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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 8, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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compared to last week. on october 1st, they found just one monarch butterfly. >> good to see that turn around. >> it is. a senseless tragedy. >> shots fired southbound 880 at 16th. >> a toddler's life taken in a weekend freeway shooting, and this morning we are still looking and asking so many questions. the call to action some east bay leaders are making right now. >> plus, covid vaccinations for children ramping up as duh tributers get. >> another atmospheric river takes aim at the bay area. we're timing out how wet it could get, starting in some places as soon as today. "today in the bay" starts right now.
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as we continue, and we have been on since 4:30 this morning, we want to say good monday morning to you. i am marcus washington. >> i am kris sanchez in for laura. we're talking about the gas, and how it's getting close to $5. what matters most and what happens when you go into the gas station. >> yeah, you spend a lot of money. but before we get to that, we want to talk about what we have been talking about all morning, the rain coming, and kari hall is timing out the microclimate. >> we do have a clean sweep but we have it powered up. you can check it out today as we get ready for the atmospheric
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river getting ready to move in. this will be a pretty powerful storm, not as strong as the historic storm that we just saw, but we will be watching this as it could bring in heavy rain and high winds late tonight. we will time it out for you in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. developing right now, bay area leaders are calling for more security along local highways and interstates after a toddler, this little boy, he was shot and killed over the weekend on interstate 880 while in his car seat in his parents' car. today in the bay's bob redell is at chp headquarters in dublin. you can't bring this boy back, but looking forward what do people want to see? >> good morning, kris. some community leaders want a greater chp presence on our local highways to try and detour what happened over the weekend. i want to direct you to your tv
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screen. this is jasper wu from fremont. he was just weeks from his second birthday. this past saturday afternoon, his mother was driving0 and thi near fillburt and oakland, and a stray bullet from the northbound side of the freeway struck him and killed him. his mom was the driver. sadly, jasper's father who is in china never has been able to meet his son because of covid restrictions. he's on his way back to the bay area for his son's funeral. the oakland china town chamber of commerce is calling for the chp to increase its patrol on our local freeways. >> in this case, you know, i think we need to spend also additional resources on the freeway, because we see so many people shooting on the freeway, and many, many potential
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innocent people driving through could be victims of crime. >> the tragedy enforces the need for immediate and intentional action. i think we have to address violence holistically and address it now and address it as the public health crisis that is it. >> reporter: law enforcement says evidence collected on 880 indicates jasper was not targeted. they are still trying to locate the shooter. >> if you can help with the investigation, certainly call chp. thanks, bob. we will continue to follow developments in this story, and we are sharing the updates as we get them. you can read the latest anytime on our website, a nationwide push to roll
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out more vaccination sites for children. first lady, jill biden, is teaming up. one former fda member explains more. >> cvs is scheduled to deliver more than 1 million vaccines for kids ages 5 to 11, and you will see immunity be brought into the childhood population. >> there will be a town hall to answer questions for parents. you can find that link on our website. and then the gap is widening for black high school students in the bay area. data was analyzed from five health departments, and 52% of black high school students have
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received one shot, and that's far below the 85% from all students. experts fear it could translate into more black students becoming shut out of public schools. happening today, you can expect another scene like this one outside the sutter delta medical center in antioch. this is video from a similar protests back in july. today about 350 workers say they will walk off the job. the union accuses sutter of walking out on contract mediation talks. the union says it has the backing of local bay area lawmakers. and in part, quote, we stand by our offer and sciu should, too. they negotiated the contract and was confident enough to place it on a ballot and was recently approved by more than 3,000 employees at several other represented hospitals across our system. this is walnut creek for
