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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 7, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. family friends and loved ones who haven't seen each other in years, are getting ready to reunite, as the u.s. drops the coronavirus travel ban. it's coming our way. another strong storm aimed straight at the bay area. rain, big winds. we'll show you who is getting hit hardest.
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good evening. a heartbreaking weekend for two areas. >> we are learning more about a little boy hit by a stray bullet, as outrage growing over senseless violence. mary ann favreau continues our coverage. >> jesper will never get to enjoy halloween again. his life cut short by a stray bullet in oakland. investigators say he was shot in the head while strapped into a car seat. the wu family is in shock that a simple drive home could turn deadly. >> you and your family can be having a good time. all of a sudden, a bullet, hitting you or your little baby or anyone in a car, it's
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unimaginable. >> jesper was weeks away from celebrating his second birthday. his father is on the way to the bay area from china. karl chan who spoke with the boy's mother, said she told him, the boy had never met his son because of covid restrictions. chan said, this shooting must be a call to action. and tonight, he is asking for increased chp patrol. >> in this case, i think we need to spend additional resources on the freeway. people on the freeway, many, many potential innocent people driving through can be victims of crime. >> tonight, other community activists echoing the need to do more. >> this tragedy reinforces the need for immediate and intentional action. we have to address violence
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wholistically. we have to address it now. >> reporter: detectives say they don't believe the family was targeted. but that brings little comfort to a family mourning the loss. >> we will continue to follow this tragic story. we will share updates about the investigation on our website and on the air. let's go to take a live look from san francisco. strong rain and wind are on the way to the bay area. another storm set to strike this week. where do we expect to see the weather coming in. >> just the outer fringe starting to approach the coast, as this atmospheric river gathers up steam offshore. it will power up big rain
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totals. we'll have to contend with the gusty winds, by 7:00 tomorrow night. most of the bay area will see a wind advisory. peak gusts can go above 45 miles per hour. we could have tree damage and power impacts, heading into tuesday morning. and the atmospheric river. we have high rain potential. big totals and we could see two to four inches of rain falling. a lot of that falling from 11:00 to 3:00 a.m. on tuesday. the one-two punch could have an impact as early as tomorrow evening's commute. and a bigger impact on tuesday morning. a look at the peak rainfall totals coming up in eight minutes. back to you. >> thank you. be prepared. we will track the weather in your neighborhood. a live look at sfo.
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this is one of the nation's biggest travel destinations, attracting millions of foreign visitors every year before the pandemic. starting tomorrow, the restrictions end. >> they will have to show proof of vaccination. countries with low vaccine eligibility will be exempt. the foreign travelers will have to show proof of a negative covid test. tom jensen tells us how the bay area is preparing. >> reporter: airlines are reporting an increase of international bookings to san francisco. and travelers are being warned it's about to get a lot busier at airports. this couple just returning from maui and in tennessee two weeks earlier, has grown accustomed to less hectic air travel. >> it hasn't been that busy. >> it will probably get back up to normal soon.
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>> a huge part of the city's $10 billion tourism industry is now free to return to the city, as travel restrictions ease. >> we need our tourists back. all of the tourists need to be here. >> reporter: increasing from 28 to 33 carriers. expecting airlines will fill the flights. sf travel and sfo, hoping to attract more visitors from abroad, eager to see the city. they teamed up with a marketing campaign, with a message our gate is open. a welcome greeting at the airport and at tourist destinations. >> they love us here. >> 50 new welcome ambassadors, part of a campaign to attract and keepist havers coming back. >> i love it. we want people to feel comfortable. and we want to assist them as much as possible. >> reporter: the embarcadero alive with activity today, with
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cruise ship passengers and weekend visitors. >> it's a harbinger of good things to come. we're looking forward to the next couple months. >> reporter: s.f. travel says international visitors are key to restoring the number one industry to prepandemic levels. >> they are the biggest spenders in our city. they stay the longest. they spend the most money. >> reporter: in san francisco, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. the ease along the border restrictions along the mexico border. giving some hope they can cross into the u.s. they have to provide proof of covid vaccination and have adequate reason for traveling. officials at the border says there's a lot of bad information out there among the migrants. they will increase staff. more violence in oakland. a father and husband was shot in the face in his home.
