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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 8, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30, rain is set to return. another atmospheric river is hours away from moving back into the bay area. meteorologist, kari hall, timing it out in just minutes. then a live look at sfo and covid restrictions for international travelers now loosened. the impact it's expected to have on the bay area. today marking three years since the camp fire tore through northern california. the new national proposal aimed at making sure it never happens again. this is "today in the bay."
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good monday morning. here we are. we are streaming live at want to say good morning to you. thank you for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am kris sanchez. meteorologist, kari hall, is here, and felt like a firestorm the last time this happened. >> yeah, a once in a lifetime type of deal, and this will be another fairly moderate storm move into the bay area on the scale of 1 to 5, i would say this is probably a 2 or 3 headed our way. we are going to see spotty light rain out ahead of the main storm system set to arrive later on this evening, so now as we look at the bigger picture, we are seeing a lot of clouds and this will also pack in high winds as we go into today. this, once again, a moderate
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strength atmospheric river headed our way again, and gusts up to 45 miles per hour at times, and the potential of heavy rain. we'll get to more of that in a couple minutes. mike, you said there was a wet road? >> no freeway closure, that's for sure. here at belmont, eastbound, it's closed right here. this, 82 right here, that's el camino, and then there's one lane blocked because of a water main break. back to you. >> thanks, mike. a live look at sfo. one of the nation's biggest travel destinations that attracted millions of foreign visitors every year before the
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pandemic. today the international terminal will be buzzing again as travel restrictions end. that wants to america, including americans coming back, they will have to show proof of vaccination. and children under the age of 18, and those with certain availability will have to have an exam. >> travelers are being warned it's about to get a lot busier at airports. this couple just returning from maui, and they have grown accustomed to less hectic air travel. >> it has not been that busy. >> they know a huge part of the city's $10 billion tourism industry is now free to return to the city as travel restrictions ease. >> all of the businesses
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downtown are suffering. >> increasing from 28 to 33 carriers, expecting carriers will fill those flights. sf travel and sfo hoping to attract more visitors from abroad, and they teamed up on the marketing campaign message, our gate is open. 50 new welcome ambassadors, part of a multimillion-dollar campaign to attract and keep visitors coming back. >> i love it. san francisco is a welcoming city. you know, we just want the people to feel comfortable. we want to be able to assist them as much as possible. >> cruise ship passengers and weekend visitors at the embarcadero. >> it's a sign of good things to come.
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>> sf travel says international visitors are key to restoring the city to prepandemic levels. >> the u.s./mexico border is now open to nonessential travel. that news comes as a relief to southern california business owners who have been hit hard, especially by two years of travel restrictions. some even closed their doors altogether because of a lack of customers. one woman tells us she was barely able to keep her shoe store open. >> the customers from mexico, they are going to try and cross the border and they asked for the day off in mexico, and i said, wow, that's so nice. >> people on both sides of the u.s./mexico border prepared for heavy traffic and long wait times ahead of the reopening.
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you are going to have to show proof of vaccination at l.a.x. if you are headed that way. starting today people who go inside restaurants, gyms, arenas, some city buildings also will have to show proof of vaccination. l.a.'s vaccine mandate is one of the strictest in the nation, and even though it's now in effect it won't be enforced until november 29th, and anybody that violates the ordinance will get a $1,000 fine, and fines will increase if mandates continue not to be followed. meteorologist, kari hall, rain is headed back our way. >> yeah, the morning commute is going to be dry and the first part of the day is going to be dry. later on this evening is when this storm will be coming in. we may have spotty light showers
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as you are heading out, and in parts of the north bay, here we are at 4:30 this afternoon. we start to see light showers move into ukiah and santa rosa and approaching san rafael, and it spreads across the bay area. as we go into today, some of the heaviest rain peaks later tonight, and at times the winds may gusts up to 45 and 50 miles per hour. off and on showers continuing for tomorrow morning and then tapering off tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk more about how much rain you can expect in your microclimate coming up. so far the roads are dry except one spot. >> yeah, kari, you are talking about the evening for the rain, and remember it's going to be darker for your evening commute. if there are wet roads, keep in mind to use extra caution.