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you. good morning, east bay. we're about 30 minutes away from sunrise. we can already see some light there. >> yeah, with the time change, right? >> yeah, how nice that was. welcome time change here to the bay area. also, a welcomed sight of rain in our forecast, too. >> yeah, it's cold and mostly clear, and we are getting ready for rain and the early sunrise and sunset. the storm will arrive early afternoon into the late evening. this is a moderate atmospheric river moving in, and wind advisories moving in later this evening. we will look at the hour-by-hour forecast, and most of us don't start to see the rain until 5:00 or 6:00, well after sunset. starting to move into the north bay, and then we will see the yellows and reds, and that indicates intense rain and that comes at about 11:00 to midnight, and then sweeping through with off and on showers continuing through tomorrow morning. we'll talk about rainfall totals
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and how much snow we will see in the sierra. that's coming up. mike, that problem continues for the nimitz? >> yeah, that's right, kari, folks driving south towards fremont and milpitas, they will see this jam by tesla behind me. two lanes blocked southbound 880. we saw the hot lanes, the express lanes getting by. two lanes reported blocked heading south. two major surface streets and there are lots of surface street signals on warm springs boulevard, so keep that in mind. the bay bridge toll plaza and highway 4 and 37 showing slowing through concord as well. back to you. >> thanks, mike. a live look at san francisco this morning. as of this morning, sf based ferry is altering some of the
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weekday service. also service to south san francisco is resuming for the first time since the start of the pandemic. the agency launching a weekday short hop service between alameda island and jack london square. coming up, what are you willing to do to make it in the bay? how about handing out your resume in a parking lot? we'll hear about one man's long journey to try to score a job. then the richest man in america asked twitter if he should pay taxes. twitter said he should. we had great job numbers on friday. first, getting bigger and more destructive. looking into what is triggering larger and more frequent wildfires in the bay area, and you can find that information right now during the break at
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right now at 6:12 on your monday morning, we're getting you ready ahead of the storm moving in. not yet arriving with an early sunrise, and temperatures in the low 40s. in the upper 30s in santa rosa as well as morgan hill. cold morning and rainy evening. we'll talk about it all, coming up in a few minutes. the express lane no longer express because of an ongoing crash. we'll show you how far back the backup as built. happy monday to you. stock market looks bright today after friday's really, really
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good news on jobs. more than half a million new jobs added to the economy, and the unemployment rate fell big. economists also adjusted their estimates from past months showing the economy was doing much better than the originally thought. wages are up big as well. bottom line, things are really good. but a lot of americans don't see that. we'll talk more about that as we talk politics, because we have to get on to elon musk. you may have seen over the weekend the tesla ceo held a twitter poll as to whether he should pay taxes. here's the tweet. much is made lately of unrealized gains being a means of tax avoidance, so i propose selling 10% of my tesla stock. do you support this? a majority voted yes. musk said he would abide by the decision, so let's unpack this. musk doesn't get a salary. he doesn't pay tax. not on income because he doesn't make any income. you pay tax because you get a
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paycheck. he doesn't. he gets stock options. if he doesn't cash them in, he gets what are called unrealized gains. we don't tax unrealized gain. if he realizes them by selling some of the stock, which he is proposing to do, he would pay tax, he would pay a lot of tax on that money. you don't have to look too far back in history that a lot of this is performance art. he said in september he had to cash out stock options and he would be doing that and paying a big tax in the fourth quarter, which is right now. so really it was his plan all along. he said a huge block of my options will sell in the fourth quarter because they will have to or they will expire. he was plan to sell all along. it's a good time to bring up the fact that the american tax system has trouble taxing billionaires because they don't make income the way the rest of
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us do. nobody has come up with a great solution. the chairman of the senate finance committee, senator ron wyden said something, and elon musk attacked, and it was something that should not have been said on twitter. it's one of those things, we wanted you to know that we knew, we saw it and that's enough of that. >> right. you don't dignify with a response. what would you do to get a job in silicon valley? one engineer is doing something to get face-to-face time with
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recruiters. >> kenny said he drove seven hours from southern california to hopefully get noticed by some tech companies. he said it's hard to get the attention when there are thousands of applicants. he said most people have been cheering him on. >> i have been getting a lot of thumbs up, and people said you can do it, you will get a job soon, you will have success. >> sometimes you need encouraging words, right? >> yeah. >> he wants to get work and be close to his wife and child. >> we keep hearing about so many jobs are open and not enough workers, and why does this guy have to stand outside a grocery store? >> yeah, it would be something from 2009, right? the numbers are in kenny shea's favor. jump on linkedin, and he can get
