling and stealing gas? a strange warning from uc berkeley after cars had their gas tanks tampered with in a busy parking structure on campus. it can be costly and really dangerous, too. >> reporter: the smell of gas fills the parking structure and a portion is cordoned off with police tape. students got a that be safety advisory by the incidents here. someone drilled into gas tanks, danieling the recollection and spilling fuel on the concrete floor. >> reporter: what are the danger that's pop into your head? >> sparks, the car exploding maybe. also the fluid dynamics is probably not as good as a tube. >> reporter: according to the uc berkeley police department, there have been two vehicles in this parking structure this week that have had their gas tanks drilled. >> it's pretty insane.
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i was thinking this might have something to do with the gas prices. >> reporter: the bay area has some of the highest gat prices in the country. a regular unleaded gallon of gas goes for about, 4.83 a gallon of gas. the national average is a difference of more than $1.20. >> it seems like i has just shot up. >> reporter: a spokesman says 38 investigated gas thefts before. especially when prices surge. in sacramento county last week, a repair shop got security video of someone hopping on to their lot and siphoning gas from customers' cars. uc berkeley police have not speculated about the motives. a university employee who spoke with me off camera said one of the vehicles is a university van parked here. investigators have not released any information on who might be responsible for the two incidents. in berkeley, nbc bay area news. a bizarre attack in san
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francisco. a woman says someone shot her in the eye with a paint ball. it happened in the sunset district last week. zoe and her boyfriend were wait fog a ride on the corner of sunset and noriega after working at outside lands. that's when a car drove by and someone shot a paint ball at them. you see the photos of her injuries. she was hit three time. once in the eye. her boyfriend hit six times. >> it hurt very badly. i finally got to see night mirror and i calmed down a little bit. we were going to the hospital. >> pretty traumatizing. the investigators say the attack was unprovoked. >> new at 11:00, a reversal for san francisco in the case of an unarmed man shot as he ran from police. the city has agreed to pay 2.5 million to settle the deadly shooting in 2017. he was shot as he ran away from a stolen van.
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san francisco police said they thought he was reaching for a gun. they said the culture won't change unless they face charges. >> in this particular case, this young man ought to be prosecuted. prosecution matters. that i do think. that matters more than anything else. that may not something can happen to the officer and it can happen to other officers. i think that can have a really mack upon their conduct. >> the officer who shot o'neill was a rookie on the job four days before that shooting. he is now facing charges of manslaughter in criminal court. a san francisco police sergeant on leave accused of robbing a peninsula pharmacy for painkillers. police say the 27-year veteran of the department was caught moments after robbing a rite aid pharmacy. the d.a. said he is reviewing the case and could charge cole with first degree robbery and
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resisting arrest. tom his attorney says he posted nearly $58,000 in bail and then promptly sgheekd rehab. >> obviously he has his shameful addicted for a long time while having a difficulty doing his job in a first responsibler's setting. >> he said he started using painkillers after being bitten by a police dogful cole is now on unpaid leave. he is due in court november 18. another clear view of the bay area's ongoing problem. car break-ins. a chief pulls up. even jumps into the car to see what's not side. this happened right outside a vitality bowl, inside a popular shopping center. the south bay also has seen a surge in car break-ins.
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today sf says break-ins are up more than 30% in the south bay in the past 12 months. >> so there is a lady here yesterday who had her car broken into and she mentioned her car was broken into. >> with the holiday shopping season already here, the best advice is pretty simple. don't leave anything in your car that might attract a thief. >> the iconic embarcadero could be in trouble with some of san francisco's priciest real estate facing the threat of flooding. today the port of san francisco's water front resilience team warned that sea levels are rising and the embarcadero may need to be raised by as much as seven feet. now fixing it will likely take decades and billions of dollars. the port hopes to use funding from president biden's $1 trillion infrastructure bill to help pay for it. searching for a covid appointment for your young kid? san francisco just launched a new tool to help parents. it provides a list of owings at
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community sites across the city. it is the city website. all the bay area counties are now ramping up covid shots for young children. in contra costa county, appointments booked up at the county run clinics in richmond and concord. this was day one for coco county. other bay area counties plan to start offering vaccinations for young children in the coming weeks. keep in mind your neighborhood pharmacy or clinic may have shots available right now. all shots are free. we're following some breaking news on capitol hill. lawmaker have just passed president biden's infrastructure package. this caps a day of high stakes drama. the house passing that infrastructure bill in a 228-206 vote. still in flux though is the president's sweeping social spending package. for now though, democrats are celebrating a victory and the bill is on its way to the president's desk. it come after months of
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wrangling and enfighting. house speaker nancy pelosi said she homes the build back better package will happen before thanksgiving. it's been two months since the fall of kabul. there are plenty of afghans who pled here. a special gathering in san francisco for the afghan community. >> reporter: members of the community coming to golden gate to listen to music that remind them of home. many say they have heavy hearts thinking of family still in afghanistan. >> reporter: this singer sharing her concerns about people left behind in afghanistan including her father. >> very worried. especially women and girls. because that's who i was
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advocating for all these years. i'm deeply worried. >> reporter: many in this crowd say they have family living in dangerous conditions after the united states military left the country. he says his brother and sisters are in danger because relatives worked the afghan military. >> maybe tonight, peck up the phone so maybe they kidnap them or take them to jail or something. >> i applied him visa. >> reporter: he is trying to get his brother to safety in the united states. >> he is in danger and living in ireland so he is seeking asylum. >> reporter: thank you translator, she tells us she managed to leave kabul during the air lift evacuation leaving a successful career and family behind. >> she just came with a bag behind her back and that was it. we're going to try to get her everything we can and help her out as a refugee.