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and that the water main break off ralston, over here we're looking at 880 and the connecter to 101, there's reports of a crash there and i'm tracking it. back to you. still ahead on "today in the bay," the big action one peninsula city is expected to take. >> plus, a busy travel season travel late into a boost in pay. the big promise one airline is making to its flight attendants and what may put more money in their pockets. all dry right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll be right back.
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happy monday. it's 4:41, and 41 degrees in rohnert park. we will start to see more clouds moving in. rain arriving in the north bay this evening, but we will see a lot of clouds out ahead of that. i'm tracking the atmospheric river and how much rain you may receive coming up in the forecast. and then traffic moving smoothly on the nimitz and it's rarely ever empty. i don't think that's a problem for oakland. it's early right now.
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>> yes, it's early. wall street is set for a mixed open this morning after the markets closed at record highs just last friday following the better than expected jobs report. the economy adding 135,000 jobs in october. the dow and nasdaq and s&p 500 all ended the week last week higher, and the dow extending the winning streak for six straight days on friday, and the nasdaq at ten straight days. in focus for this week, we have reports from producer and consumer prices, and consumer sentiment. american airlines will pay flight attendants during the peak time of the holiday season, time and a half if they work straight through the holidays, and those that have no absences
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will receive 150% pay. they believe that will provide relief after a difficult period when employees faced uncertain schedules and other challenges such as a lack of hotel rooms. retailers is starting to get a lift as international visitors are allowed again. that means more than 25% of the total shopping is driven by travel and tourism. retail experts say it will still take time for tourists to return and spend. airlines have fewer flight while logistics continue from long lines at airports and having to show proof of vaccinations, and i know there are lines everywhere. i just got a photo at the border from canada to the united states, and it looks backed out so not going to be easy for those that want to travel.
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>> yeah, when you live near the border, a lot of time your family is on the other side. happy that folks can start gathering once again. the extra dollars don't hurt. >> that's true. next here on "today in the bay," kari is tracking the rain heading back our way. >> you don't need the umbrella yet, but the storm will be arriving later on tonight. we can see it on the satellite imagery, and will reach in the north bay around the evening commute. i am tracking this crash in josé, and i will give you more details, coming up. vandals targeted a historic spot in the east bay. what police are saying after they put a lasting mark on one mission. you're watching "today in the bay."
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here we go, monday morning as we take a live at the bay bridge. nice clear shot there this morning as we get started with our day, nice and clear, but that will not be the case throughout the day or week, i should say. kari hall, tracking the rain back our way? >> nice to see we will see decent storms coming in here and then we will take a break. we will be tracking this storm with storm ranger. the red scanner seeing there, it's going to give us a detailed
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view of what's coming in and also how heavy that rain is falling. might have spotty light sprinkles possible, and then we will see the break in the clouds right there and then here's the storm that will be moving in, pushing first into parts of the north bay and the coastal areas later this evening. at about 4:30 we will see lighter showers out on the leading edge of this moving in and then continuing to spread across the bay area, with the peak of the storm around 10:00 to 11:00 in parts of the east bay, and moving down to the south bay later on this evening. after that, we're looking at off and on showers through tomorrow morning, and then tapering off for tomorrow afternoon. by tomorrow afternoon, we will be clear. we're looking at rainfall totals anywhere from 2 to 4 inches with higher amounts in the mountains for the coastal bay as well as the east bay. we're going to see -- i should say the central bay as well as the east bay. we should see rainfall totals up
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to an inch. this is coming along with gusty winds. with the gusts up to 45 miles per hour, we will see a wind advisory starting at 7:00 this evening. with the heavy rain this could bring down some trees and have power impacts, so make sure you are ready for the potential your power could go out during the overnight hours. our models show the winds could increase around 8:00, and around midnight we could see 50-mile-per-hour winds and some of the gusts may be slightly higher, and then the winds gradually subside as we head into tomorrow. as far as sierra snow, this will be a slightly warmer storm so we are not looking at as much of the sierra snow, but we could get a couple inches in kirkwood. the rest of the week, we will be drying out as temperatures slowly warm up into the weekend. mike, what is the update on
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the crash in san josé? >> 880 and 101, no problems coming in from south county. this is a crash and we have conflicting details, at least in my head. a rollover crash and no injuries, and that's great, and nobody complaining of any pain. that should be off to the shoulder now, but crews are arriving on the scene and we will track the slowing there, and nothing else reported. today marks three years since the deadliest wildfire in california history. the camp fire started back in 2018, and then the flames quickly burned through the surrounding area and leveled the town of paradise. 85 people died. 18,000 homes and businesses were destroyed. like the camp fire, massive wildfires are an unfortunate reality for california and each year they seem to get worst.