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a job. >> yeah, shows his determination. we'll track him. we are tracking gas prices, too, even though we are sad about it. inching closer to the $5 gallon mark. aaa puts the average statewide at $4.63 per gallen, and in san francisco gas is now 4.85, and in san josé, it's 10 cents less. >> i pay for the premium, and boom, i am already paying 5 bucks a gallon, or more, actually. >> if you live in this house -- >> yeah, it will cost you more than $5. i will tell you that. this is going to set you back, like more than $5 a gallon. how about millions of dollars here for this? it serves as one of the main
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character's makeshift headquarters there. it could be yours for 23 million bucks. yeah, the condo located in new york's tribeca neighborhood. here's what you get. 6,700 square foot two-level condo on the 29th floor, and kris says that's too low for her, and it has five bedrooms, four baths, two powder rooms and a private terrace. when you have half baths in a place like that, it's called a powder room. you have access to the 50-foot -- >> you don't own it? >> no, you have access in that building. it could be close to your penthouse. >> i am not sharing my lap pool. >> the fitness center, and wine room and wine tasting room, all that for yours for $23 million. >> kris, it's only $23 million, and we would have to share the common area.
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the pool and the wine tasting -- >> this is like a washing machine in a laundromat. my mom says, the more house, the more to clean. i will stick with my house. >> i hope you can pay somebody. >> no powder room for me. no powder room for me. kari, right, more house, more to clean? >> absolutely. at that price, it should come with somebody that cleans. i don't know. let's get ready for the rain. we are going to see the next atmospheric river moving in. this will not be on the magnitude of the previous one we had a couple weeks ago, but still pretty good for us in the bay area as we will see decent amounts of rainfall that starts later this evening. i will stop it here at 6:30. this is when we start the see the light showers spreading into the north bay arriving into the peninsula as well as the east bay, and getting heavier for the north bay and starting to approach san francisco and areas to the south. for the east bay, it's more like
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11:00 before the rain gets intense. off and on rain continues through the morning, and at about this time we will see spotty showers continuing and a slight chance we could see heavier downpours and even a rumble of thunder. it clears out by tomorrow evening. much of the inland bay and parts of the central bay will reach anywhere from half to three quarters inch of rain, the north bay, two to four inches of rain in higher mountain totals and that's coming along with heavy gusty winds, and that will start from 7:00 to 3:00 in the morning, and be prepared for the potential of power outages. take a look at the winds as the rain rushes up in, and about 40 miles per hour in san francisco, and parts of the peninsula where you see the purples, and that
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includes the north bay as well. by tomorrow morning, the wind calms down and the storm will move out. we're looking at temperatures that will stay in the 60s here. very chilly overnight with low 50s. reaching 62, and then sunshine during the afternoon. the rest of the week, we will let that water soak in and temperatures will be warming up. we will get more sunshine, and san francisco will see highs staying in the 60s, and a wet start to our workweek. mike, you have an important note for commuters through fremont. >> yeah, the 880 looks like this, jammed up by tesla. that's a problem. so you just approach dixon landing road. this crash, we heard about it a while back, two lanes blocked. some folks probably getting off, and then fremont boulevard. fewer signals on that route than
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warm springs boulevard. if you are coming over from 680, people are making that decision just before cutting over to co that and connect over vasco getting down towards 580. back to you. >> thank you. next on "today in the bay," an ugly day for the fateful. 49ers lose their fifth straight game at levi stadium, and fans are not happy about this at all. we will tell you about the move that had the team's social media team backtracking during a difficult game. first, we want to wish mike's mom a happy 80th birthday. mike posted these pictures for her birthday on friday. they celebrated with dinner and then pie for dessert. if you know mike, he's a really good cook. keep up with mike on instagram, facebook and twitter. happy birthday, mom. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪
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oh, niners fans, you are asking yourself what happened? >> this is against the division-leading arizona team, the cardinals. they were playing with a backup quarterback, but didn't make a difference. not even a close game. cardinals won 31-17.
