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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  November 8, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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and talking climate change. former president obama says there is no time to waste. >> this is now and we have to act now to help with adaptation. good monday, everyone. the news at 5:30 starts now. >> i'm raj mathai. there's a good chance your company is impacted by this new rule. today the biden administration faced a deadline to respond to the many legal challenges to the president's vaccine requirements for large private companies. today also marks the re-opening of our borders for air travel. there are a lot of happy and tearful reunions. here's nbc's alice farr. >> reporter: today, two sides to the drive to vaccinate america be the world against covid-19. star spangled celebrations and joyful reunions in airports as
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fully vaccinated international travelers are once again able to visit the united states. >> there's no words to explain this. my kids have missed them. she's all i've got. >> reporter: contrast that the with the heated pushback over vaccine mandates. the biden administration forced to respond today to an appeals court decision temporarily blocking its vaccine or weekly testing mandates if companies with more than 100 workers. >> the administration has the authority to mandate -- to save lives. >> reporter: florida is one of several states challenging the mandate. >> no cop, no firefighter, no nurse, nobody should be losing their jobs because of these jabs. >> reporter: as some business owners protest. >> we feel that it's overreach of osha to get in between me be the employee. >> reporter: others have already adopted vaccine requirements. >> we are about 21,000 crew
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members or employees. we're down now to i think under 300 people who have told us they don't plan to get vaccinated. that as covid vaccinations are picking up for a new pool of americans, children ages 5 to 11. jill biden visiting a school in virginia hosting a vaccine clinic. it was also the first school to administer the polio vaccine back in 1954, a nod to this country's long history of requiring vaccines. >> reporter: the vaccination drive for 5 to 11-year-olds is expected to pick up pace this week as the biden administration works to increase the supply of the child-size doses washington, alice barr, nbc news. the president is other cabinet members will fan out across the country this week to explain what's in the infrastructure bill that just pass. after last week's democratic election losses the president is trying to harness momentum from his infrastructure bill victory. next up, though, an even tougher
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challenge to pass another trillion dollars package, the bill back better bill, a social safety net and climate change bill. passing the house is promising but finding 50 votes in the senate will be hard. >> i'm sure the senate will make changes. that's the way the legislative process works but we're going to get a strong version of the bill through the house, through the senate, to the president's desk. >> the house will resume work on the larger spending bill a week from today one reason for delay on voting on the plan, some democrats are waiting for a final score from the congressional budget office. joining us now, larry gursten. president biden has wind in his sails as the infrastructure plan passes now a waiting game. what specific information are lawmakers waiting for? >> ron klain may have been a bit overly optimistic in that piece, that's because the at democrats
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don't video their work together. the family fight goes on in the house, and the reason why we're going through this congressional score was because there were six moderates who said, we're not voting for this, because you the progressives haved add several elements to this thing which may suggest we don't have to money to pay for it. we're back in some ways to square one. we have to wait until the congressional budget -- working for specifics in this bill, like how will it be paid for? will the tax hikes cover it? because it's a hefty bill. over $1 trillion. >> it is, janele. here's the deal -- not only is it a hefty deal, the money was there, but here's what's happened. the idea of a four-week leave for parents after childbirth,
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taking care of elderly, that was put back in. treatments for people on medicare, that was put back in. other things were put back in as well. they put those things in to make it easy for the progressives to vote for the first bill, the infrastructure bill. but now the question is, how do you pay for it? that's the kind of thing the congressional budget office has to go through step by step, figuring out what they can pay for, what they can't, and how close they can get between revenues and expenditures. >> sounds like it wouldn't pass now any ways, so is there a downside to waiting for this information from the congressional budget office? >> you're absolutely right, there is. the longer this goes on, it's like a ticking time bomb. the longer this goes on, the bigger the explosion at the end. there's only a few more weeks
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for congress to meet before they dismiss themselves at the end of the year. then we get into january, and once we get into the january, the question becomes, are we going to vote on this kind of stuff? are we going to let this go until after the election? it's such a narrow majority the democrats have. pelosi has only three votes she can spare. we know there are six votes that aren't likely the way it is now. witness you get to the senate, that's another story all together because manchin doesn't like the idea of more money. sinema doesn't like the idea of raising taxes. this is a tight rope we've never seen for such a huge issue. >> what do you think it will take to get a bill like this passed, larry? slashing of programs? >> it's going to take an awful lot of cooperation, and there's so much distrust it's hard to imagine you're going to come together, unless the president really leans heavily on both sides to say, hey, get it together. >> optimistic side and the realistic side. okay, thanks for your input.
