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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 6, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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and there you have it- getting k woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. right now at 11:00, freeway shooting in the east bay leaves a toddler dead, new details we learned from family members as police search for gunman. plus -- >> didn't hurt that much. >> hundreds of bay area families breathing sigh of relief. vaccination for kids continues
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and another option for the shot. gearing up for more rain. meteorologist rob mayeda tracking the next storm as it starts to move in. news at 11:00 starts right now. i'm terry mcsweeney. i'm audrey asistio. toddler on the way home with family is dead after shooting. >> part of the freeway shutdown for hours with police searching for clues and gunmen still out there. sergio quintana. >> reporter: videos posted to social media show the police parked and white car examined. car that six family members were riding in when hit by gunfire. child was rushed to children's hospital in oakland. family member told me the child did struggle to survive but unfortunately died. family shared several details about what happened, did not want to speak on camera.
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jasper wu was in a car seat when a stray bullet entered the vehicle and struck him in the head. mother was driving at the time, two other adults and children were not injured. they're getting support from the local asian-american community. >> can't imagine what the family is going through now or what they will have to deal with in terms of ptsd. >> reporter: some shocked that it happened on the freeway. >> family is changed forever and lives shattered because we've not been able to protect our people in this city and state at all. >> reporter: chp have not released any details on the shooter, oakland police told the family may be gang related. don't believe the family was targeted and child may have been hit by stray bullet. nbc bay area news. san francisco police beefing up patrols in haight-ashbury after a string of violent
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crimes. park station added patrols to the haight street corridor and parked each block, others on foot. two people were shot near haight and massonic. president biden's vaccine mandate for large companies, u.s. appeals court has blocked it for now. 27 states filed lawsuits against the rule and panel said there are quote constitutional issues with that rule. would have forced private companies with at least 100 employees to be vaccinated by january 4th or face weekly testing. or face thousands in fines per violation. legal battle is expected to continue. headed in wrong direction? for a short time california had lowest spread of covid in the
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country. things have changed. last week in orange substantial tier and now we and many others in red. all the counties in orange substantial transmission tier like the state. many had been in the yellow, moderate tier but good news, not seeing a spike in deaths or hospitalizations, vaccines are doing their job. balloons and bubbles for children getting vaccinated this weekend. plenty showed up to get children first dose of the approved pfizer vaccine. atmosphere was friendly. organizers aware that getting any shot comes with anxiety for many younger children but despite the nerves, excitement and relief as well. >> they're safer, we have elderly parents in our home and want to make sure they stay safe
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as well. this enables one more step so that our family -- family members can't get sick. >> health leaders on the peninsula rolled out the red carpet you saw to make kids feel at ease. clinic at san mateo county is superhero themed. supervisor told us there were 300 appointments for today and all booked up. berkeley is taking clinics to the children. elementary once of the first to host for young kids only open today, hundreds lined up to get the shot. >> extremely relieved last person in our household is able to be vaccinated. waiting for that day for a why. glad it's here. >> more one-day clinics are on the way. parents are scrambling to get appointments at county and
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school clinics. pharmacies also offering vaccines for young children. walgreens and raitt aide, and cvs taking appointments for tomorrow. so much to keep track of. we're doing it for you. our twitter page is great resource. @nbcbayarea. to our series making it in the bay. san jose is moving closer to a major new affordable housing development, first major moving forward in the google planned downtown village. mcavoy near dupont off bird avenue. marianne favro, this is going to transform this part. >> it sure is. 689 apartments, 375 affordable housing units.
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also calls for demolition of more than 64,000 square feet of existing industrial buildings on mcavoy to build affordable units. this is artist rendering of what the project will look like. 14 stories tall, completed in three to four years. first community housing, known for affordable housing, is building the apartments, in the shadow of google's complex, furthering the goal of building more housing close to transit. google also planning to build more affordable housing downtown. >> overall there will be 13,500 new units. google projects alone will be 4,000 units, and 1,000 of them will be affordable, that's in addition to the mcavoy affordable. >> tonight i spoke with one man who lives in the area.