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after the game, jimmy g telling it like it was. >> slow start put us behind from the 8 ball. when you are playing from behind it's always tough. >> believe it or not, the last win at home for the niners more than a year ago. >> you know how when a team is struggling, things are hard and people have a lot to say and the niners had a lot to say when the score was posted to the twitter feed, and then they briefly hid some of the fans' negative responses. they quickly backtracked and decided it was not a good move to muzzle the faithful when they are just telling the truth, but you could be nice about the truth, too. >> not always. the 2021 new york city marathon is now in the history
6:27 am
books. one of the runners there will soon be sprinting towards the wedding chapel. >> most people are grabbing water along the route, but this guy proposed to his girlfriend instead. >> oh, my god. that's going to mess up your pr, man. a runner from arizona ran over to his girlfriend at mile 17, and dropped to one knee and asked her if she would marry him. he had the ring with him as he ran the first 16 plus miles of the marathon. she said yes, and then he jumped back into the race so he could finish the marathon. he did finish the race in three hours -- >> didn't he shave off about two minutes for the proposal. >> i would have won, but i proposed. kari hall is tracking your
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microclimate weather alert, plus -- >> and restrictions for travel have been lifted, and what you need to know about possible travel delays in the future. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:30, rain is set to return. there you see it on the left part of your screen. meteorologist, kari hall, is timing it all out for us in just moments.
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then a live look at sfo as covid restrictions loosen for international travelers. just ahead, the impact these changes could have on the bay area. plus, more ahead for you this morning. this is "today in the bay." >> we are broadcasting to your tv and streaming live to as well. thank you for joining us this morning, i am kris sanchez. >> i am marcus washington. meteorologist, kari hall, is here, and kari, when can we expect the rain to move in? >> not the morning commute, but the evening commute. storm ranger, our doppler radar shows a nice drive to our morning but we will watch this rolling in later this evening. first starting in the north bay, spreading in, and it's hard to tell with the live view that we have an incoming storm, and by taking a look at the timeline, we will start to see the rain
6:32 am
moving in by 5:00 or 6:00 this evening, and then getting heavier with high winds and heavy rain later this evening. we will talk more about this in the forecast, coming up in a few minutes. as kari continues to monitor things with the nba bay area storm ranger, she's posting updates even when we are not on air. you can follow her on twitter. she's @karihallweather. today a big day for the return of san francisco's tourist industry. the u.s. lifting travel restrictions from countries including mexico, canada and most of europe. today in the bay's cierra johnson is live at sfo to explain what this means for travelers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. this was a long-time coming, the restrictions being lifted in some of the countries, including mexico and canada and some of the european country. really a big deal, relatives coming in and big reunions and international travelers, their
6:33 am
leisure trips can go on as planned and this is marking another chapter in the long novel we know as the coronavirus. there are things folks need to know come into the u.s. everybody needs to show proof of vaccination, although children under the age of 18 and those from certain countries where there's a low vaccine availability, they will be exempt from that rule. they will have to show a negative covid test three days within their departure. the u.s. has seen the covid out look drastically improve. u.s. citizens and permanent residents were always allowed to enter the u.s., and starting today, many will start to see the prepandemic levels for international travel increasing
6:34 am
from 28 to 33 carriers. some of the city's travel experts believe we gaining those international travelers, that's key to restoring san francisco's industry, that huge tourism industry. >> they are the biggest spenders in our city. they stay the longest and spend the most money. >> reporter: back out here live, as we wait for the first flight, i believe it's arriving in a couple of minutes. there will be other folks welcoming them to the airport, about 50 welcoming ambassadors will be there to greet the international travelers. this is part of a multimillion-dollar deal to entice travelers to return to san francisco and make sure they are comfortable here in the bay area. today we turn another page in moving forward with this pandemic. marcus? >> as we see the international travelers make their way to the bay area, the tsa workers facing a vaccination deadline today.