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dr. larry gersen. >> over the weekend we saw thousands of protester at the u.n. climate summit. they want action to fight climate change. today former president obama soak at the summit. hiemt at sea he'lls and how they're a serious concern for island nations as well. stressed the ability of wealthy nations and helping more vulnerable countries tackling environmental issues. he also said republicans need to get on board to help in this fight. >> in many ways, islands are the canary in the coal mine in this situation. they are sending a message now that if we don't act, then it's going to be too late. >> the two-week climate change summit in scotland ends later this week. california and the bay area has a presence at the summit. the delegation of california senators held a virtual news
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conference today from glasgow. they updated everyone on what they're learning there and share at the conference. california leads the way in dealing with some aspect of climate change, they're also learning from other countries on how to to it better. >> again, california has led the country, we've led the world in many ways but we know all of us here together, the reason we're here is we know we have to move faster. >> state senator becker said since the year 2000 california reduced emissions by 20% per capita while growing the economy here in this state by 60% at the same time. the neighborhood social media platform next door may be a san francisco company, but its leaders had a lot to celebrate today in new york city. >> we're open. [ cheers and applause ] >> next door went public and is new listed on the public stock
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exchange. the ticker letters are k-i-n-d. it saw a big increase during the pandemic. it's use in the 300,000 neighborhoods around the world, and 1 in 3 u.s. household. the first next door ever was in menlo park. stocks surged today 17%. whatever he posts on twitter creates a buzz. elon musk posting a poll asking whether he should sell tesla shares to pay for his taxes. >> reporter: yeah, he was planning to sell those shares any way. yes, he would pay tax on those shares but he'd walk away with millions and may use the millions to pay yet more taxes. here's the tweet -- he said much is made of unrealized gains being a means of tax avoidance, so i propose selling 10% of my tesla stock. do you support this? a majority voted yes. musk said he'd abide by the
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decision. he doesn't play income tax. doesn't have any income in a traditional set. doesn't get a paycheck, just stock options. but does own millions upon millions an on those options and told cara switser he was already planning to sell stock in the fourth quarter, which is now, is it was his plan all long. the tweets were perhaps performance art. art indeed. if musk does sell a lot of stock, this is going to be an affect on tesla's stock. any time you have anyone placing a huge number of shares on the market, it tends to press the price, and indeed today, shares are down 3% with the possibility he will sell more. thank you, scott. up next, crowd control concerns. the one thing the houston police chief told rapper traft scott the day before his concert turned into deadly chaos. also, the scary encounter between hikers and a mountain lion, face-to-face down in
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isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at >> we are learning more about the tragedy at a concert in houston. eight people died at travis scott took the stage at the astroworld festival and the crowd surged forward. the rapper and organizers are facing a growing number of civil lawsuits. police launched a criminal investigation. nbc's jay gray is at nrg park where the tragedy took place. >> reporter: survives will tell you these horrific images don't fully capture the fear and panic that night. >> i couldn't breathe. gasping for air, like drowning in people. >> reporter: a sea of fans, 50,000 or more surging towards the stage. eight people caught in that wave, killed. there were cry for help in the chaos. this woman climbing a camera
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riser. travis scott did pause multiple times during his performance, but the show would go on. >> there was not enough medical personnel, security personnel, and there were more people there than should have been there. >> reporter: today, the family of 21-year-old axle acosta who died at the concert joined others who filed civil suits against the rapper, citing negligence and inciting violence. two years later he was arrested in arkansas after again telling fans to bypass security and crash the stage. several people were injured, incluing a police officer. >> you go to a concert to have fun. you don't go to a concert to day. >> reporter: his family said danish bay died protecting his fiance. the emotions and pain still raw days after the tragedy.