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>> reporter: she and others are not sure what the future holds. tonight the music of home provides some much needed joy. jean elle, nbc news. i'll have more details on the clouds for the weekend and the next chance of rain. and a wild chase through a southern california neighborhood. yeah. that's a bear police are going after. >> holiday air travel is bumpy, and we're not just talking storms. we'll talk about the problems and share some solutions. a few minutes now could save you hours later.
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>> we've been given the green light to fly but based on what
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has recently happened with american airline and southwest, is it a good idea? >> chris is here to highlight some of the pit fall and how na. >> we hope you have to use none of the advice we're offering. this is first big stress test since the pandemic. so far not many would give them a passing grade. >> i lost two days of work because of this. >> passengers are learning first hand, the airlines' covid rebound isture blend. >> serve on stand by. >> the tsa is screening almost as many people per day as before the pandemic. the bureau of labor statistics says 34,000 fewer airline workers are on the job. >> they're short staffed as everyone is post pandemic. >> the analyst says airlines are flying with zero wiggle room. one staffing shortfall, small storm or computer glitch can ripple nationwide. >> they just end up having to
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cancel. >> august, spirit stumbled. october, southwest bumbled. this past weekend, american fumbled. each time, passengers left stuck. >> never got any notification. >> how does it happen? >> tight schedule, short staffing, plus a possible cameo from unpredictable wintry weather. add it up, a gathering storm at the holidays. >> out of our control. and it's horrible. >> we want to help. if your flight is canceled, do you know when the next few flights leave? you should. research flight schedules now. arm yourself with info about several back-up flights. when your flights delay or cancel, you're competing with everyone else on your flight for any remaining seats on later flights. so here's how the win. immediately try rebooking yourself on the airline website or app. some airlines like delta even let you switch dates and airports. but fair warning. not everyone can use self-service. for example, united told us you
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have to work directly with an agent when you fly with a pet or service nam. plus size and book two seats, a minor or you're taking an infant overseas on your lap. if your ticket requires an agent's help, you might need to get in line at the airport. don't just stand there. work the phone. some airlines will text you. try that. also, call them. it's possible someone will answer before you reach the counter. also, use social media to your advantage. airline agents on there have power to get thing done. and they might respond to you faster than picking up the phone. in my case i recently sent american airlines a direct message on twitter. got a response one hour and 37 minutes later. that's not great. but it is far faster than the four hours the call center said it would take to call me back. american told us it is handle time. the time passengers spend on the line with an agent has been up over all. also, it has added thousands of
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reservations agents and is still hiring. during an airline meltdown, you might end up with unexpected expenses. what about travel insurance? it will pay you back? maybe. it depends on the policy. >> there is a lot out there to look at. >> reporter: suzanne at insure my trim recommends flight issues that covers hotel and rental car costs. she warned us, airline travel insurance policies might be bare bones. >> that's the biggest thing to keep in mind. it is literally just covering your airline tickets. >> so you plan and protect yourself. yet an airline leaves you stranded. afterward, you can ask the transportation department to enter veep. >> we want to help and we feel good when we can get consumers their money back. >> a record number of passengers have complained to the d.o.t. >> the volume continue to be high. >> i was super frustrated. >> she wrote in from stanford. an airline canceled her flight and then ignored her refund request for a area.