6:35 am
explain to us the timeline they have. >> reporter: the vaccination timeline is today, that's when they have to have the second shot, because november 22nd is when they have to show they are fully vaccinated. if you don't get the shot today you don't have the two weeks to get your body acclimated to the full vaccination nation. if not enough tsa workers get that vaccination, it could be a domino affect and we could not have enough tsa workers to handle the holiday surge. that's a story we will continue to follow as we inch closer to the thanksgiving holiday. >> a lot of those tsa workers not working, we will certainly hear it from travelers. thank you. the u.s. border also
6:36 am
reopening. changes began at 12:01 this morning, ending a 19-month freeze. visitors will be able to enter the u.s. for tourism, shopping and visiting family members, and they have to provide covid vaccination when cross into the u.s. visitors encouraged to avoid traveling at peak times if they can. 6:36. happening today, palo alto leaders are expected to extend wider rules for outdoor dining. council members already have given preliminary approval to certain parts of downtown. one restaurant owner said his customers are concerned about covid. >> if the city did vote against it, i think they would see a tremendous deficit in tax dollars. the parklets are generating income and allowing businesses
6:37 am
to grow. >> alfresco dining will be continuing through next june in the busiest areas. and then a cap on rent increases, and there are new restrictions on evictions, and increasing relocation for evicted tenants, and criminal history. the camp fire started in rural butte county, and flames leveled the town of paradise. you will remember 85 people died there. 18,000 homes and businesses were also destroyed. it's 6:37 this monday morning for you as we get started with the day. look at the shot of bay bridge
6:38 am
toll plaza. >> yeah, it's not dark. >> daylight saving, you did your job. >> yeah, you did your job. >> later this evening we will have the return of rain as well as high winds. wind advisory begins at 7:00 p.m. we could see gusts at 45 miles per hour at times, along with the heavy rain. be prepared for the potential of power outages and downed trees. this is all coming in later this evening. looking at the timeline where we start to see the light green indicating light rain at 6:30, and then it gets intense from 9:00 to 10:00 for parts of the north bay. the rest of the north bay seeing it around 11:00. we'll talk more about this coming up. mike, what is going on in the east bay. >> 15 minutes of recovery, and we got the update from chp, they cleared lanes just before dixon
6:39 am
landing road. it's a very pleasant drive, and no worse than 15 miles per hour down that stretch. the rest of the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. back to you. >> we have been talking about the deadly crowd surge. coming up here on "today in the bay," the information we are getting during the concert. lawsuits already filed. we are live in houston with the latest on multiple investigations under way. >> one setback and one major victory in washington. out to the big board where numbers are up because of the great job numbers. and how democrats can't convince americans things are going well. plus -- >> dolly pardon, what a busy lady. the new acting gig she just scored that is also a long-awaited reunion, decades in
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right now at 6:42, we are under a microclimate alert, so you need a heavier coat for the start of the morning. you will need the umbrella for late this evening. we'll talk about the arrival of the rain coming up in a few minutes. the lights, the metering lights and the sunlight at the bay bridge toll plaza.
6:43 am
we had a time change so it's brighter this morning. bring the sunglasses as you head out the door. >> thank you, mike. 6:42 right now. developing this morning, this is the growing memorial happening outside energy park in houston where eight young people died during the music festival. hundreds more were injured when fans rushed the stage on friday night. jay gray is live in houston. we know there are several investigations under way, but quickly, there was a lawsuit filed, too. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, kris. we expect more suits to be filed as we move forward throughout the day here today. you can see the growing memorial behind me here, along a fence that surrounds the entire venue here. it's locked down because the investigations that you talk about are still under way. they are trying to figure out how and why all of this happened, and seemingly so quickly, just in minutes this outdoor festival turning deadly.