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it happened october 30th. a victim was in his oakland home, when someone fired ten shots in the house. he was holdsing his face. the victim is recovering and listed in stable condition. his husband can't believe what happened. >> i'm not around him all of the time. i said earlier, my husband and his positivity and his optimism and his strength really get me through the day. i consider him a strong one. and i am trying to be there for my girls. >> so far, police haven't announced any arrests. police have made an avest in last night's deadly shooting in oakland. a 22-year-old brentley man is arrested. and then, a fire broke out
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during a family birthday party. two people were killed. another returning from wounds. turning to getting hundreds of children vaccinated. the santa clara county office of education hosted this vaccine drive for 5-year-olds to 11-year-olds. 700 children received their first dose. the goal is to reach the spanish. speaking community. organizers say the experience has been overwhelmingly positive. >> it's been so rewarding. families are excited. they are anxiously awaiting their vaccine. >> a chance that now i will get the virus. >> education leaders say many parents have questions. they are hosting a town hall tomorrow night to address any concerns. solano county is getting
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ready to administer shots to young kids. kids can get their dose at the fairgrounds. the clinic runs between 9:00 in the morning and 4:00 p.m. sonoma county health clinics will receive some doses back this week. they are bringing the vaccines to campuses. the first two are tuesday. the clinic at guernville. a second clinic in cloverdale at jefferson elementary. and clinics set for wednesday, friday and sunday, at schools in sonoma county. we have the full list on our website. head to an unsettling weekend at a historic spot in the east bay. what happened to the mission that has police investigating.
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and the fallout continues from astroworld festival in houston. why organizers apparently didn't stop the deadly concert. you want to bundle up for tomorrow morning. seeing low 40s outside. a few valleys can see upper 30s before wind and rain make a big comeback later tom.
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in houston, a memorial is continuing to grow from the astrodome incident. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. a criminal investigation into narcotics is under way. scott's partner, kylie jenner broke her silence. she was at that concert. she and travis are devastated
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and broken about what happened. they had no idea people were dying until after the concert stopped. backlash against travis scott and the organizers are growing. one lawsuit from people hurt in the chaos has been filed. the suit accused scott of having a history of inciting violence. they are circling a petition to have him removed from coachella's lineup. a stunning sight in the east bay. graffiti on the walls at a mission in fremont. the vandalism highlights the intense debate over california's mission. >> as christy smith shows us, people who saw the damage today, don't think this is a way to create change.
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>> reporter: at mission san jose in fremont, there's a lot of work to be done after vandals struck in the middle of the night. >> on 3:00 a.m., on friday, we got vandalized by a group of people. they came and they left this graffiti on this building. also, they grow bright red paint all over the statue. and they left a big banner in front of the church. >> the paint was cleaned up on the statue but other graffiti remained. she said this is upsetting and revealed while some of the graffiti hasn't been painted over yet. >> it's sad and upsetting. it's an adobe building. it's not easy to clean up. we have to get a professional that knows how to work with the
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materials. >> reporter: the history of california's missions, and the treatment of indigenous people have come under intense scrutiny and criticism recently. today, visitors weighed in on what they saw. >> it's a shame. it's too bad this property was vandalized. i would say, it's clear, not clear on what they want. what kind of changes they want. >> reporter: it's not the first time there's been graffiti here. there's security cameras and police are investigating. this weekend, a police car hit a mountain lion running across the highway. it happened on 92 in san mateo. the officer said he was headed
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east and had just passed the hillsdale boulevard exit when he spotted the cat. he couldn't stop in time. it appears to survive. when the officer returned to the spot, it was gone. cyclist, runners, walk eers, get ready. the expansion of the coyote creek trail has opened. the trail is more than 20 miles long. it's open to cyclists and pedestrians. the new segment brings san jose one step closer to finishing the trail network. >> this is a dream that's been in the hearts of many of our community for so many years. it's wonderful to see us collectively get it over the
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goal line. veterans day is this thursday. why wait? people in pleasanton celebrated their heroes this afternoon. people lined main street as the annual veterans day parade made its way down. one veteran we spoke to had a simple message. >> all i can say, is i thank each one. >> this was dedicated to the pleasanton military support group. all week, nbc news is honoring veterans. we'll shine a light on our veteran heroes, the challenges they face and those that go to great lengths to support them. that is this week on "today" and "nightly news" with lester holt. tomorrow marks three years
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that the deadliest wildfire in the history of california. the camp fire in butte county in 2018. it burned around the area. it leveled the town of paradise. 85 people died. 18,000 homes and businesses were destroyed. massive wildfires are an unfortunate reality for california. each year, they seem to be worse. now, representative jared huffman and loughlin, have joined the bay area in introducing legislation, to provide better aid. the two bills provided the congress members and redesigned the response to wildfires and redesigned more resources for communities. the legislation modernizes the stafford act, which was written before climate-related disasters. >> it is time.