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he's concerned the additional apartments will create new challenges. >> this is affordable housing and senior housing. the city has eliminated so many street parking spaces, it's gotten really tight and frustrating for visitors and residents here. that's just going to make it worse. >> work is expected to begin sometime next year on november 16th at 6:30 a community meeting to discuss the mcavoy project. nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. live look at highway 101 in palo alto right now. almost ready to start a very big test ahead of opening express lanes next year. tomorrow cal trans will do first stage of testing toll equipment. signs with orange banners, crews collecting data, no tolls will be charged yet. memorial for eight people killed at last night's concert
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in houston is growing. people have been coming to the nrg center. ages range 14 to 27. 13 others still in the hospital, including a ten-year-old in critical condition. 50,000 fans were at festival when travis scott took the stage and crowd surged forward. many victims were in cardiac arrest being squeezed so tightly and thousands were trapped, unable to move. >> emts could not physically get to people in the crowd, too many people. at some point the barricades were hindrance, people were trapped. >> houston police say the tragedy is also active criminal investigation involving homicide and narcotics departments. travis scott tweeted he's devastated and wants to help
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support the families. developing news in iraq, prime minister has survived assassination attempt. officials say armed drone targeted his home in the green zone. several security guards were injured but the prime minister is unharmed. comes in standoff between security forces and pro-iran shiite militias. vote getting a lot of attention tonight. toilet trouble in space, problem several astronauts are facing in orbit. latest in the atmosphere, storm approach early next week, could bring big rain totals once again. look at forecast and storm on the way when we come right back.
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daylight savings time ends tonight, set your clocks back before you go to sleep. as for why, we've broken it down in a video you can watch on our website, head to, click on daylight savings time in the trending bar. we're back in 60 seconds.
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welcome back. elon musk took to twitter for tax advice. specifically asked 62 million followers if he should sell 10% of the tesla stock. results will be revealed tomorrow. musk clarified since he doesn't have a salary or bonus, only way
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to pay taxes is personally sell stock. comes after years of criticism of ultra rich avoiding paying their fair share of taxes. one of the richest men in the world. 10% of tesla is $25 billion. plumbing problems in space have nasa astronauts wearing adult diapers. this is thought provoking. spacex capsule toilet is not working. so several astronauts are wearing absorbant undergarments. will spend 20 hours before their splashdown monday. check this out. >> wow. >> french astronaut tweeted out this picture of the aurora borealis. from the sun slam into the
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atmosphere, the magnetic field protects us, redirecting the particles to the north pole. unbelievable. >> doesn't even look real. love it. usns "harvey milk," named off the gay rights leader from san francisco. refuelling navy ships at sea. event was meaningful for milk's family and the lgbtq community. was forced to resign because he was gay and come a long way since then. >> celebrating that the navy recognizes and honors those. there's a difference between tolerance and celebration. this navy ship sends important message to the world. >> it's the second ship in the john lewis class of oilers to be
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named after notable civil rights leaders and activists. recreational crab season officially started today but like many other things, not like years past. there's a ban on crab traps to protect the humpbacks and turtles. commercial season is delayed for same reason. didn't top crab fishermen heading out to the pacifica pier. >> we all crabbed, didn't catch limits but good day. >> looking to buy a crab for thanksgiving dinner can expect high prices, low ability. >> my in-laws' place, not going to be happy without enough crab. love the crab more than turkey. >> other reasons to give thanks. >> exactly. rob mayeda's weather forecast is one of them. >> more rain on the way indeed.