6:44 am
look, travis scott was the headliner in this event. it was really panic, and people started rushing toward the front, eight fans ages 14 to 17 couldn't get out and they were injured in the stampede. travis scott is a houston native and founder of the festival and in an instagram post, he sent out prayers to the victims and promised to cooperate with the ongoing investigation. fans describing what it was like to be in the chaos. >> i mean, i am honestly just devastated. >> i couldn't believe. i couldn't believe, gasping for air, drowning in people. >> people were jumping barricades trying to get out. >> reporter: yeah, look, the
6:45 am
investigation now includes narcotics officers as well. a security guard collapsed during the chaos and had to be revived with narcan, that's the anti-drug overdose, and medics say he could have been jabbed in the neck with a syringe. a lot to unpack and figure out what happened here. we are told investigators are not only looking for evidence, but they are anxious to talk with a lot of those here and look at videotape from the incident. they are asking anybody that has any of that to get in touch. >> there's plenty of it, too. everybody documents everything on social media. thank you, jay. what a sad story. so it was a very busy weekend for the white house. >> scott mcgrew, one setback and one major victory. >> yeah, the biggest infrastructure package ever will become reality, and more money
6:46 am
to spend on climate change than any other time in history. the setback was a federal court ruling. until a court could rule as to whether it was unconstitutional or constitutional, the mandate could not go forward. the court said for now the white house can't make your company make you get a vaccine, but to be clear, your company absolutely can still make you get a vaccine if it wishes as company policy. it has the right to do that. you have the right to quit if you don't want to. as for the infrastructure bill, the house passed that easily over the weekend, and it already passed the senate, remember, and it goes to the president's desk for a signature and america can start fixing its infrastructure. a money for clean energy, and internet, and more money than ever making sure americans have clean drinking water, plus
6:47 am
airports and seaports. we have had this graphic for months now. this is the one that got passed. the build back better is one that has not been passed. it's possible congress may not do this one. the president, though, says it will happen. >> let me be clear. we will pass this in the house, and we will pass it in the senate. the build back better act will be a once in a generation investment in our people. >> now, progress for the biden white house, and not the only progress. we have the jobs report on friday. we are just 291 days in the biden administration, and in that time the stock market hit new records, hit another one today. unemployment has fallen big. if you start counting jobs added from biden's first day in office as of today, more than 5 million jobs, and vaccines which were not widely available when he took office are in the arms of
6:48 am
192 million americans. but here's the thing. americans don't seem to recognize all the great numbers. poll after poll show americans think the economy is not improving, although it really is by a lot. poll after poll shows americans think the country is moving in the wrong direction. the white house and democrats cannot seem to get a good message out. former president obama is speaking, and we will talk about that on twitter. you will find me there. i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. let's talk about the nba. they are now advising players to receive covid booster shots. for johnson & johnson, players can get one anytime after two months of getting the shot, and players can mix and match now, for pfizer and moderna, after six months of getting that shot.
6:49 am
and some players were already planning their own booster shot programs. and then it only took seven seasons, but dolly pardon is set to guest star on "gracie and frankie." it will close out as the longest running series to date on netflix. we're here for that. you probably know the trio first appeared together on screen in the 1980s comedy film "9 to 5." i did not remember all three of them were in that. >> what, "9 to 5" -- >> yeah. >> i have been working 9 to 5. didn't realize it. for the most we should like this because it's not a
6:50 am
huge storm but it's going to bring in beneficial rainfall. as we take a look at storm ranger, right now that red scan, we have our mobile doppler radar parked on san bruno mountain, and we will be tracking that rain. here's a look at the storm as it reaches closer to the bay area coast, we will start out with already a very saturated ground because of what has already fallen. here's a look at the water year update, and remember this reset on october 1st, and then we got the historic storm. we had over 11 inches of rain for santa rosa, and anywhere from two to five inches of rain. so far the water year, a huge surplus as we get ready for another big dose of rain. first starting in the north bay, from 7:00 to 8:00 this evening, and then we will see the yellows and oranges, and that indicates intense rain. that's later on tonight. in the overnight hours, we see it off and on, and a few
6:51 am
potential rumbles of thunder. as we go through tomorrow morning, we will see spotty showers and then taper off by tomorrow afternoon. two to four inches in the bay area, and then higher in the mountains. the santa cruz mountains, one to two inches of rain, coming along with gusty winds. be prepared for downed trees and power impacts. the snow won't be as heavy as last time because this is a warmer storm, so we are looking at one to ten inches of snow, while we will see the gusting winds and heavy rain arriving late tonight. the rest of the week is dry. we will see the rest of the temperatures going from low 60s to 70s, and it looks like a nice day ahead. and veterans day ahead, too, with all of the ceremonies going on. san francisco staying in the
6:52 am
60s. in oakland, we are focussing on fremont and it cleared up nicely after the crash cleared up by tesla. these folks are traveling northbound away from us, and up to the bay bridge toll plaza with the backup. south through hayward is where the volume builds for the nimitz. the other westbound crossings, that's standard there. we see highway 87 already showing a slower drive through san josé, so the build is on for silicon valley. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening now in a few hours, the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments about an fbi under cover operation at a southern california mosque. they claim religious discrimination and violation of other rights. the supreme court's decision may
6:53 am
determine whether the government can have some lawsuits tossed out by claiming it would reveal national security secrets. that's a look at the top stories including walking off the job, why hundreds of health care workers in the east bay are protesting and the response from management, plus -- >> a 2-year-old boy struck and killed by a stray bullet along 880 in oakland. the call for increased patrols from the chp.