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>> no response to email. no response to the phone call. just dead silence on their end. >> two weeks after susan submitted her complaint, the dorks o.t. pinged her carrier. >> the next day the airline that we're bumping you up in the cue for a refund. >> she got $10,000 back. to file a dorks tshs airlines complaint, snap that qr code right there. you can also go to our website or pick up the phone. 888-996-tips. >> wow, that qr code is a fast pass. >> does that help? >> and then you see it does. >> she got $10,000 back. usually we have all these travel headaches. this time it might be 2x or 3x with all the delays. >> and get chris on twitter. >> get ahold of him. >> happy friday. >> the weekend, it is just about here. and we do have cloud cover with us. we have some rainfall off to the
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north. and the way things will shape up tomorrow, it will look very similar to this. we continue to have the clouds streaming across the bay area. we'll have rain chances also off to the north. a little sierra snow, one to three inches. i do think sunday will offer us the most sunshine as we head through the weekend forecast. so let's get you into saturday morning first. it will start off cold. some of the coldest weather we've had all week starting off tomorrow morning. if you're getting out at 7:00, 8:00 so you can have the afternoon and evening to yourself, have that jacket. 48 for the south bay peninsula. 47 going to the chilliest weather in the north bay at 45 degrees. daytime highs tomorrow dropping off calm more degrees. just lingering in place. 63 in santa rosa, 64, martinez. so clouds again tomorrow.
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breaking in on the forecast, i want to fill you in on how that is shaping up. i'm still seeing this moving in monday night into tuesday. we'll tap into an atmospheric river that helps to boost up our rainfall totals. some sub tropical moisture that points right toward california when things line up correctly. a pineapple express. i don't think this will be as bad as our historic storm. a quarter inch on average. some of our mountains could be a little over, about an inch in the south bay. we will continue to get more high resolution date. a tune in saturday and sunday and we'll give you the very latest.
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for the inland valleys, wait for it. if you want that sun and 70s, it's coming your way thursday and friday. we have some clouds and rain and sun. it's not too bad. >> a cozy weekend. good for doing nothing tomorrow. while facebook is dropping facial recognition from its platforms, its apparently company is not. a spokesman for meta confirmed that news to the website called recode. reportedly, meta is exploring ways to incorporate biometric into its emerging metaverse business.
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bear on the run. a scary sight. it was seen if san dimas tonight running through a neighborhood. at one point it took a dip in a pool before jumping up and roaming the streets again right there by someone's garage. authorities flew overhead with a spotlight and warned people to stay inside their homes. air bnb says it will block any guest from making one night reservations ahead of new years eve. two-night reservations will also be restricted. in the past, parties linked to those reservations have led to a lot of issues including damage to the homes and violence. guests who do not have positive reviews will have a hard time securing a rental. lightrail has a new problem this weekend and it couldn't be worse. riders expected to wait longer
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than usual heading to the niners game on summed thanks to supply chain problems. vta says a lot of trains are down for maintenance and they don't have the parts to repair them. one example, brake pads for trains. fewer cars will be running but they will try to max out capacity to ease the wait. up next, stanford football at stanford stadium. we'll show you what didn't happen. and the warriors --
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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the energy, the love, it's all back. everywhere the warriors play. like the kids say, they're vibing. >> it's a lot of fun. let's show you what happened at chase center. hello to klay thompson. literally on the exercise bike while he was doing an interview for espn. we hope to see him back in january. still rehabbing. a big game tonight. watch this fourth quarter. andre iguodala to gary payton ii working the alley-oop. a designed play, executed perfectly. iggy had ten assists by the way
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off the bench. the warriors win easily. 126-85. they are now 7-1 on the season. they just beat new orleans. on the farm, stanford and utah. cover your eyes. this game is ugly. david shaw cannot be happy. utah's t.j. pledger, 96 yards. all the way to the other end zone. utah wins 52-7. ouch! stanford drops to 3-6. okay. we have to end this week on a smile. we know draymond green has big a personality. apparently so does his son. >> with all the play makers we have, you don't want to be playing against the defense. you know, as a leader on the team, rely on this year and coach out, the players out, we went on the road.
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>> he's like, get on with it, dad. a reason news conference, 5-year-old draymond jr. having >> so cute. we're back in a moment.
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there is a good chance you've never sustain northern lights. look near the horizon here. this was wednesday around 1:00 a.m. sadly, the camera was record in the black and white so you can't get the full effect. if you live closer to the north pole, here's the full affect. you know the aurora borealis can light up the sky. it is a bucket list event when the sun releases high energy particles that react to our atmosphere. >> it looks like special effects. it doesn't look real. have a good weekend. be safe. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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