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weekend is dry, cool day tomorrow but big changes for monday. outside, 56, partly cloudy in san francisco, 55 in dublin and san jose, partly cloudy, 57 degrees. as we head towards tomorrow morning, most important part is time change. sunrise time at 6:42, morning temperatures mid to upper 40s. highs tomorrow mid-60s near san jose, low 60s san francisco to oakland and partly cloudy. more sunshine than today. low 60s around the north bay and tri-valley. for the 49ers game, anthony flores is happy with this, low 60s tomorrow, no rain and wind will pick up a little bit, just not that sideways rain a couple of weeks ago. overall looking nice at levi's stadium tomorrow. but different story for "monday night football." lot of moisture streaming in.
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moderate strength atmospheric river is going to power up big totals for north bay. fast-moving storm, north bay, one to three inches of rain from 9:00 monday night to 8:00 a.m. on tuesday morning. half inch or less expected farther south, rain shadow should keep the totals lower around san jose. hour by hour, monday morning, not much but clouds. then the evening, rain pushing through 11:00. tuesday morning commute, probably ponding on the roads, then midday the rain moves out. monday around 11:00, wind gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour, fast-moving storm, winds come down rapidly into tuesday morning. after that tuesday storm, unlike last couple of weeks, might be it for a while.
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high pressure builds in. storm track moves back up to the pacific northwest. past tuesday morning into next weekend, things trending a little bit drier. long range forecast doesn't show much past tuesday. monday night to tuesday, wind and rain, heavy at times. north bay, second half of the week for san francisco is upper 60s and inland, 60s and 70s. one storm monday to tuesday, then warmer temperatures next weekend. trying to keep everybody happy. need the rain, get that, then some 70s around the corner towards end of the week. back to you. anthony flores with sports. usually island you can relax and have good time with it. but reality is invading sports these days. >> 24 players missing from cal's roster in arizona and sharks the
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same. will the team overcome a shorthanded roster against the devils? stick around and find out. sports is next.
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so even a routine appointment can save your life. and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. welcome back, i'm anthony flores. sharks still shorthanded. san jose without seven regular players and head coach because of covid-19. sharks take the ice against the new jersey devils, john mcclain the acting head coach while bob boughner is in the protocol. tied 1-1, power play goal gives the sharks 2-1 lead but the devils score equalizer with less than three minutes in regulation, force overtime and edge the sharks in shootout, beat san jose 3-2. 49ers try for back-to-back wins when they host 7-1 arizona at levi's stadium.
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tight end george kittle, running back and kicker all returning to the lineup. kyler murray is game-time decision because of sprained ankle. >> we're preparing like he's going to play. if he doesn't, we'll adjust. >> good game plan for arizona, tough team, one of the best in the league right now. playing good, will be a good challenge for us. >> "49ers pregame live" at noon to get you ready for the niners and cardinals. once it ends, postgame show on nbc sports bay area. san jose state on road in nevada. down but not out. fourth and goal, the score, p.a.t. good, 24-24. over? nuh-uh, the pack answered in final second and beat san jose state 27-24.
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spartans have lost ten straight. heading back to the big dance. santa clara beat them 2-1, automatic bid to the ncaa tournament, santa clara's 12th league title in program history. that's sports. more news after the from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes.
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"saturday night live" is indeed live again tonight. it was. first-time host string continues, "succession" costar kieran culkin taking the keys and showing him around, alex
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moffett. he says he looks forward to the rookie hosts. >> a fellow like culkin, clearly a pro, it's exciting to have him host first time. clearly going to be good but what is he going to do? going to be fun. seems like good dude. i'm a fan of his on "succession", cool to have him in the building. >> joining culkin is musical guest ed sheeran. it's right after this news cast. back on the ice, one of the most famous holiday ice rinks is open again. >> they're really skating fast this year. >> wouldn't be able to keep up. talking about rink at rockefeller center, this is obviously time lapsed video of skaters earlier tonight. first opened in 1936 and become iconic fixture of the city's holiday season. capital christmas tree made
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a stop in pasadena today. >> the forest service provides the people's tree for the u.s. capitol building. see the white fir nicknamed sugar bear from six rivers national forest last month. getting ready for the holidays. "snl" next.
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