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welcome back. we're moving you forward with a look at the top stories here on "today in the bay," including the new calls from bay area leaders after a deadly freeway shooting. >> over the weekend a toddler was shot and killed on interstate 880 in his car seat. bob redell is live with the new details and what folks want the chp to do next. >> reporter: community leaders want a greater law enforcement presence on our local freeways. good morning, kris and marcus. i want to direct your attention to your tv screen. this is jasper wu of fremont. he's shown here in his superman costume at halloween. this past saturday his mother was driving him southbound 880 in oakland, and jasper was in his child seat in the back when a stray bullet from the
6:57 am
northbound side of the freeway struck him in the head and killed him. as i mentioned, his mother was with him, and sadly jasper's father is in china and was never able to meet him because of the covid restrictions and he's now on his way back to the bay area for his son's funeral. his family is calling on the chp to increase local patrols on freeways. >> we need to spend additional resources on the freeway, because we see so many people shooting on the freeway, and many, many potential innocent people driving through can be victims of crime. >> reporter: law enforcement says that evidence collected on the northbound side of 880 indicates that jasper was not targeted. again, they believe this was a stray bullet. they are still trying to locate the shooter. reporting live, bob redell,
6:58 am
"today in the bay." >> thank you so much, bob. the white house launching a nationwide effort to roll out more sites for children. the doses for this age group are being given at 10 micrograms, which is one-third the size given to people 12 and older. tonight santa clara county will host a virtual town hall to answer questions from parents. you can find the link and all the details on today marks three years since the deadliest wildfire in california history. the camp fire started in rural butte county in 2018. flames quickly ripped through the surrounding area and leveled the town of paradise, killing 85 people. 18,000 homes and businesses were also destroyed. time to take a look at the forecast because the rain is headed our way, kari. >> yes, it will be here later this afternoon and into the evening. right now we are waking up and
6:59 am
heading out the door to dry conditions. we are going to track that with storm ranger, and if you have the nbc bay area app, you can get live updates, and we will see winds and heavy rain continuing into tonight. mike? >> kari, san mateo bridge, traffic moving smoothly. you see the sign that says severe drought, conserve water. the sunrise changing because of the time so folks heading south will have the sun in your eyes. >> the fire hydrant is opening up this afternoon. thank you, kari and mike. we will be back with you at 7:25 with live local news. >> don't forget to join us for our midday newscast. the sun is already out, just
7:00 am
making you say welcome monday morning. make it a great day. we'll see you back here in just a bit. thanks for tuning in this morning for "today in the bay." >> happy monday. good morning concert chaos. good morning. concert chaos. heartbreaking new images from that deadly stampede at a music festival in houston. a woman rushing that stage amid the crushing surge begging a crew member to stop the show. this morning, what we're learning about the victims, the youngest just 14 years old. the lawsuits already being filed and the latest on the criminal investigation. breaking overnight, open for business.


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