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now, there's legislation being introduced to redesign the federal government's response to wildfires and provide resources for the affected community. graffiti littering the walls of the mission in fremont, so the extensive vandalism highlighting an intense debate over the history of the mission, and people that saw the damage over the weekend don't think it's a way to create change. >> at mission san josé in free mopped there's still a lot of work to be done after vandals struck in the middle of the night. >> around 3:00 a.m. on friday we got vandalized by a group of people. they came and left the graffiti on this building and also they though bright red paint all over
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the statue, and also left a big banner in front of the church. >> paint was cleaned up on the statue, but graffiti remains. christine gates is the business manager of the museum and gift shop and said it was upsetting and revealed why some of the graffiti has not been painted over yet. >> the damage is pretty big, and it's an adobe building and it's not easy to clean up and we have to get a professional that can work with the material. >> the history of the california mission and the treatment of indigenous people have come under intense scrutiny and criticism recently. visitors weighed in on what they saw? >> you want to express your feelings, do something more property was vandalized, and i
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would say that it's not very clear, i guess, not clear in what they want, what kind of changes they want, whoever did it. >> it's not the first time there has been graffiti here. there are security cameras and police are investigating. in fremont, christie smith, nbc bay area news. 4:53 this morning. today palo alto leaders are asking for a cap on rent increases, and new eviction restrictions and increasing relocation assistance for displaced tenants, and protecting prospective tenants about a criminal history. ♪ ♪ all i want for christmas is
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you ♪♪ >> mariah carey out with a new christmas song, and the question is will it be on your holiday play list this year. we have a preview, and that is next on "today in the bay." >> in a few hours at the supreme court, we will hear arguments about a southern california mosque. a group of muslim men are suing saying the fbi spied on hundreds of them following the 9/11 attacks. the supreme court's decision could determine whether the government could get lawsuits thrown out of court by claiming they will reveal the national security. when you hear the word healthy
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thanks for sticking around.
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it's 4:56 this morning. the nba now advising its players to receive a covid booster shot. for johnson & johnson recipients, the league is telling players to get one anytime after more than two months, and players can mix and max. for pfizer and moderna recipients, it's after six months. some teams were planning their own booster shot programs. the queen of christmas does it again. >> to help us all countdown the holidays, mariah carey release released a new song. >> that's what we do normally. >> you can see she's teaming up with kirk franklin and the r & b
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singer. that's on apple tv this coming december. >> i would watch that. >> i would, too. >> do you go with the peppier version that you were already famous for or trying to change it up. >> depends on how you are feeling, who you are married to or who you are dating. >> read the tea leaves. we'll look at stormranger coming up after the break.
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shots fires southbound 880. >> right now at 5:00, senseless tragedy. a toddler's life is taken in a weekend freeway shooting and this morning there are still so many questions. the call to action some east bay leaders are making right now. covid vaccination for children ramping up as distributors this week prepare more doses. a live look at our radar. look at it. another atmospheric river taking aim at the bay area, but we are timing it out so that you know when you might get soggy starting today. this is "today in the bay." happy monday morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. before we get to the weather, we have to talk about it. i am sure you have seen it when you are driving


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