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>> there are reports this evening that scott will be paying for the funerals of all eight fan who is died during his show. jay gray, nbc news, houston. >> after the tragic shooting accident on his movie set, actor alex baldwin is calling for more safety measures. baldwin posted on instagram that every set using guns, fake or real, should have a police officer on that set to monitor the weapons. he's pushing for the officers to be hired by production companies. cinematographer halyna hutchens died on set. a big day for international travelers. the u.s. borders are open to nonessential travelers flying or driing into the united states. south of san diego, the port of entry in san ysidro is one of the biggest crossings in the
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world. huge economic losses and immeasurable impacts on families with relatives on both sides of the border. >> not. a does lifting travel restrictions improve economic health in our region, it takes public safety into account by requiring proof of vaccination for anyone who's not a legal resident to cross the border. the. >> the mayor asked for patience buzz lining will be long and checking for proof of vaccination can slow things down. people are protesting the covid regulations in los angeles. today, hundreds of people, including city employees -- excuse me, thousands of people protested against the mandate. here's the rules -- anyone going to a shopping mall, theater, gym, or nail salon must show proof of vaccination. mayor garcetti said the rules will encourage people to get vaccinated and make businesses safer for workers and customers. city leaders say they won't start enforcing the new rules
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and fines until november 29th. >> hikers got a bit too close to their wild side today in southern california. want to show thank you stairdown between two hiker ands a mountain lion in orange county. the two stand their ground and shout out at the mountain lion until it walks away. one hiker isn't a stranger to wilderness. he monitors wild wife cameras in the area. he thinks the mountain lion thought he and his friend for deer. mountain lions don't usually attack people. here's the question -- the most fun place to live in the united states. what do you think? miami, las vegas. >> las vegas! >> let's take a look at san francisco. where does it rank? ranks high thanks to thousands of restaurants and tourist spots. san francisco, two on the list. san diego is the number one spot
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on the list. do we have a number three? las vegas or something? >> maybe. or miami. that's a good spot. >> nashville. >> good places to visit, jeff. >> yeah. >> okay, this might be a good time to get out of here, because there's a storm moving in, but it's only brief right? >> yeah, going to move in and out quickly. let's get a look at our satellite radar picture and storm ranger. now, i know a lot of you hearing atmospheric river you might be nervous especially if you went through storm damage with the october 24th storm sm, what i want to you know about this is it's moving in and out quicker. with that said, we're going to get high rainfall totals. storm raker mobile doppler radar. we are seeing this speed up somewhat rapidly. heavier rainfall approaching
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offshore and just started to see showers developing over the north bay and right here to the peninsula and east bay. not much of anything to the south bay just yet. the timing, you can see, once we hit 8:00 tonight, the yellow and orange, that's the heavier rainfall. widespread rainfall at 11:30 in the morning. we'll continue with that picture through 2:00 in the morning, but then by tomorrow morning's commute, still the chance of rain around 5:00 a.m., to 8:00 in the morning buck it's not going to be as consistent, as again, it's starting to break up. still keep the. umbrella handy. let's take you to the rainfall totals. a lot of colors. find your city, look at the key at the top. the exto of the brunt of this storm system would be over the north bay. averaging about an inch here, but some of the mountains in the 1 to 2 inch rain especially around gurnville, russian river, mill valley.