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it is time for fema to do in the west what it does for hurricanes, to predeploy key resources during red flag warnings. >> i hope you had a good weekend. i know we are expecting changes, rob, when it comes to our weather. rain and wind. when can we expect those to come? >> this time tomorrow night, we will have wind to start. the wind advisory for the entire bay area. 7:00 tomorrow evening. calm wind and expect a big change in the next 24 hours. right outside of san francisco, low 50s. northwest wind at 8 miles per hour. and chillier temperatures inland. down to the mid-40s in dublin.
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we'll start a little chilly. increasing clouds will probably prevent things from getting too cold. a chilly start to the morning. for the afternoon, light rain will develop. hes in the mid-60s. low 60s from san francisco to oakland and the trivalley. upper 50s around the north bay. first up, the wind. wind advisory starting at 8:00. and we're beginning to see the gusts in the hills. watch how the areas in purple start to fill in, from 11:00 to 2:00 a.m. these are wind gusts, 30 to 40 miles per hour. they may cause some power issues. we'll power up the big rain
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rates, as a connection to the atmospheric river, not as strong two weeks ago, this will provide a little more moisture and a little more energy to this storm, as it moves through, that will power up rain totals that will be highest in the north bay mountains. the areas in red and a little purple? sonoma county. late bit of less rain in central bay. for the morning, not much to see on the radar. the heaviest rain will be the north bay from mid evening to about midnight. and the heavier showers from 11:00 to sunrise tuesday, will focus on the central bay and the south bay.
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once we get past tuesday, things calm down. the storm track starts to lift off to the north. as that occurs, not only do the rain chances go away, temperatures will start going up, as you see there. gusty and blustery start to the week, with rain at times in san francisco. veterans day around the bay, looks nice. warming up thursday. and for next weekend, temperatures in the 70s. stormy start to the week and a pleasant weekend on the way also. another foot of snow in the sierras. we'll look at that coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. it's been three decades since the landmark announcement in sports history. basketball legend magic johnson speaks up on why he has been grateful for the last 30 years.
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welcome back. we continue to cover the climate summit in glasgow, scotland. john bauder says many look to the bay area for its leadership on air quality issues. >> we're coming here and share things that we're doing that is on the leading edge of regulate emissions to make our climate a preserved place for the future. and also to learn about other issues that intersect that are happening around the globe, to show we're doing our work with a global mindset. >> he is on the city council and the bay area air quality management district board of directors. the main focus of this year's summit is to curb greenhouse gas e nations.
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30 years ago, an announcement from a beloved athlete. if you were around, you remember this. november 7th, 1991 lakers superstar magic johnson to announce he was retiring from the nba because he had hiv. the nation was stunned. sports world could not believe this. today, magic tweeted, today marks 30 years living with hiv. the message resonated with me in such a tremendous way. i thank the lord for keeping me, giving me strength and guiding me for 62 years, especially the last 30. magic is now a successful businessman and part owner of the los angeles dodgers. let's check in with anthony right now. could have been the change in the clocks that caused the 49ers -- that's what it was. it cost the 49ers that game today. >> looked like they were sweep walking through that game. they did not play well. trouble at home.
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and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. (background talking and laughing) ♪ ♪ (child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected.
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so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. welcome back. i'm anthony flores. home field disadvantage. the 49ers haven't won at home in over a year. kyler murray is backup. colt mccoy playing like an old pro. mistakes hurt the niners early.
11:31 pm
kittle puts it on the lawn. that leads to an arizona touchdown. nice catch. he fumbles. arizona recovers. just before the half, the 49ers get on the board. jimmy g. to kittle, for the touchdown. 17-7, at the break. the cardinals would run through, by and around the defense in the third quarter. three touchdowns in the game. the cardinals win it 31-17. the 49ers fall to 3-5 on the season. the last home win, in october of 2020. >> i thought we played well. had a good week of practice. we didn't tackle very well.
11:32 pm
i think we made it easy. >> a slow start. when you're playing like that, it's tough. turnovers killed us. the fans deserve it. if you're looking for a bright spot, the rams did not look good. derek carr and the raiders on the road at new york. las vegas up three. it's picked off. he takes it back 41 yards for the touchdown. carr is hit. he fumbles. that's your ball game. new york beats las vegas. who saw this coming? four-straight wins have given the warriors the best record in the nba.
