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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 8, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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at least eight people are dead and a dozen remain hospitalized in the wake of this weekend's scene where sconcert goers were crushed by a crowd. with thousands of children ready to be vaccinated the u.s. is about to make a change allowing thousands back into the country the latest in the ahmaud
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arbery trial the fallout in the nfl the us navy did something many in the country think is far overdue. good monday morning to you i'm frances rivera >> and i'm philip mena a shocking loss of life at that texas music vfestival the crowd rushed to the stage during a concert >> we are going to stay here and get justice for them we are going to make it happen you go to a concert to have fun. you don't go to a concert to die. >> more than 300 people were hurt including a 10-year-old who is hospitalized in critical condition. >> we have more developments from houston >> at the venue sunday, we saw people coming to retrieve items
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they left behind as they were rushed from the venue as this unfolded we've seen folks coming to lay flowers and candles and putting up pictures to remember them investigators say the central question for them is what caused the surge or the crowd to move forward. they are reviewing surveillance footage to see if they can come up with some sort of time line to explain why the crowd surged and these eight lives were tragically lost. they are promising a robust investigation into the cite plan, were the rules adhered to but it could be weeks or months
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before they have answers global coronavirus cases surging to 250 million global cases have fallen by 36% over the last three months the u.s. lifts a nearly 20-month pandemic national travel plan. we go live to moscow good morning >> good morning. i think this is a welcome development for foreign citizens who have been separated from friends and family in the united states or vice versa there are still important restrictions let's run through that if you are a citizen of one of 33 nations who has been vaccinated with an approved vaccine, you are more or less free to enter the united states as of today. you will need to have a negative covid test and show proof of
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your vaccination if you are driving as kro the border from canada or mexico, all you need is that vaccination certification. you don' testing. flights are going to see a big boom virgin atlantic has seen a big boom of flights to the united states >> a boost to the travel industry and hopefully they will interject into the economy as well los angeles is set to start one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the country. proof will be required to enter a slew of businesses including shopping malls, theaters and gyms they will not start enforcing until november 29. scores of schools across the u.s. are turning facilities into
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vaccination sites. california said it has 3,100 clinics for vaccines and other school districts in detroit, new york city and austin, texas are following. a suspected serial killer has been arrested for multiple shootings. telling us that the 25-year-old perez reed was linked to two murders and one in kansas city with a piston used in all the cases. he was then connected to two murders in a high-rise apartment building in september. connecting the alleged murder weapon and shoes many victims were sex workers but the alleged motive remains unknown. he's facing two charges including one count of first degree murder and assault.
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expected to hold a press conference later today a missing 16-year-old has been found after using a distress signal that became popular on tiktok. you hold your hand up and hold your thumb down. the driver saw her using those signals. the driver called 911 and arrested the alleged abductor. she had traveled across four states at that point her parents reported her missing in ashville, north carolina. >> a major win for the biden administration the two massive spending bills are seeing progress with the infrastructure spending bill passing in the house and are ready to be signed tell us more about what's passed and what's next. >> the president and members of
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his cabinet will fan out across the country to explain to the american people exactly what is in this infrastructure bill. the white house says the $550 billion spending plan will include high-speed internet access, repair crumbling roads and bridges and repair pipes to bring clean drinking water expected to bring 1.5 million jobs over the next decade. a rprotest of sorts because the wanted the larger plan to pass first. the larger plan now at $1.75 trillion including money to fight climate change, family leave and benefits the speaker says the full house will take it up next week. the house returns to session next monday. it kicks off a pivotal stretch for lawmakers.