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surrounding mountains in the 1 to 2 inch range. notice the south bay. you're going to be averaging about a quarter inch. in the rain shadow, so not as high totals there. highest over the north bay and lesser amounts towards the south bay. morning forecast, temperatures are going to start in the 50s, so mick sure to have that jacket and keep that umbrella handy. down to 50 here in the north bay. san francisco at 55. daytime highs as we roll through tomorrow, still pretty similar no matter where you're traveling. now, if you're going up to the sierra, watch out, because we are looking at anywhere from 6 to 9 inches on average of snow tonight into tomorrow morning, so expect winter conditions. san francisco, seven-day forecast. weekend drive weather heading in here. that includes veterans day for the upcoming weekend. for the inland valleys, warmer weather, but not too hot.
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i think at this point we could really see relatively dry conditions through about thanksgiving. then after that we may get in on more rainfall, which i know some folks want more. >> we're getting it right about now, though. >> yep, starting to come down. next, ready for a tesla semitruck? when we could see them on our freeways. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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pepsi is trying to cut its companies emissions, so it's turning to tesla for help. pepsi co's ceo says it expects its first delivery of tesla trucks in the coming months. four year ago, pepsi announced it would by 100 tesla semitrucks. production was supposed to begin in 2019 but that was delayed. musk said in july it was pushed back to 2022 because of supply chain challenges. well, the bay area is topping another most expensive list.
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gasoline, no surprise here. the praise at the pump continues to climb this week across the country. we of course have the highest average price at $4.77 per gallon. nationally, the average is $3.49. this is $1.39 more than it was a year ago. houston is cheapest at $29.08. less than 90 days away, the opening ceremony for the olympics is february 4th. beijing appears to be ready, and there's some hockey news. a hockey game was there to test the ice in beijing. no fans allowed. two local teams playing against each other. china is guaranteed a spot because it's the host nation, however the president of the international hockey federation raising concerns saying that china's play is, quote, insufficient sporting standard. but they have some time to get to sufficiency. the 49ers may be struggling,
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but the warriors certain will i are not. next, the story of two different bay area teams.
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i did have hope with kittle coming back buck what happened yesterday? the it was so ugly for the 49ers? >> did you ever can your eyes? >> i just stopped watching. >> it was terrible. if you're depressed just focus on the warriors. let's bring in lawyer are brit from nbc sports bay area. i've got to look at what to wind chill this week around bay
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area sports and i'll start with the top team in bay area sports right now. actually, the top team in all of nba. the warriors sit atop the league as the only one-loss team. coming off a win over the rockets sunday. home stand continues with game against the hawks, timber wolfs and bulls. you can catch all the games on nbc sports bay area. our pregame coverage begins an hour before tip-off. the young san jose sharks on a two-game losing streak. they are still without many of their key players and coach bog boughner due to covid protocols but the team is expecting to have them back ahead of saturday's game against the avalanche. in the meantime, they head to canada to face-off against the flames. our coverage start at 5:30 p.m. on nbc sports california. cardinals not in a good place after falling to the
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cardinals. you might think, one of the best teams in the nfl, but they were without their stars, deandre hopkins, a.j. green, j.j. watt. it was embarrassing. we dive into all of the problems that are piling up for the team. you can listen to 49ers talk wherever you get youred podcasts and also check it out on the nbc sports bay area youtube channel. raj, janele, back to you. >> at least we've got the warriors. >> she's still kind of smiling. their glass is half empty really quick. >> still have hope. >> jess is here with what's coming up at 6:00. get vaccinated or get suspended. the mandate in the bay area's biggest city. >> and i think it's a testament to all of us really wanting to get back to a new life, a new normal. >> how many employees are complying and how many were granted exemptions? also, tearful reunioning the
6:00 pm
airport. >> what's it been like being apart for this long because of the travel restrictions? >> hard. >> hard, yes. >> hard for a lot of families william travel restrictions lifted we're there as families see each other in the first time for months. remembering that little boy, the toddler killed in the cross fire on the 880. the vigil planned for about one hour from now. the news at 6:00 start right now. good evening. thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. let's start with the microclimate weather alert. under another atmospheric river. not as powerful as the one we experienced a few weeks ago, but it's still going to bring in a lot of rain. jeff, where are we going to see it first. >> right now everybody is getting showers but the heaviest rainfall expected over the north bay.


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