11:33 pm
om green. steph curry had 20. poole had 25. the warriors down the rockets. to the pitch and the goat. the first half, going out in style. the quakes and dallas played to a 1-1 draw. after the match, the danville native announced he is retiring from the mls. >> this was the last try. the tears are coming.
11:34 pm
i can't thank you enough. >> end of an era. kyle larson from elk grove won the national championship. that's a look at sports. >> thank you for the warriors highlights. the niners, i was on the verge of tears. >> it's always good. next week. >> didn't look great tonight. we'll be right back.
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the prime minister wasn't harmed by three drones in an attack. two were intercepted by security forces and a third made contact with the residents. it's not clear who carried out the assassination attempt. president biden released a statement. i have instructed my national security team to offer all appropriate assistance to iraq's security forces to as they investigate the attack and identify those who are responsible. the united states stands firmly with the people of iraq. back in the u.s., tempers flared in boston, after vaccine mandates drew a large counterprotest. officers you see in riot gear, pulled protesters off one
11:37 pm
another. the initial protest was organized by super happy fun america, known for its straight pride parade in 2019. if you are traveling to los angeles, be prepared to show proof that you have received a covid vaccine to get into a lot of places. starting tomorrow, people that go into restaurants, gyms, arenas and city buildings, will have to show proof. it's one of the strictest mandates in the united states. it won't actually be enforced until november 29th. businesses that violate the rules will get a warning and then a fine. the new york marathon took place, after a delay of eight months.
11:38 pm
it was a step forward for a lot of people. >> marathoners returning to the streets of los angeles for the 36th running. covid precautions, hardly a damper. >> hope, peace, love. >> positive energy. >> reporter: last year's mare thought barely got in before the covid crisis escalated. twice postponed, this year's edition, came to the starting line eight months behind its spring date. >> i felt safe being here. >> reporter: it's a triumph to be here today. >> it feels good to return to normalcy and balance and stay safe. >> reporter: the distance no shorter. but the field is mall smaller. the 9,400 barely one-third of peak years.
11:39 pm
a much smaller field. some runners see advantage of that. >> we have our masks. i have mine here, too. >> reporter: after dodgers stadium, the course went to hollywood. >> it's nice to see so many people out. it's quite emotional. >> reporter: home to a "hamilton" engagement, it was a song written about new york city. appropriate for the city of angels as it took a big step to resume the events and celebrations that covid interrupted for so long. >> reporter: the spirit can overcome it. at the finish line, the agony of
11:40 pm
defeat and the satisfaction of completion. have you worried this impacted your health? >> i think it did. i have no way to prove it. this is a reality that can't be ignored anymore. >> what is lying beneath the surface could be harming the health of our neighborhoods. we're closely watching the one-two punch of our incoming storm. strong, gusty wind and heavy rabe at times. a closer look when we come right back.
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tonight, a dramatic change to protect homes and businesses against climate change. >> months were spent to document how ground water is rising beneath bay area neighborhoods. scientists are worried about what that water brings with it. >> reporter: rising ground water can push to the surface toxic liquids and gases in landfills like this. we want to know how much toxic waste is buried here in the bay area. while much of the world has been focused on rising sea hell ares due to climate change, we found the u.c. berkeley team had been studying rising water in the ground beneath our feet. >> we think of a dry crust of land is not so dry anymore. >> reporter: this u.c.
11:44 pm
professor, studies wat movement. >> coming up through the ground. we can't see it. we need to be checking what's going on under the hood. >> reporter: dr. hill and her team studied data from the wells that the state uses to ground elevations. the team mapped the bay area. red highlights where the ground water is less than 40 inches below the surface. black shows where the water is at the surface. >> underground water with a contaminate on it, getting into pipes and coming into buildings, that can be happening during the wet seasons now, not 2050. >> it's a risk now? >> yep. people can be exposed. it can cause a miss carriage. >> sherry lives next door to a toxic site in richmond.