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they have a looming deadline to extend the debt keeling by december 3 and have to authorize a defense authorization act money for the military by the end of next year two of the nfl's best the titans and the rams duked it out in a sunday night showdown tennessee's defense gave stafford no room to breath they sacked him five times titans out gained by 150 yards former mvp peterson punching one in late. first with the titans. tennessee avenges the loss to the rams and they win 28-16. >> mahomes and the chiefs got on
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the board first against the packers. love tossed his first career touchdown and kansas clammed down a low score canning game but won 13-7 kyler murray was out for arizona. james conner picked up the slack. slashing one in and he'd catch one. the cardinals beat the 49ers 31-17. in new orleans, the saints went on a holey comeback in the fourth quarter and scored 19 unanswered points to take the lead matt ryan would make a come back falcons escaped with a win 27-25. patterson was among sunday's top performers 21-yards a catch hope the chargers zap the eagles welcome back janessa webb
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who is returning from some well-earned r&r. >> good morning. thanks, guys good to see you all. hope you enjoyed the weekend today, kind of a different story. in the pacific northwest watching then we have this coastal low for the a for the carolinas to the boston area the beaches will see a high surf situation. some waves up to 8 to 12 feet. this could turn into something tropical but it will be
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still cool air from the nor'easter to the great lakes. we are seeing a ton of sunshine today. very cool. definitely chilly temperatures i do have a warmup on the way, coming up. new york city marathon returns for the first time since 2019 there were 30,000 runners. we want to shout out to bill karins who finishes in 3 and 28 minutes and to producer cody schultz who ran it for the first time he's off somewhere getting out all of that soreness somewhere soaking up sun on the beach. well deserved. the u.s. navy just did something many aunrod the nation felt was long overdue. >> and the latest on the ahmaud arbery case that resumes today ot
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slain gay rights leader harvey milk now has a ship named after him. the ship is a reflenishment oiler. he spent years as a diving officer before being forced out due to his sex ds uality. later killed by a colleague at the age of 40. the case of ahmaud arbery continues. with gripping and emotional opening statements on friday we have the latest >> at 9:00 a.m., the court will reconvene here the prosecution will continue to make its case against three defendants gregory mcmichael, travis and william bryant defense lawyers are opting to
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hold their opening statement until after the state has made its case the state presenting a host of evidence including graphic footage. the video that circulated online and the never before seen body cam video of the scene the state will bring witnesses on the stand evidence admissiblible in court includes racist tweets social media posts and text messages that use racial slurs the role of racial bias here might become more central against these. it may take two weeks up to two months to play out if convicted, those defendants could spend the rest of their lives in prison. still to come, aaron rogers gets roasted on saturday night
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did you ever lie about being vaccinated >> i never lied. i took all my teammates into a huddle got their faces three inches from my mouth and i told them i was more or less immunized >> wearing the same outfit from the interview. >> the real interview was an eye opener who admitted he is unvaccinated the nfl shutting down claims and sponsors cutting ties with the mvp. >> good morning, green bay played without rogers who is facing lots of questions after the interview he confirmed he was not vaccinated he claimed a doctor with the nfl
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told him, it was impossible for a vaccinated person to get or spread covid and responses saying no doctor for the league or joint nfl communicated with the player adding if they had, they certainly would have never said anything like that. let's go to a part of this interview that air rogers did. >> i didn't lie in the initial press conference at the time, my plan was to say i had been immunized it wasn't a rouz or lie. >> it was the truth. i had a meeting, they said, one of the main docs said. it's impossible for a vaccinated person to get or spread covid. we know now that information is totally false that was given to me >> rogers stated he decided to say he was immunized because he
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had petitioned the league accept his vaccination under the league protocol he received the homo pathic treatment and it was requested that the league accept that as him being fully vaccinated and he did not he wants to keep the details of that treatment between him and his medical team he's not happy about the treatment he's received from the league the health provider announced the company and rogers have decided to end their partenership they are deeply committed to help all populations to become vaccinated against covid-19. janessa has your weather forecast for the week ahead. >> and mariah carey's twins steel the show in her latest holiday song
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♪ trending this morning. mariah carey's new song, fall in love at christmas. with a special appearance of her 10-year-old twins moroccan and monroe who she shares with nick cannon good morning warm weather returning to the south. st. louis in the mid-70s warmer air stays for most of the week across the northeast down to the mid-atlantic. knoxville today, high of 71. knoxville today, high of 71. >>
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back to the breaking news in houston, texas a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of multiple victims a news conference will be held this afternoon to provide more details. the incident left eight people dead and many others injured jay joins us with more good morning >> good morning. you can see the memorial behind me you have flowers, candles, notes lining this fence. it is still locked down.
4:27 am
investigators trying to determine how an this music vfestival turned deadline >> i couldn't breath gasping for air, drowning in people >> tens of thousands rushing the stage. >> it was like this weird vibe and then it was like the biggest mosh pit everybody was jumping and pushing. >> eight fans ages 14 to 27 couldn't get out killed in the stampede hundreds more injured. >> this incident is being throughly investigated and reviewed >> the investigation that now includes narcotics officer that had to be resustain tated with narcan they are thinking he may have
4:28 am
been jabbed in the neck. travis scott, houston native and founder of the festival sending prayers and vowing to cooperate fully with the investigation >> help us figure this out >> survivors >> it was insane and something you don't want anybody to go through. >> trying to figure things out as well. we expect to see some of the survivors back here today picking up items that they had left behind rushing to get out >> what more do we know about where security was at this point? crowd control clearly got out of hand what have they told you there? >> that's one of the primary focuses here we know more than 500 houston police officers were on hand
4:29 am
755 private security members here hired by the company that put on this festival another big question, where were emts and equipment and help needed when it was all happening. >> thank you
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right now at 4:30, rain is set to return. another atmospheric river is hours away from moving back into the bay area. meteorologist, kari hall, timing it out in just minutes. then a live look at sfo and covid restrictions for international travelers now loosened. the impact it's expected to have on the bay area. today marking three years since the camp fire tore through northern california. the new national proposal aimed at making sure it never happens again. this is


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