11:45 pm
she says she developed two cancers the same year work crews decided to clean up that site. do you worry this has impacted your health? >> i think it did. i have no way to disprove it. >> reporter: she is worried that the ground water will wash the toxics next door into her neighborhood. >> this is a reality that can't be ignored anymore. >> the chemicals we worry the most about escaping, are volatile organic chemicals. >> reporter: keith is on the quality control board. the board has identified 25 different landfills as leeching toxic chemicals as sea levels rise. >> reporter: it doesn't take
11:46 pm
long for the water to be rendered unseatible for drinking. two of the landfills are closed. but waste remains. he has sent letters to owners to monitor the soil. the only barrier to keep the materials from escaping, is what is known as a cap. >> ground water levels are going to rise. it's something we're concerned about. not only at the landfills but also. the other contaminated sites in the bay area. >> many of the areas where we see toxic sites, those cities are not aware that the sites will be under water soon. >> reporter: they found more than 1,100 sites in the area that could release toxic chemicals. >> a lot of the toxic sites will be inundated.
11:47 pm
>> reporter: are we doing enough fast enough? >> no. the answer is no. the state is not acting fast enough. none of the organizations are acting in a coordinated way. >> we take our mission very seriously. >> reporter: meredith williams is director of dtsc, the state department of toxic substances control, that oversees many of the sites. it critic thinks that dtsc is not doing enough fast enough. what would you say? >> i understand the urgency of doing the work. we count on doing our work on science. >> reporter: the critics that want to remove the chemicals out of the ground, that is balanced
11:48 pm
against how much it will cost. >> how much is it going to cost? if we want to pick up every speck of contaminated dirt and haul it away, is it worth the carbon and the fuel required? >> reporter: rising ground water poses a serious threat that parts of the bay area may have to be abandoned and return to the bay waters. it's called manual retreat. it may be the only way to keep the water from washing into occupied neighborhoods. a change in the weather. now, you know what it is. >> getting you ready for thefection 24 hours. >> that's right.
11:49 pm
>> as we come up on the wildfire anniversaries, late october into mid-november, the wildfire season put to a pause. the record rainfall put us in a surplus. almost ten inches higher than average, for places like santa rosa. almost close to a foot of rainfall. the next 24 hours, the surplus can get in the double-digits. 27 degrees at lake tahoe. eight to ten inches of snow. expect the chains to go up on interstate 80 and highway 50.
11:50 pm
chilly start to the morning. highs tomorrow in the 60s. wind will be one part of the story. wind advisoies for most of the bay area. 7:00 tomorrow evening to 3:00 tuesday morning. the sunrise should come out. the peaking purple until 2:00 a.m. and by noon, the wind speeds come down. in terms of the heaviest rain, late tomorrow evening, from 6:00, to 11:00, you see the pockets of downpours, the orange and yellow. still having a lingering impact into your tuesday morning commute. even the rain rates can be high at times and ponding on the roadways.
11:51 pm
the peak rain total, could be 2 to 4 inches in the north bay. less around the central bay. santa cruz mountains may be the second-highest. it lifts off to the north. as that happens, warmer temperatures. and notice the long-range forecast, that's been so good for us, over the last couple of weeks. looking quite a bit drier, heading towards next weekend. starting to see changes. tomorrow night, tuesday, the second half of the week, including veterans day. it will be calm and warmer. low 70s into next weekend. and we'll keep an eye, to see when the storm door opens up once again. once we add up the totals, we'll
11:52 pm
see the north bay, a foot below average. and hopefully we get more in the santa clara county. they haven't seen the same gains that the north bay got from the storms so far. hopefully we get those totals around the santa cruz mountains and the south bay. >> thanks a lot. still ahead, they had a successful launch. now, a crew of astronauts is stuck in space. a bit longer than expected.
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the spacex crew has to spend a little more time in astronaut diapers. monday's plan to return to earth has been pushed back a day thanks to bad weather. the crew is expected to splash down at 10:30 tomorrow night. tracking climate change from
11:55 pm
space. these are the new images from a project, a joint mission led by nasa and the u.s. geological survey. the idea is that the satellite will collect images like these, to track climate change. images will be compared to those in the past 50 years. >> beautiful shots. back with more in two minutes. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups. because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at
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debate is raging in washington how to tax the ultrawealthy. elon musk asked people on twitter. >> and the results are in. majoriies think he should sell
11:58 pm
his stock. selling stock is his only way to pay taxes. he asked his twitter followers to weigh in, saying he would abide by the outcome. and you see right there. 58% in favor of selling the stock. 42% were against. >> it's likely musk was thinking of selling stock before this, as he faces to pay billions in taxes and needs to repay loans. >> he likes attention. >> a little bit. >> that got him more. >> i know. all of his millions of followers. >> yeah. thanks for joining us. have a great night. have a great week. take care.
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